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Natural Mold Solutions

Avoiding Sun as Dangerous as Smoking

3/17/2016 Have some already exchanged? See the Forum Chat Copy

3/4/2016 For some REALITY and clarity on Dinar "Groups" and 800 numbers (Thanks to Trade & Wiley) See the Chat Copy on the forum at

Murdered Holistic Doctors Update


Portable Generator Runs on Water! Video Link

Idiotic Municipal Violations = Fraud on citizens like us Video Link

Michael Tellinger Brilliant Presentation In Groningen

Dec 2015 Currency Investing Article

Nov 12 2015 FRB Iraq News Bulletin 50,000 note

The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest

Oct 10 2015 Global Financial Wars - What�s Going On?

MLM Network Marketing works for the Company not you.

You ARE Awesome OUR Lives are LIVING PROOF !!!

Aug 2015 Dinar Corp Restraining Order CIVIL ACTION NO.: 1: 15cv538-MHT /

July 2015: Cancer doctor who prescribed $35 million worth of unnecessary chemotherapy gets 45 years in prison

July 4th 2015 Thrive - Good News & Grounded Solutions. At the 13 min mark he speaks on currency. Video

June 7 2015 News Inside the City Rising Up from the Ground in Iraq. Korean entrepreneurs are funding the construction of a massive $8 billion city in Iraq. Video Link

June 8 2015 CBS: Obama keeps back turned to Iraqi PM trying to get a word in with him  Video Link

TNT Dinar Tony Renfrow Change of Plea Hearing set for Thu May 21, 2015 09:30am

RUDOLPH M COENEN - Died in Jail on last month from the BH Group scam imposed on the Dinar community.

Iraq and Babylon in Prophecy, Amazing Facts, Doug Batchelor 2015 Video Link 58min

May 10 2015 American Contractor
Iraq Central Bank Cancels Delete the Zeros Iraqi Dinar Currency
BREAKING NEWS: Iraq Central Bank Printing 50k Banknote
Iraq government spending the Iraqi dinar reserves 3 Videos

Randy Koonce Note

Jack Lew: Policy Can Drive Demand in Europe Video Link / more:

Regina Meredith on Global Currency Reset, IQD, VND and greed Replay Link 9min

Great HEALTH Tips Call Recording with Barbra Frank (Audio Replay Link 138min) / more info:

TNT Tony 2 week Jury Trial June 8, 2015 More....

April 2015 / Sky to Turn BLOOD RED Across WORLD this Easter - Blood Moons in Biblical Prophecy Video

De-dollarization continues while China gains traction with Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank Video

Luxury Company Guarantees Good Weather on Your Wedding Day  Play Weather God...for a price

3/3/2015 The coming days will witness the return of the dinar to strength again." Link

List of 100 quotes from �The Secret�. ...let the manifestation begin!

General Wesley Clark explains ISIS was created by U.S. Allies

2/21/2015 Thrive Movement Open Source & Sovereign New Communities with DIY Energy Solutions Video Link

Davos 2015 A Vision for Iraq - Prime Minister Al Abadi Video

Electric Car Powered by Salt Water: 920 hp, 373 Miles/Tank

Book of the Prophet ENOCH Audio Link

Dec 27 2014 WARNING, MAJOR MOVE BY BANKS Video Link 8min

The Dangers Of Colonoscopies

WHO says Ebola continues spreading

Wall Street Crooks Spent Billions To Silence Whistle-Blower; It Didn�t Work

Obama sends more troops to Iraq

ISIS plans new currency

Dollar Burning In Slow Motion - Mike Maloney Video

Panic Over Ebola Outbreak Goes Viral In America Videos & info

The Creature from Jekyll Island (Audio)

List of Senior Discounts 50+

Flashlight App Warning Video

The Law of Attraction Videos

9/22/2014 Rockefeller family to get out of oil and go green...

Evidence the 9/11 Planes were NOT REAL

Democracy Versus Republic

US Banks Preparing For Bail-Ins

9/11 Truth

Dangerous Housing Market, The US Dollar, Stocks and Bonds Will Collectively Implode

9 TRILLION Dollars Missing from Federal Reserve, Fed Inspector General Can't Explain

15 Tips For Going Off Grid! Do What You Love & Stop Being a Debt Slave

>H. J. Res. 85<

Crop Circles � Messages in the Fields Video

Weimar Germany and the US dollar Video

Arizona Senator Kelli Ward Convenes "Chemtrails" hearing on 6/25/2014

Shocking! Obama Announces New World Order 2014 Speech 19 sec Video

Zimbabwe Currency News Situation Update Proof of Zimbabwe Dollar Revaluation Video

Jun. 16, 2014 Investing in Iraq: worth the risk? Northern Gulf Partners� Bartle Bull on investing in Iraq Video

Gregory Mannarino-War & Negative Interest Rates, We Are at the Very, Very End Video 20min

Michael Tellinger - UBUNTU A World Without Money (Let's get past money) Video 15min

Fundamental Pattern of Life Energy Video

High Ranking US Major General Exposes 911 official version untrue Video

Solar FREAKIN' Roadways! Video

Meteorologists Begin To Admit To Climate Engineering Video

10 Choices You Will Regret in 10 Years

My Call For Humanity || Spoken Word Video 5min

We Are From the Future Video

Radar Playback of the Moment Malaysia Flight 370 Vanished!


Every Cancer Can be Cured in Weeks explains Dr Leonard Coldwell Video

Run, Jump, Learn! How Exercise can Transform our Schools: John J. Ratey, MD Video

Local Communities Dismantling Corporate Rule Empowering Citizens Video


Chalk Guy Amazing Art - A Must See


Free Energy Finally Discovered | Rodin Coil Vortex Based Math | TEDxCharlotte 2010 Randy Powell (Video)

An Open Letter to Leaders Around the World. Please, Just Tell Us the Truth in 2014!

The Unbroken Circle of Truth

What is Optimum Health?

Heart Attacks & Water

Judy Beebe Lecture Audio & Visuals.. Path of full self-realization


Free Energy Video

Cancer Cured for Good

HopeGirl and the Galactic Historian on the Global Financial Currency Revaluation Audio / Video

Pale Blue Dot video 3min

Easy Fun Fixes and Solutions

It May Be Here, Dec. 19th Update Dave Schmidt Video 11min

Note & Video From Awsome777

Roswell's Mortician Compelling Witness Testimony

Wealth Inequality in America Video 6min

WOW!!! Family Capture Shocking UFO Sighting! Colorado Nov 28 2013 Special Report! Video

Did Dr. Mary Neal go to heaven and come back? 2 Short amazing Vide

 Against War

 Planned POWER OUTAGE 4pm ET Sat 11/08/2013

 Drug Free America - Sad but True!

 10/25/2013 The Story of How America Was Packaged and Sold

 Don't shop walmart it is evil

 Good News - Hear about courageous people standing up for truth and justice - More Info & 9 min Audio

 Oct 2013 New $100 bill to enter circulation in October 8, 2013

 Capital letter etiquette: Netiquette

Fukushima More Bad News - Earth Softening and Leaks Out Of Control... Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear power plant - TEPCO admits deliberately using radiation detectors that give deceptively low readings; radiation leaks far worse than reported More Info & Video - Link




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List of Senior Discounts 50+

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