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4/9/2018 Randy Koonce: Update Audio/Video 2.15min

I am adding a date to archive..Sunday, April 8, 2018 pm

To All Hopeful Citizens in Dinarland: How are you makin it.
A quick update to all the citizens of Dinarland. This has been the ride of a lifetime, and certainly one none of us ever imagined. One of these days, they will actually quit moving the goal posts, and the 'dinarball' will actually make it to the other side, right down the middle.
It looks like things are lining up - again. We have heard from several pretty reliable sources that another window has opened for Iraq to revalue their currency. This window should remain open from now, until the the 20th of April. As always, remember: This is Iraq. It is our sincerest hope that nothing new will come up - this time.
I want you to know that while this should have happened several years ago, the Dinar revaluation has been turned into a major political football. Everyone has wanted to use it to their own advantage, whether national or individual. There have been many events that should never have affected this event, but the influence has been there. While I am not at liberty to disclose the identity of my sources, I can assure you: they are people who do know what is going on, and have access to the influences that will be able to see this finished. I cannot and will not guarantee this will be done by April 20 - but there is good shot at it happening this time. Again.
Breathe. Pray. Breathe some more. Pray again. And again.

Randy Koonce

We are close.. Every large bank will exchange.. RELAX the RV is coming...

Check every day to see if it has changed... do not take a guru or a post about in country RV or any thing else do not be fooled just check the CBI

Do not let your emotions get to you.

BREATHE BREATHE......... Yes I will do a meeting after the RV...... do not worry I will send out email.....


Randy Koonce: "It's Time... It's Dinar Time" Update Feb 20 18 Audio/Video 5min

I am adding a date to archive.. Tuesday, February 20, 2018

To All Hopeful Citizens in Dinarland: How are you makin it.

It's time. The Nigerian Princesses have set sail for home. The Publishers have cleared The House. And I've spent all the money I won from the Lottery. So, now . . . It's Dinar Time.

All the 'gurus' have watched since the first of the year for the RV to happen. What we have all learned is that the revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar has become the biggest political football in history. And that is why we are still waiting.

However, it appears that the time has come for Abadi to finally step up to the plate.

Based on information I am receiving, we believe that the RV will (should) take place within the next 2 weeks. Great pressure is being brought to bear to make this happen. Everyone - including the people who can make this happen - are tired of waiting for this to happen. And 'they' are pushing.

So. We are in a 2 week window. Right now.

I know everyone is tired of this waiting game we have been caught in. There is no one reading this update who is more tired of this than I am. I too, have hopes and dreams for my family that I am ready to move to the reality stage. I totally understand every single one of you who are frustrated and discouraged.

But there is a very real reason why the RV has not happened years ago. So, some history .

After the Trump Administration took office, several facts began to surface with regard to the Iraqi Dinar. One of the things that we learned was the fact that Obama was never going to let it happen as long as he was president. We learned that half of Obama's cabinet wanted to release the RV and the other half agreed with Valerie Jarrett, who did not want anyone in the US to participate in this blessing.

Because she was Iranian, she wanted Iran to profit from its influence and control of Iraq. This is why Obama gave Iran 1.6 Billion in different currencies, but not US Dollars.

So, between Maliki's regime and Valarie Jarrett's influence over Obama, the previous eight years were a total waste of time from the RV standpoint. Now that Trump is in office, he very much wants this done, but does not want Iran to benefit.

President Trump is working hard to get this done, because he knows many of us are holding dinar, and wants to allow us to bless and grow the economy of the USA. You've probably heard the phrase . . . Make American Great Again?

In addition, it is being rumored that Abadi has been trying to solicit money from various countries, in return for Dinar. But, some of that money would go to him, and not Iraq. If true, this may be the reason Abadi has been dragging his feet on 'pushing the button'. He could be wanting to make one last attempt to feather his own nest a little better.

However, not only the Trump administration but these other countries as well, are putting tremendous pressure on Abadi to get this done. . . . Or Else!!! Believe me when I tell you that great and very real pressure is being put in place to force the issue.

In the event that we do not see this finished in the next 2 weeks - don't despair. They do not have to wait for another year. This will get gone - this year. But none of us have any control or influence over the people who have the power to get this done. We must wait. There is no other choice. But, the best thing we have going right now is a Very. Determined. President.

​So, to paraphrase the Apostle Paul: Now is not the time to grow weary, because in due season, we are all going to reap the reward for waiting, and we have much good to do in the coming days with the blessing we are going to receive. (Galatians 6)

So. Dinar Land People. Let's finish well. Let's stop complaining about things over which we have no control. And, let's be grateful while we finish with patience.

Breathe. Pray. Breathe some more. Pray again. And again.

I wish you all the very best in your new endeavors. Make this ride worthwhile. It's been a long one.

We are close.. Every large bank will exchange.. RELAX the RV is coming... Breathe,,,

Check every day to see if it has changed... do not take a guru or a post about in country RV or any thing else do not be fooled just check the CBI

Do not let your emotions get to you. BREATHE ..... BREATHE.........

Yes I will do a meeting after the RV...... do not worry I will send out email.....

Blessings Randy Koonce

Post From Randy Koonce Audio/Video 3min 12/29/17

I am adding a date to archive..Friday, December 29, 2017

How is Everyone in Dinarland Makin' It?

One more update to all citizens of Dinar Land. And it is my deepest hope - this will be the last one. It really should be The Last One.

If you have been keeping up with posts from other renowned Dinar Land Gurus (which everyone does!!) you should know that the news from Iraq right now is Phenomenal. Stupendous. Amazing. It's been pretty good, lately.
For what it may be worth to you, I wanted to let you know that my sources are echoing very positive news along with everyone else. It looks like the window for a rate change should be wide open during the 1st two weeks of January. And, that might even include this weekend. Maybe.

However - everyone who has been in this for a while knows the Dinar Land mantra: It's Iraq!!! I say that because being in this so long I know what you are going to do -

Everyone is going to stop breathing and move to panic mode. Don't do that. Breathe.

When it happens - everyone should know about it shortly. Because everyone is looking for it. And the first one who sees it will be yelling it from the top of their Dinar Land Roof.

All of the dinar sites will be posting it. But you can confirm it at

2018 should be a pretty amazing year for all of us. It will be life changing for many.

Because of that fact, I would encourage everyone to take the upcoming week end and make some really serious New Year Resolutions.

Number One on everyone's list should be: Don't Be Stupid and react without Thinking. I say that not to insult anyone, but because that is human nature.

Plan out what you want to do. Carefully. Breathe. Pray. Breathe some more. Pray again. And again.

​I wish you all the very best in your new endeavors. Make this ride worthwhile. It's been a long one.

We are close.. Every large bank will exchange.. RELAX the RV is coming...


Check every day to see if it has changed... do not take a guru or a post about in country RV or any thing else do not be fooled just check the CBI

Do not let your emotions get to you.

BREATHE BREATHE......... Yes I will do a meeting after the RV...... do not worry I will send out email.....

Randy Koonce


Randy Koonce Update 10-16-17
Post From Currency Chatter Audio/Video

How is Everyone in Dinarland Makin' It?

OK, Everyone living in DinarLand. Lets Get up to speed on the current state of affairs, as they stand Today...... Iraq needs a currency. That is a fact. But, before they could address the needed currency, they first needed to get their country to a position of feeling safe. Stability and Security.

So, the US agreed, and has assisted Iraq on clearing ISIS out of Iraq... Did that mean they had to do that in order to RV? NO!! This was the preference of what IRAQ wanted to do, prior to establishing an international, valuable currency. So, the US also wanted the defeat of ISIS to be complete.
For that reason, the next 'Window' for watching for a change in their rate will start on Tuesday, October 17, of this week and go to the end of the month.. The greatest pressure for this to happen will be this week...... Please understand: There is NO back door on the time frame for the RV to occur.

The pressure is coming from the Void of any money in Iraq. They need to get commerce moving, and increasing the value of their money will make that happen. People who have money do not blow themselves up! They will suddenly have a way to improve their lives. The RV will assist in furthering the whole Security and Stability issue.

So the pressure is on. Why do I give a 'window' verses an exact time? Because i do not control this thing. If I did, it would have happened a LONG time ago!....
1. If you send me email or text and tell me you are getting out, I will rarely respond. So, don't. If you got into this investment because you expected to get rich QUICK, your expectations were unrealistic. ALL investments take time....And I personally do not see the point in baling out after you have already spent the money to invest...

2. If someone tells you that it is a pipe dream, just remember: Iraq's Currency was 2.75 even with Sadam Hussien in charge. Also, it is a fact that the US promised to let them restore their currency, once the fighting was finished.

And now, You say: "Ok! They quit fighting and US pulled out.... leaving a void....and everything went to hell in a hand basket." Yes, you are correct. But, that was an official "Obama ** Move" (I mean, what else can I say!) ... Obama did not want this to take place until Hillary lost the election... The only reason he did not pull the trigger on it sooner, was because Iraq wanted and needed a higher rate, and he didn't want to give it. Bottom line - It's all been politics!!!....

3. Speaking of Rate: We understand that Iraq has been given option to choose their Rate with Trump. So, the Range is 2.00 to 3.71. The only way to know what it will be, is wait until it comes out.... Some say .10 cents and float it up.... Well, Kuwait did that and for that very reason, this will not happen.

Kuwait had a government that operated better than Iraq does even today.... And when Kuwait floated their currency, it hurt the progress economically of Kuwiat.

​It went too high too quickly, and then on the way down, it nearly crippled the country until it finally stabilized around 3.60. So learning from the mistake that Kuwait made, the CBI said the 'Float' will be 'Managed'...

What does Managed mean?.... if you look at the currency now and realize it has been this price for at least 10 years - that's a Managed Float! ... They control the rate.... they peg it off of the Dollar and the British Pound so that it will not move unless they want it to. Which is the reason they will need to RV the currency to get the rate they need.....

4. Are there any Laws that need to be passed before they let this go? NO!! Everything is just waiting on Iraq to do this 'Thing'!! ..

5. Do not get discouraged!! Just put on your big girl panties (or big boy, as the case may be) and let this happen. Be happy about the timing... We are close.

Randy Koonce

We are close.. Every large bank will exchange.. RELAX the RV is coming...

Check every day to see if it has changed... do not take a guru or a post about in country RV or any thing else do not be fooled just check the CBI

Do not let your emotions get to you.

BREATHE BREATHE......... Yes I will do a meeting after the RV...... do not worry I will send out email...

How are you makin it. I am adding a date to archive.. Friday, July 14, 2017

How is Everyone in Dinarland Makin’ It?

Hello everyone! Hope you are living it up every day, like I am, just waiting on the dinar to finally make its move. If you are like me, you have lots of dreams just waiting to be lived out. We are all ready to move on to the next step of making those dreams come true. And to be honest, the Nigerian Princess Lottery wasn’t all that great.

I have waited until Mosul was liberated, and announced, to make the next note.... Now everyone RELAX and take a deep breath. Here are my thoughts of where we are:

1. NO it will not RV only ‘in-country'. If it is just ‘in-country' - There is no RV! It is still paper with numbers...however,

2. The RV will occur! The purpose of the RV (at last one of the purposes) is to give the Dinar enough value so that it can be useful in the "Rebuilding" of Iraq........ And we all know the damage that has been done, and the need that is there, especially for the people of Iraq.

3. Will I be able to exchange in the US? YES! There will be only one rate.... Stick to large banks like Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citi Bank, HSBC, Chase. These Banks will have no problem with exchanging it... Some smaller Banks will exchange as well, but they have to rely on upstream Banks in their system, and the fees will probably be higher in the smaller banks...

4. Is There any thing else to 'have to do' for the RV to happen? NO NO NO NO.

5. If you are told to check out a bank site someone says is the new CBI site, just be sure you follow "". That is the safest and most secure information to be had - from the horses mouth . . . . Just saying.

Many of you have wanted me to give an update every day. I know everyone is anxious, but there is not enough time in my day to give everyone daily updates. Many days, there is just nothing else to say. And, since the last update, the announcement of the liberation of Mosul is the first significant change that has happened and therefore warranted an update... We were in a holding pattern until Mosul was done. Well, NOW it's done.

The Window opened when Fox, and all the news media outlets, said Mosul was liberated which was Tuesday this week. On Tuesday, it was absolute, and there was no more hedging or iffy announcements. The window is VERY GOOD until Monday the 24th of July..... So, the next 10 days, give or take, a lot can happen.

6. Will the Dinar Float? The answer is NO. For the most part they will have to RV the currency somewhere above $1.20.... Why above $1.20? Because they want to get all US dollars off the street! If the USD is stronger than the Dinar, then it will stay on street.... Just look at it now. The Iraqis use US dollars now because it is the strongest on their street and will buy more. When the RV occurs then the dinar will be the main dog....

Every one has been asking about the dong. It should RV as well - once China agrees to move their currency. So it might be awhile on that one.... Again, it’s the same story - no one knows when. . . . .

Some ask me, "Can you still buy dinar even after it RV's?" Sure! But why would you want to?... It will cost too much and you won't be able to make any significant money on it then ... So why would you want to?

We are Close!! The Window is good through the 26th of July or so. Remember - this is Iraq!!

Randy Koonce

We are close.. Every large bank will exchange.. RELAX the RV is coming...

Check every day to see if it has changed... do not take a guru or a post about in country RV or any thing else do not be fooled just check the CBI

Do not let your emotions get to you.

BREATHE BREATHE......... Yes I will do a meeting after the RV...... do not worry I will send out email....
Randy Koonce

Post From Currency Chatter
Member General Discussion: 3-12-17

G-Lin: Sistani describes Maliki as 'disgusting corrupt', Shiite cleric says PMSistani attacks Maliki Sistani attacks Maliki A video emerged on social media platforms showing a Shiite cleric speaking about relationship between former Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki and the Shiite cleric Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani.

Whenever Maliki's name is mentioned to Sistani, he describes him as 'disgusting corrupt', the video shows the Shiite cleric as saying.

G-Lin: Maliki preparing a coup to overthrow the al-Abadi / Mohammad Haroon

Karen: WIll this guy never go away. It just boggles my mind that he is still walking and talking!

Phillyman: Karen, I took heat recently for suggesting that he was still active and powerful in the politcs despite the news stories circulating about his crimes and suggestions that he was done. He is Shia, Iran is Shia, Iraq is majority Shia. He still has incredible power and wealth but I am hoping like Hussein and Baghadadi he will somehow reap soon what he has sown. Love the translation - "disgusting corrupt" from the lead article.

Abadi since the presidency of the current government in September 2014 events proved that al-Maliki indefatigable, organized in his approach to besiege Abadi and fabricating crises in front of his government.

It is no longer a whisper as it was in the past, since the weeks of political and parliamentary circles in Iraq is concerned, trading news that the Dawa party leader and head of a coalition of state law, Nuri al-Maliki, is ready to remove Haider al-Abadi for prime minister to replace him, which is waiting for the end of the battle of the left pane of Mosul, and the exploitation of preoccupation with the joint forces and units of the fight against terrorism and pieces of pro-army of servants, to complete the liberation of the city and keeping the land in which, to strike was blocked by two contexts: parliamentary and military, is being prepared for them rapidly through the organization of meetings and the holding of new alliances and political polarization.

The Parliamentary context, to mobilize the largest number of MPs, would agree to withdraw confidence from Haider al-Abadi and bring down his government in accordance with the so-called "political majority", after al-Maliki succeeded during the last six months to fortify his coalition "state law" and prevent his deputies leak toward the pavilion or team Abadi, and attract deputies Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and the movement for change and the group Islamic Kurdish, and the alliance with Saleem al-Jubouri and his new party "civil Rally for reform" and cooperation with the "solution" bloc headed by Jamal Karbouli, add to them a ten deputies from the system, "the year-Maliki," and thus be a leader Dawa Party has ensured a majority of parliamentary and political comfortable, paving the way for his return to the presidency of the Council of Ministers and the formation of a new government will be the first tasks, encircling the Sadrist movement led by Muqtada al-Sadr, a Shiite, and the isolation of the block "united" and its president, Osama Najafi, a Sunni, and the weakening of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, headed by Massoud Barzani, a Kurd.

As for the other parties and blocs, such as the Supreme Council led by Ammar al-Hakim, and the Virtue Party, led by Mohammed al-Yacoubi, and a coalition of "Iraq" led by Iyad Allawi, Maliki is optimistic and says, "they are free to" give them the Ministry of "fatty", ministries, and will come Mhrawlin.

With regard to the military context to be adopted by Nuri al-Maliki in the implementation of the scheme, who shall move the popular crowd forces and packaged so as to ensure the success of his coup after being practically become, head of the political wing of the crowd, as described by former MP Hassan Alawi, who believes that al-Maliki is coming, if you do not not now, in the next election strongly crowd strike and its votes, estimated by one million votes, especially since the crowd leaders managed by threats and pressure to convert their factions than just armed militias outside the law and the Constitution, to the official military institution public and political parties, enjoying the benefits and privileges and powers more than defense and interior ministries and greater than the combined forces and anti-terrorist units, the defendants that the Americans were founded by and chose their leaders and trail Anazarema.

Although Abadi, not far from the al-Maliki moves, and knows that the latter is restless and settle down, but his return to power again, but it is in an enviable position, as running silent again, and hints firmness at times, but in both cases can not take decisive action to restrict Maliki movement and prevent him from proceeding with his plans coup, for fear of a clash with the consequent repercussions on the volatile political scene.

Valebadi acknowledges that it is exposed to the attack say it is unfair and aimed at spoiling his government and embarrass him personally and hindered the implementation of the reforms the looks of it, is aware in advance that al-Maliki stalked him and he goes to jamming on his performance and show it as prime minister is weak.

But the problem lies in his personality Abadi confused that lack of confrontation, and is well aware of the serious threat to his political future, which allowed the owners to play in the arena in accordance with the wishes and choices freely without the fear of one.

This was evident last week when advocating his supporters Party instigated in Kut to receive Abadi, who visited the university, with shouts of prey, and leveled the Sadrist trend, which hastened its leader, Muqtada al-Sadr, to repudiate them praising Lakedr Abadi, describing him as a man of reform and the only term for corruption offenses, in response clear, it refuted the accusations of al-Maliki, and the granting of Abadi dose of support and assistance, and space to think about taking steps to help him curb his opponents revealed their purposes, but did not invest dose and leeway to serve his position, remained hesitant waiting respite will not come.

Since taking Abadi as prime minister in September 2014 events proved that al-Maliki indefatigable, organized in his approach to besiege Abadi and fabricating crises in front of his government and entered into the dangerous areas.

For example, recently unveiled contacts made the call with the leadership of the "Bi Ka Ka" Turkish Kurdish party concentrated in Sinjar, west of Mosul, the party leader, and there are unconfirmed reports that the PKK fighters, paid a monthly salary of the popular crowd budget and receiving weapons and military equipment from its warehouse information.

The goal of al-Maliki and clear, and is straining the Iraqi-Turkish relations, which subsided visit Ben Ali Yildirim, Turkish Prime Minister to Baghdad last month, and the success of his talks with al-Abadi.

Maliki is himself, not others, instructed his ally, the National Union Party to take over the North Oil Company in Kirkuk, also said Kurdish MP Biriwan Khilani, to prevent the flow of Iraqi oil to the Turkish port of Ceyhan, and pave the way for implementation of the project Kirkuk oil transport through the territory of Iran and ports.

Maliki does not want to Ebadi to continue as prime minister until the next parliamentary elections in April 2018, and attributed to him in a meeting with the leaders of the crowd in his office, was devoted to discuss the political issue of the majority, saying that al-Abadi "Sbiana" If the elections were held under the current government, and this transfer speech-to-Abadi from several sources.

But the latter is still the illusion that Washington and reference Najaf with him, and violations that trigger undermine his government, even though he knows that Maliki can change his skin at any moment, because it is without principles or political and moral values.

Iraqi writer Haroun Mohammed

Fishtard: Maybe Joe Biden can convince Maliki to give himself up for prosecution at the Hague.

Kimberley: Philly, I so agree with you and Mr Mohammed....... I have said , from the time that Abadi became PM. He better try every way he could to get rid of that snake and as soon as possible....

And, I have taken flack too, about me saying Maliki is still an issue, and WILL BE until he is DEAD..... When people start saying how Maliki is now out of the picture, I again realize they know very little about the middle eastern culture......

We have corruption in our country, and for the average citizen we don't like it..... But that is not the case in the middle east..

Kimberley: Their goal is always, to be able to get something over on their fellow man...

So here we have Maliki.... A man who has stolen HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS (with the help of his croonies) and he lives in a country that lives on PENNIES..... do they understand how much power that gives him.....

A man will sell his daughter for a few dollars... And he will support a man like Maliki for a few dollars more....

So, we have Maliki,...a man with Billions, and a starving nation... He doesn't want to help them, he wants to continue to rape the country like he has in the past....and he has many, many courpt men willing to help him, if they get just a little of that pie..

Secondly, he holds the information of corruption on all the politicians and religious leaders in Iraq.... So, no one can go against him.....otherwise the whole political system will come tumbling down.... He even has the Federal Court in his pocket, as we all know.... (they can't even get legislation passed to get rid of Old Mammoud )

Thirdly.....The very reason Maliki would never let Shabibi RV the currency....If you have billions of dollars, and the country runs on pennies.......He has all the power...

​So, where we have seen Maliki lay fairly dormant for a while...he Can Not Stay that this currency thing gets closer to coming to a head. ....

The one sure way to reduce his power in Iraq is to bring the Dinar to equal value with the dollar..... But as long as he can keep stiring up unrest, he holds most of the top cards...

Having said all that... I still hold faith that someday soon, either the International Courts, or a silver bullet will take him out...

And Iraq and her people and their Currency,..will be able to return to their former glory... JMO

KJWayne: PS, Maliki ALSO owns MOST of the news agencies in IRAQ !

Kimberley: KJ Thanks,....Forgot to add that too....Hope you're having a good weekend....

G-Lin: Actually Maliki also controls the military including all of the Iranian militias which Parl. voted a month ago to supply with the same salaries and retirement benefits as the Iraq army receives. They are now inclusive.

A military coup is very possible. He also controls the majority of the House, the Supreme Court, CBI, tariffs and the corrupt borders and ports, where the whales are running amock. I hate to sound so negative, but we must look at Iraq's current influence.

And I suspect Abadi's visit to the White House this month will be to discuss the rebuilding of Mosul contracts in exchange for oil that Trump is going to pursue.

I certainly don't see that happening, but who knows? Here is an art. talking about it. Sorry for the link, but that's the best I can do on this site. :{

My hope is Sadr, Kurds, Alawi, Abadi, possibly Hakim can pull a rabbit out of the hat and out-power Maliki.

G-Lin: Optimism government and parliamentary questioning the role of Trump Management in reconstruction

Baghdad / Zahra al-Jassem Can you count on the US role in reviving the Iraqi economy , which was destroyed by the wars of Saddam 's regime and the war on terror and unsound policies pursued by successive governments since 2003?

This question arises now on the eve of achieving the complete victory on the organization Daesh terrorist, and an end to occupation for the remainder of the provinces of Nineveh and Anbar , on the one hand, and on the back of talk about the alleged project is attributed to the new American president , Donald Trump 's management, the reconstruction of Iraq in return for oil from the other.

The answer to the question differently between the government representatives and representatives of the House of Representatives and economic experts, financial consultant will Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi d. The appearance of Mohammed Saleh, says in an interview (to the extent):

The next US policy toward Iraq, will be taking advantage of the previous confusion repressive development policies and inflammatory violence through make way for the growth of terrorist outposts Kdaash and others, he believes that Washington 's policy in the era of the new administration, will be support for stability, development and support of steering Iraqi oil resources towards further economic development, as well as transforming the market trends of weak productivity speculative market to institutions and companies producing corporate market with international companies in order to serve the increasing growth in GDP and reduce unemployment. He concludes d. Saleh said that, Iraq on the verge of a real boom phase.

But the deputy head of the economic and investment commission, Nora Albjara, a different view, they are of the view that Iraq was before the US occupation, countries industrial product exported to other countries, many of the goods and has a self - sufficiency afterthought: But after the 2003 collapse of the Iraqi Industry and destroyed, which is planned since the eighties his war with Iran, and after the occupation of Kuwait and the 1991 Gulf war, which made Iraq 's non - producing countries.

Albjara considered Speaking for (the extent) that the Americans and after the civil administrator Bremer 's decisions, including the abolition of the money transfer control department at the Central Bank, have worked to create a political commercial layer parasitic do not have any history, originated through projects companies working with the US side, and adds: this class has turned into a virus within the Iraqi market to achieve a quick profit, prompting others to imitate, which led to the collapse of the Iraqi economy in full, uninterrupted: Bremer planned policy of deliberately destroying Iraq politically and economically, Vbremar did not deal with the Iraqis as one people, but deal with the Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds, both individually, and that was the moment identified the division of Iraq are not Mbacrh.otakd Vice - chairman of the Committee on economy and investment, that all decisions Bremer applied was to sabotage Iraq, and today Trump when Iraq compromise with oil in exchange for the reconstruction of regions liberated, but completed to weaken Iraq as a strong nation America 's policy has oil power and youth, Msttrdh: they were able to dismantle everything in Iraq, leaving non - oil, so I want to dominate him the concept of Trump, but if a strong government of Iraq was the politicians predominated home to what could a Msahumicna on our wealth interest financial .alkhbayr Ahmed al - Husseini, is considered the other, that what happened in 2003 after the destruction of the infrastructure of the Iraqi process and wheel production.

And bridge in his speech (range) that Iraq is in dire need to have now, to activate the laws approved by the House, but it is disabled, and now we must not Ncabr in placed to obtain promises for the reconstruction of our areas liberated, and says the government can not impose its conditions are in the position of strength, because most of the land that was under the control of Daesh has liberated the Iraqi forces, saying: that this can be employed to obtain loans and funds to boost the economic activity of the country, with an emphasis on three golden rules: customs tariff law and the law to protect the product and the consumer Protection Act. . if it was the activation of these laws, we could save a lot of money that is intended Msahumicna in exchange for oil.

Political opinion has been away this regard what posed involved in economic affairs, but it is also approaching them in the important point is that Iraq has lost all its potential when the former regime fell, and contributed to the massive downturn behind technological and professional development at various levels, and that the great crime against the economy Iraq, the international embargo imposed on Iraq in the nineties, became even Iraqi resources after 2003 phase-blown economic mafia operations practiced by everyone, including the neighboring countries, according to the word of the foreign parliamentary relations by Khalid al - Asadi.

He continues , al - Asadi in an interview (to the extent) , saying that the industrial decline in Iraq began after the nineties war when the UN Security Council imposed a blockade, preventing him to import the necessary materials for industry crossover , which was adopted as a result of Saddam 's Baathist invasion of Kuwait, Mstrsla: Yes , there are mistakes committed by the interim administration (after 2003) the problem is that some of our institutions committed to the same track, adding: but we must recognize that the failure of legislation regulating the process of opening up to the market , which seemed to dominate the trade and economic movement in the world, was a key reason for the existence of great imbalance and lack of access movement of the global market, where should this openness codifies the strict monitoring by the government to create a balance between the rival production and consumption.

And see a member of the Committee on Foreign parliamentary relations, that the appropriate response to the bargaining President of the United States of Iraq , the reconstruction of liberated areas in exchange for oil, that the Iraqi government is seriously working to demand that Washington compensation for damage caused by Iraq as a result of occupation, noting: that this will be a clear message carrying the Americans responsible for what damage was whether the economic level or the political and security in Iraq.

Asadi finally draws to: that the US side has not received an invitation to the occupation of Iraq to Trump talking now about the oil - for reconstruction. These statements , we can not help but make fun of them, we do not have a Fteramb Iraq and we are not obliged to implement the policy.

G-Lin: Iraq news Sadr forms special committee to work on election, post-ISIS iraq initiatives
March 11 2017 09:06 PM Moqtada al-Sadr Moqtada al-Sadr

Leader of the Sadrist Movement Moqtada al-Sadr on Saturday announced that he formed a special committee to work on two initiatives, concerning elections and post-ISIS era in Iraq, which he put forward earlier this year.

In the first initiative al-Sadr asked to change electoral commission over corrupt charges, while the other one was related to Iraq future and post-ISIS era.

Rockstar: G-Lin while a military coup maybe possible it will never happen! If Maliki really is that stupid which it doesn't seem that he is even though he is an egotistical maniac, that would be all the excuse we would need to blow him completely off the face of the earth! Our allegiance is with Abadi and his government.

Phillyman: Hey G-Lin, I am getting too delirious following news anymore. My apologies for posting what you have already put up about Sadr and reforms as well as the Trump administration and reconstruction.

Phillyman: Rockstar, I hope you're right about Maliki. I'm hoping that behind the scenes there is alot going on that we are clueless about to keep Iraq going in the right direction. It is hard to imagine that so many countries would pour so many resources into Iraq without being pretty certain of it paying off.

Mcduff82: Just think. How far Abadi has brought Iraq in the last two years with help from many countries of the world,the IMF world bank and us treasury there to bring the banking and push laws , do you think the powers that be will allow a would be dictator to get back in power , general Matis knows Iraq and the problems well and he has Trumps ear It is a different time with new players


From Currency Chatter - Randy Koonce Update

From Randy Koonce How are you makin it.

I am adding a date to archive.. Wednesday, March 1, 2017

How is Everyone in Dinarland Makin' It? I bring you greetings from the Nigerian beaches, where I am baking in the sun, because I did win a mountain of money in the Nigerian lottery.

However, because the exchange rate is so low, I am stuck here, drinking coffee because that's all I can afford, and waiting on the Dinar to revalue so I can go home. I have not sent out an updated report in a while because I have been waiting for another good window to open up.

It looks like we may finally have one. If you have been watching reports from other gurus in Dinarland, you know by now that everyone seems to be gathering on the same page, once again. I want you to know that it does appear that conditions are coming together that are favorable for the RV to occur, hopefully for the last time.

My various contacts are all telling me the same thing. We are very, very, very close right now. I would encourage you, before accepting any guru's announcement of a revaluation, to take the time to check at CBI.IQ to confirm that the rate has actually changed. You are looking for something along the lines of .289 in the dollar grid. If it says 1166 - No RV. You are still poor.

However, if a decimal number, such as .289 or .256 (examples) appear - then you too have finally won the lottery!! At least, that is what you are going to feel like. If that is the case, please take a moment, or a day or two, and Breathe. Everyone needs to be watching events in Mosul.

As security improves with the continuing advancement of Iraqi forces, and the liberation of Mosul announced officially by Abadi, that will be when our window is the Best.

Iraq is looking for security from ISIS, along with the US advisors that are there. Security and stability really are the keywords. And based on recent news on Mosul, it is getting closer.

Everyone thought we had a good window from November - December. And we did. But's let just say that when it came right down to it, Abadi and Obama did not see eye to eye on the situation, and let's leave it at that. ÂIt might work out better for us anyway. Maybe.
So, to repeat: We are watching for an official announcement from Abadi that Mosul has been Liberated. Based on the information I have right now, once that happens, it should not be but a matter of days. Everyone with a say in the matter wants this to happen.

Breathe. Have your plans ready. Take a day or so to let the new reality sink in. It has been a long journey, and you deserve a vacation. You may want to consider someplace other than the Nigerian beaches. Randy Koonce We are close.. Every large bank will exchange..

RELAX the RV is coming... Breathe,,, Check every day to see if it has changed... do not take a guru or a post about in country RV or any thing else do not be fooled just check the CBI Do not let your emotions get to you. Randy

From Randy Koonce Dinar Update

How are you makin it. ..... I am adding a date to archive..Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Well, folks - I want to begin with a confession. I told you last time that I had won the Nigerian lottery. I did not. However, I am now enrolled in the Uganda Lottery, after discovering that the odds are much better for me to win. Just so you know.

Now, on to the Iraq RV news . . . . .

I have had so many people write or email with questions of what is going on in Iraq. So, now I will put out another little post....Every one in the DinarWorld should just be patient and I will try to explain something..

1. Iraq wants to RV, and they tell us this all the time in the paper..
2. They will tell us they are opening the budget, but do not.
3. They tell us they are going to start the Tariffs, but they don't.
4. They tell us that they are getting loans to do massive building, but for some reason there is still nothing going on...
5. They keep telling us that they have approved the oil law... but they never enact it...

And after this repeated pattern of information, they then sit quietly for a while and they start the whole process up again. OK. So, what is the one Key that is required to do all these things? The RV! Why? Because it takes money that is worth more than the paper it is printed on.

So even tho you are disappointed it has not happened yet, there is one more common 'key' that is mixed in with this repeated process. And that is Obama. He is telling Iraq what to do. Obama is the only 'key' that Iraq does not control. Even in Obama's speeches, he is telling everyone: "We own Iraq. Everything is ok. Isis is nothing and we will control them." Obama is saying things like: "Terror is not a big deal; Global warming is the most important thing." These statements are FACTS... Not Speculation..... So we have one person that has an agenda, and we, as a group, do not have contacts close enough to be able to provide credible timing information, other than when we see Iraq gear up for another oil conference and economic phase, like they are doing now.

Which means, we are now, once again, coming into another window. This one will go to the end of year, because I believe Obama will release the RV, or let it go before his term is up. He will not let it pass to another President, because he is too much of an egotistical demi-god to let someone else get the credit for it; he needs to say it was his idea.

He needs some kind of major 'win' for his legacy, given Obamacare will be bankrupt by Feb of next year. And, the debt he has run up in our country is so large it puts all others to shame....

We have information that comes from good sources; it is the best we can do. The sources are as close as we can get, without knowing what Obama will do on his own, which again is why no one has gotten it right yet. Because Obama does his own thing. He has a reason for not doing it just yet, and he has kept Iraq and the world at bay with this RV...

I know a bunch of you believe there will be a basket going but that is not right. There will be different ones going, but they all will be within a month or even two. And, we do not know which way they are going except that of Iraq... and there is a strong chance for the Iran Rial...

I need everyone to breathe and do not get anxious and do not give up even if it keeps going...Iraq will have to do those things I listed above and cannot do any of them without an RV....

Oh and one more thing you never have to ask if i gave up that will not happen.... Just because is do not talk a lot does not mean I gave up.... I will never give it up....thanks.

We are close.. Every large bank will exchange.. RELAX the RV is coming...

Check every day to see if it has changed... do not take a guru or a post about in country RV or any thing else do not be fooled just check the CBI

Do not let your emotions get to you.

BREATHE BREATHE......... Yes I will do a meeting after the RV...... do not worry I will send out email.....

Randy Koonce

4/21/14 Randy Koonce / Currency Chatter Conference Call Replay (712)432-1085 Pin 541268# or Play in this Download Link

Randy Koonce / Currency Chatter Conference Call
April 21st 2014 4:00pm ET

Please use First To Listen

(You may also (Listen Only) by calling - 712-432-0075 Pin 541268#)

Please use the 206-402-0100 number first, and then when that number is full and rejecting callers, THEN have the callers use the full list of alternative numbers listed below as the backup:

169470# The below numbers may also be used

(Replay of last call 712-432-1085 - Pin 541268#)



(205) 307-5347


Little Rock

(501) 707-0762



(602) 281-1903



(520) 917-0434



(951) 256-5632


Del Mar

(858) 703-3093



(949) 333-4822


Los Angeles

(323) 476-3997


Palo Alto

(650) 687-0854



(916) 228-6996


San Diego

(619) 471-1669


San Francisco

(415) 633-4267


San Jose

(408) 343-4243


Santa Cruz

(831) 227-2195


Thousand Oaks

(805) 367-3009


Van Nuys

(818) 922-0801


Walnut Creek

(925) 627-8261


Colorado Springs

(719) 313-4781



(303) 222-9727



(970) 422-3074



(203) 212-5590



(703) 344-2171



(321) 213-6013


Fort Lauderdale

(954) 903-9483



(904) 900-6992



(305) 507-0364



(321) 354-0692



(941) 444-3966



(813) 402-4741


West Palm Beach

(561) 515-8658



(404) 439-0092



(808) 206-9730



(208) 297-1011



(312) 279-3393



(331) 333-4608



(317) 238-3004



(270) 506-5337



(617) 603-1070



(410) 864-6220



(616) 712-3017



(248) 365-0054


Twin Cities

(612) 216-0918


Kansas City

(816) 410-0840


Saint Louis

(314) 814-8004



(406) 876-0011



(406) 215-0011




(828) 333-6339



(704) 264-0430



(919) 326-3654



(701) 552-9849



(603) 263-0219


Jersey City

(201) 630-6117



(862) 236-1575



(505) 200-3264


Las Vegas

(702) 560-5491



(775) 332-0058



(631) 416-3406



(516) 214-0492


New York

(347) 464-3150


Spring Valley

(845) 694-3537



(315) 401-3279



(513) 245-8171



(216) 258-0545



(614) 360-9344


Saint Marys

(419) 778-3998


Oklahoma City

(405) 415-4193



(918) 877-0662



(541) 632-1044



(503) 205-8988



(971) 240-4467



(215) 606-1815



(412) 209-4513



(843) 303-9662



(423) 790-3279



(865) 293-0734



(615) 209-7999



(512) 527-6262



(214) 414-9823


Fort Worth

(682) 233-7292



(713) 401-1502


San Antonio

(210) 248-2222



(385) 225-3064


Salt Lake City

(801) 736-0358



(757) 355-5320



(804) 887-7223



(360) 338-9300



(206) 494-4023



(509) 315-0013



(253) 363-4650



(360) 952-3089



(414) 203-0452

International Dial-In Numbers



& City

Call-In Number



& City

Call-In Number




(02) 6171 0109



(02) 9191 9435



(08) 7999 7506



(07) 3177 0166


Gold Coast

(07) 5699 8405




(08) 7070 2426



(03) 6111 0603



(03) 6388 8201



(03) 9999 2136



(08) 6555 1426



& City

Call-In Number



& City

Call-In Number




(587) 887-1680



(780) 851-2680



(778) 300-1942



(250) 412-5346



(204) 480-9140



(902) 982-3301



(705) 881-1980



(226) 227-1680



(226) 706-1680



(289) 639-2680



(519) 804-2380




(226) 289-1980


Niagara Falls

(289) 932-1680



(289) 634-1580



(613) 366-2380



(705) 885-1680



(647) 847-8380



(226) 946-1970



(438) 238-1980


Quebec City

(418) 478-2380



(819) 560-7230

United Kingdom


Call-In Number



Call-In Number



01224 516 234


028 9503 1990


0121 369 1990


01274 456 234


0117 369 1990


01223 902 456


029 2199 1990


024 7695 1990


01384 660 234


0131 610 1990


0141 432 1990


01482 910 234


0113 347 1990


0116 340 1990



0151 321 1990


020 3151 1990


0161 401 1990


01603 905 234


0115 882 1989


01865 575 345


01752 477 234


023 9300 1990


0114 345 1990


023 8098 7600


0191 546 1990


0191 462 1990


01924 637 234


01902 581 345

Good Question Next Question...

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