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Is heaven literally closer than we think?
 Listen to "Is heaven literally closer than we think?" on Spreaker.

8/26/2016 The New World Religion is upon us! While it is important to be politically active, we must not solely rely on politics for our answers. Only though Jesus Christ, will we ever find peace and security!

7/21/2016 Ted Cruz supporters secretly pulling for Hillary?

7/15/2016 Trump picks Gov Mike Pence as VP running mate!

July 2 2016 Bilingual Message from Magellan
�Feliz D�a de Independencia!
Happy Independence Day!

6/24/2016 Brexit... A new chapter begins for freedom and populism!

6/14/2016 "Pope calling for a one world religion" Replay: (712)451-0019 Pin: 921661# Ref 1#

5/26/2016 Trump Just clinched 1237!

5/25/2016 Political updates! Hillary will likely beat Bernie but could lose in the general election

Are we overdue for major earthquakes and volcanoes?

5/10/2016 Never Trump movement's loss equals votes for Hillary Clinton

5/5/2016 There is a MAJOR difference between Trump & Hillary Clinton

5/4/2016 Trump is the presumptive nominee Video Link

4/26/16 Discoveries in Antarctica and more! Video Link

4/20/2016 Signs of the times!
Magellan talks about the recent natural disasters and how they are pointing to Christ'a soon return!
Video Link

4/17/2016 Earthquakes in diverse places Video Link

4/15/2016 Bernie's momentum? Video Link

4/7/2016 The Temple of Baal coming to New York & London... Video Link

4/3/2016 Medical kidnapping is tearing families apart! Video Link

3/26/2016 The Democratic Spring is coming... Video Link

"THE BIG PICTURE" (Cern) Replay Link


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