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Dinar Acronyms:

IQD - Iraqi Dinar

VND - Vietnamese Dong

RV - Revaluation
RD - Redenomination
RI - Reinstatement

IMF - International Monetary Fund

UN - United Nations

GOI - Government of Iraq

CBI - Central Bank of Iraq

UST - United States Treasury

BOA - Bank of America

LOP - Removing of zeros (either literally where 25K becomes 25, or merely removing from circulation/streets

ISX - Iraqi stock exchange

HCL - Hydrocarbon Law (oil & gas related)

EU - European Union

CC - conference call

FX - Forex

IDR - Indonisia Rupiah

MOD - Moderator

WGS - World Global Settlements

PP's - Prosperity Packages


Dinar Dictionary:

Hopium: Preferred drug of the Dinar investor producing feeling of euphoria and a general sense of well being. A typical dose last 2 days at which time a new fix must me acquired or serious withdrawal symptoms occur. Warning withdrawal symptoms can manifest in events called "bashing".

Guru: Dinar drug dealer. A person responsible for distributing the addicting drug called "hopium". The "Guru" delivers the controlled substance simply be writing what's known as a "post". This "post" must contain the term "RV" and "cash-in" to give the proper dose of hopium an addict needs.

Intel: Intel is the main ingredient of the drug known as "hopium". It is collected by "Guru's" from "sources". A good example would be: A "source" (cleaning lady at the white house) over hears the president say to a staff member "I can't be late for "Dinar tomorrow" or Michelle will kill me. She is making something special". Since the source clearly hears the words "Dinar" and "tomorrow" clearly she tells the Gurus that the president said the "Dinar" will RV "tomorrow" and hopium is created.

RV: This can be both a time or a place.

1. Time: RV is a time where all is set right in the world. Each country in the world is given a gazziliion dollars (called "global settlement packages") and everyone lives "happily ever after". A time in which there is no evil. All trees bear fruit and the fruits are comprised of gold, silver, and precious gems.

2. Place: Similar to what takes place after one dies. In some Dinar folklore this place is sometimes referred as "heaven like". Streets of gold, no evil exists here etc...etc. In other Dinar folklore this is a place where god is a pimp and gives all men that are Dinar holders 40 virgins. For non-folklore types this is just a place of peace where one doesn't have to work any longer and can retire and see the world and live in luxury.

Done: Any process that has been started. Example: I am going to wash my car. I have got a bucket and a rag and I am walking towards the car. I am therefore "Done".

98-100%: A mathematical term used in place of the word "done".

Shabibi: A god-like figure to Dinarians. He holds the magical keys to the "RV". The all knowing "Shabibi" writes his own posts. These are also called "news articles" He and his friend "Seleh" post these articles every other day about an event called "the removing the 3 zeroes". He is also at war with the evil wizard called "Maliki".

Maliki: Many consider him the evil wizard that holds back all things that are good.

Allawi: Simply known as the one "left behind". A one time player in the Dinar world this figure has been banished and the evil Maliki will not let him back into the kingdom even though he has promised his people that he would.

Obama: Known to non Dinar holders as the leader of the free world. Gurus see this figure as "the holdup". The man of power that has but one delay the RV of the Iraqi Dinar.

LOP: Beware of the LOP. It is the antidote to "hopium". The most evil of all words. It is said that if you say LOP 3 times in a mirror at night you will turn to stone. Others view the LOP as a mythical creature that will sneak into your home and alter all of your Dinars removing 3 of the zeroes.

Iraqi holiday: An event that happens in Iraq at least every 3 days. The purpose of these holidays are not known at this time (not even by Iraqis).

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