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Stage3Alpha / Stage 4 Omega?
Plan B Ponzi Money Game Use COUTION!
Exogen / Exo / Ken

5/29 The Rant call Exo is drunk he has lost it SHOUTING Mr ALL CAPS - lol

Dial-in Number:  (712)775-7035 Pin: 734593#

Stage3Alpha Replays

2/11/2015 Stage3Alpha / Exo Global Prayer Call with Intel update (712)432-1085 Pin: 555310#

1/7/2015 Stage3Alpha / Exo Global Prayer Call with Intel update Replay Link 121min (30min mark Exo gets to the "intel") Disclaimer

12/23/2014 Stage3Alpha / Exo and other guest speakers Replay Link 179min (48min mark Exo gets to the "intel") Disclaimer

11/24/2014 Stage3Alpha / Exogen and other guest speakers Replay Link 170min (712)775-7039 Pin: 455234# Disclaimer

11/6/2014 Stage3Alpha / Exogen (Ken) Conf Call With Carden, Rene, Incognito, Sunshine62,Batman,Batgirl, Exo, and other guest speakers Replay Link 185min Disclaimer


Some Highlights/ Notes by ChristineB: Call is over 3 hours long

ChristineB November 6, 2014 at 9:24pm
For those not on the call, here are the opening Highlights...
EXO ~ This RV should be over in the coming days � if not the next 72 hours. EXO gives gracious detailed thanks to all who work so hard in Dinarland! The call is now because they truly believe it based on all Intel, signs & factual events converging � the RV is imminent

Mod Carden ~ Over 700,000 & climbing Friends & Family have recently exchanged through private invitation. For us it is now a minute-to-minute wait.

Mod Sunshine ~ Thanks the community for supporting each other as a family.

Special Guest Pumpkin Patch (PP) ~ We are looking for the 800#�s. We are in a really good window � it should be here soon, so just be patient.

Q&A begins now...

Call Update Part 2 Q&A BEGINS

Carden ~ You can exchange in any state. You don�t have to exchange in your �home state.�


EXO ~ A �whale� means having 1 billion + in Dinar; however, this has changed with the Friends & Family. Now a whale is someone with a sizeable amount of currency. The cap for a whale is 1 trillion, directly negotiated with UST. No clear cap for regular folks at this time.
Mod ~ The Team cannot talk about specific Trusts / International Trusts for many reasons. Please be sure & get proper representatives to guide � including those exchanging and going or living abroad. Every case and Trust and the changing circumstances means the Team cannot advise.

Batman ~ IMF Reforms will likely be changed at the first of the year. The best tax attorneys & financial advisors are not even sure right now � get multiple streams of qualified advice, especially for off shore

EXO ~ Read, �Perfectly Legal� because IBC�s are of course legal & valid financial tools.

EXO ~ MCA Accounts � there are 2 types, which have different functions. Those accounts are being transitioned to the wealth side of the bank due to high interest from Dinarland. If your banker refuses to set these up for you, go to another bank.

Carden & EXO ~ These accounts are common in the International community. Today, there are stiff stipulations in US to open an MCA (history with the bank etc). The capability and the availability do not exist now. Only traders may have a multi (not multiple) currency accounts. So there are challenges and limitations in the US. BUT, MCA�s are used by globally by corporations. More options may exist post-RV. Once we have money, more options open to us. Hint: MCA�s are possibly available on-line and easily available for non-RV currencies, if you want to set up your accounts now. Note: whales are getting SKA credit as exchange payment to successfully work around these MCA issues.

ChristineB November 6, 2014 at 10:22pm


Carden ~ It must be clearly stated that no one on this call is giving any financial advise. This is true for the entire call.

All Trusts are different. It is safest to have your currency in the Trust pre-RV for clarity and safety � depending on the type & purpose of the Trust. Speak to your own professional advisors.


EXO ~ �Double Dipping� is a Dinarland � not a banking � term. It is currently legal to buy more currency, with currency that has been exchanged. Double Dipping came about when some people violated a formal agreement that limited the amount of currency they were allowed to purchase after exchanging. This issue has been dramatized in Dinarland, as many issues have been. Double Dipping is fear, fluff & hype. Bait & switch is just business. It�s not personal. The way to avoid any of this is just to be educated and prepared.

Carden ~ Exchanging & paying off Reserves is not considered Double Dipping.


Carden & EXO ~ BoA, like all banks, will have De La Rue machines. The preferable bank is the bank with a De La Rue � especially for VNN. Some banks will use other methods, including off-site verification. The question to ask is: will I receive credit for my currency immediately at your bank / exchange center.


Carden & EXO ~ There is no one that can say what the fluctuating rate will be one hour to the next. In other words, if you exchange one note, you are NOT bound to that rate for the rest of your exchange at a later time. Batman confirms this is Misinformation.


Batman, Carden & EXO ~ The first Basket it appears may be the Dinar followed shortly � hours or days � by other currencies. However, rates are showing on the screens now. There are no rules!

EXO ~ 3 rates for Dinar were being pushed forward weeks ago, so certain folks could benefit. This see-saw of 3 simultaneous rates on one currency has been resolved. What is relevant for us is, what are the rates on my bank�s screens when I exchange. The CBI rates may or may not be relevant.

Q from EXO: How are banks exchanging yet US Currency Traders are not? Hmmm?

EXO ~ There are many blocks and delays � the RV has been held hostage for the HCL oil pipeline. Now that the elections are finished, this too can be resolved now.

Team (laughing) ~ We are awaiting live rates. No one can predict WHEN. We wait minute-by-minute right now.


EXO ~ Dinarland has a bit of a challenge getting hints at times. Example: Tier 2 Banks are a great place to set up relationships for exchanging. HINT HINT.

Momo P November 6, 2014 at 10:53pm BANK RATINGS:

2/8/2014 Stage3Alpha / Exogen (Ken) Conf Call Replay Link 159min (559)726-1399 Pin 529705# does not necessarily agree, disagree or endorse the contents of the calls and videos posted on our site.  WARNING! Take it all with a "Grain of Salt" and only Invest what you can afford to LOSE. assumes no responsibility for information on the calls and disclaims all liability in respect of such information.  We are only a guide for the Dinar scheduled and recorded calls.

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