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Solutions Toward a Thriving World

Passionate Intent and Unconflicted Behavior: How Daily Decisions Create The New Paradigm

Global Financial Wars � What�s Going On?

Good News & Grounded Solutions. At the 13 min mark he speaks on currency.

From Thrive Highlights From Our Global Financial Update Link

From Thrive: Is the Value of your Money About to Change?

COSMOS Official Trailer

Divine Intervention Video

 Sacred Geometry of Comet ISON, Matching Crop Circles & Heiroglyphs! Video

 Alien Disclosure, UFO sightings and ET Truth by Government Video

A Monumental Event! The UFO Citizen Hearing On Disclosure was held April 29 To May 3, 2013 � Washington, DC

MORE UFO Citizen Hearing Videos

All the info:

(Official Trailer) THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?

Free Energy Video 2min

 (Official full length Movie) THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?

Spirit Into Matter � The Geometry of Life

Paradise or Oblivion

April 14, 2012 Trance-Formation - 1/7 (12-14 min each)
Trance-Formation - 2/7
Trance-Formation - 3/7 (Part 2)
Trance-Formation - 4/7
Trance-Formation - 5/7 (Part 3)
Trance-Formation - 6/7
Trance-Formation - 7/7

SEFE Making energy out of thin air... SUSTAINABLE CHANGE. Harnessing the existing, untapped power of static electricity that is naturally occurring in our atmosphere. (SEFE is a publicly traded Company - Boulder Colorado)

Eole Water is the inventor of the first wind turbine able to produce of drinking water by condensing the air

CNN - Wind turbine creates water from thin air

Spirit Science 1 - 15 FULL MOVIE SERIES

More > Thrive 2

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