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Calls are listed in Eastern Time Zone

Magellan 11am

Phoenix 8pm

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Magellan 11am

Tony 1pm


Phoenix 8pm

Midwest 9pm

Magellan 11am

IQD Team 8pm

GateKeep 8pm

Big Call 9pm

BGG 9:30pm

Dave S Video

Magellan 11am

Tony 1pm

Phoenix 8pm

Get Team 9pm

Midwest 9pm

Dave S 9pm

GateKeep 8pm

Big Call 9pm

BGG 9:30pm?

Wall Street Crooks

Obama sends more troops to Iraq

Tony 1pm

Pastor ED 7pm

Phoenix 8pm

Midwest 9pm

Dollar Burning In Slow Motion

Calls are listed in Eastern Time Zone


Diamonds 2pm

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 Call Archives / Replays

STAGE 2 Omega Conference Calls posted here. There is no set schedule. Calls take place when felt warranted. Omega

American Contractor

National Liberty Alliance
Monday Nights 9pm EST

Foot Forward Next Call will be Posted Here. Last Replay (209)647-1699 Pin 668064# or Replays

Randy Koonce / Currency Chatter Conference Calls posted here CC Replays

People Invested with Fresh

Last Replay: (209)647-1699 Pin: 496903#

Patriot & Proteus

Loechin Calls
(559)726-1300 Pin 616571#
Listen Only Pin 592973#

Stage3Alpha / Exogen Conf Call
Thu Nov. 6 , AT 9:00 PM EST
Dial-in Number: (712) 775-7035
Pin: 455234

Stage3Alpha Replays

(712)775-7039 Pin: 455234

The Real Truth Call with Dr WC
Buck McCall (East Coast)

Open Mic Call removed.

To listen to some of the calls on your Computer go to or then click on "Call Using Our Flash phone" follow simple instructions

or Direct to Flash Phone FC
Flash Phone HD

United Nations (UN) Web TV 24 Hour Live and pre-recorded Programming Click Here


IQD is showing up on BarChart with small movement

List of Senior Discounts 50+


Magellan Dinar Intel

Sunday - Wed 11am ET

(646)929-0709 or Magellan

Playback: (712) 775-7039 Pin: 327756#

DU - Dinar Updates
(w/BGG And Guest)
When they do Live Q&A Calls
(760)569-7676 pin# 398647


BGG Replays (760)569-7699 Pin 398647#

The GET Team Conf Call

Wednesday 9pm ET

11/19/2014 (760)569-7676 Pin 981878# for Q&A
Listen to on your Computer use Flash Phone HD or

GET Team Replays

Special Dinar Alert Conference Call
...hosted by Enorrste, Russell and Kaperoni.

(805)399-1000 Pin 296983#
Listen to on your Computer use Flash Phone FC or
Kaperoni Next Call Time & Replays

**Wang Dang Conference Call**

Dial In: (530)881-1300 Pin 894786#
Listen to on your Computer use Flash Phone FC or
Playback: (530)881-1399 Pin 894786# (after the call)
MP3 Released After The Call
Wang Dang Replays

The Gate Keepers Call
With Joey, Vic, T-Dawg, & Whiskey-6
Tuesday & Thursday Evenings 8:00pm - ET

or (760)569-7676 or (559)546-1400 Pin 378652#
Listen to on your Computer use Flash Phone HD or
Gate Keepers Replays (760)569-7699 / Pin: #378652#

The IQD Team Connection with LJ from LJ's Next Step Team
Latest Iraq Dinar RV News~~Its ALL Good!
With Straight Talkin Mike, LJ, Diana & Debbie
Tuesday & Thursday Evenings 8:00pm - ET

or Call (760)569-7676 Pin 769478# or 712222#
isten to on your Computer use Flash Phone HD or
IQD Team Replays (760)569-7699 / Pin: 769478#

Dave Schmidt
Wed 9pm ET (480)945-0475
Listen online & Replays

Global Currency Reset (GCR)

Sun, Mon, Wed & Fri 8:00pm ET

(424)675-8248 or (347)202-0431 or More

Frank26 Conference Call w/Delta
(1st hour + is Infomercials)
Mondays Iraq intel starts around 8pm est

or Call (760)569-7676 Pin 156996#
Frank Replays
(760)569 7699 Pin 156996#

The Big Call with Bruce
Tue & Thu 9pm ET
(Q & A) 559-726-1150 (no code needed)
Listener Only Line 530-881-1150 (no code needed)
Big Call Replays 559-726-1159 Pin 123456#

Tony - TNT Dinar

Listen only (209)255-1500 or (518)556-1500 No code
TNT Tony Replays 805-399-1500  409029#

Breitling Replays


Dinar Truth Matrix Call with Midwest
Mon, Wed & Fri 9pm ET

(605)562-3140 Pin: 368582
(Back Door # 805.360.1075, then enter call number and Pin from above)
Listen online with Flash Phone HD /

Last Replay (605)562-3149 Pin: 368582  Midwest Replays

Diamonds Forever 31 Call. Go Beyond Awakening?
Sat call 2:00 pm ET with World News Update / Intel the first 15min

(209)255-1000 or (424)203-8405 Pin 883267#
Diamonds Replays or (209)255-1099 Pin 883267#

International Prayer Call Pastor ED
Mon, Wed & Fridays 7pm ET

(530)881-1400 Pin 406878#

Also Daily 1pm est (559)726-1300 Pin 143425#
Listen to on your Computer use Flash Phone HD or

Replay (530)881-1499 Pin 406878# recording

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