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If there are any "Special 800#" for any Banks exchanging we will post on the iqdcalls Banks page
as we have updated this site multiple times EVERY DAY since 2011

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Sun. Nov 19

Mon. Nov 20

Tue. Nov 21

Wed. Nov 22

Jared Rand on RV/GCR Healing Tech Encouraging Interesting Call Audio / Video or TRANSCRIPT


Wang Dang 9pm

Ray TNT Dinar 1pm

KTFA Frank26 7pm

KJ 9pm

Willies Truth Call 9pm

Jared Rand follow up Call Audio replay


The Big Call 9pm

Willies Truth Call 9pm

Forum / Chat

Ray TNT Dinar 1pm

Trusts Unlimited 3pm

KTFA Frank26 7pm

Willies Truth Call 9pm

Oootahs w/Becky 9pm

Thu. Nov 23

Fri. Nov 24

Sat. Nov 25


KJ 9pm

The Big Call 9pm

Willies Truth Call 9pm

Ray TNT Dinar 1pm

Willies Truth Call 9pm


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Restored Republic via a GCR Update

Bus. Trust Conf. Calls w/Carol Werelius 1pm

Oootahs w/Becky 4pm

Call Archives / Replays

More Calls listed below:

American Contractor Occasionally

Anonymous I Awake in 3-D

Benny Wilson The Fake News Show

BGG / Dinar Updates Occasionally

Breitling & Bob Adams Occasionally

Bus. Trust Conf. Calls w/Carol Werelius 1pm Sat

The Clarion Calls Wed 9pm ET

Dave Schmidt Occasionally

Diamonds ?

Dizzy Bear I Dr. Clarke

Fisher M-F 9pm ET I Foot Forward Calls

Frank26 I KTFA

Gary Larrabee

Gate Keepers Occasionally


Global Currency Reset (Nick) Occasionally

IQD Team Occasionally

Iraq Currency Watch Marcus Curtis & Sam I Am

Jared Rand

Kaperoni Occasionally

Mr. KJ & Friends Mon & Thu 9pm ET

Landa Global / Humanus

Live The Dream Mon 10pm ET

Magellan Breaking Tonight

Mnt. Goat

My Ladies & Nova Occasionally

Midwest Sun 8pm ET

Nancy Terry, Dizzy Bear & Linda ? Tweets

National Liberty Alliance Mon 9pm ET

Okie Oil Man

Oootahs RV/GCR Sat

OOTW Wealthwatch w/Becky I Outlaws Call Philip Tilton

Randy Koonce Occasionally

Real Community Engagement

Restored Republic via a GCR

Ron Paul Protect Liberty and Know Your Rights

Sheldan I Stage 2 Omega

Stage 3 Alpha / Stage 4 Omega

TDA Treasury Direct Account Update page

The Big Call Tue & Thu 9pm ET

The Real Truth Call 2 Dr WC, Fisher M-F 9pm ET

Truth Frequency Radio

Trusts Unlimited Wed 3pm

Ray TNT Dinar Mon, Wed & Fri 11am ET


Wang Dang Sun 9pm

Dr. WC The real truth call I Willies Truth Call

Wingit w/Gerry Maguire, Iko and Art

WSOMN TBA I Youssef / Yosef

Zorra Occasionally


UN, Bloomberg & Al Jazeera Live Stream




To listen to some of the calls on your Computer go to or then click on "Call Using Our Flash phone" follow simple instructions or Direct to Flash Phone FC or Flash Phone HD

If there are any "Special 800#" for any Banks exchanging we will post on the iqdcalls Banks page

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