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7/29/2018 Yosef: We know the Zim came out @ 1:1.

7/2/2018 Yosef: The Plan was for most ZIM holders to be redeemed by Aug. 1.

Yosef's Last Minute Call Notes by M 6-25-18
Conference Call, Intel, Yosef (Some highlight notes from Yosef's unscheduled last-minute 'FlashTel' Call. Replay REPLAY "HAS Special Call" SPEAKERS: Yosef, Sophie, Showme)

Replay number: (206) 402-0103 Replay ID: 108-708-357#

Before the gold standard was to be announced for Zimbabwe, there was an explosive assassination attempt (using grenades) on Saturday on the President of Zimbabwe. (Mirrored in Ethiopia.) This resulted in several deaths and injuries -- thankfully he was unharmed. However, this stopped the RV release, which was set for Saturday.

Wells Fargo has been completely shut out of the RV. Many Redemption Centers they set up were intended to channel funds away from redeemers. Avoid WF!! HSBC is taking over.

Abbot Downing is a separate entity, and may be allowed to participate, but HSBC is also expanding their wealth management services.

Lists have been compiled of most ZIM buyers, so the plan is now for holders to be contacted directly by email and/or phone. Says NO 800# will be released for ZIM -- only email or phone. Plan is for most ZIM holders to be redeemed by BY August 1, then USA Gold Standard to be announced, then 800# released. ZIM giftees can then call for appt or take to bank. (Rates unclear, may float).

Bruce on the Big Call has been mislead about ZIM 800# notification. Sources have been misleading him -- and Tony -- to help entrap the Cabal.

Prince William is in Israel, trying to bring peace with Palestine.

70% of ALL gold mined has been from Zimbabwe. Rich beyond imagination.

Africa will launch the Gold Standard for the world.

Yosef wants to make one thing very clear -- there is NO LIMIT on what you can ask for in your initial ZIM redemption. It's a BOND, backed by the mineral-richest country in the world.


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3/28/2018 Yosef on Zimbabwe Notes/Bonds? & more on Truth Call 2 - Entertainment Audio Replay

7/22/2017 Youssef Update Replay Video Link 3hr 10min (Disclaimer)

6/30/2017 Youssef Update Replay Video Link 60min (Disclaimer)

Yosef Call A few highlights: by BB136

-received call from Asian sources, told to be ready, it's a minute to minute situation
- HSBC is only bank handling ZIM bond, has set up special separate system/procedures, 800#s and redemption centers (did not trust American banks/process)
-cyber attack was attempt to control emails and other dissemination methods of GCR info, it failed, no more hurdles
- Dr WC will get 800 numbers and can tweet them
- many bad folks still being obliterated/killed in dark of night by spec-ops, and cabal are done, just carcasses
-benevolent BO pushed button in Indonesia, DT is still toast, PR will be in.

BB136 comments:

I can't stay up tonight but if I could I would! Crap it's 3:00 am already.

Worth a listen for you positive, discerning Chosen DC-ers. The NWG (New World Gurus) who IMHO are poorly filing the void on DC, (you know the dangerous ones with a little brain), please don't waste your time listening, Yosef will only "force" you to express your irrelevant truth, again IMHO, so keep worshipping the billionaire, skewing the facts and please sell your ZIM now. I'll even buy it from you at $40 per 100T bond note.

To Yosef: Brother, you are not just a transitional "Bridge", that is not your "Apex" of life; if what you've said comes close to fruition you will have been the One and Lonely Most High, the Beacon of Benevolence, the Superstar of Surrender, the Champion of the Chosen, and the ZenMaster of ZIM; and you know your True Covenant has yet to be fulfilled. It may only be to be the best husband and father ever, but I'm pretty sure it's more than that.

You will always have a spot on the board of directors of my think-tank consulting firm: NoBS LLC (New Order Benevolent Surrender LLC) and as a Life and Spiritual Consultant. You are so needed to enlighten, counsel, and motivate my millennials!


6/23/2017 Youssef Update Replay Video Link (Disclaimer)

"Yosef" by Angel Gee - 6.15.17

Sheesh AG!:

Where to start? I really want to have this be a positive reading, so please try to read it mostly for the Intel that Yosef gave out....

Angel Gee, I like some of your posts, but I heard you on the RTC one time and I got a negative vibe...not quite as low as the Father Tyme dude, and it could have been the greasy taco I was having while I listened. So, I think I will just leave it at that....

I do want to address your post, however, since I listen to the RTC replay or live call faithfully, and very closely when Yosef is on...and his call was very enlightening and positive comments are in red.

First off Yosef spells it "YOSEF". My pet peeve, sorry

You said "I experienced Josef (sic), as being condescending, judgmental, in telling listeners how to suffer and how not to do so."

Yosef never told anyone how to suffer and how not to, and in fact was very empathetic about how people are hurting and need this, and even related his own story as to how he has put off a lot of things because he has immersed himself into this guru world (mostly for us, by the way, as his soul contract). What could be this man's agenda? Oh yeah, sure its to circle around the block for 3 - 1/2 hours at a time, talking into an electronic device, so that he can be condescending and judgmental to a lot of really "interesting" peeps...Yeah that's the ticket...

"By comparing listeners to the suffering of people in Africa and other foreign countries. I was totally offended. As I personally do NOT take the suffering of any human being lightly, the least of all 3rd world countries that have [been] misused and abused by Rich Caucasian Men [are those the N.B.A. owners you're talking about?] that could care less about the suffering of any human beings, definitely the least of those being from a 3rd world country. I think that it is very important that it be kept in mind that the American nationalists human experience in enslavement, poverty, lack, scarcity though different, yet is absolutely NO LESS negatively, emotionally, physically,,mentally impactful or devastating. So please don't do that, specifically, do not minimize our life experiences"

So, AG, you are "totally offended" because you believe that Yosef was minimizing the "American nationalists human experience" i.e. "our life experiences." Strange, I did not get that from what he said. He was in fact unusually empathetic to us guys, and very specifically to a man who said he was struggling, unemployed with a wife and two kids; Yosef was very empathetic to this "insurmountable" suffering; Yosef expressed concern for the suffering, the hurting, the needing of money to pay rent, etc. and he understands we all need it now. But it has never been a "need it now thing" and "time is on their (the Elders) side." They have been pump faking to bring out the cabal. He knows this doesn't help, but he gave the Intel, meaning we can speculate and try to figure it all out but its all about SAFETY. Yosef commented on the very poor status of folks in Zimbabwe, having NO CASH, struggling, and the government is making them suffer, the whole continent, because no one gets anything until everyone gets everything; he was using Zimbabwe as merely a baseline to help us see the big picture, a collective worldwide suffering, to explain that the Elders understand that all of humanity is hurting, but the biggest concern is that once this RV/GCR starts, it must continue, and therefore the greater good is SAFETY, in your physical form and SAFETY in the deliverance of the gift, and the SAFETY in the restoration of our government on a solid foundation, i.e. SAFETY is of the utmost concern EVEN THOUGH many are suffering.

"Then it is the be Grateful for the climbing rates of the ZIM, the so called HIGH rate of the ZIM means absolutely nothing to the mother and father that are struggling to avoid homelessness or hunger manifesting itself in the lives of their children. The patronizing during this call was exhausting for me. As a $1 rate ZIM is the same as a $125,000 rate ZIM, when neither are accessible."

Patronizing? Really? Yosef never said "be grateful" that the rates are going up, he merely states that knowing that his investment is appreciating (the screen rates are going up) allows him to stay focused on the immanence of the infinite blessing, that they give us more money every day we have to wait, and we are safer, instead of focusing on bitching and moaning that we have not been blessed with the infinite wealth...its how he copes...

I agree that it is not important to the truly enlightened, especially us with at least 1-100T note, as $1 or $125,000 yields more money than any of us can spend; but Yosef is relaying intel, and two things (DATE and RATE) have always been something peeps want to know...nary a call goes by when some dufus, I mean dinarian, again asks what the current rates are...and this call was no different as the next email wanted to know the rates of the ZIM!!! And Yosef said, 1, 2, 3 digits, its all infinite wealth! He gets it...AG, are you really killing the messenger here, especially such a wonderful servant to God?

"Thirdly, the pacifying us with the now July 4th scenario, has been fruitless. That old failing 3 day weekend being the perfect time for a release scenario has [run] its course. Especially, given that fact the SITREP had just prior to this one stated that we would see this release before Ramadan on June 27. See the flux that this conflicting timeframe can initiate?! It is okay to bring us with solid intel, as it if HUGELY and GREATLY appreciated by me and I am sure the vast amount of Light Workers, here as well. However, Dearest Josef, I do NOT see the advantage of you giving us your conjecture at this point in the game of GCR/RV, as it is often times misleading, historically disappointing and most devastating to many."

Does this paragraph deserve my time and analysis? Okay, I'll bite. AG, Yosef owes you nothing; the three day scenario has been given to us as early as the reign of Gurus Okie, Med, Tony, ScottiG, Freeway Bill, Bulldog75, and Bear5842 to name a few oldies but other words, com'on, I know you are hurting, as am I and a lot of us American Nationals (not the Washington Nats) but there are over 4.5 billion third world country folks hurting way worse than us here in the good ole' USA. LOL. Yosef actually said he sees it as happening within an hour-to-hour basis, it can be declared anytime, but SAFETY is the main issue...Yosef's "conjecture" is actually a lot of accurate Intel, and intelligent extrapolation thereof, as to how this has to go down...his Intel is listened to and transcribed for, I'd guess, 90% of dinarland, and with all due respect to you AG, I have to hear some Yosef to get my positive energy charge...

"The premise that we are still waiting because of Cabal resistance is also misleading. On one hand they have been neutered and rendered powerless. Stating we are safe at our exchange, because of the vast deployment of the Republic Military. Yet.....On the other hand the Cabal though, said to be powerless, can still stop the GCR/RV. Well which one is it?"

If you listened closely, Yosef answered a email question about this, and it went something like this: the cabal is essentially neutered and nearly dead, but its like the fall is coming, and you get stung by a mosquito, but you don't worry because you know they will all be dead soon from the cold weather coming....but there are still a few blood suckers alive and stinging...that's like the cabal...a few minions still sucking our blood...but not for long...that is why the Elders keep drawing out the last sucks for us, but they have been on this path for over 100 years...

"Additionally, if the so called NPTB [were] going to let us know when we are gonna go, everyone would already know it. This is a BIG mind game and it needs to END TODAY!!"

Wow. I'm so not with you're attitude..."It's mine and I want my money now"...AG, did you really write this paragraph? Or was it Gerry McGuire and his "show me the money" attitude while he listens to "chew-tobacco-spit" sucking on a cabal (Miller Brewing) Blue Moon? Or Dr. Ruby, were you channeling again?

"Furthermore, we here in Dinarland, that are consistently & continuously holding the light of love, desire/deserves nothing LESS than the TRUTH. If we can't get the truth from the intel providers updates, then in my HUMBLE & LOVING opinion we should not be given any conjecture, sermons as to how we should or should not hold ourselves in the instances of disappointment, as each one of our journey to this place has been DIFFERENT. "

Again with the demands. No TRUTH, then no conjecture or intelligent extrapolation. That sure is a positive, loving attitude. NOTTTTT!

"Lastly, whether from Africa or Atlanta, whether a person has [been in] this journey for 30 years [or] 30 days, their life experiences leading up to the point of becoming a part of this journey can be exact mirrors of one another."

Let me get out my lighter and hold it up....nope, still don't get this statement. On more toke first....Nope....Okay, I'm sticking out my tongue and scrunching my face now (I'm thinking hard)... Do you mean that everyone chosen to be a part of this blessing have similar life experiences that led them here? Okay...

"To you Yosef, my brother from another mother, I genuinely and [wholeheartedly] appreciate YOU! Love Love!!"

Nice statement, but I really did not feel the love love in your post. In fact, I do not think you are even remotely an imaginary sister to Yosef. You don't seem to be tracking with him at all...

"LIGHT WORKERS.... Please Please, do your best to keep holding that light of Love. I do believe that we are almost there."

Is that conjecture from you? We should not be given any conjecture here....Do Not Bring that She-ot here! Truth only!!! LOL.

The call is worth listening to...Yosef gives off great positive energy and he is a wealth of information. From listening to his call, I DO BELIEVE WE ARE ALMOST THERE...



6/14/2017 Youssef Update Replay Link (Disclaimer)


6/8/2017 Youssef Dinar Intel Listen To Call (Disclaimer)

6/8/2017 Yosef did say initially the following (paraphrased):

1) He was told to lay low for a bit, which he did
2) he was told he can say whatever he wants now, since the RV has started!!!
3) The "segment" redemptions have started (like OWK has been saying).
4) He generally gets his intel by trading financial/banking intel/info with Republic folks, who generally point him in the right "geopolitical" intel direction, but since the RV is going now, basically they gave him the Intel directly (that is the Intel in the "In Plain Sight" SitRep)

Thank you Yosef, I/we appreciate all the time you spend...I still listen to your songs and get a huge positive energy charge...CALM makes me weep...

On a personal note, the SitRep "MUD" was so apropos for my situation too..(and for many. here with IQD, ZIM, VND and knowledge of the real truth). I've been beat up pretty good in my business life, and now even once trusted fellow professionals/attorneys, friends, and close family just don't want to hang out with me or listen to me is lonely watching all of the corruption and cabal activities still taking place in our everyday OWK has said, the cabal minions are still quite active, in state, local and federal governments, the courts, the police, in Main Stream news, Hollywood,etc. and will be taken down post-RV and during Disclosure...

As Yosef always says, Surrender!

3/24/2017 Yosef on a call GCR / RV Listen To Call

2/24/2017 "Goodbye Yosef" - RV Thought

Geopolitical GCR RV Overview Tue - Jan 31, 2017 "Dress Rehearsal" (said to be from team yoseff)

Youssef & Tank on a call mid Dec 2016 Replay Link 60min

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