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Dr. Clarke Updates

 Dr Clarke 4/11/2017

April 4, 2017 DR. CLARKE: Spring has Sprung. We were sitting out by the water, just a little while ago, here in the Caribbean (Gia, not the Mediterranean this week, thank you), and a large Blue Heron landed, knee deep in water looking for fish to eat, and gave us this message: "Something Really BIG, is going to happen in Iraq tomorrow (Wednesday), with regard to their Dinar." We were like "What?"

Now, as we asked for more information, something really odd, and virtually unheard of (which NEVER Happens).......happened - Another Blue Heron, flew down, and landed in the water right next to the other one, and immediately plucked a fish right out from under the 1st Blue Heron's beak (Blue heron's are very territorial, independent, and don't hang out together with one another, in the same vicinity of water without fighting).......and told the 1st Blue Heron:

"You can come back and get YOUR Fish, NEXT WEEK. It will be waiting for you.....and well worth the wait......because it will be a bigger meal, than this's had time to GROW.

We Love the Caribbean, and as we mentioned before, we Love "Fridays".
Friday is always "FUN DAY".

In our View, as we indicated very clearly in our March 29, 2017 post

The Blue Heron, may just have a Surprise in store for everyone. In any case, we from our Human perspective of "ILLOGICAL ENTERTAINMENT", feel that things will escalate, with the "NEWS YOU'VE BEEN WAITING TO HEAR", toward April 30, 2017 (Sunday)........Maybe a PUBLIC Substantial Rate Increase, AND Maybe the Official announcement of Mosul's Liberation, and all of Iraq's Freedom from Daesh.......NOT necessarily in that Order.
"PUBLIC" being the Necessary Word.

The interesting thing, is that, while we were "Whale Watching" off the coast of St. Maarten, for some reason, a very large and beautiful Whale, sprayed us with water, and said, "Wake Up!", ...because "APRIL Showers, bring MAY Flowers".......which we Already Knew......but something is different NOW.

Our "take away", was that while April does begin producing some Flowers, the ones in May, are always More Bountiful, Beautiful and Abundant, because they've been watered, nurtured, aged and fully matured........well to remember, as we have 3 more weeks left in the month of April.

FRIENDS, the Middle East "REGION", is now in a Very Good Place.....better than most think, for what you want. The Asian "REGION" is soon to be, better than most think.....also for what you want.

.........Wait for it. But, not Long.

Remember MAY, in your calculations.

There is ZERO TRUTH, to anything we just said, lest the reader beware......and "So It Is".

You should "SEE" the Crystal Clear Water HERE.......WOW! Seems like we can SEE 100 feet deep. Seems like we can "SEE" Everything!

......and So Will You!


Dr Clarke 2/22/2017

Dr Clarke 2/17/2017

If there are any "Special 800#" for any Banks exchanging we will post on the iqdcalls Banks page

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