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The BIG  Call (Blessed Ideas Group) with Bruce
TGRN The Global Resource Network
Tue and Thu 9pm ET

Listener Only Line (605)562-3170 (no access code needed)
Participant Line (Q&A Option) (605)562-3192 (no access code needed)

The Tony Saga> Tony Renfro Pleads GUILTY to FELONY. Sentencing DATE to be set.

If there are any "Special 800#" for any Banks exchanging we will post on



The Big Call Archives / Replays Last Playback (605)562-3198 Pin 123456

8/27/15 The Big Call with Bruce Replay Link 66min or (559)726-1159 Pin 123456#

8/18/15 The Big Call with Bruce Replay Link 66min

8/12/15 The Big Call with Bruce Replay Link 59min

8/6/15 The Big Call with Bruce Replay Link 59min

8/4/15 The Big Call with Bruce Replay Link 95min Disclaimer

.... (if you need any other archives email iqdcalls)

9/24/13 The Big Call Replay Link 150 Min

9/19/13 The Big Call Replay Link 142 Min

9/17/13 The Big Call Replay Link 61 Min

9/12/13 The Big Call Replay Link 66 Min

9/5/13 The Big Call Replay Link 55 Min

We had a website helper not get paid what was due by Boomers Boost affiliate program. Boomers admits overlooking it, however over a year delinquent. We will post here when they get paid, with apology letter from boomers.

We called boomers on 8/19/2015 They said "check is going out today" but they said that 2 months ago. ?

See email screenshot below from boomers owner (Not a Doctor) Bob / Robert Gilpatrick check is going out 8/21/2015. (So "Check in the mail" promised yet again. LOL)

Aug 25 2015 Thank you Bob, finally received check less 6% undefined fee? Hope it clears lol.

warning: Fact Boomers forever young proven to NOT be a reputable company. It is what it is folks. does not necessarily agree, disagree or endorse the contents of the calls and videos posted on our site.  WARNING! Take it all with a "Grain of Salt" and only purchase what you  can afford to LOSE. assumes no responsibility for information on the calls and disclaims all liability in respect of such information.  We are only a guide for the Dinar scheduled and recorded calls.

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