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3/15/2018 The Big Call with Bruce INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link and/or Transcript


Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. This is very interesting time for us. I think everything that Sue, Bob and Pastor Steven has brought have been helpful to those who have ears. Most of you who have tuned into the Big Call for the last 7 years are recognizing that. You know me by now. You know the sound of my voice and many of you tune in and never miss a Tuesday or Thursday night. I appreciate that. I tell you this much, this is an interesting time for us because 60% of what is out there on the blogs to read is just plain BS. It is just not even close. It is wrong, not correct.

Bruce: You that are listening to this call, many are you are believers, Christians, etc. Many of you have been listening because you are believers. Because we have a Christian spin to our call. I love that we have this unity among ourselves to bring a power team that we have. I am here to tell you it is up to you and your spirit as to what you will believe. It is up to you as what resonates with you, and as to what you can glean as truth. Same thing is true when you hear certain things. All of you have discernment. You know without being judgmental and you know to discern and rightly divide the truth. Does it better with age and time? Yes and it should and I think it has with a lot of you. I want many of you who are listening to understand when I bring information to you, I have already discerned the truth. I have already gleaned the truth with all the information that I get. I try to bring it in a way that is honest, truthful and something you can receive with you. You know when you are not in agreement and when it is truth.

Bruce: The information that we bring is different from other calls. Some other calls agree with what I am saying. Some do and some donít. I am not going to name any names. I am not going to argue with any of them. I am just going to tell you what is happening from our perspective of what I am getting. I got many sources that are connected to this. Some are inside the Treasury, Some are with the (4) Tier 1 banks. Some are with the lead bank. Some are with the Canada bank. Some are with Swiss bank. We got the connections that are directly tied even to the Redemption Centers. We know things that are going on that nobody else knows. I that that is important because it gives us a broad perspective.
Bruce: When it comes to Ira, Iraq is basically done. We know they have completed the budget. We know they have completed the Gas law. We know they have an automatic time frame that they are on with that law and that budget law will be put in the Gazette. There is a finite time for that and it is next Wednesday, March 21st, Iraq time. They usually do it around Morning Prayer in the morning. They have a digital version, and a printed version. I am referring to the printed version coming out that is printed and put out Wednesday and Saturday. My theory has always been it is not going to come out in the Gazette with a rate seen in the budget until we get started. I really think we will get the nod to go and then you will see it in the budget. I think it will be like that or otherwise it would have been put in the budget. Can they pass anything else in the Parliament without having that budget essentially known about in the Gazette by the people? No they are stuck. They are stuck until they put that Gazette out. Then they can go forward and pass more things in Parliament. That is where Iraq is right now.

Bruce: Lower denominations are in use and play. Rates have changed. Q1 cards are not active yet in all cases. They are waiting. Rates are showing buy they are not active in some cases with people that we know have them that I am speaking about. They have been told different times they be available this time and date. It keeps getting pushed back a little bit. That is where they are right now.

Bruce: I am going to see if you can follow the trend here. The holiday that is coming up for the spring equinox is on the 20 to the 21st. That is a holiday in Iran and several other Middle Eastern countries, sort of a New Year starts. It is called Novroz. That starts on the 20th. It may start this year on the 21st. It is in that range. What does it mean equinox? It means we have the same amount of time of light and same amount of time of darkness on the earth. It is equal thus equinox. You got that happening on that date. It is known and honored by China, Middle East, India, all the countries that follow things that has to do with planetary signs in the sky with the moons, planets, etc. It is significant. It is significant to us because it is the first day of spring.

What has to happen by then? That holiday is on that date. I think it is a very important day. It wouldnít surprise me if it werenít important for us too.

Bruce: There were (3) countries that have gold in London somewhere that needed their gold to be repatriated to those countries. One such country was Hungry. It was received 2 nights ago overnight tonight that they received their gold back. How much is that? It is in the millions for us in dollars. To the Hungarian economy and their currency it came into couple of billion dollars. It was significant that they got it back. It was theirs. What is significant having that back? Because countries are using assets like gold to back their currencies. That is the whole theory behind this GCR. The Global Currency reset is going to happen in the entire world is going to be put on a gold standard or at least an asset back standard. Maybe not be 100% gold. It could be minerals, jewels, oil, etc. depending on the country. That is the whole theory of the GCR. Each countryís currency their value is contingent upon the amount of assets that they contain in that particular country.

Bruce: By the way tonight the 15th represents the start of the 14th year for me in this venture.
In having participating in it owning currency. So you know I am not the oldest one out there or in the longest. But I didnít think we would get here, but I am starting my 14th year tonight.

What are the other two countries? I donít know which two need their gold yet. We know they will receive their gold back by or before the 20th of March. They need to get it back pretty quickly to make it before the 20th. Pay attention to what is lining up for us here. Gold repatriation to countries that need their gold. Do we have to have that before we go? Hard to say. We might. Canít tell you definitely. Right now I would say it is looking that way.

Bruce: Letís keep going. What else I can think of. We got what is happening in Iraq. We got the gold repatriated. We got other things pointing toward this holiday the 20th, 21th going on. Could we get started, the Internet Group, with Tier 4 sooner? I think it is possible. We got to have some things started. We need Core groups get paid, SKRs made liquid, and some bonds need to be paid. I donít know the order of it because the order changes on us sometimes. There may be some things get down early next week.

Bruce: Letís talk about the International Banking week, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Those are the (3) days. Could this go any other day besides Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday? It could form the perspective of Redemption Centers. Those guys could go basically anytime day or night, any day of the week. They are set up to do that. Would we start in one of those other days like Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday? Banks donít like Mondays because they are finishing up their business of Friday and Saturday prior to Monday. I am going to sign off Monday at this point. Could we go prior to Monday? We could, but the evidence is pointing to next week.

Bruce: What about the Chinese Yuan? See if it fits our trend. China was saying that they wanted their gold back Yuan out and known about on the 26th. Then we read they really mean the 23th. Then we are hearing things about the 21st. Realize this that we know traders that trade currencies, metals, exotic metals, rate metals. We know that the futures for the gold back Yuan, petro Yuan, and those futures are being traded now. It helps to determine the value. It is being traded like anything else would be traded as a commodity. Those futures guess what? They are now longer going to be available to be traded as a future on Monday east time at midnight. It goes away being a future, tradable. Could it then after midnight become tradable as a truly gold back Chinese Yuan currency? Could be. That is another one that is sort of in our trend line.

Bruce: We have all these various factors lining up for a time. It doesnít mean it has to go then. You deserve to know that this is the timing that is lining up right now. I am not calling it and not giving you rates. I am just saying this is what is coming together for me. This is what I am getting. This is what I am hearing about. There is more information, but some stuff I canít bring to you. It is too specific and will get some people in trouble including me, but I can tell you what I am giving you now right now, you can take to the bank.

Bruce: Letís talk about Redemption Centers versus banks. Remember a lot of the Tier 1 banks will be doing Zim Exchanges as Redemption Centers. There are a number of Redemption Centers that might be annex to an offsite centers near a bank, or separate form a bank but affiliated with a major Tier 1 bank, one run by HSBC which they all are, but affiliated with Chase, or BofA, or Citibank, or Wells Fargo, but I am here to tell you we will have those paying attention to the Big Call, we know that we have the ability to Privately negotiate the Zim, dinar, dong, and possibly rial at the Redemption Centers.

Bruce: It is going to depend on how well you present yourself and your humanitarian projects, how credible you are in being able to handle maybe an overabundance of wealth that may come with a higher rate, and your ability to have longevity for your projects. Do not go in there with a two year project and expect to get a higher rate. You need to think in terms of 20, 30, 100 years. You might not live that long, maybe you donít, but your projects need beyond that. Go in with that. The rates could depend on how long your projects are and how long your payouts would go and the amount you have. These are factors people may or may not be talking about.

Bruce: If you want to use the toll free number, (2) for the US, west and east of the Mississippi rivers. I suppose to get them and suppose to put them out to the internet community. If that happens as planned. Then you will call and set your appt. If you have Zim, let them know and rye will connect you to a Zim Redemption Center closest to your zip code. That is the procedure. You will speak to someone at the Redemption Center that you will meet when you go in. It will be someone that is working there at the Redemption Center.

Bruce: We know that at the Redemption Centers test exchanges have been going on for well over a week now. We know that the Redemption Centers are ready to go, trained and ready to go. I think most of the banks are ready. What I heard tonight and I think they were talking about banks if they are not ready to go by the 20th they are SOL, Sincerely out of luck. Okay. So I am just going to tell you that is another thing lining up for your timeline.

Bruce: You have the necessary information to make the right decision. I have told you everything to you to get you to respond and use the Redemption Centers, use the toll free numbers. I donít care if you donít negotiate your rate. Some of the screen rates there will be higher than the rates at the banks.

Bruce: You go in with confidence., bring two or 3 pages max of your outline of what your project is going to be about, discuss it knowledgably, smile, and look at them in the eyes. Listen I hate to tell you guys you have the power. You have the currency it is your money. Just remember that when you go in. Be nice, confident, donít be arrogant. Take your time. You will have plenty of time to do your ZIM redeemed. I think it will be fun and I am looking forward to. You can breathe when you walk out to your car. In some cases you will be escorted back to your business or residence. You can be escort to your Redemption and back afterwards for security purposes. They would arrive in another vehicle in front or behind you. Security is lining up.

Clean up on aisle 3 that is happening big time.

Bruce: Is there going to be a stock market crash or anything like it? I donít believe it. There may be some movement. We had two moved down and there suppose to be another one next week. Shouldnít be a huge crash. Someone had something out there today the stock market is collapsing. Only thing collapsed is that bridge today. I donít know where it ended up. There is a lot of positive changes for us. We are in flux. We are in reality moving to our new paradigm. I am excited about it. I am excited for all of you that paid attention for years and I am looking forward to this. I donít know when it is going to go but things are lining up for it.

Bruce: Thank you Big Call listeners and Team Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven and others. Thank you for the support and faith and we love all of you. All take care and have much success. If we donít get this thing by Tuesday, we will have a call Tuesday night. Letís see what happens. All have a great night, and we will talk to you again. Good night.



3/13/2018 The Big Call with Bruce INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link and/or Transcript


Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call Tonight. Letís talk about where we are. It has been very quiet. Today is Tuesday. We always get information from the weekend since our last call on Thursday. Tonight is no exception to that. We do have some information. I would say first of all we tend to start with Iraq and see what is going on over there. I am trying to think. I canít think of anything that is meaningful right now that where we have to look at Iraq for.

Bruce: I donít think there is anything I am expecting other than we know Iraqi Americans have Qi cards like they do in Iraq, and we know they are able to go on those cards at midnight tonight and be able to have access to their funds and see quite possibly a new rate populated. They can see that on their cards. They have an account they can go to and see the value of the Iraqi dinar to the dollar. That is good and positive for them. Those of us who donít have a Qi cards and arenít getting a percentage of the oil and gas profits over there in Iraq, maybe not be as meaningful. I will tell you from what I am hearing everything is moving forward in that arena.

Bruce: Letís go back over here. What I have been told was and I believe it is true and comes from a very strong source that we are very close. The wording was within a whisker having this all go down yesterday at 2:00. Now it didnít happen for us, but the reason stated was because some of the banks still needed to get their weekend business from Friday and Saturday finished and completed. They didnít feel they could start with the exchange process with that left to go. We came very close. I thought there was a possibility of it going yesterday afternoon, but I felt there be greater of it going this week Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

Bruce: I have been told since by at least 5 or 6 sources that this is imminent and I could be receiving the toll free numbers anytime. Some people had it before the call. Some people had it after the call. Some people have mentioned no particular time one way or another. Just we are right here, right where we need to be. I am going to take that and say okay, that is fine. We donít have to have a specific time. We donít have to have it before or after the call tonight. That is one reason we are doing a one hour short call or less.

Bruce: I feel as if most of the Intel that I have brought you has been accurate. The only thing that has not been accurate is the Go time. Even though I get some idea when that is, I never get exactly when it is. People that exactly tell you a specific time most of the time it is not true. It is not going to be a specific time. They donít want us to know really when it is going, but we supposed to have an idea approximately when it is to go.

Bruce: I would say if you are into celebrating Ground Hog Day because every day it seems like it could go and it hasnít yet, you are not alone. We are feeling that, but we also know every day and I see it form a different perspective, because I get a lot of Intel from different sources and I know how to evaluate sort of discern that, we can kind of see progress moving. We see a lot of progress that is going through, and we know it is happening according to a plan. It may not be our plan, but it is happening according to a plan. We just have to sometimes resign ourselves to the fact this process is taking longer than we thought. I know that for a fact. I know it is, but I believe that we are in it for a reason. We are going to be stronger as a result having made it all the way through this and I am looking forward to it. I have heard very strong evidence for, letís just call it test exchanges, going on now just a way to ultra prepare for the reality of when we get started.

Bruce: I know what the schedules are. They scheduled the appointment times to be one hour and 45 minutes apart. Not that you are going to need an hour and 45 minutes. You would do your actual appointment in an hour or an hour and 10 minutes. The difference between an hour and 45 minutes and the time you take to complete is the time the Exchange Centers and the Redemption Centers will have time to resolve all paperwork and new accounting and everything for your appointment that was just completed. There is a half hour plan between appointments for that purpose. That is why in an hour and 45 minutes they are expecting you to use an hour and 15 minutes of it or less. It gives them a little cushion between those appointment times. That is something I did mention it I believe on Thursday call.

Bruce: I really think we are at the point where you know really the concept of going in like Sue said being in your best God self going in and having confidence, breathing and just being aware.

Try to be aware and enjoy the experience. Try to enjoy what it is going in. Look at the people in their eyes. Listen to what they are saying. If they are giving you their name, say their name once or twice or three times so you remember it. When you are introduced to someone it is always a good way to remember a name when you mention it. Most people like to hear their name. So it is okay if you mention their name back to them. It is a smart way to remember somebodyís name if you mention it 3 times you should be able to hold on to that and remember it.

Bruce: I can go in so many different directions, but I really donít think we will gain a whole lot by anything we have already covered. I think we covered the majority of it. You know the rates are privately negotiable when it comes to dinar, dong, and Zim. You know the Zim is a bond and will be treated like a bond. No zeros will come off. You will be able to do the structure payouts like we said for 5, 10, 15, 20 even 30 years. I donít know if we will go beyond 30 years. I have heard yes. I have heard no. The point is you will be able to set your rate for your exchange for Zim. For example for your redemption of your Zim based on the amount that you have, and based on how long you plan to do your projects, and use your structure payout, and so on. Where the longer you go and the more you have of the Zim, the higher the individual rate would be that you could negotiate for. I am sure they will give you the parameters on that. Some of it you might have to just ask for.

Bruce: I think we are pretty much ready. We are looking for a start. We do believe it should be it should be this week as far as I heard...

Bruce: We are still looking for (2) numbers for the United States and (3) for Canada, one each for the main banks in Canada- RBC, HSBC, and Scotia Bank. That is what I have heard recently for Canada more recently. We will see how it shakes out. We will try to cover Canada too. I canít say the same thing for Mexico. I donít know about Mexico if I am going to get information about that. If you are in Mexico, try to use HSBC or do your exchange legally in the United States.

Bruce: Other than that I think we got everything basically there that you need. There is nothing super specific other than different times. I am looking for this. We will see how accurate that is as far as coming in or it coming in matter of hours and days. I think that is what we are looking at. There is no reason we canít go forward. There has been a lot of clean up globally, not just here. I am sure that is continuing and I think that is moving along very nicely and we should be good to go here shortly.

Bruce: Thank you all for coming in tonight. We appreciate you very much. Even though we donít plan to do a call after the blessing comes for at least a month, we will drop emails to you and let you know what our plans are, our future calls, and so on. Everybody stay as positive as you have been so far. Be prepared for this to go and we look forward to catching you on the other side. Thank you Pastor Steven, Sue, Bob, and Big Call Universe for listening in tonight. God Bless you All.


3/8/2018 The Big Call with Bruce INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link and/or Transcript

Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call Tonight. This is one of these things that has been a relatively quiet day for information even though we were getting really some good things yesterday pointing to a start today. I really didnít think we would have to do a call tonight. I really felt every indication we were getting was pointing towards a Go time today. We understood the rates around the globe all these currencies were being reconciled and would be complete by just before noon today. I havenít been able to confirm whether that happened. Whether these rates of currencies around the world were truly reconciled or not, I still havenít found out. I probably will find out an hour after the call tonight, but I donít have that information to tell you if it happened or not. It supposed to happen today. I havenít go with I do not know for sure whether that has happened.

Bruce: I do know Iraq is planning on to do some type of celebration day. A national holiday is coming up Sunday in Kurdistan. I know the lower denominations are out since last Saturday. They have been using lower denominations and getting instructions on Iraqi TV on how to use them, the meaning and value of them. Basically what we donít know yet is the actual rate for the dinar visible, is it out yet. My whole theory is the rate wonít be shown international until we get started. I am afraid I have to take that position. There is no reason for them to have that rate out, exposed to the internationally community. I know the Middle East know what it is. Our traders see what it is. I heard what it is and how it is moving up and all that good stuff, but the truth is we do not know if it is visible yet. I would have heard if it was publically visible today. Is that something we have to wait on? Not so sure we have to wait on it. I am thinking the timing for that to be revealed may coincide with our start here.

Bruce: We have heard things with exchanges being done in the Philippians for the Philippians peso to the USD with a rate that is much higher revaluation for the Philippians Peso. It is a currency I looked at and thinking maybe that is one currency that would make a move. I think it has from what I am hearing by the word we have on some exchanges that have been done shows yes. It is one that needs to be on the playing field around the world. I am waiting to see whether or not all the currencies around the world have reconciled or not. Then we should be there. We donít know for sure if these currencies have made it to the Forex yet in their higher revalued states. I wish I had that for you tonight. I wish I had it. I just donít.

Bruce: We are hearing some information out West indicating that some paymasters are starting to pay out. We are hearing some things about Farm Claims either going out or about to get started. We are hearing exchanges are just about ready to start. I heard even this afternoon timing makes it a go even for tonight. I am not calling it. Please do not misunderstand me. It is just the information we got was giving us the impression we could get started here pretty quickly. Beyond that there is not a whole lot else. We are there. We just need to get started. We need the toll free number comes out so I can get that out and everybody gets their appointment set.

Bruce: Optimal timing. Is there going to be some type of smoke screen? Is some type of event going to take place, a positive event, to act as a smoke screen for us to get started?

The staffing is right where it needs to be at the Redemption Centers. Security is being increased for the Redemption Centers. I tell you this. We did learn how we talked about setting our appointments for exchanging and redeeming of the Zim. The appointment times they are allowing an hour and 45 minutes between each appointment start time. I thought it be an hour to hour 10 minutes the most. I am still saying that. They are giving themselves a half hour or more to settle all the paper work and information and get everything ready between exchanges. Say you are finishing up in an hour and 10 minute, well now they have 35 minutes until the next appointment. Appointments will be set an hour and 45 minutes apart. At least at the Redemption Centers they will be. I canít speak to the non Zim centers and tell you whether it will be any different or not. They may not be any different. They may be absolutely the same.

Bruce: I believe there is a level of readiness. I know there was a lot of activity yesterday with some of the top management of our lead bank with their Redemption Center operatives to discuss the timing. They had a question and answer situation helping everybody to answer last minute questions. It was a short call and it was very effective. Then we know there were some meetings that followed that out west. Our indication was very positive actually for today. Maybe we will see what happens tonight. I am excited about where we are. I just wish we could be a little more definitive and bring you more information, but that is what we have right now. Sometimes it is good when things are quiet. Sometimes even though you want more information and better idea of timing, you just donít get it. The reason is a lot of places are blacked out and quiet and there is no communication. That is where we are finding ourselves now. We are sort of in that space. I am asking everybody to stay positive and stay in faith for the continuation of this and the grand finale. We are at the point now where we are expecting no more delays.

Bruce: With that being said, I say we should hang on for the very final end of this ride, because I do believe we will see this thing in short order. I canít tell you when even though I have been told various times and days. So far we just have to let it play out. That is the Intel for tonight. Thank everybody for listening tonight. I am going to thank my team. Thank you Bob, Sue, Pastor Steven and all you listeners on the Big Call for your faithfulness and realize we are all on this together, and we are expecting a very positive result.

Bruce: One thing I want to talk about. We talked about humanitarian projects. There is no fixed percentage for you to do at the time of your redemption in terms how much I am going to use for humanitarian projects and how much I am going to use for personal. Where a lot of us talked about using 95%, 98% for humanitarian projects even though that is highly regarded, realistically the people involved with these exchanges and redemptions are indicating they really donít want us to go over 70% for humanitarian. Stay in that 70/30, 80/20 range. Anything above that they think is unrealistic. Maybe it is. Maybe it is hard to use 80% or 90% of all the Zim in the structure payout to use toward humanitarian projects.

Bruce: So everybody maybe should rethink their percentage and get into that to 70/30 mode. You can choose whatever you want. What I am hearing they are saying 70/30 should be the maximum. To me that doesnít sound quite right, but I am going with what they are expecting for us and what they are suggesting for us. Letís do this. Letís just say everybody pray about it. Think about it what you want it to be. I am changing my percentages. I was going to be in the 95%, 98% range for humanitarian. Now I am going to back it down. We still have plenty of money for we want to do for whatever we plan to do. Donít worry about that. Just we will have a little bit more designated as personal. That money still needs to be invested. I hope the banks will still work with us on that amount even though it is not in the structure payout. Keep that in mind. Revisit it. Take a look. With 5000 or 6000 more people doing humanitarian projects, they are believing there is too much money for all these projects. It will be too much. I say okay we will take look at it, and revisit it.

Bruce: You know I would love to have 5000 or more people doing Rebuild America with us. That is rebuilding cities, towns, and communities all across this country in every state. We can do a really good job with that and with our Veteran Retreat Network for our veterans. I talked about that in the past. It is nothing new. Just keep that in mind. I wanted to tell you that new information dealing with percentages. Remember there is no fixed percentage. This isnít something that was a group thing. Some of the groups had fixed percentages, 75/25. That type of arrangement and others had other percentages. We choose what it is we want to do. You will be fine. Just keep that information in mind.

Bruce: We look forward to seeing you unless we donít see you in terms of the next month or so. We will continue to do calls until the blessing arrives. Once the blessing arrives, we will take a month or so off. We will keep in touch with you... We appreciate everybody so much. Appreciate the team. Thank you everybody. All have a good night. Good night.


3/6/2018 The Big Call with Bruce INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link and/or Transcript


Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call Tonight. I want to give you an idea sort of where we are right now. I was completely convinced over the weekend and into yesterday that we were looking to go even today with our start. There had been some indications that were pointing that way. Then we get into today a little bit more and we find out this is still going on and we may have to wait a day or so. That is kind of where we are.

Bruce: The situation starting with Iraq is we heard tomorrow is D day for Iraq. That term meaning is Iraq is supposed to put the budget which was approved and was all over Iraqi TV Saturday, and that budget still needs to show up, which Saturday was a formality for the budget. It had been passed two weeks ago today. That budget was sitting around waiting for a final reading or some kind of formality on Saturday and it was handled, but it still did not go into the Gazette Saturday which we thought it might. Here it is tomorrow is Wednesday. I have been told they expect it to go into the Gazette tomorrow. Letís see if that happens. If it does happens we think the rate for the dinar should come out as well.

Bruce: There had been a little bit of black out yesterday of information coming out of Iraq as well. Not quite sure what was going on with that, but we can expect something was going on behind the scenes. Iraq is looking to be internationally known tomorrow with the rate in the Gazette. The Gazette comes out right after first Morning Prayer on Wednesday and Saturday. If that is the case that is late tonight, it could come out late tonight midnight Eastern Time. That is interesting how we could find out something about it tonight, but we are not sure.

Bruce: Iraqi lower denominations were being discussed also how to use the lower denoms on Iraqi TV yesterday and today. I am not sure about yesterday, but that was for sure today. Iraq has their lower denominations out and to the best of my knowledge in use. When that happens so you can use the lower demons, you have to have a rate change to make that work. They had the rate changed several times in Iraq on their Qi cards. The rates that we have seen over the last few days came up Saturday from a very good rate Saturday morning. An hour and ten minutes later, it was a dollar plus higher than it was. It is moving obviously in the right direction.

Bruce: We have couple of guys that are trading futures and currencies and other things that they are seeing like 9 different currencies fluctuating on their screens now as they are trading tonight. Then an hour later, it went to 15 different currencies. What the person told my main clearing house source was that things are really popping, and it looks like we are having a big huge trading situation going on tonight. That was going to be in 3 to 4 hours, probably about now that would be taking place. It is called a trading frenzy. He was expecting to see a trading frenzy starting approximately now on the screens. So much so this particular individual wouldnít be surprised if these rates showed up on the Forex tonight. That would be a very good thing for us. We always talked about when the rates hit Forex etc., we are ready to go. Also we heard the Forex could populate and show up after we start too. We heard that as well. There is a lot of activity going on.

Bruce: In terms of the rates I can tell you that multiple currencies are moving and being added to the screen as they are coming in. It would not surprise me if the dinar is one of those being active, because we know it is being traded as a future. We expect it to be actively traded tonight and overnight tonight. That would be great at the regular rate that would be in the Gazette and in the budget as well. I am looking forward to the activity tonight as far as that goes.

Bruce: Also what we know that is going on in the country is we have activity going on out west where certain groups that have been summoned to come to the towns out west. They are in position now my understanding was where they are starting to pay out some of those groups out today. I donít know how far along that is. I do not know if people in certain groups, core groups, and so on that have received any indication of payment yet, but we believe we have heard of confirmation of that. So I think that is happening and should continue to happen into tomorrow as well.

Bruce: Letís go to Redemption Centers. When I talked about the Redemption Centers, sometimes we talk about in terms of staffing. Know the staffing was set to go heavy duty yesterday and today with full staff at the Redemption Centers for Zim. Tomorrow is set as a staff rate that is very high. What happens is if this were to go for example tomorrow morning, the staff could be increased to cover any new start time or any demand to increase that. I know security has increased and is at a very high rate for the Redemption Centers. That is a good indicator of the proximity.

Bruce: When it comes to timing, some places may go 24/7 on the Redemption Centers, or some could just have a day time and afternoon shift. It may not go into the night time. It depends on the demographics, the area, and whether they need to cover the exchanges or in this case the redemption of the Zim.

Bruce: There has been a lot of chatter out there and we have gotten a few emails from people. I just want you to know I am aware of it. Also I am aware of that there is quite a bit of information out there that I do not agree with. You have heard me say certain things, and you have heard other people have said certain things. I can tell you without any equivocation that there is no limit on the amount of any currency you can exchange. There is no limit. Also, there is no cap on the Zim. Beware we have doubled checked and know this to be true, because a lot of the people that we talk to, meaning the Big Call team does, are involved in Zim table top meetings and swaps in Europe and other countries at a very high level. We are very aware that they have not been limited. There is no limit to it. You donít have to worry about that. The Zims are a bond. No zeros are coming off. The rates are fair.

Bruce: If you are using a Zim Redemption Center, the main thing you have to be concern with is you are going to use portion of this exchange for humanitarian projects. If you are, you let them know what percentage you wish to apply for humanitarian projects. That's what goes into your structure payout. You can have more, or take all of your exchange and put it out in a structure payout. Say you want to have 90% in your structure payout for humanitarian projects and 10% for personal. That 90% in your structure payout that could be 10, 20 30 years to pay it out, you would be paid quarterly interest on that. That comes out to you for your humanitarian projects. The point is you can designate any percentage you want for humanitarian or for personal use. There is no 80/20, 50/50, or any of that what some of the groups had to go through. In our situation we designate what we want to use for humanitarian efforts and the rest we can use for our personal use. That is the way it is set up.

Bruce: Also there is some interesting stuff about taxation that most people donít know about yet. I am just finding out about it tonight. I am not going to go into it, but it is going to be very good news for us. First of all it is not a taxable event anyways. The only thing that is going to be taxable would be the interest earnings on the money. What I am hearing tonight and that I need to get more information on it is even some of those earnings in the structure payout may not be a taxable event to you. That is the ones for humanitarian projects.

Bruce: Even though you would earn money and get paid quarterly on the interest you would earn, the latest information I got and this is from the new IRS is the income earned in that structure payout use for humanitarian projects would not be taxable. I am going to put out a disclaimer. I am not a CPA or an attorney, and I do not play one on TV or the radio. This is just information I am putting out. Letís stay with that. We will find out more information after this thing progresses. I just want you to know it is a very positive thing that has been put in place. I have to thank our Administration for having done that, for setting it up that way.

Bruce: I did mention there are no caps, no limits, and no zeros coming off. They know how much we have. There is enough money to over it. There is enough gold out there to back it up. All of that has been thought about and believe it or not, there are not as many Zim holders as you think. A lot of people have been gifted and it is hard to keep up with who has been gifted one note or 3 notes, etc. They do have a formula and they have calculated roughly what that looks like. Keep that in mind. I donít care if you have rupiah, dong, dinar, or anything that is exchangeable, you will not be limited on that. We know this because we are talking to people daily who are involved in these exchanges. Redemption personnel and other people who are exchanging and redeeming Zim at the highest levels, and I can feel very confident giving you this information.

Bruce: In terms of what else is happening I can tell you this. The World Bank, IMF, China and the United States have been meeting the last few days deciding what percentages and disbursements to make to various countries throughout the world. As of yesterday evening, we had 6 countries to go. We had Italy, Spain, Iran, Brazil, Venezuela and North Korea to go. There were 6 countries. Then I watched one by one as they were handled last night. The 3 that were handled were last night was Italy, Spain, and Iran. The other 3 countries remained until 9:45 this morning, and I believe everything was signed off by that time. That is our best information as far as that goes.

Bruce: With the sources we have, we do have US Treasury sources and we do get information sometimes from the Secretary of the Treasury and the Under Secretary of the Treasury. This last bit of information was as the result of that signing we came into a 48 hour window started at 10am this morning on Tuesday. We did hear the possibility that we may not have to wait the entire 48 hours. I am just saying we have that possibility. I am not calling it, but it just means we are at a window where it appears that those countries have been handled and tomorrow is D day for Iraq and hopefully that happens tonight or over night that those rates are put out and the budget is seen in the Gazette. It is going to be a very positive thing for us.

Bruce: Hopefully some core groups get paid tonight, and hopefully we see the toll free numbers being issued to me so I can put those out as soon as they are received. I consider it an honor to be one of the ones selected to put those toll free numbers out for the Internet Group... (If there are any "Special 800#" for any Banks exchanging we will post on the iqdcalls Banks page)

Bruce: I am going to say be confident. The biggest thing that is going to influence the rate to which you will negotiate say for your Zim, dinar, and dong is your ability to convey what it is you plan to do from a humanitarian perspective. I know I havenít given you a lot on Rebuild America, but the biggest keys in Rebuild America is we want people all over the country to adopt a city, town, or community or all three like I am going to do. We will set up templates with ideas for you so you can get that set up and start where you live. I am not asking for any money. I do not want any of your money.

Bruce: I want you guys to do what I am going to do and I will show you want I am going to do with a template like this is first thing we want to do to build a team and number of other things. We are going to do all of that so you can go on the website and see what we are doing throughout the country. Some of that building has to take place too because we are in the infancy of it. You are going to be part of it if you want to be. You can choose to be part of this in your particular neck of the woods. You can be part of it.

Bruce: I want initially I said we want to make a difference in 5,000 cities, towns, or communities throughout the country. I wanted 50 states, 100 towns in each state and it comes up to 5000 cities or towns. I donít need that many in Hawaii or Alaska, but overall an average of 100 or more. We can make a dent. You take that and add infrastructure on fiber optics, road and bridges, schools, clinics, real health clinics, food distributions in inner cities. I heard a report yesterday on Fox, I believe it was a Senator using the language the same language I have been talking about on the Big Call making a difference in the inner cities to create a good food supply.

A lot of inner city areas do not even have a grocery stores nearby. If you donít have a ride, you are walking. They use these corner stores which may not be a very good selection, prices tend to be higher, and the food itself may not be that great. What I am trying to say we can help supplement that in the inner city and other communities.

Bruce: Also all kind of things we are looking at to do such as aqua ponics not only at our Veteran Retreats, but also at our communities around the country. So we have a lot of ideas that we are going to put into force. I think this, those who want to help the veterans will be able to help them several ways, but we are going to cross over from the Veterans Retreat Network and Rebuild America. You are going to see a beautiful synergy between those too, because we can employ the veterans who want to be employed in the Veterans Retreat Network and Rebuild America. We can train veterans who need to be trained in the VRN. We are going to cover both areas. We are going to build homes for the Veterans. Yes there is Rebuild America specifically for the veterans.

Bruce: Also we are going to have PTSD counseling, equine therapy with the horses, and canine therapy with dogs. If you love dogs and enjoy working with animals, consider that an area that you can help us with. If you love horses, we are looking for help working with horses at our VRN. We are going to have ranches, farms, beautiful areas that are going to be wonderful. I am excited about that. What you are involved in and it is up to you, if you want to be part of what we are doing, the two main things that we will be doing, that is what we are doing. We also will do ministry, and go internationally with ideas with water, water filtration, desalination plants, etc. Take what resonates with you and makes sense to you that you can see yourself being part of. If you want mention the Big Call you can if you donít have any ideas of your own. You can with Rebuild America and the Veteran Retreat Network.

Bruce: That is basically the Intel for tonight. I just want to give that to you. I will try to do this clearly. We do not intend to have another call, but until the blessing comes which we hope is very shortly we will have a call. So if we donít have this by Thursday night, we will have a Big Call Thursday night. I will see you next week if this doesnít happen by then. This is why we will stay with it. I want to take you guys over the threshold with the exchange process, the Zim process, and be prepared as possibly as you can. I hope this is the last call for little over a month. Every time we try to call it, it doesnít work.

Bruce: I just want to thank my team, Sue, Bob, and Pastor Steven. Thank you everyone out there in Big Call country and Big Call Universe for listening, for tuning in, and listening on the reply if you are not live. We are just going to stay in faith for this to come. We are hearing very good things right now that should bring this to us in a very timely manner. Stay in faith, stay positive, and believe in this together. Thank you everybody again. We love you and have a Good Night.


3/1/2018 The Big Call with Bruce Rates INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link and/or Transcript

Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. In terms of where we are and concerning Intel I can tell you things are getting quiet, really quiet even for me. Let me tell you this right now, I have seen some things out there. Some People have sent me texts and read certain things, so on. There is some chatter out there about Iraq not being complete with their budget yet, not getting a quorum, all that noise. Guys it is noise. Iraqís was done a week ago, Monday or Tuesday, like we said on Tuesday call. Everything is all set there. That is a distraction. That is just to distract you. So keep that in mind. All is done from Iraqís perspective. They got it done and they have had it done. Those companies that came in are signing off on their new contracts. We know for example, what the rate of the dinar is and was just a few days ago because our guys are trading it and we know what they are seeing on the screens. All of that is good. I am not going to dwell on any of that.

Bruce: I will say this some people brought up the Paris Accord that we backed out of, that we did not sign that agreement, but that agreement has nothing to do with the RV. It is not something you need to be concern with relative to the blessing. It is something we have our own version of, and when the timing is right, that would be introduced. We have had our own version of that for a month now. President Trump is going to introduce that when that is to be introduced. It is not a factor for this to go.

Bruce: I will tell you what did happen couple days ago that was the Tier 2 banks, and many of these Tier 2 banks are not owned or affiliated with Tier 1 banks. They are sort of stragglers. They are out there and they want to be part of this. They are coming to the party late. They have been allowed to participate as introducers or take some part of this blessing as being part of the exchange process. Those Tier 2 banks were busy pinging yesterday afternoon with the Treasury trying to align themselves with the new system and pinging back and forth, back and forth. I know the Secretary of the Treasury commented to the fact they needed to get their act together quickly or they are going to be on the outside looking in. I think that is the way to say they needed to finish up and they did. They finished up with their activity at 2:15am this morning. That part is done. A late comer to the game. Tier 2 banks are set because of that.

Bruce: So we are hearing things. We heard the possibility of new rates after midnight last night. That would show up everywhere meaning bank screens and everywhere else. I canít tell you if we have that yet. I canít tell you if that is the case yet. I believe it supposed to happen last night. I feel if it did not, it should happen overnight tonight. That is what I am hearing. I am hearing some good things that are pointing to us tomorrow. I am hearing some things that are looking very good. I canít call it though. I am not going to call it. I am just going to tell you that things are looking very good. We have had a number of bankers that have talked to my sources of friends and told them that their schedules are going to have to change because they are no longer able to do what they are doing and they will be tied up busy at the banks for the next 16 days starting tomorrow. It is a good indicator.

Bruce: Otherwise there are certain transactions going on there even tonight as I speak regarding exchanges or redemptions in this country. I think that is another indicator that things are moving our way. We have heard, even though I have not been able to prove this, exchanges have started in Europe and Asia. We know that certain high up individuals have pulled down on their funds last night. It seems to be moving from east to west as we have heard. It seems to be coming towards us. We will be last to get it, but we are in line to receive it.

Bruce: In terms of other activity, I am sure there is a lot of activity going on out west. I have not heard anything specific about the timing exactly, but we believe that is continuing to move in the direction that we think it should. You know we are in what we call Tier 4. Tier 4 refers to the Internet Group, and I tend to refer to the public and others do as Tier 5. Now whether there is a distinction between Tier 4 and Tier 5 from a lot of the bankís perspective, I cannot say. We maybe all thrown in as the public for all we know. Every time I turn around the John Q Public, the uninformed, are going when we go. Then the next thing I know we are going a week before they go. So t is back and forth, back and forth. It is hard to know exactly what the deal is on that.

Bruce: I can tell you the Redemption Centers are well staffed and ready to begin at the Redemption Centers. You know guys, am I the only one talks about the Redemption Centers? Am I the only guy that knows about them? Certainly not. Right. You guys understand they have been there and been ready and staffed for months now. You know that. These are free standing buildings. These are offices that have been leased outside of the banks for the most part, but also using some annex near or next to the banks. Also using some bank branches that are large enough as well. It is a combination these Redemption Centers.

Bruce: The Redemption Centers, as I call them, those Redemption Centers are there for the Zim. They are there for the intake of the Zim primarily. That is their main function. It doesnít mean also they not able to take the other currencies, because they will. What is number one because of the true value of those Zim bonds is the Zim. That is what is going to be their first and highest concentration of effort is going to be on the Zim. Consider that.

Bruce: You have heard me tell you dozens of times about the ability to negotiate your privately negotiable rate. I call it PNR. Those PNRs are at those Redemption Centers. You can negotiate the Zim and you can negotiate the dinar and dong as well, to higher levels then what you are going to see on the screens except you need to have some humanitarian projects in mind when you do that. You will have an NDA to sign. In my understanding you will have an NDA to sign for anything above the front screen rate that you will be able to see. This is your choice. I think the NDA is a page and half. It is not a big deal, but if you are a person that canít keep quiet or has to be on Face book, you may not want to sign the NDA. It is your choice.

Bruce: One other thing I talked about Tuesday is the idea of going in with a trust document. If you do go in with your trust, it will just save you a step at the Redemption Center. You donít have to go in with a trust. You do not have to go in with your paperwork, but it would be advisable if you can do it. If you have an attorney or you have someone who can prepare those trust documents ahead of time, it is a pretty cool thing to have.

Bruce: The other thing is you can however do is submit your trust to the bank you are going to use as a Trust bank a week or 10 days after you are exchange. It doesnít have to be done right then. However, they would like you to have a trust document as a skeleton trust. Letís call it a bare-bone trust. If something would happen to you when you leave your exchange, you would be covered in terms where your funds would go on your demise. I am not going to put that out or speak that to anybody, but from my understanding they want that at the Redemption Centers. So if you have time or are all ready, it is just something that is a good idea to do. Also you can modify or change whatever you got I believe up to 45 days up to I believe 90 days pass the date of your redemption of the Zim and the exchange of you currencies.

Bruce: Understand there is a difference of Redemption Center and Exchange Location. I just call it two different things so you understand the Exchange Locations are for currencies other than the Zim and the Redemption Centers are for the redeeming of the Zim bonds and the exchange of other currencies. You know what I am trying to say with that.

Bruce: The toll free number is the one that you would use. My understanding is still we have two toll free numbers for the United States. One for all the zones that are east of the Mississippi River, and one for all the zones that are west of the Mississippi River. That is what I am hearing still. Let see if it will stay that way and all you would be doing is calling a Call Center and then be rerouted directly from the Call Center to the Zim Redemption Center that is closest to your zip code after that fact. That will be all easy to do.

Bruce: You will have several stations at the Zim Redemption Center. You will have the identification process to identify who you are. You will try to bring two ID photos of yourself, a utility bill showing your address you are currently living. Bring that as well to prove who you are. It is part of Know Who your Customer is. You have your currency lined up by denominations. Do not have it all mixed up in a bag, not any of that. Make it all very neat and easy to get to. Make sure you write down the amount you have of each currency. You write that down ahead of time so you know, you think you know, what you have. Then when they run it thru the de la rue machine and verify and count it you will see if the numbers matches what they get with what you have going in. Just make sure you have so you can refer to that on each of your currencies.

Bruce: When it comes to the rest of the process, after the ID verification and counting, you will be talking about your spill a minute to 3 minutes about your humanitarian projects. You probably arrive at some kind of a rate for your currencies or your Zim. Then you will be able to do that exchange. You will be talking about setting up new accounts with one or two banks. Then you will be looking at getting a little bit of cash and a debit/credit card temporarily, floating that with certain amount of money. Then you will be able to do possibly one or two bank wires from the bank. I wouldnít go in with a ton of things to wire out or even cashier checks to do. It would just slow the process down to me. It is something to do after you leave the exchange center and do at one of your other banks.

Bruce: The other thing is you will be able to negotiate the interest you will earn on your structure payout or any of your accounts especially your structured account because it will be the scenario you will be going 5, 10, 20, maybe 50 years out on that depending on several variables like the amount, your age, your project. All those things will come into play, and you will be able to put that together with one of the staff when you are in there. You will be able to negotiate the amount of interest you will earn on those monies. It should be paid quarterly. That is what we understand that you will get that every 3 months. You will be able to take that.

Bruce: One of the other things is and I do not know and realize this and this is my disclaimer. What is it I am not? I am not an attorney, CPA, nor do I play either one of those on this call or on the radio or TV. I do know one thing, when it comes to what you have in your bank account, your mother lode account which will be under the umbrella of your trust, you guys realize that when you take money from that account, and I am going to set mine up where I got a so call holding account separate from my big God account which will be the one I use for my Humanitarian projects and ministry.

Bruce: If I have another amount I set aside for so called personal use, that money, it can be any amount. It can be a large amount, 50,000 or $2 million dollars. It can be a decent amount. The money you take so I put it in a non-interest bearing account. It is just a holding account. It is like a checking account that pays no interest. It is just there holding funds so you can get access to. You can do that if you chose. You realize the money you pay out from this is your money. You do not pay taxes on it. It is your money in your bank account.

Bruce: It is just like you have $200 dollars in your checking account right now and you went in or you went to the ATM and got out $60. You do not pay taxes on that. It is your money. It is your account. This is no different except the numbers are bigger. I just want everybody to understand that. You can go from here on out and never take a salary, and never have to pay taxes on a salary. You do not have to take trustee fees. You do not have to. You can use the money and not pay taxes on it.

Bruce: The only thing and remember what I am not. I am not a CPA. So check with your CPAs and attorney on this. You are going to pay taxes on is the interest that is earned, called earned interest income, that is paid to you and your trust account from the structure payout or any other account you have just as you have to right now. If you earned interest you have to file and you have to pay taxes on it. Obviously you will get with your CPA and work out the best strategy for you. That is the best tax strategy for you, your family, and structures, whatever. That is the job for your CPA team. I just want you guys to understand that very simple concept. If you set aside a certain amount into a holding account and use it for your own personal use, you do not pay taxes on that just so you know. The other income you would because it is taxable and it is interest that comes to you in a trust or however you have it set up. It is a little thing but I wanted to put that out.

Bruce: So go in as prepared as you can. As Sue said, go in confident. This is the game. We are the game. I am not saying that to be conceited about it. You have a certain amount of power. Do not be arrogant. Be confident when you go in. You are holding the cards on this. Especially if you are Zim holder, they will want to keep you as a customer and make you happy. So you have some power, some flexibility and be wise when you go in there. I know you will because you have been listening for a long time to the Big Call.

Bruce: Just realize there is a lot of noise out there. We knew there be a lot at the very end. We knew that all along. I just trying to make it clear to you. From what I understand this thing is pretty much ready to go. Letís see where it goes if it is going to happen the rest of this week. We are almost there. We will see. Good Night.


2/27/2018 The Big Call with Bruce Rates INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link and/or Transcript


Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. We did a quick call last Thursday because we were expecting to hear something during or right after the call. That was the reason it was done in a sort of rapid fire motion. This time we are keeping the call short because we know anything is possible. I just want you guys to know what it is we are hearing. What I am hearing the last couple of days. We know that Iraqís rate is in their budget which we found was passed last Tuesday, a week ago today.

​Also, we know at that time on Tuesday invitations went out to all the companies that were in Kuwait for the Rebuilding Iraq Conference that was hosted by Kuwait. We know those companies received invitation to come back to Iraq, to Baghdad starting tomorrow for signing off those agreements they were putting together for their companies for Iraq. They supposed to start coming into Iraq today in Baghdad to be ready to sign off those agreements that were made with Iraq tomorrow.

Bruce: That lets us know even though we heard rates for the dinar, we know what they are and what they are on the screens, fairly accurate rates, we still are not publicly seeing that, not universally internationally. People who may need to know, know it, but it is not public knowledge yet. Will it become public knowledge tomorrow? Maybe. Maybe that is true. I do not know that. I would say the opinion is that Iraq will begin and they are no longer really an issue in terms where we are in getting everything under way for us. We believe they are farther along since actually a week ago which was Tuesday, to allow us to go forward to what we need.

Bruce: Also we heard the CBI site was down since about 4 EST on Sunday because we have traders trading like the Iraqi dinar and we know directly from that individual what the rate was and he was going to trade another 4 hours which would have made it until the closing or another 4 hours made it around midnight, 4am Iraq time on Monday. That tells us, oh by the way the rate is trading higher on the screen than he was trading on, and still moving on up and moving in the right direction.

Bruce: I know the CBI site was down and I am going to make the assumption that it was still down because I have not heard the CBI site has come back up or heard the rate. I know they are adjusting and actually getting ready for the new system on the CBI website. So they are transferring from the old to the new in Iraq. That involves a lot of Iraqi banks, Islamic banks, international banks and branches, money centers, currency exchange locations in Iraq, quite a number of places need to be brought essentially online with the new system. That is what is happening to the CBI. I think that is a good thing. To me whenever the CBI website goes down it means they are making changes, making adjustments. We already know that the majority of the major players have switched over from the Swift System to the CIPS/Fintech System for sending wire transfers around the world.

Bruce: When it comes to what else is happening I know we tend to speak in terms of Redemption Centers. I make distinction that Redemption Centers are primarily designed to take Zim bonds in and redeem those Zim bonds versus Currency Locations. I am using the term Redemption Centers which are usually off site but can also be in Tier 1 banks. They are sort of a hybrid there. Primarily I am talking about offsite Redemption Centers and other currency other than Zim are exchangeable. Those are Exchange Locations. That is where I am drawing the line from Redemption Centers and Exchange Locations. What I know is the people we are in touch with, they are still adjusting their staffing and they are going up on the number of staff starting tomorrow to where they can handle the actual intake of Zim holders in even two shifts, a morning shift and an afternoon shift, and even not maybe not using a night time shift in some locations. That is a good sign. They are fine tuning it. They are still making changes in the schedule and personnel as they try their best to be ready for intake of customers.

Bruce: Everything I am hearing right now is pointing toward something major happening this week. I have an understanding when certain people believe it is going to happen. I am not going to tell you when I think it is. I do believe we are in the time it should take place any day now, but you know how it is. We sort of been almost in the same point or thought we were and we had to wait. I am asking everybody to stay patient, but all to be ready because this is coming very closely. We heard the 28th is a deadline of sorts. Sometimes we get in trouble if we use the term deadline or back wall. I am aware of that. I try not to use that, but I do believe there is something to that. We will see if it is honored or see if it happens. Every indication is all the rates on all the currencies are at a very good level right now. You should have to worry about that at all.

Bruce: I would say that if you have Redemption Centers are going to be ready to do a skeleton trust or what we call a bare-bone trust. If you have the where-with-all to go in with your trust documents, or really with your Affidavit of Trust, or your basic certificate of trust, or trust certificate which could be several pages, if you could go in with that that would eliminate one step to save you time and their time of your trust documentation. I would say that would be something that would be helpful. Doesnít mean you couldnít get help at the Redemption Center putting your trust together, and so on, but you know you can come back in 30 to 45 days, I wouldnít run it up to 90 days, to get with your bankers make some changes to your trust and substitute any changes you make or amendments you make to your trust. You can bring that documentation in and make that happen, and that would be good. I am just thinking it might streamline the situation if you are able to do that.

Bruce: Beyond that I heard and I canít prove it, this is something that is hearsay, I heard something that happened internationally referring to Asia and possibly Europe overnight, last night and into today, but I havenít seen any evidence. I havenít seen anything yet to show that occurred. We always heard the concept form east to west. Maybe that is what we are looking at. Maybe we are moving from east to west, and if it is, we are shouldnít be too far away. Some people are looking at certain days this week feeling we are ready to get started. Maybe they are right.

Bruce: Other than that the main thing is have your humanitarian projects ready to go in terms of how you are going to express it to the person you will be talking to. You will have two to three minutes to put that out, and have a general way. It doesnít need to be a big outline. One or two pages with bulletin points. You can bring those up and talk to them what it is you plan to do in a humanitarian point of view. Rates on the Zim are negotiable and also true for dinar and dong. They are somewhat negotiable. There is a Privately Negotiable Rate, I call it PNR for a year now, on those currencies, and of course we treat the Zim as a bond.

Bruce: Nothing tremendously new, but it has been very quiet the last few days with bits of information here and there. The Redemption Centers are ready to go. The banks are finally up to speed ready to go. The Tier 2 banks were a bit of a holdup last week with not having a proper written relationship with the Tier 1 banks that they are going to be affiliated with. Nether words, if someone came in and they wanted an account letís say at a Tier 2 bank, say Regions Bank or SunTrust Bank, etc., they wanted to bank with them, they would be able to be referred to and then a referable commission paid back thru the banks to the Redemption Center personnel. They will do quite well based on the commissions that they will make on the redemptions and exchanges that we will do. My understanding is that portion doesnít come out our side of the equation, but rather comes out of the side of the equation that they actually be compensated by China. We will see. It wonít matter either way. It is all good. We are going to be in great shape.

Bruce: I encourage everyone to be in faith for this to come in. If you have your trust information bring that in. You will be able to put that together. Do go in if you donít have your trust information ready and done, do go in with 5 or 7 trust names written down and have a list of who you want your trustee to be, and list any beneficiaries and successors you want to have. The very basic trust information you will have to bring in if you decide to you the skeleton trust.

Bruce: We basically learned a lot in the last 6 to 7 years. A lot of things that have changed. This has been a very permeable situation for us. It has been a little difficult to pin anything down. Some things we definitely know and some things we will be surprised even to me probably when we go in there. I am excited guys, and I want to thank everybody on my team, Pastor Steven, Sue, Bob, and all the Big Call listeners in the US and Canada which I call Big Call country and all around the globe which I call Big Call Universe for listening this many years. You know my intention is to take some time. All of us are going to take some time a month or so, but we will be in touch with you through the email and let you know if we are going to do any future broadcasts or podcasts so we can stay in touch with you as we go forward with Rebuild America, Veteran Retreat Network, and amongst other things. Thank you everybody.


2/22/2018 The Big Call with Bruce Rates INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link and/or Transcript

Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. Thank you for listening and happy you are here. I am in the frame of mind to let you know that I am hearing some really good things about this going pretty soon here. Letís say that. Maybe even before the weekend. I am not one to call it per se, but I am hearing some great stuff. I know one good thing that happened yesterday for all of us yesterday is we had a new CEO come in for HSBC Bank. This is a new fellow, John Flint. He is a good guy from what I understand, and he will make a nice change from the higher hierarchy that was there before. I think that is a good sign for us.

Bruce: Also I heard Prosperity Packages are set to go out the next 3 days starting today. I do not know if they started today, but those were the dates that they suppose to initiate, February 22, 23, and 24. I know Zimbabwe has to get their currency active and known and up to speed with everybody around the world because they have debts that are due with a couple of debtor nations in Europe that are due to be paid on the 28th of this month which as you know is the last day of February. Also, I heard that all their other debts were forgiven. So it is just those two nations they owe that they have to pay them. They have sort of a little mini deadline that is coming up.

Bruce: Otherwise I donít even think Iraq matters at this point because I think they are completely done with what needs to have happened there. I know there was something said earlier about the banks resetting over there. To be honest, my bank resets every night. Having a bank reset I do not think is anything that is going to delay us. I am not hearing that. I am hearing very positive things from US Treasury sources about the next couple of days. I am going to just take that and run with that because they know all the variables. They know what is going on. That is a good sign for us.

Bruce: As far as rates go, we are not hearing anything new on rates yet. It has been very quiet the last couple of days. The contacts we had dealing with the Redemption Centers specifically the Zim Redemption Centers basically all had to go dark. They were all told that they couldnít talk to anybody anymore. That line of communication is pretty much gone. We did hear that Canada maybe using 800 numbers for the (3) banks where they would have a number for Royal Bank of Canada, another one for Scotia Bank, and another one for HSBC in Canada. I did get that. That may or may not be in addition to the Call Center number that I understand would be available for all of Canada. There is a slight discrepancy there. I do not know whether they would have one central number or whether they will literally use those (3) Banks there for the 800 numbers for each of those (3) banks in Canada which is RBC, Scotia Bank, and HSBC in Canada. We will see what comes of that.

Bruce: Otherwise here, here we still have the plan of having (2) toll free numbers for the United States and the dividing line is still the Mississippi River. Beyond that I think we are so close we can almost taste this thing. I really believe that is the case. I think you have had a lot of preps so far from my call and other calls to be ready for this. The main thing you want to do is make sure that you have some notes written down that you can bring in presenting your humanitarian projects if you have any.

Bruce: There is one other thing that you might want to talk about if it is part of your project is new technology. Having new modern technology part of your investment is something that is going to go a long ways for all of us. That would be anywhere from free energy and different things as in medical technology and all those things you might have heard about. Those technologies are going to be important too. The concept having longevity for your projects and creating employment opportunities with job creation, working with the veterans. That is big too. All those things we talked about for a long time with make a difference with what your result would be.

Bruce: I am sure we will get a beautiful orientation at the Redemption Centers. On Tuesday call I made it very clear that I am advocating for if you will use the toll free number in order to get the better rates. There will be a difference on what you see on the screens at the Redemption Centers compared to the regular Tier 1 Banks. That is it for me tonight. I think we are in great shape and I think we could be surprised here at any time. I hope that is the case. I know everything is moving, rolling and shaking out west. That is a good time. I am looking forward for this to be our last call for at least a month and then we will let you know what happens when we do get back together and bring you up to speed on everything.

Bruce: Thank you everybody for coming in tonight and listening. Thank you Pastor Steven, Sue, Bob, and Big Call Universe. I appreciate everybody. All have a great night. Good night.


2/20/2018 The Big Call with Bruce Rates INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link and/or Transcript

Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. This might be the most important call we have ever done on the Big Call. This might be our last call and we are going to say it is going to be our last call for at least a month because we have a lot to be put together on our own finances, family offices, structures, etc., and I expect everybody is going to go thru the same thing and not just Pastor Steven, Bob Sue, and myself. I want you to take your time. Do this thing methodically to take good care in what you set up. You are entitled to a little vacation time. I think we all are entitled to that. I think that will be part of our plans going forward.

Bruce: I want you to know tonight there is information we get and we get certain amount of information, and sometimes I will get a call and I think something is happening or ready to happen. Then it doesnít happen because of this or because of a factor we didnít know about or not sure about. We heard a rumor and then we find out and we see what it was and see what needs to be done before this goes. What it amounts to is there is information that comes in that is valid for a period of time and sometimes things change and it is not longer valid, and sometimes new information comes in and replaced it. You guys probably know that or sense that already. Even things we have said on past calls have changed. This whole thing is sort of a metamorphosis. It is sort of something that is changing moment to moment, hour to hour.

Bruce: We are sort of in that hour to hour phrase right now where something could change in hour or two that would either delay or move it forward. It has worked both ways. We have had situations where something was supposed to take for example we had situations where banks were supposed to reset for a period of time and we knew we had a time where the banks would start see the rate change and we would see that occur. Then all of a sudden we thought it would take such and such time and it wound up happening 6 hours later or 12 hours sooner. That just happened last week. So it works both ways. It can work sooner or it can be pushed back later.

The idea is the information changes idea both directions. Some things moves quicker than we thought than some things take longer than we thought.

Bruce: I know what you guys are thinking. I know if you are reading blogs or listening to calls. I know you are exposed to a lot of things out there. Some of the things you are hearing are things I am not saying and there is a reason for that. Everybody just understand that when I bring you something it has been embedded, something that has been authenticated as much as possible. It has been discerned and it has been tested in most cases. Now that is why I donít bring you up-to- date rates or try to project a date.

Bruce: We thought we would go today. We thought we would go at lunch time. It didnít happen. Now I have to take that Intel and say sorry it wasnít valid, that particular piece wasnít valid. Just to let you know it happens and it happens to me. What I am saying beware if you are not already, things change and this is a very moveable situation. It is flexible. It is in flux, and you know that if you been in this for a length of time you know it. That is why the idea of calling it on a certain date is suicide. Not a good idea. Talking about rates, I know what the rates are, and I know what I expect them to be, but the minute I put them out and do that, I will be wrong and then someone will be disappointed. Maybe they will be better than I think they are, and that will be a good think.

Bruce: I think it is important to see that this redemption and we call it redemption is close and I know I have said it is close before, but I do mean that. I have heard (3) separate bankers say that we that shouldnít get out of this week without being completely wealthy. Now am I calling it? No. I am just telling you what I have heard. We will see if it is true. I have faith that it will. There have been other things that have given us timing and dates. All of that is good. I even heard a date today and it sounded good, and the source was solid. I am not concerned as much about the when but I am concerned about everyone being able to hang on to the end of the ride. I think most of you that have hanged on so far I feel will hang on to the end of the ride. I really do think you will.

Bruce: When it comes to the Redemption Center process, why do I use the term Redemption Center so much? Why do I use the term Exchange Locations? Is there a difference of a Redemption Center and an Exchange Location? Why donít I say banks? Why donít I talk about the banks as much as I do the Redemption Centers? Because there will be a difference. I want everybody to get this and I want you to pay attention and listen.

Bruce: When it comes to the Redemption Centers that is where we are going to go with the toll free numbers that I get. Why are we getting toll free numbers and why are we getting (3), one for Canada and two for the United States, and why is the dividing line the mighty Mississippi River? Everything east of the Mississippi River will be on one phone number. Everything west of the Mississippi River will be on the other number. Everybody in Canada should know they are in Canada and will have a separate number. So our neighbors in the north are covered.

Bruce: Here is the deal. When it comes to the Redemption Centers you will have the ability to call and set an appointment. If you are a Zim holder, you will be able to call the main number, one of the two numbers. If you donít know what side of the Mississippi River you live on, whether it is east or west, okay I am kidding. You all know that.

Bruce: Here is the thing. You know what number to call based on that information and you will make that call. What it amounts to you will be directed if you have Zim in which you will say Yes I have Zim bonds to redeem. There is a difference because the Zim is a bond and it is considered a currency but it is really a bond, it is on bond paper, and with bond ink. It is a bearer bond. It has a very high value. When you tell them Yes I got some Zim, they will kind of put you on the front of the line and they will tell you they are going to connect you to the Zim Redemption Center, you will be connected to it, one that is closest to your zip code so that you will have one Redemption Center specifically designed to take in the Zim. They will be able to do your other currencies as well, but they are really focused getting in the Zim because of its high value. That is number one their mind to be able to redeem the Zim for you.

Bruce: What I am telling you is for your situation is when you get transferred from the main number you call in the Call Center to the actual Zim Redemption Center based on your zip code, you will be connected to a person who will help you do your Redemption to that very person. They wonít be the only person you will talk or work with, but they maybe one of your contacts or one you will be seeing in person. You will be talking to that person directly who they direct you to.

Bruce: Does it sound like I am sending you to any old bank? Are you hearing what I am saying everybody? I am not saying the banks will not be doing exchanges. That is not what I am saying. We got (4000) Redemption Centers in the United States. We got over (7000) plus Tier 1 banks doing exchanges. Yes, they are entitled to do Zim. However, I want you to see there is going to be a distinction between using your toll free number. I donít care of whether it comes to me or anyone else as long as you use the one that sends you to the Call Center that ends up when you tell them you are a Zim holder that take you to a Zim Redemption Center. That is all that matters because those are the ones who will have different rates on their screens then the other banks. Can I say that anymore clearly? You need to be clear with that if you want to get a decent or higher rate.

Bruce: We are in Tier 4, what we call the Internet Group. There is a concept I had a long time ago, years ago which was Tier 5. Tier 5 is what we call the John Q Public or uninformed people they do not listen to the calls, or read the blogs. Maybe they were gifted years ago and stuck it in a drawer and do not understand what is going on with what we follow online or on calls.
I know it is confusing for you guys because I am going to tell you, that I want you to listen for whenever that toll free number comes out and I put it on our website  ... We may send it to out to couple of other places online so you have the number to call to set your appointment.

Bruce: Notice if you disregard that and you donít do any of that and you just willy-nilly walk into any old bank, you will not get the same deal. Some of those low rates you heard on Zim and some of the other currencies in the past, and some of the low rates you are hearing on Zim, yes tier 5, the uninformed public, could get some low rates. Could get some low rates on the screens. I am telling you I donít expect that at all at the Redemption Centers. You have the ability to privately negotiate some of these currencies, and I told you which ones, based on your dog-and-pony show as Sue talked about, your ability to explain to these people at the Redemption Centers what you plan to do in terms with humanitarian projects.

Bruce: You know there are (3) main words you want to utilize that should be part of your humanitarian projects:

1) Longevity. Not a flash in the pan. Not something for two years. This is something you plan to start and maybe keep up with or at least initiate it, it is your baby. You want it to go 10, 50, maybe 100 years, a long time. You are putting this thing in motion to make a difference in peopleís lives and not do something that will not last. You are doing something with longevity.

2) Infrastructure. You are trying to do something like what I gave you in Rebuild America, a gift from Bruce. You can Rebuild America in every town, city, and community because I want you to do what I am going to do and others on this call is going to do and we will tell you how we are going about it. We will have a template, a basic idea, so you know how to do it. A lot of that will be infrastructure as in rebuilding homes, streets, bridges, internet, fiber optics, meg rail, any number of projects that would go under the category of infrastructure. If you got infrastructure in your project, that is the word you want to talk about.

3) Job creation. That is our 3rd buzz word if you want to talk about it. Donít blue sky it. Just tell them how many people you plan on employing thru your project in your 1st year, in 2nd year, in20th year, etc. Break it down and make sense what you plan to do. With Rebuild America we will be employing a lot of people, veterans, carpenters, brick layers, concrete workers, crane operators, city planners, graphic designers, etc. all coincide to do with rebuilding a town, city, community.

Bruce: All that is important. Longevity, Infrastructure, and Job creation, A 4th idea is we have a certain amount in this country of about a million acres of toxic areas, brown fields, toxic areas from leakage from gas tanks, from oil, different things that have polluted that land and you canít grow crops on. We have a guy that has a solution for that. It will return the soil back for usage for farming in about 2 months. That is something we will make available, and we will make known about. It is called Soil Remediation. If you have anything to do with farming, growing plants and food, soil remediation maybe something you will want to work in with your projects. Whether it is 2 acres or 200 acres, we need to clean up the land so it can be reproductive again. Soil Remediation. I want everyone to beware of that as well.

Bruce: I am going to tell you I know everybody is concerned about Zim. What I want you to do is realize we talk to people that are involved even now in Zim platforms and Zim exchanges that have been doing this for months and months even well over a year. We know the results and we know what they get and we know there are no zeros coming off. We know there wonít be zeros coming off for you. I canít tell you what the banks for Tier 5 will do, but for us at the Redemption Centers no zeros coming off, no zeros in front of the rate, no limit, no cap on the amount of currency no matter what currency it is whether it is dinar, dong, etc. No cap on the amount of currency you can exchange. Does everyone hear that? There is no cap on the amount of currency you can exchange.

Bruce: Letís talk about limits. Is there a limit to the amount of money you can get at the time of your exchange or at the time of your redemption if you are a Zim holder? Yes, there is a limit. Can you walk out with a bag of US Dollars? NO. You can have up to $10,000. Yes, it is in $100 bills and they are bundled in (25) each which is $2500. You can get up to (4) bundles of $2500 if you choose. You do not have to. It is an option.

Bruce: This is the point I am trying to make: Letís say you have exchanged and it is going to be a substantial exchange, substantial amount of Zim, you go in there you are going to have access to what you are going to ask for or let them know what you need. You got a personal amount that you want to have available to you the first 31 days. Remember on the structure payout your interest will not payout for 90 days. You will bank that interest approximately 90 days after the start of your plan. Approximately every 3 months you will be getting an interest payout coming to you. In the meantime between now and the first 31 days, and the first 90 days how much money you need for yourself for your personal use? Whatever that amount is whether it is $5 million, $10 million, $50 million, etc. let them know the amount you want access to.

Bruce: What about your projects? Wonder if you are really ready to go with your projects and you are chopping at the bit and you just need some money to get this thing started. Let them know the amount of money you will need for your projects that is separate of your personal. I do like the idea of having a Holding account or Pastor Account for the money that you donít want tied up in an investment, in a structure payout. It is a great concept.

Bruce: You will need a non-interest bearing situation where you can move money from that account, letís call it a simple checking account, whatever it is it will be like a holding account or a Pastor account that you will use to take money and move it from that account to maybe a project or to another bank. If you have intention to use HSBC for your exchange bank because they are the ones over all the Redemption Centers, if you are using the Redemption Centers, meaning offsite Redemption Center, HSBC is the lead bank and they are the ones that are going to be ultimately getting and transferring the Zim. They are very interested in that.

Bruce: If you got Zim you are essentially redeeming it thru HSBC. You may have a TD bank, or a Wells Fargo Bank, or a Bank of America, or a Chase Bank near you that you want to use and want to diversify to. That is fine. Some of that money you are going to put in a holding account you would transfer to one or more of those accounts. Just decide in your mind how much that is going to be up front and let them know that at the time of your exchange. You can also do a number of Cashier Checks at the time of your exchange. Now my personal feeling is I am not going to monkey with Cashier Checks because it takes time and I do not want to do that there. If I need a Cashier Check, I will use my local bank to do that. I am not going to tie up the valuable time of the staff at the Redemption Center to do Cashier Checks. It is just not me.

Bruce: Will I do a bank wire or two? Yes, one or two from the Redemption Center. Of course, I will need my coordinates where I want the wire to go, to get to them. This is the person, this is the account number, the routing number, etc. and they can do that wire on that day and it may get to your account a day or maybe take another day to settle the funds. It may take the next day. Either way it wonít be a big deal.

Bruce: The other thing is say you have access to $100 million on the first day of your exchange. 24 to 48 hours later, you will be able to send funds since you will be wiring them from your Holding account to one of your other banks or into an account you have a LLC you have set up for in another bank. All doable. The amounts can be bigger after 24 to 48 hours. I donít think you wonít be able to move billions and trillions of dollars right away. I donít think you will be. What I am suggesting is know ahead of time what your needs are going to be initially the first 31 days. If you plan to move funds to other banks, let them know that. Have it all written down and it is good to have your own to-do list and list of things you want to bring up to know. I think all will do fine.

Bruce: I canít emphasis enough the fact if you are going to use the Redemption Centers for Zim as opposed to using any old bank, you will be in a much better position and a position to negotiate your rates. So there is no cap on the Zim. No cap on any currency. There is a limit on the amount of money you can have initially but depending on how much you need and how much you want access to in order to move funds to various banks. That is something that is true. You can deal with those limits. You will be able to put money on your temporary debit card when you get there. Then you will get a permanent card mailed to you probably in 48 hours. You will have platinum, whatever metal you want to call available to you. I think you will have time obviously to set up meetings with your CPA, with your attorneys, your trust attorney, etc. It will take a few days. You should plan for it to take some time after the exchange.

Bruce: You will get an initial skeleton trust at the time of your exchange, but you can superimpose, well plan out trust or structure whatever that is up to 90 days later. I wouldnít wait. I would try to get with your CPAs, attorneys, create what is right for you and your family and come back in to the bank and set that up at the proper time as soon as you can. We know we will have the ability to work with family offices, private banking, and we will have people that can work with us one on one thru the banks. All of that is going to come. The more prepared you are going in, the better off you will be. I just want you to know that up front before you call.

Bruce: Do I still believe I still will get the toll free number one for Canada and two for the United States? Yes I do. Do I know when that will be? No. Not yet. I think we will have that and we will put that out and get it out... That is the only site to go to if you want to be part of our future with projects and pod casts. Go to that website and register your email by filling out the form put your name and email and hit the submit button. You will get an auto respond in about ten minute. If you not receive it, check your trash or spam. It does send it to everybody. You will fill out the form on the front, put your name and email, and send it in.

Bruce: Friday there was a huge influx of capital into the banking system. We had 800% increase in capital to Citibank for example. The lowest Tier 1 banks were 365% increase. So they are prepared and gearing up for these exchanges with capital because they a need certain amount of capital to be not only Basil 3 complaint but also Basil 4 compliant. There was an issue this past week with Bank of America and some Tier 2 banks and they had to iron out some business that was going on between the Tier 2 banks and Bank of America. That took two to three days to iron out. They got that squared away. We are at the point there are a few little things to be handled that I heard about, but he Intel we heard earlier said we shouldnít get out of this week to be rich I believe is still true. We will find out more obviously when I get the number. I keep going on and on. I think you get the gist where I am on the Redemption Centers.

Bruce: Sue talked about the concept of questions to bring up to the people. You know we will work with veterans with Veterans Retreat Network and Rebuild America helping one city, town, community, one at a time. I will do some areas of the country, but I think you guys can do other areas of the country and we can do together. I think it will be fun.

Bruce: After all the fun times, beach times, I think doing something meaningful for other people will be a lot of fun. I think the humanitarian projects will be fun. It doesnít mean we canít have nice things like a new ride, house, etc, because we will. Letís put this wealth to good use not only in the United States, but also around the world. I plan to get started here, and go around the world.

Bruce: We will not be limited but take an optimistic approach and bless people with meaningful projects, with meaningful opportunities responsibly, doing it responsible as we can all over the world. I think this why we been called and chosen to do this. Letís do that together. It will be fun. I will put information out as well as Sue, Bob, and Pastor Steven. I will be information out when the new site is ready to go and you will see all of that. You will be able to feed information to us also. It will be great.

Bruce: I can go Intel all night, but really there is not a lot we need to know except be ready.
Go through the things you know. Try to get all you need. Have an ID, utility bill, and make sure your currency is counted accurately. The rates will be great, I can tell you that because I know what they are. It is irresponsible for me to put them out because they are subject to change. Everyone knows what they will be doing. Stay in faith. Think in terms of your zip code for the Redemption Center. You will get directed to it based on your initial call to the toll free number.

The rest will be set your appointment, donít be late, donít be more than ten minutes early. Just be on time. You wonít be more than an hour to an hour and 15 minutes at your Redemption appointment. It will go very quickly. Just pay attention as it happens.

Bruce: I want to thank everybody for coming in and listening. I think we made the points we wanted to make on the call tonight. We are looking for a break thru with this. Letís stay in faith for that and see what happens for the balance of this week. Thank you Pastor Steven, Sue, Bob, Big Call listeners, and letís stay in faith for this to come to us this week. Good night everybody.


2/16/2018 The Big Call with Bruce Rates INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link 18min and/or Transcript

Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. Letís review where we are. First of all the Chinese New Year started on the 16th which it is already the 16th in Asia. I donít know if it is significant in terms of a Start time or a Go time. I have heard that the last several days, watch the 16th. Just keep an eye on that in the fact China started their New Year. Maybe it will be significant for us.

Bruce: Otherwise Iraq finished up their conference Rebuild Iraq hosted in Kuwait. I did not get the specifics of that conference. I assume it was successful. That finished up yesterday I understand. It did not go through today like I thought. It was 3 days. It started Monday and went through to Wednesday. Hopefully it was successful. Anybody that was planning on doing any investments in Iraq that did not yet know what the rate was for the dinar. The World Bank was backing all investment in that and so that was a way to make sure everybody knew they could invest confidently in Rebuilding Iraq.

Bruce: I have a theory to put it out there as my idea as a theory. We will not see a new international rate of the Iraqi dinar publicized for the public to see until we are ready to start exchanges. It seems to be that has been delayed until we get started. I have heard it was going in the Gazette yesterday, the rate and budget. To my knowledge that did not happen.

Bruce: They publish the Gazette Wednesday and Saturday. I donít think from what I am hearing from my sources we need to have it in the Gazette for us to start. We will see. On the other hand it is nice to see it in the Gazette and have it out. I think what makes it interesting is when it came to the Rebuilding Iraq Conference in Kuwait, we ended up saying we would not participate for the additional funding for Iraq we would not participate as a country of the United States until we saw a rate put out. Yet we do know our Secretary of State, Tillerson, was at the conference and my understanding was we had a contribution that was inclusive of some funds sequestered under Maliki that were US funds that were recovered as a credit for us in the tune of $1.8 billion even though the total amount sequestered added as a credit which was $2.1 billion that we were going to participate as an investment giving it a total net value of $3 billion dollars. That sort of what we heard. If that is the case, then maybe we have a rate that we just are not seeing but we know about.

Bruce: We know the rate on the Qi cards, in-country rate is approaching $4. That is where it was a day or so ago. The rate we know about in general terms the dinar has been trading even last weekend Saturday morning almost at $5. Also we heard yesterday or Tuesday the Iraqi dinar is on the move. That would mean rising. We heard something in that effect again today from one of our Forex company it said that the dinar was on the move again or on the rise. That is a good sign for us. I know that currency will be traded up to a value that is commerate to its old backed value. Letís see how that goes. What is interesting to me was the Vietnam Dong has been traded over the last several days. We have seen it up at a certain rate then down a little bit. That is why it is not good to put out a rate because we see the rates go up and down. Yesterday we heard the dong will actually be utilized as a SDR currency and will be in the SDR basket. What is interesting is yesterday the IMF rates came off the screens except for the currencies that were part of the SKR basket. Those are the 5 currencies in the basket representing the Special Drawing Rights or SDR. You add one or two more currencies to that to give a more strength and stability. Why would you do that with the dong? We understand the dong is considered a donor currency and will be asset backed, because it is or will be asset back. That is what is represented to those currencies not in the basket. That is going to be true of the dong. As a result of that, the dong value will ascend or will go up. We know roughly what the number will be in that basket in what we see on the screens and what we will exchange it for, but it is a cool ting to know it is being added to that. Today is the 15th for a little bit longer. Normally the UN Operational rates would put out on the 15th. I have not seen that has occurred of any changes in the UN Operational rates. Sometimes those are held back until everything gets started. Also we heard only the SDR basket rates were the only ones showing on the screens. The remaining rates would populate and come back up today. I have not heard confirmation on that. We do not know that. It is not a complete piece of information for me right now.

Bruce: As far as anything else internationally, we talked about the Swift system that was running parallel to the Cips Fintech System which is the new banking system for international wiring of funds, and our understanding was at midnight last night Russia switched over from the Swift to the Cips Fintech Sytem which is much more faster and efficient and secure. That is a very good sign. I believe that system has been proven to be very effective and secure and hopefully that will be the case for Russia or anyone else who will make that move to that new wiring system. That took place at midnight last night.

Bruce: We received information regarding the Redemption Centers talking about their staffing that was very strong for today. They have plans for tomorrow with a slightly lower number of active staff than they planned for today. Even if that is the case, the remaining employees for the Redemption Centers are on a standby bases, sort of on call. They can be mustered to come in within 45 minutes. They are not to be live farther than 45 minutes to come in to the Redemption Centers. Staffing requirements change and they can come up and down based on the demand. Same thing with security. Security was high and should stay relatively high.

Bruce: As far as a start time for us we heard some things pointing to any minute any second type mentality. All the information we are hearing late this afternoon was pointing toward something happening any time now to by the weekend. I heard specific times for release times today. When you hear the word release, you kind of go What was released? What happened? We know the native American tribes were paid Monday. We had some confirmation of that. Also we found that we were in a 72 hour period since then which would expire sometime today or tonight. We didnít even know there was a 72 hour period we were in it and now here we are almost out of it.

Bruce: A lot of activity out west. People have been approached by certain banks to make Zim deals. We had those deals sort of retracted in the sense of we think it might be better to wait because like blank.

Bruce: All the information that is coming in is pointing toward a very close timing for us. That has been that way, but I think every time we turn around there is one more thing. Here is another one. We found out today something we have heard might be the case and was the case. Bank of America needed to work out some details on with referrals of Tier 2 banks involved in the exchange. That needed to be looked at again and agreed to. My understanding today was it was going to be complete, be in effect, that new deal that was put together. That was one of those things we heard a rumor about and today we found there was something to it. We did have that positive bit of information to come through.

As we go thru the waiting period we are in now, we realize there does appear to be something we didnít anticipate that comes forward. When we look back we see it needed to happen or take place. I am at the point where we have to as patient we been because we know it is very close and we stay with this and have faith and keep each other strong and encourage one another in faith we be rewarded.

Bruce: With that being said we are in an any minute bases. That is what I am getting from several directions. We will get there and make it. Stay focus, be patient, relax, and we should be able to enjoy the time we put in to this.

Bruce: Thanks everybody again for coming in. Thank you Pastor Steven, Sue, and Bob. Thank you Big Call listeners everywhere for staying in tuned. Stay and keep an eye on this. We will see whether we have the Tuesday call or the toll free numbers to put them out to you to set our appointments. Thank you everybody. We will talk to you again. We appreciate it. Good night Everybody.


2/14/2018 The Big Call with Bruce Rates INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link 18min and/or Transcript


Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. First, when the toll free numbers are made available to me to put out, that is one way they will go out in that those who have registered their email on our website. Once you have registered your email, you will get an email back after the numbers are released. I do not have the numbers yet just to let everyone know. When I do get them obviously that is one way to dissimulate the information to our listeners by email. They will be able to do that through that site. Letís talk about where we are now. We are in a position, to be honest, that all indicators are pointing toward the fact that everything is complete. That is great to hear. We thought it was the case the last few days, but we are getting good indicators that is the case now.

Bruce: Now letís start with Iraq. We talked about on last Thursdayís call we would have Iraq in a conference Rebuilding Iraq hosting in Kuwait. The start of that was on Monday, yesterday, and it goes thru Thursday. We have a number of countries (70) there to do investments in Iraq. We found out early this morning that Kuwait on Kuwait TV stated the investment for Iraq for that conference that everybody would be backed by the World Bank. The reason that appears the case is because at the time of the start of the conference as far as we know, we hear the Iraqi dinar rate had not been made internationally known. It is known all over the place if you know where to look like if you are a trader, bank trader. Then you use it, but it is not on the Forex to my knowledge yet.

Bruce: Iraq who was given permission a few weeks ago to release that rate has not done it yet. We thought it would be done before the conference started. Kuwait TV had out all the investment opportunities (212) for Iraqi will be essentially backed by the World Bank. That is a start even though Iraq should be on their own since they are sovereign and have their own rate. Speaking of their own budget and rate, sources this morning stated that the budget would be put in the Gazette tomorrow. Tomorrowís Gazette edition which would include the rate for the dinar. Here we thought it would have happen a week or two ago. Still hasnít happened. It should happen tomorrow. Iraqís Gazette usually comes out Wednesday and Saturday. Tomorrowis a good day to bring it out. Tomorrow the Gazette usually comes out at first Morning Prayer shortly after sunrise. That is something between now and midnight on the east coast. Should be something they put in the Gazette. How soon would we see it? I do not know. That would be positive if it was put out.

Bruce: For the last few days there been major bank meetings on Saturday for several hours (5 to 6). They went well. Then there were a couple of meetings with HSBC on Sunday. They went well. At about 3:15 pm on Sunday a call came in from someone with the administration stating everything is complete and there is no reason to continue the meeting. The meeting was supposed to go to 5:30 pm, but was disbanded at 3:15pm.

Bruce: We know what is complete. Everything is ready to go. Then we heard yesterday that the Treasury had a meeting. The Secretary of the Treasury was on a phone call and a phone call came in to let them know that everything is done and they wanted all done today. We were getting contacts in the US Treasury talking about this going and going even last night by midnight, and I heard couple of other people give earlier times. We didnít get it in the sense of 800 numbers. We know it is in the hands of the banks now because it has been released by the Treasury to do it.

Bruce: There was testing thru the weekend that primarily started Saturday at 3:15p. This was to connect the Redemption Centers to all the Call Centers all over the country and Canada. That testing of those connecting which supposed to be completed occurred by 3:15pm on Saturday at that time. What is interesting is that we understood there be 18 to 24 hours of testing after that. Then we would have the opportunity to go. We believe that testing occurred and we were believe yesterday would possibly be Go-day because the testing would be have been completed yesterday, but here we are today, Tuesday night. I donít know what the time frame is. I know I would get in trouble if I told you what I thought what the day of the release is.

Bruce: Redemption Centers are in various levels of readiness to go sometime this week, and later in the week they have hired staff going in with a higher number of staff people. Doesnít mean that the people working for the Redemption Centers couldnít also go be on call and they can adjust very quickly and go in.

Bruce: Letís talk about the Redemption Centers. Remember when we talked about the Call Centers how you will call up the toll free number, and if you are a Zim holder, you will be transferred directly over to the Zim Redemption Center in your zip code area or one closer to it. We found out that, I think I talked about (5) toll free numbers, there now is going to be (3) toll free numbers. One of the numbers is for Canada. They have one toll free number that will work for Canada. So one Call Center for Canada which has less population and less Zim holders.

Bruce: The United States went from (3) call centers down to (2). We will have (2) toll free numbers. How they will divide the country up? I do not know. I suspect it would be along time zones. Possibly, but I do not know if this to be true. If it be up to me, I would set it up Eastern Time zones on one number, and Mountain, Pacific, and Alaska and Hawaii on the other number. Letís see how they do it. People would then know what number to call then. Use the one that would fit your time zone. That is how I would do it. Letís see how they will do it. I am sure they have it figured out.

Bruce: Knowing that there will be (3) numbers: (1) for Canada, (2) for the United States. Probably we will put out all (3) numbers on our website as well as an explain which one to use; a short explanation would go out in the email. I canít make it too much clearer than that. We heard there would be (5) numbers last Thursday. Then we heard clarification on Friday they were going to whittle it down, the number of Call Centers down, and they did do that. That is all great.

Bruce: We know that when I call Redemption Centers are for those we are going to take in Zim and I call the Exchange Locations for those exchanging the other currencies and not redeeming the Zim. That is where I make that distinction. There is off sites centers and Tier 1 banks. As I mentioned on Thursday call, we have in the vicinity of (7,200) Tier 1 banks that should be exchanging currencies and redeeming Zim, but that will be and that is not just (12) of each brand like we thought a month or two ago. There is a lot more of them available to take them. I personally believe your best opportunity is to take the toll free number, call it, set your appointment, and use the ability you have to personally negotiate your rate should you choose to do that if you choose to get a personal negotiable rate on your Zim within some range. Also dinar, dong and rial.

Bruce: You guys know that I hope no one is still talking about zeros being taken off the Zim. It is a bond, printed on bond paper with bond ink and no zeros are coming off the Zim period. I canít tell you what the rates are going to be because they vary. Whatever the rates show, they will be extremely strong, and be very good.

Bruce: As far as the dinar, we know the dinar today is in play. I had rates on dinar, dong, Zim on Saturday as of early morning. I donít believe it is fair to talk about them what they will be on Tuesday. I did hear today the dinar is on the move. That is a good sign. It was really in good shape Saturday morning. To think by now by Tuesday night we will be in good shape on that. Donít sweat it. That is the least of your concern is the rates. I have to tell you that.

Bruce: We got more information that the Native American Tribes all have been paid. That is good. They were paid yesterday and we had several verifications of that. We are looking for more and more activity to come out of the west coast. We are feeling good about that. That is confirmation from people we normally donít hear from about that. We thought that is good. That is news that doesnít normally come out about that.

Bruce: One other thing we got which is interesting is that they use wires for international and domestic wire transfers. We had the Swift system for a long time. Tomorrow night which is Wednesday night at midnight Eastern Time, at midnight Russia makes the switch from the Swift System to the new Cips Fentech System for wires bank transfer. That is a big move. That is a great indicator. We believe that other countries in this one sense are moving from west to east instead of east to west for a change. That is really something. That is a good indicator that Russia is making that change tomorrow at midnight.

Bruce: Anything else we are hearing is all very positive if the banks will do what it appears they are ready to do without delay. I am encouraged because we are finally at the end of the ride. I am asking you guys to hold on a little bit longer. All the indicators are very positive. I am excited getting this thing under way so we can get our projects started. The President has been talking and representatives of government been talking about infrastructure the last couple of days. It is very exciting. They are looking at 11/2 Trillion dollar program for infrastructure.

Bruce: There was discussion of about private public discussion in that. There were questions in a news conference about that. I thought this people have no idea. The press, media have no clue about what will go on with us, our projects, and the fact we are looking to help Rebuild America. That is the name of our project. We plan to do that. We can do so in many different ways with all those infrastructure needs. They are sweating about the budget, all those things the media goes on about, and gives therate administration a tough time about. They just donít know what we know.

Bruce: Money will flow like it never flowed before. We got lots of opportunity if we are allowed to do so legally to create partners with the government in terms of infrastructure, maybe like infrastructure bonds. We talked about that several times on the Big Call. All of that can be done and we wonít even blink an eye in the process. It will be something very easy for us to do, and we will be happy to do it and do it without tax payerís dollars and do it privately. Give that some thought Administration people who listen to the call. Keep that in mind. We have your backs and we just want you to know that we are ready to get started with this thing and letís get it done.

Bruce: That is the Intel Rap Up for tonight. Thank you, Pinkroses for doing a marvelous job in transcribing the call. I really appreciate that and it is very wonderful. Everybody who is listening live around the globe by the link and the replay number, thank you. Thank you all for tonight and we are ready to get started. We are ready to work with our veterans with our Veterans Retreat Network. If a veteran is able to work, we will put them to work with Rebuild America or Veterans Retreat Network. We got you covered on that.

Bruce: Thank you all for listening in. Thank you Pastor Steven, Sue, and Bob for all you are doing. Thank you, Big Call Universe for listening in and being so faithful. All have a great night. Good Night Everybody.


THE BIG CALL WITH BRUCE THURS2/8/2018 The Big Call with Bruce Rates INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link 24min and/or Transcript


Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. Letís hope this is our final call because I keep saying that guys. I have worn that expression out, but this should be our last call based on all we are hearing so far. Our intention is to continue as long as we need to until the blessing comes to us. This is the best information I have been able to collect since Tuesday call. On Tuesdayís call we talked about Iraq and things happening in Iraq. We got further confirmation that they passed their budget and voted thru and should be read into the Gazette on Saturday. Does it need to be in the Gazette before we are notified so we can set our appointments? Not necessarily. That may occur however that we get Iraq in the Gazette Saturday morning Iraq time before we start. That is very possible.

Bruce: Letís talk about what else is happening for Iraq. You thought we had Rebuild America which we do have and it is our main project to be started after the blessing is manifested to us. Iraq has been rebuilding Iraq. They will have a Rebuild Iraq conference starting Monday hosted by Kuwait. We got thousands, about 1500 companies, to go over that conference coming to Kuwait with many countries represented starting Monday. They will be coming in Saturday night into Kuwait and then ready and chill out until the conference starts on Monday. I donít know how long it is, maybe 3 or 4 days or longer. I am sure meetings will go beyond that.

Bruce: What does Iraq need to do before this conference on Monday? They need to have their international recognized currency, their dinar, with the new international rate out. Visible and known. My inclination is since it has not occurred yet, it will occur sometime by or before Saturday or Saturday night our time. So I think we are looking for Iraq to come thru with the rate and have it known because they have been released from chapter 7 months ago, and they are ready to be an international superpower. They are going to be a major trading partner with a lot of countries around the world. Look for that to happen.

Bruce: Why havenít they done that yet to put out their rate? This is the 64 Trillion Zim dollar question. This is hard to answer. There has been some opposition to the RV even in Iraq going thru. They seem to have solved that. They had some opposition to the budget and the previous thing was Kurdistan was still arguing back and forth with Baghdad what percentage of revenue of oil Kurdistan would receive. They wanted a lot more of the revenue from oil. They settled on the percentage of 14% of the oil revenue which would go back to Kurdistan. All of the oil in Iraq including Kurdistan is owned by Iraq.

​All that type of language needed to be put back in the budget and agreed upon, voted on, and read 3 times before it could be entered into their official publication the Gazette. Normally what happens is the Gazette comes out early in the morning prior to morning prayers. That way it could be read and information brought to the people directly thru Morning Prayer which starts at dawn in Iraq. That agreement on oil, oil revenues, all of that has been agreed upon and the budget has been agreed upon and the word is it should be all in the Gazette on Saturday.

Bruce: Now who is the country who hasnít already said they would support Iraq in this rebuilding Iraq conference hosted by Kuwait? What country is holding back? Yes you guess it, America. We are the only country that hasnít professed that. We are going to attend, and we have a delegation over now in Baghdad which will be going from Iraq to Kuwait to the conference. We havenít made anything of the conference in support of it. We are waiting for the rate of Iraq to be put out in public to be manifested. We are the only country. We are going, and we will be there, but we are waiting for Iraq to make that rate known.

Bruce: What about the Qi cards? What are they doing? People we know who have Qi cards still donít have access to some of the money represented on their cards in those accounts.

They are seeing flashing rates when they go to check their accounts. That is rates of Iraqi dinar in US dollars. They are flashing not solid at this time. Why are they flashing? They are flashing because the rates are being adjusted and are being traded and are not showing up yet in those accounts until they get them at the point they want them to be entered in. When that rate of the Iraqi dinar is put out and known internationally, that is when those cards will show the rate and the funds will be accessible on those cards to the people who have them. We are hearing from the banks those funds should be available to those people who have the Qi cards some time Saturday night Eastern time, sometime Saturday night. By that time we should have everything established. The Iraqi dinar should be established, and maybe the US will even make some sort of comment about going to that Rebuild Iraq conference in Kuwait.

Bruce: What does that do for us? Notice that people on the news stations use the term America more now because we are the America republic. Let me say this. The information we are getting here is one of our major banks that use to be the lead bank is now #2 in command with the Redemption Centers, they were doing exchanges before the banks were opened officially. Most banks open up at 9 am, and some as early as 8 am. There were certain customers who were called yesterday or last night or over the last couple of days to come in and do their exchanges this morning at 6:40am today EST. We know of exchanges that took place on the east coast at that time. Did it happen all over the country? Possibly. I do not know that. It could have happened on the east coast and it could have happened in other places.

Bruce: The point is there are exchanges going on. These were customers of the bank. They were invited, not VIP per se, but people who had appointments to come in. That is a different scenario of what we are waiting for which are the toll free numbers to do our exchanges at the Redemption Centers. I call them Redemption Centers when talking about the Zim which is a bond that will be redeemed versus Exchange Centers are for currencies like the dinar, dong and rupiah that will be exchanged. At the Redemption Centers that we go to they will exchange our other currencies. Understand that they will take Zim and the other currencies we have.  (note to BRUCE! Extraordinary claims deserve extraordinary evidence!)

Bruce: When you call to set your appointment and if you are a Zim holder which they will learn from you when they ask you what currencies you have, the Call Center will connect you directly to the Zim Redemption Center in your market based on your zip code. I do believe there will be several Zim Redemption Centers that will be open 24 hours 7 days a week or at least several days a week for 24 hours to take in the Zim that people have. The other Exchange Centers in the markets will be open between 8 to 10 hours a day. They might be open from 9 to 5 and add a couple of hours depending on the demand, the volume, and demographics of people that hold the other currencies, and also how busy they are. They will schedule accordingly.

They will not keep people on all night pass 5 or 6 to 7 oíclock unless they have clients to come in to do exchanges. Where as the Zim Redemption Centers will go around the clock. Will they be going to 3 or 5 am? They will adjust their staff based on the amount of appointments set for those hours. They will adjust their staff accordingly.

Bruce: I can tell you the Redemption Centers have been ready to go for at least since this last Tuesday ready to go with full staff to go in at a specific time to go. We just didnít have the toll free number yet to set appointments. In some cases full staff was in place and then after a few hours they were dispersed, set home or put on call. You had a lower amount of people in the centers ready to do exchanges just in case, but the just in case has not happen yet in the Redemption Centers. Keep that in mind as far as the toll free number.

Bruce: The latest information I am hearing is we may have as many as 5 separate toll free numbers, because my understanding is they may end of bringing us in by region. The different regions of the country will have their own toll free number. What really makes sense to me is that the regions will be divided by time zones. I donít know this, but I presume that is how they will do it. There will be 5 toll free numbers. Those would be set up. I donít know this officially. I would think there be toll free number for Eastern time zone, one for Central time zone, one for Mountain time zone, and one for Pacific time zone, and one for Alaska and Hawaii together for the 5th number. I know they are an hour apart, but that is how I would do it. I would lump those two states Alaska and Hawaii. That is just something I want you guys to know.

Bruce: Just yesterday those 5 toll free numbers were linked to the Call Centers and directly to the Redemption Centers. They just got linked up yesterday so they would work when we call to set our appointments. They will be linked directly to the Redemption Centers that we would be using in our zip code. There is a lot of activity. Last minute things they are picking up for the Redemption Centers so they have enough tables, and even coffee and tea makers. I am excited about that. It shows the progress and movement we need to be.

Bruce: You guys know if I try to call this I get in trouble. I think everything I am hearing we should have a really good weekend. Letís just leave it at that. We just have a couple of days to get to Saturday. We know that Iraq has got to have their rate in place before this conference that starts Monday in Kuwait. I am feeling everything is coming together now finally with agreement and I think they are trying to put this thing out.

​I really thought today being an 8 and the number 8 being very important to Chinese. My understand was from Treasury sources that China really wanted this to come thru today at least in terms of toll free number. It still may be possible. I do not know. I tell you this much that we would have the number out on the Bank page. Of course if you register on that site with your email, you will get an email with the toll free number on it. We will do that. Many of you, thousands, have registered. If you havenít already it would be a great way to have it sent to you directly. It will be something that will happen very quickly as soon as I get the call.

Bruce: I am hearing about our Native American tribes being paid out tomorrow. I hope they do. I have heard about Prosperity Packages going out on the weekend. I think we are hearing about a lot of activity out west that is going. They are jocking for position and people are traveling. There were over 14 flights per hour scheduled over a 14 hour period yesterday, a lot of movement. I think it is going to be very good for us shortly. Hang in there everybody as you have been doing. Stay positive and in faith for this and believe everything is coming together and this blessing very soon.

Bruce: You know we are planning to do our projects the Veterans Retreat Network and Rebuild America projects in the United States, the Caribbean, the Islands, Central and South America, and so on to help everywhere we can. We are here to build out the infrastructure in the United States and go from there. Stay tune with us and in touch with us to receive the email we will send out when we will do another call or pod cast or information about our projects. We are going to take a month or so off to prepare things for our own structures and appointments with attorneys and CPAs.

Bruce: Thank you everybody for coming in and staying faithful in listening to the Big Call. We do appreciate you all over the world and we are looking forward working with you in the very near future. Thank you Pastor Steven, Sue, Bob and all in Big call Universe and all behind the scenes. All have a great night. Good night Everybody.


2/6/2018 The Big Call with Bruce Rates INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link 14min and/or Transcript

Thank you PinkRoses IQDCalls

Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. I tell you this. This is a real interesting time. I find I am getting strong Intel pointing toward any moment now. We know we have been close before, but I think we are even closer than we ever been. I think that is saying a lot. Letís talk about Iraq.

Bruce: We know Iraq has had to get things in order. We know they were released from our US Treasury to put out their rate for the Iraqi dinar a week and half ago, maybe longer than that, but somehow they havenít donít that yet. There was some resistance in the Parliament as far as various factions in the government still. Then we find now they are coming to the party. Everyone pretty much is on the same page. We understand couple days ago some announcements were made by Prime Minister Abadi and behind him standing was Maliki. Maliki had said they had some unity now and he was not going to run for office like they had suggested he might. He is not going to run for Prime Minister again. Also, that he was behind the RV going thru. He was in favor of this happening to go thru where he was so resistant the entire time he was in power. That is one reason why it didnít happen. Now he is no longer a factor.

Bruce: Other information we got today from Iraqi this came from our contact that tomorrow which is February 7, the new budget would be passed and read for the third time. On the 8th the information went on to say that budget would appear in the Gazette. You know the budget would contain the rate and the rate would be seen. At least it would be seen by the 8th if not sooner. We know that the dinar is being traded again for about the last 3 days.

Bruce: With new servers for the CBI having gone down and coming back up. We know that the fiber optics were run in Mosul to all the banks, new fiber optics that was complete. People were there to witness that happening. During that time the CBI servers were down once that was happening. Once it was completed, the fiber optics, then the website came back up. Today they are actively trading the Iraqi dinar. I canít tell you that it is visible yet, but I know that a few days ago it came out to 1 to 1 with the dollar. Even though that is not a true reinstatement it was a start for beginning of trading. I donít know where it is right now in terms of the rate. We didnít get that prior to the call, but I am going to tell you that we have reason to believe it will trade back up all the way to the rates we have talked about in the past.

Bruce: That is just really what we wanted to hear about Iraq. Finally there has been a lot of pressure exerted on Abadi to get that rate out, to put it out. It looks like it finally reached consensus on the budget, and have it in the Gazette on the February 8, which is Thursday. The final reading of the budget is tomorrow. I think we are just where we needed to be as far as that goes. I even wonder if that would happen and we go without the dinar, but it looks like it is all coming together where everything can go together. By that I mean all the currencies.

Bruce: Yesterday I found out on the CBI website the Chinese Yuan was on the website and that is one reason that the website came down so the Chinese Yuan could be added to the CBI website. You may say why was that? So you can have the reference not only to the US dollar but also to the Chinese Yuan and possibly other currencies that are in the SDR, Special Drawing Rights, basket maybe in that basket the other currencies that make up that basket might also reflect on the CBI website. See if that happens, but know we have the dollar, the Yuan on that CBI site. That is good. That is one reason why that site has been up and down, up and down.

Bruce: I am looking for very good things out of Iraq now. They actually had another series of celebrations in the last couple of days over there. Mosul is about 60% rebuilt already since the latest round of attacks. Iraq is diffidently coming out of the ashes. It is rising. I think we are going to see some amazing things in the next few years happening in Iraq including the tallest building in the world by 700 to 800 feet. In Iraq about 50 miles south of Baghdad. We are talking about something that was going to be 3500 feet tall, 2/3 of a mile high. WOW. Imagine the foundation for that building.

Bruce: The ups and downs of the market the last few days even though today was a good up day. For people that are aware, this was something that was predicted and I think it was actually a good thing it occurred like it did. Some of the selling it took place was for a good reason that I canít go into. I donít know how much longer it has to vacillate before it goes back up. We will see and keep an eye on it.

Bruce: What we are hearing about in terms of what is going out west is very good prognosis to anywhere from tomorrow to the end of the month to getting started. People are being requested to come in, being requested to come in and stay a few weeks. That kind of thing. A very positive motion.

Bruce: Also when it comes to the Redemption Centers they got this thing down. They have it down. They are ready to go, made last minute switches moves, gone to (3) 8 hour shifts. 24/7 for the Zim Centers. These are Redemption Centers that are Zim specific. They will take the other currencies but they are geared to take the Zim. A lot of the other Redemption Centers will not be taking the Zim. You will know because when you call to set your appt if you are a Zim bond holder they will ask what you have. If you have Zim you will be switched directly over to the Redemption Center near your zip code that has a Zim Redemption Center. You will be directed by phone and connected to the person at that Redemption Center that will be directly working with you when you come in for your appointment. You will make an immediate connection on the phone, maybe your first contact beyond security at the Redemption Center.

Bruce: The Redemption Centers that are not Zim specific are on a 8 to 10 hour work day. Normal business hours maybe plus two hours. Then the Zim specific centers are on a 24 hour

2/1/2018 The Big Call with Bruce Rates INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link 8min and/or Transcript


Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. Letís talk about where we are and what we are anticipating. Letís take a look at Iraq. Iraq has been given the go ahead by our Treasury to release their rates for a well over a week now. So far there been some internal changes to the rate. There have been some things done at their banks like lower denominations, pictures put on their websites, the CBI website. They have had large blown up version of the 1 dinar note to put in the windows of banks to familiarize the people of the lower denominations. They talked about the 5 and 10 lower denominations. They have the lower denominations in the ATMs ready to go.

Bruce: Why havenít they gone? Why hasnít the rate been put out like we want it to be? I canít answer that. I do not know the why. For the life of me, I canít figure out why Iraq has not come thru from what we understand. Now realize we donít get the entire story all the time. We get a lot of stuff and we piece things together the best we can. It looks like is they have had the go ahead to get going. They have had so many businesses from so many countries come in and sort of sign tentative contracts and then they have had those people come back to do new contracts at new rates. Then they had at Davos, Switzerland a ton of business was going to come even out of Davos, but I donít think any of it will come through until the new rate is put out and can be inked into their contracts.

Bruce: Now my understanding was this rate for Iraq was supposed to show up by last night at 12 EST, or the United States might not be in position to do any more loans for Iraq or wouldnít be able to work with the IMF or with the World Bank with future loans until that rate was put out. It is like okay guys it is time to do it. You have had some time to do it. Admittedly, we held them back putting the rate out for so long. I do not know why it hasnít been put back out.

We understand now as of today, more like early this afternoon, or at least by late morning, everything is in place ready to go. We were in the understanding last night that we would be ready to go today, February 1st. That just didnít happen. Our understanding is that the Redemption Centers are set and ready to go. That they are just waiting for a signal, a green light, so their staff members all across the country can assemble and be available to go to work. Once that happens, I am looking forward to receiving the toll free number to put out so all can set their appointments and get started.

Bruce: In the last number of days rates have been on screens. We know yesterday in 21 different cities Wells Fargo and Chase were doing exchanges at regular, good screen, real rates. These are limited sporadic occasions in 21 cites. It was done so these banks can add liquidity. I know that was the case last week when Bank of America did that and so did Fifth Third Bank did exchanges, but these are limited like limited to 4 or 5 notes of dinar and dong limited. No Zim. We are not talking about Zim. They continue to do this and yet we havenít gone.

We are looking forward to getting started. We really are. We are at the point now there was something we were waiting for to occur today. This came from someone at the Redemption Center that it needed to happen. Supposedly it did happen and it got handled and now we are waiting for the green light to go and to get the number and get started.

Bruce: It is interesting today for the first time on the Bloomberg screens, the Iraqi dinar was there and seen at a very low rate, but was tradable for the first time on Bloomberg. That was new today. We do have this memo coming out tomorrow morning probably. I donít know exactly when. Nobody said what time. That could be significant in terms of timing. Actually when it didnít come out this morning, I thought probably we didnít go either. There is something to it, Maybe a slight diversion.

Bruce: I think we are all ready to get started. We are in the new tax plan that started effectively today and retroactive January 1st. President Trump did a wonderful job on his State of the Union Speech. Excellent. There was some mention of new money people having new money in February. I think some of that was talking about the tax plan and some of it was talking about us going and getting started. A lot was said about infrastructure. We talk a lot about infrastructure when it comes to Rebuild America in rebuilding roads, bridges, homes, recreation centers, hospitals, schools, all those things we can be part of. I am sure all of us have thought well if the wall is set at $25 billion, it would not be a big deal for any one of us to pick up the tab for that. Many of us would be in position to help with infrastructure throughout this country.

Bruce: We said time and time again for months, we have told the administration who is listening to this call we plan to do this with Rebuild America and with the Veteran Retreat Network working with the veterans. The President in this speech couple of nights ago mentioned the idea of trade schools. Exactly like we said on the Big Call getting trades going again with these trade schools, apprenticeships, partnerships, and mentorships.

​All these we can do and we have plans for it all. I know the government essentially took the idea I had and almost the same wording I had for Rebuild America and used it for Rebuild America Act. That is something they obviously have heard and I donít care that they heard and used from the Big Call or not, but we are thinking along the same lines. That is the main thing that we are thinking along the same lines.

Bruce: When it comes to rates, rates came off the screens yesterday evening on some of the trading floors. I think they were getting ready for in making the adjustments they needed to make. To my knowledge, they were not rates seen wide spread today. We just know what we know. We know some exchanges have been done, but we also know that total access of funds in some of these transactions that have already taken place have not been made available. Some funds have been made available, but not the large mother lodes of the accounts.

​I think that is probably because it is sort of they are looking for us to go still on a shot gun start where the 800 numbers that I will get go out in conjunction with other groups or with people being paid. It could be that type of shot gun start we are still looking at. I heard for a long time it would be a day time event. Whether it is day or night, I am available to get phone call to get the toll free number and put it out at anytime. Obviously to me day time less disruptive and makes more sense and early is fine. Early is fine because we can get things started.

Bruce: I just believe that we are at the point where there is nothing else needs to be done. We are at that point I believe. I know the banks have it in their power to let this go. When ready, we need Redemption Centers to be notified, staff to be notified so they can go and assemble. I believe that is the green light that they are waiting for as well. I think we are about as close as we ever have been, but I do believe from what we understand, there is nothing else in the way. Letís see where this goes. Letís see what happens. I am excited to get started just like everybody else is. We plan to get moving. This may be our last call for quite awhile. Letís hope it is. You are tired of listening to me as I am bringing this information Tuesday and Thursday for 7 years. I will do it until we have a reason not to.

Bruce: I appreciate your listening and faithfulness as Sue, Bob and Pastor Steven do, and we appreciate we are a community of believers and faithfulness for this blessing to come through. Thank you all for coming in. Thank you Sue, Bob, and Pastor Steven. Thank you all who listens in Big Call Universe. We appreciate you. We appreciate the banks being prepared for us and, the Redemption Centers being ready for us. I look forward getting the 800 number out to you guys and getting started. Thank you everybody for coming in,


1/30/2018 The Big Call with Bruce Rates INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link 5min and/or Transcript

Bruce: Good Evening, Everybody. Welcome to the Big Call tonight. We will have a very short Intel segment tonight due to the State of the Union Speech of President Trump starting soon. First of all we are very close. We are so close that the Intel that we normally get is very light. It is quiet. It seems that it is quiet for a reason. Usually that is the case when we donít get much they donít want us to communicate much. That seems to be the case now. Generally, in the last few days, there have been some exchanges that have gone on. There have been some Table Top meetings that have gone on in major cities in Europe and the US a little bit as well.

Bruce: We also have evidence that Wells Fargo has done some exchanges yesterday in about a dozen cities across the country for a limited time we think. The good news is these exchanges are done at the most recent screen rates that we have seen. These are not buy back rates or teaser rates, but higher rates than we thought possible rates without negotiating. That has happened yesterday. It wasnít wide spread, it was sporadic. I just want you to know it did occur. ​

Bruce: The fact it did occur does well for us. In the fact as late as 15 minutes before the call tonight I understand some people are saying this is possibly so close that it could go shortly after the Presidentís State of The Union Address. We donít know. We are not calling it or saying it is the case exactly. We know there is a lot to give us hope that this is the very end of the ride. We are almost at the end of the month. We could expect some great things here very shortly.

Bruce: I am very pleased the community, the other major call and myself finally are seeing the rates coming together at about the same level. That took awhile for that to happen. Finally where I have seen rates much higher in most cases the other call has come in and join me in thinking that is the case. I appreciate that. It shows a oneness in the sense in the community. I think that is very effective and it is true. I know when it comes to rates. We have bank sources and people that are seeing the screens. I am excited.

Bruce: One other thing is our contact in Iraq, one of our contacts, is saying that he needs to be completely silent tomorrow from sunrise to sunset tomorrow. I wonder if that might be or could be they may use that time of silence to put out the rate and actually make it publicly known. That is what I hope will take place. That is something that we heard about and we know will be the case, and we are excited about seeing that.

Bruce: I want all to enjoy the State of the Union Address which it is under way. Thank you everybody for listening. Thank you Sue. Everybody take care. Talk to you soon. Good night everybody.


1/25/2018 The Big Call with Bruce Rates INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link 28min and/or Transcript

Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. Letís all be in an attitude of gratitude. What I received this afternoon should put us in the state of mind, heart, state of being to be in that state of gratitude for what we are about to receive because every indication that I have is very positive for us. The timing is good for us to go here before I am going to say we are in the moment. We are in that moment. We are so close from what I have heard especially tonight before the call.

Bruce: When it comes to Iraq, we usually start there because so many things key on Iraq. We know those bonds that were being offered Wednesday morning, yesterday morning, at 8:30am Baghdad time, those did not sell so well in Iraq because a lot of the people donít trust the banks. They do not trust the CBI. They donít trust that situation. They are sort of a cash society or have been with everything going on. They are not super trusting and so the bonds some, but the bonds sold more to Iraqi citizens that were living outside of Iraq. A lot of Iraqi citizens winded up moving to Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and of course Iraqi citizens that live in the United States of which of some we know.

Bruce: They did make another attempt to sell more bonds. They were cut off after an hour or so of trading. They did some more selling of those today, and again more outside than inside of Iraq. I believe those bonds will sell. I donít know about the terms or particulars of the bonds. The only thing I know is the rate for the dinar that was attached essentially to the bonds is a very strong rate for the dinar and is the same rate as the opening rate will be on the CBI and on our bank screens here. I do know that. I do know that it is slightly under $5, but not much underneath it. I know that is just going to be a very strong screen rate.

Bruce: You know you can negotiate rates above the screen rate even for the Iraqi dinar as well as the Zim, Dong, and Rial if you wish but if you have humanitarian projects that you will use some of the money for. The greater the percentage that you plan to use for your projects, sort of the higher they will let you go on your rates. Donít say 100 % or donít say all of this or that, but keep a realistic percentage of what you plan to use or what you will use for humanitarian projects and that will allow you to get a higher negotiable rate.

Bruce: Some people believe and are talking in terms of banks. When I talk in terms of our experience that is coming, I talk in terms of exchange locations. I talk about Exchange Centers, and I talk about Redemption Centers. When I say Redemption Centers that is because we are redeeming the Zim as a bond. That is why I use the term Redemption Centers because we are redeeming them as bonds, the Zim. The other currencies we are exchanging. That is why we use those terms to clarify that. Exchange Centers versus Redemption Centers.

Bruce: Some people are using the term ďthe banksĒ. ďWhen are we going to the banks?Ē There will be banks that will be doing exchanges. They will not be doing Zim unless they are HSBC or Wells Fargo. Then there might only be so many. All the HSBC will be doing Zim and some of the HSBC or if not all will be used as Redemption Centers, but some people tend to believe that the Dong is going to be at 47 cents. That has been their thinking for 8 or 9 years. Just not true. The Dong is already close to $2 just the other night. Just to give you an idea, I think the screen rate is going to be in that range or higher for the Dong. Now you have a rough idea on the Dinar and Dong.

Bruce: The Zim is going to be just I donít care if it is a dollar which would be on par with the US dollar. It could be a little higher than that. You realize with the denominations, and please there are no zeros coming off the Zim. It is a bond. It is treated as a bond. If you are in a deal that takes zeros off the Zim, you are not in a real deal. You are not in a fair deal. The denominations are large, billions, trillions, 10 Tr, 20 Tr, 50 Tr, 100 Tr.. Those notes that is what they are worth especially if the Zim is at a dollar which it be, you are looking at a 100 Trillion note being worth 100 Trillion dollars.

Bruce: That is why the Zim exchanges will go to a structure payout of 25 years. You can negotiate for a slightly less than 25 years depending on much you have. The more you have most likely be a 25 year payout. If you have one or two notes or smaller notes, you might be able to pull off a shorter period of time for your structure payout. For me I am thrilled with the idea of a 25 year structure payout. I think it is fantastic not have to worry about getting a steady return that comes to me every quarter to use for my projects or whatever. I think it is fantastic. You donít have to worry about the investment aspect of it. That is what I love about it. It is kind like it is done for you.

Bruce: Keep in mind that the money that comes from the exchange of currencies like the Dinar, Dong, Rupiah Afghani, and the Rial those funds are fully accessible to you. You do not have to put those in your structure payout. You could if you choose to lump those in, but they do not have to be put in. They could be just available, accessible to you right away with no limit to the accessibility of those amounts. That is kind of different, kind of neat. That is how I am going to do it myself. I am just going to take the amounts designated for the other currencies Dinar, Dong, Rial, etc. and keep those separate in my mind and in my account so that I donít confuse that with the structure payout account from the Zim. Just a little clarification there.

Bruce: When you go in, you will when you are setting up your accounts, you will have a skeleton trust, think of skeleton as bare bones, a basic trust that you will want to establish before you walk out of the bank. They will want you to have something. If you already have trust paperwork that you like for this exchange bring it with you. Bring all of it and tell them here is my trust. Here is my certificate of the trust. So they have the EIN and everything you have done. It will make it will make it easier to do that if you choose to do that, but we will have the ability to set up a basic skeleton trust at the time of the exchange.

Bruce: Then you will have a period I believe up to 90 days, that is 3 months, to get with your attorneys, or attorney, your estate planning trust attorney, and set up whatever proper structures will be right for you. Then you can substitute those. Now realize you can have as many accounts as you want underneath the ownership of the trust. You donít have to have one trust for this account, one trust for that, whatever. You can do that, you can set up multiple trusts, but you can also use a master trust and put some other things underneath that. You can even put a LLC inside your trust and keep it that way. There is several ways you can do that. Your attorneys not me, I am not a CPA, an attorney, and donít play one on the Big Call. Check with your attorneys, your legal team, at the time of your exchange. Start creating that.

Bruce: Bring in your trust paperwork with you wish to use it, but if you donít, you can create one at the time of your exchange. If you are going in and plan to use a trust that requires an EIN, employee identification number, you would need at least 5 trusts names already written down before you go in. Donít try to remember them. Just write them down, at least five. When they go to set up your trust based on your jurisdiction, they will try to see if that name is available for that trust, if it needs to be registered. Some trusts do not need to be registered. Some trusts do. Check with your attorney about that as well. So what you want to have 5 names available so that if one is not available you can go on to the next one and so on. Hopefully when you get down to the 5 name it will be available. It can be something crazy, something fun, but it is going to be the name of your trust, so donít get too crazy with it. That is something I want you guys to be aware of.

Bruce: That takes place in an hour to hour15 minutes for your exchange. You will have your currencies verified and counted thru the De La Ru machine. Then you will be talking with a representative to set up your accounts. You will be talking to somebody about your projects. If you are doing any humanitarian work you will be talking to them about that. Negotiating your rates. After that process takes place you will be negotiating your rates or working right off the screen rates. You will be or not signing a non disclosure agreement, or NDA depending on the situation. I cannot tell you exactly.

Bruce: My indications are the screen rates will not require an NDA except possibly the Zim. They may still require an NDA even at the screen rate. I am not sure of this. Donít get back with me if that is not the case. You will find out just as I will when we get there. You will have one or two accounts set up. I am not going to use a cashier check; I may do one bank wire. I wouldnít do more than one or two. You just wonít have the time to do that. You just wonít have time to do more. You will pick up some cash at the exchange centers. You also will have access to a temporary debit/credit card. Then you should get a permanent debit/credit of the bank you choose there. Hopefully in 48 hours it will come by Fed Ex. There is no time frame on that personal card.

Bruce: There is a lot to happen in a fairly short amount of time. The thing that goes the fastest unless you carrying duffle bag after duffle bag of currencies, The quickest part will be the verification and the counting. You will be setting up your accounts, and getting your debit/credit/ card going. You will be getting some cash up to $10,000. I believe they have $100 bills in $2500 mini stacks. You may be getting 3 to 4 of those stacks if you want some cash just to have some liquidity. If you are not a cash person, donít worry about. If you want some and use to spending cash and using100s by all means help you.

Bruce: When it comes to Humanitarian projects, this is where your dog and pony show on what you plan to do for humanity will be. It can be two to three minutes. I would say no more than 5 minutes, but I would say 2 to 3 minutes. Let them know what you plan to do, how many jobs you see yourself creating in two years, otherwise you are looking at job creation, infrastructure, and longevity. You donít want projects done in two years. You want projects that could go on, something that can go beyond your years. That is what you are really looking at. You want good employment. We are almost, right now, at full employment. We are at 4.1% unemployment rate which is pretty close to what they call full employment. You can thank the Trump Administration for that.

Bruce: We are moving toward needing qualified people to build out our projects. This is where we are going to find ourselves needing people. Needing qualified people that can be trained. That is why any veterans that comes back or released from the arm forces and needs training, we will be able to help them to get that training. We can help with trade schools on the job training. Some of these jobs you can learn on the job. A lot of these are lab work. You can learn a lot on the job. I think we will help them do that. We will have apprenticeship and mentorship in the inner cities and rural towns.

Bruce: We have a lot to do with Rebuild America and all can participate in all across the country. You can say you are going to be part of that project. It will be wonderful and you do not need to mention my name. You can tell them that you plan to be part of that in your community, your town or a place you plan on moving to or a place that is in reach to make changes for that city, town, and community. I will be working with my team to put a template together on how to begin and get started on what we plan to do. Everyplace will have slightly different things happening. Whether it is rebuilding homes, rebuilding schools, clinics, recreation centers, creating infrastructure opportunity with roads and bridges, Meg love railway. All kinds of opportunities will be there.

Bruce: Do not forget fiber optics, improving internet quality. All that is part of infrastructure as will. If you are leaning to one or the other type of thing, you will gravitate to that and that is what you want to do in that town. That will be coming when we get with the team and put it on our website. We have website already for rebuild America and Veterans Retreat Network... You will also get an email from us when we are ready to do calls and pod casts, and we will have interviews. We will start those up a month or so after we get ourselves ready for everything we plan to do.

Bruce: How close are we? We are very close. Before President Trump left for Davos yesterday evening, he gave permission to Steven Mnuchin, the Secretary of the Treasury to release this for us to the banks prior to midnight tonight. Release it to the banks. Now understand to all who are listening, donít confuse what I am saying. Listen carefully. That means the banks will have it or will have it tonight to release it when they are ready. When the banks are ready. Maybe ready quickly, maybe they wonít. We will see how quickly that will manifest. Understand what I said.

Bruce: This afternoon the 5 major banks, HSBC, Wells Fargo, Chase, Citibank, and Bank of America all were on a conference call that started at 3:45 pm EST on the east coast. It only had (3) representatives from each bank, (15) people on the call. I do not know what they were talking about. I can only presume what they were talking about. Hopefully it was about the release time and when it will actually go and how they will prepare for it, etc.

Bruce: I just here to tell you things are in the works and President Trump is suppose to speak as the final speaker in Davos tomorrow at 1:00 Greenwich meantime tomorrow out of Davos, Switzerland. I believe that is fairly going to be 6 or 7 am ESTin the morning tomorrow. I donít know it will be covered by Fox or anywhere else. Hopefully it will be and I can look for it.

I donít know if anything is contingent on that speech the release for us or not. I heard rumors it may go after. I have heard it has nothing to do with Davos. I know either the banks have it or they going to get it by midnight tonight from the Treasury to release. That is where we are and I am very excited about it. I am honored still to be chosen to receive the toll free number.

I think we are at a moment to moment basis. Letís be in that attitude of gratitude and you are ready and prepared for your exchange and you Zim redemption. I canít think of anything else that is relative to where we are right now.

Bruce: Letís go back all back in our minds how we want to present ourselves. Make sure you bring (2) forms of identification, picture ID, a recent utility bill, could be a phone cell bill, something with your name and address on it. If you have a passport bring it. We have been over this stuff for 5 to 6 years now. I canít think of anything new.

Bruce: I am excited and looking forwards to receiving a call with the toll free number. I will get it out and have the information delivered to places that it needs to go. Drop the phone number in, cut and paste it and it goes out. Bob going to help to see that those who have registered... Receive that toll free number.

Bruce: Thank you everybody. I am hoping the next call you hear from us will be just a quick celebration call on a recording. We will record it and put it on website. Thank you all for coming in and listening. Thank you for your faithfulness. Thank you for faith, hope and love. Thank you Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven. Thank you Big Call Universe for listening. Good night everybody.


1/23/2018 The Big Call with Bruce saying "in Country Rates & Back screens showing real rates" INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link 18min and/or Transcript

Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. Letís talk about where we are. Letís talk about what is going on. Letís talk about what might be different or might be moving us along.

Here is your Intel for tonight. Letís break it down as I usually do. Talk a little bit about Iraq and try to clarify a few things that might have been said or be out there on the blogs. Letís start with Iraq.

Bruce: We keep going back to when is Iraq going to show their rate? When are they going to show publicly the value of their dinar either on their website or some other way? CBI site is probably where people would think it would have to be or just plain out and be on the Forex.
I donít think the Forex will come out until the public at large, not just us, is ready to begin exchanging. I donít know if the Forex will come up before that with the rates.

Bruce: What is showing? What is showing on the new Qi cards in Iraq, these are for Iraqi citizens or dual citizens if you happen to be one, there is an in-country Iraqi dinar rate already on that card as of yesterday. We saw it and know what it is. It is over $4 and it is a good rate for in-country Iraq. There is also the Iraqi dinar and the other currencies we have was yesterday on back screens at the bank, not the front teller screens but back screens. All the currencies were live yesterday and showing real rates. Not tiny little rates, but real rates. I think that is a good indicator. Letís talk about another indicator.

Bruce: There are some new Iraqi bonds that will be offered for sale to the Iraqi citizenry at 8:30 in the morning Baghdad time tomorrow. That is half past midnight tonight EST. What is significant about that? To have a bond that is to be available or open for purchase tomorrow for Iraqi citizens you have to have a rate tied to it. Those same bonds are being traded tonight. We have people doing that. There is a rate tied to those bonds already. That is amazing. That is another good indicator. That would be essentially another in-country rate, and higher than it was yesterday. It is indicating that things are happening there that we are very close. When will the actual rate show? I got my ideas, but I do not know when. I just know we are close having that happen.

Bruce: Could banks in this country already have done exchanges the last few days without a rate on the Iraqi dinar? Could Bank of America done exchanges in 7 or 8 different states that we know of. I am talking about rates 6 to 8 years ago we would have been thrilled at because they exceeded the $3.22 that we all thought would sort of be the reinstatement rate for the dinar. They exceeded that already. This was on Friday and Saturday. Friday was until 1pm and Saturday was for about 2.5 hours. You had to have been a customer of Bank of America and had to have been given an invite or a call to say Hey we are doing these exchanges. All those exchanges just under 2,000 of those were done Friday and Saturday.

Bruce: Could that have been done if Iraq wasnít ready to go? No I donít think so. I think the banks moved forward and allowed to create liquidity. Fifth 3rd was also one that did some.

Fifth 3rd was one that did so. You didnít miss out if you werenít part of that. You can feel good about the fact we are very close. That happened last Thursday and last Friday. Today is Tuesday.

Bruce: What else do we know? We know that the Super Petchili Bonds were transacted yesterday in Switzerland over in Zurich. Maybe they were jumping the gun, but they were paying out. Obviously they were allowed to do that. That is another good sign.

People that have humanitarian funding sources have been given the go ahead to begin utilizing their funds and paying out for humanitarian projects I believe starting Thursday. That is moving along. If they can do that, then we should be able to do it too and get started.

Bruce: We donít know the when, the day or hour exactly, but we have heard bankers talk about this week and we have heard others talk about before the end of the month. I think we are in a good place to get started. We have really very little Intel coming from Redemption Centers which tells me they are on lockdown and are quiet for a reason. When you are use to getting some information and that sort of dries up it usually means they are on lockdown or they are not talking for very specific reasons. I think that is the case.

Bruce: I think the fact we had the government shut down for over 2.5 days over the weekend into Monday that was a positive thing for us I think. I canít tell you my entire theory about it, but I think it was a good thing for us. I believe what we are going to see as financial benefit as the result of our exchanges with the money that will pour into the economy I believe a lot of people that are not aware will realize that must be as a result of the new tax plan that was passed. That took effect January 1st, but really was withholding taxes will show up in February. I believe the early effects of our exchanges may also show up in February and be attributed to the tax plan or something else similar to that.

Bruce: I think it is interesting we have new highs almost every day in the stock market. We had one I believe today if I remember right. I know yesterday was a new high, maybe today too. Why is that other than people are encouraged and excited about things happening financially? I think these exchanges that have been taken place, the money has to go somewhere. The best place to get a return right now is to get into the market. More buyers than sellers mean that market value goes up. President Trump talked about reaching a 30,000 Dow as early as the end of February into March. We are up to 26,200 in that range. It is possible we can get there. I am not trying to be an advocate of any type of investment. Letís talk about that for a second.

Bruce: The structure payouts applies to those who that have the Zim for redemption. Those structure payouts can go up to 25 years. If you have a lot of Zim, I think that is over (5) 100 Trillion notes or more, you probably are looking at a 25 year structure payout. If you are lower than that, you could negotiate a lower rate. What I mean by that is a lower term for your structure pay out. You can go less than 25 years. If you are 95, 98 years old at the time of your redemption, you may not want to go 25 years. You may want to go 10 years or 5 years. It is up to you. I plan to go 25. I donít know why anyone wouldnít want to go 25 unless they are really old and have some real serious medical issues. By going 25 years, if you get a steady return on that paying you every quarter, once a quarter, you canít beat that. That is a steady return on that mother lode account.

Bruce: Now letís look at this. I donít know what you will get at your rate of interest on that. I know what the range is. I am not at liberty to put that out, because it could change. I donít want to put something out that could be a variable like that. Even if your return was as low as 2% per year on the huge amount of that mother lode turns into real money every quarter. You will have a hard time spending it and giving it away. Realize that your rate of return on that mother lode does not have to be very high to create major dollars coming to you.

Bruce: Letís talk about another aspect of the exchange. The exchange of dinar, dong, rupiah, afghani, and even the rial, those other 5 currencies, those could go into an account you can lump them all together if you want and put it out in your structure payout. Those do not have to go into a structure payout. You can have access to the full amount of that portion of your exchange. Letís say you have dong, dinar, rupiah you go in as part of your appointment, you exchange those and find out the value of those were. In my case I am going to take the value of those currencies and take those and put them into a separate account that is not tied to a structure payout. I will have access to that and that will be money that I could get access to and do things with right away.

Bruce: What I am going to do and I think some of you are going to do something similar, will with either 90 and you are not on any percentage restrictions. Just know that there is no 80/20. I am saying if you decide to take 90%, 95%, or 98%, or whatever percentage of your Zim structure payout and you make that your God fund like I am going to do or you make that your humanitarian fund, you will be able to do that and keep that as a separate account if you wish. Keep that money separately.

Bruce: Your percentage you designate for humanitarian projects if you are going to negotiate a higher than screen rate on your Zim, you will be able to take that amount and designate it for humanitarian projects on your own any percentage you want. I am going to take the whole thing from the Zim and designate it as my God fund. All of it is going to be used for humanitarian projects and ministry. That is how I want to do it. There is no reason to have too much for my so call personal use. I have it already from the other currencies. That is what I am going to do to sort of designate that. You can negotiate your term of your structure payout down from 25 years if you want unless you are a big Zim holder. Then you probably wonít be able to do that just to let you know. The more you have, the more likely you will have a 25 year. I hope that works for everybody. It works for me. I was excited to hear there was a 50 year payout, but that is not going to happen. 25 years is the max payout. That should work for everybody.

Bruce: I think we are at the point right now there is not a whole lot additional Intel we can bring other than the toll free number. I am obviously someone who is going to be contacted about that. We got everything in place to send emails out to those who have registered.... Than when we get that number, we will put that out to you by email. We will also have the 800 number put out on our other website. We will have it there too and you can go online and see it and write it down that way. Either way it will be there, one way or another.

Bruce: I can tell you that every indication that we are getting we are right on target. We will get this thing done. It does seem there has been some delays. I am not going to tell you there werenít. I know we have had some. Yet when we look back and see what has happened, and think Oh that had to happen first. We had to have gold back currency, the gold transferred here to have the gold to back up the currency, etc. The whole thing is a block chain of event and had to have things happened. I am excited about these bonds that are going to be for sale for Iraqi citizens that is just after midnight tonight EST.

Bruce: That is about all I wanted to cover as far as an Intel point of view. I want to thank all for listening, coming in tonight, and being faithful for 7 years. Thank you for that and picking up Sueís book and for getting started with boomers products. Thank you Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven and the rest of my team. All have a beautiful night. Letís see what happens for the balance of the week. If we donít get it before hand of our next call, we will see you next week. Good night everybody.

1/18/2018 The Big Call with Bruce INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link 20min and/or Transcript

Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. Letís talk about what we have heard the last couple of days. It is still strange because we still have a blackout in Iraq right now. Information blackout. It seems so strange. We know they had a rate tradable on the Forex. We know several traders who are working with certain exchanges trading that. First as futures and preloads, now it is as currencies. We know the rate was being trading up as of yesterday and was being traded up and all of a sudden it went on hold in that particular trading platform. I do not know why other than maybe they are getting ready to make a rate change or syncing some systems together, not really sure. That is interesting that is taking place.

Bruce: The other thing we heard regarding Iraq was one of their banks, Rafidain bank, is working with a relationship with Citibank to issue new credit, debit cards or Qi cards. That is interesting. Some new Citibank cards were to be issued to dual citizens of Iraqi and America today. They were supposed to, and I not confirm this yet, reflect a much higher spending rate or to have the greater ability to spend based on 7 to 8 times than they were seeing before. That is really cool and that is due to a rate increase. We are waiting to see in fact that has happened. We have not confirmed it. It was supposed to be true as of today. We did not know if it was. We are going to put it on the shelf right now for something to be seen or not seen.

Bruce: Other things that have been happening especially yesterday is there are major meetings between the banks, the Tier 1 Banks, as far as readiness and preparedness to begin exchanges. We have heard about that. We have heard they were supposed to be prepared to go even as early as today. I believe they were all set to do that and be ready for the possibility of today except that we also understood today that the Forex is going through testing with US and Asia, with US and Africa, and I believe this has to do taking the Forex from the Swift system that it has been on and putting it on the new Fentech System which is tied to the Cipps System, the new super commuter satellite that system is on. That additional testing today was going on and may continue for another day to day and half until that is complete. However, my understanding is we may be able to begin exchanges even if the Forex is not completely set and ready to go. The Forex could follow essentially the exchanges getting started.

Bruce: Today we have heard that maybe some people if we did get some numbers we get started and set appointments. Understood some banks were prepared to do some exchanges at screen rates. Then that was the concept talked about for today. That ended up to be not the case because when we checked with numerous banks and bank screens, they did not have the screen rates showing to do exchanges. It was a hurry and wait situation. We sort of thought things could be happening to exchange a note or two, get some liquidity before using the 800 number to do our appointment setting before going into the Redemption Centers, but that did not occur today.

Bruce: We know that table top meetings are occurring in the Far East, Russia, the UK, and different places around the world. I call them exchanges, but they are really table top meetings are occurring, and my thinking is that they will continue the next day or two to occur. I do not see that slowing down. We are looking for is the opportunity for us to go in and get our exchanges done. We are looking for that toll free number to come.

Bruce: We heard time frames come and we heard time frames go. We seen dates, back wall dates come and go. I am not influenced anymore by dead lines or back walls or even times such and such is expected to happen because some things do happened according to the time lines we hear. Some things do happen. Sometimes we hear something happened at 10 oíclock. Something happened at 1201am, and we do not know what it was. Then the next day we heard such and such did happened. It is interesting we find out after the fact. It is interesting to track the progress.

Bruce: I know you are thinking as I am; Wait a minute what happened to this? You said this would happen at this time. Sometimes we just donít ever find out why it didnít occur or why it did not happen. That does occur, and it probably happens far too much. I donít worry as much what didnít happened in the past as much as I am concerned about what is going to happen in the future meaning when the toll free number is going to come. When will we get started? Are the Redemption Centers all lined up and ready to go? Will the calls go out and the notices to the staff by the Treasury to go ahead and be set for us? Yes, of course they will. Will the Call Centers be lined up and ready?

Bruce: Have you thought about this? Why would they have all the staff trained to go on a 24/7 basis when they get the nod to start? Have you understood why all these 3,700 to 3,800 Redemption Centers, not including Tier 1 Banks, in the United States why were these buildings leased? Why has HSBC and Wells Fargo putting together these staff, and why were the staff sitting there hours on end every day ready to go on some form of alert status so when they get the green light they would be able to welcome us and begin to work with us on our exchanges and our Zim redemptions? Why would all of that be set up so far in advance for us? Why would all the training for Tier 1, 2, and 3 banks or Tier 2 and 3 Banks do exchanges and introductions to the Tier 1 banks? Why would these partnerships be put together with the Tier 1 banks?

Bruce: I know there have been exchanges done based on who you knew, based on VIP status, and friends and family status. We know that has happened in the past. It doesnít seem to happen as much now, but it was for awhile. Have you thought of the fact they have been doing this for years now and really heavily in the last year ready for this to begin whenever it does start? Just realize that expense, that effort, training those people, those software systems that have been recently added to catch counterfeit Zim? All of that wouldnít have been done for nothing. Just realize that.

Bruce: This is ready to go. We just donít have the exact day or hour. The minute I get it and put it out there, it is going to change. You know I donít do that. I will tell you to be strong, and stay in faith. This is what we are called to do. Those who of us who have been chosen and called, we been to help hydrate the world and humanity, and to level the playing field for not only our family and friends but the rest of the world. We are those people that have to go out and do and see that the work is done in terms of water, food production, in terms of high quality medical care, technology, etc. This is who we are called to be at this time. I donít want anyone affiliated at all as a listener to the Big Call to shrink their responsibility and shrink away.

Bruce: We all will participate in the most fun we ever will have in giving and having compassion to people making changes in the inner city, with Rebuild America, community gardens, aqua ponics, all these things we want to do with Rebuild America in infrastructure , new builds, new housing, and working with the veterans in the Veterans Retreat Network.

For those veterans that we see who are homeless, we will help the veterans to get off the street, to reenter the work force and life as it should be. That is what we want to do. We want those veterans that are out there who are coming back or are here and having trouble with employment, we want to help them to be trained in what they want to pursue. We want to provide that training, provide scholarship. I know they have the GI bill, and I donít know if they are limited in that.

We will have the opportunities for high quality trade schools, on the job training, apprenticeship, partnerships, all of that. I believe we can get all of this done, and I canít do this by myself. I will make a dent, and I know you will make a dent. We will all work together to bring this to fruitition all over this country and take it to all over the world wherever we are needed. This technology can go over there. We will take this blessing all over.

... and then you will be able to stay in touch with us. We will let you know what we plan to do about our future calls, and projects and what you can do what in what we plan to do throughout the country in your particular town, city, or community. That is sort of what is going on in that perspective.

Bruce: There are meetings that are continuing even today that are probably going to decide the when and how the release for this for us. We will look forward to getting the result of those meetings, but I think we are in a status where things seem to be moving slowly for us, but things are happening behind the scenes. We just canít see it. Like the Forex testing with 38 tests every hour for the next 36 hours or so. Maybe this needs to occur before we have viable rates on the screens so we can exchange. How is this all coming together? That is the big question mark how this all comes together. What we see is progress. I want to keep everybody in encouraged and find that beautiful heart space that Sue talked about to relieve that stress or fight and flight mindset and bring you in a centered compassionate heart that we should have.

Bruce: As far as anything I believe the Redemption Centers are still staged and ready to go. I have not heard a change in that status. I would say based on whenever this release to take place all will move quickly and smoothly. Intel is very quiet. We have some sources who been very slow responding back to us. What we do have is some of you did see there was a settlement with HSBC who is the lead bank for the Redemption Centers. There was a settlement made and paid today. I think there is progress. There is progress good against evil. Certain people taking out of a position where they could exchange. That is a good thing. So there is clean up on aisle 3, and it continues to happen. I am encouraged by that as well.

Bruce: We heard more proof of the USN that is gold back or highly asset back, not totally gold back for us, that new currency, our new printing of that currency is making its way into bank vaults. I thing they are staging it and getting ready for us. As far as I can tell that is about everything I can bring you tonight in the way of Intel that is moving this along. I am going to ask you guys to just stay with us and register. This is Thursday and we wonít have another call until Tuesday if we have a call on Tuesday. It is going to depend on what happens between now and then. Stay in touch. We will be in touch with you if we have your email, you will get the 800 number and let you know what future calls will be and how we are going to do those, and what is our timing for our projects as that comes together. A way for us to stay in touch.

Bruce: Thank you all for coming in tonight and listening again. I want to thank Bob, Sue, Pastor Steven, and all those who are behind the scenes for helping us. By the way, thank you, Pinkroses, for doing the call transcripts for us. It is a beautiful thing you do for the community at large and for us. Thank you very much. You are well intentioned and you will be highly reward for doing that I assure you. Thank you for that. Thank you everybody. Goodnight. We will talk to you again when we talk to you. Good night.




1/16/2018 The Big Call with Bruce INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link 12min and/or Transcript

Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. I am going to let you know when I bring stuff to you I am not reading other gurus. I am not getting anything I have from other people that have blogs or shows. My stuff is directly from people that donít speak to anyone else but me. Sometimes you guys go Well Bruce you act like this was going to go so many times. Yes, I know. I am guilty. I feel we are very close. I never called it. I let you know how close I feel we are and I have felt that way. Sometimes I still feel that way. Sometimes a show comes up and I feel we are right there and I may get the 800 number during the call. I have been led to believe that this was going to happen, but it has not happened. I have been shell shocked to believe it was going to happen and it doesnít just like you guys.

Bruce: I will say this, most of the information I get is factual in the sense it has occurred or we have evidenced of exchanges being done at certain rates, or bank system has been up dated, etc. These are truism, things that have happened. Not my opinion of something. It is what I have been told that is evidence base. I want you to know this. You know I never tell you anything that I donít believe hasnít occurred or will occur, but I want you to know Yes we have been so close and we thought this for a long time for weeks if not months because things are happening that makes us believe this thing is right around the corner hours, days away whatever it is. It is important that you realize this is one of those things that does change. We get information that it is ready to go, all ready to trot, then nothing seem to happen or nothing that affects us being part of Tier 4. It might affect Tier 1, 2, and 3 or groups that have already exchanged, or people that are doing Zim swaps in Europe or other types of transactions or groups.

Bruce: We as part of the Internet Group are considered part of the public. I always use John Q Public to refer to people that have some currency bought some years ago, or were gifted currency that donít pay attention to blogs, calls, donít go online, and have no clue where we are to this whole thing. I think there are a lot of people out there who were gifted Dong, not too many with dinar because it was a little pricey to do that, but were gifted Zim. I know that. We all know that if you talked to anyone that has done that. People that are like that are John Q Public. They are not aware what is going on behind the scenes. Maybe ignorant is bliss. They donít know and one day they will find out. Hey that monopoly money you gave me or told me to buy is real. It has a value, etc.

Bruce: My point is I make extinction from those who are paying attention and have projects for humanity. That sort of puts us in a different place. You know PNRS or Privately Negotiable Rates, are available at Redemption Centers, separate stand alone centers, or sometimes they are Tier 1 banks, but usually separate office leased by HSBC or Wells Fargo to do these exchanges or redemptions of the Zim bonds. Those locations are for us. Those locations are for the Internet Group which has to be 6 to 6.5 million people strong, because what they think they know in terms of number of people that have this currency across this country not counting people across this globe maybe accurate maybe not. Maybe there are more people that been gifted more than they realize, because the notes didnít cost much. I think there is a lot of currency that is gifted that maybe not be known about. It doesnít matter to me. I am concern about those of us who have been paying attention for some a long time 12, 13, 14 years. I am in my 13th year ready to complete my 13th year.

Bruce: I would say this: There is a lot of information out there that I am made aware of. Some of it may be accurate, some of it you can gleam some truth from and a lot of it is not just true, and it is not accurate. What I try to do with you guys hear what is out there form my sources and put like mind information together so there is some consensus. So there is some sort of confirmation in my own information that I may get even from my own circle. These are people in various arenas. It could be banking, it could be in finance, and it could be directly involved in the actual Redemption Center situation or process. Whatever it is there is a lot of people that I hear from or I get information from and I want to bring you the best information I can that I feel good about and I feel is honest because I donít want to mislead you anymore I donít want to be misled by someone.

Bruce: Occasionally I am told something that doesnít come true not too often because most of it is not time specific as to when it is our turn, when we are going, when is the 800 number is coming. That kind of information doesnít generally come from my main sources. That is one reason I canít really even though I have come close, I try not to give you rates or dates. The minute I give you rates the rates change either up or down. I donít want to misinform you guys even though at the time I do know the rates or maybe I donít. It varies from day to day. We donít know the day or hour, but we know we are in that season right now. I think you guys know that and sense that we are very close. I feel we are extremely close and I really believe that. I just want you guys to know that.

Bruce: Letís talk about Iraq. Iraq is still under blackout. They did have a rate change already. People that have the so called Qi cards from Iraq that are citizens were paid on these cards. Memos and email gone out telling them a few days ago that in such and such a day, so many hours away, they would have 3 to 4 times spending power than they have now on their cards. Then the next day they get a correction of that. It says 7 to 8 times the spending power you have now. These people are getting paid at a real in country revalued rate on their Qi cards. That just changed for them 7 to 8 spending power than they had.

Bruce: What is interesting is that the US is still blacked out on several things. For one, communication from Iraq and some other Middle Eastern countries. We were blacked out, and I donít know if we are still blacked out on parts of the UK and Europe. We understand late last night what had happened globally was there was a system reboot on all banking systems around the world. You know what a reboot is. It is the same type of thing when you reboot your computer. They were getting resynced on two things.

1) A new satellite that was coordinating everything under the new banking system
2) They were being connected to new rates as was going to happen last night from the Forex.

Bruce: We heard of some examples of currencies that changed rates this morning on the Forex. When it comes to us seeing the Forex it is not visible today for us to see here in the US unless you are licensed to see it. Those guys can see the new rate and have been trading on the new rates today. That should tell you where we are today. That is a good indictor isnít it. I am very happy we have that. That is new even though we canít see it because we are not traders or Forex people. That occurred. A system reboot took place.

Bruce: We had our bank holiday, Martin Luther King, yesterday, and today was like our first day bank, like a bank Monday where they take care of business from last Friday and Saturday. Today being our first bank day back, the banks took care of business from last Friday and Saturday since they were not open yesterday. Even though they were not open yesterday a lot of bankers and Wealth Managers yesterday reported to work on a bank holiday. Why do you think they were there? Were they there to witness some of the changes that took place with the bank system reboot? Was it to go over last minute protocols before exchanges? What was it? I do not know. It could have been any number of things.

Bruce: We know Monday, yesterday, was a very busy trading day globally around the world. We know that could have included futures, could have included currency preload that we tend to call futures. It could have been any number of reasons. Why do you think that the Dow Jones Industrial average has gone up 1,000 points today? It touched 26,000 for a period at the open of the market. How did it go from 25,000 to 26,000 in 7 trading days? That is impressive in that kind of increase. I have a theory. My theory is yes the Presidentís tax plan that made through congress is a lot of reason why. Also there is a lot of new money that is finding its way into the financial system and a lot of that money will be invested in the market. It will drive up the value and prices of those stocks. I think that is why the market is doing so well. Maybe some of the money may be sidelined. I do not know. It could be number of reason. I am not an Attorney, CPA, or Stock Broker. I think there is something to it.

Bruce: We know that certain exchanges thru table top meetings have been done in Europe and other parts of the world that are providing liquidity and spendable money now. Remember the old east to west we heard about years ago? I believe that is occurring and we are in that east to west process now. Coming from far Eastern Asia to Europe and London and then over to us. That is happening. Based on everything we heard, we probably be last to start, and we believe we will start and shortly. We donít say soon, but shortly we should see this. I do believe that.

Bruce: We got evidence the Forex is up and changed with new rates. You and I canít see them and professional traders can see them. They may have come up and gone down. They will come back on, because we have had rates that been there, then disappear, and then reappear. I think they are still jockeying with that. Maybe there has been a change. Not sweating the USN rates.

Main thing when the Forex came on for real I also believe at that time the CBI had a new rate for the dinar on that site. Maybe it could have been there. I understand the English version of that site went away and the only thing available was in Arabic. If you could read the Arabic you probably could see the rate change.

Bruce: What is happening here is we are getting good information that the timing is set for us to start. We believe the banks have had their day to catch up which was today. As far as we know we are in good shape to begin pretty soon. I have heard the John Q Public will start in about a week or so. Maybe we have a week or 8 or 9 days to start ourselves at the Redemption Centers. Then the public could start.

Bruce: When it comes to what we are going to do, nothing has changed. You will call the toll free number that I intend to receive which is an honor to represent the community to be the one to receive the number of the Internet Group. Whenever that is, I am prepared to put that out very carefully and methodically to everyone so you can set your appointments and go ahead and be part of this life changing experience for yourself and the rest of the world. That part hasnít changed.

Bruce: As far as I am aware, things are still on track. Some things out there what it appears is we are exactly where we need to be time wise. We are not running late. We are at the timing where we are meant to be, but we donít know that. That sort of the environment we are in right now. I am seeing some of these things. I have heard some of those things that happened or needed to occur or this particular thing or that really this couldnít have happen unless this thing gone first.

Bruce: This is a prime example. You heard of the Regan Wanta Mitterrand fund? The only surviving one of those 3 is Leo Wanta. The good news is those funds have been repatriated to the United States. The amazing part of it is 95 percent of it was in physical gold. I am not going to tell you the amount. It was a lot. Do you realize that amount is primarily the gold that is backing up our USN currency? We have an asset back currency now called the USN that is backed heavily by gold and a lot of it came from that fund. That was new. That blew my mind. I didnít know that. So we always getting a little here, a little bit that that helps to fill in our picture of this whole thing. We are not going to know it until we look back and say oh I got it. I see what happened. I see where we are, and maybe we have that to talk about.

Bruce: As far as our timing, I think our timing is good. I think we are about to reap an incredible blessing. I just will encourage everybody to stay completely in faith and believe and when this thing comes just thank God for it, set your appointment, and donít look back. Just keep looking forward. Stay with us. Meaning I am going forward with my projects no matter how many want to partner with me as far as working with the veterans, etc.

Bruce: Stay in touch with us to know when our next call will be... Go on that and register. You will get an email back to signify you have been registered. Just beware of that. I know we have 9,000 or 10,000 people so far that have registered. Sign up if you want to stay up with us. I will let you know two things.

1) We will send you the toll free number when we get that so you will have it.
2) You will be made aware of anything we do as a community in terms of our projects and future podcasts.

Bruce: That is about everything I got for today in terms of Intel. It is extremely good. I am not going to pretend when it is going to happen. Just going to tell you I think we are finally getting to the end based on all I heard that the Forex changing, CBI, etc. is all very positive for us.
All have a great night tonight. Thank you all who are listening around the Big Call universe.
Thank you for being faithful all these many years. I want to thank my team: Sue, Bob, and Pastor Steven. Thank you everybody for our community and all have a great night. We will see what happens. Good night everybody. Thank you.


1/11/2018 The Big Call with Bruce INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link 17min and/or Transcript

Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. Letís start with Iraq. Iraq is basically under way. They have done everything we know of except having their rate posted for their Iraqi dinar on their CBI website. My understanding today is they intend to show that rate tomorrow. That is a major thing if that happen tomorrow. It could trigger some things for us. I know they had their big day of celebration in Iraq. Remember all those thousands of plantings they did for their special day of celebration in Iraq. Iraq is still under major information black out in or out of Iraq. The only way we know anything is by calling our direct contacts who have family in Iraq and we get a little bit by phone. For example we know some of the contacts that we have are Iraqi citizens that have dual citizenship and live in the United States were told they will be getting a major raise in their accounts through Rafidain Bank between today and January 13th. That is a good indicator when they are told they will have an increase to their pay due to retirement, or increase their profit sharing from their oil revenues. All those raises reflect due to a rate change as well.

Bruce: The other thing is internationally always heard the RV or GCR would come from east to west. Apparently that is what is happening now. There are other parts of Europe that are blacked out right now. Things are moving it appears from east to west. We had a black out of information out of Iraq and also true in communication normally made by the large international banks. Their communications had a cease and desist order. That is a good sign that things are really happening.

Bruce: When we come back over here in our country, we heard different opinions what bankers are saying when this is going to happen for us. Some are saying this week or by this weekend. It is right there for us. Just not quite to us yet in terms of an 800 number. We thought we be there the last day or so. There is information we heard that indicates that maybe we are coming to the end of a 72 hour window whereby the USN is being used and utilized and traded now. That is a good thing.

Bruce: We also are hearing the banks are in the process in going from Basel 3 to Basel 4 compliance. When they go from Basel 3 to Basel 4 it means a larger percentage of the money on deposit for them would be insured. A less of that would need to be insured by Lords of London. As we move from Basel 3 to Basel 4 compliance, it is good thing for our bank system. Our understanding is it should be complete by tomorrow. We also heard the possibility of the RV or GCR tied in as a result of that going thru. So there are a few things moving slowly but positively for this to be revealed.

Bruce: Also the timing for this is difficult because we know for example that there is only so much money our country, government, treasury wants to come into the actual economy over a period of time. I think there is number in the vicinity of $850 Billion Dollars. They have sort of a limit in the amount of money allowed for the time being like right now to be able to put into our economy every 48 hours. So every couple of days there sort of is a limit that can be released. That number will have to change when we get our start, but for now they donít want the economy coming in huge amounts that will offset or upset the movement of the economy even though you can see the market continues to go up with new highs as a result of new influx of capital coming in to that market. I think that could be the reason it is happening. It is like a governor on the acceleration of our economy that is there on purpose so they can limit the amount of expansion that is taking place right now.

Bruce: I understand for the first 30 to 31 days of our exchanges, we may have a limit of about $3 Billion dollars to $3.2 Billion dollars that we can have to get those funds that we have exchanged into the economy in terms of land purchases or project funds, etc. We might have a limit of what we can do in the first month as far as getting use of those funds, not moving or wiring those funds having access to and spending and utilizing those funds. It is not going to handicap too much anyone from doing that.

Bruce: There has been a lot of funding moving going into the Paymaster accounts. Those accounts are being hydrated, but not everyone is getting access to their funds yet. I think it comes in line with the concept only so much money is allowed to come into the economy. That is where I mentioned that $3 to 3.2 Billion dollars every 48 hours. That maybe limiting people to some extend that are doing exchanges or other types of meetings out west.

Bruce: Everything though is very quiet coming from not only the banks, but also from people under very serious NDAs that are not to discuss their transactions or table top meetings. It is very quiet. The Intel is sort of limited, and I think that is a good sign. We have the possibility of waiting for the end of the Basel 4 compliance timeline that we understand should be up sometime tomorrow and a then we still have a shot between now and this weekend.

Bruce: We do have Martin Luther King Day on Monday. There is our 3 day weekend that may not mean anything as far as that goes. However, we know the banks will be closed for Monday, the 15th, Martin Luther King Day. It may be well we look at John Q Pubic starting next week as early as Tuesday. Also we are looking for the Forex to come up with live real rates. When that happens say Sunday night or Monday night at midnight, when that takes place shortly thereafter the public should be able to start and do exchanges through the normal Tier 1 and Tier 2 banks.

Bruce: Those of us who are waiting on this toll free number, 6.5 million, not part of certain group, but part of the larger Internet Group, we are waiting for this 800 number to come in to set our appointments and use the well over 5500 Redemption Centers in the United States not including Canada. We are waiting on that so we can do that exchange. That could happen literally anytime even if the banks are closed on Monday and the Redemption Centers could be open.

Bruce: If we do get this number, we can set our appointments and go in. I donít think we have to wait 3 or 4 days to begin our exchanges if we get our number first. If we get it prior, we should be able to set our appointments and go fairly quickly. That has been my understanding.

We will see how that works out. We will see if we get more and better information. We will see if Iraq does change their rate on the CBI tomorrow, and if areas of the world blackout may go away including the Middle East, not just Iraq but also neighboring countries have gone dark.

Bruce: I know the rates on the currencies we are holding waiting for our exchange or redemption on the Zim still are populating to where they are quite high. Some have been traded on future type trading or preloading, and some have populated and shown rates, and we are waiting to get accurate rates on all of them. All the rates on the screen will be quite strong for all of us. I wouldnít even worry about the rates. You can still PNR, Personally Negotiate Rates your Zim and other currencies at time of your exchange if you use the Redemption Centers. Keep in mind to take a couple of blue pens and black pens to your redemption appointment. Maybe you want to use the blue pens to sign original documents you might sign off on. Other than that I think you are ready in terms of your exchange.

Bruce: One thing I am finding out when it comes to our projects like Rebuild America and Veteran Retreat Network, all of that is important we need very well trained people building this country back. I mean when we rebuild America so many of the trades are going to be tight as far as having personnel to fill those jobs. We will have plenty of jobs available. I hope we have enough people to fill those positions for infrastructure sake like welders, steel workers, and concrete forming people. Those are great positions that start out with great hourly pay that can go up quite quickly as they are certified as they go through the process. We are going to need carpenters, electricians, masons, engineers, and design engineers.

Bruce: Our intention is going to be that any veteran that needs a job, we will be able to put in a scholarship free trade school environment so they can learn a new trade. Certainly we can employ every veteran that is looking for work between Veteran Retreat Network and Rebuild America. Anyone else also that needs a job, we can put to work even if it is an apprenticeship type of role. I was thinking when it comes with concrete, you can learn by doing it hands on like the rebar. That is the kind of on the job training we can work with in an apprenticeship type relationship. When it comes to running wire in a home or business that is where an apprentice can come in and learn the trade well. We can hire people. Those coming out with college degrees we can put them to work for us. Anybody seriously considering trade or trade school, I think we are going o put together scholarship program for anybody who wants to learn a trade for Rebuild America.

Bruce: I think we are looking to get the toll free number. When we get that....  so that we can be in touch with you for future calls and future projects like Veteran Retreat Network and Rebuild America. Continue to sign up if you are new and you havenít done that yet and register your email.

Bruce: Thank you all for coming in tonight. Stay in faith and stay positive. What we are waiting for is coming hopefully soon and we can have our blessing. Thank you Sue, Bob, and Pastor Steven. Thank you Big Call listeners for your faithfulness and staying with us for the last 6 years. Good night Everybody. Thank you.

1/9/2018 The Big Call with Bruce INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link 24min and/or Transcript

Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. It is interesting because we are getting a lot of good things pointing to the timing being now, meaning this week for us. Letís start with Iraq. What is going on now in Iraq? Remember awhile back I had said we had 112 companies represented with 89 different countries in Iraq and they were doing business signing up and getting ready to get started? That has been a month or so. Guess what? They are back. They started coming in droves Saturday and Sunday into Iraq to sort of re-ink new agreements with Iraqís new value rate on their dinar. Most of the people were about 170 different countries, 690 companies represented by those representatives that were there in Iraq and to be there through tomorrow and to be leaving tomorrow and Thursday to head back to their own countries.

Bruce: What is interesting is this.

1) The fact they were there to resign new agreements and put new business deals together in Iraq based on a new rate.

2) The fact there is a total internet blackout worldwide from Iraq right now.

3) Tomorrow is supposed to be a major day of celebration in Iraq, a day of reconciliation, a freedom day. I donít remember exactly what they are calling, but they have some of those words in it.

Bruce: That is something that we understand maybe the opportunity to actually finally put out their new rate or to make it internationally publicly known. Since that has not been the case, and that is why the internet in Iraq is completely blackened out because they are getting ready to do that. Hopefully that happens tomorrow in Iraq which could be overnight for us here in the US. That is really what is going in Iraq right now.

Bruce: As far as the rate, I can tell you we have people that are trading the dinar on preloads or futures. The last rates I heard yesterday during that situation of trading were approaching $6. That is a good sign as to where the dinar might roughly may come out initially. We think it might come out and go up, but we donít know how far. Remember what Dr Shabi said from Iraq in December 2012 about Iraqi dinar being able support a rate of $16? Donít know if that will be initially, but I can tell you they are very proud and happy.

Bruce: Another thing I found out yesterday was there were a huge number of tall trees, palm trees, shrubs, plantings that were imported from South East Asia, Malaysia, and brought in to Iraq to plant for the occasion of tomorrow. Someone there said they have never seen Iraq more beautiful than it is right now. All these plantings were over 100,000 palm trees and plantings that were brought in to beautify Iraq for the celebration throughout the country. That is indicator that things are shaking over there. We will see as far as the public display of that rate, if it possibly might show tomorrow. We will see what happens on that.

Bruce: What we are hearing is the Forex, from my understanding, will come up with the live rates on these 5 or 6 currencies that we primarily hold. Those currencies will show with the new realistic rates supposedly anytime from now and the night of January14th, which would be Sunday night at midnight. Hopefully that will be the case and it wonít be pushed off, and the Forex will show live these rates. That is fort of the time and date that was put out from my sources and I believe hopefully it will stay intact.

Bruce: When that Forex goes live then or immediately after the John Q public, people not paying attention and not part of any group and not part of the internet group would be able to start at Tier 1 and Tier 2 banks. Realize we will use an 800 number that will take us to Call Centers and direct us to the Redemption Centers. The Zim is a gold back bond will be redeemed and the other currencies will be exchanged. They will use quite a few of Tier 1 Banks around the country. The total number of Redemption Centers and banks will be over 5500 locations just in the US not including Canada. They are gearing up. That does not include the Tier 2 banks and some Tier 3 banks that will also not do actual exchanges, but facilitate those exchanges through either HSBC or Wells Fargo.

Bruce: The Redemption Centers are our most efficient and have the greatest opportunity for us to negotiate actual rates if we are so inclined to do so. I would say the Tier 2 Banks may be fine to actually keep some money if you have a relationship with them. At the same time they will be charging a 1.5 % fee on your exchange if you exchange through them or try to go through them. It may be something you may or may not want to do because of that. My understanding is there is no percentage charge to us for the exchange. If there is a percent that is split between Wells Fargo and HSBC it is something that is on their side of the ledger not on our side of the ledger as far as our net redemption of our currencies. That is sort of something I did find out a little bit more of today.

Bruce: The screen rates off the so called green screens should actually be shown us at the time of our redemption. Those screen rates are not requiring an NDA even regarding the Zim. That may satisfy quite a bit of people. Realistically there are no zeros coming off the Zim. Forget that concept. Whoever is putting that out is wrong. That is not the case. Even the screen rate is mind blowing.

Bruce: When it comes to your exchanges just be aware you do have some flexibility on PNR or Privately Negotiable Rates that you can ask for rates higher than the screen provided you have a presentation that you can give them over a minute or two of what you plan to do from a humanitarian point of view. It has to do with hiring. How many people you plan to hire in the next 5 years. Things like that. What will you do with groups like the Veterans? Will you do anything with education, infrastructure, rebuilding America? Doing something involving the US, employment and things like this. Too will your projects have longevity? Remember the structure payouts that will be set up through HSBC are to go as long as 25 years. Hopefully your projects will have that type of longevity.

Bruce: I know our projects for the Big Call meaning Veterans Retreat Network and Rebuild America will go at least 25 years for sure. I want to continue what we are doing keeping Rebuild America strong and what we have for the Veterans set up for them. We will be rebuilding homes for Veterans as part of Rebuilding America. I think you guys want to do the same thing for humanitarian projects. As we will be doing ministry as well as will Bible distribution in China. Also we have plans to do work with other ministries. I am trying to do is put together the structures I want to use for Rebuild America and Veterans Retreat Network so everybody can participant their own way. I will get you more information on that when I get it.

Bruce: I am just going to say the latest information that we had regarding where we are and obviously you are looking for an 800 number as I am to get started, the latest information was very positive for this week. It does not do any good for me to call a date. I probably be wrong, and no sense in doing that. There is a close proximity from what I am hearing we are very close. I even heard the past few days I would get the number at a certain time in the am. That did not occur.

Bruce: We do have good confirmation that SKRs out west started to be paid out last Saturday and continue to be paid out through this Friday. The Paymasters for the most part are liquid and are able to handle payout to their groups. There continues to be exchanges going on out west. Things are moving along. Are we right there? I think we are right there, and hopefully we will receive our blessing very shortly.

Bruce: We know people we know are trading futures or preloads on the currencies. For the first time yesterday, the Vietnamese Dong came up on the screens and was traded just under $2. That was a nice indication. I am just pleased things are moving along in that area for us to begin to take advantage of everything that is out there.

Bruce: If you are Zim holder, you are sort of in an elite group in the sense there are not as many holders of the Zim out there as we thought. I have heard a number of Zim holders out there. I have a feeling it got to be higher that than that even significantly, because I know people have gifted Zim over the last couple of years. To me that number is a little low, but my point is that this blessing is extremely high and great for us and for those holding that currency and will essentially exchange that has a bond that will be redeemed. My feeling is it is a select group of people that know about it and actually acted on it. It is just going to be more than we ever thought or we could ever ask or think. It is that kind of blessing way more than we could imagine. It is just going to be so good.

Bruce: When we do this we are not under 80/20 deal. That has been gone. There are no 80/20, but if you take whatever you want to do for humanitarian projects, whatever portion of this mother lode is and you designate a percentage or amount and put it in a fund that will be consider a structure payout through HSBC. You set that up and you will have a rate of interest paid on that amount. It is not a high rate, but you donít need it to be more than 2 to 4 percentage points on that huge base of the amount in the account.

Bruce: The interest that is accrued and paid to you quarterly is huge. I want just want everybody to realize the greater return doesnít have to be very high at all to reap amounts that you will ha e to deal with quarterly. You will receive them and be put in your account. You will do the very best you can to take that and either reinvest in peopleís lives, put it in your projects, give it out in terms of charitable giving, spend some, or invest in other areas. The point is you will have far more coming in every quarter than you will know what to do with. A good problem to have, but at the same time think big and dream big.

Bruce: This is why I came up with, knowing how much the Zim will return, a new project, Rebuild America more than the Veteran Retreat Network. We will have the finances to do far more than we thought we could do starting with our own country and taking it around the world. I saw something about Meglove railway how that would work. I thought yes we can do that, set ourselves up instead of using high speed rail, use Meglove and set that up between cities or take it across country. There is just a lot we will be able to do more than we thought we could afford. That is why you could ask a higher negotiable rate and take your dreams and expand those dreams and think what would we really do. Do a series of schools across the country, so much we can do. I want to do recreation centers, hospitals, clinics though out the inner city, growing food, making food available at our store centers, etc. So much that we can do.

Bruce: We are going to find that money is not going to be so meaningful in the future. We are going to have so much and with the ability to do so much that it will almost be meaningless. Not initially, but after awhile it is not going to carry the same weight as it does right now for us. That is really indicative that we are moving in some new paradigms for the earth.

Bruce: I feel good where we are. I wish we had the numbers to give you. I donít have them yet. I am supposed to still get them for the Internet Group and I have a plan to put them out. Bob, Sue, and Pastor Steven are aware of what it is. I will let you know whenever it comes and you will be able to call and set your appointments.

Bruce: W e havenít been able to talk with anybody that is over or working directly with the Redemption Centers for over 60 hours straight now. That means things are quiet, locked down, blacked out, and that is for a reason. If you guys will continue to stay in faith, stay positive, continue to dream big, I feel you will find this blessing is very shortly to be ours. I know you will pray about it and do the right thing with it. Stay safe, stay secure.

Bruce: The most important thing is keep your mouth shut. Just remember the old WWII expression: Loose lips sink ships. Donít be talking about it. Just keep it quiet. Try to live as normal a life as you were in this new paradigm. There will be a lot of changes in your life style in matter of hours, days. Stay safe. Stay in touch with us. We will take our break... If you havenít, go ahead and do that so we can communicate the 800 to you by email. Also let you know about future calls and information about our projects.

If there are any "Special 800#" for any Banks exchanging we will post on the iqdcalls Banks page
as we have updated this site multiple times EVERY DAY since 2011

Bruce: I want to thank listeners. Thank you for staying faithful in praying for us and with us as we move into our new planning stages. Thank you so much. Thank you Sue, Bob, and Pastor Steven. I appreciate the team. Good night Everybody.

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