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1/18/2018 The Big Call with Bruce INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link 20min and/or Transcript


Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. Letís talk about what we have heard the last couple of days. It is still strange because we still have a blackout in Iraq right now. Information blackout. It seems so strange. We know they had a rate tradable on the Forex. We know several traders who are working with certain exchanges trading that. First as futures and preloads, now it is as currencies. We know the rate was being trading up as of yesterday and was being traded up and all of a sudden it went on hold in that particular trading platform. I do not know why other than maybe they are getting ready to make a rate change or syncing some systems together, not really sure. That is interesting that is taking place.

Bruce: The other thing we heard regarding Iraq was one of their banks, Rafidain bank, is working with a relationship with Citibank to issue new credit, debit cards or Qi cards. That is interesting. Some new Citibank cards were to be issued to dual citizens of Iraqi and America today. They were supposed to, and I not confirm this yet, reflect a much higher spending rate or to have the greater ability to spend based on 7 to 8 times than they were seeing before. That is really cool and that is due to a rate increase. We are waiting to see in fact that has happened. We have not confirmed it. It was supposed to be true as of today. We did not know if it was. We are going to put it on the shelf right now for something to be seen or not seen.

Bruce: Other things that have been happening especially yesterday is there are major meetings between the banks, the Tier 1 Banks, as far as readiness and preparedness to begin exchanges. We have heard about that. We have heard they were supposed to be prepared to go even as early as today. I believe they were all set to do that and be ready for the possibility of today except that we also understood today that the Forex is going through testing with US and Asia, with US and Africa, and I believe this has to do taking the Forex from the Swift system that it has been on and putting it on the new Fentech System which is tied to the Cipps System, the new super commuter satellite that system is on. That additional testing today was going on and may continue for another day to day and half until that is complete. However, my understanding is we may be able to begin exchanges even if the Forex is not completely set and ready to go. The Forex could follow essentially the exchanges getting started.

Bruce: Today we have heard that maybe some people if we did get some numbers we get started and set appointments. Understood some banks were prepared to do some exchanges at screen rates. Then that was the concept talked about for today. That ended up to be not the case because when we checked with numerous banks and bank screens, they did not have the screen rates showing to do exchanges. It was a hurry and wait situation. We sort of thought things could be happening to exchange a note or two, get some liquidity before using the 800 number to do our appointment setting before going into the Redemption Centers, but that did not occur today.

Bruce: We know that table top meetings are occurring in the Far East, Russia, the UK, and different places around the world. I call them exchanges, but they are really table top meetings are occurring, and my thinking is that they will continue the next day or two to occur. I do not see that slowing down. We are looking for is the opportunity for us to go in and get our exchanges done. We are looking for that toll free number to come.

Bruce: We heard time frames come and we heard time frames go. We seen dates, back wall dates come and go. I am not influenced anymore by dead lines or back walls or even times such and such is expected to happen because some things do happened according to the time lines we hear. Some things do happen. Sometimes we hear something happened at 10 oíclock. Something happened at 1201am, and we do not know what it was. Then the next day we heard such and such did happened. It is interesting we find out after the fact. It is interesting to track the progress.

Bruce: I know you are thinking as I am; Wait a minute what happened to this? You said this would happen at this time. Sometimes we just donít ever find out why it didnít occur or why it did not happen. That does occur, and it probably happens far too much. I donít worry as much what didnít happened in the past as much as I am concerned about what is going to happen in the future meaning when the toll free number is going to come. When will we get started? Are the Redemption Centers all lined up and ready to go? Will the calls go out and the notices to the staff by the Treasury to go ahead and be set for us? Yes, of course they will. Will the Call Centers be lined up and ready?

Bruce: Have you thought about this? Why would they have all the staff trained to go on a 24/7 basis when they get the nod to start? Have you understood why all these 3,700 to 3,800 Redemption Centers, not including Tier 1 Banks, in the United States why were these buildings leased? Why has HSBC and Wells Fargo putting together these staff, and why were the staff sitting there hours on end every day ready to go on some form of alert status so when they get the green light they would be able to welcome us and begin to work with us on our exchanges and our Zim redemptions? Why would all of that be set up so far in advance for us? Why would all the training for Tier 1, 2, and 3 banks or Tier 2 and 3 Banks do exchanges and introductions to the Tier 1 banks? Why would these partnerships be put together with the Tier 1 banks?

Bruce: I know there have been exchanges done based on who you knew, based on VIP status, and friends and family status. We know that has happened in the past. It doesnít seem to happen as much now, but it was for awhile. Have you thought of the fact they have been doing this for years now and really heavily in the last year ready for this to begin whenever it does start? Just realize that expense, that effort, training those people, those software systems that have been recently added to catch counterfeit Zim? All of that wouldnít have been done for nothing. Just realize that.

Bruce: This is ready to go. We just donít have the exact day or hour. The minute I get it and put it out there, it is going to change. You know I donít do that. I will tell you to be strong, and stay in faith. This is what we are called to do. Those who of us who have been chosen and called, we been to help hydrate the world and humanity, and to level the playing field for not only our family and friends but the rest of the world. We are those people that have to go out and do and see that the work is done in terms of water, food production, in terms of high quality medical care, technology, etc. This is who we are called to be at this time. I donít want anyone affiliated at all as a listener to the Big Call to shrink their responsibility and shrink away.

Bruce: We all will participate in the most fun we ever will have in giving and having compassion to people making changes in the inner city, with Rebuild America, community gardens, aqua ponics, all these things we want to do with Rebuild America in infrastructure , new builds, new housing, and working with the veterans in the Veterans Retreat Network.

For those veterans that we see who are homeless, we will help the veterans to get off the street, to reenter the work force and life as it should be. That is what we want to do. We want those veterans that are out there who are coming back or are here and having trouble with employment, we want to help them to be trained in what they want to pursue. We want to provide that training, provide scholarship. I know they have the GI bill, and I donít know if they are limited in that.

We will have the opportunities for high quality trade schools, on the job training, apprenticeship, partnerships, all of that. I believe we can get all of this done, and I canít do this by myself. I will make a dent, and I know you will make a dent. We will all work together to bring this to fruitition all over this country and take it to all over the world wherever we are needed. This technology can go over there. We will take this blessing all over.
... and then you will be able to stay in touch with us. We will let you know what we plan to do about our future calls, and projects and what you can do what in what we plan to do throughout the country in your particular town, city, or community. That is sort of what is going on in that perspective.

Bruce: There are meetings that are continuing even today that are probably going to decide the when and how the release for this for us. We will look forward to getting the result of those meetings, but I think we are in a status where things seem to be moving slowly for us, but things are happening behind the scenes. We just canít see it. Like the Forex testing with 38 tests every hour for the next 36 hours or so. Maybe this needs to occur before we have viable rates on the screens so we can exchange. How is this all coming together? That is the big question mark how this all comes together. What we see is progress. I want to keep everybody in encouraged and find that beautiful heart space that Sue talked about to relieve that stress or fight and flight mindset and bring you in a centered compassionate heart that we should have.

Bruce: As far as anything I believe the Redemption Centers are still staged and ready to go. I have not heard a change in that status. I would say based on whenever this release to take place all will move quickly and smoothly. Intel is very quiet. We have some sources who been very slow responding back to us. What we do have is some of you did see there was a settlement with HSBC who is the lead bank for the Redemption Centers. There was a settlement made and paid today. I think there is progress. There is progress good against evil. Certain people taking out of a position where they could exchange. That is a good thing. So there is clean up on aisle 3, and it continues to happen. I am encouraged by that as well.

Bruce: We heard more proof of the USN that is gold back or highly asset back, not totally gold back for us, that new currency, our new printing of that currency is making its way into bank vaults. I thing they are staging it and getting ready for us. As far as I can tell that is about everything I can bring you tonight in the way of Intel that is moving this along. I am going to ask you guys to just stay with us and register. This is Thursday and we wonít have another call until Tuesday if we have a call on Tuesday. It is going to depend on what happens between now and then. Stay in touch. We will be in touch with you if we have your email, you will get the 800 number and let you know what future calls will be and how we are going to do those, and what is our timing for our projects as that comes together. A way for us to stay in touch.

Bruce: Thank you all for coming in tonight and listening again. I want to thank Bob, Sue, Pastor Steven, and all those who are behind the scenes for helping us. By the way, thank you, Pinkroses, for doing the call transcripts for us. It is a beautiful thing you do for the community at large and for us. Thank you very much. You are well intentioned and you will be highly reward for doing that I assure you. Thank you for that. Thank you everybody. Goodnight. We will talk to you again when we talk to you. Good night.





1/16/2018 The Big Call with Bruce INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link 12min and/or Transcript

Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. I am going to let you know when I bring stuff to you I am not reading other gurus. I am not getting anything I have from other people that have blogs or shows. My stuff is directly from people that donít speak to anyone else but me. Sometimes you guys go Well Bruce you act like this was going to go so many times. Yes, I know. I am guilty. I feel we are very close. I never called it. I let you know how close I feel we are and I have felt that way. Sometimes I still feel that way. Sometimes a show comes up and I feel we are right there and I may get the 800 number during the call. I have been led to believe that this was going to happen, but it has not happened. I have been shell shocked to believe it was going to happen and it doesnít just like you guys.

Bruce: I will say this, most of the information I get is factual in the sense it has occurred or we have evidenced of exchanges being done at certain rates, or bank system has been up dated, etc. These are truism, things that have happened. Not my opinion of something. It is what I have been told that is evidence base. I want you to know this. You know I never tell you anything that I donít believe hasnít occurred or will occur, but I want you to know Yes we have been so close and we thought this for a long time for weeks if not months because things are happening that makes us believe this thing is right around the corner hours, days away whatever it is. It is important that you realize this is one of those things that does change. We get information that it is ready to go, all ready to trot, then nothing seem to happen or nothing that affects us being part of Tier 4. It might affect Tier 1, 2, and 3 or groups that have already exchanged, or people that are doing Zim swaps in Europe or other types of transactions or groups.

Bruce: We as part of the Internet Group are considered part of the public. I always use John Q Public to refer to people that have some currency bought some years ago, or were gifted currency that donít pay attention to blogs, calls, donít go online, and have no clue where we are to this whole thing. I think there are a lot of people out there who were gifted Dong, not too many with dinar because it was a little pricey to do that, but were gifted Zim. I know that. We all know that if you talked to anyone that has done that. People that are like that are John Q Public. They are not aware what is going on behind the scenes. Maybe ignorant is bliss. They donít know and one day they will find out. Hey that monopoly money you gave me or told me to buy is real. It has a value, etc.

Bruce: My point is I make extinction from those who are paying attention and have projects for humanity. That sort of puts us in a different place. You know PNRS or Privately Negotiable Rates, are available at Redemption Centers, separate stand alone centers, or sometimes they are Tier 1 banks, but usually separate office leased by HSBC or Wells Fargo to do these exchanges or redemptions of the Zim bonds. Those locations are for us. Those locations are for the Internet Group which has to be 6 to 6.5 million people strong, because what they think they know in terms of number of people that have this currency across this country not counting people across this globe maybe accurate maybe not. Maybe there are more people that been gifted more than they realize, because the notes didnít cost much. I think there is a lot of currency that is gifted that maybe not be known about. It doesnít matter to me. I am concern about those of us who have been paying attention for some a long time 12, 13, 14 years. I am in my 13th year ready to complete my 13th year.

Bruce: I would say this: There is a lot of information out there that I am made aware of. Some of it may be accurate, some of it you can gleam some truth from and a lot of it is not just true, and it is not accurate. What I try to do with you guys hear what is out there form my sources and put like mind information together so there is some consensus. So there is some sort of confirmation in my own information that I may get even from my own circle. These are people in various arenas. It could be banking, it could be in finance, and it could be directly involved in the actual Redemption Center situation or process. Whatever it is there is a lot of people that I hear from or I get information from and I want to bring you the best information I can that I feel good about and I feel is honest because I donít want to mislead you anymore I donít want to be misled by someone.

Bruce: Occasionally I am told something that doesnít come true not too often because most of it is not time specific as to when it is our turn, when we are going, when is the 800 number is coming. That kind of information doesnít generally come from my main sources. That is one reason I canít really even though I have come close, I try not to give you rates or dates. The minute I give you rates the rates change either up or down. I donít want to misinform you guys even though at the time I do know the rates or maybe I donít. It varies from day to day. We donít know the day or hour, but we know we are in that season right now. I think you guys know that and sense that we are very close. I feel we are extremely close and I really believe that. I just want you guys to know that.

Bruce: Letís talk about Iraq. Iraq is still under blackout. They did have a rate change already. People that have the so called Qi cards from Iraq that are citizens were paid on these cards. Memos and email gone out telling them a few days ago that in such and such a day, so many hours away, they would have 3 to 4 times spending power than they have now on their cards. Then the next day they get a correction of that. It says 7 to 8 times the spending power you have now. These people are getting paid at a real in country revalued rate on their Qi cards. That just changed for them 7 to 8 spending power than they had.

Bruce: What is interesting is that the US is still blacked out on several things. For one, communication from Iraq and some other Middle Eastern countries. We were blacked out, and I donít know if we are still blacked out on parts of the UK and Europe. We understand late last night what had happened globally was there was a system reboot on all banking systems around the world. You know what a reboot is. It is the same type of thing when you reboot your computer. They were getting resynced on two things.

1) A new satellite that was coordinating everything under the new banking system
2) They were being connected to new rates as was going to happen last night from the Forex.

Bruce: We heard of some examples of currencies that changed rates this morning on the Forex. When it comes to us seeing the Forex it is not visible today for us to see here in the US unless you are licensed to see it. Those guys can see the new rate and have been trading on the new rates today. That should tell you where we are today. That is a good indictor isnít it. I am very happy we have that. That is new even though we canít see it because we are not traders or Forex people. That occurred. A system reboot took place.

Bruce: We had our bank holiday, Martin Luther King, yesterday, and today was like our first day bank, like a bank Monday where they take care of business from last Friday and Saturday. Today being our first bank day back, the banks took care of business from last Friday and Saturday since they were not open yesterday. Even though they were not open yesterday a lot of bankers and Wealth Managers yesterday reported to work on a bank holiday. Why do you think they were there? Were they there to witness some of the changes that took place with the bank system reboot? Was it to go over last minute protocols before exchanges? What was it? I do not know. It could have been any number of things.

Bruce: We know Monday, yesterday, was a very busy trading day globally around the world. We know that could have included futures, could have included currency preload that we tend to call futures. It could have been any number of reasons. Why do you think that the Dow Jones Industrial average has gone up 1,000 points today? It touched 26,000 for a period at the open of the market. How did it go from 25,000 to 26,000 in 7 trading days? That is impressive in that kind of increase. I have a theory. My theory is yes the Presidentís tax plan that made through congress is a lot of reason why. Also there is a lot of new money that is finding its way into the financial system and a lot of that money will be invested in the market. It will drive up the value and prices of those stocks. I think that is why the market is doing so well. Maybe some of the money may be sidelined. I do not know. It could be number of reason. I am not an Attorney, CPA, or Stock Broker. I think there is something to it.

Bruce: We know that certain exchanges thru table top meetings have been done in Europe and other parts of the world that are providing liquidity and spendable money now. Remember the old east to west we heard about years ago? I believe that is occurring and we are in that east to west process now. Coming from far Eastern Asia to Europe and London and then over to us. That is happening. Based on everything we heard, we probably be last to start, and we believe we will start and shortly. We donít say soon, but shortly we should see this. I do believe that.

Bruce: We got evidence the Forex is up and changed with new rates. You and I canít see them and professional traders can see them. They may have come up and gone down. They will come back on, because we have had rates that been there, then disappear, and then reappear. I think they are still jockeying with that. Maybe there has been a change. Not sweating the USN rates.

Main thing when the Forex came on for real I also believe at that time the CBI had a new rate for the dinar on that site. Maybe it could have been there. I understand the English version of that site went away and the only thing available was in Arabic. If you could read the Arabic you probably could see the rate change.

Bruce: What is happening here is we are getting good information that the timing is set for us to start. We believe the banks have had their day to catch up which was today. As far as we know we are in good shape to begin pretty soon. I have heard the John Q Public will start in about a week or so. Maybe we have a week or 8 or 9 days to start ourselves at the Redemption Centers. Then the public could start.

Bruce: When it comes to what we are going to do, nothing has changed. You will call the toll free number that I intend to receive which is an honor to represent the community to be the one to receive the number of the Internet Group. Whenever that is, I am prepared to put that out very carefully and methodically to everyone so you can set your appointments and go ahead and be part of this life changing experience for yourself and the rest of the world. That part hasnít changed.

Bruce: As far as I am aware, things are still on track. Some things out there what it appears is we are exactly where we need to be time wise. We are not running late. We are at the timing where we are meant to be, but we donít know that. That sort of the environment we are in right now. I am seeing some of these things. I have heard some of those things that happened or needed to occur or this particular thing or that really this couldnít have happen unless this thing gone first.

Bruce: This is a prime example. You heard of the Regan Wanta Mitterrand fund? The only surviving one of those 3 is Leo Wanta. The good news is those funds have been repatriated to the United States. The amazing part of it is 95 percent of it was in physical gold. I am not going to tell you the amount. It was a lot. Do you realize that amount is primarily the gold that is backing up our USN currency? We have an asset back currency now called the USN that is backed heavily by gold and a lot of it came from that fund. That was new. That blew my mind. I didnít know that. So we always getting a little here, a little bit that that helps to fill in our picture of this whole thing. We are not going to know it until we look back and say oh I got it. I see what happened. I see where we are, and maybe we have that to talk about.

Bruce: As far as our timing, I think our timing is good. I think we are about to reap an incredible blessing. I just will encourage everybody to stay completely in faith and believe and when this thing comes just thank God for it, set your appointment, and donít look back. Just keep looking forward. Stay with us. Meaning I am going forward with my projects no matter how many want to partner with me as far as working with the veterans, etc.

Bruce: Stay in touch with us to know when our next call will be... Go on that and register. You will get an email back to signify you have been registered. Just beware of that. I know we have 9,000 or 10,000 people so far that have registered. Sign up if you want to stay up with us. I will let you know two things.

1) We will send you the toll free number when we get that so you will have it.
2) You will be made aware of anything we do as a community in terms of our projects and future podcasts.

Bruce: That is about everything I got for today in terms of Intel. It is extremely good. I am not going to pretend when it is going to happen. Just going to tell you I think we are finally getting to the end based on all I heard that the Forex changing, CBI, etc. is all very positive for us.
All have a great night tonight. Thank you all who are listening around the Big Call universe.
Thank you for being faithful all these many years. I want to thank my team: Sue, Bob, and Pastor Steven. Thank you everybody for our community and all have a great night. We will see what happens. Good night everybody. Thank you.


1/11/2018 The Big Call with Bruce INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link 17min and/or Transcript


Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. Letís start with Iraq. Iraq is basically under way. They have done everything we know of except having their rate posted for their Iraqi dinar on their CBI website. My understanding today is they intend to show that rate tomorrow. That is a major thing if that happen tomorrow. It could trigger some things for us. I know they had their big day of celebration in Iraq. Remember all those thousands of plantings they did for their special day of celebration in Iraq. Iraq is still under major information black out in or out of Iraq. The only way we know anything is by calling our direct contacts who have family in Iraq and we get a little bit by phone. For example we know some of the contacts that we have are Iraqi citizens that have dual citizenship and live in the United States were told they will be getting a major raise in their accounts through Rafidain Bank between today and January 13th. That is a good indicator when they are told they will have an increase to their pay due to retirement, or increase their profit sharing from their oil revenues. All those raises reflect due to a rate change as well.

Bruce: The other thing is internationally always heard the RV or GCR would come from east to west. Apparently that is what is happening now. There are other parts of Europe that are blacked out right now. Things are moving it appears from east to west. We had a black out of information out of Iraq and also true in communication normally made by the large international banks. Their communications had a cease and desist order. That is a good sign that things are really happening.

Bruce: When we come back over here in our country, we heard different opinions what bankers are saying when this is going to happen for us. Some are saying this week or by this weekend. It is right there for us. Just not quite to us yet in terms of an 800 number. We thought we be there the last day or so. There is information we heard that indicates that maybe we are coming to the end of a 72 hour window whereby the USN is being used and utilized and traded now. That is a good thing.

Bruce: We also are hearing the banks are in the process in going from Basel 3 to Basel 4 compliance. When they go from Basel 3 to Basel 4 it means a larger percentage of the money on deposit for them would be insured. A less of that would need to be insured by Lords of London. As we move from Basel 3 to Basel 4 compliance, it is good thing for our bank system. Our understanding is it should be complete by tomorrow. We also heard the possibility of the RV or GCR tied in as a result of that going thru. So there are a few things moving slowly but positively for this to be revealed.

Bruce: Also the timing for this is difficult because we know for example that there is only so much money our country, government, treasury wants to come into the actual economy over a period of time. I think there is number in the vicinity of $850 Billion Dollars. They have sort of a limit in the amount of money allowed for the time being like right now to be able to put into our economy every 48 hours. So every couple of days there sort of is a limit that can be released. That number will have to change when we get our start, but for now they donít want the economy coming in huge amounts that will offset or upset the movement of the economy even though you can see the market continues to go up with new highs as a result of new influx of capital coming in to that market. I think that could be the reason it is happening. It is like a governor on the acceleration of our economy that is there on purpose so they can limit the amount of expansion that is taking place right now.

Bruce: I understand for the first 30 to 31 days of our exchanges, we may have a limit of about $3 Billion dollars to $3.2 Billion dollars that we can have to get those funds that we have exchanged into the economy in terms of land purchases or project funds, etc. We might have a limit of what we can do in the first month as far as getting use of those funds, not moving or wiring those funds having access to and spending and utilizing those funds. It is not going to handicap too much anyone from doing that.

Bruce: There has been a lot of funding moving going into the Paymaster accounts. Those accounts are being hydrated, but not everyone is getting access to their funds yet. I think it comes in line with the concept only so much money is allowed to come into the economy. That is where I mentioned that $3 to 3.2 Billion dollars every 48 hours. That maybe limiting people to some extend that are doing exchanges or other types of meetings out west.

Bruce: Everything though is very quiet coming from not only the banks, but also from people under very serious NDAs that are not to discuss their transactions or table top meetings. It is very quiet. The Intel is sort of limited, and I think that is a good sign. We have the possibility of waiting for the end of the Basel 4 compliance timeline that we understand should be up sometime tomorrow and a then we still have a shot between now and this weekend.

Bruce: We do have Martin Luther King Day on Monday. There is our 3 day weekend that may not mean anything as far as that goes. However, we know the banks will be closed for Monday, the 15th, Martin Luther King Day. It may be well we look at John Q Pubic starting next week as early as Tuesday. Also we are looking for the Forex to come up with live real rates. When that happens say Sunday night or Monday night at midnight, when that takes place shortly thereafter the public should be able to start and do exchanges through the normal Tier 1 and Tier 2 banks.

Bruce: Those of us who are waiting on this toll free number, 6.5 million, not part of certain group, but part of the larger Internet Group, we are waiting for this 800 number to come in to set our appointments and use the well over 5500 Redemption Centers in the United States not including Canada. We are waiting on that so we can do that exchange. That could happen literally anytime even if the banks are closed on Monday and the Redemption Centers could be open.

Bruce: If we do get this number, we can set our appointments and go in. I donít think we have to wait 3 or 4 days to begin our exchanges if we get our number first. If we get it prior, we should be able to set our appointments and go fairly quickly. That has been my understanding.

We will see how that works out. We will see if we get more and better information. We will see if Iraq does change their rate on the CBI tomorrow, and if areas of the world blackout may go away including the Middle East, not just Iraq but also neighboring countries have gone dark.

Bruce: I know the rates on the currencies we are holding waiting for our exchange or redemption on the Zim still are populating to where they are quite high. Some have been traded on future type trading or preloading, and some have populated and shown rates, and we are waiting to get accurate rates on all of them. All the rates on the screen will be quite strong for all of us. I wouldnít even worry about the rates. You can still PNR, Personally Negotiate Rates your Zim and other currencies at time of your exchange if you use the Redemption Centers. Keep in mind to take a couple of blue pens and black pens to your redemption appointment. Maybe you want to use the blue pens to sign original documents you might sign off on. Other than that I think you are ready in terms of your exchange.

Bruce: One thing I am finding out when it comes to our projects like Rebuild America and Veteran Retreat Network, all of that is important we need very well trained people building this country back. I mean when we rebuild America so many of the trades are going to be tight as far as having personnel to fill those jobs. We will have plenty of jobs available. I hope we have enough people to fill those positions for infrastructure sake like welders, steel workers, and concrete forming people. Those are great positions that start out with great hourly pay that can go up quite quickly as they are certified as they go through the process. We are going to need carpenters, electricians, masons, engineers, and design engineers.

Bruce: Our intention is going to be that any veteran that needs a job, we will be able to put in a scholarship free trade school environment so they can learn a new trade. Certainly we can employ every veteran that is looking for work between Veteran Retreat Network and Rebuild America. Anyone else also that needs a job, we can put to work even if it is an apprenticeship type of role. I was thinking when it comes with concrete, you can learn by doing it hands on like the rebar. That is the kind of on the job training we can work with in an apprenticeship type relationship. When it comes to running wire in a home or business that is where an apprentice can come in and learn the trade well. We can hire people. Those coming out with college degrees we can put them to work for us. Anybody seriously considering trade or trade school, I think we are going o put together scholarship program for anybody who wants to learn a trade for Rebuild America.

Bruce: I think we are looking to get the toll free number. When we get that....  so that we can be in touch with you for future calls and future projects like Veteran Retreat Network and Rebuild America. Continue to sign up if you are new and you havenít done that yet and register your email.

Bruce: Thank you all for coming in tonight. Stay in faith and stay positive. What we are waiting for is coming hopefully soon and we can have our blessing. Thank you Sue, Bob, and Pastor Steven. Thank you Big Call listeners for your faithfulness and staying with us for the last 6 years. Good night Everybody. Thank you.

1/9/2018 The Big Call with Bruce INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link 24min and/or Transcript


Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. It is interesting because we are getting a lot of good things pointing to the timing being now, meaning this week for us. Letís start with Iraq. What is going on now in Iraq? Remember awhile back I had said we had 112 companies represented with 89 different countries in Iraq and they were doing business signing up and getting ready to get started? That has been a month or so. Guess what? They are back. They started coming in droves Saturday and Sunday into Iraq to sort of re-ink new agreements with Iraqís new value rate on their dinar. Most of the people were about 170 different countries, 690 companies represented by those representatives that were there in Iraq and to be there throughtomorrow and to be leaving tomorrow and Thursday to head back to their own countries.

Bruce: What is interesting is this.

1) The fact they were there to resign new agreements and put new business deals together in Iraq based on a new rate.

2) The fact there is a total internet blackout worldwide from Iraq right now.

3) Tomorrow is supposed to be a major day of celebration in Iraq, a day of reconciliation, a freedom day. I donít remember exactly what they are calling, but they have some of those words in it.

Bruce: That is something that we understand maybe the opportunity to actually finally put out their new rate or to make it internationally publicly known. Since that has not been the case, and that is why the internet in Iraq is completely blackened out because they are getting ready to do that. Hopefully that happens tomorrow in Iraq which could be overnight for us here in the US. That is really what is going in Iraq right now.

Bruce: As far as the rate, I can tell you we have people that are trading the dinar on preloads or futures. The last rates I heard yesterday during that situation of trading were approaching $6. That is a good sign as to where the dinar might roughly may come out initially. We think it might come out and go up, but we donít know how far. Remember what Dr Shabi said from Iraq in December 2012 about Iraqi dinar being able support a rate of $16? Donít know if that will be initially, but I can tell you they are very proud and happy.

Bruce: Another thing I found out yesterday was there were a huge number of tall trees, palm trees, shrubs, plantings that were imported from South East Asia, Malaysia, and brought in to Iraq to plant for the occasion of tomorrow. Someone there said they have never seen Iraq more beautiful than it is right now. All these plantings were over 100,000 palm trees and plantings that were brought in to beautify Iraq for the celebration throughout the country. That is indicator that things are shaking over there. We will see as far as the public display of that rate, if it possibly might show tomorrow. We will see what happens on that.

Bruce: What we are hearing is the Forex, from my understanding, will come up with the live rates on these 5 or 6 currencies that we primarily hold. Those currencies will show with the new realistic rates supposedly anytime from now and the night of January14th, which would be Sunday night at midnight. Hopefully that will be the case and it wonít be pushed off, and the Forex will show live these rates. That is fort of the time and date that was put out from my sources and I believe hopefully it will stay intact.

Bruce: When that Forex goes live then or immediately after the John Q public, people not paying attention and not part of any group and not part of the internet group would be able to start at Tier 1 and Tier 2 banks. Realize we will use an 800 number that will take us to Call Centers and direct us to the Redemption Centers. The Zim is a gold back bond will be redeemed and the other currencies will be exchanged. They will use quite a few of Tier 1 Banks around the country. The total number of Redemption Centers and banks will be over 5500 locations just in the US not including Canada. They are gearing up. That does not include the Tier 2 banks and some Tier 3 banks that will also not do actual exchanges, but facilitate those exchanges through either HSBC or Wells Fargo.

Bruce: The Redemption Centers are our most efficient and have the greatest opportunity for us to negotiate actual rates if we are so inclined to do so. I would say the Tier 2 Banks may be fine to actually keep some money if you have a relationship with them. At the same time they will be charging a 1.5 % fee on your exchange if you exchange through them or try to go through them. It may be something you may or may not want to do because of that. My understanding is there is no percentage charge to us for the exchange. If there is a percent that is split between Wells Fargo and HSBC it is something that is on their side of the ledger not on our side of the ledger as far as our net redemption of our currencies. That is sort of something I did find out a little bit more of today.

Bruce: The screen rates off the so called green screens should actually be shown us at the time of our redemption. Those screen rates are not requiring an NDA even regarding the Zim. That may satisfy quite a bit of people. Realistically there are no zeros coming off the Zim. Forget that concept. Whoever is putting that out is wrong. That is not the case. Even the screen rate is mind blowing.

Bruce: When it comes to your exchanges just be aware you do have some flexibility on PNR or Privately Negotiable Rates that you can ask for rates higher than the screen provided you have a presentation that you can give them over a minute or two of what you plan to do from a humanitarian point of view. It has to do with hiring. How many people you plan to hire in the next 5 years. Things like that. What will you do with groups like the Veterans? Will you do anything with education, infrastructure, rebuilding America? Doing something involving the US, employment and things like this. Too will your projects have longevity? Remember the structure payouts that will be set up through HSBC are to go as long as 25 years. Hopefully your projects will have that type of longevity.

Bruce: I know our projects for the Big Call meaning Veterans Retreat Network and Rebuild America will go at least 25 years for sure. I want to continue what we are doing keeping Rebuild America strong and what we have for the Veterans set up for them. We will be rebuilding homes for Veterans as part of Rebuilding America. I think you guys want to do the same thing for humanitarian projects. As we will be doing ministry as well as will Bible distribution in China. Also we have plans to do work with other ministries. I am trying to do is put together the structures I want to use for Rebuild America and Veterans Retreat Network so everybody can participant their own way. I will get you more information on that when I get it.

Bruce: I am just going to say the latest information that we had regarding where we are and obviously you are looking for an 800 number as I am to get started, the latest information was very positive for this week. It does not do any good for me to call a date. I probably be wrong, and no sense in doing that. There is a close proximity from what I am hearing we are very close. I even heard the past few days I would get the number at a certain time in the am. That did not occur.

Bruce: We do have good confirmation that SKRs out west started to be paid out last Saturday and continue to be paid out through this Friday. The Paymasters for the most part are liquid and are able to handle payout to their groups. There continues to be exchanges going on out west. Things are moving along. Are we right there? I think we are right there, and hopefully we will receive our blessing very shortly.

Bruce: We know people we know are trading futures or preloads on the currencies. For the first time yesterday, the Vietnamese Dong came up on the screens and was traded just under $2. That was a nice indication. I am just pleased things are moving along in that area for us to begin to take advantage of everything that is out there.

Bruce: If you are Zim holder, you are sort of in an elite group in the sense there are not as many holders of the Zim out there as we thought. I have heard a number of Zim holders out there. I have a feeling it got to be higher that than that even significantly, because I know people have gifted Zim over the last couple of years. To me that number is a little low, but my point is that this blessing is extremely high and great for us and for those holding that currency and will essentially exchange that has a bond that will be redeemed. My feeling is it is a select group of people that know about it and actually acted on it. It is just going to be more than we ever thought or we could ever ask or think. It is that kind of blessing way more than we could imagine. It is just going to be so good.

Bruce: When we do this we are not under 80/20 deal. That has been gone. There are no 80/20, but if you take whatever you want to do for humanitarian projects, whatever portion of this mother lode is and you designate a percentage or amount and put it in a fund that will be consider a structure payout through HSBC. You set that up and you will have a rate of interest paid on that amount. It is not a high rate, but you donít need it to be more than 2 to 4 percentage points on that huge base of the amount in the account.

Bruce: The interest that is accrued and paid to you quarterly is huge. I want just want everybody to realize the greater return doesnít have to be very high at all to reap amounts that you will ha e to deal with quarterly. You will receive them and be put in your account. You will do the very best you can to take that and either reinvest in peopleís lives, put it in your projects, give it out in terms of charitable giving, spend some, or invest in other areas. The point is you will have far more coming in every quarter than you will know what to do with. A good problem to have, but at the same time think big and dream big.

Bruce: This is why I came up with, knowing how much the Zim will return, a new project, Rebuild America more than the Veteran Retreat Network. We will have the finances to do far more than we thought we could do starting with our own country and taking it around the world. I saw something about Meglove railway how that would work. I thought yes we can do that, set ourselves up instead of using high speed rail, use Meglove and set that up between cities or take it across country. There is just a lot we will be able to do more than we thought we could afford. That is why you could ask a higher negotiable rate and take your dreams and expand those dreams and think what would we really do. Do a series of schools across the country, so much we can do. I want to do recreation centers, hospitals, clinics though out the inner city, growing food, making food available at our store centers, etc. So much that we can do.

Bruce: We are going to find that money is not going to be so meaningful in the future. We are going to have so much and with the ability to do so much that it will almost be meaningless. Not initially, but after awhile it is not going to carry the same weight as it does right now for us. That is really indicative that we are moving in some new paradigms for the earth.

Bruce: I feel good where we are. I wish we had the numbers to give you. I donít have them yet. I am supposed to still get them for the Internet Group and I have a plan to put them out. Bob, Sue, and Pastor Steven are aware of what it is. I will let you know whenever it comes and you will be able to call and set your appointments.

Bruce: W e havenít been able to talk with anybody that is over or working directly with the Redemption Centers for over 60 hours straight now. That means things are quiet, locked down, blacked out, and that is for a reason. If you guys will continue to stay in faith, stay positive, continue to dream big, I feel you will find this blessing is very shortly to be ours. I know you will pray about it and do the right thing with it. Stay safe, stay secure.

Bruce: The most important thing is keep your mouth shut. Just remember the old WWII expression: Loose lips sink ships. Donít be talking about it. Just keep it quiet. Try to live as normal a life as you were in this new paradigm. There will be a lot of changes in your life style in matter of hours, days. Stay safe. Stay in touch with us. We will take our break... If you havenít, go ahead and do that so we can communicate the 800 to you by email. Also let you know about future calls and information about our projects.

If there are any "Special 800#" for any Banks exchanging we will post on the iqdcalls Banks page
as we have updated this site multiple times EVERY DAY since 2011

Bruce: I want to thank listeners. Thank you for staying faithful in praying for us and with us as we move into our new planning stages. Thank you so much. Thank you Sue, Bob, and Pastor Steven. I appreciate the team. Good night Everybody.

1/4/2018 The Big Call with Bruce INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link 13min and/or Transcript

Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. Letís figure out what in the world is going on. Well, we know we have a major snow squall storm that is taking place and is continuing in various part s of the eastern seaboard from Georgia Florida line to up North. This is one of these storms not expecting to end up like this and huge weather in New York and into Boston along the coast with wind gusts of 80mph. This storm is like a winter hurricane of sorts. I would say that storm has held us back for a few days.

Bruce: We had information that was indicating we were pretty much there and ready to start yesterday. Yesterday had we heard that the US Treasury had released the USNs and released the banks with a go ahead to get started. We were looking for that because we were thinking who is in control of this now. I think there are several fractions that are involved in this. We know the Treasury kind of gave the go ahead the blessing to begin to the banks.

Bruce: At this point the banks kind of are holding off because the Redemption Centers could not be adequately serviced with their own staff employees having to head back and fend for themselves in the storms throughout various parts of the country. That is taking us to the point where they are now reloading on that particular thing.

Bruce: We got Redemption Centers that are looking to regroup and contact the staff again from upper management to set up times for them to reassemble and be ready to go for us. I believe that would take place for us Saturday if not on Sunday for those calls to be made for those staff members to be repositioned in the Redemption Centers. Subsequently, the timing for this is looking good for early next week. I hate to be somebody to put this off. I try to look at things day by day. Things do change. Sometimes they get pushed back and out, and sometimes they are brought in little closer where we want it to be.

Bruce: Our Treasury has released Iraq for them to post their new dinar Iraqi rate tomorrow evening our time in the United States. That would be Saturday early am in Iraq. They should have the new rate posted. They need that posted by then because we have 17 different nations with companies representing those countries coming to Iraq to sign off on their contracts at the new rate for the dinar. This is from 17 different countries that will be arriving Saturday and Sunday taking care of business Sunday and Monday, and then leaving Monday and into Tuesday to head back. This is kind of a period of timing where these countries need to take care of these contracts and finish the business that they already started previously. That has to occur. For that to occur with them to arriving Saturday to begin business on Sunday the new rate has to be there and needs to be there or they wouldnít be coming. So we feel good about that.

Bruce: As far as anything else that is going on for us, we know that our new USN, our new currency, I canít tell you when that currency would be coming out in terms of the banks. I am looking for that especially today. We know digitally the USN is in most of the world now. Essentially itís been live in most if not all of the world right now. I think that will change this weekend or first part of the week.

Bruce: We are expecting President Trump to make an announcement on Monday regarding the return to an asset back currency. We may call it gold back currency, I do not know. We are looking for that announcement on Monday sometime. I think when we have the new rate on the dinar and we have the trading that has been going on in the market to take the rates on these currencies up where they want them to be. We could very well have the Forex populate come up anytime. We thought it would be early this morning. That did not happen, I donít believe. The timing of that will make a difference. The CBI website everything should show early Saturday morning Iraqi time. We will keep eye on that.

Bruce: Otherwise the Redemption Centers were ready to go. They are no longer ready to go. They will be when the calls go out to reassemble the employees to come in and this from what I understand I going to call it early in the week that is something is from what I understand is happening where there is a weather event or not. That is what I heard regarding for this going down. A lot of communication and information is coming thru indicating that is ready.

Everything else based on what is happening out west. I canít speak to what was accomplished today exactly. I know they are poised and ready for codes to be reentered and for groups to be paid that have not been paid. That whole thing is about ready to release.

Bruce: When it comes to larger humanitarian funding entities that you are aware of, we know tranches have been received and will continue to be received for use for those to be paid out here over the next couple of days. Even we heard as early as Tuesday for that to occur. If that occurs, we should be in the mix by then as well. If that is the case, we are looking for an announcement, looking for Iraq to finish up and put the rate out, and for the storm to clear so the employees can get back into place and all the banks ready to go as well. See how this thing comes to us. We could get faked out and come before then, but I think realistically we are looking for early next week.

Bruce: Because we knew we were so close on Tuesday call, we really thought we be here by now or by tomorrow but this storm did hold us back. The storm was a major factor with bad weather in 11 states and really bad weather in 7 states. That storm incident is to blame for that. We can just hold on a little bit longer and go on and continue with plan A and wait for Plan B to take over soon enough. We talked about Veteran Retreat Network and Rebuild America, and rebuilding homes. I am excited and I am ready to get started and I think you guys are too.

Bruce: You will be pleased with the rates populating on the screens. In the case of the Zim, Dinar, Dong and Rial you have some negotiating room to negotiate the rates at the Redemption Centers based on your ability to explain on a humanitarian view with your humanitarian projects. In the past we talked about structure payouts and how long they will go. The most recent clarification on the structure payouts how long they will go is the maximum time for them to be is 25 years length for that structure pay out. Keep that in mind. Also the interest rates will vary a little bit, but not too much. You will be able to negotiate your interest rate meaning the rate you will be earning on your structure payout. There is no 80/20 for us. That applied to certain groups, but not to us. Basically it is your money. There are no long NDAs. It is a short NDA, from a page to page-and-half. IF the NDA applies to you, I think you will be fine. It is not really that bad of a situation to be in at all.

Bruce: We are about at the end of the Intel that we need to know. We just need to know when we are to start. I know the 800 number that I suppose to receive and put out. We got our communication ready to go for that. We are ready to go as soon as I get the call. Hopefully that will be sometime very early next week. We can go in and get exchange and go on about our lives.

Bruce: I appreciate all for coming in and being part of the Big Call tonight. We are in our 7th year now and thank you for being part of this and staying with us. Stay in faith, stay ready for this and be prepared as we can be going forward, and be prepared to change your lives as you go in to exchange. Thank you to Sue, Bob, and Pastor Steven. Thank you to all the listeners in Big Call Universe. We hope our next communication will be the 800 numbers. Stay with us. Goodnight everybody.

1/2/2018 The Big Call with Bruce INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link 17min and/or Transcript


Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call. I do believe it is close and we have indications we might be just where we need to be. We said Iraq is basically is done and operating with a new rate. They havenít yet put out to the world what that rate is. I think they are waiting until we get the go ahead to do our exchanges. I think it is triggered by that. Their CBI website sort of changed hands about December 31, 2017 from the US based in Houston. That website shifted back to the control of Iraq in Baghdad. They have the control of it now. The website is in Arabic, but without the English version or translation with that. That is a little different. We are kind of looking for that to come up in English. We werenít able to get our Arabic speaking helpers to check that out to get us a heads up whether the rate was on the website or not. My inclination is to think maybe not.

Bruce: They do plan to receive deposits to the CBI and to their affiliated member banks for the exchange process starting next Sunday, January 7, 2018. I donít know if it means too specific to us, but I think it seems to me as if we were to exchange before then those deposits of the dinar would hold until January 7th and then be deposited on January 7th into the CBI. I do not know the mechanics of that whether they are doing something physically with the dinar or digitally. We always thought once upon a time that once the dinar was turned in or exchanged by us it would either go to the Treasury and the Treasury might enter the information digitally and maybe even shred the currency. I think that is what might happen. I canít tell you if that is still the case.

Bruce: We had a translation what they said on the sight today about that is good. It tells about exchanging and working with their member banks and other exchange centers that are legally set up for that purpose. I would say Iraq is rock-n-rolling. Moving forward and getting everything done from that perspective. There was another celebration that might have been just about the New Year. I would say we are really getting some information that is pointing us toward to the Redemption Centers being prepared for this exchange process here pretty shortly. The information I received this afternoon is indicating the control of the contacting of the Redemption Center personnel or staff has been sort of shifted to another individual who will contract people who are sort of regionally directing what is going on in the United States with that. Then they will notify the staff members by phone thru this phone type system to let them know. I believe that has already occurred to prepare what the timing is suppose to be. I have heard different things about the timing possibly be pointing to be happening now, tonight. I canít say that is absolute by any means. There is information pointing toward it. Otherwise there is this thing with the CBI. It is sort of a chicken or egg. I know our US Treasury is working closely with the CBI in Iraq. It maybe the CBI changeover or revealing of the new rate on the Iraqi dinar maybe controlled or somehow indicated by our US Treasury. I know they are working closely and there maybe something to that. Maybe it is jockey for position and hopefully this be released to us fairly soon.

Bruce: The NDAs that are out there are not really the long NDA at all. My understanding is the NDA is a page Ėand-a quarter to a page-and-half, nothing longer than that. I would tell you the rates continue to be good for us. Some are still climbing up and I canít tell you if they are being traded like they were. The Forex was supposed to come up with the new live rates at 2:30am this morning. My understanding that has not occurred and I donít know why. I really feel the Forex obviously if it had come up at 2:30am in the morning with live rates and we could see it, then everybody would be pretty much there. The fact it did not come up at 2:30am this morning, it indicates they are still not ready. It may mean they continue to trade currency for exact position. The rates were showing and may still now showing live on the banks. I canít tell you for sure.

Bruce: I know we are getting awful close. Yesterday being Monday, and being a holiday, Monday was not going to be a day for the banks to be open. Today being the first banking day in the United States, a Tuesday, was sort of like the banks Monday.On Monday they are taking their Saturday business and going thru that. The theory is nothing really happens on Monday. A lot of things have happened on a Tuesday. We just didnít get started. Consider today sort of like Monday and tomorrow a good day to consider for a start.

Bruce: I have heard like you have heard spoken many times this is our week. I do know that is supposed to be where we are and I feel good about that, and the additional information I got an hour before the call tonight. I am excited about that.

Bruce: The rates are solid, all good. I think we will be in great shape. I know the screen rate for Dinar, Dong, and other currency might come up and surprise us. I was told the Vietnamese Dong is the sleeper. I always felt it could be. Nothing will touch the Zim. The Dong will do very well, better than we thought. The Dinar is the stellar. I donít know what is going on with the Rial. All sanctions came off all countries at midnight last night. I think they are getting ready for this GCR to show and manifest. It couldnít happen at a sooner time for us. Here we are in the year of Jubilee, year of debt forgiveness. We might see that debt forgiveness. Maybe something we can witness for ourselves. The irony is that those of us involved in this scenario with the currency after the fact, we wonít need the debt forgiveness because any debts that we would have we will be able to pay off without a whole lot of thought. It will really affect everybody else that was not involved in this more than it would us for sure.

Bruce: As far as humanitarian projects are concerned, we are still planning to go strong with the Veteran Retreat Network and Rebuild America programs. What I will do is have a cross over with the veterans and building new homes for the veterans in Rebuild America. Get the veterans that are homeless off the street with the Street to Retreat program. I am excited what we will do with equine therapy for the Vets and families and with canine therapy and job training. I donít see where we will ever have any unemployment for Vets. If they are able bodied and they can move around a bit and take a job, we will have a lot of jobs that will need a lot of people. We will have training jobs and positions for them. We will be hiring a lot of people, men and women getting this Veteran Retreat Network established and Rebuild America.

Bruce: I feel like the idea of doing some infrastructure which we will do, we could have bonds available that we can buy that we can use to go directly to infrastructure. The idea of a private public partnership from our viewpoint is a no brainer. We need very little if any government dollars to put a program together where the infrastructure is handled. We could easily put together $10 trillion or more in infrastructure.

Bruce: We will see if the administration is still listening to the Big Call and is thinking going beyond Congress for funding and is willing to work with us in a private partnership way with possible with Tax credits and other things to help us with infrastructure bonds. They donít even have to pay a high interest rate to be effective. We will have a lot of money that can go for infrastructure. A great opportunity to take our country to elevate it to a new level. We are not stopping at Rebuild America. We are just starting here. We will go to other parts of the world with water, water purification, sanitation, and desalination in parts of the world that do not have the resources. I think we are really off and running and I am looking forward to it. I am excited where we will go in 2018 as a country and as a series of listeners on the Big Call that I call Big Call Universe. I think we will come together have a beautiful time together and have a wonderful time doing it. There is no more fun than seeing people smiling and see their lives changing and you made a major difference in their lives. We are all excited to be part of that concept.

Bruce: I would say this is a time to be confident, to have faith, continue to believe and be strong on what you believe and stand fast. We know it will come thru in the perfect time. Big Call Universe, thank you for listening and thank you for a great 6 years. This is the start. Maybe it is almost the end of our calls for 2018, the start of our 7th year. You know what, regardless, if we will take a month off or so to get everything ready to go, we will be back talking with you on podcasts and give you direction what we plan to do as a team and as Big Call Universe together. Everybody have a great night and get some sleep and we will see what tomorrow brings. Thank you Bob, Sue, and Pastor Steven. Everybody have a good night.

12/28/2017 The Big Call with Bruce INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link 18min and/or Transcript

Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. What is special about tonight this marks 6 years of the Big Call. I actually started this call December 28, 2011. I think it would be fitting we do this call tonight and it be our last call. While Bob was speaking I got a text. I can tell you this, Bob, you better be ready to go for new orders starting tonight or tomorrow. The information I just got is so positive and powerful even though I canít tell you exactly what it is I can tell you what it is about. It is about activity out west. It has been confirmed to have started. That is a very good sign for those who understand groups, cores, SKRS, etc. That is the confirmation I got. I am not going to dwell on it, but I think it was absolutely vital and very good welcome news.

Bruce: We had thought that we would not have a call tonight, and we would be essentially done. Maybe it was fitting we had this final call tonight. I just think what I am hearing right now, it is not about Iraq anymore. We know that the dinar has been active and has been trading and been used in Iraq lower denominations. I donít know if we will see a rate up on the CBI until Sunday when the Forex comes up Sunday night. I think that is when we will see something. I know what the rate is approximately, and it is all very good. It is moving up and it is being traded, and it is on its way up. That is good.

Bruce: Other currencies are also being traded. Some of these currencies I donít have really background in or have information on, but I knew one of them would come along nicely, the Philippine peso. I had a feeling about it all along because it was a little more expensive than the Vietnamese dong to buy, but I wonder if the Philippines might come along with the Vietnamese Dong. I think these South Eastern Asian Countries are going to come up and be relatively close to each other maybe even 8% of each other. That is what I have heard and I think it is probably true. A lot are trading partners and are in that part of the world. They canít be far too off from each other.

Bruce: We had heard years ago (this is sort of like the Big Call in review) that there would be 3 baskets of currencies. Then we heard no. All would be in one basket and all happen at the same time. We found out today there will be 3 baskets. We are going to have the one we know about with maybe one or two more currencies in there. Then we will have another one, than we will have another one all within a year. I canít tell you what currencies they are. Something you can look into. If you got Zima, there really is not much sense to look into anything else to be honest with you. There will be two other baskets that will come up later on.

Bruce: We did get that the banks had a soft ware upgrade today and it was installed around 10am EST this morning. The bank system was upgraded with software. Then we heard at 2pm today a system integrity test was done on that software with the banks. We heard by last night by 1130pm the banks would be essentially ready for that upgrade. They would be synced enough to be able to move forward today with some good stuff. We had a 11:30 as of last night, we had a 2pm this afternoon for the system integrity test which we have to believe was successful, and at 4pm EST all the Redemption Centers were staffed, fully staffed, and up and running ready to go. We werenít fully sure over the holidays whether they would be ready and fully staffed, but they are now. We have an opportunity to go between now and New Years. I believe that is the plan to do that. I canít and wonít call it to say it will happen. I believe good things have happened today that is pointing towards going down.

Bruce: When we use Zim Swaps term or Zim trades, they are large amounts being traded. This was supposed to start at 7pm EST tonight. It started an hour early. It did throw off some of the buyers internationally. It happened at 128 different locations globally around the world at 6:30pm EST tonight. I think that is really good. Those Zim Swaps needed to happen and need to happen so that the Zim Platforms can have rates that they can begin to transact. My understanding is they may start sometime ftomorrow afternoon.

Bruce: We have sort of a time line of some things that have happened since last night all the way thru today and moving thru tomorrow that looks very good us for the weekend. I canít tell you for sure about this, but I really think we are getting the kind of information to make everybody relatively excited especially the information I got when I was speaking to Bob. It was a strong confirmation.

Bruce: The Redemption Centers are ready to go. That means the Call Centers are also ready to go. When I get the toll free number I will put it out and get it to Bob and Kent. Then you will get it by going to our websites or I will have Bob email it to you if you have... Then Bob can forward you an email with the 800 number to call to set your appointment for the Redemption Centers.

Bruce: Realize this we have certain number of groups basically out west. You know about those. We got another group that is primarily attached to one bank, and they will have their own numbers for that. Then I will have the number for the Internet Group for about 6 to 6.5 million people that have been paying that do not want to be part of any other group. Rather they want to go in individually as not part of a group par say, but go into the Redemption Center with an appointment especially for Zim to do their redemption of their Zim bonds and their other currencies at the same place. That is a little different thing than some of the numbers that might be coming out. It maybe comes out simultaneously with the other group we talked about long time ago.

Bruce: Many of you on the Big Call are interested in going into the Redemption Centers and working with a number of the banks that will be there plus the host bank HSBC. With HSBC we have the ability to privately negotiate your rates on those 4 currencies, the Zim, Dinar, Dong and Iranian Rial. So you have some flexibility there based upon your ability to convince them you need a really solid high rate for your humanitarian projects like Rebuild America or the Veterans Retreat Network or some of the projects you have.

Bruce: Every few days we think of projects that would be really cool like the idea of infrastructure burying phone, electrical, and fiber optics underground. Essentially we can have this stuff underground. Then we wonít have problems with hurricanes, tornadoes, and other storms. I hope we can get a lot of the country to go with that. I know it could be expensive, but we can afford that. I like to see we do that in ten years. It would protect us against EMP, solar flashes or anything that would attack our grid. That is one way to help is to do that. Hopefully we can get the Presidentís ear and the Administration to think how we can use some of our Infrastructure Bonds to do that. I think that would be really cool. You canít plant trees on that line or dig around and put other plantings there. They are going to do that on Puerto Rico and other Caribbean Islands. I think that is the way to do that with the new infrastructure, to get it underground. We can do it here on our US Mainland.

Bruce: Depending on where your zip code is for your Redemption Center. My understanding is there will be some bank representatives from the Tier 1 Banks at many of the Redemption Centers to help you with setting up new accounts for other banks other than HSBC. Maybe Wells Fargo will also be at the Redemption Centers. Maybe you will also have a Bank of America, Citi Bank, and Chase Bank representatives there so you can set appointments or do what you need to do with additional banks. They will determine that based on the demographics and density of the area you in which you live. If you live in a highly populated area or you got a lot of holders of currencies, it is quite possible you could have 4 to 6 banks representatives at the Redemption Centers. Just heads up in case you think of diversifying into one or two banks. You could do that at the Redemption Center. Just consider that.

Bruce: We do understand you should be able to do a bank wire transfer. They will be calling them a ledger to ledger transfer. These transfers can take place very quickly now. You can also pick up bundles of $2500 bills, new $100 bills, up to 10,000 of cash at the Redemption Centers if you want it. You should be able to get a temporary debit card loaded with amount of money before you leave. Then your permanent card, I going to call it platinum or black card, tied to Wells Fargo, HSBC, or whatever bank you choose. The permanent card should be Fed Ex to you in a couple of days. That will be really good and that will be for your permanent card.

Bruce: I like the concept of what comes with the Black card. If you go with the Black card, you are telling the restaurant, store, or cashier this is a Black card and usually means unlimited capability for the holder of the card. I think if it is possible which I believe it is you can get the Black card benefits going with a platinum or gold card other than black because it just signifies so much. A lot of parts of the country if you walk into with that they wonít know what to do with it. Some parts of the country they know about the Black card and not seem a big deal. To me I think you set yourself up as a target if you start flashing a Black card around at a $100 restaurant bill. I just wouldnít do it.

Bruce: Other than that I think things are moving thru for us finally. I believe the evidence has come where we are getting good stuff. I believe I would pay close attention to emails and stuff the next couple of days. Letís see what happens. We should have this and I believe their intention is to get this before the New Year. Letís see if they make it. I feel good what I got so far today and even what I got while I was on the call.

Bruce: I wish everybody to have a very safe New Years Eve. Enjoy New Years Day. I know I will. New Years Eve is kind of like amateur night. I know you maybe could be in celebratory mood. Please the last thing we need is a prom night car crash due to drunk drivers out there. I just want to warn everybody to be very caution. If you do go out be very careful not to drive if you have had something to drink. You cannot be replaced after this goes down. Just be good, be confident and have fun. I am just going to say have a beautiful New Years Eve.

Bruce: Thank you for 6 years of faithfulness listening to the Big Call. Thank you Sue, Bob, and Pastor Steven, and everybody behind the scenes for being faithful and being part of the Big Call. Thank you everybody for listening and I appreciate everybody in Big Call Universe. Stay in touch with us and we will be in touch with you. Good night everybody.


12/26/2017 The Big Call with Bruce INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link 8min and/or Transcript


Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. We usually start with Iraq because there always seem to be some information we need to learn about Iraq. Tonight is no exception to that.

​What we can talk about in terms of Iraq and rates is on Thursday this past week, Iraq started and made a new active rate on their dinar. It was put out so we have an active rate, so call international rate. It kept going up and still is going up thru today. It started at such and such rate, and went up. Then it went up more every day. It was officially traded up starting on Sunday night about 8 or 9:30 at night. It continued to trade throughout the day and night.

As of today, it went up and it is over $4.00 and it is continuing to go up. I donít know where it needs to go before this is released. I heard a couple of numbers where it needs to go, but based on the current progress we should be ready for the release in a matter of a day or so.

Bruce: I donít know if we are going immediately in the next day. We got some information that is indicating it should start in a few days and we should have all this complete around January 2nd. By that I mean the Redemption Centers. The Redemption Centers are on high alert. They have been told to be ready at a momentís notice.

Also they been told donít schedule anything for New Years Eve because we are just going to exchange on through the new year all the way through at least to January 2nd. The banks will go much longer. The banks will go 45 days up to 90 days. That is what the bank schedule is going to be. The so called Redemption Centers or exchange locations will be operating 24/7 for a period of about a week, maybe a little bit longer depending on when they decide to shut it all down.

Bruce: I am excited because I think we are finally where Iraq has finished and completed and nothing else to do. Their lower denominations are already coming out of the ATM machines over there. I know people that are Iraqi citizens have money on their cards that they have actually used already. I mean major dollars that they been able to spend today. We are really are just about there. I donít know the timing, but I do know they want to bring the value of the dinar up a little higher to get to a certain point. That is being traded around the clock. Maybe it is depending on that.

Bruce: I know around Sunday, might be Monday, the Forex will come into play. Once the Forex starts they can expect it to be really traded up and who knows what rate it will actually go to. As far as we know everything is completed finally. I know that there were significant meetings over the weekend with the top Tier 1 executives. I know those went very well, and I know we are in the time frame for those to start. The starting time was going to be from Christmas onto the next few days. We should be just about there as far as that goes.

Bruce: There is not a whole lot else to bring up. Yes, we didnít get this for Christmas as we all thought. We were looking for that. It didnít happen. I donít know that if there was anything nefarious about it. It just seemed to drag through Christmas and even last night we thought we might get it through Christmas day. If we made it this far, we can make it all the way to the end of the year. I donít think we will have to wait that long. At least that is what it looks like. It looks like we should go by the end of the year.

Bruce: It appears there has been some activity as far as helping to remove the world of so called bad guys. That is continuing to go on. We understand the majority of the people we call the cabal or the people who have been trouble makers have been letís say been picked up and I know that probably continues go on, but I think we are at the point the resistance of that is no longer a factor. It is up I believe to the US Treasury and Secretary Mnuchin to let this thing go. That is what I have heard and I have been told. The timing is very good for this thing to go at almost any hour from here on to the next couple of days. That is what I am believing and what I have heard.

Bruce: The rates are continuing to climb up. I told you where we are right now approximately on the dinar. The rest of the rates will go up accordingly. All you can do when you go for your exchanges is you can come off the screen rates, and they should show you the screen rates. You can negotiate above that if you feel you are so inclined based on the signing of an NDA based on anything above the screen rate, and your ability to show them you need a higher rate based on your humanitarian projects. We just talked about that on Thursday. We talked about Veterans Retreat Network and Rebuild America. We are excited to get going and get started to rebuild this country to get the infrastructure going and everything else we want to do.

Bruce: As far as anything else, really it is about the timing. They will release this when they feel they have the currencies at the highest level to support whatever they need when we come in for public exchange. We are sort of the public. We are part of the Internet Group and we will go simultaneously with those that are uninformed. We will go and be the informed and they will go and wonít be informed. No big deal. It just we had the opportunity to get the information that they didnít get. With that said, that is it for tonight.

Bruce: Thank you Sue, Bob, and Pastor Steven, and all who are listening in to the Big Call. Thank you for everything. Good night everybody. Thank you for tuning in. Have a great night. See you on the other side. Remember we will take a month or so off. Good night.


12/19/2017 The Big Call with Bruce INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link 18min and/or Transcript

Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call from all around the globe. This is a really important time. We are coming up to the Winter Solstice Thursday, December 20th. A lot is happening right now. You are feeling the pressure of Christmas which is a week away, trying to get ready, last minute gift ideas, and travel plans going. We are getting ready for the most important blessing that maybe we ever experience by a long shot.

I am excited because I know the intention is, we donít call it, we donít do dates or rates, on the Big Call. I can tell you we are in a very close proximate state where the intention is, Chinaís intention, for us to have this for Christmas. Their intention is to have the world have this for Christmas. We know parts of the world they already started. We are kind of behind.

​They are ahead in parts of the world. They started in some parts of the world already. That is a good thing.

Bruce: Letís talk about Iraq. What they had to do was they had to get everything set with World Bank because there is a loan coming to Iraq from World Bank. They needed to have that accomplished. They got what they needed to the World Bank at approximately 3pm or 4pm EST this afternoon. They were granted the loan from the World Bank and they sufficiently met the requirements the World Bank had for Iraq. We know this will allow the lower denominations finally be put out. That is their new currency these lower denominations. They line up with the ones we have.

Bruce: I think they will have a coin to take the place of the one dollar bill. They have fils. Coins the banks will have. Those are portions of a dinar because the dinar will be worth much more than a dollar. They will have coins and I think the Iraqis like coins. There are supposed to be larger coins. The Silver coins worth 50,000 dinar, and the gold coins worth 100,000 dinar. These are major coins that could be used between banks and businesses. They are pretty valuable.

Bruce: The other thing Iraq is doing is they are currently for at least a day, because they stopped trading over the weekend, and they resumed trading the dinar as a future meaning as a future currency that is really there now. They started trading those again last night and continued to 3am to 4am in the morning then it was shut off. I believe it was resumed again for tonight. During that time we know the value of those futures have gone up more than double almost 3 times since they were cut off this morning at 3:00 to 3:30am. There is a lot of movement of these futures moving the value of the dinar to its true rate which could come out any day now. We are looking for it to be shown and come out.

Bruce: All the speeches have been made from Iraq. They claimed their sovereignty and liberation of Iraq. We know Iraq and Syria for the most part is completely ISIS free. The strongholds that were there are gone. We are going after them wherever they are. We know that. They can run but cannot hide. That is working along nicely.

Bruce: This tax bill is going thru maybe have it completed early in the am morning, and I think delivered to the President tomorrow. Maybe get a signing ceremony. I think it is a good thing for us and the nation. We know that President trump is suppose to make an announcement Thursday, December 2lst, the day of Winter Solstice. It suppose to be about the return of our government to the restored republic, and I think about our new dollar, asset back currency. I think those type of announcements maybe few other things could be discussed and brought up.

Bruce: Yesterday, if anyone caught the Presidentís speech, they would have caught the word sovereignty for the United States and the returning to what was back in our founding father minds in terms of the constitution and our pubic. I canít remember the exact language, but at the time he said it, it resonated with me. That is the kind of language we want to hear. I am excited to hear what that speech will be about Thursday. I think it will be an important time for us. I have heard a lot of people speaking to this week. The Chinese want to have this for us before Christmas. I think I am looking at hours if not days. We are very close to what we are looking forward to.

Bruce: When it comes to other currencies, they still are being put in position being traded up. It is a matter of whether or not you want to take a look at screen rates at the Redemption Centers, and whether or not you want to ask for a little bit more than what is on the screens. You are going to ask if you have projects you plan to do or you plan to jump on the band wagon with the Big Callís Rebuild America and the Veterans Retreat Network. Either of those major projects are good. We can use help on those. The financial are going to be very strong. We will be able to offer our veterans even more than I realize when we initially put the business plan together 4 years ago. We will be able to offer them a lot. I am excited about that.

Bruce: I was talking to customer service with a veteran what we plan to do. He was very excited what we plant to do. The veterans need our help. There are a number of homeless vets. We will be able to get them into homes. It will be an amazing thing that we can do, and restore America. There is infrastructure needs all over this country, bridges, roads, fiber optics, internet all over the country. Wonder if we could bury cables underground nationwide? It is a major project that we will have the resources to do that if we can get all to agree on it. I bet we have the Administration listening to our call tonight. We can get this done privately.

Bruce: I was thinking the other night I wish they realize that we have the where-with-all to do these projects without using any government money or tax dollars. It can come from all private sector using bonds designed for infrastructure. We talked about that months ago on the Big Call.

We can buy those bonds with money coming in from our quarterly interest payments from our structure payouts. Buy those bonds and finance those infrastructures ourselves and not even bat an eye. I am serious. I hope the government is listening because we can help in that area.
Bruce: I heard the President yesterday even talking about doing something to help to prevent electric magnetic pulse, EMP. We can beat that EMP. If we buried this stuff and had them under ground, we can avoid electric grids being taken out. We can shield the transforms properly even the ones on the poles against any EMP. I think the President is getting good advice talking about that now.

Bruce: We will be coming into technologies with the likes we only dreamed about. If you are aware of what I am talking about of some of the healing technologies, electrical and energy technology is out there. It is there. There is a lot. I donít have to tell you I am up to speed with most of it. We will bring a lot of good interviews to you in the future. Sue found some really cool technology growing food. I canít wait to do that on a call. We will be able to offer that and it will be really good. This is a game changer growing food all over the world. We will start it here and then take it all over the world. It will blow your minds. I am excited about that. It is going to be really big.

Bruce: I want everybody to get a good night sleep tonight. Letís pretend that it is Christmas. All go to bed tonight hoping, believing, trusting in God for this to come thru. We want to have the most beautiful Christmas and it will be fantastic. I hope that we have this such that we do not even talk until sometime next year when we have everything lined out. We will let you know when our next call will be and our projects set up, and when we got things done and put together and let you know how you can be part of it. Be aware that the rates on some of these currencies, the Zim, Dinar, Dong and even the Rial are negotiable and you should be able to navigate the rate even though the rates are going to be fantastic on the screens.

Bruce: The public may go with us. We call them the uninformed public, not the John Q Public as we had been calling them. They just are not up to speed as we are. They donít know about the Redemption Centers, and the privately negotiable rates. They are just uninformed. They maybe start the same time we do. The Redemption Centers are ready to go. They are on high alert still. I am still going to receive the toll free number. I will put it out and then we will be able to get started with our exchanges.

Bruce: Pretend with me that tonight is Christmas Eve. I think that is going to be it for this call tonight. Thank you everybody for coming in and listening again. Thank you for being faithful to the Big Call. Here we are 6 years in this call ready to wrap up our 6th year. We will be in touch with you. Stay in touch with us by signing up and registering for emails to. Go to that site and register your email and we will send you an email with the 800 or toll free number and let you know our schedule will be next year.

Bruce: Thank you for everything Bob, Sue, and Pastor Steven, and Big Call listeners all over the world. All have a blessed night. Good night everybody.


12/14/2017 The Big Call with Bruce INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link 10min and/or Transcript

Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. Thank you for being faithful these many years. It looks like we are getting close to our 6th year anniversary of the Big Call. I donít think this side of the blessing we wonít go any further than tonight based on all the information we are getting tonight. Thank you again for listening to the Big Call. Tonight letís start with Iraq.

Bruce: We told you Iraq was really complete. They completed everything they needed to do concerning the speech PM Abadi made last Saturday. PM Abadi talked about Iraqís liberation, their sovereignty, their gold back standard, and their dinar gold back currency. He actually did mention the rate of the dinar at the time and it was covered by CNN Internationally. Our media is not letting us put out anything about Iraq dealing with rates or the GCR or the RV as we use to call it.

​Bruce: What is amazing is the only thing we are looking for from Iraq is the rate of the dinar, the new rate, the value posted on the CBI website, and the CBI rate to find its way to the Forex. I believe they sort of jumped the gun a little bit this afternoons in trying to populate the rates on the Forex. They sort of preloaded some of those rates of those 6 major currencies we talked about on this call that essentially had to be taken off and wait for the proper time. The proper time to so call preload those was approximately 7:30 EST tonight.

Bruce: The same thing is true for the UN Operational rates which should change and take effect shortly after midnight tonight because the 15th is one the date of the month when the UN Operational rates, the changes take place, because they occur on the 1st and the 15th of every month. That is just to give people around the world an idea of what the variance what the rate is those two times a month, the 1st and the 15th.

We are coming up to the 15th. A little big after midnight tonight those rates on the UN Operational page may reflect these currencies. I canít tell you for sure they will, but there is the possibility they will reflect the new rate that Iraq has, Vietnam has, Zimbabwe has, etc. It may or may not. The Forex may reflect it. It may not. We will see what happens. I think what is interesting is sort of the last thing what Iraq has to do is have that new established rate put out on the CBI and have the CBI put that new rate out on the Forex.

Bruce: Canít say for sure it is happening tonight or tomorrow, but everything else we are hearing out of the west coast. This is heads up, a little bit of a time line. We heard last night that China had essentially kicked off everything. A little bit after 9:00pm, we believe that occurred. Then a minute later we believe funds were given so groups and other entities could be paid. A lot of activity occurred out west today. We are believing that everything was happening so people that were paid could have access to their funds and see those funds when the toll free number is put out.

I believe once that goes out whether to me or others, and I would put it out, what I heard today is the last step on the countdown we are waiting for. We will say that is the case and we are looking forward to the receiving of that number and I will put it out so the community, the Internet Group, could be able to call in and set their appointments for the redemption of the Zim and the exchange of their currency. Why do you call it redemption? The fact is we have ZIM bonds. Those are being redeemed, not exchanged. When we take them in, other currencies are considered exchanges. That is the difference of those two terms.

Bruce: Redemption Centers obviously have received memorandums giving them the times and the starts for when they expect to take appointments. The Call Centers are notified to receive phone calls. We know it is a two step process at the Call Centers for those who have Zim. That is all set. The Redemption Centers are at high red alert status. They are ready to go as soon as everything is released in terms of the Call Centers and 800 numbers. They are ready to go.

Bruce: We know the Redemption Centers will be available for a period of as many as 11 days to exchange. This could take it, if we need to, up to Christmas Eve. I am not talking about the start, but the Redemption Centers being open and available all the way up to Christmas Eve. They will be open 24/7 which means 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I believe this will happen so we will have a very Merry Christmas.

Bruce: What about the other banks and how are they a part of this? As far as we can tell, our start, the Intern Group, may vary will coincide with John Q Public or the public in large when they find out about this. I can tell you one thing that is very good for us. Letís say we get started and we get our toll free number and you can set your appointment and you can get started and so on. The public will find out with people who talk, and those who gifted in the past years. Some of this will probably leak out just naturally.

Bruce: In case of the Tier 1 banks, Wells Fargo, and HSBC who is the parent bank for all the Redemption Centers and exchange centers which all are under HSBC. Those two banks are big. Also, you have Chase Bank, Bank of America, and Citi Bank. Those are the big 5 for us. There are a number of Tier 2 banks that are powerful and large. The Tier 2 banks had calls yesterday with their employees that let them know they will have extended hours starting Monday for two to 4 hours in addition to the normal time schedule that the banks have during the week. For example, if the banks are open until 5pm, they could be open till 7 or as late as 9 pm depending on the demographics, the desire and demands of that particular area or branch.

Bruce: We know banks are open on Saturday on the weekends usually until noon or 1pm. Banking hours on Saturday will be extended as well for another 1 to 4 hours which could take them to as late as 5 pm on Saturday. Why all these extended hours during the week and on Saturday? Why do you think? These Tier 1 banks will be exchanging which some of them are set up with currency exchange desks. Most of them will not be handling the Zim. They will be handling the dinar, dong, rupiah and the rial. They have been trained and prepared for this. Some of the Tier 2 banks will also extend their hours based on demand based along the lines of what has happened with Tier 1 banks. This starts on Monday. This new schedule or new extended hours are to go for 45 days with extended hours. Interesting.

Bruce: Why would you say that would be necessary even after the public exchanges? You have people like us who will be going in doing our exchanges and redeeming at the Redemption Centers. We will have the desire to move some money to other banks. We will be doing that in the first week or two moving funds around. Some of those funds will be going to some of the Tier 1 and 2 banks. They will be able to receive those funds and have meetings with the Wealth Managers at some of the Tier 1 and 2 banks. There will be more business and more meetings with Wealth Managers and private bankers at those other banks. That is one reason for the extended hours will be necessary. It will be a lot more business all the way around. I thought you would appreciate that is what is planned for the Tier 1 banks starting Monday, December 18th. We are covered at the Redemption Centers, and Tier 1 and probably Tier 2 banks for extended hours.

Bruce: We are coming down to the point of one more thing. Guess what that is? Bringing me, Bless Bruce, the toll free number so I can bring it to you. That is it. That is the one thing we are waiting for. I donít know when that will be. I feel it is close. I feel we are right there. It could happen at any moment, over night tonight, or tomorrow. We will see what happens. All I can tell you is tomorrow could be an important day as far as UN Operational rates, as far as Forex goes. There are a few other things out there that are happening this week. They are important, but I really think that is what we are looking for. We are basically looking for the toll free number so we can get started.

Bruce: I am saying right now we are waiting on one thing, the toll free number from everything else we have heard. We donít use the word done or soon anymore. We are at the point now we need to focus on this coming in. It should be before Christmas. This should be our Christmas gift to the world, and be able to enjoy it as never before. That is our intention for this to come through.

Bruce: That being said, I believe are at the point you know your projects. You know about the Veteran Retreat Network and our intention to work with veterans. Also you know about the Rebuild America project. You know you can be part of that and you can mention that to the Redemption Center staff when you go in and you can negotiate slightly higher rates on your currency because of that fact. You tell them you plan to do some projects which one is Rebuild America projects. You can mention the Big Call if you want to. They might have heard of it. A lot of the Redemption Centers and some of the offices have listened to the Big Call. Also the Administration, and the 3 letter agencies are listening to the Big Call every time we come on.

​Bruce: I want to thank everybody for listening. I want to thank the Redemption Center staff and operatives for being available in being trained to be ready to go. They are probably as anxious as we are to get started. I think that is cool. They have been training on this for months. They are ready and the banks are ready. I think finally we all are ready. I think we are ready to get this thing rolling and hopefully without any further delay.

Bruce: I want to thank everybody for being faithful all these 6 years and a year before that when I was on another call. This is really big for us, guys. We are prepared to change our lives of millions and even billions of people around this world. We will go forward. I donít think the world is ready for what is about to happen, but we will make a difference.

​Even the 30,000 that listen to the Big Call, even us. Not including the 6 million in the Internet Group. That is enough to make major changes. We are looking forward to the technology changes, the healing and health changes, food changes, and everything we have talked about and more. We will let you know what that is on our new website and as we move forward on future calls.

Bruce: We will be gone for about a month or so while we get ready and it will take time to do that. We have done preliminary work and planning. It is one thing to get started after everything has arrived. Thank you very much Pastor Steven and Sue. Good night everybody.


12/12/2017 The Big Call with Bruce INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link 20min and/or Transcript


Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. As far as Intel, I feel we are at a cross roads, important time of what we are waiting for from what I have heard this morning and later this afternoon. We are right in the moment, an any moment now state. I have every reason to believe that is the case from who I am hearing it from. Letís start with Iraq.

Bruce: Five days ago what happened over the weekend in Iraq was a major deal with the major corporations represented by113 companies showing up to sign contracts with Iraq to do business in Iraq, and some wanted to become investors in the Iraqi stock exchange. Prime Minister Abadi did make his final necessary speech about the liberation of Iraq, the elimination of ISIS from Iraq, their sovereignty, and about their new gold back currency. New is referring to the new Iraqi dinar. That was made and captured on CNN International, and they had a rate that was very substantial that was also mentioned on that broadcast.

Bruce: We know that that is a very positive move for us. On Sunday there was a huge firework display that cost more than $1,500,000 that took place on Sunday, the day of the celebration of fireworks going off. Also they had a military parade Sunday morning that I was told was like anything they ever seen before.

Bruce: It was a very big and important day. Did we see it or hear it on mainstream news? Not really. We did catch something on Fox news that talked about Prime Minister Abadi talking about the liberation of Iraq, the fact ISIS had been eliminated from Iraq, that type of thing. Fox news did not go into about the rate or gold back currency. That was not covered, but covered on CNN International. You have people that heard it and seen the speech and recognized of what was said. I think it was positive and it gave us really the start we were looking for.

Bruce: Also, we have heard since then the Iraqi dinar has been and as well as the other main currencies, were pulled off the Forex on Friday, the six main currencies that we talk about. Our understanding was they were to go back on Forex. I do not know for sure if they went back on for trading yet. We were thinking they might come back on tonight, but I do not have that yet. I might get that after the call tonight. We do know certain people have been allowed to trade Iraqi dinar futures and other currency futures. They call them Preloads, buying opportunities for the currency even though the Forex may not be operating. It is sort of setting it up ahead of the market like a future would be. They call them Preloads, but really they are looked at as future. I was very encouraged about that.

Bruce: I believe that everything that we are hearing right now is pointing toward this happening here in very short order. I will say that. We heard some very positive things that occurred today. We heard that an overnight some things that needed to occur in our financial system regarding 3 major banks took place overnight. We had confirmation that did occur overnight. Maybe that was the one thing that we were looking to have happen last night overnight did occur overnight.

Bruce: We know that the Redemption Centers have been receiving communication from their staff and from the leaders letís say. Staff has been receiving communication to be on high alert as of this morning. I believe they are all set for an approximate time frame to begin our exchanges.
We know the toll free number has been given to the individual that is supposed to bring it to me. I believe that is the first time that number actually has been alive and available in range. That is really a good sign.

Bruce: I am looking forward to receiving that call whenever it comes. I would consider it an honor to receive it and I believe I have been chosen for that honor. Again I am very thankful for that opportunity and I would do the honor thing to bring that to our community, the Internet Group. I will bring it out and put it wherever I am allowed put it. I am looking forward to put that out day or night, 24/7.

Bruce: Beyond that, I believe that the Redemption Centers will be able to take us for our exchanges for a period of 8 full days. I believe after that the banks that also been allowed to do exchanges through their normal currency desks if you well. Those particular branches will be available to handle that and hand that thru the holiday season with the holiday schedule in mind. I believe we have the ability to do these exchanges.

Bruce: The more I think about it and I talk to my sources, I believe that who we call the John Q public, the ones that might have received some currencies years ago and have set aside their currency and have not been paying attention to the calls or blogs., been out of the main stream like we are, I believe they will just find out slowly and use the currency desk at the participating banks which will be both Tier 1 banks and Tier 2 banks. Tier 1 banks are the big 4 banks, and Tier 2 are the 119 different companies bank branches that will be doing limited exchanges. They will be limited because they will not be exchanging the ZIM which we call redeeming the Zim bond. They will be exchanging the other currencies. I believe that will occur right on through. Just like someone that will have Euros, or Mexican Pesos that want to exchange them into US dollars. They will be able to do that.

Bruce: That is really where we are in terms of the progress of where we are. I think you can feel good you will be able to get our exchanges done in a reasonable amount of time. I believe this is in short order and very close for us, and we should be in good shape shortly.

Bruce: Other than that I will say I will .... When the blessing comes in and I am able to share that toll free number, I will be able to share that number by way of email. If you have email alert, that maybe the quickest way you find out about this. Others will check the site occasionally and go online and wonít be very many I can tell you that right now.

Bruce: By the way I want to thank Pinkroses from TNT for transcribing my calls for those that are not able to listen to live or on the replay links, but maybe just like to read the reply notes. It is a huge benefit to us that she does that for the community, and I appreciate it, Pinkroses, that you have done that for us for quite some time now. I just want to thank you publicly again.

Bruce: Guys, let me just say I am in a very upbeat mood today. I am very excited for the information I have received. I know that these currencies are sort of being looked at right now and traded as futures. Just like bitcoin been making the news the last two to three days about its arrival on the Chicago Board of Exchange couple few days ago if not yesterday. That is really an incredible story in of itself. Really what is really interesting about it and I am not endorsing bitcoin in any way, I just want to say it is going to be traded as a commodity on the CME, Chicago Mercantile Exchange starting Monday the 18th. It is getting regulated in quotes because it is going to be able to be traded as a commodity on the CME starting Monday. You will be able to buy it in a future sense and also buy it and short it as you would a stock. I find that interesting. Perhaps it is being looked at more as a commodity more so than a so call virtual currency. Just heads up on that.

Bruce: I think we are looking at a whole new game pretty soon. I am encouraged about what I have heard. This is a good day, and we are in good shape to go forward. Remember you do have flexibility to negotiate your rates if you use the Redemption Centers. If you do have ZIM when you call the toll free number let them know your first currency is ZIM if you have it. They will direct you to another exchange or Call Center that will take your call and direct you to the Call Center that is more in your particular zip code so you can give them the rest of your information and find out where you will go to be routed for your exchange and your redemption of the Zim that you have.

Bruce: Just heads up, I noticed today that HSBC has extended their banking hours during the week and on Saturday and also in some branches. I think it was a good indicator they are ramping up to do more business during the holidays. I think that is a good sign as well.

You will have the opportunity to actually see a computer screen and see the rates on the screen when you go in to exchange and redeem your currencies. Realize on the dinar, Zim, dong, and Iranian rial, you have the ability to PNR, Personal Negotiate Rates, on those currencies. You may have the opportunity to negotiate a slightly higher rate based on the humanitarian projects what you have plan to do for humanity.

Bruce: We have talked about this for a length of time on the Big Call. You know we plan to do Rebuild America, Veteran Retreat Network, our Ministry Project, and other plans. Rebuild America is adopt a city, town, and community helping with infrastructure, housing, community centers, community food banks, community gardens, etc. A lot of things we can do to improve and rebuild America

Bruce: Also, we are looking to do this internationally. This is not just for the United States, Canada, Mexico, etc., but bring it internationally building new wells, desalination plants, etc, in other parts of the world. We are going to start here in the United States and then go other countries. If you have interest in those, let us know. I am going to be interested in, for example, if you have worked with horses and know how that is like, we are going to like your help to help us with the Equine ministry and therapy for our veterans on our Veteran retreats. I may put out a general email about that. If that is an area you love and want to be part of it, get back to us. Donít do it yet, but I want you to be thinking about it. We might have ten to hundred that love horses and want to be part of that. We want to offer that on our retreat.

Bruce: If you have experience with puppy dog therapy, we want to have that therapy for our veterans as well. We do know that we will try to have both equine and canine therapy for our veterans. That might be something you might be thinking about. We will put it together and that will be a special call later. Just be thinking about it.

Bruce: We will take some time off. We will take at least a month off as we formulate and put together the template we plan to put out and bring to you. Stay in touch with us. If you want to register you will get an occasional email from us about what we are planning on future calls, and podcasts. That is our best way to get in touch with you right now.

Bruce: You will need time to get your appointments, follow up appointments with your CPA, and attorneys, and setting up your structures with your wealth manager team. It will take a little time. I want you to take your time. Do not rush it. Your exchange is only an hour and 15 minutes. You will get a temporary credit/debit card, bank wire possibly, maybe a cashier check or so, a new account one or two, and your skeleton trust set up. You can pay off your bills, all lined up. Then just have a little vacation. Consider the Caribbean, and then see what we might do on the island you visit over the Christmas holiday and January. It will take time to do what you are going to do and then we have to put all the things together for you guys. Give that some thought. That is what we are looking at. I do expect to hear some things shortly and hope this is our last call this side of the blessing

Bruce: Thank you everybody for coming in and listening to the Big Call, and I appreciate your faithfulness. December 28th is our Anniversary of 6 years doing the Big Call. Thank you, Sue, Bob, and Pastor Steven and I appreciate all you do. Thank you Big Call listeners in Big Call country and Big Call universe. Thank you all so much. Good Night Everybody.


NOTE: Thank you again, Bruce, for your kind words. They touched my heart. It is always my honor to be of service to all that read my notes. I am glad it is helpful to the community. May all be blessed always wherever you are in Big Call Universe.

Light, love and hugs for all.

12/7/2017 The Big Call with Bruce INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link 20min and/or Transcript


Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. Intel wise you know we are close. Everyone can tell if you are readying anything. I know certain things get posted that I hear about. I know there are some stuff out there that is semi accurate and then some stuff I canít really buy. Letís start off discussing Iraq.

Bruce: Going to do some question and answers:

Question 1: Why would 92 countries represented with 113 companies have delegations from all those countries and companies represented to do business in Iraq and all arrived this afternoon in Iraq?

Possible answers:

A) For the fun of it.

B) Because they couldnít find enough sand where they live.

C) Because they wanted to start doing business in Iraq.

D) They had interest invested in the Iraqi stock exchange.

The answer is C and D. They wanted to do business in Iraq and they want to be invested in Iraqís stock exchange for some of them. Maybe some of them want to be on the Iraqi stock exchange.

Question 2: Why are these representatives in Iraq for the next 3 days?

Possible answers:

A) Because they love the music they play in Iraq and canít wait for more celebrations.

B) Because they want more frequent flyer miles and wanted to fly all over the world.

C) Because they are interested in signing contracts over the next 3 days to do business.

The answer is C. They are there to sign contracts and engage in business with Iraq

Question 3: Why would all of these countries and companies be represented in Iraq at this time?

A) Because they heard that Jerusalem was being recognized as the new capital in Israel and we were moving our embassy there.

B) They wanted to see what was going to happen in other countries in the Middle East and their National Wedding Day on Saturday.

C) Likely hood Iraqís new dinar rate might be put out sometime over the weekend.

The answer is B and C. They might be there to witness to see what is happening for National Wedding Day on Saturday in Iraq and there to see if Iraq puts out a new rate for the Iraqi dinar over the weekend.

Bruce: What it amounts to is certain 3 letter agencies are giving Iraq the opportunity to go ahead to get that new rate out. We understand our exchanges are contingent on that happening. Once that occurs we should be able to go ahead and do the exchange for our currencies. That is very important to the timing for us.

Bruce: There has been stuff in the last few days put out that the 800 numbers are put out. They are not out yet. They are not circulating. They are keeping them close to those who need to know about them and they will be release at the set time to be released. The stage is being set for Abadiís finale announcement to be made again. We will have a final announcement coming over the weekend. AT that point we believe the new rate for the Iraqi dinar would be visible to the world internationally. I wonder if it can occur when that speech is made. I think it should be, but I donít know if it will be.

Bruce: They should have the freedom to do that to show they are truly sovereign again and they are liberated from the threat of ISIS in Iraq, and they are ready to get on after all this time with business opportunities and with new building of infrastructures and investments in that country. We not only as investors and people who care about that country, but also we want to see that happen and canít see it soon enough for it to happen for them. We are happy to see them getting their lives back, their country back and see them build from the ashes to a new thriving successful country. We are excited for them.

Bruce: Anything else that matters is there are continuing increases going on with the Zim table top meetings that are happening internationally. That is a good thing. That is being done in order to set the rates for the platforms that are coming up. I will tell you what guys, it is coming together finally where we should have what we been looking for to take place here for us in the next week. When will we start? I canít say exactly. I did mention we do have a few things we are waiting on and for that rate to be seen internationally. I think shortly thereafter we should start.

Bruce: The Redemption Centerís staff are as ready as they have been. They have been trained as they ever been. They will be notified in the next day or so as to when everything is to start for them at the Redemption Centers. I think we are excited to use those to get the highest available privately negotiable rates that we are willing to negotiate at the Redemption Centers. Tell them in a brief one minute or so presentation what we intend to do with our humanitarian projects.

Bruce: If you have your own projects, go for it. If you like to be part of ours which is Rebuild America and the Veterans Retreat Network, we will create a spot for you in that area. We are looking for people to volunteer in good financial shape to help. We are not looking for your money. We will have enough people to give into the Veterans Retreat Network where that is not an issue.

Bruce: I would like you to consider to invest in your own community in Rebuild America. We are setting up a template guideline what we intend to do in those things and see ideas to bring new homes, infrastructure, community gardens, food banks, etc to inner cities, rural communities, and town throughout the United States. When you see the template of that and the step how that is to occur, you will be able to see that and you will want to help where you are or where you are moving to. All of that is completely up to you. We will just give you ideas how you can do around the country to reflect Rebuild America in adopting a city, town, and community.

Bruce: Now we are looking at infrastructure. I want to look at another concept briefly with you. The concept of rebuilding our utilities against the possibility of an EMP or a solar flash. That would be seeing the ability of going underground with utilities so that any EMP would not take out the utility grid of our country or regions in our country. Maybe it is being considered, maybe it is not. I am going to put it out there. It would be a very expensive proposition, but it would be doable in enough places in the country where we consider yes letís redo the infrastructure.

Bruce: The islands that were hit with the hurricanes would it be smart:

A) To put the telephone poles back up where they can be knocked down again?

B) Use our heads and put them under ground?

Answer is B. They are looking at that on few of the islands already such as Puerto Rico. I believe they are already considering that and they are intending to do and with any motivation at all with the government and utility people hopefully they have the where for all to do that. We would have the money to help them to do that. The other islands wiped out should consider the same thing in putting the utilities underground. Could those utilities be insulated and be shielded with what is needed to use against an EMP? I would think so.

I would say that is a huge project. Could we do it as a project? This is something we need talk about. Is it feasible or people are going to say you are not going to do that. Well maybe there is a way to do that. Why couldnít we put some simple cables for utilities under the ground? I know we will need rights away to be able to do that and you canít plant trees there, you canít dig right here. I think it is doable. They put gas lines underground. Why canít we put cables underground? I think it is something we should do. I am tired of looking at telephone poles.

Bruce: Rates are good and continue to trade up. You are going to be happy. Maybe you wonít even need to negotiate your rates, but you will have the right to do so at the Redemption Centers. When you walk into any bank, you wonít be able to negotiate from what I have been told, but the Redemption Centers are a little bit different. They been told and the Chinese Elders knew we were doing some projects and we might need a little bit more money, and that is why we have the heart to do things for other people. That is why we have rate capability to negotiate for privately negotiable rates, PNRs. Just keep that in mind. Donít go crazy on something. You know that you have flexibility with 3 or 4 of the currencies. Keep that in mind.

Bruce: Most of all you are looking at an hour to hour and 10 minutes at the Redemption Centers. It is going to be a fun experience, and I am excited for you. They are excited to get started as you are. I am sure of that. The call centers are ready to go all 8400 in the United States alone and1200 to 1300 in Canada. We have a bunch. Some of the banks will be used as well depending on the area you are and the demographics and so on. You will have that option.

Bruce: There is not a whole lot else. We are waiting for Iraq. We do have to wait for that. That is a decision of the US Treasury and the IMF that we would wait until Iraqís final announcement and their rate was out.

Bruce: Thank you all for coming in tonight. I think it is our last call before our blessing comes through for us. I hope all are prepared and this would help you to prepare for a very different Christmas and you will be able to give like you never gave before. I am looking for all to experience that.

Bruce: We will take time off to prepare for our projects... And we will also if allowed, we will email the 800 number information when I get it. we should be the first to receive it. I consider it an honor to be contacted with the toll free number. .

Bruce: I want to thank everybody for being faithful to the Big Call these 6 years. Thankful you for coming in and enjoying the time with us. I appreciate it very much and appreciate everybody out there that are part of the redemption process in the exchange locations. Thank you all for being patient as you have been waiting for this to start. I know we will have some great relationships with our new with banks and wealth manager that we will partner with in the very near future. Thank you all for being patient. Thank you everybody around the world for listening and reading the transcripts. Thank you Pinkroses for being so faithful in transcribing this call every week, week after week for so long now. We really appreciate the fact you have done that. You will know soon why we appreciate that and how we thank you for that, Pinkroses.

Thanks everybody. I appreciate you Sue. Thank you Bob, Pastor Steven and all the Big Call listeners in Big Call Universe. All have a great night and look forward in seeing you on the other side. Good night everybody.


NOTE: Thank you Big Call and Bruce for your kind thankfulness. Many blessings to you and to all of Dinarland always, hugsss


12/5/2017 The Big Call with Bruce INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link 22min and/or Transcript


Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. We are back and you are listening to the Big Call Thank you all for coming in and listening to the Big Call. I am excited about even though to be completely honest with you which I am always trying to be,

I was disappointed today because I was under the understanding we would start today with our exchanges. I was under that impression. Everything was pointing to it. All the Intel was pointing to it today. It didnít happen yet today. That was why I was discouraged earlier.

​Bruce: It is very slow Intel until 2 to 3oclock in the afternoon, until we started to get the reasons why it didnít go as we thought. I am back in a positive mood and looking forward to everything coming thru for us.

To be honest we had information that came in pointing to we were there, and we wouldnít need a call tonight. Maybe you heard others who do calls also saying expect tomorrow to be their last call or so and so are not going to be on their call anymore. I understand because of the information we are getting out there. We will continue to do calls until the blessing comes through. Then we will take a month or so off to get things ready.

Bruce: Iraq last week has made announcements. Prime Minister Abadi made announcements about their sovereignty, liberation, removal of ISIS, etc. about twice. We are not waiting on those announcements. Iraq has been trading their currency on screen for a little while yet, for about 4 to 5 days at least. Sometimes it will trade then come off then resume again. We are in the position again we are sort of not trading dinar again.

Bruce: They have some dates. They had the date December 2nd or 3rd for Iraq. We blew through that and what we were waiting to happen did happen. Then today on the 5th was another point of intention.

Then the 7th and then Saturday is another point of intention. Saturday, December 9th is for Iraq National Wedding day. Is this when everyone comes down to Baghdad to be married? No. It is a day of unity in the Middle East, because my understanding is 100 or more delegates from the Middle Eastern countries have been invited to come to Iraq in Baghdad for some form of get-to-gather. PM Abadi invited these people to be part of the Iraqi stock exchange ISX. The Iraqi dinar should be part of the parcel of the ISX tradability.

Bruce: We have heard maybe, but I canít tell you whether or not the dinar for the rate is being known throughout the Middle East yet. I knew the rate of the dinar for a week already. We know that the rate is, and the screen rate is. They should be at a point now or any day now, maybe Thursday, when that rate is internationally known. It has to be there. They are done.

They have completed everything they needed to be complete. When they got admitted into the World Trade Organization, when the United Nations released them from Chapter 7 and put them into Chapter 8 all these things. When the ISX opened last week sometime, all these things are signs Iraqís sovereignty is there. I just think that the fact we donít see their new rate right now doesnít mean it doesnít exist in country.

There are Iraqi citizens that can go to their QI cards and put those in on Thursday and be able to see not only the amount of money but also a rate and be paid on their portion of the oil revenue sharing. That is part of Iraq deal. I have been told they would be able to see and have access of their portion of the oil revenue on Thursday.

Bruce: That should tell something where we are. The fact it was looking it was going today should tell us where we are. There are other things that may need to be completed before we go. The so called table top meetings on the Zim in 5 different locations internationally started today. Our understanding was they were to be completed this morning. It just was not the case. They didnít get started till today. That was this afternoon. They needed to complete before we get started.

I believe they will be completed in the next day to day and half. That is a very good point to see those occur. That is everywhere from Hong Kong, to Singapore, to Zurich, to London, to New York. That is an important thing. It has to do with those table tops taking place so the rates can be set for the Zim platforms that need to take place.

Bruce: In addition, we know that the Prosperity Packages are sort of on deck ready to go out the next day to day and half. I believe those are ready too. My understanding is when those go we should go parallel to those going out or they will go slightly behind our start of our redemption. That is a very positive thing. There are things happening that is aligning this up to go still this week. It is only Tuesday and I believe we are targeted to start this week. I am not calling it. I am just telling you everything is pointing to it happening.

Bruce: The money that is flowing and has already flowed into the banks, Redemption Centers and groups has continue through to last night and again today in two different tranches. This is position of the movement of money from usually HSBC to other banks or Redemption Centers, or into the Paymaster groups. That is continuing to occur. Money is in place and changing hands. Cores are being paid. Prosperity Packages are on deck, ready to go. Everybody is sort of jocking for position now.

Bruce: We know when it comes to going in for our exchanges at the Redemption Centers they have it so the vast majority will be able to do a bank wire for us to another bank. Possibly they would be able to do a relatively small wire transfer. They are calling it a ledger to ledger with them using the new CIPS system. We have been using the term wire transfer for so long.

Bruce: We should be able to move some money to an existing banking account that same day. Some exchange centers may not be able to do that. In that case you can ask for up to (5) cashier checks for up to $10,000,000 each. So if you canít move the money with the bank wire at the time of your exchange, you can ask for a cashier check. My preference is to use the bank wire. The funds should be available the same day or the next day.

Some people like the idea of using a cashier check and putting a new deposit down with that check. Just realize the cashier check should be available right away, but some banks are funny about giving full value of the cashier check at the time they receive it until they make sure the funds tied to that check are absolutely good real, and legitimate. My preference is doing the bank wires instead of the cashier checks. I am giving you a Plan A and a Plan B.

Bruce: Say you want to move some real money to a new bank account or set up a new bank account to move funds. The day after your exchange your account should be settle from your exchange itself from overnight and that next day you can do a bank wire to a new bank for up to almost a half billion dollars or $499,000,000.

You can do one or more of those. That is in your first week. If you go beyond that first week I think you can move greater amount money as needed. Let them know if you plan on moving those funds at the time of your exchange for the money as soon as possible. It wonít catch them off guard and those funds are not kept in your structure payout situation and they have flexibility to move those funds for you as needed. You will have flexibility the first week but just remember there will be some limits.

To me half a billion dollars is workable. It is real money and unless you just have some incredible big plans right now that you need more money for you will have to be held off the next week. Otherwise just operate out of your main mother lode account and go from there.

Bruce: Some of the Redemption Centers will be able to give you a temporary credit/debit card at the time of your exchange loaded with some funds.

The amount up to you in discussion with Permanent credit/debit cards my understanding is credit 48 hours later after your exchange you will receive that permanent card to your home address by Fed Ex with a signature required. You will need to be there to sign for that Fed Ex. Give that some thought too in terms of your travels day or two after your exchange appointment.

Bruce: We use the term Black card, an unlimited amount card you can use. Two or three companies will have something like a Black card. If it was me, to get the benefits of a Black card like a platinum color card wonít draw attention to you. If possible, I am going to try to get one or two high end quality credit/debit cards not black in color but in platinum or gold color so I not draw attention. Something you might want to consider.

Bruce: As far as the Redemption Centers goes, they have been ready, were ready. They were let off today because we didnít go today for 24 hours. They will be back in tomorrow and have everything ready to go in case. It is hard to say because we felt we are ready to go and have had that feeling for a while now and yet we are still patiently waiting.

I think the Redemption Centers staff are about in the same boat as we are in. They werenít happy we didnít go today, but I believe we are looking like we could go this week. I am not giving up on this week at all. There is so much going on behind the scenes that we are really in a good place. I am staying super positive because I know how close we really are. We are not out for the weekend.

Bruce: Iraq is going to do something major on Saturday if they donít do it sooner. They put a date out on the calendar and do it a day sooner. They have something schedule for today, Thursday and then Saturday. I think with any success Iraq may do something major on Thursday. I think we are at the point right now we just got to stay positive knowing we are about to receive this incredible blessing and hang in there and continue to believe for it like I am and also like Sue, Bob, and Pastor Steven. Not only we know about it but other people are tracking this and they know the timing is really close.

Bruce: Be blessed knowing this is coming and this could be our last call. We will be here Thursday night if we need to be. Rest assure this is still on the way for us and it is coming we believe this week. Have a beautiful night. Thank you Sue, Bob, and Pastor Steven. Good night everybody. Thank you so much.


11/30/2017 The Big Call with Bruce INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link 10min and/or Transcript
Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. Very shortly is not going to be about Intel. It is going to be about what do I do now. Get ready for life changes, Paradigm. You will be the same person you are now, but with a lot higher spending capability and a lot higher giving capability. Your new job if you chose to accept it is to learn to be a Philanthropist whether thru ministry or humanitarian projects or both. This is what I am going to do and many are going to do.

Bruce: We have some major things we are going to do as a group if you wish to be part of it which is Veterans Retreat Network and Rebuild America. It is going to be so much fun. It is going to be about you giving to others. Imagine the families and children you will be able to give to. It is not about your toys, and your rides. It is about can you help Rebuild America, Veteran Retreat Network, and people around the world to help them raise their standard of living.

Not everybody around the world is going to be mega rich. We have been chosen for this position to be philanthropists and be givers of things, food, create opportunities for people to have clean drinking water for everybody in the world, clothes for everybody, and homes that are safe from hurricanes. This is what we are going to do here in the United States first. Then we will expand the programs and take them around the world.

Bruce: I am so motivated to see everybodyís life improved. I know we will be able to do things we werenít able to do before. Letís share with people and families. Figure how to do it without your left hand knowing what the right hand is doing. Step back behind the curtain so to speak. We are not glory seekers. When we get involved with community projects that we are going to do, we are going to be behind the scenes. We will have other people in the front lines. We will be able to follow the templates on the Big Call that we will have.

Bruce: We will help depressed areas in the United States. Letís get them what they need, the families and the children. Letís get them educated, and all up to a nice level where we can create decent jobs and wages that are respectful. They will be good paying jobs. What will raise the wages is getting money poured into the economy. For our apprenticeship programs we can figure out a way to pay for those too. Also pay college education for people all over the country. We can adopt universities and students with full scholarships. We will have resources to do that too. Working directly with the community colleges and trade schools in covering their tuition and tie in them working in the field work being a plumber, mason, etc. The lab will be our construction sites working directly under our apprenticeship programs with companies.

Bruce: I was advised Intel wise to lay low tonight. Donít say a whole lot because where we are and we are so close. A lot is going on behind the scenes. I will just say this, when it comes to Iraq, Iraq is the lead dog on this. Letís release this. Iraqi stock exchange, ISX, closed for about 6 days. They are opening up their ISX tomorrow approximately 9am Iraqi time. Do you realize they suppose to have their new rate showing? That program rate we have seen for so long is gone and the new rate is in. That allows a lot more people to see it and trade on it and bring the value of the dinar up even higher.

Bruce: I am just going to say there are a number of things happening today are moving this thing to fruition. The vote in the senate for the new tax cut reform plan is to start with roll call 11am EST tomorrow. It takes 5 to 7 minutes. Then the voting is supposed to start. When that is over early afternoon that vote is expected to go thru and I have a feeling they maybe be able to put a plan together. Maybe the President can sign even before he goes home for dinner. It is conceivable. That would be excited. I donít know if our start is directly related to the tax plan. I been told yes. I been told no. I been told maybe yes maybe no. I been told it may happen pretty close in time.

It is a very positive thing for that tax reform to go thru for us. Great for us, the country, small businesses and corporations. Bruce: This last growth we had the growth was over 3% without the tax plan. When we get that tax plan we will see maybe up to 5 to 6 percent per quarter. Do you think us dumping money in the economy with new homes, cars, clothes all we going to buy plus Rebuild program? Guys they have no idea. economists think they know what is projected. They have no clue. They wonít know what day it is when we will be able to help this country funneling funds. Everything is going to be overwhelming. If you are going to buy a luxury car, I bet luxury cars will be in short supply soon and some be on waiting lists for some cars. Look what you will be able to do. All I am going to say do it wisely.

Try to do it where they donít know where it came from. Use attorneys, trusts, other foundations, other structures so it is not directly coming from you the individual. Donít leave $1000 tips with waitresses. You can be followed to your home by a number of people. Tip generously, yes be generous but donít be stupid about it.

Bruce: When it comes to black cards, I understand you can get the benefits of a black card or a black card that is not black, because a black card is a giveaway. I am going to get a black card that is not black. I want it to be another color because I donít what to be tied to t as unlimited funds credit card. Ask if they have a version of the black card. You be wise to do that. Certain parts of the country like Beverly Hills probably they donít even blink when they see a black card. Other places, like a restraint, they say look it here and all come and see it.

Bruce: I am just going to say this. The Redemption Centers are ready to go. They have their schedule. They are ready. They have a schedule of approximate start times. They have it. I would say we are looking to be notified here. I get a notified with the so call toll free number, .. . I wonít know until I am contacted about that. I plan on putting that out so people will have that...

Bruce: As far as anything else rates are continually trading higher. I think that is part of the reason we havenít gone yet. You will be in great shape as far as that goes. If you plan to do humanitarian projects, let them know that. You can negotiate a PNR, Private Negotiable Rate, on Zim, dinar, dong, and possibly on the rial. Those are the ones they will do that on. If you donít have a project of your own and want to be part of our team let them know that.

We will do several large projects such as Rebuild America adopting a city, town, and community. We will find out what they need in each place. We donít want to create strife in the neighborhood. We will increase the value of the homes in the neighbor when we come in and build the homes we will be able to build and we will be sensitive to the market and neighborhood.

Bruce: We will want to do other projects in the areas making them all rise in value. We will do Infrastructure working with roads, bridges, railways, internet access, cell phone access, etc all over the country. If you want to be part of it you can say the Big Call is doing something called Rebuild America and I plan to be part of it. I donít know all about it but I plan to pick up one or two towns and we will do infrastructure, new clinics, recreation centers, food distribution points, etc.

Bruce: Things are looking really good. Donít know if it is tied to the vote or not, but things are looking good and we should have a good holiday season this year. I am not saying we will have to wait till then, but we are on an hour to hour time frame right now.

Bruce: I appreciate everybody coming in tonight. I appreciate my team Sue, Bob Pastor Steven and all who are behind the scenes. I appreciate our listeners around the globe and all in the banking industry make this happen for us. I am ready. Stay with it. Stay focus. Letís do this thing. Letís get it done. Good Night and all have a beautiful night sleep and a beautiful December. December should be the month to remember.

​Good night everybody. Thank you so much. We appreciate you and we will see you in a month or so when we get everybody set up for our new calls. Love everybody and have a beautiful night and looking forward to a beautiful December. Good night everybody.



Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. Letís talk about why I am excited about the blessing coming through for us here. I am going to say very shortly. This is why I am very excited. We are looking very, very good. I canít give you exact date. I feel very strongly where we are about now. I really thought we would be there today actually.

​We got some really good stuff today though. It didnít happen for us yet, but I feel very good where we are.
Bruce: Letís start with Iraq. This whole thing still boils down to Iraq. Even though we are talking about China and the Zim, the bottom line is we needed Iraq to go forward. They have been held back by number of forces and finally they have broken through. This is what I mean.

You guys remember we talked about 4 days of celebration that suppose to go from Saturday to Tuesday? They actually started Friday evening with fireworks. As far as I know they are complete now. They may extend those beyond the 4 days and have every reason to do that. They call it Iraqís victory week. Why they call it a victory? It is because they are done.

Prime Minister Abadi made his speech last Wednesday before Thanksgiving about the liberation of Iraq, etc. He made another live speech yesterday. I talked to someone that had sort of a transcript. The speech was made in addition to the speech he had already made. I understand the speech will be posted in Iraqís official publication, the Gazette, tomorrow.
It should be in tomorrowís Gazette.

Bruce: The new rate for the Iraqi dinar, which I understand what it is now, maybe they will put that in tomorrow. I donít know that. It is important to realize as far as Iraq is concern, they got the speech made of the liberation of Iraq and everything else in it, and they celebrated big time with fireworks and music in major cities in all the provinces in Iraq. The speech was televised on all the jumbo tron screens in Iraq. Very positive thing to happen.

Bruce: What else has happened with Iraqiís CBI? They have put in their new Swift Codes. You say what is that Swift? I thought they changed it to the Cips System. The Cips System sort of superseded the Swift System. The Swift System was sort of integrated into the Cips System. The bankers call it the new Swift System. It is really the integration of the computers in China and the new Cips System that makes all these transfers of funds, wire transfers happen so quickly now. The wire transfers can go in from 18 to 58 seconds now anywhere in the world. That is a lot faster than 8, 10, to 12 days holding your money while it is being wired around the world. I think those days are about over. The new system is much faster and they have been testing it for months now and have been sending tranches of funds daily. We heard 2 to 3 more tranches of funds have been sent to the banks to be there for our exchanges.

Bruce: What I am telling you is Iraqís new Swift Codes are in place and they are ready to do wires in CBI starting tonight. That is super positive. If you can do a wire transfer from CBI, that is about as international as you can get. You have a new rate, CBI rate, and the ability to send and receive bank wires transfers through the CBI new as of midnight Iraqi time today. There you have it. I would say Iraq is ready to go. They are ready.

Bruce: Other stuff is happening. Trading is happening on other currencies. In case of the Zim, it has stopped trading if not by tonight and when it comes back up, it will be a live tradable currency. That is what I am hearing. Letís not dwell on that. Every time we turn around we are hearing more new things being released. I can tell you we have heard this been released so many times the last few weeks. I am tired of it because we canít see what that release is really doing for us. We do not see the benefit of it.

Bruce: I believe the GCR release has started and there is a lot of evidence for some of these things, but you and I as part of the Internet Group are waiting for the toll free number to come to me and be put out so you can set appointments and have a defining moment as you exchange and redeem your Zim. This is what we are looking for is the release of that number. Some people have put out that the numbers have been released and gone out. It may have been to a slightly better position. Maybe some movement regarding the release of the toll free number. I have heard that myself today. I heard for myself to be ready, be on high alert.

Bruce: All this is good and I am ready to get it and not be able to put it out for you guys.  I have never had the number and I will not ever have it... You will see it on the website ..... We will put it there..

That is where we are on where we stand on the numbers. I do believe they are very close.

Bruce: This is supposed to be a day time event. I am not expecting it in the middle of night. I am prepared if it does come in the middle of the night to answer the phone and write it down and get started. However, I was told a long time ago their intention was to make it a daytime event, to put the numbers out in the daytime. Letís see if that does happen.

Bruce: We talked about Iraq and they continue to trade up the currencies. Some of the currencies will be within 5 percent of each other. My understanding is like Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi should be within 5 percent of each other. Possibly Vietnam may get within 5 percent. We will see. I canít tell you what they are because they change even from a few days ago. The stuff you see on other sites is not correct. It is not where they are, because we got people that see them every day and are trading them and know.

Bruce: When it comes to the exchange, we have gone over this time and time again about how to go in with confidence, smile, and enjoy it like a wedding ceremony. The wedding lasts 20 to 30 minutes. Letís say your exchange last for an hour. Look at it like you are going to your own wedding. Instead of being nervous and having tunnel vision, look around, enjoy it, and speak with confidence. This is a big time. This is a defining moment when you walk into that Redemption Center and you introduce yourself and smile. Look into their eyes and state their name two or three times till you remember it. Whether it is Mr. or Mrs., or etc or even first name basis.

Bruce: The banks are really cranking up their perks. They are competitive. They want you to stay here and they are going to compete for your business and to keep you as their customer and keep you happy. I have heard some of the perks and they are really pretty cool. Some probably will blow your mind. Some with the kind of money we are talking about you can buy these perks. It is cool they got something they are offering, something free and be respectful and thank them for the list of perks. That is going to be my attitude when I go in there.

Bruce: I am excited about that and about setting up couple to 3 bank accounts and walking out with possibly some new 100 dollar bills of about $10,000, and loading up my temporary credit cards with enough money to keep us going for awhile, and be able to have fuller access to our accounts in a day or so. Even our own exchange will have to settle. About 2am every day the banks settle their books. They put your deposit in and then show your debits with any charges or checks you put in and they justify those. You have your account settled at night. I think the same thing is going to happen with our deposit with this exchange. It will settle overnight and have access the next day or two. They will have ready accessible funds for us right away. It could be substantial.

Bruce: I use to think in terms of a cashier check. Now days I am thinking No I do not want to do that. I am thinking I am going to strictly do a wire transfer and have money wired at the time of my exchange so I can pay off any bills or anything I need to pay off with my existing account at my home bank. Be thinking in getting your Bank checking account number and bank routing number. Have those typed out if you plan to wire any funds to that account.

Bruce: If you plan to buy property in the next few weeks, ask them for a proof of funds letter, an amount as twice as high of the house you plan to buy. If you plan to buy a two million dollar house, have the letter to be 4 to 5 million dollars if you plan to pay cash which I think you should. I donít think you should be in debt at all. I want peace of mind that I own that house. I am not going to make a monthly payment.

Bruce: All I can say we are at a defining moment. I believe in our wait for this blessing. I really believe that based on all the Intel which most of it I told you tonight. It is very important. It is very crucial and we are understanding it is a go very shortly. Just believe for that and continue to have faith for it. Do not quit your day job if you have a job. Do not get off your plan A yet. After you have the toll free numbers and after you do your exchange and you come out of there and you have your proof of funds letter and your wire transfer receipt to your account, and your new credit and debit cards that is when you can go out and make that phone call to make your change from Plan A to Plan B. Do not do it yet or tonight until you have the evidence and proof. I am a faith guy. I believe in faith. I have had faith to do this call for over 6 years now. I want you to realize it is important to stay with and dance with the one who brought you. Stay with your Plan A until Plan B is here right smack in front of you and you have it in your hand. We got to keep things going until this thing is absolutely real in our hands, proof.

Bruce: Also talk a little about your exchange of any humanitarian projects whether you have your own or you plan to join in with ours which is wonderful also. The two main ones are the Veteranís Retreat Network and Rebuild America. After we get started to Rebuild America here in the United States we will go international like in the Caribbean, help building homes, help with water, desalination plants where it makes sense, Central and South America, Africa, Middle and Far East. This wealth is worldwide and we can help people around the world. I just want to start here with Rebuild America. It is a long term program. If you want to be part of it state you want to be part of it. If you want a private negotiated rate for dinar, dong, zim, you can do it on those currencies and just mention the humanitarian projects.

Bruce: Donít go in there with a big business plan. Go in with a bulletin outline. Just speak to it and tell them what is on your heart what you plan to do. It doesnít have to be perfect. It is you being you however that looks like. I will do my thing and I will be talking about Rebuild America and the Veteranís Retreat Network. I will be doing it just like you are. I donít know if they heard me or not, but I will let them know that is what we are doing.

Bruce: I know it didnít happen before Thanksgiving and cyber Monday. We should have it here shortly. I want all to be positive and feel good about that. I donít want you guys complaining about anything. I donít want complaining and they have to act a certain way to make this happen. I want you to be in faith and pray it in. Let this be something we all do together and not be separated. Let us be in one for it. I know this has not been easy. It has been a test for all of us.

​This is more of a thing that took 12, 14 years for a lot of us. Some of you it has been for 6 years, 2 years, 3 years, etc. We lost people thru this. I lost my own wife. I lost friends. We lost people. I donít like that we lost people. It is what it is. We are here at the end standing up ready to go within for the numbers. I will let you know when I get the numbers.  I will post on line. It will go viral quickly. In 10 to 15 minutes it will go viral.

Bruce: Thank you Pastor Steven, Sue, and Bob. Thank you everyone out there in Big Call Universe everybody around this beautiful globe. We are ready to change this world one person, one family, one community, one town at a time. Have a beautiful night sleep and we should be in great shape as a result of all the information I continue to make up. Thank you Big Call Universe in being faithful in listening. Take care of yourself, get in shape and enjoy life being fit and healthy. We will talk to you when we talk to you. I do not intend to have a call Thursday. If we do, we do. If we donít, you will know why. Good Night Everybody.

11/21/2017 The Big Call with Bruce INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link 20min and/or Transcript



Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. Here we are Thanksgiving week, Tonight being Tuesday and I want to give the best Intel I have going into the Thanksgiving time which is Thursday. I just want you to know we have had Intel that has come in this afternoon and even this evening to tell us kind of what is going on and where we are. Even this morning we used the term ďreleaseĒ, ďgetting it startedĒ, and ďit's goingĒ, that terminology. We believe we are essentially underway in the point of view of the release getting this thing to go thru the system which takes a while for it to happen. It does take a while. It is not just a push of a button. There is a lot to it. It is much more complicated than we thought.

Bruce: What we were getting even last night is remember we were talking about Tier 2 banks last time and how Tier 2 Banks need to get ready? We had 119 different companies of Tier 2 banks that needed to be trained and up to speed before this thing was supposedly going to be let go. Then couple of days ago we had 42 of those 119 banks of Tier 2 that were not up to speed and not quite ready. They needed more time to get this thing to release. My understanding was they had until 5:30pm EST yesterday evening to be compliant, trained, and be all ready to go. I understand that did happen. Tier 2 banks did get up to speed and all was cool with them. They wonít be exchanging the Zim however. It wonít affect those of us who have Zim. The other thing is we did hear last night the banks were going to do a complete fairly quick bank reset. I do believe that did occur last night, not real late last night. It did happen. That took place. We were looking forward to that.

Bruce: When it comes to Iraq, we have heard Iraqís announcement about their sovereignty and the liberation of Iraq has taken place at least twice and maybe more to the point where we are not looking for another announcement out of Iraq. We are not getting them here anyways. What difference does it make? We do believe they have occurred and have taken place.

Bruce: Iraq is now in position for their preparations of their celebrations to get started on Saturday and go Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. That is the celebration schedule they are suppose to be on for their celebrations in Iraq. I think that is great. I do know this that Iraq has had a rate that we donít see quite now, but they do have a rate that is usable for trading since last Thursday. There is an official rate that Iraq has already. We just donít see it here. It is out and they are using it. Iraq is trading their currency. Iran Rial is trading. We have the main 9 currencies of the so-called basket of currencies of 20 to 30 currencies, those are actively trading and moving up. They are working with those trading banks.

Bruce: We have people that are doing that. We have people that are involved in that process. We had one situation today where a trade was being processed and then all of sudden at 3:00 in the afternoon the Zim was no longer tradable. They stopped trading the Zim at 3:01pm EST today. The thing is because of that fact that the process we were in maybe moving along more quickly. We are at a point of a 2nd release or final push in process. It is hard to say what to call it exactly, but that is happening I believe. The word I got is the trading banks, the funds we are looking to initiate the process, and to get the SKRs paid, and other group members paid maybe actually started tonight. I donít know exactly when. I am thinking we are moving along very nicely with this process.

Bruce: Most of you are going where is it? Where is our number? It is coming. We donít have it yet. The intention is for us to have a very happy Thanksgiving. Let see if that happens. I feel very positive about that possibility and good about that because where the process is currently. That is what I am feeling right now. This process is something that completes over a period of time as I mentioned. It is not quickly a push of a button. There will be an 800 number released to certain group leaders as well as to me to put out for everybody to set your appointment and go.

Bruce: Concerning the time, where we are now? Could we get this and the Redemption Centers be open thru Thanksgiving and thru the weekend? I think it is very possible it could happen over the next several days. I do not know that for a fact, but hearing it could be the case that we could get the go ahead and be able to exchange is possible before Thanksgiving and thru the weekend. We have to wait for the release of the toll free numbers... We will let certain people online know about those toll free numbers when I do get them. That is the concept where we are right now.

If there are any "Special 800#" for any Banks exchanging we will post on the iqdcalls Banks page

Bruce: I can tell you the rates are being traded high. We are in really good shape on the currencies as far as that goes. It is a very positive thing happening. I think this release is what we are looking for and I donít think we have to wait forever to happen. It is happening. We just have to wait for our portion to come thru. That is really the jest of it right there.

Bruce: When it comes to the Private Negotiable Rates, PNRs, that is something you would do based on your desire to do humanitarian projects. We talked about that for over a year now. You have that ability to negotiate for a higher rate than the screen rate based on your desire to do projects. Let them know in a little minute or two delivery how you plan to do that and what you plan to do with this money. You want to let them know how much you want access to for personal use as well as to start your projects the first 90 days. After the first 90 days, that is when your first interest payment would come to you from your account you would be earning interest on. Your structure payout would deliver that to you based on your interest payments. You have access anything in a long term structure payout maybe 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 years you wouldnít really have access to the total amount.

Bruce: There is no rule it says you have to have humanitarian projects or an 80/20 rule. That is not part of this. Not for us who are individuals who are going to do our own exchanges. There is no 80/20 or 50/50. You just go in and if you want to do projects, let them know. If you do not want to do projects and just take the screen rate, let them know that and you are good to go. There is no obligation to do anything. You can just go in and you will have access to a certain amount right away. Let them know how much of your total amount, the so called mother lode, you want to have access to. It is going to be hard for everyone to know unless you have this planned out over a period of time how much of the funds you will need for your humanitarian projects the next 6 months or year. Just like us with Rebuild America. It is a huge project.

Bruce: We have a lot to do primarily. We have to find the right people to lead and hire those people and take those people and make this vision happen on a national scale. How that is going to come together? It is going to take some time. The same thing is true with the veterans. I did think today though about working with the veterans, working with Streets to Retreats that is getting the veterans that are really sort of homeless. Try to get them off the street as much as we can to put them in housing and get them in position to get their worth back, get them some employment, take care of their food and medical needs, and get them what they need to and try to get everyone off the street. We can help them to get in decent safe housing. I want the Streets to Retreats to be a real program where we take Veterans who are homeless off the street and try to get them to our retreats for recreation, job training, PTSD counseling, puppy dog therapy, equine therapy, etc. Get that for them, I want a lot of the veterans looking for work or for something different or new, or coming back or retiring. I want them to be available so we can put them to work with Rebuild America program.

Bruce: The veterans would work with us getting paid to do to rebuild our cities, town and communities. They would be proper examples to be mentors for the young people and work with us in apprenticeship. A lot of them are natural leaders. I know not all are leaders, but a lot of them are leaders. We want to work with these leaders, men and women, to work at these retreats for a number of positions, and try to involve the veterans with our town, cities and communities with our Rebuild America program. We will have apprenticeship, training opportunities, education, etc.

Bruce: If you do not have a project and feel like you want to do one with us in that, let them know at your appointment. Say this is called the Big Call and it is something I have been involved with and they are doing Rebuild America and that is my humanitarian project. I want you to do what God leads you to do. If you donít have a specific project for yourself, we would love you to be part of Rebuild America in any city or town you live in or plan to live in if you are going to move. There is something for you and just realize that.

Bruce: Here is what going to happen. You have all of this money and I believe we are all called to be part of this, but you want to buy couple of new cars or if you want to fill your garage with 12 cars. Do whatever you want to do. I know there are car guys out there and women too like cars. I can see getting a collection. After awhile there is so many toys you can get that gives you a feeling of fulfillment. Homes are the same way. You have one home, two homes in couple of places. That is okay. I get it, but really it can leave you with a void, and an empty feeling. What will give you a feeling of fullness is helping others. Taking this and creating a legacy for your family helping others by being involved in humanitarian projects not only in the United States, but all over the world.

Bruce: After you do some of those things for yourself and family with a new home at some point you are going to go okay I did that. I love the new ride or rides. Then you wonder what they doing on the Big Call. and you see they are wanting to help cities, towns, and communities. You donít have to jump on the first month or two. We will be doing this for years and years. We will see progress being made in these areas with homes, infrastructure such as roads, railways, bridges, etc. It can be community centers and clinics.

Bruce: I heard recently having Mom and Pop grocery stores. Even better than worry about making a profit, have food distribution centers and have food for people where they donít even have to pay for it. Give them healthy choices. We will have community gardens that are raising food for food banks or people. How about just about community food centers that we can set up where we have food available. That is what they do now where they donít have to buy it. We are not looking to sell it, but to provide for people and give them some extra food. Some people say I donít take charity or I donít want to be given anything. I understand there is some of that out there. I get it. we can have it set up where they can pay or not pay or pay in the sense of a donation. Come get this food we have for you and there is no charge and if you are willing to put in a donation. What about that idea? Will that idea fly? Maybe the paid grocery stores wonít be big on that.

Bruce: We will find ourselves changing and recreating all we want to do to help humanity. We shouldnít have anyone be hungry in the United States or the world. Also have good clean water, free energy, medicine, get all healthy, all kinds of medical things Bob Sue and I know about that is coming. Pastor Steven knows about this too.

Bruce: Just be aware what we start it may morph in more amazing than it is right now. If you donít fade away and vegetate on some beach somewhere. It will get old. Make sure you stay in touch. If you want to let us know if you want to register on our new site. Just put in your email and we will get in touch with you when we will do calls. We will take a good month off from calls once this blessing comes thru.

Bruce: We will not do a call on Thursday. We will see what happens. Thank all for coming in tonight. I want to thank my team Sue, Pastor Steve, and Bob. Thank you Big Call Universe listeners who have been so faithful for over 6 years listening to the Big Call. I am very thankful for all of you and my team and the opportunity for what we are called to take this blessing and share it. Everyone we will talk to you when we talk to you. Good night everyone


11/16/2017 The Big Call with Bruce INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link 15min and/or Transcript

Bruce: Welcome Everyone to the Big Call tonight. We are a week from Thanksgiving. Our intention is not to do a call next Thursday night. Our plan is not to do a call Thanksgiving night.

I do want to thank everyone for coming in and listening again to the call. We plan to continue doing this call until the blessing arrives and then plan to take some time off, a month or so off to get things ready to do more advance pod casts and do interviews, etc. that we will handle later. I do feel like you people who are listening, you need to realize most of the time I do not feel we are going to do another call because it feels we are right there. The same thing was true yesterday with all the information coming in I thought we are not going to have a call on Thursday probably, but here we are tonight. I do not expect to do a call the following Thursday on Thanksgiving. We are planning not to do a call next Thursday.

​Bruce: In the meantime what I am hearing right now is it is interesting because we have some things we cannot quite get information on. One is Iraq. We know the intention was for Iraq to start a new series of celebrations today. We were told last night that one hour after early prayer, 5:23am this morning Bagdad time, an hour after that, that they would be starting celebrations. I understand today they are still in prep mode for those celebrations. I do not think they started today. My understanding was they were planning to. Let say they may hold off a day or so on those.

Bruce: We know that it makes sense they start tomorrow instead of today because you know Iraq has been waiting for entry into or induction into the World Trade Organization, WTO to show they are really ready to become a true international trading partner again. To do that of course they have to have a recognizable currency which is the Dinar, the Iraqi Dinar, and they have to have a rate people can see to know which the value of that Dinar is is in doing business with Iraq. It makes sense, right? My understanding is the induction into the WTO is supposed to come tomorrow.

Bruce: Realistically behind the scenes they were sort of asked to be inducted to be full fledged members on Monday. However the so called formal ceremony of the formal induction supposed to occur sometime tomorrow. I do not know when that is. It could be the celebration could start in conjunction with that. It could be that we start with what we are waiting for that is to be notified in conjunction with that. I do know that though. It might be a possibility that I would look forward to since it hasnít really arrived to us today here not in the form of a notification. You guys know that already or I wouldnít be doing a call and you would have a toll free number to call to set your appointment.

Bruce: Letís talk about the call centers. We know that there are two levels of call centers, the Prime Call Centers and the Secondary Call Centers. The Secondary Call Center is used for the Zim holders. Sometimes it is called the Zim Call Center. The Primary Call Centers and Secondary Call Centers are ready and staffed ready to go. Same thing true with the so call Redemption Centers. We call them Redemption Centers because we are going to redeem the Zim as a bond. That is why we use the term the redemption of the Zim and the exchange of the other currencies we have like the Dinar, Dong, Afghani, Rupiah, and the Iranian Rial. Those are the main ones we all know about. That is something that we are looking forward to do.

Bruce: There are over 8400 some Exchange and Redemption Centers in the United States alone not including Canada. There has been an increase there alone, and that did not include the 24.000Tier 1 and Tier 2 banks that will be doing exchanges as well at the same time. So there are over 32,000 to 33,000 Redemption Centers and banks in the United States that will be ready to go for us here.

Bruce: The Redemption Centers as I call them, Exchange Centers are also on high alert and on active status. They are ready patiently waiting to start. They have been for a few days now since Monday. They are still ready to go as far as that goes.

Bruce: We donít really do rates and dates, and you guys know that. I try to talk in general terms which I am doing tonight. I can tell you the rates are continuing to be traded and go up slightly. All good for our benefit.

Bruce: I told you earlier that I would comment a little bit about Zimbabwe. Understand there was a little bit of information coming out even though it is a little bit slow getting to us. We heard about something in Zimbabwe that might be dealing with the government or possibly a change in the government. My understanding is what has been occurring has been done for the protection of those currently in power. They have been more or less protected under a house arrest scenario. I do not know enough about it to go in anymore detail about it, but what has occurred there actually for our benefit and not for our harm.

Bruce: I understand that there was a comment about the whether the Zimbabwe bond would be utilized in country versus those of us who donít live in Zimbabwe. My understanding is any activity taking place in country doesnít affect us of what we are holding. We are going to fine what is going on. Do not concern yourself. That is what I have been told. I agree with that. I think that is where it really is.

Bruce: As far as information, I can tell you guys there have been things said out there to banks and other people to just keep quiet. Literally hush hush. I am hearing there is still a major black out still in effect since about early last night. Maybe early than that. It has been relatively quiet for about 3 to 4 days now with a little bit of Intel coming out here and there. A little bit here and there and we have just enough to put out a picture where we are.

Bruce: I know we have activity going on. We donít know exactly what is going out in the west.

There is some activity there. We had heard last night close to midnight last night EST that this thing had been activated which was the word out over in the Far East and we think the Pay Masters there have been given the go ahead to get started. I donít know what has happened since then as far as that goes. I will just say that things seem to be in motion. We know a major Funding has been put in place to take care of a certain of us for our redemptions not only for other currencies and the Zim, but for quite a bit. This is movement of funds that has taken place in the last couple of days. It is major. I think there has been a little bit more of jocking of funding in place to do that, to get things started. Also I think we are really looking at this thing completing. I couldnít tell you whether or not we all thought this would be our week. We still think this is our week. We just do not know when.

Bruce: I know that are certain things occurring behind the scenes. I know certain people, I just going to say it. There are things happening behind the scenes that need to complete, that need to take place. Possibly take place before we go. It is all happening. There is more happening behind the scenes of more we canít even talk about. You guys know with the news cycles a lot has been happening even happening in this country with our government. All the information is coming to the fore right now. A lot of it is not very pleasant. You know what I am talking about. That gives you some idea of the shakeup that is going around the world of what is happening, and you know what happens as a result of that type of information. That is what I am talking about.

Bruce: I am looking forward for this to happen and looking forward for this to go down hopefully by the weekend. I canít promise you that. That is why I have to tell you that you need to stay with Plan A until this blessing comes thru, and that is what I call Plan B. Get back into whatever you can or continue to do what you can to provide for yourself and your family until this blessing comes through. Then you will have options, choices you can execute on that.

Bruce: When it comes to your projects and what it comes to the Redemption Centers going in and explaining what it is if you are trying to ask for a Privately Negotiable Rate, let them know if you have a project that is your project that you thought, that you originated, it is your baby, let them know with passion and confidence it is your project. Now at the same time if you donít have a project it is okay to let them know you are joining a collaborated effort with many people from the Big Call. It is not about me or about my name or any of that.

​It is about we plan to do some projects together as Rebuild America. You need to put it just as Rebuild America. Say you are working collaborately with Bruce if you want to use my name and other listeners from the Big Call around the country. Then you can talk a little about what I have talked about to you. That is all you need to know about that. That is really what you need to do in terms of your projects.

Bruce: From what I understand the so called basic rate should be screen rate for us at the Redemption Centers is going to be fantastic on the Zim and on the other currencies. Just know you are going to be fine. If you want to try to negotiate your rate higher, you can. Make sure you do it with your plans and your projects. If you want to talk about Rebuild America, you can.

Bruce: If you want to mention you want to work with the veterans with the Veteran Retreat Network you can. That is going to be well funded. I know a lot of people out there want to donate for that. I am going to set probably set up a 51C34 for it, because I know a lot of people want to give to it. I wasnít going to take a nickel for that. I was going to do that myself. I still could do it myself, but I know a lot of people want to give into that. I will probably set it up as a nonprofit just to let you know. Many of you may want to something with our veterans. I sure hope so, but I am more interested in now what we can do together with Rebuild America. You know I talked about that until you are blue in the face.

Bruce: Really guys we are at a point where things are very quiet. I am tired of hearing it is quiet and I get a little nugget here and there and every once in awhile I get something that is more meaningful. From what I can see out there, we are right there at the precipice, and we should be able to get exchanged here hopefully before Thanksgiving which is only a week away. Letís see where that goes. Stay with it. Stay positive and in faith like I am, and like Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven that is continuing in faith.

Bruce: Thank you Bob, Sue and everything everybody is doing, and thank you all for tuning in again to the Big Call tonight. If everything happens we hope we do not to have a call Tuesday night. If not, we will see you all Tuesday night. Thank you. Good night everybody.


11/14/2017 The Big Call with Bruce INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link 16min and/or Transcript

Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. Thank you for coming in and listening to the Big Call on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Yes, here we are again. You know what I am not discouraged at all. I am very encouraged tonight and I think you should be to. I know we will be doing these calls until these blessing manifests to us. Like I said we plan on not going away, but take you through that process to where you guys can exchange. Then on the back side of the exchange when you are doing your meetings with your CPAs, attorneys, family office set ups, etc. we are will be doing the same thing. We will be setting up different things. We have 3 different web sites. I told you about one of them:  where you can sign up with your email and get on the list to receive the 800 number when receive it, and I will let you know when we do future calls. You will want to know when they will come up again. We will have some cool things to talk about and we will do some more interviews like we use to do, interesting stuff that you will want to listen to.

Bruce: The other side of this, we will have our projects to talk about and how you would like to participate in Rebuild America and Veterans Retreat Network. I will make that all available to you on the new website, and we will let you know on future calls. I anticipate taking off a month or so. We have Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hanukkah coming up. We got holiday season and we will have a lot going on in all of our lives, but we will do our best to stay in touch with you thru the web site and future calls.

Bruce: Right now we are in a situation where Iraq is looking to put out their actual rate for their dinar here if they havenít done it already while I have been on the call. I think we are looking to that possibly any moment. My understanding is their induction to the WTO, World Trade Organization, they need to have that international rate up and actively live beforehand. I donít know how much before hand, I thought 3 days, but I have heard some really good things about this morning about 11am EST the control situation for Iraq has migrated over to the Central bank of Iraq, CBI, where they have the control on releasing that rate and showing that rate. That is a real positive step Iraq has done to do what they needed to do to be inducted into the WTO on Friday. That happened at 11am EST this morning.

Bruce: The quote unquote the announcement from Iraq that has been made. The celebration is going to follow to celebrate they are sovereign, fully liberated from ISIS and back on the world stage as an international trading partner. That celebration as of yesterday, my understanding is that was to begin tomorrow. I havenít been able to confirm that tonight to know that for sure but that was my understanding yesterday. They ordered in another 160 or 170 more big screens, the Samsungs 100 inch diagonal flat screen TVs. I donít think it is the jumbo trons. These are additional big screens utilized throughout the country and putting them in place earlier. That will add to their celebratory nature. Big time fireworks, music, and actors to help them celebrate. I am excited for Iraq with that. I know they are continuing trading that rate on the dinar. The Zim is continuing to be traded a little bit higher. We are not doing rate and date.

Bruce: There is activity going on, majorly active behind the scenes not just in other parts of the world but here too. Some of it is so sensitive I canít talk about it all. It is happening and has been for days. Intel has been very quiet overall in the last two to three days. We do get bits and pieces of information come through to help us realize for example the exchange locations and Redemption Centers are ready and they have been ready since yesterday on steady high alert, in active status and ready to go for us. They got this thing down to a science now. The Call Centers are activated, they have the personnel to begin all set.

Bruce: When the time is right and the toll free number comes out, I am honored to say it will come to me first and I will take it and get it back out to the community so all can call and set their appointments. We will put it on the two websites.. will get an email with the toll free phone number if we are allowed to do that. That is how it will come.

Bruce: There is quite a bit of activity. President Trump had a very successful trip in the Far East. I know you have seen bits and pieces of that over the last 12 days. He flew out from the Philippines and arrived in Hawaii around noon today. I think that was EST time. I am not sure about that. He suppose to arrive today in Hawaii and then go from Hawaii back over to Andrews Air Force Base and then to the White House. He may be there now. I donít know that. I am thinking he is there tonight. I do know he has some meetings scheduled after he gets in.

I believe we are to have very large announcements by the President tomorrow sometime after 11am EST. I know I believe these announcements will deal with some of the trade deals the President has been able to put together on his travels to the Far East. He has brought quite a bit of trade value to the United States. It is tremendous, a very successful trip.

Bruce: Will there announcement about the RV, the currency gold back standard? I donít personally look for an announcement here until they are ready to bring our new currency at the banks. That is when I think, we will get a currency or asset back announcement. I donít think we will get that in the AM. Maybe I will be wrong, fooled. I am very excited. I donít think we will need that. The only announcement we need is the toll free number be given to me and my release of that number to all in the community. That is what I think about the announcements.

Bruce: When it comes to the gold standard, here at 2pm EST last Sunday Bit Coin became gold backed as well. That I thought was a tremendous thing. I thought that it is a very positive thing. I know it has gone up in value in the last 24 hours of about $400. There are things happening out there. Absolutely behind the scenes more than you ever want to know. You donít want to know all going on behind the scenes. I will say the information that we will probably hear in the next coming days and weeks will probably blow our minds in some cases.

Bruce: I will say I hope that we are in a position for some of these platforms to start. I heard about that and they are ready to start. People have been waiting to be paid and thinking they are about to be paid. I think they are about to be paid. SKRs, groups. All I can say you are in the right place at the right time. Stay patient what is going to be the greatest transfer of wealth of humankind. You are fortunate enough to be born at this time to be part of this opportunity. It is mind bobbling. What we will be able to do for the world and not only for ourselves and our families, but for the world. The Pastoral Retreat Network and the Veterans Retreat Network project. Too, the concept of Rebuild America. I think I was the first to come with that. We got some things happening in our government that is mirroring that same concept, the Rebuild America act. There is activity out there we are tied closely to, and I think we will partner with them as we find out what they plan to do with that program. We are not going to do this with tax money. This is privately supported. We plan to do what we plan to do because of the blessing, and we will be able to make a difference with our cities in 5000 or more across the country. I think others will jump in and will want to be part of it. I am looking for 5,000 listeners who want to be part of this. You will have the opportunity to do that and choose your cities, towns, and communities you want to help. We will try to put a template out there for you to do that where you live. It will take us a little while for us get this up and running as it will take you time to be up and running with this new wealth. We will be working on it at the same time. You will be great and fine. I am looking forward to that.

Bruce: I will be hiring people to take these visions, hire the teams, men and women to take these visions and make them happen. I canít do this by myself as you canít do it by yourself. Together we will be hiring people to do these projects and get training for those who need training like our veterans. Our veterans will be our partners doing these projects, and we will be putting them to work in a cool area. We will have mentorship programs for kids and the youth, and an apprenticeship program. We will have a lot of trades out there such as carpenters, plumbers, brick layers, etc. Many more who will need apprenticeship to learn those trades and they will be good paying jobs. Anyone we hire will get good pay and be proud of the work they will do. We will see to that.

Bruce: I am excited where we are to the process because every day I hear more and more what is coming together for us, and roughly how close we are and the fact we are right there. If I try to say it will be a certain date, I will burn myself. I am still super excited where we are and ready for the toll free number to come to me so I get put it out to you very quickly so you can set your appointments and change your lives.

Bruce: Thank you all for listening again on this Tuesday. We will be here on this Thursday unless something happens before then. Stay tune... Also, we will put the toll free number to couple of other places in the community after we receive it.
Bruce: I want to thank all for coming in tonight. Thank you Sue, Bob, and Pastor Steven for being part of my team. Thank you everybody again. We appreciate you and love you. We will talk to you when we talk to you. Good night Everyone.


11/9/2017 The Big Call with Bruce INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link 16min and/or Transcript

Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call Universe tonight all around the globe. Letís talk about briefly about the Redemption Centers, the exchange locations.

We use the term Redemption Centers because we will be redeeming the Zim. That is where we get the term Redemption Center.

When you call the toll free number when we get that number and you see to call it. They will ask you what currencies you have and you will tell them if you have Zim or not. If you have Zim, they will route you to another call center, the Zim Call Center which is the Secondary Call Center. You will then get the direct connection to that call center.

They will connect you to it. You give them the information they request such as your zip code, etc. and you will set your appointment for going in.

If you donít have Zim, you will not be transferred to the Secondary Call Center. You will just make your appointment with the Primary Call Center.

Bruce: Remember in the past we talked about there were 7430 Exchange locations in North America that would include the United States and Canada?

Right now we are up to over 8,400 Exchange locations just in the United States mainland, the Continuous 48 states alone not including Canada. I think Canada has 1200 approximately Exchange locations.

We also have Tier 1 banks that would be HSBC, Wells Fargo Bank, Citi Bank, Chase Bank. Five Tier 1 banks plus a number of Tier 2 banks totaling about 24,000 locations that will be doing currency exchanges. Not all will be doing Zim of course, but some will. You got really in total 8,400 plus over 24,000 Tier 1 and 2 banks, totaling 32,500 approximately Redemption Centers and Bank branches that will be set up for us.

Bruce: What is interesting and the reason I bring this up is the whole United States is covered and are ready for us especially the Redemption Centers. They have been staffed, on high alert, and ready to go. The Call Centers, the Primary and Secondary Call Centers have been also.

The exchange locations and Redemption Centers are all including the banks are connected to all the banks around the world and the central banks around the world. Everyone is interconnected as of 1:15pm this afternoon EST. All these banking institutions and banking centers are hooked up to the new Swift System.

Bruce: Remember we had the Swift System doing bank wires. Sometimes it would take a few days, and international wires would take a long time. When the Cips System came in and that was really the system of choice of preference things started happening much faster. International bank wires could take as little as 28 seconds and maybe much as 57 to 59 seconds to complete. They are much faster.

That Cips system has been interrogated into the Swift System. The United States Bankers call it the New Swift System. They donít tend to call it the Cips System even though it is the Cips System in conjunction with the Swift System. They prefer to call it the New Swift System. All those banks are interconnected, all set up through satellite, all hooked up and all ready to go. That is my whole pint in that.

The Central Banks around the world are all interconnected also on a separate system called the RTGS or Real Time Global System, keeping them in communication with each other. That has been done the last couple of days, has been set up.

Bruce: What I think is interesting is that our President Trump has done a really good job of representing our trade situation and our policies over in the Far East on this Far East tour spending a day in South Korea and a two days in Japan with President Abe Shinzo which went very well.

Then yesterday and today with President Xi in China and that has been going very well.

They had a state dinner last night. He was ready to leave out at 9am local time in Beijing which is tomorrow morning for us.

He is leaving for Vietnam for a little conference with a number of nations in South East Asia, including China, Japan, South Korea and possibly from North Korea and few others. That meeting could be highly significant and maybe our timing could be geared after that meeting is completed sometime.

Bruce: I have heard we are in a kind of another window now to be notified. There has been more things that have been accomplished the last couple of days even today that we didnít know was needed.

I think we are looking for everything to proceed here in the next few days. That is what I am hearing. We donít get into rates or dates because they change and are hard to pin down even though we hear rates have been traded up and continue to be traded up. We will be pleased with them. I think we not worry about that at all and be in prep mode.

Bruce: I have been told here the last few days to be on alert and be ready to get a phone call. Sometimes it is at a little high alert level for me and sometimes it is just tend to subside a little bit. I have been on a roller coast myself thinking I was to get a call or something. I am prepared to get a call day or night, and I think it is an honor to get that number and get it out.

Then anybody that is registered to the website, those people will get the 800 number by way of email directly to them. We have had a number of people register for that. We will let you know of our future projects, podcasts calls by email. We do plan to take a good month off.

Bruce: Tomorrow is not Veteranís Day, but honored as Veteranís Day as a Federal holiday tomorrow. Because it falls on Saturday, some banks have the option whether they want to close on Saturday or tomorrow. I know some banks will close Saturday, but I donít know if other banks will be closed tomorrow. I donít know how that will affect us in terms of our timing of our start. Keep that in mind. You know in your own town if they are open or not.

Bruce: I heard something today that was very positive. Te President said while he was in Beijing that tomorrow should be a national day for the world. It was more than that, but the jest of it sounded like a very positive day for the world tomorrow. I thought that could be very meaningful to us. Possibly some announcements of some kind could come out of this meeting tomorrow. I think we are moving along with more and more things happening.

Bruce: As far as Iraq is concern, we understand that they have just today on their Qi cards people can go on and see something about the oil revenue sharing which all citizens of Iraq get a portion of. They enter their information in and see about that.

My understanding is that it should be available o them in a couple of days, maybe Sunday. They will have access to that.

Bruce: Other than that Intel is that things are happening and I am sure more has to happen. I have been given a window that takes into Saturday possibly Sunday. Just watch for it, be available and be ready. Keeping doing Plan A and be ready. That is where we are right now.

I am glad everyone could come in and listen in tonight. I am hoping tonight is our last call before the blessing and it should be the case I believe. I don to plan to do a Tuesday call and plan that this happens before Tuesday. Letís hope that is the case.

Bruce: I want to thank that my team especially Sue, Pastor Steven, and Bob for being faithful to help me put this call out every Tuesday and Thursday night. I thank all in Big Call Universe for listening in and being genuine for everything we plan to do. I saw a 5 min news report today Rebuilding America. It was in Detroit.

They had a job training fair for people who want to learn to be a carpenter, electrician, plumber, etc. There were 12 different trades that were part of that little conference today. I thought that was cool that they took that concept we have of Rebuild America and took that to Detroit. We plan to do that all over the country. We will find out what they are doing there and other contacts Rebuild America Act, and I will be in touch with that individual to see there is a synergy there and if we can come together with that.

Bruce: Our Big Call concept is already starting at least in Detroit. Letís see if it gets duplicated anywhere else. We plan to take at least 5,000 cities, towns, communities around the United States and we plan to rebuild America in those areas and take it from there and go around the world. We will be working with our Veterans with our Veterans Retreat Network and other veteran organizations as well.

We honor the veterans who served and give them a shout out and thank you for the sacrifice you paid with your lives and limbs as well. Thank you for your gift to keep us safe around the world. Everyone have a great night tonight and a beautiful day tomorrow. Good night All.


11/7/2017 The Big Call with Bruce INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link 17min and/or Transcript
​​Bruce: Good Evening Everyone. Welcome to the Big Call tonight. Tonight was a strange one where a couple of people told me I wouldnít be doing a call tonight. That was my intention was in not to do a call, but my fall back was we would do the call. Here we are today. Some say Bruce as the numbers and he is not putting the number out. I do not have the number yet. When I do, I will put the number out very quickly. I am looking forward to receiving the number anytime now. As of right now I still do not have it...

Bruce: Letís talk a little bit, because I only have a few things to bring you. I was told even if I was to do a call I was not to say anything. It has been kind of very quiet the last couple of days yesterday and today even Sunday. Sometimes we get some things later at night, it can vary. It has been very quiet. Even HSBC has been very quiet, basically dark. Information on the web has been very quiet, not much out there to glean from that. Some of the people that we hear from in the way of Intel are having to be very quiet.

Bruce: Understood that Iraq is basically, I think, complete. Everything we have heard as far as the announcement of the liberation of Iraq, the fact they installed two flags in the Providences that are bordering Syria. That was already done. They did celebrate I believe on Sunday. I didnít even hear anything about it, but I believe they were supposed to celebrate. My thinking is that liberation announcement was repeated and emphasized again by Prime Minister Abadi. I believe that basically took care of what Iraq needed to do. I also heard the rate of the dinar came out, but I havenít seen that. We are not supposed to see it here yet from what I understand. It is not ready to be revealed to us here.

Bruce: The rates for couple of the currencies have been traded up higher in the last couple of days quite a bit. I think we are looking good as far as that goes. It is at the point now where so much has occurred. Huge number of accounts have been settled, and there are second wave of accounts are still being processed. There have been major players that have been handled around the globe not just here. A lot is happening internationally and the pace of things are picking up. They are processing things and moving at a feverish pace to get everything ready to go for this even though at our prospective it seems nothing is happening. We understand at 2am this morning Iraq was put on the real time global system, the new banking system to that would allow them to be truly international. I understand that occurred early this morning.

Bruce: Things are happening out there that are moving things in the direction we want to go. The things happening with the Presidentís trip to the Far East in route to China is good thing, a very positive thing. I heard about the possibility of an announcement here or there. We could have an announcement any day now that would be good for us. It might include a new currency or something else that we would have indicative of what we are looking forward to as our actual USN currency being utilized for us.

Bruce: As far as we know everything we said in the past as the exchange locations are still ready are still on alert ready to go, sync up with the satellite systems. Call Centers are ready and Redemption Centers are ready. They are just ready to go to let this thing go. We canít predict this thing exactly when, but we are in the final few days. Of course I heard this is the week, and we have heard that expressionbefore. I we hope this is the week for us. We just have to stay patient and pay attention to see what transpires for us.

Bruce: Instead of getting too specific on certain things, it is interesting it has been quiet as it has been. We have to take it as a good indicator. You have to realize that when things get really quiet as they have been the last few days it is for a reason. Letís receive that, accept that and move forward with the concept of with everything being in proper preparation mode for the redemption of our currencies. Even practice and do some role playing with calling the Call Centers. Practice pretending to call. Practice if you have Zim being switch to the call center and getting your appointment set for you.

Bruce: You will have different stations during your exchange where you will be going from get to know your customer, identify yourself with a couple of ID, having your utility bill and take it from there. They will know you before you get there. That is to sort of to confirm who you are. Then you will move to where they will count and verify your currency on the deru machines. Then you will go and negotiate your rates with the concept of talking about your projects and what you plan on doing in the future with the monies from this.

Bruce: Then you will get into what type of trust you want to set up. Do you have a trust already? If not then you will set up a skeleton trust to get you started. Then you will let them know who your trusties will be and who your beneficiaries will be. Then go from that to your various accounts you will have. Maybe they will give you a temporary debit card loaded with certain amount of money. You will set up a couple of one or two accounts maybe after your exchange appointment so you can have your funds come to you. Maybe you will get a permanent credit/debit card in the mail and you will have an option what type of card you will be interested in. Then you will be going through that portion of it.

Bruce: Then you will be informed about some of the services that the various banks will have to offer to you. You will have perks. A page or two of perks you will have access to in being a customer of that particular private banking scenario. Ask a couple questions about the family office. You will have some time, probably 6 to 7 different stations you will be moving through during the redemption process which will be through and done in an hour to an hour and ten or fifteen minutes, maybe as short of 45 minutes. It is just going to vary. Expect maybe an hour and 15 minutes top. Pick up a bundle of 100 dollar bills in 2500, 5000, 7500, or 10,000 dollars in cash. You will pick that up and take that with you. If you are not comfortable carrying that much cash, then donít worry about that step. You will have a debit card with money on it. Then you will be able to send some funds with a couple of one or two bank wires. I wouldnít load up in terms of structures, LLCs, but if you have those and those are legally set up and use that for your account you can bring that information if you have it with you. Otherwise that is why you will have 2nd and 3rd appointment opportunities with your wealth management team and some of you will have opportunities with Abbott Downing. You will have the opportunity to create this atmosphere of a family office and everything that comes with that.

Bruce: It is just going to be a beautiful experience to come into and share. All I can say is have some kind of preparation for your Humanitarian project discussion, maybe a one or two page outline. You donít want to come in there with a 100 page business plan. Just give them an idea of what you plan to do. Speak from your heart of what you plan to do for your humanitarian project.

Bruce: The Big Call with be involved with two major projects. The Veterans Retreat Network will be offering job training opportunities, employment opportunities, PTSD counseling, Puppy Dog therapy, and retreats throughout the country. Then we will have the Rebuild America program rebuilding cities, towns, and communities. We will look for volunteers to take those cities, towns, and communities. We will have future pod calls of who will do that in your own city, town, and communities.

​Bruce: We will do community centers, community gardens, educational opportunities, health opportunities with holistic type clinics offering holistic like even some of the CDs Sue has done, maybe do some special CDs, and the nutritional ideas that Bob will have too. We want to make some changes to improve the life style for people. We will try to get everyone the opportunity to improve their life style where they live as in housing, clean portable water, education, raising the level of living all around the world. There are quite a few places that can use a hand up. If you are interested in being a part of that, stay tune after the exchanges are done. We want to take a month or two to get everything done. We will be back in touch. That is why we are asking you to send your email to sign up to get the 800 number and we can be in touch with you with for future calls and projects we want to do.

Bruce: That is all I can share tonight that I feel comfortable with. The fact we did do a call we know we are very close for this to happen and we do expect this to go in the next couple of 3 days. We feel this is our week. Letís stay positive and in faith for this and believe together this is going to happen and bring this in fairly quickly for us. Thank you all for listening and coming in and being part of our call. I appreciate everybodyís faithfulness in listening all these years. Maybe this is our last call, maybe it isnít. We will just have to play it one call at a time right now. We just have to see what transpires.

Bruce: I want to thank all who are listening. I want to thank my team. Thank you Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven and Kent and everyone else who is part of our team. Thank you over there in TNT Pinkroses for doing the transcripts for our call. We appreciate you in doing that unselfishly, and we appreciate the entire community at large. Everybody have a great night tonight and we will see what happens. Good night Everybody.


10/26/2017 The Big Call with Bruce INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link 7min and/or Transcript
Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. We are closer than we were Tuesday night. When it comes to Iraq, we usually start with Iraq, we canít really start until Iraq is ready to go. Everything is very positive in Iraq. The in-country rate is way above what you have heard.

Remember I talked about Dr. Shabbi in the past and what he said at a conference in 2012 that the dinar could support a certain rate back then. That is where we are right now in-country. That is not here, but in Iraq. Very good news.

That rate is not posted yet. When will they put it out? I donít know. Maybe not until John Q Public starts about November 1st. I donít know. I heard November 1st John Q Public would start, but then I heard bit later. Every day we wait pushes out that day out further. I do not know.
Bruce: Everything has been done in Iraq. The only thing they havenít done is put the rate out. I think they will put it out when we give them the go ahead to put it out. I donít think anything Iraq will do will affect our start.

Bruce: There was a lot of testing going on between the Primary Call Centers and Secondary Call Centers for about 12 hours. They got that all done and all was fine. There was more testing about 4pm yesterday between HSBC and other banks that were involved in the procedure and in the Redemption Centers they were testing there.

Those tests were complete and this morning a little before 10am EST all was ready to go from a Redemption Center point of view. They were ready to get started. Doesnít mean they are on Red-Hot alert, but are available to go. That is good news finally.

Bruce: When it comes to when we do actually get started letís review what happened today. At 11:05 am EST we had the vote approved in the House of Representative for the budget, 216 to 212 for the budget. The budget passed after the senate budget passed last week. It was a 4 trillion dollar budget. It was approved. I am excited about that. That was pretty important.

Bruce: Over the last 48 hours we have had 3 major tranches come in to the us from the banks in the far east to help us with funding for the RV, the blessing, for ZIM exchanges. We had money moving today at different times, 3pm PST time, money moving this morning shortly after the budget was approved.

A tentative start time for the blessing about 11:18 today. We are in motion. All we need to do is sort of sit back and watch this thing unfold. We should see some really interesting things come through for us the next 2 to 3 days. We are in the window now where the release of the toll free number could happen anytime. I am ready anytime to receive it.

Bruce: We are looking at the proximity being very close. You say to me scoffing ďWhat makes today any different?Ē It is different because more things have happened, have preceded, stuff behind the scenes. Out west things are moving, money is moving, humanitarian funding sources that been writing have indicated some of the money has been received and more is coming.

Bruce: Really, I didnít know if we would have a call tonight. Stay patient, stay in faith.
The alternatives arenít worth talking about. You are at the end of the ride. The rollercoaster is pulling in, and you are waiting for the bar to lift up so you can get started. That is where we are.

Bruce: What was interesting I found out yesterday, there is a congress person in Arkansas that he has been given the go ahead to precede on our project Rebuild America. He is heading up the Rebuild America act. Working with private and so called funding like we talked about on the Big Call. That was handed off to him. He is a state congress in Arkansas. I will have to get in touch with him and see how we can partner which we might or we might now we will see. I think we will come together and do some cool things after the blessing comes for us.

Bruce: Things are really moving. We have quite a news day today and expect some more the next few days. And we will have a beautiful start to our weekend. I heard from sources we wonít go all the way into the weekend before this happens. Keep plan A in process until this comes through. Once it comes through, then you have a choice to keep your job or be a full time philanthropist.

Bruce: We talked enough rates already. Rates are very good. There has been a few thing put out there I understand that are not correct on caps and limits that have been put out on calls. There is a limit for the amount you can negotiate for the ZIM however. Letís say it is a significant rate, nowhere in the sovereign range, nowhere in the 100s, or 1000s. It is not that high, but under 20 dollars. Based on the bills, it will still be a major funding.

The beauty of the structure payout you will have an interest payment coming in every 90 days to do your projects for 15, 10, 20, up to 50 years. The projects can continue on for many years. Our projects will be about schools, housing, gardens, clean water, filtering water, desalination plants,etc.

Just go ahead and think big outside the box and you will be able to come up with projects. If you donít have projects of your own, you can be part of Rebuild America. Just say there is a guy and we are all on that, and we all are going to do that and adopt a city, town, and start here in the US.

Bruce: I want to get housings rebuilt. We will create a template to follow for a city, rural communities, etc. If you are a leader, I will want you to step up and lead in your particular part of your country especially if you have a back ground in design, building, etc. I am going to be in the back ground, but talking to these people, hiring them and do this on a large national scale.

Bruce: This could be our last call for over a month just so you know. That time will be used to move into your new life, get your exchange done, look into your housing situation whether you rebuild, move, etc. life style changes you want to make. You will have meetings with your CPA, family offices, and attorneys, set all that up in the coming weeks. Based on how you set it up with your exchange. It will be really cool. Take a week or two for vacation. You deserve it.

Bruce: When you get recharged, say look lets go back and tune in what Big Call Universe is up to, and hopefully in a month or two we will be ready. It will take some time to get things ready. You guys will be doing it. I will be doing it. All working together if you want to if you want to do something with us. I think it will be fun.

I have always been part of a team. It is fun. I was on a swim team, tennis team, snow ski team, etc. I always liked teams. I like individual sports in team contexts. This is kind of the same thing: individual projects but in a team context. I like that. We can make a pretty good team with Big Call Universe. That is it for me tonight.

Bruce: I want to thank all the listeners we have had faithfully over 6 years for coming in and listening to us every Tuesday and Thursday. I want to thank everybody on the team, Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven, and Kent.





10/24/2017 The Big Call with Bruce INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link 7min
Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. We are at a point where I have been told to lay low and be quiet. We have heard the language been put to me we are in a highly sensitive area right now. How do we take that? I try to give you what I am getting with no added fluff. I tell you the truth. I never exaggerate I am getting. Tonight is no exception.

Bruce: In Iraq Prime Minister Abadi had made an announcement on Sunday or Saturday that was picked up and recorded. People read about his speech. The language in it was very positive about economic reforms moving forward. The idea of the restoration of Iraq. The belief was that it was what was needed to be said by Prime Minister Abadi to move Iraq forward and release everything in terms of the blessing. That was done.
Bruce: They are still in the midst of their Baghdad International Conference celebration. That started Saturday at 10am Baghdad time with parading of their huge flag. It took 468 people to carry it. It weighed just over a ton. It was taken to a side of the building and two cranes took it, lifted it up and installed it to be on the side of the building. It would fill up most of a football field. That was installed on Saturday.

That International aspect of that conference is continuing. They sold booth space to people that wanted to exhibit and sell things. They had tables and provided a phone line, an internet connection, and electricity for 75 dinar. That doesnít sound a lot until you realize when it compares to the new in country rate of the dinar that we cannot talk about. It turned into real money. It was a reasonable price to pay but it wasnít cheap to get that.

Bruce: Everything we have heard is very positive where we are right now with all the currencies coming together, and with all countries coming to together in agreement. With the timing of this coming very close and rather sensitive, I am going to really pretty much leave it at that.

Bruce: I am supposed to get a toll free number and be honored to do that. When I do receive it...

Bruce: Other than that, I can just tell you we really thought we were there even last night. Things happened that didnít allow it. Those things have been handled and it is moving forward. We are in a great place for our blessing to come through.

Stay tuned and see what it is going to look like. The big call is going to take a month or so time off to get some things done.

We have a couple of other sites held to do our Veteran Retreat Network and Rebuild America concept, as well as some other projects. Those are the two big projects though that we were going to do. If you want to help us with them... There we will tell you how to stay in touch with us.

Bruce: Enjoy your experience of your exchange using the Redemption Centers. You do have the PNRs or the Private Negotiable Rates that you can get for about 10 to11 days.

Look for the fact we could be getting a lot of interesting pre-disclosures of information coming out even this week. Beware you are in a situation information is going to start coming forward. I think more truth coming forward, and we will get further disclosures about technology, about space travel, etc. that we have wondered about probably start coming out. Be ready for that new paradigm as we move into that.

Bruce: Everybody enjoy the experience of the exchange. Take some time to enjoy it. Donít rush through it where you donít appreciate it. Enjoy the time. Be sober minded. Donít over celebrate things and get crazy. This is serious: keep all your information private to yourself. Donít start bragging and buying everybody drinks in the bar.

This is serious stuff. Keep quiet whether you sign an NDA or not, just realize this is nobodyís business but yours or yours and your familyís. If you have kids or grandkids, keep it as private as you can because you donít need things leaking out to put you or your family in any jeopardy.

Make your changes subtle like buying a new car or moving, etc. just be careful how you do things. Donít draw attention to yourself. We will have more information with our pod casts about that. We will do interviews and other cool stuff in the future.

Bruce: Enjoy a great nightís sleep, and I am to cut the call. Thank you Big Call Universe for tuning in, and all the bank personnel for your help. Thank you to my team Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven and Kent. Talk to you soon. Thank you. Good night Everybody.


10/19/2017 The Big Call with Bruce INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link 11min
Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. Letís talk about Iraq first. We have had meetings in Washington and New York for days that have accomplished a lot, and meetings out west that have accomplished a lot. We had meetings that ended late last night both in Washington and New York. The results of the meetings were that today the IMF and the US Treasury both congratulated Iraq on the fact that they are getting ready to implement their new economic reforms. Implement and activate are two different things. Implement means we congratulate them in putting themselves in the position to activate.

Bruce: We had the new Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, the CBI, that was here in New York yesterday, and had some meetings at the United Nations. He had good financial meetings and went back over to Iraq with 3 or 4 after the meetings ended late last night. Alak is back in Iraq.

Bruce: We were waiting for an announcement to be made from Prime Minister Abadi in Iraq. We felt that announcement would come if it hasnít already been made and would be made in the next day or so. That is still the case. The CBI was congratulated by the IMF and by our US Treasury about implementing their new economic reforms which would include their new rate. When would that happen and activate that? I am hearing tomorrow night in Iraqi time or I am hearing sometime Saturday morning in Iraq. All you have to do is back off 7 hours with the time change in New York and you know approximately when those could happen.

Bruce: We need for that announcement in Iraq to take place and the new rate for the Iraqi dinar to be out, essentially announced and implemented. Also we need that economic reform package to be activated. I am hearing things that would put us notified shortly after that occurs, and also hearing things that would put us notified a little bit later after that occurs. I am not going to say one way or another how quickly we get to respond after that take place. These meetings have been very important, gone on, and accomplished a lot.

Bruce: We know the RV has started out west in terms in some of the things that have been put into place. It is hard to verify some of the things we are hearing to get absolute verification. We heard for example some of the Fines and Penalties payments have gone out. We heard that some recipients of the Prosperity Packages were notified. We had a good percentage of them we thought by last night were notified and be in receipt of the Prosperity Packages, but those needed to be delivered another 24 to 72 hours after notifications took place. We are iu sort of that transition of things. Donít worry things are rolling out and are happening.

Bruce: We know a lot more money has moved into position with the banks. Some of these funds probably coming from Hong Kong and possibly Singapore. These large tranches that are going to our banks to be in position for deposits that we would make after our exchanges have taken place. So a lot is happening with that still. Every time we think the last tranches are here and in place, we know some of the banks are still receiving funds and moving them in position to be utilized. We heard Paymasters are loaded and ready to go. I couldnít tell you how many times I have heard that. I believe things that are rolling out and appears slowly from our perspective, but we know things are happening behind the scene to let this go. I canít speak to some situations because I have been asked not to speak to such.

Bruce: Things are happening around the world. We could be last to find out about this. We should have some announcement even if it is a crawler across the screen that we are back on a gold back standard, asset backed representing a certain percentage of it on our currency. I canít tell you even if there will be a true announcement made. Maybe it just be a mention with a crawler across the screen something to that affect. You would think we would have it before our USN is actually at the banks. We expect that but donít know when. We heard the new 100s are out, but it is not a USN note. It is a Federal Reserve note, but it does have some indicators that it is gold backed. These are slight things that indicate some changes. I am excited about it.

Bruce: I wish I could give you a date and time. I am not able to do that. I would just tell you that we are coming down to it. I hope we have a great weekend. I canít tell you exactly what is happening out there, but it is positively rolling in the right direction. I heard we might have debt forgiveness coming very shortly as well. I think that would be something we would expect when we talk about Gesara. I idea of the year of Jubilee. We donít know when we will know about it.

Bruce: Things are moving and happening for us behind the scenes. We know from Iraqís perspective they are definitely moving forward. They have a huge flag that weighs over 2,100 pounds. It is ready to be unfurled on Saturday and put on one of the side of their buildings in Baghdad, a celebration of sorts to have that large flag put up on Saturday. We are looking for this economic reform system law to be enacted and activated tomorrow night or stairway morning Iraqi time. That is very positive for us. We will see how things move forward for us.

Bruce: We are in position as we can be to move forward to do our exchanges...

Bruce: If you plan be part of what we plan to do at Big Call Universe, stay in touch with us through that email. We have plans for Rebuild America and the Veterans Retreat Network. That is what we are excited to get started with.

Bruce: Thank you all for coming in and listening in tonight. Thank you Sue and Bob for coming in tonight, and Pastor Steven. We will be in touch through the emails and the web site. Good night Everybody.


10/17/2017 The Big Call with Bruce INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link 17min and/or Transcript

Notes with Bruce-Intel Only by PinkRoses 10-17-17

Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. I was debating not even doing a call tonight. I talked to the team about it and thought we would be better to do the call and talk a little about some things than have a bunch of people email us what happened to the call tonight.

We did the call tonight as a preventative measure. Tonight we are pretty much at the end of the ride. That is the case and now I will tell you what I am hearing now.

Bruce: First of all I want to thank everybody for coming in and listening to the Big Call so faithfully these over the last 6 years. I am excited because I really didnít think I would do a call tonight. I knew we had approx 25,000 people listening either live to the call or to the replay, and reading the transcript.
I want to thank Pinkroses for doing such a beautiful job in transcribing our call, just a wonderful thing she is doing for us and I appreciate that. A lot of people just pick up the notes she gets from the call and we appreciate that. We are heard from a lot of people and our information is gets put online to a lot of places.

Bruce: This thing cannot go without Iraq being in position. Here is what we are hearing about Iraq right now. On Saturday Alak became officially the new Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, the CBI. It was at that time Saturday that he did do an announcement to talk about the Iraqi dinar being an international currency again and the fact his words were there are no longer any restrictions to the Iraqi dinar for exchange internationally. That is so huge. That is a big announcement that he made.

Bruce: There is one more announcement we expect late tonight here in the United States made by Abadi in Iraq, and it suppose to happen after morning prayer. That is usually around 7am local time in Baghdad. That is approximately the time announcement is made is around midnight tonight EST. That is close to when Abadi final announcement which I am understanding will be the final nail in the coffin supposed to be made.

Bruce: From what I am hearing shortly thereafter we could get notified and the 800 number could come out...

Anybody that registered, free to sign up, just put your email in and we have it to do future emails and let you know on how we are doing on projects and when our next call will be, etc. Keep that in mind if you havenít already.

 There is probably more that will come on and do that now. I also if we are allowed to and directed to, I will put out the 800 number in that email and to a few other places online.

Bruce: That is what is happening from that prospective of it going very shortly with Alak announcement from Iraq on Saturday and they put it out in print on Sunday. There has been
another blackout that started today from Iraq, There is still a veil of secrecy from getting all the information that we think should be coming out. I donít think that will last much longer.

Bruce: Where is the dinar now? It is on preloaded debit card. One is a global debit card for duo citizens, and the other one is issued inside Iraq. Both cards are through Chase bank. We know people who have these cards. We had a solid rate that they have seen on their cards. Then today the cards went blank. There was no rate showing that lasted one hour and 13 minutes. Then a new rate popped up. The new rate was a solid rate, no flashing, no dashes and tthat rate was almost $4.00 higher than the previous rate that was there the last 6 days.

Bruce: Now we have a solid indicator of a great rate on the dinar. The rate there is now what is the PNR or Privately Negotiable Rates for those who are using the Redemption Centers doing exchanges on the Dinar, Dong, Rupiah, and Afghani, and redeeming the Zim. It is s a very good rate if you ask for a PNR. You should see a high rate or see one higher than what is on those debit cards. They are loading them with profits from oil, etc. That is a very positive sign that rate change was made today with a solid rate. We are way up there. It is crazy.

Bruce: Also last night I heard a new rate on the Dong which was higher than we had yet.
It is not responsible for me to give you the rate. These are so good you will be way more than pleased. These are not rates the John Q Public will get. These are rates designed for us in the Internet Group. The PNR rates are those that you would ask for as you discus your various humanitarian projects and your various plans to do with this money after the redemption of the Zim is done and your exchange.

Bruce: We had 31 Tier 2 banking institutions allowed to exchange the Dong, Dinar, Rupiah and the Afghani. They are not allowed to exchange the Zim. The Zim is primarily only going to go thru HSBC. Period. That is who we will be using at the Redemption Centers because HSBC is the lead bank. They displaced Wells Fargo as the main bank even though Wells Fargo is very much part of the exchange process.

Bruce: The Zim will be thru the Redemption Centers which there is 7430 of them in North America and you will be able to redeem the Zim. We use the term redeem because the Zim is a gold backed bond. We use the term exchange when we talk about the other currencies. 31 different banking institutions will do exchanges.

Primarily they will send out emails to their previous customers who bought currencies prior for them to make the exchange if they want. That will happen sort of under the idea of John Q Public. That could happen right when we are exchanging. There may not be a delay when John Q Public goes. We should have 11 days at the Redemption Centers to exchange at PNR or Privately Negotiable Rates. Will the John Q Public get the lower front screen rates at banks that do exchange foreign currencies? If they hear or call the bank, they will be able to do those exchanges that way.

Bruce: Beyond that, letís talk about Redemption Centers and Call Centers. We have Primary Call Centers for the initial toll free number. If you donít have Zim, you donít mention you have Zim but you have other currencies. You will stay with that Call Center, and they will go by your zip code and demographic. If you do have Zim let them know that right away. They will transfer you to a Secondary Call Center. Those are out there in great quantity throughout the country. You will be transferred to those and you be set up by an appointment based on your zip code and do your exchange and redeem your Zim. You have a Primary and Secondary Call Center.

Bruce: Last night the Primary Call Centers have been activated and notified and they know what the deal is. They are set up and ready in place. The Secondary Call Centers have not had that happen yet. At 10:25 last night they were notified in an update which we donít know what was in the update. They were called last night and then today at 4:15pm there was going to be a second update.

What happened was they pushed that from this afternoon up to tonight till 10:30pm EST. That is when the second possible final update to the Secondary Call Centers will be delivered in that vicinity at 10:30pm EST or slightly thereafter. They should get a heads up in my opinion when they plan to report, when it is go time, all those things could be part of the update.

Bruce: We have another situation in Iraq. The Qi cards The people that received that rate change today, they received an application for their cards that would allow them to go in shortly after midnight tonight and get access to the new rate and balance on those cards shortly after midnight tonight. That is happening to the citizens and you have Abadiís announcement after morning prayer about 7am Baghdad time from Iraq about midnight EST. That should line up to what we are talking about when it comes to the timing for those cards to turn live. There is a lot happening and a lot of good news.

Bruce: The other thing we did hear was that the Chinese Premier is suppose to make a global announcement about the start time of the Big Call tonight that the world was on a gold back system. That all the currencies around the world were on a gold back system, asset back, I believe gold back was going to be used.

I have been on the Big Call and I donít know that. That is a really possibly that announcement was made about 9pm EST. That is basically, in my opinion, the Gesara announcement. You have all the currencies on the gold standard and asset back. We are not 100% gold back but enough of our currency gold back to satisfy the IMF requirements. Each currency is backed by assets to give value to these currencies.

That is a very positive move between the announcement made by Iraq by the new Governor of the CBI on Saturday and the new announcement to be made tomorrow morning, and then Chinaís announcement about 9pm EST tonight.

Bruce: We are right where we need to be. We are waiting for notification, the all important call for me to put out the toll free number... We will stay up with it that way and I will put it out to a couple places online. It wonít be long before you see it.

Bruce: I want to thank all to coming in and listening tonight. Thank you Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven, and Kent. Thank you everybody in Big Call Universe, and letís hope the blessing is right there and this is the last call preceding the blessing. Stay in touch with our website for future calls and information. When this blessing comes, we are going to take time off for about a month. Everybody has things to do such as meetings with their Wealth Manager, CPAs, Attorneys. Also to take vacations and take the time and enjoy it. Do not go crazy with it. Enjoy the ride as we move into this new paradigm. Good Night Everybody.


10/12/2017 The Big Call with Bruce INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link 6min
Bruce: Welcome. I have been told not to go into certain areas tonight. This is what we can talk about. What has gone on in Iraq is the IMF has asked Iraq to do (2) things. Remember the law that was against about anti money laundering law in conjunction with counterfeiting? That law was passed long time ago. They want to see this enacted. The IMF wants to see that done. I believe that will get enacted. The other thing the IMF wants is to see Iraqís rate enacted.

Bruce: Iraq has about 9 Dignitaries that have been invited to come to the United States for the final day of the IMF meeting in Washington DC. Sunday would be the last day of the meeting.

That is really what they been asked to do. It makes sense they would comply the final things the IMF has requested before coming over to that meeting which they will be there with other people on Sunday. That is a positive thing for us.

Bruce: When it comes to here in the United States, we have Primary and Secondary Call Centers that are separate from the Redemption Centers. When it comes to the Primary and Secondary Call Centers they are set by demographics and zip codes in the United States and Canada. They are set up when you make that initial phone call. You let them know what currencies you have. If you have certain currencies, you will get forwarded to another number. Your call will be transferred to the Second Call Center. Then you give them more information and then they will set your appointment. There are a number of those in each state in the country as there is a number of Redemption Centers in each state throughout the country as well.

Bruce: The Primary Call Centers have been notified to be available and be ready at a certain time. The Secondary Call Centers will be waiting to be notified as to when they will report. The Primary Call Centers, the Secondary Call Centers, and the Redemption Centers will be synched to report approximately the same time. I donít think they will be more than 10 to 12 minutes to report to work. That is coming and in the works.

Bruce: Things are happening not only here in the United States, but all over the globe. Things we are hearing that are happening in European and in China. Some canít talk due to having signed NDAS, and some are on gag orders. It is quiet for a reason. We are in a great place.

Bruce: We want to talk a little a bit about the process. When you go in for your appointment, dress professional, dress accordingly. Have a smile on your face and be confident. Remember all we talked about in the past. We talked about PNR or Privately Negotiable Rates based on your projects. When you go in you can ask for the Privately Negotiable Rates. You can do some projects on your own or if you want to part of what we are going to be doing with our projects Rebuild America and Veterans Retreat Network. You can mention that as well.

Bruce: You want to go in with the idea of how much of your funds of your master account or mother lode, you will need access to in the first 90 days. Let your banking team know how much you will need for your personal use, for the projects that you need to do, and how much you will need to initiate those. I think you can be pretty confident that they can set a certain amount aside so it doesnít go into your structure payout.

Bruce: If you want to transfer some funds for example to one or two other banks, you donít have to tell them what time which banks you plan to go to with that, but let them know you have say several hundred million you plan to transfer. Let them know that amount so that amount can be set aside to you and you have access the first 90 days so they donít create those funds for you out of your structure payout. The first 90 days is what you take out of your principle. The second 90 days is the interest made from your structure payout.

Bruce: You can request an interest rate that should pay every 90 days or every quarter which that quarter income is taxable. I am not a CPA or Attorney. We know interest income is concerned passive even if you are set up in trusts, LLCs. Obviously you fill find out the best way to set it up with your CPA, Attorney. Whatever you earn you can utilize for your projects. Realize that some of it is taxable and you can expense against like a small business. Get with your CPA and get the strategy how you should live, saving receipts etc., and see how it is applicable to your structure payout.

Bruce: You will learn that some of the banks have family offices. People are designated to help you with routine things as to help you look into real estate, vacations, bill pay situations, etc. Find out what the Family Office needs to do for you. That is more like the 2nd or 3rd meeting.

The initial meeting is an hour to hour and 10 minutes to get the exchange done. Go in with 7 or 8 trusts names that will be available for you to set up your trust.
Bruce: The other thing you will need is a list of trustees for your trusts and successor trustees.

Also if something should happen to you or to some other people setting this up who are the beneficiaries of the trust? Set those up and who are the successor beneficiaries? Go ahead and put those people in those positions. Also think in the terms of if you have a business or want to set up a trust in a trust or separate get with your attorney for the best way to do that. You can set up a number of LLCs, foundations, family foundations, and nonprofits, Consider and use the advice of more than one CPA or Attorney firm. You will have the time to do that.

Bruce: For your exchange, go in there and walk out of there and keep your mouth shut whether you sign an NDA or not. Be quiet and teach anyone who wants to be part of this to be quiet. It could come back and bite you. No drinking and bragging about this. Keep this thing as quiet as possible that you can for your own security. We are going to do calls about security.

Bruce: We do have the new website. This is where you can sign up and be contacted by us by email when we get ready to do podcasts and calls. If we are allowed to put out the 800 toll free number by email to you, that is how we will do it by that list. We had over 7000 sign up the first several days. We want you to know we will put out the number if we are allowed, and when we get ready to do projects, further calls you will get notified of what we are doing. That is how we plan to let you know. We have to concentrate on our own security and safety moving forward.

Bruce: I want all to enjoy this experience and have fun with it. We should have the best weekend of our lives. Just stay strong, stay in faith, and stay confident and you should do very well. Everybody have a great night. Get some sleep look forward to a good weekend.
Bruce: Thank you Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven, Kent, and all the listeners being faithful the last 6 to 7 years as we have done these calls. Thank you everybody. Good night and God bless.


10/10/2017 The Big Call with Bruce INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link 21min and/or Transcript
Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call. I was getting the word I would be getting this phone number last night. I think I would have except that the automatic timer that we had been on was halted or interrupted at 6:00 pm PST yesterday. We were rolling right along, going along fine expecting this to go, and we had an interruption. I not going to call it a delay, but it in effect it was a slight delay. They had to get some things handled today and evidently are being handled still and has been handled for the most part.

Bruce: Iraq. There were (3) distinct meetings yesterday in this country, but in Iraq there was another meeting going on with the Iraqi Parliament and the IMF was in attendance, and Alak, the new CBI director of the Central Bank of Iraq. He was at the meeting as well. It was good. They may have passed legislatively what the Parliament needed to do. They met with some agreements that needed to be sign at the closest IMF office which was at Jordan. The IMF and Alak came to Jordon to handle those documents to get those done. My understanding was the net result of that meeting yesterday, those two meetings, today is the IMF has approved Iraqís reinstated rate for the dinar.

Bruce: We know the dinar was at $3.22 for quite awhile as a lead up to the Gulf war. We know that the reinstated rate that we heard about was at $3.71. Iraq has been operating in country on their Qi cards, pre-paid debit cards, at that rate or higher for many months now. This rate from my understanding I think will be additional amount for the CBI rate. I donít think it will stay at that rate. I think it will be higher. I donít know when that rate will be known to us exactly. We do not know that, but we donít think it will be very much longer before that will show. I am not concern about that, the CBI rate, as much about knowing what our rate for the dinar is here in this country as a PNR, Privately Negotiable Rate, that will be seen at the Redemption Centers.

Bruce: We talked in the past of about generalities about rates. We do not get too specific because they do change. They go up and down. In the case of the currencies of what most of us hold, the dinar has continually gone up slightly. Now the rate is at a very strong right. I am not going to go into it. It is way higher than we thought it ever would be, and one that will be available for us at the Redemption Centers when we get the 800 number to begin to set our appointments and go.

From a prospective of Iraq, they have been approved by the IMF for this new rate. This afternoon I got confirmation of that.

Bruce: The other thing we seen happen is we had various stages of readiness at the Redemption Centers. These are 7430 defined separate building office areas that are Redemption Centers throughout the United States and Canada. When it comes to those centers they had readiness that has gone from standby status to active status to red hot ready to go status. I think now we are in a standby status now at the Redemption Centers, but they can get completely in place in 6 hours or less. They were supposed to be on red hot alert this morning at 10am. They may have been. It doesnít matter because we werenít ready to go at 10am this morning. They can go from standby to very active status in a very short period of time.

Bruce: There are Call Centers throughout the United States. Some are called Primary Call Centers and some are called Secondary Call Centers. There is an amount based on the demographics and the knowledge of Zim holders and other currencies throughout the United States. They know basically how many are needed to handle the incoming calls that we will make. The Primary Call Centers will get the initial calls. Then if you have Zim bonds to redeem and any other currencies as well, then you will be transferred from that initial call to a Secondary Call Center. That Secondary Call Center will give you details about your exchange location, about your appointment, and time. A two step process, Primary Call Center and Secondary Call Center.

Bruce: Donít confuse Call Centers with Redemption Centers. Two separate things. Two separate forms of notification. I got word little while ago that the Primary Call Centers were just notified to be on ready status at a specific time. I donít know what the time, but they were just notified. I believe it to be very shortly the Secondary Call Centers will be notified as well. They will respond back within an hour. All a process that is getting ready for us. More than likely the Redemption Centers will be notified in a similar way and they will be available approximately the same time as the Call Centers will be to be available to handle our exchanges.

Bruce: When I get the toll free number, the Call Centers will have to be in place for me to call and for you to call when you get the number. Once we call, very shortly thereafter or at the same time, the Redemption Centers have to be available for the appointments to start. So there is a process to it. I think I outlined it accurately. So they maybe at the same time reporting into work or the Call Centers may precede them shortly but not by a whole lot, half hour, hour max before the Redemption Centers are fully staffed.

Bruce: There were major meetings going on yesterday. Bankers had a meeting in New York. A meeting in Dallas about gold, the value and price of gold and how it will be utilized to be one of the assets to back these currencies around the world. My understanding was there was a call yesterday that went to about 9:30 pm last night that included possibly (9) different gold markets or (9) countries that were discussing the value of gold and how it would be utilized to back these currencies in more detail. At that time the meeting discussed the possibility of tonight the central banks around the world to start aligning themselves tonight at midnight ESTand complete by noon tomorrow. In this 12 hour period this whole process of the gold as an asset that would back these currencies around the world that is when that is suppose to occur. We can call it alignment, pinging, agree with, ready for that information is over in 12 hour period starting at midnight tonight.

Bruce: If you put that in prospective, it would appear we are getting close to the reveal of this and the release of the toll free number. I was told this number would be released last night. I didnít get it last night. Maybe tonight or tomorrow will be different. I think with what has happened in Iraq yesterday and today, I think it pertains well for us moving forward. I believe we still need certain parties that have been told time and time again that they are to be paid like core groups, Fines and Penalties, Farm claims, some of the groups they been told many times expect to be paid at night or a particular time or by this time or that time. That still needs to happen as far as core groups and SKRs need be handled slightly before the notification of the Internet Group and Tier 4 goes out. I also feel those people be paid same time or slightly before the number goes out. The fact none of them has been paid yet, really even simple Ledger to ledger transfer of which we are talking about, tells me that they just canít go forward until we are in process until Tier 4 goes. It has to go back to the concept nobody gets unfair advantage. The Chinese elders, I believe, wanted this to happen in a shotgun start matter so we all can start at the approximately the same time.

Bruce: The timing. Today is the 10th, tomorrow is the 11th. I was told we would have 10 or 11 days at the Redemption Centers at these Privately Negotiable Rates. This takes us to the 20th, 21st. I can see that be the end of our time frame at the Redemption Centers. Could the John Q Public start at that time, the 23rd, Monday? They would use the regular banks that do currency exchanges. That is the process I believe that would unfold provided we get started here pretty soon. Every time we get pushed out, that pushes out the John Q Public as well. That is what we are looking at. I also believe we will hear some additional news in that time frame, the 21st, 22nd. It could include introduction of Gesare, discussion of the TDA accounts, debt forgiveness, include a lot of things. Something I think we are going to look forward to.

Bruce: The new 100 dollar bill was out for a day or so. Even at my own bank today I saw the new 100 dollar bill. I talked to them what was on the bill, the indications, that were in gold on the bill. The bill that is out now says Federal Reserve note still. This is a transition happening very slowly that people wonít even notice the changes. I believe the other bills will come out in like fashion over a period of time. So we may have some disclosure about our new currency or might not have it till the 21st, 22nd. It is very subtle.

Bruce: Do we need an announcement from the Treasury, from Steven Muchin about our asset back currency? You would think so, but who knows when it will be made. The new 100 bill is out. These bills out indicates we are back and really on the gold standard again, asset back standard partially at least in the 40 to 42 percent range backed by gold. All the currencies around the world will be backed by assets. It will give some of the currencies like Vietnam, Iraq, Iran, Indonesia, etc. will give them the value, like Zimbabwe value even compared to the US dollar.

Bruce: Will the rates we see on the back screens now will stay or change? My thinking is when we are done with our redemptions at the Redemption Centers, those rates will normalize and come back down for John Q Public. That is my opinion on it based on everything that I have heard.

Bruce: In terms from where we are, we are almost there. I donít know. I canít call it. It is not right for me to call it or even give rates, because rates change. The time timing of this change like last night. It didnít come through like it supposed to. We are not going to call it. We will be ready for this to come through so when we do get the toll free number...

Bruce: You can sign up and be on our email list. I will give the toll free number also to those I want to online. I want you to sign up at the web site so we can keep in touch with you for future calls, information on our plans for Big Call Universe, for plans for humanitarian projects like Rebuild America, Veterans Retreat Network. It is a way for you to stay in touch with us and feel you are still connected with us. We do plan to take some time to get a lot of the structures built and put together so we can do pod casts on how you can participate with these two projects. We will rebuild America, the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, and all the islands that need help. We will help those areas who will have us directly rebuild homes, etc.

Bruce: I am excited where we are going. I want this to get started just like you are. I want you to take that month off and to enjoy it. Get with your wealth managers, with your 2nd maybe 3rd appointments with them. Take a vacation and enjoy this. If you are interested in a new home, if you need a new car. You got things to do. You have to get with your CPA. Get with your attorneys about your trusts to add trustees, beneficiaries, etc. There will be stuff to have meetings over, things to do.

Bruce: We want you to have a little bit of fun and feel you donít have to do everything in a week or two. We want to stay focus and have a good plan. We all have agendas, a plan moving forward to execute put in place, put in position, and I know you guys will be in the same way as we are. There is appointments I have even to get my eyes looked at again, and get possibly some work done to see better. There is a lot for us to do. I do want to communicate with you possibly with pod casts. Then we will be able to put some things together.

Bruce: I do want some volunteers to be leaders in their state, town as we look to rebuild America. I think we can do this with at least 5000 volunteers from the Big Call. We may have more people when they find out what we are doing, may want to jump in and help, but they may not have had the same blessing we had with the currencies. We will see how that goes. It doesnít mean I am opening this wide open for everybody. Not yet. It may end up being that way. It may end of catching fire. I am not going to be in the fore front. I will not be in the front lines with this. I will be at least two or three layers of security protected. It is not really about me it is about the people we are going to help. So just realize that. If I seem to fade in the background it is for security purposes, not that I donít want to be part of it. You may have to think about your security also. We will probably have calls about security. Just keep that in mind.

Bruce: I think we are in a great place. We have great Intel that came in today even though we were disappointed what didnít come over night. We look forward to moving forward and get this exchange done, this redemption of Zim done.

Bruce: Thank you everybody for coming in tonight. Are we going to be here Thursday night? I hope not. If not, we will be here. We will see what happens. Stay positive. Stay in faith. Start working on your health and well being if you are not already are doing something now. Letís all be ready for this when it comes.

Bruce: Thank you all the listeners that have come in all around the globe. Pinkroses, if you are still transcribing this for us, I appreciate that very much. Thank you for doing that for the community at large. We love everybody. We all want everybody to come together and work in these various areas. Thank you all for tuning in tonight. Thank you Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven, and Kent. Good night everybody, and have a great night tonight.
NOTE: Bruce, you are very welcome. It is my honor to be of service to Dinarland in this way. Many blessings to you and to all in Dinarland and to those we will shortly be able to bless and help in so many ways that are desperately needed.
Light, love and hugs,

10/5/2017 The Big Call with Bruce INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link 13min and/or Transcript
Bruce: Welcome, Everybody to the Big Call tonight. We are glad you are here and coming in to the Big Call. I am thrilled to say you are in a very good place for this even though we thought we were going to receive this last night. We had information that was pointing to that. I was highly expected to get something over night. It didnít happen.

Bruce: What I understand is late last night countries all around the world all synched in, banks, countries, currencies, all that synched with the computer system so we can proceed forward. It was something that needed to be done. There was certain software that had been added earlier a few days earlier that needed to be tested. It tested out and there was some situations that needed to get squared away. It got squared away. We had a sort of a reset if you will of sorts of last night with various banks around the world reporting in. Now I heard we are in position to go forward. We got a time window, couple of them and highly expected for things to go forward for us.

Bruce: Where is Prime Minister Abadi and other dignitaries? They are not in Iraq. They are in France. Why? What PM Abadi did today was made a speech around 2 to 3 pm in France where he said that they had reclaim two coastal or border cities on the border with Syria. He announced that today. There were some very positive things coming out of that. I donít know what else he talked about, but maybe Iraq making a comeback and encouraging investment back in Iraq. It was interesting this had occurred, this take back of two border town s with Syria that occurred two days ago. He decided to announce it in France. That happed today.

Bruce: In terms of what is going on with rates. We have seen rates on front and back screens that have really been higher than they were the last two times I talked to you about it. They keep trading higher. Are they at a point right now that everybody is happy with them? Is the IMF happy with everything? Are we all set to go because we got the rates where they want them to be? I donít know. They are quite good. I would say probably they are where they needed to be.

Bruce: When we go back to the United States and see what has happened, we know things have moved out west the last several days where exchanges have taken place and people joining various platforms. I think we are at the point and how many times I have said core groups, Fines and Penalties, are being paid or about to be paid? I have a feeling no one is getting paid yet because I believe they are waiting for this to go for us to receive that shot gun start where even the Internet Group of about 5 to 6 million people get the go ahead and the toll free number to call and set their appointments.

Bruce: Core groups have not been paid and Prosperity Packages and Fines and Penalties have not gone out, and are not quite ready to go. Something has held them back. Probably the reason they have not gone forward is we need to go approximately the same time. Same thing for humanitarian funding sources of tranches that are promised. Some of those people will be receiving those funds. A lot of that is going to happen after we get started. Same thing with the bonds. Those need to happen after we get started with exchanges so they can have rates from the currency exchanges that they can apply to the bond redemptions. They whole thing is interconnected in that sense. We are looking very good to get started. I do believe we are in the right place to get going now.

Bruce: It was an almost false start last night because we really thought it was happening. Maybe tonight will be a different story. I do not know. Letís see what happens. As far as new Intel it is quiet. There is not a whole lot of new Intel. I was thinking what I can bring new tonight. Things are moving along beautifully to where are in a different place than we ever have been. We donít know if anything else needs to be done.

Bruce: I believe the computer got synched on the super computer and everything got recalibrated or synched in late last night that puts us in a position to start. I believe it is the intention with the Treasury, and with the new dollar we have. I did find out about a new 100 dollar bill today. There is some indicators on there it is gold and a different 100 dollar bill we ever had. I am not going to say it is a USN, but there are some indicators in it. It looks like it is a different 100 dollar note than we have had. It is a new note even though it is a 2008 A series note. There are some different things on it. Maybe it is a new note, or temporary one, or permanent. I do not know. It is different than they have had recently. It just came out yesterday or it was delivered to some banks yesterday. It may not be long before it is everywhere.

Bruce: Holidays. There has been 6 days of holidays in China. Banks are open for all these days for the holidays except Wednesday, the Fall celebration. All of that is good. I donít believe the holidays will hold this up or prevent this from going. I was concerned at first, but right now that is not what I am seeing. Iraq is out there drumming up business and talking in France. I do not know how much longer Prime Minister Abadi will be there. He may be coming back. I do not know. As far as I can tell everything should be ready to go.

​Bruce: I am sorry this to be so limited Intel, but very little out there. You will be thrilled with the rates, the screen rates. The back screen rates are what are known as the Privately Negotiated Rates. Which ones will show up for us at the Redemption Centers? I am not sure, but we have the ability to negotiate the rates on the ZIM, the Dinar, the Dong, and the Rial higher than the so called screen rates. Just be prepared to do that because of the projects you have, and how well you are able to present yourself as someone who plans to do something with Humanity. the humanitarian projects.

Bruce: What we plan to do are the projects Rebuild American and Veterans Retreat network which can be extended rebuild the Caribbean and Rebuild the World if we get that opportunity. Just remember partner with us if you wish if you donít have projects of your own or even if you do and if you want to be part of it going forward, keep that in mind. Keep in mind we are going to do the Veteran Retreat Network and Rebuild America.

Bruce: That is it for tonight. I meant to keep this short. I want to let you know we are in a great position. I believe all we need to do is to wait for the toll free numbers. Thank you everybody and have a great night. Good night Everybody.


9/28/2017 The Big Call with Bruce INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link 12min and/or Transcript


Bruce: Good Evening, Everybody Welcome to the Big Call. Here we are September 28th. At 6:22pm EST, there is an information blackout regarding the GCR and RV starting at 6:22pm EST for at least 24 hours. Did that keep Bruce from getting some Intel? NO, but it did take place at 6:22pm tonight and it will go for at least 24 hours.

Bruce: Has Iraq put out their new rate so the world can see it yet? No. Question, when will they do it? My understanding is it will happen sometime Sunday. I donít know exactly when, but sometime Sunday. When I was told this, I was also told Sunday is the first day of their business week. Also, that it will be talked about with another announcement and put on their Jumbotron TV monitors in at least 9 provinces. That is going to be big time.

Bruce: Letís go back here for a minute. What else is happening here? We know that the Fines and Penalties were supposed to have started this afternoon. Realize they need to go out and be paid prior to us being notified. We also believed the core groups under the Admiral need to be paid out as well. Our understanding is that is occurring and should happen late tomorrow afternoon. That is very positive.

Bruce: When it comes to us, I am going to say it his way, Memos have gone out to the Redemption Centers with the exact schedule for redemption. I donít know when they are going to start, but I can tell you when they are suppose to end. They are to end Sunday night October 15th at midnight when the Redemption Centers will stop doing exchanges unless a change takes place. John Q Public would start Monday, October 26th. That will be the start date for John Q Public
Bruce: We have the UN Operational rates in place, new Forex for the rates, and new rates for the public. Not the same rates we would have at the Redemption Centers, for the so called privately negotiable rates that we will see. Those rates were on the back screens this morning at HSBC. Then sometime early this afternoon at Wells Fargo, no rates were showing front or back screens. That tells you something there.

Bruce: We know the rates we saw earlier today were moving on up. They were hitting sort of the top end where they wanted to be for the ZIM, well in an advance of what we expected on the dinar. The dong is where it should be, very high, and so was the rupiah slightly below of the level of the dong. You know that we have not declared to the world we are asset back yet. We have not declared it to the world. We have had TRN that has been gold back for over a year. We have an USN that has been in place that is asset back for several weeks now, but we have not declared that yet to the world. When will that occur? I donít know exactly when it could be.

​It could be as early as October 1, but could be later than that. I would say it is going to be important that the world knows we have an asset back dollar again, partially gold back but completely asset back. At that point when it is announced, the so called fiat dollar internationally it will no longer be taken and we will have opportunity to use our money, exchange the old dollars we have now and utilize the same time with the new money we will get, the USN notes which probably we probably transition in a month to two years time. As we receive paychecks, money at the banks we will get new notes. Our money will spend in the meantime. It will be a one on one exchange for fiat dollars to USN notes, 1 for 1.

Bruce: What other currencies are doing well right now that are gold back? Russian ruble and Chinese Yuan have gone up in value because they are gold back. Those two currencies are purchasing oil with their gold back rubles and Yuan. That gives value to those currencies. They no longer are having to use the petrol dollar to buy oil. Is the petrol dollar dead yet? I wouldnít give it too long before it is gone.

Bruce: I think what is interesting is what should happen to us based on the information I have and knowledge of the Redemption Centers and their schedule for exchanges I would say we should have a wonderful weekend. That is what I am going to say about it. I am thinking this is going just about to the very end of the month. The first of October is Sunday. I think we are set to have a wonderful weekend. I think we need to see Fines and Penalties pay out, core groups pay out, and things are moving along briskly tonight and tomorrow. Thing are popping and happening.

Bruce: Large humanitarian sources have been told they will receive funds on Saturday. I think that is going to be an important day. You are in a great place to continue to have faith for this, to continue to believe and be part of a greater community. That is what I want to stay together and do projects together. I talked about Rebuild America and the Veterans Retreat Network. We have plans to get both of those underway and other projects such as community gardens, water filtration, all that needs to be done to rebuild America, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and any other islands that will have us. If we will be welcome without a ton of red tape we will help them. We have the knowledge, the technology, the where-with-all to get things going. I am serious about talking about homes that will last, hurricane proof, highly resistant to strong winds. Also build tornado shelters in those states that have a lot of tornadoes such as Alabama, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, etc.

Bruce: Intel wise rates are high. Intel is nonexistence for 24 hours since 6:22 pm EST. I think we are in great shape. Silence is golden. Donít be sucked into fake news or Intel you read. Donít worry about it. Just chill out, enjoy tonight, and enjoy tomorrow.  get ready for a fun weekend.

Bruce: Another thing, we may if we are allowed to, once I have the toll free number, That is not the only way you will get the number. I want those who are listening unless you have a group you want to be part of, to consider you will do very well using the number and calling to set your appointment at the Redemption Centers in Canada and US. That does not include Mexico. Mexico will use HSBC and other banks.

Bruce: As far as we know, the Redemption Centers are set up to give us PNR, or Privately Negotiable Rates. I am telling you the rates on the screens this morning, on the back screens, were substantial, way better than we ever thought in the past. Can you privately negotiate these rates higher? Yes you can. Based on the strength of your projects, presentation, or how well you present the fact... to do Rebuild America and work with our Veterans.

​Bruce: That is it for tonight. I am excited for you and for us and our community. I want to thank you for listening so faithfully. I do expect this to be our last call officially... I know you will have a lot of things you will be doing as we are. We are not going to hit the ground running on day one, because there is a lot to do. You have to get doing with your own banking, financial money managers, CPAs, attorneys, family office, etc. and you may be looking at new real estate, a new ride.

Bruce: I want you to enjoy this. This is not a job for you. I am not trying to hire you. I want some of you to be part of this great project. I just want you to know that is my heart, my vision. You know what we are thinking about and how we plan to come together. All have a beautiful night and get some sleep and we are looking forward to a wonderful weekend. Thank you. Good night everybody.

Thank you for all you have given to all of us in sharing your heart, your dreams, your plans with such kindness, sincerity, and love. We appreciate you and your team very much for all your efforts and time you have given to all of us that are part ... Thank you from our hearts to your hearts. May you all be blessed and all your dreams come true for you and your families always,
Light, love and hugs, Pinkroses


9/21/2017 The Big Call with Bruce INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link 13min and/or Transcript

Bruce: Welcome Everyone to the Big Call tonight. Many of us were looking for a speech by Abadi tonight. He did make a speech that was aired at 2:15 EST today that did get aired and it was seen in Iraq on these Jumbotron TV screens. That occurred over 9 different Jumbotrons and in 9 providences.

They did add two more huge screens from what we said on Tuesday, from 7 of them to 9 screens. That was for the Iraqi people. That was a message that I do not have the content on it, but my understanding is it was a message for the Iraqi people about the RV of the Dinar.

I canít tell you what was in it. I did not see it. It wasnít broadcasted so we could see it.

Bruce: What we were looking for was an announcement made to the world from the UN that Abadi was suppose to do. His timing for that was pushed back 4 times today.

It kept getting pushed back and pushed back, new times and new times. Finally it was supposed to air at between 7:00 and 7:15 EST and be completed by 8 oíclock because he had a 45 minute window to make that. My understanding so far at this time he did not make that announcement tonight. I donít know why. I donít know what happened.

I think because it kept getting pushed back because maybe they were doing things behind the scenes, back door stuff. Maybe some more negotiating was going on. We donít know exactly why it didnít go or if it was rescheduled to go for another time, maybe tonight or tomorrow. We donít know.

Bruce: Today was supposed to be a holiday for them because of these speeches coming from the UN. They were out there and ready to watch. Now my understanding was, also talking about Iraq, remember we talked about the ATMS were up.

It wound up being the ATMS were not live everywhere throughout Iraq. There were still some areas where they had not been turned on. My understanding was 6 hours after that speech tonight which we do not know what happened to it, the ATMS would be put into play all over the country that which would be tomorrow morning in Iraq.

Bruce: Here is the thing, did everything occurred that needed to occur for this to go? It is a very valid question. Based on what Abadi did do today with that announcement it took care of it from their perspective. Now does the rest of the world know and hear that 45 minute speech he was suppose to make that kept getting pushed back?

It could be that speech was actually given and not aired and would be aired at a later or at an appropriate time. I do not know. I am speculating, and I do not like speculating. I like giving what is factual. That is a question mark for many.

Bruce: When we go beyond that. We know that were certain things needed to be done. Certain countries needed their currencies to be asset back. There were 3 countries this afternoon that still needed to declare their currencies asset back. Afghanistan, Vietnam, and Russia, those 3. I donít know if they made that declaration that is the case for them yet or whether that is something we have to look forward to.

I did say on Tuesday night come 11:59pm on Sunday night, September 24th, this Sunday, any currency that is not asset back would be dropped from any platforms and dropped from the Forex. So those 3 countries would want to have their currencies asset back before then.

Maybe a just a matter of time, something agreed to behind the scene, or protocol to bring them out in order. I know for us we were one of the 4 that were waiting for our currency to be declared asset back. Yesterday afternoon the President signed an Executive Order (EO) to take care of our currency as the USN, our new dollar, to be asset back, partially gold plus other assets backing our currency.

It would take care of the end of the fiat dollar and of the petrol dollar, and essentially the restoration of our Republic form of our government. All of that took place with the EO yesterday afternoon. That was very positive to get the details of that.

Bruce: In terms of where we are, I believe we are at the point things got very quiet starting at about 7:15pm tonight EST because we really donít know where the announcement went from Abadi and whether it has been rescheduled yet. We just do not know that yet. I canít bring you that yet in more detail.

Bruce: We do know that some of the larger funding sources were sent money, wired from China and that took place and that was on route and basically they are in position to start funding projects very shortly.

My thinking is they could start funding almost at any moment now. When it comes to the boxes of bonds that were opened at midnight the night before last, Tuesday night, it allowed them to go through, check the providence on these bonds, and go through the verification process on them to be in preparation to begin paying them out.

That paying out of those bonds transactions supposed to occur after we get started in our exchange process. So they have already started the idea of verification of the information about the bonds, providence of the bonds that started two nights ago.

Bruce: The other thing we have is the Redemption Centers have been given authorization to begin our transactions at the Redemption Centers. We have almost full personnel in Texas and Florida. We have the levels to where there is supposed to be a few more people this afternoon.

My understanding is they are at the level the go ahead has been given, authorized to begin to exchange. In order for us to proceed to go forward with the exchange process, we need the notification to come so we can get the 800 number to call to set our appointments to begin the process.

That is where we are. We still need to receive the toll free number. I would put it out and have it available on our website: and a few other places to get us started with this whole process.

Bruce: What has happened since Tuesday? That is basically where we are since Tuesdayís call. We are waiting again what shouldnít be too much longer.

We have a lot of new things that happened yesterday with our own USN, Presidential Executive Order that took place and what has happen today with the announcement by Abadi to the Iraqi people that happened earlier in the afternoon. We have to see if Vietnam, Russia, and Afghanistan are asset back.

I think that is what we are waiting to happen. We are coming to the end, and should get started shortly in due season. I am positive where we are, but disappointed we didnít get more information on Abadiís speech. They had 136 media outlets for the speech that was supposed to go out to the world. Letís see what happened to that. That is where we are.

Bruce: Rates still continue to go up. The ZIM rate went up more today. It is still in a great place. It is just a matter of time now to get what we are looking for, the notification to exchange. I am telling there is not a whole lot else tonight.

Bruce: Thank you everybody. Thank you Pastor Steven, Sue, Kent, and everybody across the globe in Big Call Universe for tuning in. Stay tune to the website: for further updates of our new URLS and pod casts. Thank you for listening and have a blessed night. Play hard and have fun.


9/19/2017 The Big Call with Bruce INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link 20min and/or Transcript
Notes by Philip Tilton


























9/14/2017 The Big Call with Bruce INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link 10min and/or Transcript
Bruce: Good Evening Everybody. Welcome to the Big Call. There have been some things that happened in Iraq. Many of you know that Prime Minister Abadi and a couple of other Dignitaries were here and they went up to New York to speak to the UN. I heard Abadi spoke at the UN, but didnít hear the message itself. I did hear that Iraq did initiate their monetary reforms 4 days ago in Iraq.

Bruce: We were looking for an announcement to reflect the new rate. We believe the Gazette did come out yesterday with the rate, I donít have it exactly yet. I am not for sure it got released or it will be release Saturday as far as the new rate. Iraq is done. I heard something about the rate for Iraq but today is different. I couldnít nail done it. They are moving along well and that will bode well for us in the very near future.

Bruce: When it comes to the Redemption Centers, we heard the Redemption Centers not being online in Florida for awhile. We heard that Redemption Centers from Tampa south many of those were evacuated, many of their principle people were flown up to Dustin and Tallahassee, and some of the bankers form South Florida were flown into Atlanta to weather the storm up there. Then Atlanta was affected by the storm. I just think it is really interesting how that happened.

Bruce: I believe everybody is back or on their way back now. Miami is moving along nicely. They had 6 Redemption Centers fully staffed and ready to go in Miami. I do believe Redemption Centers in Florida is moving along nicely for us to take exchanges for us. Miami is fairly busy getting ready and in terms things are happening down there. I believe it will be very busy in the near future. It will be a major center for exchanges and other parts of Florida. I am excited about the way that the state is recovering and coming back.

Bruce: Texas has made it back and Louisiana as far as the Redemption Centers. For this to be under way for us the next couple days is very possible. I heard stories that indicated people there are doing exchanges already. These were not part of the network we will access with 800 number to set our appointments. Pretty positive things happening out there.
Bruce: Briefly, we did hear rates. We are up again. They are increasing rates on the dinar. They may have settled in on a CBI rate. Just realize the rate that is shown on the CBI is not the rate we will have at the Redemption Centers. We will have a much higher rate here, and able to exchange at a privately negotiated rate. It will be higher.

Bruce: The ZIM is trading up higher still. They want to sort of keep the ZIM at a certain point and not exceed it right now. They are trying to get it traded up and it is. It is a great range where the screen rate itself is absolutely fantastic. When we go in and see those rates, we will be fine on those. You can negotiate higher if you wish, but many of you will be fine on the non-NDA screen rate. It is not something in the 5 cent, 10 cent or whatever rate. It is in the range of between $3 and $4. Even though I donít do rates, I think you should know that. When we go and exchange thru the Redemption Centers, we will have the opportunity to get those privately negotiated rates and get them higher if you have projects.

Bruce: Whenever the John Q Public starts, and I donít know when that will be now. I thought it would be on the 15th. Then it got moved to the 22nd of this month. Now, with everything happening in Florida, I wouldnít be surprised if it got pushed back to October 1st for the John Q Public. I donít know that. We will have plenty of time to exchange and you will be happy to do that. Set your appointment, go in, and get it done. The ZIM is the key. They are very interested in picking up the ZIM bonds that we hold, and you will have every opportunity to do that.

Bruce: Now after we are done and the so called John Q Public starts, that is when you will see the drop in the rates all across the board not just the ZIM but the Dinar and Dong and other currencies as well. Keep that in mind. If you are paying attention to the Big Call and on the blogs, you are in the Internet Group. It is not an official group, but a loosely formed group of about 6 million people who are listening and paying attention what is going on. The Chinese want this group, the Internet Group, to benefit. They want us to do projects. They want this to go to humanity, and not just to our own pocket. That is why they are willing to negotiate these rates as privately negotiable rates up higher. ​

Bruce: We are very close to this going. I hear some things about any day now, and I feel good about that. I am in a very calm mood and relaxed state of expectation in waiting for this to come thru. We said that before, but now we are seeing money moving around like we never seen before. We just have heard things and read some things just led us to believe this is our time.

Bruce: Just remember if you donít have projects of your own and want to partner with us Rebuild America, Veteran Relief Network, it will be available for people to help. There will an opportunity to get into that. Rebuild America I want to have a template of some ideas that we will use and have the entire Big Call Universe that wants to participate get the ideas from what we will put out and do that in your own city, town, or community. That is going to be up to you. We will have the website up and running probably within a few weeks, and have it so you can sign up and register.

Bruce: Enjoy the exchange process, and some appointments with your CPA and Attorneys. Just enjoy the whole experience. We will be there. You donít have to rush and be the first to sign up for a city. We will put it out there for you to participate. I am looking for 5,000 or more to participate in Rebuild America. We will build homes, whole communities, recreation centers, schools, adding onto schools, working with clinic. There will be quite a bit we can do. We will put out suggestions. You will check out the city or town you are interested in and see what they need. We will be communicate to see what is the best way to do that. I plan on having leaders in each state and region, and try to tie the whole thing together from a national perspective. I am looking for leaders. If you are someone who wants to volunteer and want to be a leader, let me know that too.

Bruce: That is really it. You can rest comfortably this is just about to come to us between Abadiís announcement, and what is happening to the dinar. We may or may not have a fixed rate out. Thank you everybody for listening tonight and for coming in. When I get the toll free number, we will put it out with Kentís help and send it out to a few other sites afterwards. In the meantime be excited, be patient and continue in faith. That is very important. Thank you Sue Bob, Pastor Steven, and Kent. Good night everybody.



9/12/2017 The Big Call with Bruce INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link 12min and/or Transcript

Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Call tonight who is out there in Big Call Universe. I appreciate everybodyís faithfulness in coming in and listening every Tuesday and Thursday night. Due to Irma there was damage in Florida, Islands, Georgia, and South Carolina. It was a big storm and a lot of rain. I am happy for the fact we are going to be okay even though it will take a lot of restoration and building.

​I am saddened by what has happened in Barbuda being wiped off the face of the earth as same thing with St. Martin. St. Martin lost 75% of the homes. Only homes that made it were the concrete structure homes. I donít know about the flooding. That is why when we are able to go back and help with rebuilding there and other places we have the ability to come and help them. I hope Barbuda is open to let us help them. We can rebuild it, re-do it completely because we will have the money to do it.

Bruce: Rebuild America is we want to do first starting with Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. What I really think is we are there to help. We will have the funding to be able to do it. There will be a shortage of tradesmen and workers to help us do the rebuilding. I hope we can bring people from the north where they might need a job, better work. We will see a shift as Texas, Louisiana, and Florida needs rebuilding much less the Caribbean. We will need help from other parts of the country from places that were not affected.

Bruce: Where are we Intel wise? Letís start with Iraq. Iraq is basically done. With that I mean they published everything in the Gazette except the new rate. They were settling on a new rate yesterday. We had a CBI rate being worked between so many dollars above it for a CBI rate. That I believe should be just about settled in to where it could be published in tomorrowís Gazette. That is what I am hearing from my sources in Iraq. They are wrapping things up with a nice tiny little bow and see that rate in tomorrowís Gazette. They already started the digital version of the Gazette, and bring it out 7:30 am Iraqi time or 12:30am EST tonight.

Bruce: That is an interesting time to me. Based on what is happening in Iraq and based on who is coming from Iraq to meet with our President. We have representatives from Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Great Britain, and China tomorrow. Some are there now and some are on the way to meet with the President tomorrow.

Bruce: I got to believe there is a reason behind it. I donít know what will come out of the meeting or what to expect. I think it is a good sign. The delegation from Iraq is expected to speak at the UN on Thursday when our President will be down in Florida. There is something defiantly going on with that. Based on what I heard earlier Iraq is really ready to put their rate international and have it in the Gazette. If that happens, we are just about where we need to be.

Bruce: I know that the Redemption Centers are coming back online in Florida. Miami is going to come up by Thursday morning. Other ones are on their way coning back up. A lot of the cities like the airports reopened back up today down in Florida. We had Miami open up at 9:15 am this morning. Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, reopened. They are coming back and making a nice resurgence. Same thing can be said for the banks and the Redemption Centers. We know where they were ferried to and I believe they were on their way back today and tonight. We will get a better tally on the Redemption Centers, but I think for right now the plan is to go ahead. If certain Redemption Centers in Florida are not quite ready, they will catch up in a day or so. They will catch up. I think we are moving forward in terms of our Redemption Centers. .

Bruce: In terms of the rates, they have been trading the ZIM heavily last night overnight internationally, not in this country, Traded it very high. So high our hedge fund guys here and our traders here were not real happy because they didnít take part in that trade. The rates were high, then came down a little bit, and then up again very high. Very higher than we have been for the ZIM as a screen rate. I think everybody is going to be pleased with that if they are part of the Internet Group and if they use the Redemption Centers, the 800 numbers, because there will be a difference. That is important to know. Your highest and privately negotiable rates are at the Redemption Centers. 7430 plus in North America. Just a heads up.

Bruce: I will say one thing. Out west it is quiet, very quiet, and quiet for a reason. Could it be NDAs are in place, and gag orders are in place? It is quiet.

Bruce: We heard that, UN Operational. Rates suppose to show on the 13th, tomorrow. Supposed to be posted and taken effect date on the 15th which is Friday. I donít know if those will show tonight after midnight or sometime tomorrow, but we understand the Operational rates are due for a change. This is our currency rates, I believe 38 currencies were actively trading today mostly went up. There are currencies getting ready to come out that are moving and a lot of them are moving up. We got our 5 or 6 currencies that we have that we are aware of, but the entire 209 countries are affected by this with either their rates coming up or down or staying about the same. In that sense it is a total global reset we call GCR for many years. It is a global reset. Donít look for a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th basket. That was a theory back when, but they decided to do it all at once. Doesnít mean the rates wonít continue to change on Forex. They will, but for right now we will have whatever the rates show up as they are. I would think the UN rates will be indicator of that.

Bruce: Beyond that remember the groups of the so call private exchanges? We had 6 or 7 groupings of those that needed to be paid last week. They were all paid out. Now we are at the point that Tier 4 is either to start or about to start and we are in the Tier 4 with the Internet Group. Fines and Penalties, Prosperity Packages, and so on? We have heard so many times they have been funded, started, all this stuff. I think what is really happening for the most part is that those that I just mention will have liquidity about the same time we get started with our notifications. I think it will be a true shot gun start with that perspective. I think that is the case.

Bruce: The USN has been active for us for about ten days now. That is a positive thing for us, of course. Guys I donít know if there is a lot of Intel other than we are waiting to be notified. Could something go after midnight? It could, I am not going to call it, but based on what is happening in Iraq, by then we could be in the sweet spot in the next 24 to 36 hours. That is really powerful indicator where we are. I think everybody is in a great place to hang in there a little bit longer with patience, and hope we have it before our Thursday call. I feel good where we are, where the rates are, and where the goals are to get to that point.

Bruce: What we are trying to do with humanitarian projects and we will be working on that so you can register for our new site and we can stay in touch with calls and with pod casts. We got our URLs that we wanted, and I think we will like our concept where we are going. When we are ready to take your registering,

Bruce: When I get that 800 number to set appointments for our currency exchanges and redeeming ZIM bonds, and a couple of other locations. Be very confident in the rates you will get at the Redemption Centers. Even the screen rates will knock your socks off. If you feel you need to negotiate the rates higher, you can do that on the ZIM, Dinar, Dong and the Rial. I think you guys are ready to go with everything we got right now. I am excited. That is all the Intel we are going to do tonight. Stay tune, stay in faith, and be confident. Get plenty of sleep and be expectant of a really great week. It is only Tuesday. We are in great shape.

Bruce: Thank you everybody for listening tonight and coming in. We appreciate your participation and after your participation after this blessing happens when we get our projects started. We are ready, in season and out of season. Good Night Everybody. Thank you Everybody. Have a good night and a beautiful night sleep. Good Night Everybody.


9/7/2017 The Big Call with Bruce INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link 39min and/or Transcript






















































9/5/2017 The Big Call with Bruce INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link 13min and/or Transcript

Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. You are listening to the Big Call, and thank you for tuning in. I do know HSBC wants this to go as soon as it can. Letís do some international stuff. Letís start with Iraq. Iraq is moving through this very well. They have adapted, have new rates, ATMS spitting out lower denoms for two weeks now for a while, they have paid everybody at new rates, and they have their new Qi cards out that have biometric features to them for security. A lot to the new system and there are new rates showing up on the cards. In some cases the rates disappeared and they could only see the account balances. The accounts are hydrated and the people are able to spend the money. They went up on their daily amounts 100 fold. A very positive thing for Iraq.

Bruce: The digital version of the Gazette was being worked on to put that out. They actually started the actual printing of the Gazette around 6pm EST tonight. It should be printed and out 7:30am Baghdad time, or 12:30 EST time tonight. Things are moving. We do know by our contacts in Iraq the complete new budge is in the Gazette and it is being put in there and printed now. Also with that new budget, we should have new rates seen. Hopefully they are visible in the Gazette as well.

Bruce: Letís talk about China. The new BRICS get-together started, the financial conference, I donít know what city it is in. It started yesterday, and is schedule to go 3 days. It ends tomorrow. What is interesting about that conference is guess who the new addition to the BRICS country is? Egypt. Egypt is the latest member to be added to the BRICS. That is a nice addition to have Egypt added to that.

Bruce: What is really cool is we are hearing this GCR is already basically taking palace. We know exchanges, payments are being made all over the globe and have been for a few days now. We know now as of 3:30am ESTthis morning they began to pay out at that time Fines and Penalties. About 2,000 of those they got out first and then they worked on some of the other SKRs to liquidate those, to make them hydrated. Then pay out remaining individuals. They are running at a rate of approximately 50,000 an hour global. They are really paying out and this is expected to go 24 to 36 hours to have all those completed. It is a large number of those to be completed. Tiers 1, 2, 3, and 4 have been audited successfully.

Bruce: We understand that China and the Chinese elders are in charge and are taking control of the situation out west, and things are moving thru quite nicely and working like clockwork.

We are looking at getting our Tier 4 started pretty soon. I canít tell you exactly we are completely ready to go, but we are just about there. In fact there was some chatter we might get the toll free number by the time the call was to start tonight. That did not happen yet. I donít have them yet. I expect to get them possibly tonight, tomorrow. I canít call it. I expect that is the plan. I am ready to receive them as indicated instructed.

Bruce: Sometimes people put out that I have the numbers or this packet, and I am holding it. No. I am not going to do that. Believe me when I have them within 5 to 10 minutes of having the toll free numbers they will be put out viral quickly. No way Bruce has the numbers already and is holding them. I do want you to check the Big Call website: from time to time because I do expect to put them out there first if I am allowed to. Then a couple of other places online. I am not going to tell you where. You will know and find them. People will see them on the web site, and then it will be viral after that.

Bruce: Things are moving very nicely. What happened down in Texas and Louisiana as far as the Redemption Centers is there were some new Redemption Centers that needed to be put in the mix as a result of Hurricane Harvey with the flooding. 12 new ones in Texas and 9 new ones in Louisiana. At the last communication we heard that there is still 4 or 5 in each state that need to call in, or radio in to communicate in they are ready to go. It is not a matter of personnel. All are fully staffed and all are on lockdown, meaning they are all set and ready to go. The only thing we are waiting for in a few Redemption Centers in Texas and Louisiana is the finalizing of their communications, stuff like fiber optic and satellite.

Bruce: Do we have to wait for the remaining SKRS and individuals to be paid globally like what started this am at 3:30 before we get to set our appointments? I donít think so. These are two parallel time lines. From what I have heard the timelines for paying out the liquidity for SKRS holders and other individuals is happening now and will continued until they are done. Our timeline is more depended on the last Redemption Center coming up to speed with their communications. Then we may be able to get started.

Bruce: We can get notified anytime from now on. I think we are that close. Any last meetings being held around the country are launch meetings and finalize last minute details and are ready to launch. I am excited. ZIM rates have crept up slightly higher. The screen rates are very high. You wonít have any trouble getting decent rates on the ZIM. You can negotiate your ZIM, Dinar, Dong and Rial rates up provided you have projects that will support those rates.

Bruce: They will want to know what you intend to do with all this money and how you are going to benefit humankind with projects like what we are planning to do with Veterans Retreat Network, Rebuild America program, and various ministries. Also Streets to Retreat program with our veterans to prevent suicide to help them with housing, jobs, health needs, addiction problems, and PTSD issues which is another program attached to the Veterans Retreat Network.

Bruce: Also, we will be working with our veterans in our Rebuild America program. We will be hiring vets, to be the largest veteran employer in the country, employing them and other people in our Rebuild America program. Think of the various trades we will be working with such as carpentry, electricians, welders, building business trades, etc. working to rebuild neighborhoods, schools, convention centers, recreation centers, etc. as you help me as I will adopt a lot of places, I hope you will help me by adopting a city, town near you, maybe multiple locations. Letís do that.

Bruce: I am looking for 5,000 Big Call listeners to participate in the Rebuild America program. It will be big. It will not just be done by me. I will create teams. We already started to get our new web site for that purpose. How do I sign up you might ask? Be patient. When we get the new URL so you can register to be part of Rebuild America, I will let you know. It will be on web site. It will direct you to our new URL for that purpose. We are not quite there yet. We hope to be there shortly.

Bruce: We hope to have everything line up for our podcast in a month or so to do calls, and you guys will be see what we will be doing with our pod casts. We might do one a week in various number of subjects. There is a lot that I want to do with technology, Bob wants to do with healing, and Sue with her education of what she is learning, quite a bit to choose from. I hope you will stick around. I know we will lose a few people, but I think majority of you will want to stay tune to see what we will do and be a part of it.

Bruce: You have to realize you are part of a unique community of people that have been chosen for this. The people you will be most comfortable with are the people who have experienced what you have in this. In some various real ways you may not be able to relate quite as well to people who have not gone through this. You know you will have things in common with a lot of people from the Big Call and other sites that are out there in the community that might join us with the projects we plan to do. I know there are other sites that plan to do projects.

Bruce: I have chosen several projects that I plan to do, and I hope you will partner with us in these like Rebuild America. We will start with America, and does not mean we will neglect the rest of the world. We will take a lot of the concepts, building concepts. We have the opportunity to meet with the President of Haiti. I hope we can build building technology so if hurricanes do come through with the construction we do over there is rock solid, almost tornado proof, much less hurricane proof. I know we can do it. That is the kind of housing we plan to build in those hurricane areas. We will build stuff that will last, and I know you out there are excited to be part of it. I am excited to get started.

Bruce: Intel wise I just can tell you we are very close to the end. I thought we would not do a call tonight, but of course we are. It is okay. Just realize how close we are and you have been chosen for this. You should be in a place of expectation. Be prepared to go in confidently to your appointment. Hopefully we will get these numbers out so you can have them to set your appointment and your life ready for a change. Everything is moving and positive. These SKRS, Fines and Penalties, rest of prepaids, and the core groups are being paid out. It is just about our turn. When the rest of the Redemption Centers are completely checked in and communications ready, we should be good to go.

Bruce: Stay positive and in faith. I look forward to not having a call Thursday. Letís see what happens. That is my plan. Thank you all for being faithful listeners to the Big Call for these last 6 years. Have a beautiful night. Please stay in faith with us as a community, the Big Call Universe. We will talk to you when we talk to you meaning we hope to get the toll free number soon. When we do, I will put them out as soon as possible. Thank you Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven, Kent, and everybody for being so faithful. Good night everybody.



8/31/2017 The Big Call with Bruce INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link 19min and/or Transcript

Bruce: Welcome to the Big Call. Letís talk about Iraq. The most interesting piece of information that came today is Iraq has had a travel ban in place for 13 Ĺ years. Last Friday, August 25, 2017 at 11:59 PM GMT, London, time, the travel ban was released. It came off. Since then and as of today, there are 85 different countries that have flown into Iraq under the released travel ban. The non existing travel ban.

Bruce: What was interesting today there was a delegation of business people along with the Finance Minister of Russia that arrived this morning at 9:22am Baghdad time. Since then two other countries arrived for the first time since the travel ban was lifted. What that points to Iraq is pretty international again. They are getting business delegations from different countries to negotiate trade deals, oil deals from 85 different countries so far in 6 days, in less than a week. Tomorrow will be a week at one minute to midnight. That is a good indicator. Has Iraq yet released a visible international Dinar that we can see? No, not yet.

Bruce: We have heard some information to tell us the new CBI website should be available to see the new rate shortly. I donít know if it is up yet or not. We heard about a rate that is showing up on the Qi cards for dual citizens since about last Friday. I think that is pretty close when I got it. It has been solid until just about midnightlast night. A little bit after midnight last night, that rate is no longer visible on the cards, but the amount of value in dollars. Talking about dual citizens in the United States. So they could see the amount in their account but no longer a rate showing. What is interesting about that was the spending limit went up last night just after midnightat one hundred fold, one hundred times the daily spending on that card went up a hundred fold. That is quite an increase. That goes along side with the spending increase and with the rate increase has gone up.

Bruce: Iraq is ready to rock and roll because they are doing it. The ATMs are all up and functioning and kicking out lower denominations which never been seen before like 10s and 20s that we get out of our ATMs. That is a great indicator. Also what has been happening last Tuesday night, they celebrated again with fireworks, music, dancing, actors, and this has been going on. Why would they be celebrating like that? Also borders were open to neighboring countries that wanted to come in and wanted to be part of the celebrations with Iraq and they were. They had to provide the necessary paperwork to come in like passports. I think that is excellent. That is happening and going on.

Bruce: Basically Iraq is back. Do they still need to be built in many areas? Yes, but they are proud of what they have accomplished. They are so digital with everything they have put in as fiber optics underground. Technology is modernized. Iraq is really going to be a showplace and becoming that every day. Even the new rates basically are out and being used. They donít have to be in the Gazette for it to occur meaning the rates being used internationally. How do you have air travel under the released travel ban and you are flying in and able to purchase tickets in newly revalued dinar? You can t have air travel costs and hotels costs at old rates. I donít think it will be much longer that we canít see everything going on.

Bruce: Here, we find that SKRs are continuing to be paid out. A large number yesterday started to be paid out west and continue to be paid out today, and tonight. Core groups started to be paid out finally. The agenda is for everything to release. Here we are on the last day of the month, the last day of the 3rd quarter. We had heard they were anticipating this going on or by this last day of this month. We heard that. We thought okay see what happens as we get closer and closer to the end of the month. We had some things talking about a certain time or two times this afternoon. Donít give up today yet. We just never know.

Bruce: The other thing we are hearing good things about is Iraq starts their Eid-Al-Adha tomorrow, Friday and goes through our Labor Day or Tuesday. That holiday is one where they do give gifts as they do for Eid-al-Fitr. I think that is the case on this one as well. It wouldnít surprise me and helps if you have the money to do that to purchase gifts to do that. That starts tomorrow which is a matter of hours. That is interesting.

Bruce: Our own holiday is coming up, Labor Day on Monday. We always heard thee maybe something would happen over a 3 day holiday, 3 day weekend. No bank holiday except for Monday. It is a bank holiday. What could occur when the banks shut down after 1:00 to 2:00pm and some do at 4pm on Saturday? What could happen at that time thru Sunday and Monday, you could have, just my thought, I have not been told this, again only a thought. Wouldnít it be a time to introduce the new USN currencies by the banks? Be in the bank drawers and ATMs? They could. If they do that, which I kind of hope they do, it gives us our new currency to be used by the banks next week. We are hearing good news about Tuesday, hearing certain groups suppose to start by then and under way by then. Maybe the internet group will be one of those groups to start by then. If so, we could have liquidity to our funds on Tuesday if we go before then. We will see. It is something that has been put out there that might be the case.

Bruce: They talked about the reason why it looks good and why we should be going. We will see whether or not we do have something we can utilize next week. I told you guys they plan on getting John Q Public in around September 15th. We will have the opportunity to negotiate private rates. I know private negotiated exchanges the last few days have been higher than the screen rates on the ZIM. I donít want to put out rates on the call. It is well over a dollar on the screens. You can negotiate a rate, a really nice rate with the size of these denominations. The mother lode you will have to draw from can be substantial. None of us need to be greedy about rates for the ZIM or any other currencies because the screen rates are going to be really good. Keep that in mind.

Bruce: With the rates of interest that the banks are willing to pay, I donít think you are going to be able to negotiate double digit interest rates or anything close to it. First of all the base amount the quarterly interest would be paid on is so large it doesnít take a huge percentage, just one or two percent to make a huge quarterly amount of interest from these structure payouts. Anybody that exchanges ZIM donít care what the rate is, you are going to get a structure payout. You will have access with some liquidity.

Bruce: For the first 90 days you will let them know what you need for your projects to get started. You will be paid interest on the amount that will be in the mother lode account. All of mine will go for ministry and humanitarian projects, I calling it my God Account. I have some other currencies that I can have on the side separately. I hope to keep a mental amount on my mind separate so I can have them in separate accounts and even a separate bank. Once you start looking at these numbers and see how much quarterly you can earn someone doing these projects as Rebuild America, Rebuild Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, as we start with that, you will want to designate a certain amount of money availability for your projects.

Bruce: I hope many of you will consider Rebuild America and the Veteran Retreat Network. We will a have a lot of stuff for our veterans, and we will rebuild other countries as well. There have been a certain amount of exchanges taking place. I know the amounts and what they earn from these exchanges. I know how much is being channeled for humanitarian projects in countries we are looking at. It is just great and cool. There will be opportunities to work with Haiti, Dominic Republic, hopefully with Honduras and number of other countries. I am excited about it.

Bruce: I am interested in doing is a new landing page with a new URL that would give people opportunity to stay in touch with us by dropping their email address to us so that we can stay in touch with them. We have a number of emails...: about 4000 of them. What I like to do is see if we can put that together to have a landing page that you guys know we are going to use and drop an email and register on. We never had you register for the Big Call. I think we still have them. What I like to do is put this together so we can have a landing page with a beautiful picture and it just literally that is a static site we will use and you can drop an email and register on. We never had you register for the Big Call. There has been no joining. You have joined by being faithful listening for years. I never wanted a membership or charge. All I am saying we would like a email so we can send you out call information or something about when we get ready to start our pod cast, or information about rebuild America, and all we plan on doing. We will talk about it and try to put that together on the landing page...

Bruce: We are planning on to do that so you have place that will give you this information of our future plans. Be looking for that after you look for the toll free number when we get that so you can set your appointment and exchange. I hope this will be an awesome Labor Day weekend for us. That is the only Intel I feel I can share right now. You guys know how passionate we are in the work we want to do. I want this work to be fun. The goal is to enjoy your life but give back. Get your health back. You will have your finances, and time. Letís get your health back, and be all you can be in health and wellness. You can help people through your giving, your projects, Rebuild America. I am not going to buy myself a job. I am a visionary. I will create teams that will help me execute these things. I think Bob, Sue and Pastor Steven will have teams.

Bruce: We want to stay in touch. We are not going to drop off the face of the earth. I think you guys have paid your dues. You have been faithful, and I want very positive things to happen for all of you. I am looking forward to that and looking forward working with you on some of these projects and moving forward starting with Rebuild Texas. Letís get this thing so we can begin to help. We will try to get the most reputable places to help initially. I know you are thinking as I am how can I give. Personally I canít go down there like I did with Katrina. I did work down there in Katrina, and it was so meaningful to me. I want to do it so what we will do with our giving while we are waiting for Rebuild America to come up. That Rebuild Texas and Louisiana is going to take years to do it. I estimated it will take about 15 years to get New Orleans up to speed. I donít know if it is there yet. When we rebuild we will rebuild right. If we get involved in it, it will be done right. Keep that in mind. I really want you to get the feel for this. We will be in touch on that.

Bruce: I will do a call on this. Give us a month to get ready for the new pod cast schedule with everything we plan to do and bring this information to you. We probably get a new URL to sign up and get registered with your email for the new Big Call site.

Bruce: Thank you, everybody, for all the listeners for being faithful and being with us for the last 6 years. Thank you listeners all over Big Call Universe. Big Call University goes on and we will continue going on to bring you value. As you guys get use to having money and wondering what am I going to do with all of this, we hope to help you with this. It will be fun, and we will do it together. We will share in some of this stuff we will do. We will make it a very secure situation, a very secure website.

Bruce: Have a great night. Thank you Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven, Kent and everybody behind the scenes that help us out. Good night everybody and have a great Labor Day weekend, I pray.


8/29/2017 The Big Call with Bruce INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link 23min and/or Transcript


Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. Thank you all for coming in tonight. We are here and making the best of it. I didnít expect to be here tonight. We might be here Thursday. We are still here and giving the best information we can. What we are hearing now in Iraq is what they did yesterday last night Iraq time. They were celebrating throughout Baghdad with major fireworks, singers, etc. their new rates, lower denoms, etc, things that are really good.

​They might print their new rate in the Gazette tomorrow. They print their Gazette on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Maybe that is when it will come out. I donít know. This internationally known rate for Iraq does not need to be put in the Gazette first for it to come out. That is exciting.

Bruce: What is happening now is the borders with the bordering countries of Iraq are now open to where people can come into Iraq. That is what has been happening that people came into Iraq and enjoyed the celebrations that they had going on last night. Is everything perfect? I am not saying everything is perfect, but things are moving on.

All the ATMS are all hooked up and running with new rates and lower denominations. Iraq did receive yesterday 80% of the debt that was owed to Kurdistan that the central government of Iraq which was being held by the Bank of International Settlements for about a year. It was released to Kurdistan at the new rate yesterday. That is a reason to celebrate. Maybe that was part of the reason they were celebrating. Things are moving along nicely over there with projects, selling infrastructure bonds, all kinds of things. You are going to see Iraq turn into a global financial power because they have the resources the gold, diamonds, gems, oil, a lot of resources.

Bruce: Globally in other parts of the globe, yesterday the SKRS, 210,000 around the world, started to be paid out. Doesnít mean they are all paid yet. Over the weekend at the financial conferences in Jackson Hole, WY we didnít get a whole lot of news. On the last day, Sunday, the announcement was made and certain documents were signed by Janet Yellen, head of the Fed, to enable the new USN to be utilized in the US and the TRN to be utilized around the world internationally. That occurred so payments can be made into that currency, our new dollar, USN. That took place Sunday. That needed to happen and did happen. That was very positive.

Bruce: Additional things happening is we understand the Tiers 1, 2, and 3 groups are in the process of being paid. I donít have proof of it yet, but I am only hearing it is moving in that direction. Otherwise we are always hearing everyday friends and family going out, about Prosperity Packages getting ready to go out, about this group and that group. I can tell you that so far I donít know if those have been paid yet, but I think they are all ready to be paid out. My own personal opinion is those payments to those groups, and to those Prosperity Packages, I think that stuff is going to happen when Tier 4 is notified with 800 numbers and we can set our appointments and go.

Bruce: What else is happening relative to us according to my understanding is there is large amount of funds that HSBC has ready to transfer into accounts that will be used for Tier 4 redemption. Through the activity we will do at the various Redemption Centers throughout North America. We will have immediate activity with debit cards, with some cash, and funds set up for humanitarian projects that we will use in the first 90 days. These large funds are already in HSBC Master Accounts that are ready to be transfer into sub accounts to be used in the Redemption Centers for us at the time of our exchange. That is processing for us, geared for us. There is money in place and moving and ready to be position for us for our exchange.

Bruce: Redemption Centers as far as we know are still completely locked down. There was an issue a number of them in Texas and Louisiana not able to report back in and they still need to report in. I am not sure if they will wait for them to completely come back on line, but obviously people will exchange where they can in Texas and Louisiana. Those who can exchange will, and those who have to wait for flood waters to recede to exchange will have plenty time to exchange at privately negotiated rates. They will be able to do that up to the time when John Q Public is to start about September 15. Those not able to exchange now and are caught in the flooding will be able to exchange at privately negotiated rates until approximately September 14. There is plenty room for us to go and anyone else who needs to go to redeem their ZIM and exchange at a strong rate after the Redemption Centers come back on line in those areas.

Bruce: Some of those homes there the drywall will have to be taken down, wood studs treated, and repaired as was done after Katrina. Same thing will be done in flooded homes to take care of what needs to be done. We will be there and help with our finances. Once we get a chance to get exchange, we will try to get some way or let you know how you can fund Rebuild America starting with Rebuild Texas and then Louisiana. Hopefully only two states will we have to worry about initially with flooding. Keep them in our prayers and letís do the right thing for our neighbors in the south.

Bruce: We know funds are in place for us. The timing is close. We had heard this was supposed to go before the end of the month. The new fiscal year for the government is supposed to start October 1st. We know that we are moving forward with our legal areas. Moving forward with our government and everything is moving forward as it suppose to. I just think that we are just right there. Yes I am hearing some time frames, some days and I think we could very well, and I say could, we could be there by the end of the month. That is what I am hoping by the end of the month. I am not calling it, but everything is pointing to that with what I am hearing I am basing it on that.

Bruce: We know some information we have had did not come true. Overall except the times it supposed to happen, the rest of the information about the rates, moving of funds, information about the Redemption Centers is very accurate. I get that information and pass it on to you guys. I feel comfortable of the quality of that information. The only real question is when and what rates. The rates are great. The screen rates are fantastic. You have the opportunity to privately negotiate the rates on the ZIM, Dong, Dinar, and Rial. It is going to depend on you and on your projects. I know people are exchanging. I know people have exchanged the last few days in the 10s of thousands. I do know they caught a few people in that, a certain percentage, who were not good people. That has been part of the ongoing effort to keep some so called bad people out of this process. I have a good feeling what those numbers have been. We are looking very good that effort has been accomplished.

Bruce: We are moving on now and I think we are looking forward to being notified and receiving the toll free numbers and putting out for you on the Big Call website: and I will put them out on a couple other sites online. I hope this happens before our next call. If it does, we wonít have an official call on Thursday but probably do a celebration recording from our team and put that out for you. Then we will take at least a month off while we are retooling and putting together our new website. Our post RV programming will primarily be about our projects as Rebuild America. My plans were to take some of these larger projects and offer them to you so you can participate in as a team. I hope that is how we will be able to do it. We will have something to offer that you will look forward to.

Bruce: I am looking forward to this timing. We know certain things have taken place and are moving. Iraq is basically there. I donít know if they need to do anything. We know people for example that are dual citizens with Iraq and they have their Qi cards and have a spending limit on it that will change a hundred fold in a couple of days with what they can spend now and what they will be able to spend in a couple of days. That does not include a rate increase. There is that kind of information that is very positive.

Bruce: I ask everybody to stay in faith, keep positive, stay with Plan A, and continue to look to God as your provider, Jehovah God. Too, look to this as a blessing as just that, a blessing that doesnít bring sorrow with it. It is going to be awesome. I am not going to say we will not have challenges. There will be challenges, but I never going to look at it as a burden or something that is too great for us to bear it or anything like that. I think it is a huge blessing. It is how you look at it. It is what your attitude is how you look at it with about what you are about to receive and how you apply that to the projects and to other peopleís lives, and how you enjoy being a philanthropist creating opportunities for people.

Bruce: We will have an apprenticeship program as part of Rebuild America. We will work with our Veterans in our Veteransí Retreat program. We will need help in Texas, as in Houston. This has been a huge tragedy for Texas and Louisiana. They will come back bigger and better than they ever were. We will fix the infrastructure so the water can flow better into the channels and the Gulf. We will help to figure this out and create a way so this doesnít happen again. I think of how people are helping each other down there is amazing and I am eager to get down there and help. Maybe this motivates this to go knowing we are all eager to help.

Bruce: Stay with it. We are right there. Things are happening globally. Are we last to go? Yes, we are. The first should be last and the last should be first. Donít mess with Texas. Texas will be great. It is tough now, but they will come back strong as will Louisiana will. They are great people down there. They are survivalists and they are going to thrive.

Bruce: That is it for me tonight. I love you, and appreciate your love, prayers and continue belief and listenership to the Big Call. I want to thank Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven, Kent. Also I want to thank all you listeners for listening in to the Big Call for the last 6 years and for being part of us and part of what we are going to be doing together, because together everyone achieves more. That is the team we are going to be. Together everyone will achieve more. We will achieve more because we are more, and we will be more as a team. You guys hang in there. Good Night everyone. Thank you everyone in the Big Call Universe.


Bruce: Welcome everybody to the Big Call. I checked in with several sources and I have nothing new to talk about Iraq. I didnít get any new Intel on Iraq. To me from what I understand Iraq is done. All the ATMs in the entire country are on, the lower denoms have been coming out for days, and basically they have their RV in country at good rates. We know people who have the Qi cards, they are charged up and available and they know the rate on the card which is very high and they have access to their funds. So in a very real way Iraq is international.

Bruce: What about the communication of that to the world that Iraq has RV their currency and they are part of a greater global reset that is going on? I would say about everywhere but here they know about it. We know exchanges have been going on around the world to the tune of 89,400 exchanges the last 9 days. That is globally including the United States and Canada. That is about 10,000 a day. It is real and happening. When we are going to get it? It is hard to say. It is so close we should be able to reach out and grab it.

Bruce: We have had several people exchange as individuals, so called private, the last couple days. They have full liquidity of their funds. Now there needs to be a settlement overnight when you do these transactions. They need to settle overnight as they adjust all the deposits that been made against any wires taken out that day, so on. It is called a settlement period. The settlement time occurs between midnight and 2am. That is when the banks settle their books. The next day as in the case of some of these people, that is when their funds were available. I think that is pretty cool and neat.

Bruce: We heard the paymasters paid the sub masters out west. We heard that certain individuals gone back into the bank and tried to get things handled so these certain individuals were able to get their funds and have access. I believe that is moving along but no verification.

This is my opinion, once we hear people have pre-exchanged SKR, core groups, sub groups when those people get their funds turned on, ledger to ledger transfers, once that happens, I think we will start shortly after they are paid. I think that is where our shot gun start comes from. When that occurs I think we should be notified. It maybe not be immediate, maybe a lag time in there, but not too long. I still think that is their intention of the Chinese elders to try to let it go together. There are people that have exchanged the last 8 days around the world. The ones the last few days these private exchanges, they are getting immediate liquidity. There is no waiting. They have access to their funds. We didnít have that a couple of days ago. We got that the last 2 to 3 days.

Bruce: As far as the Intel is concerned, we are hearing a few times: by midnight, other times today, tomorrow. We are right there. I just donít know when it will occur. This is funny if you saw it in the news. President Trump was in Reno yesterday and he was speaking to a group of VFW. That seems a little unusual. I think that is cool. I am excited for our veterans, and the changes that are going to be made. We plan to work with the veterans. I have a feeling with our current administration we will get some help in that area, and I am looking forward to get started right away. Another thing we plan to help with nutrition, health, mental health, well being. We have a lot planned as with Rebuild America and then around the globe.

Bruce: I wasnít going to go long tonight because the Intel is a little bit scant. Some of it is good and some of it is too specific that I canít bring to the call. I have to talk in generality. The rates are high. The Forex guys are trading on the dinar around 1140. That is an indicator that they are trading in the lower numbers and they are getting ready to drop in the new rate. I am hearing the timing is very positive to take place not too far away.

Bruce: We understand this suppose to go a couple days ago. What happened in Hong Kong there was a force 10 typhoon with winds of 223 kilometers per hour about 175 mph. That is a big storm with 8.5 billion dollars in damage. The trading was stopped for 20 hours. Just now they are getting back up to speed about 9:30 pm EST. I think they are back up and running back into trading. Seems odd this storm came with such force in this location. We understand that everything is still rolling and back.

Bruce: That is why things came to a crawl out west. Things are picking back up and maybe ready to get underway. The rates are hanging in there really fine. The screens rates are high even the Zim screen rate is high. It is just a matter of what you want to do in terms of your own projects. You donít even have to have your own projects. You can say I want to help with Rebuild America. Help with infrastructure, housing, inner city, etc. I need at least 5000 listeners from the Big Call to adopt 100 cities, towns, communities in our 50 states. If you donít have a project and want to negotiate a rate and you have Zim, it will get a lot of liquidity to help with Rebuild America. You can say we have a group maybe 5000 or more that want to work together as a team and build it Rebuild America.

Bruce: We are back to using the term structure payout not the term leverage payout I was using the last few calls. The structure payouts can go on for quite awhile. You will want to set up a trust before you leave the bank. If you have one of your own you can use that trust. If not, you can create a trust, a revocable trust and you have 6 months to change it out with your attorneys and CPAs. At your appointment tell them you wish to use the skeleton trust temporarily and you will get your own trust. Let them know you have plans to do that.

Bruce: Also let them know you need available funds to start projects for the next 90 days. Have a number in mind, and let them know you plan to move some of these funds to other banks. Let them know that up front. That way they will know how much liquidity you hope to have the first 90 days so they can do that planning. Tell them what you need the first 90 days and the next 90 days in funds. Let them know how much funds you plan to move from your exchange account that holds your mother lode fund to another bank that you wish to use so the bank can do that planning. Those funds you move will not be part of your structure payout. They will be set aside from your structure account so you not mess up your structure payout. That amount will be in the bank, the mother lode, for 10, 20, 30, and 50 years or more paying out interest every 90 days or quarterly. That interest will continually fund your projects.

Bruce: Get your trust information together. Bring a list of trusteeís names to manage your trust which one can be you. Also names of your beneficiaries and your successor trustees. If you have a trustee and you are not happy that you set up and it didnít work out as you hope, you have a successor trustee that is next in line that you plan to put in. You just substitute that guy or woman in control as a trustee position. Make sure you have 6 to 7 trustee names and LLC names ready to go when you go in written down. See if they are available for your trusts and LLCs or whatever structure you set up. The more you have prepared before you go in, you wonít say I donít know, I didnít think of that. Come in prepared and ready. This is business. You should be out of there from 33 minutes to an hour and 10 minutes.

Bruce: You have some cash, a temporary debit card, and you will have access to your funds. Again let them know how much you need to start your projects and how much you plan to move by amount or percentage of your funds to some other banks. Let them know you plan to move the funds in the next 36 to 48 hours. Now they are ready and not taken aback by it. Make sure you read any agreements, NDA if it applies to you, and make sure you understand it down to the last few lines. Make sure you have the flexibility to manage this money. It is your money, Godís money that he has put you in charge of it. Ready everything. You should be fine.

Bruce: We are ready. Hopefully they are ready to contact me. I will get an 800 number and put it out. By the way, there is no existing number out there right now. Someone put that out. That is not the 800 number. It will come. Wait for the actual number to come out, it will go viral and then you will set your appointments.

Bruce: I am glad that all came in and we appreciate your faithfulness in listening. Stay tune to for any further information of future calls, format we plan to use, new URLs we will have so you can stay in touch with us. Thank you everybody. Thank you Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven, and Kent. Good night everybody. Have a great night.



Bruce: Thank you all for tuning in to the Big Call tonight. Here is where we are right now. Letís start with Iraq. Starting Tuesday they had open borders with Saudi Arabia. Exchange of goods and services was going on. That started Tuesday. For that to occur guess what has to happen. That is right. You have to have an international recognized rate on your currency. They do and they did. That is a very positive thing. Is it something we can see at this minute? I would say no, but they have it behind the scenes. They do know about it and can do it.

Bruce: Letís cut to today. Iraq has a 3 day holiday that started today. It is an unscheduled holiday that goes from today, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. It is a holiday, a celebration for Iraq. What are they celebrating? I wonder. Let me say this. In Iraq today over 28,000 ATMs came on board and were turned on and were utilized in the country of Iraq. The balance of the ATMS in the country, the remaining number are going to be up and working by noon on Sunday, Iraq time. Those ATM machines came up at 2:30am EST daylight time or 9:30am Iraqi time.

Bruce: We believe the rates that are there I am finding out through various friends that are there in the country of Iraq, these rates have been populating for days on the back screens of Forex. They have been traded up. All the rates including the ZIM were halted couple of days ago because they went as high as they wanted them to be. I donít know what the dinar rate is right now. People who have the Qi cards, their rate is solid. What is not solid is the word activation. It is flashing. When that solidifies, boom we have an active rate people can use those Qi cards. The new ones are global master cards with two chips in them which are used as both as a credit and debit cards. All the old Qi cards that were debit cards only are being done away with.

Bruce: Today in Iraq earlier all of the contractors in Iraq were paid and compensated of their current pay and also their back pay at the new rate. You guys remember I talked about what Dr Shabbi said at the Chamber Commerce Meeting in Washington DC in 2012? He talked about the dinar being able to support $16. The rate I am hearing is about slightly higher than that. That is the rate that is solid on the cards right now. Is that the actual starting rate that would be here when this comes thru for us? I donít know. I just know the contractors were paid today at the new rate, and ATMS with the lower denoms came out today. That is 28,000 activated. Also trading with Saudi Arabia, and I think just not just with them but other border countries.

Bruce: Let look at one more thing. The official record the newspaper that Iraq published is published on Wednesdays and Saturdays. We believe the new rate was not public in yesterdayís copy, but have every reason to believe it will make it into Saturdayís copy. That is what I am looking for to happen. When does that newspaper come out? It comes out at 7:30am Iraqi time, 12:30am EST on Saturday. Only a suggestion it may come out on Saturday. Iraq is ready to rock- n-roll.

Bruce: Let s move back to this country. There was a back log of people that were ready for exchanges to take place out west. Quite a large back log. Many of those, like 19,000, were handled in 14 different banks and cities since last night. That backlog is greatly reduced out west and things are moving along orderly at a good pace right now. I canít tell you when liquidity be there for everybody for all who have exchanged in Tiers 1, 2, and 3. Core groups are completed. People are exchanged that went before us.

Bruce: Major things have happen today. I understand that AIIB and HSBC have communicated where they are ready to go. Even China is asking our Treasury to move forward. I think we are in a really good place to receive now. Without getting too far in depth, I believe we should have, from what I am understanding now, should be in good shape between tonight and Sunday night. That is the window I am hearing. It may not go until Sundaynight, but here in between now and Sunday is looking good for Tier 4 group. The John Q Public who is not paying attention, those people suppose to start around the September 5 or 6, a day or so after Labor Day.

I would think Tuesday or Wednesday John Q Public should start. We should be in and out before that happens. That is my understanding. I hope that stays on track as I am hearing it has been. Things are moving and happening and great timing.

Bruce: I am excited because I am believing this is our last call until we take a hiatus and set up our new website approximately a month or so. Stay tune to the website:. For any further changes for new information about future calls. We plan to do future calls in the form of pod cast because we want to bring concept of Rebuild America, and the Veteran Retreat Network,

Bruce: I want everybody to enjoy their exchange. Donít be in too big of a hurry to do projects. Pay debts off, and pay or tithe ministry. Do that to get that started but realize these projects are not like boom I will start the projectMonday. It takes s planning research and time. I am asking all who want to, if you want to be part of the Big Call moving forward, stay tune when we get the website up and be part of Rebuild America. I have it in my mind how I want to put it together on the new web site. I talked to my team about it and bring all to you so you can be part of that. I want to do it together with your help as a big team.

Bruce: Working in with inner city, so much is needed to be done all over the country. Community gardens, new building infrastructure, and homes. We might just build new homes for veterans in some of these cities like Habitat for Humanity situation, something similar to that. Involve major marketers, like Home Depot, Lowes, Menards, and other stores. We are going to try to partners with them corporately, and others like Kohler and other main brands to do fixtures and various things what is involved in housing.

Bruce: We want to Rebuild America one family at a time, adopt a city, town, community.
Keep it in mind as a project you can be part of in your area of your country. Maybe they need a new building attached to the school, health clinic, or new recreation centers. We will have the funding available to crank it out in the United States, and also in other countries of Latin America, Mexico, Central America, South America, Caribbean, Haiti, Dominican Republic.

I am excited and looking forward to getting started. We are ready to get started.

Bruce: Thank everybody for listening in again and hopefully this will be our last official Big Call before the blessing. If we get this blessing in the time frame I think, we will put out a short celebration recording. I do plan to get the toll free number and put it on our site and a few places online after it goes on my website. Looking forward to release that.

Bruce: Everybody have a great night and you are in a great place for this to go down. We are about to see historical things to go for us. Solar eclipse to take place on Monday afternoon. Donít look at it without the proper filters. It is a major event. A lot of cosmic events are taking place that never happened ever in history as far as we know and will never happen again.

Bruce: Stay in faith. Stay pumped and positive as we are. We will come together to let this thing go through. We will have this time between tonight and Sunday night. I canít call it.

Thank you all for coming in and all out there at the Redemption Centers who are listening. I am looking forward get the number and coming in for our exchanges. Thank you for being patient as we have been. Good night everybody on the Big Call.



Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call. I want to congratulation everybody for continuing to being faithful coming back to the Big Call every Tuesday and Thursday nights. I told you we stay here and be here until this blessing comes through. We will take you to the point when you are exchanging so on, and redeeming your ZIM. It is also good to know that we have future plans beyond the blessing to help you guys with a number of different subjects as we come into them down the road.

​I plan on doing a pod cast at least once a week and put it on our new website when it comes out. You can listen to it anytime you like. I am excited about the future of the Big Call because I think we will be working with a lot of cool projects together. The President mentioned the infrastructure he is interested in for our country. He talked about the release of funds for infrastructure. We want to do a lot of that type of work ourselves with our Rebuild America. Keep that in mind. You might want to mention that when you go into your exchange.

Bruce: I want you to be aware the super rich which you will be part of that group as result of this blessing, they have a thing called Kidnap Insurance. We are trying not to put anything out there that isnít real. You might be in a situation where you might need that. For your family and business associates you might want to look into Kidnap insurance. Keep that in mind. Also you might want to consider Extended Travel Insurance. You might be self insurance on some of these things. I know the Kidnap Insurance isnít very expensive, and the Extended Travel Insurance people have that as well. Look into that if you want to provide for yourself and your family.

Bruce: When it comes to our Intel, today was a wild day. We really were looking so good today and still are. We werenít sure if the call was going to be a regular call or not. A lot of things started to come thru for us that we been looking for.

Bruce: In Iraq it looks like from the Iraqi perspective talking to some of our Forex sources, it appears that the Forex was trading the dinar from its position of 1160 or 1168 down to 1140 so forth. The thinking was by sometime tonight it could be traded all the way down to where it would zero out and come back to $1. to $1.25 or something like that up to its true value. That was happening this afternoon and should have zeroed out by now. The thinking is that the rate which we have seen some decent rates that were in the vicinity that Dr Shabbi talked about the dinar being able to support. We have seen couple of these rates be on some of the new Qi cards in and outside of Iraq on Iraqi citizens and dual Iraqi citizens. High rates that are stable. Are they place holder rates? Would it be giving us indication what the rate would be? We donít know that yet.

Bruce: We understand the Gazette is published on Wednesday and Sunday around 7:30am Iraqi time. Could we see a rate change tonight? We are thinking we could. Then it could be published in the Gazette and show up tomorrow. That is what we are hoping for. Letís see if it occurs. We didnít get it in the Gazette on Sunday.

Bruce: The last time we talked on Thursday we talked about the ATMs in Iraq being active and alive. They were testing the ATM machines. We understand the tests were successful. Now the ATMs are operable. I havenít heard anything to say they werenít. If so then the lower denoms are out and have a new rate. Did that occur yet? I canít tell you 100 percent it has. I canít verify that right now. It is positive that the ATMS are ready to put out the lower denoms. The lower denoms, that is the new dinar currency that will replace the currency we have with numbers of bills such as we have 5 dollar bill, 10, 20 50 100, so on. ATMs will probably have 10s and 20s like we have in our ATMs. The fils or coins are still something not in the ATMs, but in the merchant stores and in the banks themselves. I bet they have them in rolls like we have them in rolls in our banks. Fils are coins that are portions of a dinar like we have a nickel, dime, and quarter, similar to that.

​Bruce: Other than that, we are expecting or waiting on is a rate to show. It might show in the printing of the Gazette. It might show if the budget gets published in the Gazette. This is the day, 15th, August 15, that normally the UN Operation rates would become effective, or they would change. They could move that day for one day to show the rates to be updated. The UN Operational rate page has been blank with nothing on it except the 5 currencies that are part of the SDR basket. The special basket that includes the US dollar, the Chinese renminbi, the Euro, the British pound, and the Japanese yen. All these represent the SDR or Special Drawing Right, basket. Do not confuse the SDR basket with the basket of currencies for the RV. Our understanding is when we thought we would have a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th basket for Revaluation, our understanding was with the total GCR everything gets revalue or devalue the same time. There may not be additional baskets, but just the one for the GCR. A lot of countries may call it redenomination. Like with Indonesia when they redenominated their currency. It was revaluing their currency with new lower denominations. That happened about a week ago.

Bruce: When we come back over here, the United States, we understand a lot of the things, the core groups, Indian claims, Farm claims, etc., we understand they were paid today. The other groups were paid yesterday. We understand our Chinese elders were busy with meetings to get all they could to get this in position to go. Groups were paid this morning, early this morning basically with key strokes. Groups that already exchanged their funds that were in a holding status we understand they were released today.

Bruce: A lot going on with exchanges getting things in position for everybody to have liquidity. The biggest thing is access to their funds, liquidity. There was a 24 hour settlement hold signed of yesterday came off today. The concept is this let say you had a deposit in your account of 100 million dollars. Then you wanted access to take some of that money out to move it. That 100 million dollars would need to settle in that account over night. Usually it takes place at midnight to 2am at the bank where they put deposits in and give credit for deposits and take any checks against those deposits. That is the settling of those accounts. If you took your money out today without that money settling, it would be hard to tell if it occurred or not. There is a 24hour settlement period that was signed in law when these large deposits could settle before they could be pulled out. The 24 hours may already come off. If so, then some of these transactions took place could have liquidity and access maybe tonightor tomorrow. One of those things. They will know it when they see it. That is how close we are on people that have already gone in and exchanged. A lot are about ready to be accessible.

Bruce: We are next as Tier 4. We are looking for the toll free number to come out anytime. I know I said it before and it sounds like a broken record. We are at the time it is about to occur. It is that close. When that occurs I will be happy to put it on out on the website, and take if from there and put it out to a couple of other places online.

Bruce: In setting our appointments, this is what I understand the situation is going to be. When you get the toll free number, I donít know if it will be an 800 number, you get your pen and paper ready and ready to call to set your appointment. When you call you will get a robo answering device to start with. I understand you could get this and it gives you two or three questions such as what is your name, phone number, your currencies you have, not the amount. My understanding is if you answer those questions and that is what would happen. If you mention you have ZIM bonds, Zimbabwe, something of that effect, then you mention that first, then any other currency behind it. Then you suppose to be switch to a live operator. Then you say what you need to say to set your appointment with a live operator. You could get someone at to your location of the Redemption Center. Redemption Centers are ready to go. Tier 1 banks, Tier 2 banks, and Tier 3 banks who will be doing exchanges are all ready. Today the Redemption Centers were literally working on last minute protocol, information about the exchange process and procedure. They are ready to go.

Bruce: Hopefully this will happen for us right away. Straight away. When it comes to the pay out if you are a ZIM holder, because of the screen rate, on par with the dollar and I heard it double, when you go in and redeem your ZIM bond, the amount even at the screen rate is going to be so high based on the denomination of the ZIM. You are looking at a leverage payout. They took out the term structure payout and put in leverage payout. When you go in and set your leverage payout, it could be 5, 10 15, 20 25. 50 years. Because the ZIM is so large, they want to have time to pay that out and pay interest to you. That is what you are going to be looking at with the ZIM.

Bruce: If you go in and say I want my money from my ZIM out of the bank, it is not going to happen. If you throw a tantrum, then they will freeze your account. You can kiss that goodbye. Be aware that if you have any idea how much money we are talking about? Your calculator wonít figure it out. These numbers are too big. The point of it is you are going to be earning interest every 90 days. It wonít have to have that high of a rate because the base of it is so high to begin with. Even if was 2% to 3%, it is going to be tons of money.

Bruce: Hopefully you will use the money to buy bonds for infrastructure, or seeing that money into your ministries, humanitarian projects, etc. We talked about that enough. If you need a project and plan to negotiate a slighter higher rate just mention the Big Call and say we are doing Rebuild America and what that means is to adopt a city, town, community, and what it would look like for you is buying real estate, vacant lots, rehab homes, building homes, adding schools, recreation centers, new clinics, normal infrastructure such as roads, bridges, waterways, internet, electric grid, etc. There may be 8 different sets of infrastructure that I hope the Administration would put out.

​I would say that would be a cool way to take your quarterly interest and pay some of that money into infrastructure bonds. You will be helping to rebuild America thru those bonds. I hope the Administration is planning to do that. We will have a lot of money to put in that. That is one thing I would say be aware of. Just be chill and cool when it comes to working out your leverage payout. They will set that up based on the longevity, how old you are, how long you might live, and the type of projects you have.

Rebuild America could go for as long as 20, 30 years. I going to personally go for the longest payout I can go. You set up your skeleton trust unless you have your trust already. You will have up to 6 months to re-do it, or modify it, or change it or set up a new trust for that trust document that they set up. Initially it will be a skeleton trust, a revocable trust, and then you want to set up an irrevocable trust in its place having worked it out with your Attorney, CPA. Enjoy this experience. It is going to take anywhere from 37 minutes to 1 hour and 20 minutes to get in and out of your first appointment.

Bruce: I do not know if we will have a Thursday night call. We might have a Thursday call. Letís see what will happen. I am hearing some good things. We may be good to go and have a recorded call for Thursday. We have been close before, and here we are on Tuesday call. We donít know how long this race is. 3, 30, 90 miles? The point is we donít really know where the end is. They have been moving the finish line back for us, seemingly they have. Everything is moving along nicely. Accounts are being hydrated, and groups are being paid out. We are next.

Hang in here. You made it this far. You can make it to the end. This is like being at the 20th or 21st mile of the marathon. You know have 22 something miles total. You are almost there. Donít quit. Donít give up hope. Maintain and stay strong and get stronger as we come to the very end. Hang in there. I am with you. The Big Call is with you. The community is all in this together. We are all going to make it and succeed if we survive and thrive.

Bruce: Thank you all for listening to the Big Call. Thank you to my team, Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven, and Kent. Thank you Big Call listeners for your prayers, prayer requests, and praise requests. Thank you for your continued faith. All have a good blessing and good night.
Thank you all and love you all in the Big Call universe. Thank you for your faith and for listening. We will be in touch. Stay tune to the Big Call and our site: . All have a great night, and a good night sleep. Good Night Everybody.



8/10/2017 The Big Call with Bruce INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link and/or Highlights

Bruce: Welcome Everyone to the Big Call tonight. Everyone just breathe in and relax and understand you are in a very good place because we are in an excellent situation to be notified very shortly. This is based on information I have had since Tuesday night call. Everything is moving along very nicely. I will tell you for a fact stuff I know that has been proven.

Bruce: We know that Iraq was released from Chapter 7. They had an announcement yesterday from the UN releasing them from Chapter 7. The IMF also made an announcement last night essentially saying the same thing that they are released. To be released they would have to have a rate on their new Iraqi Dinar. Do we know it? We sort of know it. We do not necessary have it on the CBI site or totally global out there yet. We do have some indicators out there that it took place so the UN could release them from Chapter 7.

Bruce: The last thing that needed to happen for Iraq to be released from Chapter 7 was the new rate, and then have a new international tradable currency. Will they transition directly into Chapter 8? We donít know that for sure. I thought they automatically did that. Does it matter or matter for us? Or is there a special provision for Iraq to transition into Chapter 8 from the UN? We donít know that. We are looking into it. They have moved along so things are moving along nicely for them. There is a holiday today or was a holiday today in Iraq. We believe the reason for the holiday was because they were in fact revaluing their currency. Hence that is why they had the ability to be released form Chapter 7 by the UN. That happened and today, Thursday, was a holiday for them.

Bruce: Their Holy Day is Friday which is starting there already. I think that is good, but I really think what is interesting is two facts. Not only they have been released from Chapter 7, but also the fact their ATMs are now operational with lower denoms. These are the lower ones. We would have 20 or 10 dollar notes. Those ATMs in Iraq are finally operational in Iraq and also in Saudi Arabia and in Jordan. That was significant that they were operational in those two countries as well.

Bruce: When the lower denoms come out we always said this when they do come out that is when we have proof the RV is taking place. I think that is still a good indicator for us. There wouldnít be lower denoms if the rate hadnít change. The fils, the coins, would be available in the banks and in the stores over there. The lower denoms are available. That is good news.

Bruce: In cases where we know people have the new QI cards which are set up for oil and gas proceeds, profits that are shared among the citizens of Iraq, there is now a settled in rate, two digit rate, now on those cards both in and outside of Iraq. We know people with those cards are able to see that rate and we been looking for that rate to drop in and be solid and not flickering. It is a solid two digit rate and some digits behind that which are still flickering, but enough of a rate showing that is a great indicator of things moving forward. Possibly the rate is getting ready to drop in any moment. The timing is really close. I donít know why it wouldnít be showing like it is and not be effected here shortly. I think it is a really good sign. That is happening. The lower denoms are out in the ATMS, and they are released from Chapter 7. Do you know how long we have been waiting for that news for them to be released from Chapter 7? It did take place. All of that is very positive.

Bruce: Our country. What are we doing over here? Where is the release of the 800 number so we in Tier 4 can set our appointments, do our exchanges and redeem our ZIM? I did hear the ZIM bonds and other platforms in other bonds have been pushed to Monday or Tuesday to be effective. That is a very good thing for us because our understanding is the currencies needs to be exchanged for 24 to 48 hours before those bond transactions are to be take place on Monday or Tuesday. Before that is to take place those currencies we have need to be exchanged 24 to 48 hours before that. We are in really good shape in terms for that timing.

Bruce: What I am hearing today everything is rolling out west very nicely and it has been a well orchestrated event. A lot of exchanges are taking place. Situations where everybody waiting becomes liquid and funds are accessible I believe they are all staged like a pre-loaded for that to occur. I think by the fact they are so pre-loaded now that could happen simultaneous when we are notified and thus qualify for the shot-gun start. By getting everything from SKRs to other subgroups, and other smaller groups, getting them hydrated is getting us indication that they are almost ready to go. We heard a lot of different comments what is going on out there. Things really look positive. Many exchanges have been done throughout the country which some were used as a sting operation, and that occurred successfully.

Bruce: Everything is really moving along very well. I think we are in a position where anything could happen with this, and we could get the notification of the 800 number basically at anytime. We are not going to say it will happen definitely tonight or tomorrow. We do believe the time is right there where it should go for the release to take place.

Bruce: We know where the rates are right now. Remember on Tuesday night we talked about Indonesia Rupiah redenomination taking place. That is very positive. We are looking forward for this to go down here pretty soon. That is really what I wanted to say to everyone. What Iraq has done and what seems to be occurring in this country getting everything to go to prepare for a shot-gun start. A simultaneous release. We hear Tier 4, which we are members of, the Internet Group, that parts of Tier 4 have already started in some way out west. I think it is in the preparation mode preparing for them to be hydrated. Then we would go when everything else would be going.

Bruce: It is a short Intel segment because there is not a whole lot else we can bring than we are in a really good situation for this to take place. I am hearing specifically out there of rates that are really good and are loading in. I want to see that rate loading in for the dinar. I think that is a really good indicator. I think when I see that and have that rate which should be at most anytime; we should be able to go. That is the Intel I have.

Bruce: Realize this we all are in a position to move forward with this information. Move from a place of well being, health, wisdom and knowledge of about what you are planning to do. I am excited as I was on Tuesday nightís call. I talked about humanitarian projects. I know this much that we have leveraged payouts that will take place if you are a ZIM holders. Obviously we will have a skeleton trust set up for us. If you have another trust at the time of your initial exchange, then bring that paper work in to your appointment. If you donít use the skeleton trust that they build for you, you will have 6 months to modify, change, or replace that trust with a new trust. It will be a revocable trust. After that time of 6 months, that trust would officially default to an irrevocable trust or non-revocable trust. You will have time to get with your CPAS and Attorneys to set up whatever trust you need.

Bruce: Donít go in the exchange location thinking if you have ZIM because of the large amount of the denomination, and because of the value on the screens and not counting the rates you can privately negotiate the ZIM for, that you will have immediate liquidity and be able to tale that money, forget it. It wonít happen. Donít be silly, because if you have ZIM notes, billions dollar notes or even trillion dollar notes, that turns into a lot of money you wonít be able to pull out of the bank. Will you be able to access to it? Yes. Let them know how much you need for your humanitarian projects in the first 90 days so they can create that liquidity for you. Then let them know what you will need in the terms of liquidity in the 2nd 90 days, and so on. By the time the 3rd 90 days rolls around, I think the accessibility will be much greater at that time. However, you may say I donít know how much money I and going to need. Donít worry about it. Just put a number out there that is reasonable that you really think you can use in the first 90 days.

Bruce: Really to be honest with you rebuilding America, we may not be ready to go in a big way for 6 months or so. I have some idea what I want for liquidity. Keep that in mind. We will have the ability to have these leverage payouts for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 years with possibly now going to 50 years. Realize this depends on how much we are talking about, how much the leverage payout is, what your age and what your projects are and the longevity of your projects.

Bruce: For me I probably set it out as far out as I can go. Even if Bruce is not around, maybe a heir or someone else I have appointed as a trustee or beneficiary could take it and roll with it. You will have a trustee and successor trustees. Same thing with beneficiaries based on who be there if something happened. Too, you a have successor beneficiaries if something happens to them. You will have 6 months to modify and add what you need to your trust. Donít take off on an around-the-world trip for 6 or 9 months and forget to modify your original skeleton trust. Just get with your attorney, your CPA. Set it up for what makes sense in what you want to do in terms of your projects, families, and everything what you have been thinking about for months and years in terms of this blessing in waiting for this to come thru.

Bruce: I am excited. I think it wouldnít be surprised that anything could happen just at any moment now. We will just take it from there and see where it goes. I am ready. It is my 13th year. Sue, Bob, Kent and Pastor Steven are ready. Stay in perfect faith for this. Stay positive. Your redemption draws nigh. Thank you everyone for listening and coming in around the globe and tuning in. Thank you Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven, and Kent for everything you all do. Good Night Everyone.


Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call. I am going to bring everyone up to speed from several sources which no one else has. Some of my sources are people that no one else gets information from. I do know that. What is interesting as Sue mentioned is that someone of you out there are struggling. Some of you are struggling asking: Where is it? When is it going to happen? Some are selling their currency back or having to do that. I know people who have done that. What have I said for years now? We got to stay with something whatever it is to keep us going on Plan A. Sometimes it is just getting by. Sometimes it is just paying bills. Some of you are doing okay. You got decent jobs and not totally underneath debt, and I hope that is the case with most of you. but I know for some of you it is tight.

Bruce: We get prayer request sometimes as you all know about financial needs. I hope not anyone is ultimately relying on the RV or blessing but on God as your provider and being motive to go out and create income for yourself or work at a job do something and look at this blessing as just as a blessing coming in. I have been in this for 13 years. If someone said Bruce this not coming for 13 years, would my prospective be different? Yes. Would I have done the Big Call? I donít know. I am glad I have been involved with it for the last 6 years. My own focus might have changed. I would create an income stream and use it as my retirement. If realistically it would have happened was 6 years away instead of 13 years now, I would have taken a different tact.

Bruce: Someone of you have gotten in this the last 3 to 5 years, some even the last 6 months, and donít have those years of calls behind you like many of you have the last 6 years. I would say this I know people are selling their currency back to create some income so they can survive. They are in survival mode. I want to realize my job as a leader, I am not a Guru, but what I am is a leader taking a little bit of charge. I am going to try to help you, motivate you, and encourage you. I give you up hope. I believe this is very close.

Bruce: You know by the sound of my voice how close I have felt this is. We try not to call it on the Big Call because we are getting information for the most part not that it been wrong, but it just not yet. Some of it is time frames, rates, and release times, but I know it is not wise to put it out because it could be wrong. I donít want to be wrong to people. I want to be helpful and correct. I take Intel and merge it into something that is true. I know that there is something to it. Something that is seriously correct and I try to bring that to you. That is my emphasis. I am not doing it for the fun of it. I am trying to help the community of large. My goal is to work together after the blessing comes in to do something with our country as Rebuild America, and with veterans with the Veterans Retreat Network. Also work with ministries in a number of areas. Bible distribution in China, helping Israel with the Jerusalem Prayer team, and other number of things we plan to do.

Bruce: The point is I want everybody to be on the same page so we all say it sounds meaningful, say that is a project I can get by. I donít need your money. I will have plenty of money. It is about building something as a team. I have been on a team since the age of 8. You have to realize this is about us trying to make a difference in our world. Have a purpose in our lives. We do. The Redemption Centers refer to us as the Chosen Ones because we been chosen to be part of this, to live at this time and witness what is about to happen across this world. I am going to be like a coach to stay with this to understand we are almost there and try to do what you need to survive until this come through. I want you to thrive and everyone on your plan A until the blessing, Plan B, comes through. We will be okay in some ways, and create some challenges for us. Enough is enough but too much maybe too much for some of us. We will have to deal with situations we never had before. We have such potential to help humanity all over the globe, and make a difference in peopleís lives.

Bruce: Bob, Steven, Kent, Sue, everybody wants to be part of this. At the Redemption Centers let them know we are in the early stages to plan for it and plan to do big with Rebuild America with at least 5000 volunteers to help us adopt a city, town, community. It will take some time to put together, probably 6 months, to build out the template, and to get the concepts out there what we are going to do. It is in the planning stages. I am looking forward to working with Bob, Kent, the team leaders. We will do it. We will do also in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic, and other areas such as Honduras, Central America.

Bruce: All of what I am saying is this as a community as Dinarland, Zimlandia, whatever you want to call it, us paying attention as the Internet Group, those paying attention, I want this whole community to realize we are all in the same boat. It is a pretty big boat. We all need to row the same way. Why canít we look at the idea to come together? I donít care if you are Tony, RayRen, Yosef, Tank, Dr WC, Fisher. All you people out there on different calls, blogs, letís get together and work as a community. I think we would get a lot more done. We will share ideas. Bruce: Rebuild America is just not my idea. I am open to other people to be part of that. I want to make a difference we all can be proud of. I want to say I want to unite the community. I want this group listening to the Big Call, we are a group of people and we want to see a positive change in this world all over. Consider yourselves part of that if that is where God is bringing you and is part of your heart. I am excited to get started with this. I hear things all the time. I am not negative. I donít get down. I am excited everyday for the potential is for this blessing. I am excited to get started. I am ready to go. Many of you are the same way as I am. You are excited to get started. Lord willing this thing comes soon for us. We are ready, the banks and redemption Centers are ready.

Bruce: Specific Intel Now. Iraq has been sending emails to people in their own country with these Qi cards that the rates are changing. Some people have talked about the lower denominations being in the ATM machines. Yes they are. Are they ready to go yet? I canít get confirmations of that. I thought they would be ready yesterday or today. They are poised to start. Fils coins are not in the ATM machines. They are in the banks and the stores. They donít put coins in the ATM machines. You get bills, lower denoms out of the ATMs. The fils will be in the banks, and stores to make change. That is what that is about.

Bruce: In Iraq things are happening to move this along. There are rates that have been temporary put on cards. When they look up their cards to see the rate showing it is there, it is a tease, then it leaves, then it flashes, then it is solid. They are playing that game until they drop the rate in. Until that rate drops in I donít think we can go and the rate is on the CBI and on their Qi cards. Iraq sort is in a holding pattern that has been relaxed from chapter 7. They are moving into chapter 8 with the UN. We are just waiting for their rate to drop in. Yes we heard their budget will be reviewed on the 21st. Does it mean we have to wait until the 21st? No, do not believe that. Forget about that. Donít see that at all.

Bruce: Indonesia with the Indonesia Rupiah. Do you realize that Indonesia redenominated their currency lasts night? Indonesia redenominated. What does that mean? That means that they put out new lower denominations that can be utilized while their Indonesia Rupiah at larger denominations are exchanged in country while we outside in the United States that have Rupiah will exchange it. Otherwise why did they redenominate their currency last night? That is how close we are.

Bruce: What about this 888? It is August 8, 2017. What is up with that? I donít know. I thought we be there. I have not totally given up tonight. It is possible .Indonesia has redenominated; Iraq is treading water waiting for this thing to go to drop their rate. Then we have rumors of exchanges in France on the ZIM. I canít confirm it yet.

Bruce: In the United States we have confirmed rates for the Vietnamese Dong on screens front and back at decent screen rates at over 2 dollars. I heard rates today and seen them climb today at several different banks. That is happening. Some people tried to exchange then were told they couldnít even though the rates were on the screens at the bank. That is how close we are.

Bruce: Out West where things are popping, they really started a surge of activity yesterday continuing today. They are getting things done. There are certain groups being paid. Certain SKRs that have been paid out and continue to pay out. That might take another 36 to 48 hours for all the SKRs to be paid out. These were accounts that were on hold, pending, prepaids, and we are hearing that people exchanged very recently will have access to funds tomorrow. Timing to have access to funds is there like tomorrow.

Bruce: Does it mean we all go soon? I donít know. I am just saying we are hearing very positive things of the SKRs. Do we have to wait until all the SKRS to be liquid to go next? NO. I have been told that today by people I trust. I think we are in a very good place to go forward. I would say this I know tonight there are certain opportunities that certain media outlets that are new and that are trusted will get informationtonight around the globe. I know how it is going and who is doing it. I will tell you this it doesnít mean it will be dissimilated immediately, but when it does comes out, it is coming out.

Bruce: I know the John Q Public, not us, will have a start time of approximate time of the first week in September. We will have a time, the Internet Group, 6 to 9 days to exchange at the Redemption Centers. I know there is a period after that we will be working with our 2nd appointments with our wealth managers, Abbot Downing, etc. Our initial exchange will only be an hour long. Just to get in, get one or two accounts set up, get our initial skeleton trust together, that kind of thing. Time to exchange, privately negotiate the rates, and redeem the ZIM bond. We are right at the precipice for this to go.

Bruce: We will have that two week period after we finish to do the 2nd and possible 3rd appointments to get everything set up with wealth managers, CPAs, and lawyers, to do all we need to do to get ourselves in position to get to working on things. Donít forget vacations, new car, moves, new homes, etc all going on. Those of us on the Big Call we are going to take a month off to get our personal stuff lined up. We will get a new pod cast, and when we do come back on, we will put all on the site so you all can be part of it. I hope most of you want to be part of this. I want to have fun with this too. I will have a vacation time, chill, do a little traveling. I will do that, but at the same time our responsibility is far greater. We have been chosen for this. You do have a purpose. I have given you some options, and I want you to be part of this. You are welcome to be part of this. I would love to have you. As far as getting out that information out, I donít know how quickly it will be available or known, but I know it is being worked with now even as we speak. I am excited about that. That tells me something. It gives me something solid.

Bruce: There are a lot of solid things that are happening right now behind the scenes and we are not too far away from it. That is all I can tell you about it. We are very close to it. I am excited where we are and the community at large coming together, working together as one body. I love to see that. It may not happen that way, but I hope so. I would love for all of us to come together. We all are on the same boat. No one is going to get there faster than anybody else. We all long to arrive at the port at the same time. We will do something fun. We will do something new, excited, and meaningful to help people. We will do something and say ďMan I made a difference in this world in his life, her lifeĒ. Then pretty soon those numbers will grow. It would be just them it will be a community, a town, a whole city, part of a country you are affecting. I am excited. I can see it and have a vision for it, and I want you to stay excited.

Bruce: If you have to sell your currency to live, I get it. I did that. I went a year with no income. I got my act together and figured it out. Then I bought that currency back. I am glad I did. This is something that we are all a part of. No one in this community is any better than anyone else. We are all in this together. We are here to do the work, here for a purpose. Let us stay together, stay plugged in, stay tuned in and we are going to go places no one in history has ever gone with what we have and what we are going to do with it. We will see a lot of change in our world, changes that you canít even believe. Technology and disclosure. A lot is happening. Let us just believe so our world stays together so we can do this.

Bruce: Thank you everybody for tuning in and for being faithful. Thanking my team Sue, Bob, Kent, and Pastor Steven. Thank you all Big Call audience for tuning in and being part of this incredible time we are in. Good night everybody.


8/3/2017 The Big Call with Bruce Replay INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link 16min and/or Highlights

Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call. We are glad everybody has made it in tonight. We appreciate you, the listeners not only in the United States and Canada which is the majority of our listeners, but we have listeners in Central America, South America, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Middle East, etc.

We appreciate all of our listeners. We appreciate Pinkroses who has transcribed our call for quite awhile now. We appreciate that. It is a big help to us to put that Intel out like she does. We appreciate that.

Bruce: Let us talk about Iraq. We said on Tuesday call that the IMF meeting which was on Tuesday morning which was a success, and it was such a success that the IMF congratulated CBI of Iraq for providing what it was they needed to provide.

In doing that actually earlier or more quickly than anticipated by the IMF. They did come with a rate, whatever it was IMF was looking for and they checked all the boxes. That was very positive. They congratulated the CBI for having done that.

Bruce: As far as what has occurred since that meeting we believe was a success, we understood as part of that whenever that rate was actually given to the IMF, approved or checked off by the IMF we understand that Iraq has 72 hours to release the rate, or have the rate out and visible for all the world to see. I think we are coming up to fairly closely sometime late tonight or tomorrow hitting that 72 hour period. That is what it appears to be if I did my math right.

Bruce: What is interesting is Iraq did what they needed to do and also had an anti money laundering law that was voted on and needed to be enacted, put into law. I believe that has occurred. They have done that. They talked about it. I know they did the third reading I believe on Tuesday and then it was going to be enacted.

I believe they have done that. I believe the only thing that I can see that Iraq needs to do is make that rate for the Dinar, the new Iraqi Dinar known, put that rate out. How do we know that?

Bruce: We know certain people with the Qi cards even in Iraq as I mentioned on Tuesday call, had access to new funds from oil and gas exploration, the shared profits from oil was actually on their cards. They could access that. That happened Tuesday morning. Other Iraqi citizens outside of Iraq also have those cards and they were noticing certain fluctuating in the rates on those cards as they started to increase. Those rates started to increase to the point all of sudden they hit that rate we talked about in the past.

Pretty much what it was then all of a sudden the screens went blank. It was as if they hit what they needed to hit. Then they took it away so when the time is right they can drop it right back in again. That is sort of the feeling the last two days. I think from that perspective everything is done and we are waiting on the time for the drop in of the rate.

Bruce: Iraq had money that had been stolen. We are talking about Dinar at the old rate. Letís call it 1160, whatever it was. At the old rate there was approximately 150 million dollars worth of dinar at the old rate that was returned to Iraq a little after 5 am this morning. All of this had been brought back that been stolen and returned to Iraq, return to the CBI. The thinking was once that occurred and the money repatriated, Iraq could go and put out their new rate at any time. Once they achieved that. That was early this morning.

Bruce: The other thing we talked about it months ago that Iraq bring infrastructure bonds in the tune of 1 Trillion dollars. I said we knew of some people that might have taken advantage of those at that time. They actually pre-booked those bonds. Today from 9:30 this morning to 3:40 this afternoon Baghdad time. All 1 Trillion dollars worth of those bonds were sold. That is a trillion dollars worth of Iraqi infrastructure bonds that had to be purchased in lots of no less than 1 Billion dollars.

They were all sold in a little over a half a day from 9:30 to 3:40 in the afternoon. Sold out. One reason they were sold out was they got a good yield. These were bonds that would be payable for 6 years, at a short term hold. They would be paying 6.75% interest per year. If you know bonds and bond values, that is a really good deal. That is one reason they probably why they sold so fast.

Bruce: What is the other reason? The other reason is those bonds are gold backed. Those bonds are gold backed from Iraq. They are kind of safe. Not a whole lot of risk. That is one reason why Iraq wants a good relationship with the IMF. Even though the IMF is making them a loan, they donít really need the money, but they need the credit rating.

That is why Iraq had to do what they needed to do for the purpose of the IMF because they wanted a solid credit rating. They are getting ready to entertain business from all over the world. They got a very low zero tax structure in place for businesses that want to come to Iraq. I donít know the particulars about it so I donít want to speak out of term. I am telling you the sale of those bonds, 1 Trillion dollars worth today, is pretty powerful. That says a lot. Could they offer a trillion dollars of infrastructure bonds without a rate? Certainly not with an $11.60 rate or whatever it was.

When I hear the stuff of 1:1, I just laugh. They have had a rate on their cards, debit cards for maybe a year now in the $4 to $5 dollar range. Forget the 1:1. Drop it out of your memory. What about what Dr Shabbi said in 2012 about the rate? Remember he said the rate that Iraq could sustain? I wouldnít be surprised by it at all. Iraq is basically done. They just need to reveal that rate. They need to show the rate and they have a limited about of time according to the IMF to do that. I think we are getting close to the end of that window.

Bruce: We understand exchanges have already begun in Hong Kong and already begun in Europe. They are just working their way to us. I know it sounds simple. One thing we have heard is certain transactions have already taken place out west. Certain things are being paid. We know people that have exchanged yesterday and today will have access to funds on Saturday. I have to believe that the process,

I am talking about the Paymaster, Groups, Trustees, all those terms we use are hydrated and are waiting for a GO signal. They maybe waiting for codes. I donít know. Whatever they are waiting for, they should be starting to pay them out. Essentially pay those SKRs out at the same time pretty close the same time we get notified with the 800 number.

Bruce: Redemption Centers are still on High Alert. We know they are on lock down. We know they are ready to go at a momentís notice. Same thing with Tier 1 and Tier 2 Banks. We believe Tier 3 banks are far enough along where they are not an impenitent to this process. Basically all are ready to go. Do we know when the ďGOĒ signal is? No we donít.

Do I hear the times it may go? Yes, I do. Have they not happened? Yes they have not happened. It doesnít make me lose hope. We are at the end of the rainbow. The pot of gold is there, and we will receive our blessing.

Bruce: Everything we believe with our currency, the USN, has been completed. All documentation has been signed off on. We think that the gold needed to be in place for Iraq and for us is there to back everything. It has taken awhile to move all around. We heard USN needed a little more verification.

It needs a little bit more of the registration. There maybe a few little fine details with paperwork that might need be completed. From what we understand the process is basically is ready to go. We know people are still exchanging. We know certain banks are calling in certain individuals to come in.

Do they have full access to their funds yet? No, they do not. The most recent are not SKR, but they may as will be because they got accounts that show a pending amount. I see money in the account, but I canít touch it. That sort of thing. They have a time frame coming up over the weekend they should have access to it.

Bruce: We are right there where we want to be. I think everybody knows we are at the end. We need to stay patient and in faith for this to come through. I canít tell you the day or time, but I can tell you we are right there at the end of the ride. That is how I would say it. I want to thank all for coming into the call.

Bruce: Last Tuesday I talked to you about infrastructure. I talked to you about Rebuild America program. It fits right there with making America again. I am hoping from what I understand is we are going to offer a trillion dollars worth of infrastructure. I hate it is being paid out of the government. Maybe it can come out of the private sector. Maybe a way to do that. Maybe the administration has a plan.

We certainly suggested we would be interested in some bonds to cover the infrastructure. I wish we had a competitive program like Iraq had. A trillion dollars would be a drop in the bucket for this crowd. Maybe they will offer this to us to help rebuild America. We have Rebuild America, Veterans Retreat Network, and other projects we will be working with.

Bruce: I want to thank everybody for coming in tonight to the Big Call. Thank you all for listening and being faithful coming in. Thank you Sue and Bob. Stay fit everybody and do all you can for your health and well being. Thank you Pastor Steven and Kent. Thank you Big Call listeners.

Thank you everybody and hopefully see you on the other side. Stay tune to the website: for more information and the 800 number. That is where I will put it first. Good night everybody. Have a great night. God bless you.


8/1/2017 The Big Call with Bruce Replay INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link 15min and/or Highlights

Bruce: Welcome all to the Big Call tonight. Thank you all for listening in and being faithful and staying with us for the last 6 years. It is important to say even though I am getting good information, it is not necessary mean we are going right this minute. It means we are very close and I canít give you all the detail information. Most of it that I talk about is that you get the jest of what I am saying. That is where we are. We have people we know in the currency community have gone dark. Some people have done that and some continue to have calls. I am one of them. We offer more than Intel and I want to help you to step into your life.

Bruce: We tend to start with Iraq. What we are hearing from Iraqís point of view is they were going to have the IMF meeting in Iraq today, and it was going to be in the new IMF office in Baghdad. They had that meeting today at 9:30 am Baghdad time. They went until approximately noonor so. Then they had a slight break, and then had the press conference followed in the time frame of 12:15pm to 1:15pm in the afternoon. That was roughly the timeline for it today. Everything went pretty much according to plan. I have not heard the details of it specifically. I probably will get some details later tonight.

Bruce: I do know that things have occurred over there with the Iraqi citizenry where they do have a new rates and do have their new Qi cards which I refer to they have a share of the oil and gas exploration revenue on those cards. They have accounts tied to them thru one of the banks over there and they can access those funds. They been paying on their Qi cards for months based on retired pay, contractor, government work, or other citizenry in the country. This new cards we are talking about they were supposed to been activated about a week ago, Saturday at midnight. They did. The citizens in and out of the country activated those cards. Today this morning for the citizens in Iraq, those cards were live and accessible. They were able to access those funds at the new rates which I think is great. That has to tell us a lot.

Bruce: That has to tell us that we are very close. Another words I think the IMF meeting was an overall success. I believe what Iraq needed to do is present their rate to the IMF today and I believe they did that successfully. It wasnít supposed to take more than an hour or so. I believe they had that rate approved today. The rest of the meeting had to do with new business activity in Iraq from foreign investments, companies coming in, and more things that were discussed. I believe it was a success and it was what they were looking to do.

Bruce: Where does it put us as a result? I think it puts us very close. Everything I heard today actually talks in terms of releasing the 800 numbers soon. I donít use that word very often. You know I do not like that word. What we are hearing from the west coast it is very positive. We are hearing the Paymasters are hydrated. The Chinese Elders have drawn down on their funds. We hear tonight the bond traders in Hong Kong are ready to get started with their bond payouts. WE hear that certain ZIM swaps started today. There is quite a bit of activity is going on out there not only in the bond community but also in currency. I believe exchanges continue to go on. Even though the results of the exchanges are temporary SKRs, I believe those SKRs will be made liquid very soon. I canít tell you when. I heard time frames they would make them liquid in matter of hours. That is a possibility.

Bruce: Exchanges what about them? What about the Redemption Centers, Tier 1 and Tier 2 banks? All of them are completely staffed and ready to go. They have been told they are on Red Hot Alert to start at any moment. They are on lockdown at the Redemption Centers so they can only go from the Hotel to the Redemption Center by bus or limo depending on the situation. We are in good shape to go. Banks are ready as well. We know of several dozen appointments have been set for tomorrow and we know when they are set for, what cities, and the banks they are set for. There is a number, several dozen, of people not part of any groups, but contacted by certain banks to get their exchanges done. My thinking is if they get to go than we are to.

Bruce: Rates are continuing to be traded up. That is part of the reason we have a little bit of delay. They want to get the rates right where they want them. Remember on Thursday I talked about a rate Dr. Shabbi that Iraq would sustain? My belief is we should be at that rate in this country. We are doing very well on what we can expect. We know that the Dinar Rial, Dong, and the ZIM, which are gold back bonds, are privately negotiable. Those 3 currencies and the ZIM bond are negotiable especially if you have an intention to do humanitarian work or projects.

Bruce: We have given you ideas what we plan to do on the Big Call. That means working with veterans in the Veteran Retreat Network, and Rebuild America which is a huge project. We are looking for 5,000 volunteers form the Big Call to adopt a city, town, community to make changes there in the way of housing, infrastructure, education, new buildings for schools, new recreation centers for the kids, clinics, health clinics for the inner city, all of that is part of it.

Bruce: Also community gardens growing the foods Bob is talking about that are healthy for us. Especially growing organic veggies in these community gardens and offer these for the food banks. We plan to do aqua ponics, from growing veggies and fruits and also raising fish like tilapia. There are certain conditions if you are going to do that in doors, you need to maintain certain temperatures. We will do that where it makes senses throughout the country. I have more people that are interested in helping us to do that. I am going to try to get together on calls, regional meetings to get leaders that would take some of these concepts like aqua ponics, community gardens, people that want to work with the veterans.

Bruce: There is one addition program tied in with the Veteran Retreat Network. It is helping homeless veterans get off the streets and to provide housing, modified motel, boarding house type situations where they can help do some work around the location. Create housing, food, and local clinic in case they need help medically that they are not getting from the VA. We have to make sure we do according what the guide lines are for the Veterans. We can work very closely with our veterans and save the approximately 22 average suicides from happening everyday from our homeless veterans.

Bruce: Bob and Sue know techniques to help them. We need help with that. Help them obtain new employment and transition into the everyday world back in the states. We want that transition to be smooth for them. We have ideas to facilitate that. I am one person but I have a lot of vision what we can do. This vision will be helped by many of you as we put all this together. Also the podcast we plan to offer. It is going to take a while to set it up. When our last call is, it doesnít mean we are stopping. We want to stay in touch with you, and we will do that on a new format probably online something you can click on live or as a recording. We are looking to take a month off before that new system comes together.

Bruce: You are in a really good place right now whether you know it or not. Stay positive and stay in faith. Pray continually and constantly to continue to stay in faith and believe in this. It is almost to us, and I do expect it intimately. I think I covered all I can tonight. Go to the website. If I am honored to receive the toll free number I will put it on our website. You can check for it there and call and set your appointment. That is the bottom line to get the number. I sure it will go viral in 10 to 20 minutes once I do get it. I donít know the rules are in putting it out. I heard not texting or emailing it. If that is the case, I will find out how they want it assimilated. I believe I will put it on our website and a few others. We will see.

Bruce: We are almost home and look for a call with the toll free numbers anytime now because what has occurred in Iraq in which they told us what they are doing and everything else is lining up beautifully to take advantage of this. We are ready to go. Enjoy this experience of going in and making a nice little presentation of your projects. If you donít have anything specific, you can be part of our Rebuild America. You can tell them that.

Bruce: I need people that can work with horses, equine project working with the veterans and puppy dogs. If you have a background working with dogs in that way we need you as well. We want to help these vets get their lives back mentally, physically and spiritually. We want a holistic approach healing these vets. Job training, a way to learn, teaching high paying jobs, welding, carpentry plumbing, electricians, all those jobs are good paying jobs. We can help them learn those skills as well. We are going to need them in Rebuild America. Also we will have the concept of apprenticeship so that we will have apprentices to learn these trades on the job training. We will be working with them through the community colleges and trade schools who want to work with us and get on the job training working with a mentor and apprenticeship in the project Rebuild America. We want to be working with the inner city kids too with people who can mentor them too.

Bruce: I think I have said enough for one night, and you have the jest I am talking about and glad for that. Thank you Pinkroses for transcribing this call and anybody else also in putting it out for us. We appreciate that. We are a total community. I hope the community itself comes together for some of these projects. I know many may not think of the Big Call as their first call. We are all in this together, all in the same boat. We just do it a little differently.

Bruce: I thank you all for listening. Thank you bankers for being prepared for us and we are looking forward to your smiling faces and hopefully you are looking forward to our smiling faces to get this done. Thank you all for being patient. Thank you Redemption Centers who are on lockdown who maybe are listening tonight. Thank you for your patients as well. Not only we are patiently looking for this but probably you are patiently waiting for us. Hang in there. Continue in faith and keep an eye on this thing. We are right there.

Bruce: Thank you Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven, Kent, all of Big Call country and all the listeners around the globe. We appreciate you all for listening and staying with us for these 6 years. Good night Everybody.


7/25/2017 The Big Call with Bruce Replay INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link 22min and/or Highlights
The Big Call with Bruce, Tuesday July 25 - Intel Only


Bruce: Welcome Everyone to the Big Call tonight. Thank you for tuning in all over the Globe. I am excited. Things are coming to a close and I feel good about that. It is strange we have to do one more call. Overall we are pretty much seeing everything coming to completion. Let us see what is going on with Iraq? Iraq has done all it has to do except we are looking for the addendum for the budget which was passed.

We are looking for it to show up in the Gazette. With it showing up in the Gazette the rate for the Iraqi dinar should show in the Gazette as well. My understanding is the printed version of the Gazette which is Iraq official newspaper, that newspaper is printed and available Wednesday and Saturday. My understanding is tomorrowís version of the Gazette is printed and ready to go.

​We believe it has the information about the new addendum to the budget and the new rate for the Iraqi dinar in that budget.

Bruce: What am I saying is if everything else goes according to plan, we should be there very shortly. I cannot call it because you know things happen. We thought we be at this overnight. I had a lot of things pointing toward that, but it just wasnít to be. We know that the AIIB and HSBC have been given the go ahead to the US Treasury to go forth.

​Does the US Treasury need Iraq to have the budge addendum put out in the Gazette before the release? Maybe so. Maybe the Gazette comes out around 1am EST or 8 am Iraqi time. Now I am not saying that is when it is going to go or could go, but it could be a good indicator that it should happen hopefully before the end of the week. We heard that we should be there by Friday, or maybe beforehand.

Bruce: The Redemption Centers, the offsite Redemption Centers, are going to be used to redeem the ZIM as well as exchange the other currencies. We know HSBC is over all the Redemption Centers. We had 7420 plus in North America. There may be more new Redemption Centers have been added. That figure is at least two to three weeks old. What I am saying is those Redemption Centers are after 8pm tonight Pacific Time 100 percent staffed and are ready to go. They are on Red Hot Alert which means they have been told to be ready at a momentís notice. That is pretty good. That means you are ready to go and they are.

Bruce: The Tier 1 and 2 banks are 95 percent staffed for exchanges and some Tier 3 banks were selected to do exchanges and 80% of them are ready to go, and will be 100 percent ready by Thursday. The thing that is meaning about the Redemption Centers for us is that the Redemption Centers and HSBC Banks are the locations that will be redeeming our ZIM bonds. The other Tier 1 and 2 Banks will not be in that position to receive the ZIM, not redeeming in the ZIM from what we understand. HSBC and HSBC Redemption Centers, which they are all under HSBC, is where we are going for the redemption.

Bruce: If you donít have ZIM and you call the 800 number and gave them your other currencies, they may very well send you to another Tier 1 or Tier 2 bank to do those exchanges if you are not a ZIM holder. ZIM holders will be sent to a Redemption Center. The ZIM is actually a bond and not a currency. Let them know it is a gold back bond, and negotiate a privately negotiated rate higher than the screen rates.

Bruce: Anything above screen rates on all the currencies might require an NDA. A basic NDA is 1 and ĺ pages long. It can go as long as a 4 page NDA based on a leverage payout, or structure payout. The preferable term is leverage payout. You can set that up for up to 50 years. The main thing they want to know is the longevity of your projects and higher ability of people for new job and whether it involves infrastructure, creating jobs and longevity. Those are the 3 main things.

Bruce: Our flagship to the Big Call will involve mentor and apprenticeship program. A lot of what we have to do is still on the drawing board. That is something we will get together on and create based on the ides I have and Sue, Bob and Kent have and create this. This will take us some time to do, but I think we will get started on it quickly. We will take a month off hopefully after tonightís call. We will have a new website, new pod casts scenario online, etc. All that new technology. We will catch up to the 21st century.

Bruce: Rates are super high we hear. We know that Iraq for example is looking to receive a mutli-billion dinar loan from IMF. We believe everything is still planned for that to go through, but Iraq has to put out their rate. That is the last thing they need to do is put it out internationally and that should be in the Gazette tomorrow. That is what we are expecting. We are waking by faith.

Bruce: When it comes to your redemption exchanges, this is something you can expect to do in an hour and thinking in terms for a 2nd apt with the wealth manager with Wells Fargo, HSBC wealth managers after the exchange takes place. That would occur at the private offices with those individuals. You can set up your appointment for that at your initial exchange appointment.

Bruce: We have gone a lot longer on these calls than we had to. We are at a very exciting time. The vote that went through today in the Senate is very positive. It pertains well for us to move forward, and maybe that vote, procedural vote, was needed to be handled before we went completely all the way with the RV. Anything else regarding Gesara, TDA that could happen anytime from about 10 days after the start of our exchanges up to the first day of Gesara. As far as the TDA, I heard as little as 10 days after we go up to the first day of Gesara. I say be patient on those TDA and let the information come out. Donít rush to try to transact that because a lot of those taking place have clawed back and you donít want to be in that situation. We wonít get in depth with that.

Bruce: I think we are looking forward to get the 800 number. I expect to receive it and put it out on the web site: and allowed to give it to couple of other locations online. Not sure about the transmission of the number if we will be allowed to text it or email it. Donít expect an email with that number from the Big Call. What you want to do is check on the Big Call website if the 800 number has been posted at the iqdcalls bank page. We will be diligent about that regardless the time it comes to me. We will put it out as directed. I just want you to know I consider it an honor to be one to receive that toll free number for exchanges to go and be started.

Bruce: We know the Pay Mastersí accounts have been made liquid. Their accounts are ready to go. We also know that all the Pay Masters have received a certificate of authority to disperse funds to their members, but that authority to disperse I believe will come simultaneously with the release of the toll free number to me so we can set the appointments almost immediately while other people begin to be paid out .

​SKRs are to be made liquid on accounts that were frozen or on hold to be released. I am looking for that to happen almost simultaneously with our release with Tier 4 release. I do believe the plan has been for Tier 5, the John Q Public, those not paying attention and not finding the 800 number, those people will theoretically start the 1st of August my understanding. We will see how that shakes out.

Bruce: I am not going to hold my breath for announcements yet even on our own gold standard we are returning to. We donít know when we will see that announcement. It doesnít really matter for us. We believe the USN was already activated and is let say began to be traded or in position of replaced to the USD, the fiat dollar. The gold back USN is in place and been activated and release to that extent by the Treasury.

Bruce: Keep the faith and keep believing for this blessing to come through in short order.

Everyone has enough information to move forward and how to respond when they call the 800 number and use it to make an appointment and go in and exchange. When the numbers come out the Redemption Centers, which are ready to go now on Red Hot Alert and go at a momentís notice. I donít think there will be a lag time. Your appointment could take place 30 minutes after you call. We will see.

Bruce: There is not a whole lot else to bring you as far as Intel. We are at the end. I am looking forward to see evidence of the new budget to be in the Gazette tomorrow. Stay positive for that, belief for that.

Bruce: We are going to work with the rebuild America program, to get 50000 people from the Big Call to adopt a city, town, and a community starting with housing infrastructure, new builds as clinic, schools, community centers, and community gardens. A lot we have to plan. We will work with our veterans, the Veterans Retreat Network. It probably wonít involve your direct participation as much as we planned the last few years, but will have Equine Therapy to help our veterans. I will need that and Puppy Dog therapy as well to help them with their PTSD. We want to try to offer that at all of our Veterans Retreats all over the country. We will get back to you how we want you to participant in that.

Bruce: I am going to look for leaders all over the country that can help us with Rebuild America and to some extend with our Veteran Retreat Network. I am excited and I know you are too. We have been at this for a long time. I have been for 13 years. I am ready for it to start and go, and I know you are too.

Bruce: Thank you all for listening in all over the globe in Big Call universe. Thank you for being so faithful for these many years. I am looking forward to a possible wonderful night and Wednesday for us. Thank you Bob, Sue, Pastor Steven, and Kent. Good night everybody and have a blessed night and get some sleep.


7/20/2017 The Big Call with Bruce Replay INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link 18min and/or Highlights

Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. There has been a lot of chatter and emails we received talking about the Treasury Directed Accounts, the TDAs. I am aware about them. I know about them. I donít know everything about them.

I do believe that people that brought this concept out might have done it a little bit early from what I hear. I am not going to abdicate it, not abdicate it. I think it is real and part of the debt forgiveness that I mentioned on Tuesday night call that we should have access to.

I think right now until this has been put out officially one way or another, I think we are jumping the gun if we get into it. I think it is something that is coming as part of debt forgiveness and part of the Jubilee which we are in 2017.

I believe it is something that is fascinating and really cool, but feel it is something that will be turned on when the RV itself is turned on for us. That is just my opinion. I know a little about it. I know enough to know that I am not pursuing it until there is an official explanation and education out there about it. Just heads up from me.

That is what I wanted to get out because I know a lot of people have been curious what we think and if we know anything about it. Certainly we do.

Bruce: Additional information we want to put out is we thought we didnít need to do a call tonight because we heard a lot of good things. I had 5 different release times I was told yesterday to look for everything to go. Five different times.

Maybe something happened during those times. We just did not get it. We didnít get it overnight. I was told midnight. Could some of those things be put out to confuse or make us jump here it is, no here it is? No. I donít know.

I donít think information I got was intentionally wrong. I think some people get information and it could change. It is worse than the weather in Oklahoma. You wait a half hour and the Intel changes. I try to glean from the information and not get bogged down in any particular time or day. I know certain things are done and completed.

Bruce: Letís go to Iraq. Iraq has completed a lot of what they needed to do. As far as we know they have done everything they needed to do. They had an addendum to the budget for 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020 as far as oil prices per barrel. They are planning to make that addendum to the budget available, but it is not yet out.

Maybe it will come out tomorrow. It has been discussed. Based on the prices of oil per barrel, and other factors in that budget, the addendum will determine the rate of the Iraqi Dinar is. They are getting ready to make that available.

Bruce: They have a new CBI site that will show that rate, and a new IMF office in Bagdad. They are getting ready. There is a whole new banking system in Iraq essentially ready to go. Right now as it is we really donít have a true international rate out yet. However we do know Iraqi citizensí have been issued new Qi cards and these cards are cards to be used to pay the profits in a profit sharing point of view from oil and natural gas from Iraq. Those cards have been issued and supposed to be activated by midnight tonight.

Bruce: My understanding is they should have available funds on them tomorrow for these Iraqi citizens. We also believe they will be able to determine the actual rate of the dinar is compared to the dollar, and they should know that tomorrow sometime. For that to occur, Iraq would need to have a new rate to use these cards internationally as Master Cards to be used all over the world. We believe so.

They celebrated their sovereignty, their newness, and now just about to celebrate the revenue sharing taking place in their country. They will be paid every two weeks.

Bruce: West coast in the US. What about us? Where are we in all of this? We are at the point the Pay Masters of the groups and Tiers 1, 2, and 3 have received funds in their accounts and they are hydrated to pay their participants in those various groups. Some of those were to be paid out today. I donít know if that occurred or not. My opinion is they probably will start with the 800 number or notification is released to us as Tier 4. A true gun-shot start. I believe as we are, they are waiting for that perfect time for release.

Bruce: We heard about the USN, the TRNS will be alive, then not alive. It is very difficult to know where we stand on that. They could be live and available and that is what is actually trading on the bank screens. The bank needs proper codes to see those and they can see the rates as trading still continuing to occur in world banks around the world. They are trading the rates up so when this is revealed to us, it is a very high rate for the currencies we are interested in.

Bruce: What we donít know is the when. When is our turn as Tier 4 to be released? When does the 800 number come out to where it can be put out, and given to me so I can do that and give it other sites as indicated I can do that. That is what we are waiting for.

Bruce: I have heard we have a new global financial system. A lot of that is due to the introduction of the new CIPS system, Fentech system as part of the Swift system and now called the new Swift System. I think it has been adequately tested. We did hear there was a glitch in one or two banks one last night and one more or less during the day yesterday, but I donít know if it was too majorly, but I think it could have been something done nefariously. If so, I am confident they dealt with that and have everything back online by now.

Bruce: It is going to be a timing issue. We thought we would have this by now. It may be we have to have this in a day or so. Maybe if it doesnít come for us tomorrow or tomorrow afternoon sometime, maybe we have to wait until early next week. Let us hold fast to the promise it is coming to us and knowing behind the scenes things are happening. Money is moving around the world to get everything ready for this. Believe me they are not standing still. Agreements have been signed. Agreements have been passed around to get everything done. We believe it is at that point there is little if anything that needs to happen.

Bruce: I really think it is the matter of the release. Who going to actually say GO? That is the real question I have. My thinking is from what I understand the Chinese Elders in conjunction with the Grandfather, possibly in conjunction with and integrated with the Premier of China. It could be a consensus to let this thing go then everybody else in the system has a part in it. The US Treasury has a part in it.

The CBI has a part in it. The IMF has a part in it. I think there are several pieces but I believe everyone is lining up for it to go.

Bruce: I am positive as I ever have been. The timing is right here. I look at it very positively that we are about to receive. I am looking forward to making a difference in the world, and making those changes such as rebuild America, rebuilding the world, and helping the world to be a better place. We know we are going to do it with humanitarian projects, ministry, and helping our fellow brother and sister around the world. I am excited. We are very close.

Bruce: That is what I wanted to bring tonight. I donít know when all of the SKRs are going to see their accounts hydrated and have access. That is what they are waiting for. My gut says it is going to happen about the same time the notification is going to happen to us to set our appointments and we go into the Redemption Centers. The Redemption Centers are ready. We still are on Hot Status. They are not going to come off of Hot Status until all the redemptions are completed. It is just a timing issue.

Bruce: Letís take that and thank all for tuning in tonight. We appreciate all for being faithful and stay in faith to this as this comes through to us. Thank you Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven, Kent, and all the listeners in Big Call Universe. Thank you everybody and have a great night. We will see you when we see you. Good Night Everybody. Have a good sleep.

7/18/2017 The Big Call with Bruce Replay INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link 29min and/or Highlights


Bruce: Welcome Everyone to the Big Call. Thank you all in tuning in tonight. I hope this is our last call for a while. We have been hoping that for a few weeks for awhile. We are hearing some very cool things. We are going to talk about that. We tend to start with Iraq

Bruce: Iraq issued Qi cards to their citizens, and dual citizens. Those have had another increase in pay and back pay on Sunday. That is very positive. I donít know what the actual rate of the dinar is. I heard roughly where we might be. Iraq is paying their citizens more on those cards now than they ever have. When are we going to see the new Iraqi dinar rate posted on CBI or on a Forex site? I canít tell you. I have a feeling it will come as soon as we get started with our exchanges. I think it will come pretty much the same time. That is something we can look forward to.

Bruce: Yesterday this was the wording used to me ďIraq had divorced themselves from the USD, the USD fiat currency. They are waiting for the USN, the new asset back currency we have in the wings. I donít know when they will be released or exactly what they are waiting for. The fact we have that and that should be coming fairly quickly in order to do business in Iraq and elsewhere in the world. The USN and the TRN is or will be gold back. We are looking for the proof of that. That is what Iraq is waiting for as well.

Bruce: They celebrated that they got a new office for the IMF in Bagdad. They celebrated that yesterday. Announcements made to that effect. Donít know when we will get a final announcement of the rate of the dinar. Probably will be coming after we are notified. Donít hold your breath for an announcement. A lot of things we heard will just go and get done and nobody will be looking for an announcement in some cases.

Bruce: Redemption Centers have been sent memos recently to tell them there is sort of a reworking of personnel and security in which personnel, staff been added or moved from location to location, and security being repositioned and enhanced. All taking place today, and suppose to finish up sometime late tonight.

Bruce: Not only all the Redemption Centers but all Tier 1 and Tier 2 banks that will be involved in the actual exchanges and ZIM bond redemptions, all those banks have the new rates available to them on the back screens. People in the banks and Redemption Centers access those rates on back scenes with a certain access code or password to see those new rates. All the rates are all live at this time. That is good because for a long time all were on except for the ZIM and Iranian Rial. Now we understand those are populated and are on the screens.

Bruce: Basically in a nut shell, everything is done and ready. Everything is complete. For what we understand nothing else we are waiting for except the notification. Banks are set for release, and we understand the lead bank intends to do that and should be doing that very shortly.

We actually thought it would happen over the weekend, but did not happen. Then Monday for the concept not concerned, but he middle of the week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday be the idle time for the release. That is what we are expecting for. They have been trading these currencies on the back screen with the traders in the world. We should be notified for the 800 toll free number pretty soon. It is good.

Bruce: Regarding the NDA it is only 1 and ĺ page for the basic NDA. Anything above a screen rate an NDA would be needed. Something you would need to sign an NDA for is if you negotiate anything above the screen rate. You do have flexibility on the Dinar, Dong, Rial and ZIM. The ZIM is a bond and has far more value then we have been led to believe in the past. You have some leverage there and ability to privately negotiate a rate above the screen rate.

Bruce: When you do that you can also think in terms of any humanitarian project you might be interest in. You should have a plan for that before you go in. If you have a project of your own, have a short 3 page maximum outline what it is you want to talk about. Not a 100 page plus business plan. A simple bullet point outline that explains what it is you plan to do in employing certain number of people, create longevity with you project, infrastructure, and create jobs. Those are the main areas they will be interested in negotiating a higher rate.

Bruce: The structure payouts are an option, not an absolute necessity. You do not have to take it. I personally like it especially for ZIM, for the god account. I like it that I will have a 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 year option pay outs. You donít have to choose that on your immediate first appointment for your currency exchange. You donít have to make that decision until you meet with your private banker after the exchange. If you do know you want to do it, they can give you some details.

Bruce: The NDA increase to as much as 4 pages total with the addition of the structure payout and terms and conditions they would entail. Not a big deal. They donít want you discussing the rates of your exchange or any rates for any return, or percentage of return you would earn on your money. Those rates should be kept private to you as well. The NDA would restrict conversation in those areas. Other than that I do not think you will be super restricted. We will see. You will know when you read it what you can do and cannot do.

Bruce: What we plan to do is use Rebuild America as our number one flagship program as well as the Veterans Retreat Network. More new to the Big Call is Rebuild America program.
I love the idea of everyone working together throughout the United States. I have asked for at least 5000 to particularly throughout the United States to adopt a town, city, community claiming those areas throughout the United States that need some help such as housing, infrastructure, health clinics, recreation centers, community gardens, any number of things that we will be doing. Also normal infrastructure such as roads, bridges, railway, internet, all that needs to be up graded.

Bruce: How do we get started and what do you want me to do? This is the best plan for right now. Canvas the area we are talking about such as a city. Drive around and see what has been run down, vacant lots, or if there is an old manufacturing plant or old school not being utilized. How can we repurpose that? Make it something again? Is there something that can go in there that is the 21st century that we can utilize and revitalize? Create jobs, rework, restore, and rebuild that old building or recycle it? That is an area of importance. Is there a business industry that can come back and reutilize that existing area?

Bruce: Another thing is what we would do is basically in 6 months or so we will have a template you can take ideas from that we would put out on our new website. This is an area we want you to consider for your city, town, and community. We will have a list of ideas, examples you can plug right into. You just take a look and see how we can make that happen. We will have the how to on our website:

Bruce: Rebuild America is not a short term fix, but a long term program. Maybe we will see some results in 6 months to two years. I will be assembling teams of leaders by region who is interested in aqua ponics, building trades get togethers. Whatever area is needed for the rebuilding. Architects, design people, all these trades and professions will be organized so they can come together regionally for these projects in various parts of the country. Then we will have some sort of national get together too. Get leadership with teams. We will do a lot on online and on calls, but I think to get some region get togethers too.

Bruce: What I am thinking is even in Oklahoma the state has a program if you graduate from high school, the state will fund two years of community college for you. That is a nice start for advance education. Community college can deal with liberal arts degree, prep college, also the two year degree. Also have these programs for the trades we need such as plumbers, electricians, carpenters, a lot of the trades involved in this program,

Bruce: We will work with some of the general contractors, the builders on housing, clinics, schools, whatever the contractor position is in building it. We want to help these youths, 18 years and older, could be 16 and older, where they want to learn a trade and earn while they learn. Why canít we work directly with the community colleges and trade schools throughout the country and fund the two year program for these people or anybody willing to learn and earn while they learn. Cover the education of a two year program and create so they have a certain amount of time on the job site to learn.

Bruce: This is where the apprenticeship comes in. They need builder helpers. We can fund that thru the trade program, and also pay the student. You have study time, and lab time. Study time at the college level, and practical on site work experience. We pay a decent wage while they are learning as they are doing. Earn as you learn. I think it has merit. What you want to do is look around. I pick a town. Where are the community colleges we can partner with, and trade schools we can partner with? See what is available that we can plug into. See what the costs are, and we can hire people to be students, come into this program to be an apprentice and learn these trades.

Bruce: We will need all kinds of crafts. By combining education in a trade area with practical experience on the site as an apprenticeship has merits. It probably needs fine tuning. This is the first day I thought of combining that with the trade schools and community colleges. If kids are interested in learning and earn while they learn, it has merit. That is the partnership part of Rebuild America.

Bruce: Also mentorship be available especially in the inner cities. I will look at the local churches to manage these community gardens and recreation centers. You can look for properties as you canvas. Some of you may be moving. Take a look at your new place where you want to live. Are there some areas that need help? Areas run down? Vacant lots? We can make it as big as we want. I think our administration wants to work with us on this. I am hoping they can streamline the regulations and red tape to get things done.

Bruce: We are really in a very good opportunity to receive our blessing. Will Bruce receive the toll free number? We believe we will. I will put it out as quickly as I can. I donít care what time it is. It will get it done whenever it comes through. I hope this is our last call. Stay tune to our website.

Bruce: I will post the 800 number on our landing page on our website:. We will have further update information for any new website, new call, and new blog as we get it built.
I am hearing some cool things about debt forgiveness. I hear it is in the offering. It may come quickly or in 9 to 10 days. I hear it is a real thing. UST added a bonus for us and help many people around the world especially in the United States for debt.

Bruce: That is basically what I have to bring to you tonight. You couldnít t be in a better position than you are right now. Stay positive, stay in faith for this, donít lose heart, donít lose faith, be strong.

Bruce: At your exchange, you just tell them in a one minute spill I want to plug in with the Big Call Rebuild America. Just let them know that and explain the concept a little. We could in the first 6 months be up and running with a sure plan.

Bruce: Enjoy the experience, enjoy the redemption of your ZIM, and enjoy the time as you look for a new home, a new car, traveling, vacation, but I do want you to stay in touch with us by going to our website: for future calls, and new site information when it comes up. Keep that in mind. We will probably do our calls as pod casts. One calls a week. Probably during the day. You can pick it up as a link and just listen. We will see how that all comes together. Bruce: Enjoy the experience. You will meet your attorney, CPA, wealth advisor team, and a family office. In setting up, you will have your hands full the first 6jmonths. Use that time searching for your new home. Do look around. See the areas that need help. We will have a full map on the website, rebuilding America page. It will be lit up with the towns available for adoption in one color and those others in another color.

Bruce: I am excited as ever I have been. I think we are very close to the end. Thank you everybody for coming in to the Big Call and listening in from all over. Thank you for being faith and part of rebuilding America, and the Veterans programs we plan to do. I think we are very close to the end.

Bruce: Thank you everybody for coming in to the Big Call and listening from all over. Thank you for being faith in tuning in and being part of Rebuilding America and the Veterans whatever they plan to do. Goodnight everybody. Have a great night. Thank you everybody.

Intel Tidbits from The Big Call Thursday Night 7-13-17
7/13/2017 The Big Call with Bruce Replay INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link 24min and/or Highlights
Bruce, I am never going to bring something to you that I feel is not the truth . I vet it. I have to feel confident about it. I never and would never try to tell you anything that is not true.

We have thought that we have been there for weeks; even several months. Looking back we can see things come through in the last week or two that needed to happen before the GCR could happen.

Massive funds that needed to move to cover all our exchanges and groups. Those things all needed to be in position. We hear that they are now. Is there anything else we are waiting for? I can't say there is anything else.

We really are at the point we can believe this is the time for all of us. It's real and It's coming.

We know people whose funds are now showing little bit of liquidity. Most peopleís funds are in pending account status or SKR's. We know the date for these people to have this liquidity and it's very, very close.

We know that they have the intention to pay us out very soon and to get us started. We know there are groups in the cue slightly ahead of us; some have exchanged and some are still waiting.

We know that it's supposed to be a shotgun start or an orchestrated start. That's still the plan.

I get a lot of information from several different sources. What we are hearing about Mosul is that it is safer than some of the places in the U.S.

They've been celebrating in Iraq and they are ready to go. The ISX is open. There's a good possibility that early Sunday morning the Forex will recognize the Dinar.

We also know the Iranian Rial is part of the GCR. We've known for 14 weeks.

I can tell you that I believe that they've tried to do trades between banks around the world to bring the currencies up to a rate at a fairly high value.

What's going on with our groups? The Farm claims? The PP's? The Indian claims? The Fines and penalties? It is my understanding that they are in the process, and maybe see progress over night tonight or sometime tomorrow.

The activity out west has been going great.

We should all be a part of that process very soon. I really think we should be a part of this by the weekend. This is based off what I'm hearing.

We are also hearing that the Redemption Centers were at 85% staffed on Tuesday. Since then, we are on hot status which is like "engaged". We don't come off "hot" status until exchanges are completed. We are 95% staffed.

This is all of the Tier 1 & Tier 2 banks. At 90%, that's enough of a percentage to go.

What else is going on? I am hearing, the internet group should have at least 6 days to exchange at the Redemption Centers's. The Tier 1 & 2 banks will be exchanging at the same time and will go 9 - 10 days.

At some time, there will be a resetting, the John Q people will start around July 28th. That's the timeline as it's laid out.

We are right there imo, and we could get started through the weekend. Most of us will be out in and done in 3 to 4 days.

We are in the place of expectation. We think the weekend will be highly significant for us. We know the rates will be continuing to trade up... Interesting about the Forex. There's a safety valve on the Forex that will allow them to go up 30 - 40% but only drop about 8%.

The new rates may show on Saturday night,,,UN rates. Unknown if they will. It might be a significant day for us. It could be, but I just don't know.

The new rates may show on Saturday night,,,UN rates. Unknown if they will. It might be a significant day for us. It could be, but I just don't know.

Bruce feels we are at the point to be notified!

I am still hoping this is the last call we will have to do for about a month.

6/27/2017 The Big Call with Bruce Replay INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link 20min and/or Highlights

Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call. Thank you all for listening tonight. It was sort of strange we did hear some things today that I had to discard because they did not make sense from everything going on. I did not receive it. I found the information that came out later verified my mind set and made it easy for me to feel good what I had done. This is where we are right now.

Bruce: Iraq has been celebrating like it is going out of style. We got major celebrations, entertainers, and actors going on Sunday, Monday, today and are planned also tomorrow. That is major celebrations. These celebrations are for a reason. There were announcements at 4:30am EDT this morning from Iraq. We had a couple of announcements and we had a brand new Iraqi flag installed. They are calling it the new Iraq. This is something that is taking Iraq into their new position of sovereignty and making it known. Then eight hours later at 12:30pm EDT today more announcements were to be made. The announcements of their sovereignty, the take back of Mosul, etc were supposed to take place today. I didnít get confirmations that they all were taken place.

Bruce: They are in the mode of the new Iraq. We know for example that the Iraq dinarís change in value has been increasing. There was a value of $1.20 to the USD, and also I heard there was a value of $1.50 to the USN. That would be the version of the reinstated rate. I think we are still waiting for the value to be 4 to 5 times higher.

Bruce: We heard the CBI has shown this, but I am telling you on the Forex at 1:30am EDT this morning we had evidenced of the $1.20 rate on the Forex. I canít tell anyone when we are going to see the higher rate. I can just tell you that Iraq done with what they said they would do. They should be completely out of Chapter 7 into Chapter 8 with the UN. Things are really moving in Iraq. Iraq is shipping oil. They have the ability to do business. The dinar is internationally known now. All of this is very positive for them and as well as for us.

Bruce: We knew yesterday that the so called GCR which some refer to as Global Release. We use the term Global Currency Reset or Global Reset, but the term Global Release was made at 12:01am this morning EDT. That did occur. We had confirmation from HSBC London at 1:30am EDT this morning. We got that evidence. We also have the change over to the new Cips System which is integrated to the Fintech System which replaced the old Swift System for wiring funds around the world. That is Swift System. They are calling it or referring it to as the Cips System, China International Payment System. That system has been integrated with the old Swift System and now bankers refer to it as the New Swift System. Remember they have been using the Swift System forever. They are not use to calling it CIPS System, but they are calling it the New Swift System. This came into play at midnight last night also.

Bruce: We have a lot happening from an international perspective. We also have countries around the world that have already experienced these exchanges. We appear to be last. We meaning in North America consisting of Canada, United States, and Mexico. We are close. I think we should be there in a matter of hours, a day or so. Iraq had until the end of June to do what they had to do to put that into effect, and I believe they made that timeline.

Bruce: I think we are in good shape to get started. I donít know why we didnít get started when those changes were in place, but I do understand a lot of things occurred overnight. 57 Farm claims were paid overnight. Prosperity Packages started to go today. There are two aspects with them. There are Prosperity Packages that go out to the donor and Prosperity Packages that go to the recipients. They went out to the donors or are in the process going to the donors today. I think the donors have 24 to 48 hours to get those Packages out to the recipients for their Prosperity Packages. There is motion there, movement there.

Bruce: I know funds that needed to move out west were approved for that to occur. We are looking for the core groups to be paid. We are looking for others as part of Tier 3 to be paid. We are looking for everything to come together so that Tier 4 which is us can be notified so we can have a true shot-gun start when this goes through.

Bruce: Rates continue to escalate. We have to keep an eye on those. You will have the ability to privately negotiate your dinar and dong. Keep in mind that your ZIM is a gold back bond and refer to it as such when you call in and set your appointment. Let them know you know it is a gold back bond so they will know you know it is. It can make a big difference of your actual rate you will be able to exchange your bonds for. Let them know you are interests in doing humanitarian projects.

Bruce: If you donít have one of your own, you can partner with us in Rebuild America. We will ask for some help from you with Veteran Retreat Network. We will do water projects, agricultural things, aqua ponics, etc. Rebuild America is the biggest of all. I am looking for 5,000 Big Call listeners in 50 states, 100 cities in each state, at least 50,000 cities, towns, communities in the United States. We want to rebuild this country with infrastructure, create jobs, create longevity with our projects, etc. This is what we are doing in Rebuild America. Realistically, we will work with inner city, with Dr. Ben Carson, a lot of things with the Administration, and I hope we all can come together to work together to rebuild this country.

Bruce: We will put ourselves to do more for other nations as well. We want to be that lamp on a hill. A beacon if you will that will shed light overseas. Then we can go and work with our projects with water, filtration, and all types of projects we can do in other countries as well. We just want to get it started here in our own country. The longevity will be at least 10, 20, 30, 50 years to rebuild neighborhoods, rebuild bridges, waterways, infrastructure for the internet, electrical, and shoring up our electrical grid to make them more secure.

Bruce: All these things we can do and you have ideas I havenít even heard yet. When we get our new website, we will be able to communicate and blog and do pod casts about once a week. We will have interviews. A lot of technology, medical, everything, and energy will be coming out. Realize that we all saw the Jetsons in the 70ís in their flying cars. All that technology on that and on Star Trek is already here. A lot has been hidden from us. We are looking for a lot of that to come out and be exposed like free energy from solar, etc.

Bruce: I am excited because I think we will be able to make a huge difference with this abundance, this blessing. I am excited for you to be part of it. When you go in if you want to help and be part of these projects let them know you are interested in some humanitarian projects like the one with the Big Call. I just want you to know you have a plan that you can plug into it right where you live or where you plan to live. When you are out driving see what they need. See what that town needs, what will help to improve the infrastructure in this town or community. Be thinking about that as you go around and as you are having a July 4th weekend. Hopefully we will have exchanged by then. I believe that is the plan unless the plan changes we are still on tract.

​Bruce: You will be in your new paradigm, lifestyle. You will be able to buy things you never bought before and give to others. Be careful of tipping. Be generous but careful. You donít want to be followed home if people find out you are Mr. or Ms. Money Bags. Use discernment. Use good judgment until you figure out a way to truly bless people in a very big way using your attorneys, CPAs. You will create some ways to do that. Obviously thru your trusts that you set up like your non profits. You will have opportunity.

Bruce: Really everything is moving along nicely. This is going to go. The first domino here is already fallen with the Farm Claims. There are other pieces of this thing that are about to fall. We are about to have an onslaught of dominos falling that will take us and get the 800 number to me. I will put the 800 number online at our site: and other sites. It will be viral in no time. You will be able to set your appointment, get your exchanges done, and everything will be hunky dory whatever that means.

Bruce: I am excited and I think you should be excited too. I canít tell you the date or hour but I can tell you we are definitely in the season. We will be last and the United States people hold the greatest amount of the currencies. For some reason we have been held up and made to go last. It is okay. We will enjoy it and have a huge blessing.

Bruce: My plan is to not have a call Thursday at this time. If we donít have what we are looking for this blessing by Thursday, we will do a call. Otherwise keep checking the website for the 800 number at bank page. I believe you will be able to share that number openly. That will be the only number you will be allowed to share.

Bruce: Everybody, you have a lot of knowledge. A lot of knowledge more then you think you have and a lot more than most of the banking people. Come in confidently and you will do just fine.

Bruce: Thank you Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven, Kent, all the Big Call listeners, and all the bankers that we will be partnering with. Big Call family, we are looking for an incredible end of the month.

6/20/2017 The Big Call with Bruce Replay INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link 7min and/or Highlights

Bruce: Welcome everyone to the call. Welcome all the Big Call listeners throughout the world tonight. Letís go back and talk about Iraq. We told you a lot last Thursday what was going on there. Yesterday there were a series, 3 sets of announcements that were made yesterday morning and late the night before. Our Sunday night into Monday morning, and a couple more announcements that will be made tomorrow morning immediately after morning prayer close tomidnight EST tonight in that range, 12:00am to 12:30am EST tonight.

Those announcements will be the final announcements that need to be heard about Iraq sovereignty, about the new rates that are going to be seen on their valued dinar, liberation of Mosul, and I think maybe the lower denominations that should be available in the ATM machines in Iraq.

​Those 4 to 5 concepts of announcements we are looking for to be made tomorrow late tonight early am.

Bruce: Until the whole thing is absolutely revealed to us we probably wonít see those announcements either depending on when we have what you are I are looking for. That is what we are looking for is our blessing. PM Abadi was in Saudi Arabia and he made an announcement there in Saudi Arabia and he is supposed to make one more announcement when he gets back to Iraq.

Bruce: We do have the Summer Solstice on the 21st of June, a great time for more light. Because it is the first day of the fiscal new year for China it represents a lot to them, I think it is going to be a very important day for us. It means a lot to the Chinese and looks like it will be important to us as well. We have that timing. In preparation for that, we had some confirmation that the USNs this afternoon were communicated from the Treasury that we would have the USN going live in the morning.

That is important to us because having a gold back currency. The USN, active and live and a true asset back currency for the first time in 100 years. By having that it gives our currency value to the pint our exchanges will be backed by the gold back currency. That is true around the world. The assets are backing the currencies around the world. Iraq has oil, gold, diamonds and other precious gems. Same thing with Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe has huge riches under the ground. That is so true in a lot of areas around the world.

Bruce: We have that backing our currency. A very positive thing to happen. The timing is the banks involved in the redemption process have been notified to be ready tomorrow. That is important. We know that the ZIM continues to trade and go up in value every day. It goes a little bit higher and higher. It makes it when you are interested in a higher rate for the ZIM, you can get a much higher rate than what the screen is showing.

Bruce: We do believe that Iraq is pumping oil and which Russia has it, China has it. This is one reason the value of the Iraqi dinar should be higher than we thought. Privately negotiated rates for the Dinar and the Dong will be available to us as the Internet Group for the Dinar, ZIM, and Dong.

Bruce: I know that last night we had mega tranche a very large tranche, two very large funds that paid out, one was last night, Sunday night, and one was Monday night. We had two separate large tranches put in place. One for humanitarian projects, and the other one for Tier 4 exchanges. That is for us. Tier 3 has been all completed, lined up Pay masters all accounts funded. The people remaining in Tier 3 should have their funds intermediately, ready to be fully funded.

Bruce: Last night around midnight EST when that last large tranche was sent over that marked the start of our roll out for us for what we are looking for, and also allowed for unlimited amount of bank wires to be sent. Bank wires of any amount could be sent under the new CIPS system. That is new. They called it the new Swift system but it is really is the new Chinese system that has been integrated into the Swift system. That took place last night. We are excited about that.

​Bruce: We think everything is lined up for us, ready to go. We are looking forward in getting the toll free number at any time. We think it will be a day time event. We will see how that looks like. When I receive the toll free number that will be put out not only on our web site, and also a couple of other locations online if that is the directive to do. I will make sure to do what is in the instructions I get. I donít have the 800 numbers in the making of this calltonight. Some think I have it already, but I do not. I hope to get it in short order. Then you can set your appointments and go.

Bruce: Redemption Centers are ready to go. It is more of a military operation than it was. Forces are in location and for oversight. The exchange maybe more like a process, moving from one station to another station to get through the process in a quick manner. The intention is to get our exchanges done and set our appointments with wealth managers a week later to get back into the wealth advisor offices, Abbot Downing so on, to follow up, working your structures, trusts, etc, whatever you need to do. We will follow that and see what happens with that.

Bruce: From what I am hearing the John Q Public would start some time after the first of July. It could be the 3rd or 5th, who knows. It is still up in the air when that start would take place. It is all planned and I think we are on a timer still and the timer is ready to go off I think.

It is looking very strong for us. You made it all the way.

Bruce: I know we had a lot of things happen up and downs in this process. One thing we learned is patience. It means we can feel good about the fact we been steadfast in being patient for the end of the ride to arrive.

Bruce: Thank all for tuning. Check the website, for the 800 numbers. Thank all for listening. Thank you Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven, Kent, and all that are part of the Big Call team. Thank you for your faithfulness and all you out there for listening. We couldnít do a call without you. Thank you for your faithfulness to the call. Goodnight everybody.

The BIG Call Intel Thursday 6-15-17

6/15/2017 The Big Call with Bruce Replay INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link 27min and/or Highlights

Bruce: We have listeners from Central America, Mexico, Argentina, S. Africa, Aust, NZ, FranceÖWE had 300+ listening from Kurdistan at one point.

I thought earlier that we would not have a call tonight. We are basically towards the end of this ride. There is often something new that crops up daily. But we are in the process of the GCR.

We had Tier I Sovereign countries, Tier 2 groups, Tier 3s, core grps about to be paid. Sub groups in process, and then us, as Tier 4. We are the largest group, other than ďJohn Q PublicĒ, who is not paying attention.

The Internet group is about 5 million, probably not growing or shrinking.

My sources are my ownóI do not get info from TNT or other calls.

We get info direct from Iraq and other parts of the world.
We are in this process now. Tier IV is about to be notified. Via toll free number. I have been honored to be selected to receive that. May or may not be the only one to receive it.


A big piece of information came out today.

Years ago, you remember that the Dinar was set up to become an oil for credits trade situation. For the purchase of oil. US Treasury invested heavily in Iraq, in terms of war effort and regaining sovereignty.

It has always about the oil as backing the value of the currency.

Since then, we know that gold and other precious minerals have been abundant in middle east.

Dinar was $3.22 when the value of oil was $18/bbl

Value of dinar has gone up with value of oil. Needs to get that info out. We have been watching for the announcement for years. We know that the Qi cards indicate that the value of the Dinar is 4-5 times the value of the USD. That price has gone up over months and days.

Iraq has been doing some things like shipping oil, thru an arrangement with OPEC, to ship an unlimited amount of oil for 90 days, and that started a week ago. They have been shipping massive amounts of oil now, getting more income.

Pres Trump, Russia and China ALL are out of the Paris Climate accort. All of these nations are taking order now of Iraqi oil. We took some in last night, 3 out of 8 tankers. How do we do that without knowing the price of the oil?

That is the result of that agreement from years ago, coming thru. For US, Russia and China. We understand that over the next 36-48 hours, we should receive 200 Million bbl of oil.

That sets it up to establish a rate for the dinar. For us as the internet group, that rate should be higher than has been recently, and a higher official rate should be posted on the CBI.

A new map of Mosul was to be made available this morning, but we understand that it will be revealed tomorrow, that thy are liberated from Isis, and are liberated.

It may also be included with info about new value of IQD, the sovereignty of Iraq, and others. Maybe will happen in the morning with the map of Mosul.

When we combine that with what else we are hearing, it makes us appear to be in a very good place. A very good place for currency holders to begin to do their exchanges.

We have heard from various banks that we are really in the place to go next, that the flood gates are ready to go for Europe and for us. Shotgun start, all parties have funds at the same time.

Those who have exchanged and have SKRs should be liquid at approx. the same time. We had heard that it might be the case last night. We did not get that throughput, but we did hear today that things have gone thru that made it appear that we are about ready for things to occur.

Groups who have money pending but no access to their accounts, other than us, will be made liquid at approx. the same time.

I am not trying to call the GCR, at a certain time or certain date. Things are continually changing. We did not know about the important oil piece of the puzzle until this afternoon.

We know that some in Tier three have completed their exchange and are waiting to get their funds. Some have appointments to do that tomorrow. We are almost at the end of the ride.

Elders/royals are pulling down their funds. Bonds are coming down. Currency exchangers are to go first to allow the bonds to be paid out.

We are in the process now. When the core groups complete, then all should go.

I am excited about the possibility of an announcement from our president which was to have occurred today, but may happen tomorrow.

Meeting about apprenticeships was pushed thru to today. That is part of our program with rebuild America. Need to educate and have apprenticeships to learn various trades. Welders, electricians, plumbers, etc.

That is a lot of what I asked the administration to be aware of, that we will be available to purchase bonds to fund the building of infrastructure. We feel that we were heard and maybe encouraged the administration to go ahead in that way.

Also, with apprenticeships, to learn these good paying jobs. Starting at $60K/year! And some higher. And we can create those jobs and be part of the apprenticeship programs. Earn while you learn.

These bonds may pay us interest for our structured payouts. I like the guaranteed rate of return, without worrying about investments. Not required, but available programs. I am hoping to hear more about these programs.

I know that all the paymasters are liquid. All the funds have turned into place. We just wait for the curtain to go up.

6/13/2017 The Big Call with Bruce INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link 17min and/or Transcript Highlights

Bruce: Good Evening, Welcome everyone to the Big Call. I get a lot of information and I have to go through it and come up with sort of an overview before I bring it to you on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Usually the Intel is extensive on Tuesday night because we have had 5 days to gather Intel. Tonight might not be so, because we have had sources dry up. The bank sources have been told to lay low and be quiet. When we look at that it means quite a bit normally that we would bring from the banking world in terms of timing and rates is just not there today. We have a little bit, but not much in terms of that. What I do have much of is what is happening right now in Iraq.

Bruce: In Iraq what we are hearing from people who are in country that they have begun their celebrations during Ramadan, for the release of Chapter 7 which has already been released. That was on Friday that they were released by the United Nations and given over to Chapter 8. They started their celebration on Saturday being with Liberation Day, and Monday Celebration Day. Liberation day was a day that indicated a new start of sovereignty, a return to the Iraq of old in terms of being a sovereign nation again that resulted from the release of Chapter 7. That was what Liberation Day was about. It also had to do with the liberation of Mosul which was liberated weeks ago. They have been working on the infrastructure over there. They already had done the house to house cleansing to rid Mosul of ISIS. People have seen some things in the news talking about the liberation of Mosul not being complete. It has been complete. You are reading something that was to be put out there to be inaccurate.

Bruce: Yesterday which was Celebration Day in Iraq did mark the beginning of large celebrations taking place in Mosul and other parts of the country as well. I heard explanation of setting up of grand stands, audio video systems. Entertainers, groups, actors, and people were coming in from 17 different countries in addition to the United States to be international entertainers. They started Sunday evening at sunset and celebrated and ate through the night because they are in Ramadan. It was Sunday evening that the celebrations began and are ongoing and continue through yesterday and today and is going at great guns right now. I even heard it looks like Cirque du Soleil and Ringling Brothers Circus. We even suppose to have some dignitaries over there from the United States today. Donít have confirmation they were there today, but my understanding they were to be there today.

Bruce: There is a lot happening. When it comes to Iraq in the in-country rate of the dinar we have seen there a major increase in the value and rate of the dinar. Everything seems to be to the point where they have done what they said they needed to do. There were a number of arrests in large number of banks over there where they actually made arrests in many of the banks over 800 and had people all ready to come in to take their place as they pulled out some bad people. I didnít anticipate at this point that happening. This is something we heard it occurred and believe it did happen. There were number of other arrests made from Iraqís Parliament that took place as well. A lot of cleanup continues. Well over 1100 indictments for Maliki came down. Just a lot in terms of what is moving Iraq forward. We do believe everything is as it should be over there.

Bruce: What is happening here? We heard confirmation of exchanges taking place in UK and India. We heard exchanges taking place in the Philippines. Sort of hit and miss locations the last few days. I donít know how wide spread it is, but do believe it is working its way over here.

We believe here there have been some proceedings that have taken place would allow us to move forward in this whole blessing.

Bruce: Right now we are still awaiting notification for the toll free number to be given out. We think it is still coming fairly shortly here. We canít really call it for a particular date. I do feel very good about the next few days, but I donít have a definite time frame. I canít even tell you today what is the total status of the Tier 2 and Tier 3 groups. We know Tier 2 groups have been completed and paid out. The Tier 3 groups were still moving through at last look a couple days ago. We were still talking about Tier 3 still at administrative holds that still need to be removed, but there were moving through those methodically and were making progress. I feel they are complete as well based on the time frame they were moving through and how many administrative holds were coming off and how many were yet to come off. That was since the last call we had indications things were moving through that gave me reason we wouldnít even be doing a call tonight.

Bruce: I feel I need to give you the best information I have even if it doesnít include the specifics I like to bring to you. I want progress and specifics of what is happening in the process. We heard some things were taking place late last night that were moving this thing right in position right where it needs to be to let it go and to release it. Yet today there was no verification of what exactly transpired and where we are in this process at this moment except we are waiting, it is coming and it is right there, but I donít have those specifics I like to have before this call.

​Bruce: I was a little bit frustrated earlier because I wasnít getting quite the Intel I was hoping to get before this call not to mention I was hoping to have the toll free number to give to everybody for the call or not even to do a call and have the number to put out, but that is not the case yet. So here we are at another Tuesday night. I am frustrated because I know how close we are and I canít bring some things up. If we continue to stay faithful for this, I have heard some really good news about the next couple of days. I feel very good where we are. I want this thing completed like you do. I know we are that close. Just continue to do what is ever keeping you going right now. Donít quit anything that is providing for you. Beware of that. Stay with plan A to make it work until Plan B comes through for blessing.

Bruce: What I heard is the bank Redemption Centerís personnel were moved into position late yesterday afternoon. They are getting ready again to gear up for something for us. I hope we get a word on this so we donít have to do a call on Thursday. We will be here if the 800 number doesnít come out by the time Thursday night call is on. Either way we will be here for you. I will provide the toll free number when I get it.

Bruce: I wish I could give you little bit more specifics. I know people are concerned about the rates. Rates are good and continue to go up. I have not heard any rates today, but what I heard about the rates yesterday was very positive. Things are quiet guys. You want to hear it is right here and it is going to get started. I want to hear those things too. We have to look at the silence we are getting right now as a good sign. I would ask everyone to do that. That is what I have to do and look at it as a good sign.

Bruce: I want to thank all for being here tonight. I want to thank Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven, and Kent for all they bring in and do. I encourage everybody to continue in faith, believe and stay in patience that our blessing is very close from what I have heard yesterday and today. Keep hanging in there and thank all for listening and coming in tonight to the Big Call. Good Night Everybody.


June 6 2017 The Big Call Bruce: Highlights

1. In Iraq the lower denominations are in the ATM machines and ready to go, but they have not been put out yet. They were supposed to go out today, but weren't.

2. The rates were strong and getting stronger - Iraqi retirement pay was going up 130% to 140%.

3. Iraq announced that Sat. June 10 is Liberation Day.

4. Iraq announced that Mon. June 12 is Celebration Day - assuming they are celebrating the new rate.

5. Bruce does not believe we will have to wait for the RV longer than this weekend.

6. Bruce says that on June 5, 2017 at 10 am EDT there was a conference call in Wells Fargo with all their branches where ALL staff were told about the five currencies in the first basket that were revaluing - within 4-6 days.

7. The Zim has continued to trade. Mon. night June 5 hit a level where it needed to be. It settled and was not trading any more.

8. Out West in Reno Tiers 2 and 3 have been moving through nicely and continue to be funded. Those funds are available and ongoing.

9. An audit was completed yesterday on Tier 2 and 3 exchanges and produced the results that were wanted. Certain personnel were identified and removed from the groups.

10. We expect the 800#s to come shortly. We could have this for the weekend.

11. Funds continue to move toward major humanitarian projects.

5/30/2017 The Big Call with Bruce INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link 29min and/or Transcript Highlights

1. As of yesterday May 29 and today May 30 some sources went dark and were unable to use phones.

2. Iraq was ready to set off fireworks and disseminate the lower denominations. They have had rate changes. Takeback of Mosul has happened some time ago and some info has come out. ATMs were up and running. Iraqi Banks were ready and connected. Some parades took place a few days ago. There were two bombings in Bagdad yesterday while we awaited an announcement of economic reform.

3. Currencies have been traded to new levels.

4. Rate of the Zim (non NDA) is over 7.

5. There were 7,430 + redemption centers, which were reporting in again as of last night.

6. Wells Fargo has been hiring a lot of wealth advisors.

7. 107 Tier 2 banks with multiple thousand of branches will be exchanging.

8. Everyone at exchange centers were supposed to report this morning May 30.

9. They expected the 800#s this afternoon, but they have not been put out yet.

10. Some were preparing for exchanges to begin June 1.

11. Tiers 1,2,3 were complete.

12. The bulk of the Internet group of about 5 million or more will be involved in humanitarian projects and have the ability to negotiate their rates.

The BIG Call Replays

5/23/2017 The Big Call with Bruce INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link 17min and/or Transcript Highlights


Bruce: Welcome Everyone to the Big Call tonight. I told you on Thursday I didnít expect to be here and I didnít because of the information we were getting that was so positive. We have more information today even though the Intel has been very light. When things get very quiet and blog pages have not much on them, and they donít have updates that is a good sign. It means things are coming to an end.

Bruce: Where are we with respect to Iraq right now? What we were looking for last time on Thursday for this basically to come to an end. Iraq was looking good.

We had confirmation and a news report on FOX yesterday that the war over in Mosul was over. That was telling us the liberation of Mosul was at hand.

This is something that has been a long fight, something that has not reported on our news and yet the sources we have are much closer to the action to tell us in fact it has been 3 weeks that Mosul had been liberated, but did not make the news until yesterday.

Bruce: What is interesting what is happening over there is we have permits for parade use going out to 14,000 or more people that want permits for their cars to be in parades. They started issuing permits a couple days ago because so many wanted to be part of the parade. It is not just one parade, but one in every providence. It is to be a nationwide celebration.

They wanted to start the parades but they stopped them because they were not quite ready for that start. We understand they are supposed to start tomorrow and go thru for about a week of parades of celebrations that are tied into the EID and another one that dove tails into Ramadan.

Bruce: In addition, we have over 4,000 permits for firework displays. This is a big deal. They most likely are getting the fireworks from China. So you have parades, celebrations, cars and trucks being decorated, and 14,000 permits so far issued to be part of the parades. This is going to be the biggest celebration they ever have had in Iraq.

Bruce: Regarding the ATM machines. The lower denoms are out now through the ATM machines. It was in 13 of the 16 Providences up until yesterday at 10am our time. Then we found out the remaining 3 Providences caught up and became also 100% available for these lower denoms. They are calling the lower denoms lower notes in Iraq. What is significant about that? Why does that matter?

Would a lower denom a value of the bill, or lower notes, would they have value with the dinar with the rate it has been at for so long since when it was 4000 dinars to one dollar which now it is about 1168? These lower denoms wouldnít have any value if the dinar hadnít change its value already. You wouldnít need lower notes if the dinar didnít have a true value.

Bruce: Now the other thing in addition to that is you remember the term ďfilsĒ? In Iraq these fils are 1/1000th of a dinar. Multiple fils creates a coin of value like we have a quarter, dime, that represents a portion of our dollar. These coins represent a portion of the dinar. Why does that matter? Why have coins if the dinar itself isnít large enough to divide?

Letís say pick a number 8. Letís say the dinar is worth $8 USD. If it was worth $8 and you buy something that is worth $2 USD, it would be worth ľ of a dinar because the dinar is worth 8 and ours is worth 1. The point is that you have a currency that needed to be divided into lower parts like these fils. Those are out. Are these coming out of the ATMS? NO. They will be available in the banks. The lower denoms will be available in the banks and the ATMS.

Bruce: I remember years ago we knew that when we would see the lower notes, we are there. We are there. They are using the lower notes in-country, and using the smart QI cards in which they have a value where everyone is paid with a standard rate. They get paid on these cards. They are international and used by Iraqi people in other countries. It is a relationship thru Master Card, Chase Bank and Rafidain Bank. I am very excited about the lower notes, the fils, and the Iraqi celebrations.

Bruce: The only thing yesterday there was supposed to be a meeting of the UN Security Council at 3pm EST. Some things came out of that meeting. Usually they have 14 items of agenda. They discussed that beforehand. By the time they have the meeting, they have straight up and down votes on everything that had been brought up knocking out the meeting in 2 to 3 hours. Was there thing discussed relative to security in Iraq? Liberation of Mosul? I didnít get specific information what was in that meeting except a couple of points, but they were unrelated to Iraq. I donít have that information about that meeting relative to Iraq.

Bruce: Iraq is basically in my opinion is ready, set up for the cerebrations, set up to do this parade for 6 to 7 days in a row, and have fireworks. It is about to go, about to happen.

We have heard it is the goal of those we talked to in Iraq to have this revalue of the dinar out in public and for us before Ramadan starts. The start would be on Friday. You guys know Friday is their holy day andSaturday is also. We should have this prior to that start which is on Friday. Today is Tuesday.

Bruce: Do we know when this is going down for us? Not exactly. No, but I will tell you where we are with the other information so you could sort of calculate where we might be. The groups are divided into tiers or levels. We have 4 levels of groups.

Tier 1: Sovereign Nations
Tier 2: The elders and number of other VIP individuals
Tier 3: Made up of primarily of subgroups and private groups, and humanitarian funding sources

Bruce: We were tracking Tier 3 for days, and we had the impression Tier 3 would wrap up couple days ago. They were and they are complete. The Tier 3 being completed doesnít mean everyone has their money yet. They have done their exchange or additional exchanges. Most of these people have some money from their exchanges, and the balances would come when everyone gets to start like us.

Bruce: We are tier 4. We are next. Once we get notified and get started with our appointments around that time or close to that time that is when everyone from the past will be fully liquid and be hydrated. Why does this take so long? Are we in a delay? I do not see it as a delay. With everything coming out what we are seeing and some additional information we didnít know about.

Bruce: That is for example the audits. Every time there is a pause of 12 or more hours between the groups, there is a pause to audit everything to make sure everything was done properly and set up properly. Those audits have been happening routinely between these tiers. The other thing is we found out this. Tier 1 Banks are like Wells Fargo, HSBC, Chase, Bank of America, Citibank, and other larger Tier 1 banks.

Then we have Tier 2 banks. There are 104 in the United States branded names of Tier 2 banks. These are like SunTrust, Regions Bank, 5th Third bank, Bank First, etc. There are a number of regional banks that are Tier 2. HSBC wanted to make sure the Tier 2 banks could participate in this redemption process, and they allowed a way for that to happen. So Tier 2 Banks will be able to be part of this.

Bruce: Before that could happen the Tier 2 banks had to be audited. They had to make sure the Tier 2 banks had the liquidity or will have the liquidity to handle these exchanges. They have to have enough money for these exchanges to take place. That is why we say money is moving, Huge mega tranches have been distributed about, spread out everywhere all over the world. That takes awhile to get that all done.

Bruce: Now those Tier 2 audits have been completed pretty close to 10am yesterday. Now Tier 2 banks are ready, Redemption Centers are ready, and we are ready. Now I know I could bring some more information. Today the ZIM and Dinar were flashing on the screen. That means they continue to move these currencies and trade these currencies and getting in position to get them settle in and solidify very shortly.

Bruce: The other thing is we know that everything is as far as going out west is basically complete now. That is a good thing. That is positive for us. We know the elders have begun to have access to their accounts. We think that is a two part process, and we look for that to continue. Then I believe we will have what we are looking for. The USN will be completely made liquid and available, and we will be able to stat as Tier 4.

Bruce: Yes I have been selected to bring out the 800 number. I am honored by that by HSBC and AIIB. That particular number is in safe hands and will make its way to me. I will put it out in the way I am entrusted to do that and instructed to do that. I am excited for all of us to get started. I believe when that occurs and we have that toll free number to put out, the rest of these groups , Tier 2 and 3 and then Tier 4 we should be setting our appointments , beginning of our exchanges about the same time that Tier 2 and 3 are made liquid, hydrated, and have access to their full funds. That would be a true shot start. That is the desire of the elders to it work that way

Bruce: One other little thing is we understand yes several days ago certain parts of the world began their exchanges, back door exchanges going on in some of the banks where they know the people that purchased currency and they let them come in to exchange. However, if you got called by a bank like that and you did your exchange you wouldnít have access to be able to the private negotiable rates. That is one benefit in being in Tier 4. We have the right to negotiate these private negotiable rates. We may be last, but in a real sense we are first because we will have access to these private negotiable rates. It is a sort of hidden benefit to be last if you will as Tier 4.

Bruce: I am excited that we are the Chosen Ones or Cos as some of the Redemption Centers staff refer to us. We have been chosen for a purpose. We have a purpose and we have been chosen for that purpose for this time. We are in the process right now. It is moving thru. Yes it is going a lot slower than we thought through the various tiers, but we know now why it needed to go like this with 12 hour or 24 hour pauses between tiers, and the audits been taking place of the tiers and of these banks. It is all coming together. There is a reason for it all. At least now the picture is coming a little bit more clearer for us.

Bruce: I appreciate all continue being patient. Stay with Plan A until Plan B comes with our blessing. It is wise if we can keep everything going in the mean time and look at this coming very close and be prepared for it. Hang in there. Stay in faith for the proximity for this to come through.

I want to thank everyone for coming in every Tuesday and Thursday for the Big Call. Bruce: Our plan is to take 3 to 4 weeks to set up a new website and pod cast. Check back to our website: to see our plans and to stay in touch with us. We want to do a major plan with Rebuild America, Veteran Retreat Network, etc. We will get more in depth on that. Everyone get squared away. Take a little break if you need it and we will be in touch with you how we are going to proceed.

Bruce: We all feel the pain you are feeling of those of you in Great Britain and around the world of what happened in Manchester. It was horrible. Security has increased all over the world where terrorism is still active. Our President is very pro active to try to eliminate that threat and reduce that type of terrorist activity.

Bruce: All look forward to great news shortly and be highly expectant. Thank you all in Big Call Universe for staying with us. Good Night All.


Intel only Notes Thanks R601a

Good things are coming soon - we are at the beginning of T4.
800 numbers are ready to roll.
HOWEVER just as we believe we'd found all the puzzle pieces a new piece is discovered.
Iraq - liberation of Mosul was announced late today - intel received by email (not yet confirmed).

TV's are being given out to public plus bluetooth speakers - to allow rapid mass access to news and developments.
Mass announcements expected Friday - possibly early.
May not trigger RV - however we expect it will.
Have announced that they are open for international business.
Major step in the process.

Friday - Expecting major announcements re Mosul - and hopefully - their currency RV internationally.
Stolen and embezzled funds will be returned - repatriation is happening now.
Multiple trillions (USD) worth of dinars.
This was needed to take place prior to the revaluation.

17 Church groups paid yesterday - partly hydrated - not fully available for a few days.
Some people are leaving exchange with up to 3 million dollars on cards.
T3 we believe is virtually finished - possibly by tonight.
Looking like a realistic window for T4 is from tonight through to and including next Sunday.

Wells Fargo - today - stopped selling Dong.
Rates still strong - ZIM slightly higher over last few days.
Am excited about this weekend.
800 number to call - set appointment - exchange - it will be simple.


5/16/2017 The Big Call with Bruce INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link 25min and/or Transcript Highlights

Bruce: Welcome all to the Big Call. What is interesting tonight is we were hearing things this afternoon and thought we would not even have a call tonight, but here we are tonight.

We have listeners all over the globe as in South Africa, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Far East, Middle East, Europe, England, Canada, South and Central America. I am pleased where we are right now. If I were to say this supposed to have happened 6 to 8 years ago and here we are 2017. This is the appointed time.

We are known as the chosen ones even by those in the Redemption Centers. We have been called for this to find the need, meet the need, and change the nation starting with our own than all over the world.

Bruce: This time is an interesting time. Realistically there are different phases or Tiers such as Tiers 1, 2, 3, and 4. Those in the internet group are in Tier 4. I call John Q Public Tier 5. There is not really a Tier 5 but I refer to the John Q Public as Tier 5 who will go after we go. It is just what I call them.

Tier 4 group is about 5 million people separate from those who may have been gifted in the past and they just put it away on the bulletin board or in a sock drawer. That group of people will go after we get started. We understand there will be a break in the action after we complete our transactions at the Redemption Centers.

Bruce: Where we are and where we hope to be in matter of hours and days? Let us visit Iraq.

There was an announcement Sunday morning after Morning Prayer. I believe that is when it occurred. I missed the exact timing. It could have been as early as Saturday, but I believe it was Sunday.

What happened was Prime Minister Abadi made an announcement welcoming countries around the world to come to Iraq to begin to do business. Iraq is open for business.

A simple announcement, but one that carries weight because he couldnít make that announcement if they were not ready to do business with a rate, with a new currency in the sense of the lower denominations of the dinar, and with a full engaged banking system, financial system that works all over the country even in Mosul.

Bruce: They have been working through steady the last week in putting in new electric cable in places, fiber optics, and satellite link up. Good testing over 24 hours ago that was proving very sound, good results ready to go. They have been preparing for celebrations. Even tonight I heard people are even beginning to decorate their cars.

I believe they are expecting visitors shortly not only for investments, but for international dignitaries coming to congratulate. Too, much going on in liberation of Mosul, and there has been additional cleanup here and there. They are ready for business, ready to begin to being international again. They do have a decent rate on the dinar.

Bruce: We are not doing rates and dates. The rates are happening and they are trading these currencies and the rates are going up. We are going to be very pleased even what we will see on the screens of the so called bank rates or screen rates. You should be very happy with those rates. The ZIM is ridiculous on the face of it. The NON-NDA rates are very strong. Whether you need to negotiate is up to you or if you want to is up to you.

If you want to do more or be part of Rebuild America, you will need more. There is nothing to limit you basically almost unlimited what you can do and ask for to help Rebuild America.

Bruce: We will .start here and go to other countries if we are welcome. We are not going to knock any doors down, but if we are welcome in other countries and if we can do it without too much red tape and where too many people will try to have their hands out for pay offs. We are not going to do that.

We are not in the pay off business, but we are in the business to help people. It is like when Samaritans first go into Haiti or some of these other countries where there were disasters like in Haiti, they are there to help. They make a difference. They make a difference in terms of housing, food, education, all of these things they are involve in.

We want to do the same thing. We want to make a difference and be involve in what the country needs just like we are going to be involve in what a town, city needs in our own country with Rebuild America. I am looking for still 5000 of you on the Big Call to want to be part of that because you can see that is something that is long lasting and will create a legacy for my family.

Bruce: Today this morning I was hearing discussion about rebuilding of infrastructure. This is important to the infrastructure in many areas. They are going to offer 8 different areas of infrastructure bonds to handle these various areas like bridges, roads, railways, meglove, schools, and so many different things of infrastructure. I believe I heard a representative, the President, that said today before we build anything new we are going to fix what is broken. Bring everything back up and then we will rebuild some new stuff.

Bruce: That is where we will Rebuild America I think it will be awesome and we will be part of it. I think the bonds that we should have access to is exactly what we are looking for with infrastructure. The funny thing is when I hear the number of one trillion dollars in infrastructure spending coming from private partnership, we are the private partnership, and it is not going to be a whole lot of what it is we are looking at from our exchanges. It is just not a big number anymore. We use to think a trillion is a lot. It is a lot of money and buys a lot, but based on the value of these currencies especially the ZIM is just not a lot. We can do more than that. They know that as we know that.

Bruce: I am excited because Iraq is ready, basically done. Iraq is ready to go, they made an announcement that could serve as the announcement we were looking for. When we go to the rest of the world where is evidence of this? What are we seeing that is telling us the GCR has been released?

Funds have been released. How many tranches of funds have taken place the lasts 3 to 4 months? The numbers are amazing. Some are in the duodecillions (39 zeros), and other huge numbers of money spread all over the world to various countries to take care of their exchanges and bond transactions. The prep work is basically done. There may be infusion of capital to take care of the public when they come in. I think tranches will continue to come in as capital is required. I am feeling good what is out there and being handled.

Bruce: Tier 1 and Tier 2 are complete. Tier 3 started actually transactions Sunday morning 10:30 am EST went to the point of a high percent of it complete last night but have additional Tier 3 to work on today. Tier 3 should be complete later on tonight. What is the timing of Tier 3 and 4?

My understanding is there is no real break in the action. No pause between those two tiers. When Tier 3 completes, Tier 4 is suppose to start. That could mean we are on the cusp of receiving the notification. I canít give the time on it because I donít know that or the day. I have been alerted to be prepared to receive the toll free number. Today I was alerted to be prepared. I was asked was my phone still valid, did I have it turned on. Of course it is and it is charged and ready to go. I am ready when they are.

Bruce: Does that make a difference on anything so far? Yes. Are we in a new window? I would say so. I would say how many times we have heard this is the week? Oh boy. We have heard that for several weeks now. Where it did seem valid and look valid with everything we had, we went through that week without it. It has been the week for the tiers in the groups that are part of Tier 3.

But I will say this, in most cases there is a partial amount of liquidity available with some of these recent exchanges. The high vast majority are in a pending status in the bank. That means they canít have access to it yet. A lot of them have been told when they will have access that could be a day, two or three days away depending on who you were, when you transacted, and so on.

We are sort of in that place right now where a lot of these accounts are pending or frozen or we see them but not touch those accounts. I believe they will change over probably about the time that the toll free number is released to me. That is a guess on my part. I am thinking that is part of our shot gun start. So pretty much receive their hydration of funds approximately the same time.

Bruce: If we get the toll free number and get it out to Big Call site, and couple of other places, that is it. It is all over. That is what you and I want. That is right now about what we are waiting for. There is not much else except that notification. I am honored to be selected to be connected with the toll free number and I will put it out in the proper way that it has been instructed to do so as long as I need to do it and then we will take it from there.

Bruce: Additional Intel that is relative to us other than what I have said is the only thing I can say is things have been completed out west of what we have been waiting for. Things have been completed and it is good to know that is the case. We are hearing it from every angle. I have to tell you this is what has happened already of what we are waiting for we did get confirmation that everything is moving along and preceding along according to plan. Even though there was a slight glitch we will call it even as recent as last night, they did correct everything and put it back on track and it is moving along nicely.

Bruce: Some of these groups seem to take longer than we thought. We believed the people waiting to be paid and to have access to their funds are hearing good information that they should receive that possibly before the day is over depending on where they are located.

Bruce: I do not have the high energy I should have because I am just chilling and waiting to get started. I am very excited and things are moving along nicely. Now that we have the Tier 3 started over 2 days ago and they should be complete late tonight, it is almost game over. I feel good about that to let you know you are in a great place.

We canít force it. It doesnít help to do that. I am basically chilled looking forward to proceed with that call and at that point we are just walking into a new paradigm, a new place.

Bruce: They have already started exchanging in Australia, New Zealand, parts of the South East Asia, parts of the Middle East, Europe and even in London. Now I just think it is working its way over I think. It may be moving east to west.

Bruce: I like getting little nuggets of Intel from my sources. I just kind of work around, think about it, how does it fit in with the total picture, is it a new piece of the puzzle? A lot of stuff has been put out there recently is just not valid. It is just not true. You have to be so careful what is out there and where you read it and really discern what really makes sense.

I know a lot of you guys read a lot of different things, and maybe you listen to a lot of other calls, I donít know, but I hope you come back to the Big Call for what we have because the Intel we get primarily comes for 3 to 4 sources. It is pretty consistent information for years now, and I feel it is accurate, and most of what I say has happened or will happen.

Bruce: The timing is everything that is what we are waiting for, the actual release timing. We are moving through the system of the GCR. The USNs are about to be made live and given value. When a couple of transactions take place that should have occurred. In a way we had the officer of the Treasury sign off on everything I believe on Sunday at 4:00 EST. That is a major thing. A lot of the stuff has been we have one more signature here, etc., always something that seemed to be needed. I do not think we are in that position now. What we are hearing is all is completed even out west.

Bruce: Thank all for coming into the Big Call. I am excited about the timing where we are right now. We are in good shape. Everyone should keep plan going until plan B comes and transfers you to a whole new you. I am excited about Rebuild America, our Veterans Work, and ministries. I know we will be super excited to change this world one person, one city at a time.

Bruce: I want to thank everybody for being patient in the Redemption Centers that are on highest alerts and are ready for us. Check the iqd calls website: from time to time to see if the toll free number is there.

I will put it out on several other sites online also. Thank you all for listening to the Big Call and being part of Big Call University. We will take a break but we are not going away. Check the website for any updates. We should have the celebration call hopefully before the regular call on Thursday night. .All hang in there and thank you all for coming in. God bless you all.



5/2/2017 The Big Call with Bruce INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link 25min and/or Transcript Highlights

Bruce: Welcome everyone to the Big Call tonight. We have a nice international reach now. We are getting heard in different parts of the world that we didnít use to a few years ago. I believe last Tuesday call we had about 370 people from Kurdistan that listened in. That is amazing. I am pleased that we are reaching the Middle East as well as other parts of the Globe as the Far East, South Africa, South America as Argentina, Central America, Mexico, Canada, Europe as in France, Great Britain, etc.

Bruce: I am pleased and love that today is May 2, 2017 and we have May Day is over. This May Day is a lot different because it seems to be more about a worker socialism day, something that closed the banks around the world except for United States, Canada, and Australia. Those 3 countries were the only ones that the banks were actually open. What that did it focused on the some of the attention and Intel we got, but it didnít please a lot of people that were doing international type transactions because they couldnít complete them yesterday. It took until the markets opened in China and Hong Kong about 9:00pm,9:30pm last night to sort of bring everything back again. It was sort of a pause day for us.

Bruce: It didnít mean things didnít occur but they did, but they occurred later in the day yesterday and last night. In fact a large fund out of the Philippians was opened up last night at about 6:00pm PST or9:00pm EST. That was opened up and released it was released not to just us, but to 192 countries. This fund will be used to fund hundreds of thousands humanitarian projects. The release of this fund, referred to asĒ the bottomless pitĒ, a large fund is just almost the bottomless pit. When that opened up that was the last major thing to occur before the blessing is to be release to us.

Bruce: We know that we have had Tier 1, 2, and 3 account transactions handled with some liquidity and access to funds, and still some with funds showing in the banks with a pending signal by the account. They can see there is money in the account, but no access to the account. My understanding is that status could change even overnight tonight. That is very encouraging. Those of us in Tier 4, the Internet group, will probably start very shortly because we are at the point we are ready for that to occur. We had a pause between Sunday and yesterday with May Day going on.

Bruce: What is going on in Iraq? My understanding is a number of announcements, 5 or 6, were made in the Mosques a few days ago. We may have the availability to hear those announcements or some other announcements relative to those tomorrow morning Iraq time, or late tonight United States time. We have been told those announcements were scheduled for a day later, but since things are moving along nicely they may move those up to the time frame I mentioned.

Bruce: I believe there were 3 announcements made this morning regarding Iraq, China, and United States that were made mid morning today, but not for our ears. Not for us, but for the international financial community. Those occurred and served the purpose they were designed for.

Bruce: We do know the banks are synchronizing the rates of the currencies in the first basket and a 2ndbasket have been trading. Currencies we hold already for exchange have been trading upward. The rates have been going up. They continue to go up into an area we didnít expect. I didnít expect them to be this high, the range this high, and this includes all of them. Everybody should be extremely pleased.

Bruce: The rates were changing so dramatically that the screens were flickering, flashing to where you couldnít see the rates stabilized unless you had a strobe light. That changed from the situation yesterday where today the rates were updating, flashing approximately every minute. They are visible and you can see them, but subject to some increase due to trading. That is positive for us. It is sort of like they are settling down. The flashing on the screen has reduced from high changes to stable every minute or so. We can look at it as though the banks around the world continue to get updated with new rates and synchronize and in prep mode for this to release.

Bruce: When are we going to get the toll free number? My understanding is I will receive the toll free number. I am honored to be selected for that purpose. I will take that information with good care, and follow the protocol. If I were to receive the number in the middle of the night, this is to be a day time event. I may get instruction to release it during the day. I donít know that yet. They do want this to be a day time event.

Bruce: I know that security has been beefed up, and still on active status at the Redemption Centers, and at some of the banks that have international currency trading desks and also participating in this. Most of us will have an 800 number that will focus us toward the Redemption Centers. People will be able to utilize some Tier 1 and some of the 2 banks. Some of the major banks will be in a position to exchange the ZIM for a very short time, like 4 days. Then they will be changed to HSBC. They will be feeder banks that will help HSBC collect the ZIM currency out there that a customer might have that exchange through the Tier 1 and some Tier 2 banks for a very short period of time.

Bruce: Most of us will use the 800 number and have it on our website for a period of time as long as we can keep it there. You can go to the site to see it, and post it couple of locations online that you are use to going to. That is the overall plan for finding out when and all that. Check the web site:  occasionally to see. We are not going to email anybody nor do mass mailing. That is not in the plan
Bruce: Today is Tuesday. We hope that the release takes place before our next call, Thursday night. We will do a call next Thursday if we donít have the blessing prior. If we do, we will probably not do a callnext Thursday, but do a pre-celebration call, do a link and place it on our site and couple of other locations.

Bruce: This call, the Big Call, we tried to keep this call a non political call 6 years ago. We have listeners from both sides, Independents, a variety of listeners. My goal is to provide accurate information, things you can use, and with Big Call University we bring information no one else have, but something you can use and also Pastor Steven teaching. To have that team and that type of information I love the fact we can put that out in a way that edifies people. Allows them to grow, learn, and experience something new on every call. I appreciate the faithfulness of the listeners we have on the Big Call.

Bruce: We are not a political call. We generally dsonít go there. You know tonight one of the biggest things we will ever do is Rebuild America. I came up with this a few months ago. It does mesh nicely with President Trumpís agenda to make America great again. It dove tails with that concept nicely. I am pleased that things are moving in that direction for us as a country. I think we can come together we all want the very best for our country. We do want America rebuilt. We want America be great again.

Bruce: I am not trying to polarize anyone on this call. I am encouraged that the President and the Administration is looking to put together r a very postage tax plan for us to allow us to yes pay less taxes probably but be able to do things that will really inspire and build our economy in this country to bring it up to a thriving economy. It is about creating jobs, helping people and lifting and elevates people and raising the playing field for everybody. When we help people whereof it is around this country, we wonít care whether they are politically. We are not going to get in to the politics s of it.

Bruce: I want to applaud the administration and President for taking us in that direction. I know not all is in agreement with everybody on this call. We want to help other people, less fortunate as well. We are called to do, that is part of this blessing. We know this is coming for us and a very real sense we have been chosen for a time for this. When we go about to rebuild America, helping the veterans, the missionaries and all we do with community gardens, aquaponics, farming, it is to help our country as a whole. I want you to realize that is what we want to bring. It is not a political agenda. Agenda of one, a concept we come together to be one, a force that is more loving, caring, and giving, and forgiving of each other and others. That is my heart, you know my heart.

Bruce: You have heard me for years talk about how we love everybody on this call. We want to show you that, as we take this thing not just to the United States but also around the world. There is a lot of need. That is why when you go into the Redemption Centers and see rates available and you have private negotiable rates on the ZIM that can take it sky high, consider what you plan to do with these funds. What I want to do is use my god fund for all my humanitarian projects and ministry. Maybe some of you want to do this too, and go with a god fund too using 95 percent or more of your ZIM exchange for your god fund.

Bruce: I am looking forward to partnering with many of you who are listening to the call. I am looking for at least 5000 to be part of the rebuild America program. To rebuild cities, build cities, schools, clinics, recreation centers, etc. Big call and Big Call University is here to serve. I am excited about this and coming together with a new portal, website, podcasts, cine together let you blog and have all of that and there we will have a template what we plan to do around the country in the 50 states and 100 cities, adopt a city, adopt a town, adopt a community. That is the concept behind Rebuild America.

Bruce: I just want to thank anyone that is listening from the administration to know our heart on this. Anything we do to rebuild America we are trying to come together as a nation, not here to divide but to unify. That is what I am saying and sticking to it.

Bruce: Thank you Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven, Kent and all for listening. We appreciate you listening to the Big Call. WE are looking for this to come in way of our blessing very shortly and hopefully before ourThursday night call which case we will let you know with a short celebration all in a form of a link and a toll free number will be posted on the Big Call website. We will let you know when that occurs. Check the site every once in a while. We do believe it will be a day time event. I believe the instructions will be put it out sometime in the day, donít know when. We will find that out.

Bruce: Thank you all for tuning in tonight, and all those in the banking community, and those in the Trump Administration for listening in. Thank you everybody, stand firm, and now we stand in faith. Good night everybody.


NOTE: Due to helping out my family, my Sister-in-law is now or soon will be entering into hospice for ALS disease. I need to be there for her and my brother more. With that in mind, I will only be able to transcribe on Tuesday nights for the Big Call. I am very sorry that I will not be able to transcribe on Thursday nights anymore. I hope you all understand. Our family is very close, and we are always there for each other, and I need to be there more than ever now and not just on the weekends. Again, I will still be transcribing on Tuesday nights until this blessing occurs, and just maybe it will be so before Thursday. That would be awesome for all of us and those of whom we will bless. Thank you.

​Love and Hugs to All,


4/25/2017 The Big Call with Bruce INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link 18min and/or Transcript Highlights

Bruce: Welcome all to the Big Call tonight. We did go from Thursday night to last night, that 5 day span that was indicating that we were really ready to go probably virtually every day. Maybe not Sunday, but it looked good for Monday and last night for us. It looked good for Monday and last night. We did not move along, but other people in the system did yesterday. Today it seems where we are now is the things we were told yesterday that we would happen so we would be able to start our notification in the redemption process. Today it looks like we are being pushed off another day or so. That is what it looks like. It doesnít mean everything is not moving through. We are seeing some things are happening out there that are indignant of that. Even though it has been relatively quiet today, I can tell you a lot of things are lining up for us for this to go through.

Bruce: Letís start with Iraq. I can tell you that we know one thing about Prime Minister Abadi was overheard talking with some citizens around Mosul. When he was asked what the rate of the dinar would be in relative to the dollar, he gave a range that was very high for an in country rate for the dinar. It was higher than what the cards have been charged. It would be a remarkable rate to see. I believe that will be the rate of whatever he said it be.

Bruce: The CBI website has not changed yet. All the final information that is to be put in the Gazette, we thought might be in this morning Gazette was not in the Gazette. The CBI has not shown a rate change. I feel that would be the last place to look to show a rate change. I wouldnít go looking for it first there. Whatever is on that site would be so final it would be the last thing I think be posted. Will we see this information in the Gazette tomorrow? Could be. We donít know that. I would say social media in and around Iraq has been quieted over the last several days. We might have a percentage of social media that was getting through. Basically now what we have now is no social media out of Iraq but all around the Middle East they have social media. It is on hold right now.

Bruce: The good news about that it is they expect the social media is looking to come sometime tonight. I donít know what time. We were told tonight our time east coast time. No time given, but I think that is a good sign. If it comes up tonight it is a good sign all ready to go or they wouldnít open that up. They know when they do that everybody tends to talk on social media and it all gets out. That is why they have kept that quiet for days.

Bruce: Mosul is the best kept secret. Even though we know it has been liberated for some time now, there is additional number of large flags that have been put in position made visible in Mosul. It has many new flags. I think one in each district maybe in Mosul. There has been a new one, a really large flag has been erected form a watchtower. Not even from a regular flag pole.

They are doing everything they can except telling us about the liberation of Mosul.

Bruce: There has been a five day holiday in Iraq that ended yesterday. I think that was another EID holiday that is normally a 3 to 4 day extended to 5 days. There was a lot of celebrations going on throughout Iraq in conjunction with this holiday. Sort of a big thing that ended yesterday.

Bruce: The other things we are hearing in terms of what is going on there is that all related to the liberation of Mosul. When will it be known? I think fairly shortly. If everything goes
according to plan of what we have heard from several sources, we heard this is our week.
We have heard that before, but that is what we are hearing. We even heard today from someone that talks to a major hedge fund trader from New York because the Dow hit 21,000 today, that goes well for us to start tonight or tomorrow. We will see if that holds up as well.

Bruce: The rates since our last call I can tell you they are higher yet than they were since the last call. The screen rates on the screen now for dinar, dong, and rupiah are really higher than some of the groups rates we heard couple of years ago. This is why the ability to go in without a group on your own and negotiate your rate, some of these rates are so good many of you will be pleased with just what is on the screens. You wonít need a NDA including the ZIM which is higher yet than what I told you before. These currencies have continually been trading.

Bruce: We understand the Prosperity Packages will start to go out after midnight tonight EST.

That is a very good sign. In terms what is happening out west the core groups have been funded, and I believe everybody that has a pending status on their accounts, that is about to change as well. One of the large humanitarian funding sources that had been paid and now as of today have access to their funds. In their accounts is in a proper status where they have access and only they have access to it. That is a very positive move for us moving forward.

Bruce: As far as the rest of the groups, the sub groups, Paymasters have been funded
completely to take care of those transactions which can occur quickly now because of the new Swift system across the world. That is a positive thing to have the quickness of these transactions as fast as 18 to 22 seconds around the world. With that being said a lot of times now the transactions occurring through Wells Fargo or HSBC are ledger to ledger transfers and that is just that in the same banking institution from one account to another account in that same bank.

There is sometimes a settling period depending on the amount of the transaction. There maybe a 24 hour settlement for the transaction to take place. We have heard some very positive things about windows of opportunity point to anywhere from overnight tonight into the next day or so.

I think we are that close from what I understand. Ď

Bruce: Tomorrow President Trump is going to bring out his new tax plan. The Administration
has been working hard to get that out. I hope that goes well and that is well discussed. I think that is going to be something that may move the stock market. Rumors of it coming out and discussions about it has moved the stock market the last two days, yesterday and today. That is why we touched on that 21,000 mark earlier. I think it backed off to 20, 996 today at the close. I think everything is boding well for a very positive move in the market. That is kind of good for us as well.

Bruce: As far as anything in additional of Intel I can tell you I am honored to be considered to receive the toll free number for the Internet group. My understanding when I do receive that number, I would put it out as instructed. My understanding that main number that we all will call to arrange our appointments, that number can be shared through texting, emailing, and calling with that actual phone number. That first main number that we are given I will put it out on the website, but understand that is the only number that is to be shared.

I am not going into why that is. Just remember what I said. The first toll free number you see or hear can be shared for a period of time. I wonít be able to leave it up on the website forever. It will be taken down at the proper time. Keep that in mind. It will be very important to pay attention to that.

​​Bruce: I think realistically we are at the point where everyone is ready. We have been ready. The Redemption Centers have been from engage status to active status. The security is good to go. I believe that everything is all set in the sense that once the command is given, everything is complete, moving forward to where now it is just a matter of releasing the notification. When I do get that notification I will put it out on the website, and send it as I said and do a quick celebration call as a recoding and put it as a link so all can listen to it.

Bruce: We are looking very good overnight tonight. I canít tell you for a fact absolutely, but all is pointing toward that. Let us run with that and have belief in that. Tentative call for Thursday night. If we do receive our blessing prior to that we wonít do a live call, but a pre-recorded celebration call. Check our website from time to time for the toll free number that we will put out as directed. That number could be shared, but is the only number that is to be shared from my understanding. Keep that in mind that is the only number that can be shared by emailing, texting and by phone. People will find out about this thing and hopefully we will get exchanged very soon.

Bruce: I want to that the banks who are ready for us, and the 6800 Redemption Centers in North America. I want to thank HSBC for getting everything ready. Also I want to thank AIIB for putting all this together and making it possible for all the funds to back up the value of our currency, our USN that are good to go and live. I am excited about that. Thank you everybody internationally that are listening in as well. That includes our banking people who listen to our calls from the banks and the Redemption Centers. Thank you for being faithful in listening to the call. We look forward to come in and partner with you with our projects as our Rebuild America and Veteran Program. Do not be afraid to negotiate a higher value for your ZIM for your exchange. You heard me talk about the value that is associated with the ZIM.

Bruce: I am excited to begin this exodus from our old self to a whole new world. All get a good nightís sleep. Stay in faith for it. I know we will be there in short order. Thank you Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven, and Kent. Thank you Big call Universe for listening out there. Good night everybody and have a wonderful night.


4/20/2017 The Big Call with Bruce INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link 26min and/or Transcript Highlights


Bruce: Good evening and welcome to the Big Call tonight. As I mentioned on Tuesday night I thought everything was in position moving into place and really thought we would have this already by now. We didnít quite get it yet but felt everything was moving along, and still feel that way. I am going to tell you what I have heard the last couple of days since Tuesday night. It is all good. It is moving along but it has not happened for us yet concerning the 800 number. We are still waiting for the release for that. I will say I have been informed that I am suppose to receive it, and I am honored by that. I look forward to that and will do so as instructed when instructed to do so. I am honored I get the concept of getting the number and put it out in a rapid fashion as indicated. I am ready to receive it as everyone else is.

Bruce: Where we are now? When it comes to Iraq we tend to start there. We know everything is basically been done in Iraq. Mosul has been taken back and liberated. We know even in the mosque they have already mentioned in country the dinar going to be 6 times the value of the US dollar. The smart cards, Qi cards in Iraq have been activated with a decent high rate for some time and still being used.

Bruce: Has Iraq officially announced to the world that they are international and have an internationally tradable currency yet? I am not so sure it has happened yet. I donít know it needs to happen for us. It may still come in form of an announcement. I am at the point now where someone says that is an announcement coming about this or that we kind of know what we have heard We are going to get an announcement and it coming between 8 and 9 oíclock and it just not comes. I am at an opinion there may not be any announcement, nothing that is announced.

Bruce: I think when it comes to our currency and our new money, I think they will let us know we have a new currency and you going to have it effective on such and such a date. I donít think it will come out yet until John Q Pubic is ready to exchange. Even if we go a few days or few weeks before John Q Public finds out they can exchange at a regular bank location that takes foreign currencies, I am not so sure that or positive how quickly the new rainbow currency will be put out at the banks. Although my understanding is the USNs should be in the Redemption Centers now ready for us. They maybe in most banks now involved but just not in the tellers drawer yet. I think that money has been simulated. There has not been wide spread trading on the new money yet that I know of yet. Least not from the sources I talk to.

Bruce: There still maybe an announcement about by the way we are on the gold standard. Or the world is on gold standard and all the currencies are backed by gold and other assets. What is backing up Zimbabwe is not only gold t diamonds, rare gems and minerals. It is huge there, and same thing in other countries. Look at Iraq, look at their oil. We have heard long time ago now, years ago, if you drill down 6 or 8 feet in Iraq you run into a layer of diamonds, 6 to 8 inches. There is a diamond layer to drill through to get to the oil. Hold on a minute, You mean I can get oil for a buck and buck and half per barrel or stop a few feet in the sand and get a layer of diamonds? We heard a tremendous amount of gold under the sand found in Iraq. My point is there is a lot of value there. There is a lot more than oil there. I am encouraged for all of these countries that have these incredible assets under the ground. In the case of Iraq it is not difficult to get to them. Some of the sands in Iraq oil so prevalent you basically walk onto the sand and it is right there almost at the surface.

Bruce: They have a dinar. The new dinar is valued very highly and will be very high for us as we talked about. No rates tonight. The rates based on what I have heard the rates are continually going up. Just when you think you know where they are, the next thing you know they are higher than they were. Could that be part of the reason that this has not gone as quickly as we thought especially recently in the last few days? Maybe so it could be the reason. I have heard few days ago that it was because they were trading up the value of the dong. Now I do not know. Maybe, maybe not. Certainly, the values are high on these. The actual screen rates that you will see in the Redemption Centers, I canít speak for the banks for John Q Public when they go, but those of us who will use the 800 numbers to set our appointments at the Redemption Centers you can expect some substantial screen rates without NDA for these currencies

Bruce: What else is going on Iraq? My understanding is they did have some car bombs attacks over there in Mosul the last week or so. Mosul has been liberated and even Prime Minister Abadi, few days ago walked through the streets of Mosul and talked face to face with the citizens giving them assurance about what is coming and what is there. Some of the electivity may have been disrupted and trying to make amends getting that back and any banks in the area that may have been off line resolved are putting them back online. I do not think a few banks in Mosul are holding this up. Just a note we have people over there and they have people that are remedying the situation and making sure all things back on line.

Bruce: Social media coming out of Iraq is 70/71 percent open. Still some aspects not open. Not sure what 30 percent not open means, other than it is a number. 70/71percent is better than 50 percent where we were. It is getting there. When we get 100 percent it means open communication between Iraq and the rest of the world especially through social media.

Bruce: The other thing that is happening is there is a meeting going on that started today in Washington DC between the IMF, the World Bank, The Bank of International Settlements, and one more other entity. That is happening. Christine Legarde is there. I donít know if any major announcement is going to come out of that meeting. I would say it would be a good place to have an announcement with all those organizations in place in Washington. However, that meeting started today and will go through Saturday. It rarely will go through Sunday if I remember right. It will be a Thursday, Friday, and Saturday type event. It is a major meeting for those organizations. See what comes with that. Maybe something you may see on Bloomberg or MSNBC that might show some activity that is going on there, but I would not hold my breath for a GCR announcement. It is possible.

Bruce: Let me just say regarding the GCR, the Global Currency Reset, they use terms like that.
We heard the term Global Reset without the Currency in it. We heard reconciliation as a term that is going to be used. Reconciliation meaning reconciling all the different currencies putting them all on an even playing field. That is what really is happening with all these various currencies around the world.

Bruce: What is so odd for me is to think in terms of the dollar which has been so strong and continuing to be strong inviting investors to come in and invest in our dollar and invest in our market here. But can you imagine after this completely goes down and we look out and when we see the values of the other currencies that are out there. This is the thing. The values that we will see at the Redemption Centers, those are there for us for a reason. I donít believe the high rates we are hearing about will be sustained after we finish our redemptions 7 or 8 days. I think when the public goes those rates will be readjusted at the banks. I think they will normalize somewhat. I think some of the currencies might be higher and come back on par with the USD. I think that could happen but not with all of them. We read an article about that months ago about the Zimbabwe dollar. It was out there. It was on sites at one dollar even with our USD.

Bruce: I donít think the USD will take some incredible dive. We heard some things about 30/40 percent reduction. I never been a buyer of that. We have heard a reduction of 6 to 8 percent in value. Yet again, even if that happens and the dollar is slightly lower than it was, it is only going to be a matter of time before it will come right back up of its original strength. If we are gold back and we have the new USNs and the countries around the world recognize the USD is a strong currency to invest in and a strong country to invest in, I think the dollar will remain a very strong currency.

Bruce: What is going to happen to the British pound and the Euro? A little bit uncertain. I think they may dip a little bit in value, but you never will know what will happen when Brexit is more complete, the pound may come up in value. So who knows. I canít predict what is going to happen with the Euro. It still has a value now that is higher than the dollar. Could it come all the way down to par with the USD? Maybe. It could be possible. It would make it less expensive for us to go to Europe and travel.

Bruce: Today an incident that occurred earlier in Paris. I feel very sad for our French partnersí over there because any act of terrorism which it appears to be it just is sad. Any type of attack on police officers I feel is sad for people that were involved. Condolences go out to France and to Paris and to Europe in general that is struggling with this activity. I hope the French can take full control of this and not have it be continued in the future. I feel sorry what is happening there. I feel what is happening in Venezuela as well. I feel terrible when we donít have peace ever where in the world. That is a good goal if we can get to that peaceful state around the world.

Bruce: What is going on out West? First, China released what we understand as the RV/GCR last night. I have heard a couple different times that occurred. Let just say last night. I couldnít tell you exactly. I heard1:17am EST time frame, another time frame from the west coast. Let just say it occurred and it is moving through the system now.

Bruce: Now I donít have the toll free number to give out yet. I believed with what occurred last night around the world London, Hong Kong is suppose to be fully released tonight. Maybe it is already gone. Maybe it is tonight. The world is syncing up. Even Wells Fargo and HSBC were synced up last night for simultaneous release. My understanding was that simultaneous release is what happened, because we are syncing up Hong Kong with London, and Wells Fargo here out of San Francisco, New York, Miami. My understanding is the release itself was accomplished. Bruce: What that means for us? It means for certain people that have already exchanged and have SKRs are to be liquid. My understanding is if they are not liquid today, they will be liquid tomorrow. People that are so called prepaids, some of the people that have monies showing in their accounts but have a hold or shows it pending status, they should be liquid and have accessible funds tonight or tomorrow.

Bruce: Some of the people may take who are big players and there are some out there, or big SKR holders, they may end up taking until Saturday or even Monday to have full liquidity. That is what we are looking at. We are looking at people that have already gone and have access to funds. Those who will have access to funds suppose to coincide with the release for us. The release of the toll free number, our internet group to go. To sort of make it a shot gun start like at a golf tournament when everyone starts at a different hole and they shoot off a shot gun to start. Now they use one of those air horns to start the tournament. That is a shot gun start. Everybody starts playing at the same time. That is where that comes from. That is what we are looking at, a version of that with us getting a toll free number and about the same time these people will have access to their funds.

Bruce: I heard the Prosperity Packages are ready to go out. We have heard several times they been out, started to go out, but we really think they are going to go out 30 to 45 minutes after the 800 number is released. Right there just about the same time. Hence the shot gun start.

Bruce: What we try not to do is to call it, but we understand it already happened last night. We are just waiting for our turn. People that have gone in Tier 1, 2, 3 and some of the independents, some of the SKR people, other groups are to be hydrated and made liquid first. Then I believe those of us that are part of Tier 4, the internet group, we are to go next. It shouldnít be too far away. It really shouldnít.

Bruce: We have been seeing several things today that points this to happen before the weekend or by the weekend. When does a weekend start? For me it starts after the call tonight. Let us say it starts Fridayafternoon. We suppose to have this thing by the weekend. From what I am hearing we should. The Redemption Centers are all ready. They are on active status. They went from engage to active status. That means they are ready to go. Shout out to all those in the Redemption Centers that are listening to the Big Call. We appreciate your patience and ability to take care of us.

Bruce: We understand the Redemption Centers are ready to go and the security is strong and even the military is involved in making sure everything is safe. Everything is good, ready to go. I really appreciate that. It is really cool. Otherwise it would just appear we are waiting for the proper signal to start. Sort of like that firing off the shotgun. Everything else is lined up as far as we can tell. I am not sure who will give the final go ahead or lowering of the flag if you well. I know it is a combined effort, and we think everything is lined up, the banks are in synced ready to go. The rates are on the screens. They all have been traded where they are all happy where the rates are. Now we are just looking for the final start.

Bruce: For a long time we thought the start would be a night time start for possible security purposes. We also been told this is going to be a daytime event. Which is it? Is it a night time or day time event? I believe it be a daytime event. However, perhaps I will be fortunate enough to receive the 800 number at night. If that happens I will put it out as instructed. Not early, not late, but as instructed to put it out. Just a heads up.

Bruce: Also check for the website when we do get the number I will put it on there provided I am allowed to. I will put it on our website and we will send it to couple places online that you all look at for information. Then we will do a celebration call. It will be a call that we will do and go ahead put the recording on the website and send to a couple other sites as a celebration send off from the Big Call. It wonít be a long call. I am hoping to keep it to10 to 12 minutes our little celebration call. Some of you might not care. I get it. I get it you just want the number and get started. I donít blame you, but some of you may want to hear what is said on the celebration call. You guys will click on it and listen to it. That is generally where we are.

Bruce: I want to give shout out to Bluwolf in Puerto Rico. I heard from him in a message today. It was wonderful to hear from him. I think he has been in this longer than I have. I am in my 13th year. Okie I think is in his 14th year. It just has been a long ride.

Everything I am seeing today and even late this afternoon is pointing toward the end of the ride. That is what we all want to hear. I think we are about to the point where I just check in if there is anything else I can bring later to the call of any Intel later. I am feeling pretty good where we are, and even better than I did Tuesday night and I felt great Tuesday.

Bruce: With everything I am hearing with the actual start of the actual RV/GCR last night was sort of an East to West event. It is working itself around the world, and coming to us. I think everything is moving in the direction it needs to move. For a long time we knew we were waiting for the USN/TRN to be live and released in the United States, and we were the last currencies of all of them to start. Maybe it was done on purpose for a reason. That happened Tuesday. We are ready to go now. We think all that needs to be done is done.

Bruce: The latest information is that London, England, and Switzerland were paid today to go ahead and start their so call down line distribution. Hong Kong and Singapore will get started as well. We are looking very positive for possible notification sometime tonight or later on in the morning. We are looking good and everything is moving through. Everybody stay positive, good attitude, and we will be ready to go from that point on. This thing seems to be rolling out very slowly. We are in position once Hong Kong and Singapore get started tonight and I donít know what time that is, then we are in mode where it is in automatic drive or position this to come out. Even the toll free number distribution is also automated. When that happens it is in the system to kick out when they are ready for that to go. I am looking forward for that just as you guys are.

Bruce: As far as anything else that is pertinent, they do want this to start. I believe we will be in the Redemption Centers that are set up and ready for us. It is just a matter of the timing to be right on the money. I think it will be. We will get started with this very shortly. Stay positive for it and it will come right to us.

Bruce: That is everything I can bring for us. I want to thank all the listeners and banks that will help us and be our partners in the future. Thank you everybody in the Redemption Centers as well. I know it has been a lot for them as well. I am just ready to get started as you all are. I feel we have been treading water. I know we have learned in the meantime and experienced a lot of things. We have moved forward in a lot of ways even thought it feels like we have been trending water. We are right there where we need to be.

Bruce: I want to thank Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven, Kent for all they bring to us. I am excited and hang in there with me. Thank all the listeners out there for tuning in faithfully. I hope tonight has been a very receptive call for you. Thank all in banking communities all across the globe. We look forward to communicating with you. Stay in touch with us through website. Keep eye on it. We will post a link for a new site and when our next call will be after the celebration recorded call to stay in touch with us.

Bruce: Everybody stay cool, confident, calm, and be ready to go when the time is right. If I am able to put it out at a certain time, I will do that. I look forward to being I honored to those who are in charge. I want to thank you HSBC and AIIB for considering this and for honoring the Big Call in the way you plan to do that. All have a great night tonight and a great weekend.


PS: Sorry everyone that this was late getting out. My dyslexia was very bad tonight typing, hugs, Pinkroses


4/18/2017 The Big Call with Bruce INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link 27min and/or Transcript Highlights

Bruce: Good Evening and Welcome to the Big Call. I did not think I would be doing a call tonight. Everything we heard the last few days including Good Friday, Easter Saturday, Easter Sunday, and Monday were very positive moving in the right direction.

Today, we did get a smudge of good information that put us in a very good place. I just want you to know even though it is difficult for me not to call it on the Big Call everything is pointing toward the immediateness of the blessing coming.

I know I said it and I meant it on previous calls because the information was pointing to it. What has happened since then is ever better.
Bruce: I know everybody has had it and is ready to get off this ride and get started on our new lives. I am sure we all are including Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven, Kent and myself. Let us go thorough where we are.

Bruce: Iraq has been on a social media blackout on and off for days now. They had information that they just did not want to be put out on any social media. My understanding was it came off at 3:15 EST this afternoon that the ban of social media was lifted.

Bruce: Letís talk about what is going on out west? A lot is happening out west. Tier 1, 2, and 3 groups have been all handled, all been processed. There have been some additional people also who have gone in. We had two groups of those, and two groups of people with SKRS. Those have been handled. Those suppose to have finished up last night, and possible into this morning.

Bruce: The banks have been pinging as the rates have been updating continually the last few days. They have been trading up. For example to have everything ready to go all the banks need to be synced and updated and ping back or respond back with series of tones to the bank that sends them out.

We know for example well nothing was going to happen after Easter. Where the information was pointing to a Good Friday to be a great Friday start, it didnít come through for us, the internet group. It did for some.

Bruce: Now we are at the point since we are considered Tier 4, we are really the next group in terms of size to go. For us to go, something needed to happen that happened. One thing that happened was HSBC is working with Wells Fargo and basically over all the 6800 Redemption Centers in North America or the United States and Canada.

Bruce: What has been happening is that there has been a status that we talked about in the past as the Redemption Centers have gone from engaged status they just went yesterday to active status.

When you go from engage to active it means you are prepared for exchanges to start coming in. Regardless when that time started they are there now. Once you go on to engage you donít come back off of it until all the redemptions are all done.

Once you go to active status it is taking it one step forward where now again active is active until everybody is through using the 800 numbers and doing the exchanges and ZIM redemptions in those Redemption Centers. That is where we are like locked and loaded. We are ready to begin in that sense. They are ready for us.

Bruce: What happened Monday was interesting. Because the bankís pings that were suppose to come back from all the banks around the world we got from everybody except HSBC in London. Why havenít they responded back with these codes? This was because 5 or 6 countries yesterday had their celebration of Easter. The banks were on holiday, and they couldnít really start until everybody was lined up. That bank and others didnít have even 50 percent staffing to be ready for exchange. That put us off until 2:30 am EST that we did receive those reciprocal pings from HSBC London. That was a very good signal to get back. The theory is as a result of that signal the banks are on line and on board.

Bruce: The bad news is we didnít go yesterday. The good news is we are set to go from here on. The rates that have been trading in the meantime even over Easter, and yesterday, and today are continuing to go up which is a good thing, because screen rates are very high. Higher than I thought they would be. I will mention them and I will try to get close to them without getting specific with them, the rates. Screen rates are very strong right now and could get stronger from what I understand.

Bruce: What is the biggest single thing that affects our start other than the fact the banks are synchronized and the rates continue to go up in trade? The other thing that is important for us is the fact our USD that we now call USN is Gold backed. Just like all the other currencies around the world.

Just what currency was the last currency to come alive or revalue in the world? Yes, the USN. Guess what? At noon today PST the USN was released as the last currency to be considered part of the GCR and RV along with all the other currencies making all the nations of the world sovereign. What does that mean for us?

Bruce: What it means for those that have exchanged and have SKRs and told they have money in their accounts and told they donít have access or they show pending, I am told those accounts will be live, be active with the new digital USN which we tend to call TRNs. The digital format of our new money is the concept of TRNs. Treasury Reserve Notes, the actual physical almost a bearer bond that backs the actual money as a digital currency in the banks, but there is gold that backs the currency that backs those TRNs.

Picture having a certain amount of Gold that has the paper work that describes the gold itself, backing the currency of the United States.

Bruce: What about the new USN, the cash we keep in our wallets? We understand that currency is at the Redemption Centers and is ready for us, and at some point it will be with the banks or already in their vaults at the banks and brought out to the counters and be used for our new money. I couldnít tell you when that will happen. The USN has been released at noon PST today.

Bruce: What is interesting is that at noon PST or 3 pm EST that in Iraq the ban of the media was lifted at 3:15 pm EST. We have that. That is very big to have that move. Those who had money, pending status those who could see it but couldnít touch it should have access to it very shortly. Reason they couldnít get access to it because the TRNs/USN digital wasnít released until today. I am not huge holding our breaths for an announcement. There could be an announcement about the rainbow currency.

That to me is very good news and is important. We are hearing from important individuals from the banks when that was released that was in the sense our RV taking place in the United States.

Bruce: When do we get to start to exchanging? Where is the toll free number? I have been told I would have that number which is an honor and to be put it out. I donít know when that is coming. Just donít have it yet. I suppose to get it though. When I get it and instructed how to put it out I would do it accordingly.

Bruce: We have heard this internet start maybe a day time event. Could be it happens tomorrow morning. I donít know. We will find out. All I could l you is everything is pointing to an immediateness we never had before because the USNs have been released. A major play that took place today.

Bruce: Rates, but not super specific. I know you want it and what is cool is the rates are changing and going up. If I quote you something it may not be that when you get to the Redemption Centers. Those who get in a few days later may see higher rates. I donít know if that be so, but it could happen. These are Non NDA Screen Rates:

ZIM screen is over $3.00, Dong is not quite there approaching $20. Rupiah is close. It was on par with the Dong or VNN. Afghani is a little lower just over $10. Dinar rate is now close to $25 and could approach to $30 or a little bit more. I did it. I told you something I said I would never do. It is a ball park idea where we are. My understanding is these would be screen non NDA rates.

Bruce: I did mention this before that the ZIM is negotiable and worth a lot because it is a gold back bond. HSBC is going to be taking all the ZIM and using the Redemption Centers staffed by Wells Fargo and HSBC people, and it does have a very high value.

Those who have humanitarian projects like we talked about Rebuild America for example have the ability to negotiate that quite a bit higher than the screen rates and use those funds for yourself and primarily 80/20. 80% would be for humanitarian, and 20% would be for personal use. I plan to use all for humanitarian projects.

I am going to keep it in separate trusts. It is going to become my God account. Not 10 percent, not 20 percent, but all of it. 100 percent is going into the God account because it is so much. I donít need it for my personal life. The other currencies I will probably take and put in separate trust for me and other things. That is just what I am doing. I am not a CPA, attorney, etc. The banks call us the chosen ones. That is a certain selection been appointed for us to take advantage of this.

Bruce: What I am hearing is the notifications we are looking for are coming shortly. I am not going to try to guess it is tonight or in the morning because I have been told certain things and they have been wrong before. We get it when we get it. I am good with that. I am not anxious about it. Everything that happened today is pointing to it and we are that close. They wanted to make sure the USN/TRNs were released and they are ready for us and we are for them. We are more than ready.

Bruce: We are excited to meet with our banking partners with HSBC, Wells Fargo and all the other Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 banks. Thank you all banking partners from all over. Thank you HSBC, AIIB, and Peoples Bank of China. All these large tranches that have been happening the last few months have sent money in the banks for this to occur.

Over Easter this last week, we had the ST. Germaine Trust that was opened and also all the Global Collateral Accounts around the world opened. They are ready for us, the funds are there, and I think we are all set. Stay cool and keep calm.

Bruce: Thank all the banking partners for sticking it out with us. All you in the Redemption Centers are excited for us and we are excited to meet you and become partners with you. We are here to rebuild America, give back and bless people around the world and do something very positive with this blessing just so you know.

We are not taking all this blessing for ourselves. We donít need that much. This is above and beyond what we asked for. It is an abundant blessing, and we have the plans to make it abundant.

Bruce: Everybody hang in there. Stay patient. I think we are almost home based on all we have heard today. I am going say we are as close we have ever been. I am really excited more than I have ever been with the TRN/USN been released today means we are ready. Let us see when the toll free numbers will be released.

Bruce: Everything I mentioned in the Intel segment is true and moving forward. I do have under good authority I would be contacted in a pre program time with the toll free number. It is in the system. It is on auto and I will be contacted.

It could be in the middle of the night or who knows when. I will be contacted and I will put it out according to plan. The system is up and running and my information is part of that. I am excited and looking forward to being called and given the information we are all looking for.

Bruce: Thank you Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven, and Kent. I want all to go to sleep tonight and see what happens by morning. Thank you everybody and have a beautiful night. We will put out a celebration recording and put it on our site: when we receive what we are looking for. We will put that out as a link on our site. We appreciate everybody and all have a Good Night. Thank you all.

CC REPLAY : The BIG Call Replays

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