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The Big Call Highlights

Disclaimer  Mostly a Infomercial sales call


from Bruce: Welcome everybody to the Big Call. Good to have everybody back. 1025 requested the call from the financial world. Wonderful that to happen because we know we are going to be parenting with our banks all over the world. Wells Fargo, HSBC, AIIB, Peoples Bank of China and other banks agricultural and business related also partnering with us down the road. Also banks in Canada and others internationally. January 28 means a new year for China and they are looking forward to that as a new start for them. This is the year of Jubilee, and looking forward to that also.

Where we were from Tuesday night call to now? Tuesday night we talked about is the plan for us to have this blessing prior or after the inauguration of President Trump. On Tuesday I told you I believed the intention was to have it prior. There has been a lot of availability of funds moving and liquid, but seems like the Go switch has not released yet for the church groups, sub groups, humanitarian funding sources still waiting particularly one funding group who has had the funds in there for 3 weeks and the funds are still there waiting for the release. Where we thought we have this before. At the time of this call we still do not have the Go signal meaning the 800 number for the release for us to set our appointments. ​

I am not sure I can say it will happen prior to the Inauguration. Could something happen over night? It could be possible. President Trump needs to say his oath of office then things shortly thereafter happen? I believe that is the time frame we are on now. I canít tell you how quickly this all set to go, but my understanding is one scenario that is the case. Maybe all breaks loose with the release we are looking forth shortly after the swearing in of the new president. That would be wonderful.

We have waited a long time. Some 12 years. This will be worth it. I have had few ups and downs on the roller coaster. I choose not to get on the roller coaster but to watch it from the platform. The information I am getting happening for us, what I am seeing the liquidity going to those who has had their SKRs from groups to have access to those funds I believe is suppose to start tomorrow and Saturday. These are the people who have been in and exchanged already. Maybe have seen their accounts but canít get access to their funds. That type of thing. My understanding this is part of the shot gun start. Maybe release the access to those funds and the start for us to go with the toll free number at the same time or approximately same time could very well be the shot gun start we have talked about for months maybe even years. Even though I couldnít believe it could go to the end of January or even January 20th, apparently that is what is happening.

Some things said on the blogs if it doesnít go by tomorrow or even tonight, we are looking at later dates in the year. That is not what I am getting. I donít believe that. I believe we are at the end of the ride if the possibility something happening after tomorrow.

We are also hearing the possible of an announcement by our new president over the weekend with the new gold standard we recently have gone to with our currency. If that occurs, we may be looking for the public to go early next week. We talked about those dates last couple of calls. Donít have time frame other than the weekend. Stand by and see what happens. See if it occurs. If it happens prior to earlier next week for us, conceivable we can have two to three days head start for them to get some of the ZIM in the system

Redemption centers are still on standby, fully staffed and ready. We need to go from standby to active status. That means they would be ready for us to come in. That needs to show up.

We are hearing also Iraqís Prime Minister Abadi is in Iraq still and is sort of waiting for the announcement to come so that he can release the dinar internationally. It has been revalued in the country. The rates have been on the screens the last19 days. We know where it approximately is now and where approximately is in value. But also know that Iraq has the contingent to Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum. Some folks were there early in preparation. Abadi wants to go there but since not triggered in his country, he has to wait. His envoys went to Davos, Switzerland.

The Chinese Premier did a beautiful job holding court the last couple of days starting Tuesday. Getting things done and organized in an orderly fashion over there. For example all the nations put their funds for the Global Climate Agreement. They have done that. Guess what country was the last country as of midnight last night did not have their funds in to Global currency agreement for the purpose of all for the Paris Agreement. What country was last? Oh, that is right. It was the United States. Everybody surprised of that? Since we insisted everybody sign off to that agreement yet our own participation wasnít until early this morning. Not surprising I guess. That took place finally. Better late than never, right?

I am encouraged that took place. The adjustments were made. We kicked in 400 million dollars for that. Other countries far smaller less populated than the United States were asked to pay 500 million dollars. Does that seem fair? NO. Was that discussed to make it fairer in Davos? Yes it sure was. They adjusted the amounts so that what all the countries had to put in was based on their productivity, factoring, economic ability, etc. Those adjustments were made. They are getting some things done. I am happy about that. There is more equity and playing field being leveled so all can participate more equally. That is going on.

Concerning the Inauguration there is a lot of excited built around that. The budget for the nomination process of the cabinet had a budget of 6 million dollars, I heard 6.4 million dollars. They achieved what they wanted to do with a 20 percent reduction in that budget. Those 1.2 million dollars was returned to the US Treasury by the President elect. Good start. Saving money. He is not taking a salary by the way. Also any foreign countries that books rooms in any of his properties in the US and maybe internationally, I donít know, but any that book rooms those profits from those rentals go payable to the US Treasury. Nice way to get a little funding in the Treasury.

What about our national debt? It is approaching 20 Trillion dollar deficit. What is ironic is that use to sound like a lot of money. Funny it doesnít sound like a whole lot to us that have ZIM, because the Private Negotiable Rate is pretty high on that. I wonder if the infrastructure we talking about a trillion dollar and I know the new Vice President Pence was talking about how that could be paid, and be covered. We know private sector could pony that up on its head not even blink an eye to do that. Really guys in the explanation Pence gave it wouldnít be coming from Congress, but coming from private grants. I was smiling when I heard that we could be part of that group to help the infrastructure. So I am excited about our participation of the Big Call project Rebuild America. Donít be discouraged about the national debt. I believe it will be wittled down. It wouldnít surprise me somehow that debt just goes away somehow. Maybe take a year or so, but it will go away.

I am excited where we are individually and part of the Big Call. The timing is close. It wasnít what we hoped last Tuesday, last week, and even today. I believe everything is ready. The funding is in place. The USN and TRN were alive and will be put back tomorrow. I think we should enjoy the Inauguration. Keep an eye on it. Our time is coming shortly. Also for the public to start. Let us get excited about that.

You know the drill as far as the redemption centers. Appointment to be about 1 hour. A two call process. One number to call center. If you have ZIM, you will get one phone number to call and set you up with redemption center in your zip code. If you donít have ZIM, you have another number to dial to take you to another redemption center that is not a ZIM center. They are ready as we are. They are anxious as we are. They are excited as we are.

Remember to smile and be happy about something so life changing and world changing as well. Big Call project, Rebuild America, one city at a time then the world everywhere. Find the need, meet the need, change the need. A little slogan we heard before. We can utilize that with what we plan to do. Stay positive. Look for a great event starting tomorrow through the weekend. You redeeming your currency, bonds as ZIM draws nigh. I am looking forward telling them about the projects about everything we plan to do with our communities, health, and technology. Our opportunities are vast to make improvements and help our fellowman. Did I think we had to wait for a new administration to start? Certainly not. Indication why it happening that way? I think so. See what happens and see who our friends really are.

I hope all enjoyed it tonight as I did. I look forward to the call. Let us believe together for this blessing to come according to the latest Intel I have. That is what I am going with and have faith for. Thank you all for coming in and listening. If we get the 800 number, we would be honored to put it out on our site. If we are able to do a prerecorded celebration call we would put that out also.

In the meantime, let us look forward to this change and incredible blessing. Look forward to a beautiful day tomorrow. Pray for peace and safety for all involved including us. Thank you everybody. Goodnight everybody and have a great night and wonderful weekend. I look forward to coming out to the other side and have a great time at the redemption center when I can set my appointment. I know you guys are too. Thank you Big Call listeners.


The BIG Call Replays





From Bruce: Welcome everybody. Letís talk about where we are on the Intel.

It intrigues me I get this information throughout the day sometimes late at night. It comes from a variety of sources. My job is to sort of get the information and discern and rightly divide the truth.

Sue and I talked a lot about that to try to determine what we are hearing and where we are in terms of this whole big picture. Because you know I really didnít expect to do a regular Big Call tonight. I thought we would have by everything I was hearing have it by now.

Now we are hearing since the Inauguration is on Friday, does it mean we have to wait until the Inauguration is past for this to go through? I thought no, it wouldnít be delayed. We would have it any day any night now. That has been my feeling for weeks.
Now I look at this thing and it is possible, but I do not believe that the intent is to wait for us that are paying attention, listening to the Big Call, going on blogs, the so called internet group. That is us.

I still believe even at this late day with the Inauguration 3 days away the intent is for it to go before. It may not make it much more than day or so before, but I believe the intent is for it to go very soon. That is really what I am believing.

I know you guys on the last call on Thursday, I told you when I understood when John Q Public was going to start. I had some dates back then. I found out those dates were accurate. I believe I said the dates on the money.

If that is the case, then we need to go before because we are a special group to go before John Q Public starts. I really believe it. Unless the public gets pushed out, which I believe they are not, then before now and the 21st.

I will say at 8:30 last night the redemption center employees were contacted and ushered in and put on standby. This had never happen in 3 hours before. Usually 24 to 48 hours from notification in place and on standby. Usually takes 24 to 48 hours. Yesterday it took 3 hours. To me that meant urgency. The first time that ever happened.

Is that where we are on standby? You have to go from standby to active. Active is when they are literally waiting for people to go through the doors. I have not heard they are active. Before that we were on a skeleton crew between 1 to 3 people per shift per redemption center. Now we are at full staff.

We appreciate those of you out there, Wells Fargo and HSBC, in these redemption centers, these 2600 redemption centers across the US and Canada. I appreciate that and many listen to the Big Call. They have waited as we have waited.

Iraq. Iraq has had a real rate on back screens, not visible to the normal banking system since January 1st. 17 days the new rate of the dinar has been on the back screens.

That rate is possibly going up toward that number I talked about that Shabbi had mentioned in 2012 and mentioned again on December 26, 2016. That number was mentioned in parliament in Iraq that they can support $16.10. I heard we are approaching that number.

Has that rate been put out yet in Iraq? I will say that the people in Iraq have received their back pay all the way back to Jan 1st. They have received that just now.

The flag I told you about, the gift from China, 38 ft tall, 60 ft long, in Mosul. It is in a very special part of the city, it is flying, considered it in a final resting place. What we are looking to get some type of acknowledgement of take back of Mosul and the new international rate for the Iraqi dinar. Is the rate in the budget? Yes. It is in the Gazette? Yes. Visible to us? No, still being kept from us. Just like Mosul. We are looking for that to be revealed. As far as Iraq concern, they have done all they were suppose to do.

The loan to the US was making according to the IMF that had a mandate of a billion dollar loan made to Iraq and needed to be insured. We had up to midnight last night for those bonds to be insured. Why didnít we make it last night at midnight? Did someone decide to hold this up? Seems to be the trend.

Shortly after that when it did not go through, certain things occurred with certain new people that allowed for that insurance wrap to be guaranteed and put in place. At same time late last night 4 other countries offered a billion dollars.

This was the UK, Japan, Russia, later today United Emirates in which each offering a billion dollar in bonds insured as a loan to Iraq. That satisfied from my understanding the IMF requirement. We satisfied ourselves when it wasnít satisfied after midnight. Now, tomorrow or Thursday Iraq will offer their own guarantee insured gold back bonds for sale.

It seems weird Iraq needed a loan of a billion dollars, More shenanigans by the IMF? Yes. Letís watch what happens. For those bonds by Iraq to be offered, do they need a rate to be visible for those bonds to have value? Yes. If offered tomorrow that rate should be visible. If on Thursday, those rates would be visible on Thursday. When it wasnít done at midnight, within an hour it did occur, things did happen.

We are from what I heard special late last night things really moving even from the far east, but also from our own treasury to provide liquidity for those already exchanged waiting to have access to their funds.

A lot of bond trading been moving today. Quite a few accounts of the SKR variety of Tier 3 were made liquid starting this afternoon. Some more of the groups are being contacted, pre-advised. Church groups are getting good information when their liquidity is to take place and have access of that. Tier 4 is next and looking for notification of toll free number to set our appointment and go in. We should be right there at the door.

Based on that information I heard. Everything is lining up for us to execute this. I have heard different contacts speak to my contacts acting bewildered saying you donít have it yet? People around the world indicating we should be there from Australian bankers to other people in the know.

I am encouraged where we are and still believe that the information about the notification for everybody is very soon to come. I hope that information is going to come to us on the Big Call and share it appropriately and if given that honor to do so.

Everything is pointing to pre-Inauguration. However, we know that the President elect is in favor of this going quickly. I believe that given that information we will not have to wait should this carry to all the way to the Inauguration. We donít have to wait not very long after that moment I believe.

The desire to do it prior to Friday, I believe. Not calling a date or day. I am just giving you an idea how close we are. I probably said more than I should.

Do you quit your plan A now? NO, you donít. If you are in a job, you got to hang in there until you walk out of your redemption of your exchange. Then you contact your employer and make changes that you need to make. If you love your job continue it that.

Most of us, 95 percent will go a new way, a new direction because we will have in front of us much to do. I am looking forward to that myself. I, Sue, Bob, Kent, and everybody is looking forward to that. We are all in the same boat to run with this. I am excited about it.

Where we are with the projects? Retreat sites planned all over the country, 85 sites our listeners have decided they wanted to be part of. That is when we had about 1500 listeners that wanted to be part of this. The idea is not to take donations for this, but fund this privately without government help or intervention.

I think I will ask for leaders to be part of what we have in mind. If you donít have a project or calling, you can be a part of The Big Call Projects such as Veterans Retreat, Rebuild America and then around the world. We want to raise the living standards and life styles in housing, water, job creation, and education, all those pillars in these projects equally optional. Good food, clean water, proper strong housing, energy, all have a decent standard of living. We want to be part of this of what will be happening throughout the earth.

I am excited starting here and take it internationally. That is the direction I intend to go with the hope many of you wish to be part of this also. We can learn from each other and not reinvent the wheel, apply it to this country and internationally. We want to help other countries where we are welcome. We will go in humble and wish to help people to improve their lives. This is what this is all about, humanity.

After this goes through, we will probably take couple weeks off, but put information about our calls.

Our calls will be more like podcasts where you can listen when you want to. I canít wait to put all our plans together. We will start with the Veteran Retreat Network. I am excited getting started and want to get started before the Inauguration. Hope that is the case.

My intention is to do a quick recorded celebration call between now and ĎThursday. Donít know for sure that will happen, but hope it does. If I am traveling, I will try to do my call from a remote location, but I hope I will do a celebration call before Thursday. We may not have a Thursday call because we may have a pre-recorded celebration call before that.

I appreciate everybody coming in tonight. Thank you Bob, Sue, Pastor Steven, and all of you out there on the Big Call. I appreciate all of you. It is a well oiled team that comes together that edifies each other. This will come at the proper time. I am looking forward to it as you all are. Stay with that, and look for our redemption drawing near.

Thank you for the listenership to the Big Call for coming in faithfully every Tuesday and Thursday nights. Thank you to the new listeners as well that have plugged in.

Make sure you ask for a high enough rate so you can with stain the longevity of your projects well beyond your years, 20, 50, even 100 years. We plan to do that. We plan to be around for a long time. Letís believe in that. Letís move in that direction and take advantage what God will bring to us for this blessing.

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