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from Bruce: Welcome everybody to the Big Call. Welcome all that have been so faithful to listening. We are going to update our website in the near future and have information on it when the next call will be after this blessing comes in. Also then we will take some time off. We will let you know on our site: website what our actual plans are moving forward. Be sure to check back to our site to see the possibility of a celebration call, a pre-recorded call if it happens between now and Thursday night. We will have the recorded call instead of the live call if this does happen between now and Thursday night. We will be updating our website and calls to get the calls live and online.

I thank everybody out there for coming in and listening in Big Call universe. We have had quite a bit of requests from the financial world from the US, Canada and all over the globe. Thank you for everyone for tuning in from all over the world. We appreciate you all.

Where we are right now? When we left you since our last call, we thought we would be going and get this before tonight. We were optimistic about the timing and a lot occurred. Tonight we got some more information what has been going on and an all over opinion. When we first look at the timing where we are in the month we talked before when the public is to start, the general public the John Q public. Not us who are listening to calls and keeping up on this on a day to day basis. But the John Q public is still looking at a start date of the 28th of this month, a week from today, next Tuesday. That is what I am being told and that is still the plan.

Bruce: Rate changes? The Forex? I believe the Forex will not show a rate change of these currencies until the 28th of February or the 1st of March. I am being told the Forex would not show the rate changes until that time so the public can see it. The rates? The rates on the ZIM as a non-NDA rate is going up a few cents at a time. It is a very strong rate. Well over a dollar but under two dollars for a non-NDA rate. That is going to appeal to a lot of people that donít feel they will not be able to handle the NDA concept whether because of too much social media, or it is too much family out there, so on. Hard to say what that is as far as that goes.

Bruce: Let me just say that here is where as far as anything else regarding rates. We have heard there is a rate on the back screen on the dinar that is higher than the old rate was when Iraqiís currency was depressed. So now we hear that rate is available on the back screens of the bank. However, we donít know for sure what it is going to be as an internal rate for Iraq. We just donít know. We think we know what it is, but it would be a guess or estimate at best to figure that out. Realistically though, we do understand Iraq has moved along very nicely. We understand they have the new smart cards, Qi cards.

Their cards have been charged with their new rates. We understand that. We believe what is ironic what is going on there is we are looking forward for good news with Iraq about the liberation of Mosul. We might have that in the form of an announcement here. We know that the banks in Iraq are open and even in Mosul the banks are open since 10am yesterday Iraqi time. Things are moving right along and I think even though we not completely seeing that on our news, we should see something optimistic coming out of Iraq soon.

Bruce: Also we are getting information that is looking good for us with our own currency. We have our own rainbow currency. We call it that since it is multi colored and has the Treasury on it. They are printing up to a $1000 dollar note. We might have a $10,000 and maybe a $5000 note. We heard these may come out as early as Thursday in the banks. We need an announcement. We need someone like Steven Mnuchin, Secretary of the Treasury, to announce that since his signature is on the bills. I think that would be coming post haste.

Bruce: I understand the new currency is already at the redemption centers. It needs to be at the redemption centers, offsite exchange locations, for us to go from an active to engage status. I understand that is the situation we are in to go from an active status to engage status to set our appointments and be off and running. In terms of our own currency, the banks have been training some since last Thursday not only on the new USN, but also the other currencies they will be exchanging because there will be a lot of people from the public coming into exchange in the first basket. The training was to end last night at the banks on Presidentís Day at 10pm last night. They were given another 24 hours to continue that education and it would end at 10pmtonight. That was extended to give additional training for branches or banks that needed more time.

Bruce: We know that we have certain windows we have used from time to time. We know when we thought we would be there by now; we have been given a couple of windows the next couple of days. We have been given anther window for this opportunity because of the training given to the banks. When it comes to the end and push comes to shove, there is always last minute information to get out. This is thing is about training on our currency as well, the USN. It is about the banks being familiar with that currency, the USN and foreign currency as well.

Bruce: The redemption centers are trained and retrained. They are all set and have been trained for months. I donít think anything is new with them. They are set to go from active status to engage status. They are still interested in taking ZIM holders in first. It would surprise me if that was not the case. So when we call and set our appointments let them know you have ZIM first so they can give you the right phone number to call so you are directed to the right center in your area. Even if you bought it at the end or have more dinar or dong. That does not matter. The ZIM is so large.

Bruce: We are going to be very pleasantly surprised with everything. The high rates, the programs the banks will have for us as far as structure payouts and the ability to negotiate for higher rates. The high rates when the public goes will not be available. They are basically looking at the screen rates. The redemption centers. From my understanding, only will be open until the public starts. There might be a few centers that will be open that are next to the actual bank location, bank branches. Some may be opened and may decide to continue to exchange the ZIM holders in those redemption centers.

By and large most redemption centers will be closed from what we understand unless they are open for follow-up meetings with our wealth management people is the only reason they will stay open for over a week. Most of us will be in and out in a few days. We wonít need a week unless we are on a cruise, or traveling like that, or we are having surgery. Most of us will set our appointment and get in a couple of days. That will happen as long as appointment times are available for us.

Bruce: The appointment will only be an hour to an hour and 15 minutes long. It is more just an opportunity to exchange, set up an account or two, get a bank wire or bank checks. Also have the opportunity to take out $10,000 in bundles of $2500 if you want to take that much. You will be given a debit/credit card until your permanent card comes in. It will not be the time to set up 15 trusts, 20 LLCs, two foundations, etc. All that will happen in your follow appointment.

Initially you will have a skeleton trust set up by the bank before we walk out, a bare bones trust which will give us some protection when we leave the bank. When we consult with our attorneys, CPAs, we will transplant that trust with the new version what that trust is designed to be. If you need some sub trusts as well under that main umbrella trust. All of that can come not at first appointment, but down the road in 10 daysor so. Time to breathe, set appointment for follow up and think about a little vacation if you are so inclined before we get started with the rest of your life.

Bruce: The Paymasters for the groups and for the prepays all of them have been paid and are liquid. One of the largest humanitarian funding sources has received their funds and got their 2nd large tranche and I believe they will have access to it. When those who can see the money in their accounts but not have access, I believe they will have access the same time we, the Internet group gets started with our exchanges at the same time. So in a real sense their accounts are reading pending or admin holding. We will have basically a shot gun start. They will have access at the time we are paid.

Bruce: We could be there anytime now and before the weekend. I hurt myself if I call a time, not literally hurt. We do not want to call something and not have it come through. The timing of this is very close in terms of what I am hearing. What we need is some good news come out of Iraq. Maybe it will be tomorrow. We need some good news of our own currency. It needs to be on TV, announced and talked about before Thursday if it is going to be available at the banks before Thursday. The timing is there for it to be talked about, and returning to the Gold standard. I think that would be part of the announcement that Secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin would make.

Bruce: I am excited about that and where we are going as a team on the Big Call. In terms of our humanitarian projects not only working with the Veterans, but also Rebuild America adopting a city, town, and community based on how much you want to help . I am looking for 5000 listeners from the Big Call to help 100 cities in the 50 states. The other thing keep in mind is Puerto Rico can use some help too. Donít forget Puerto Rico is part of the United States and is a beautiful island that can use some help in some parts. For some of our Puerto Rico listeners of the Big Call such as Bluwolf and others, hang in there in that help is coming to your island as well. I know Bluwolf has plans to help Puerto Rico also. Shout out to Bluwolf.

Bruce: We have everything to move forward, everything set even on a Geo Political stage. All set to o forward. If there are some things not quite right, it will be a go around until it is made right. They are not going to hold this up until all is perfect.

Bruce: Shout out to our banking partners working with us with our humanitarian projects. Two windows now that we are in the midst of now. I am excited and looking forward to do a recording of a celebration call. Hopefully that will come before Thursday night regular call time.

All the information I have been given during the call is all positive. We might not need a Gold standard announcement due to the Basel 3 compliant. We should get an announcement talking about our new currency. I would look for that very quickly.

Thank you all for being faithful coming in tonight. Thank you to our banking partners being trained and ready. That will be good for the public. Most of us on this call will use the redemption centers and looking forward to getting a toll free number. We will put that out on our web site and on our pre-recorded celebration call that will be 15 to 20 minutes long.
Check back to our website: to see what the progress is and when our next call will be.

Thank you to Wells Fargo, HSB, and the rest of our banks here in the United States such as Citi Bank, Chase Bank, and Bank of America. Thank you for the Tier 2 banks we have as well such as Sun Trust, 5th Third Bank, Bank First, and other regional banks such as Regions bank. We wouldnít be able to do this without our partners from the Far East, AIIB that is huge in this process. Also Peopleís Bank of China, that has made the large mega tranches happen. All that came from China and the Far East as Singapore and other nations that had funds in them for years and years. Thank God that has been released to us to get this done. It is a huge mega event all over the world.

Also thank you to Royal Bank of Canada, TD Bank, Scotia Bank, Moca Pocia Bank in Central and South America, and HSBC internationally. If you are international, HSBC would be your Go-to-Bank for getting good rates. Our banks will be our partners in this when we go in for our appointments and negotiate for higher rates for our humanitarian projects. Look to the banks to help you through the process. We will have other partners to Rebuild America such as Lowes, Home Depot, Sutherlands, Menards, and other home improvement stores in your area, stores that will help us regionally throughout the country. It is going to be amazing. We will partner with businesses in a way not be part the government, but we will mirror what is going on in the project President Trump is putting forth in us making America great with Rebuild America.

Thank you everybody around the world for listening and I am looking forward to this blessing to come in. Hopefully this timing is right and we will have this for Thursday nightís call. We will put it out on our website.

Thank you to my team Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven, and Kent. Thank you Big Call audience and listeners. We appreciate your faithfulness for listening to the Big Call. Goodnight everybody. We love you.


The BIG Call Replays   



2/9/17 The Big Call with Bruce & sales team INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link

THE BIG CALL WITH BRUCE Tues, Feb. 07, 2017, INTEL ONLY INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link

From Bruce: Good evening everybody. Where are we and where are we going? We heard a lot of things happening in terms of out west with groups and with some of the pre-paids getting liquid. Also the ZIM platform trades becoming available and liquid. Then we heard they were going to have access very shortly to those funds. They could see them in their accounts but not quite disperse the funds, couldnít get access to those funds yet even though they get paid and have access about time we go for our exchanges. So we have a collision course or a shot gun start where all start at same time.

There were some jurated farm claims needed to be handled. Those started to be paid out Friday and continuing through the weekend. Something handled and done separate from the Prosperity package. Something that would go prior to that. Those are being handled.

Now we heard yesterday that everything at a certain time yesterday early afternoon were complete. That the US Treasury had signed off. The go ahead was given. Certain Dignitaries and others out west witnessing and approving of it. Then we heard certain of these people left the area and went to monitor what was going on at another location out east. Those things moving along nicely and continue to moving along nicely.

Our understanding is two ways to look at it. What happened at yesterday morning, at 2:36am EST was that the redemption centers, about 6800 off site redemption centers in the US and Canada went to high alert status at 2:36am yesterday morning. You say why is that different? I think it is different because they kind of from a security point of view it is on more of an alert and ready to go and the people in the redemption centers are also ready to go. Yesterday afternoon the rates had been populated and could be seen on the bank screens. My understanding that is still the case today.

Iraq. I got word from one of our sources in Iraq at 1:48pm afternoon today Iraqi time today, that Prime Minister Abadi announced that the gangs and forces for dash or ISIS had essentially laid down and retreated and are no longer a militarian threat. This was announced in Iraq. We have not seen this on the news here. It could be coming up here quickly. I donít know when.

A lot of the news from Iraq is held back from news coverage here. You guys know when we are looking for the liberation of Mosul, and the flag has been up for two weeks now. A lot of positive things taking place in Iraq and we are sort of looking for a public revelation what their new rate is and that would be put out internationally. That could be the next from of announcement we get from Iraq. Iraq has done basically all they need to do, and ISIS is no longer a threat in Iraq according to Prime Minister Abadi.

What about Syria, and other areas around the world? We believe our President have put together special force groups in 6 different countries and given the directive to clean up everything that is needed to clean up regarding ISIS. They have a time frame to get that done even if it is 60 to 90 days for that clean up. Donít be surprised if it happens more quickly. It is a positive thing for us to have that threat removed from the Middle East and other parts of the world . That is a good and we like to see happen and go away. That occurred today.

The other thing is that at 5pm EST today, we got word through contacts at Chase Bank and at Citibank on two different coasts that the banks with foreign currency departments inside the branches, nothing to do with the redemption centers, that the banks themselves were to begin contacting people, their clients or people that purchased currency they know about. They were to contact the people at the time banks closed at 5pm EST to set up exchanges for them to come in and exchange at the screen rates. We know the rates are on all the screens at the banks. We heard some very good rates on Dinar and Dong. The rates are higher than we thought they would be for the screen rates, quite a bit higher. That is exciting.

These exchanges are not testing ones and not teaser rates. This would be the real mccoy. If that took place at 5pm tonight, what does that mean for us? That means we are close for us to be contacted with a toll free number to put that out whether on the call live or tomorrow or the next day whenever that is for you guys to set an appointment and go to the redemption centers. They want to get the ZIM holders in first. I think this is an amazing time for tonight. Maybe not tonight, but it could or it could happen the next couple of days. I have been told by people in the know this would be my last call prior to the RV. I hope this is correct and true. I hope I donít have to make a callThursday. I hope I make a pre-celebration call before Thursday.

You know what we do here is to try to put together the Intel I get in a way you can appreciate and you can discern the truth from it as I do. What we are offering is something not the same old stuff. It varies and changes between calls. People that have been listening to the call know that. They know it is not always the same. I am kind of offended by that. If you are not listening you can think that why is it so special and what is different from tonight? It is a lot different. I am encouraged and you should be also.
What we hear on the Senate confirmations on the Cabinet positions for the President. You had seen on the news today that Betsy DeVos was approved as Secretary of Education. That was a close one. It was where Vice President Pence casted the tie breaking vote. That happened close to lunch time today EST. Then we had Jeff Sessions today in that his vote today was a procedural vote in the Senate. That went through to 52 to 47. We are waiting for him to get a confirmation vote tomorrow in the Senate. Then he will be ready to be sworn in. We are very interested in the new Treasury Secretary who will be Steven Mnuchin. He is in the position now to get a procedural vote in the Senate, but I donít know for sure that could happen tonight or tomorrow.

When that happens he would get the confirmation vote to follow. I do not know if that can occur on the same day or not. Then he gets sworn in. I have heard two to three different ways it could be affecting us. I heard when the vote goes through for him the final vote that is all we need to know he is going to be confirmed and everything is a go for us. I have heard this could occur prior to the actual swearing in ceremony it could be a go. Then I have heard after he is fully sworn in it could be a go. A most recent version of that is we know he is going to be confirmed is enough to release what you and I are concerned with a 800 toll free number to set our appointments. That is another variable. Something to keep our eye on. I have been watching the news to see this come through.
Another variable is under Secretary of the Treasury could also release this for us without him having been sworn in or even completely voted on because they know he will be confirmed. That is where we look at it with a political point of view.

People are back in Reno to make some announcement or witness the release of what we are looking for. I canít go into anymore information with that, but that could be very positive for us to keep an eye on. It is hard to say based on this how just exactly how close we are. This information from today is the best Intel we have had in a long time. I am excited about the timing, and excited some of the banks in their branches are to do exchanges, We are on high alert and excited about that. Excited our time is very close with this information. With that being put out, this is as close we can put it out without calling it. You know this day is exciting for all of us.

from ​Sue: Everybody, I was sharing with Bruce because I go online and kind of research for the community for the Big Call . I was watching all the different opinions and I said to Bruce what you are. We are like the RV weathermen. It is okay as long I can have my wedding if it pours rain. But people out there say the weather man said it will be beautiful and when it rains they freak out. I think, Bruce, your Intel tonight was clear and strong and we all can feel blue skies ahead we hope. It is going to be sunny and bright and exciting. I think it is just a matter of understanding it does change and this is the best most sifted Intel and locally grounded. Our research and with the people giving us this Intel canít imagine how lucky and a privilege to get it. I feel honored to have access to the information Bruce brings us.

from Bruce: I want to thank you Sue, Bob, Kent, and Pastor Steven for all you are doing to help me as a team to bring this out. We donít have to do this. We do this out of compassion and love and we want all in the community to be strengthen and to be in position to take full advantage of this opportunity. We will have projects to work on. Some things will be separate and some together. I want all of us to cross over that finish line together in a serious way holding hands across the line. We have been through a lot together. Some tough and some great times. Each of us would have a credible story if we could. Some of those stories we wonít be able to bring out after this especially those signing NDAs to get the higher negotiable rates. Something to keep to ourselves. I wonít have a problem signing an NDA. We are chosen for this. We are definitely in this to win it, to make a difference in this world.

We will come across new technology and new information in the next few years. Incredible stuff and to prepare our minds and hearts to move forward. We will be able to try to bring our community with the Big Call and others along with us as we move forward in some new areas of healing technology, energy and all kinds of things right along with try to do some projects together as Rebuild America, and Veteranís Retreat, we are looking to do some calls where all flow in a beautiful way and learn together.
Sue: I think all on the call can reflect and learn this can be a time to reflect and slow down and learn something significant for the next lag of your journey. Some of those things we all had to learn to discern.

Continue to stay in faith and run this race you have been called to. Continue to press into God. Stay with Plan A until Plan B (Blessing) comes through. We have recommend this for over a year now to stay with Plan A till Plan B comes in order for you to move into your new life. Thank you everybody for listening and coming in. Thank you for the regular listeners for continuing to listen. Thank you to our banking partners out there in being prepared. Let us stay with this and stay in faith. You know to look for the link for the celebration call on the Big Call web sites. Thank you everybody. We love you all. Good night, Everybody.

from Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call. I am glad you all are on the call tonight. It is a good time for us. What we try not to do on the Big Call is to call it because we have been so close based on the Intel we have that we were right there. We all thought that based on the Intel provided then something would take us away from it. These days it is more accumulative.

We know we are at a certain point of Iraq or USN gold standard and all these things happening outside. I want you to know even though we canít call it, we can say right now that in the past it was never the intention of the previous Administrative to let this go. I never wanted to admit that was the case. We came to find out after the President left office that was the case. He never had the intention to let it go. It was sad because I think hurt a lot of people, a lot of people that voted for him, that believed in him and so on. It just didnít work out. It just wasnít going to happen under his watch period.

We are in a new Administration and President Trump is with this and behind this and in position to help put this through. I think we can rest in that and feel good that now we have an opportunity for our blessing to come. Did I think a year or two ago we had to wait until the very end of January or first couple days of February? Of course not. I would think you were nuts if that the case, but here we are the last days of January and a lot of information has came through pointing in the direction we are looking for.

In Iraq, in the laws they have passed, their Qi cards that are charged and working all over the world at a rate in the $4 range. We know Dr Shabbi stated the Iraq dinar could support a rate of $16. We know there is a valuable rate going to be higher than we thought it would be. The last rate before United States crushed their economy was $3.22. So we thought should be at $3.22 or higher. If oil is at $16 a barrel then it could be at a higher rate. We know that is the case with inflation and price of oil we are looking at a higher rate.

In Iraq, China made a gift of the Iraqi flag, which is 38 feet tall by 60 feet long. It has been flying steady in its location in a nice section of Mosul for days now. It is a good sign. It is iridescent, lit up by spot lights, and seen from a long ways away. It is a beautiful image for them, and they have a statue near that flag which is also a gift from China. That is a beautiful comparison to our Statue of Liberty that was a gift from France to the United States.

We are happy Iraq has their sovereignty back, their currency back, able to open up and be tradable across the world. We are looking for a final announcement that states that fact and the liberation of Mosul. Yesterday at 3pm in Mosul there were half a million leaflets dropped out of airplanes telling the people it was safe for them to come out and that they had liberated Mosul. That information was put out by leaflet dropped by plane.

When will we find out about that? We might find out it tomorrow of the liberation of Mosul. Hopefully so. That will allow the trigger to discuss the rest of what Iraq is doing in the international asset gold back currency.

What about us? We had heard things the other day of documents signed to bring us to the gold standard. We believe those documents have been or are being executed and we should know about it in short order. We believe the USN and TRN are digital and digitally backed by the gold standard. That is really gives that digital value that it is backed by gold standard and other assets. That is why we call it asset back even though we are turning back to the gold standard. It is no longer just a currency based on the full face and credit but the assets themselves giving it value. That is true for everyone around the world.

We know just a day or so ago we understood that we have returned to the Basel 3 compliance. For example, there was a nice video conference call between the number one bank in 4 cities that was on to discuss such issues of Basel 3 compliance and repopulation of rates on screens discussed. We feel we are in good place of what we know.

Basel, Switzerland. It is a beautiful city. It is kind of thing that the last couple of weeks some of the banks have been doing some exchanges at teaser rates so they could get their Basel 3 together, but we had some banks not in compliant. Then they regained that compliance due to the fact some of the gold bonds were traded and hydrated where additional equity could be assessed for these banks. My understanding is we are Basel 3 compliance in the United States now. We are at that level. The next level is Basel 4. I know it has to do having certain percentage asset liquid, the limit goes up higher. Positive thing for us in terms of the banks being strong enough to have liquidity at that extend. Positive thing for everybody banking with the United Stateís banks. Very excited about that.

We understood Iraq CBI site has not shown a new rate on spread sheet for 30 days. Their law says it has to be posted on their sites no longer than 30 days. We are right there or should be there in a matter of day or two having that rate updated on their site, the CBI site.

What about the UN Operational rates? That is something that should show after midnight tonight EST when we go into February 1st. Between midnight or two we should have new UN Operational rates show as well. If they do show changes in the currencies in the first basket that should be significant for us. Banks have been populating their rates, sequencing each other to have that unification between all the banks. In the last couple of days there has been some dry runs or tests, dress rehearsal of this going. A couple of those. That is very positive. It shows the testing is ongoing. They are ready. It is just a matter of the release being brought thru.

We have been on a standby status with our redemption centers for a number of days now. Then we went to an active status. The final status is going to be engage. When we go from active to engage that is when we truly are ready for the doors to be open for our exchanges to begin at that time. Should be go time for us. We heard certain sub groups and people have been paid the last few days and weeks, but people havenít had full excess to their funds. That is what we are looking to happen at same time when we get notified with 800 numbers. A shot gun start for all of us. Those who have exchanged already will see money in their accounts approximately the same time the Prosperity packages will go out and we get a start to set appointments for our exchanges. That is really where we are right now. The memos to go at exchanges for Wells Fargo and HSBC are in prep mood for that memo to go out to change status from active to engage. They are in preparation for that and when ready will be set out.

I want to thank those banking institutions, 1200 of them, who asked for our call last Thursday. We talked about the banks partnering with Wells Fargo, and HSBC. In Canada Royal Bank of Canada, TD Bank, and Scotia Bank. We are looking forward working with those banks. Also Chase, Citibank, and Bank of America. All these Tier 1 banks. Also Tier 2 and Tier 3 banks such as 5th 3rd bank, Sun Trust Bank, and other hometown banks. What is interesting is we actually have the 800 number useable in North America and Canada but also tied in with ATT to utilize in Puerto Rico and Central America and Mexico. Canít speak of South America, but I know as far as Central America using Moca Pocia which is in partnership with HSBC. Those in Brazil, in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, you have a number of HSBC locations in those cities and other cities in Brazil. Be checking if you are in South America. Do check locations online for branches for HSBC if you are international. Moca Pocia will be working directly with HSBC. Also Scotia Bank also will be. They have branches in the Caribbean islands. Keep that in mind. The initial 800 number will work for those areas in Central and South America possibly as well. Also Puerto Rico will be able use that number as will. So that is good for Bluwolf and others there in Puerto Rico.

We want to have a good relationship with our banking partners. They will be strong banks because of Basel 3 compliance and the plan to rework the Dodd Frank Act. Diversification is always good. No one will find fault with you moving funds to other banking locations. We canít forget our banking partners in the Far East, AIIB who brought large tranches in play to give us the funding to back our exchanges through AIIB, People Bank of China and number of trusts based in the Far East. All of that is going through in a beautiful way. I want to thank our banking partners AIIB that have a presence in the United States as well and in number of cities. I think that will increase.

I am excited where we are. We have heard positive things of today and tonight. Positive things that have been put out about the Paris Agreement and when it needs to happen. The date is Thursday, February 2nd. A lot is happening that should transpire now and then. If somebody is just hanging on, just hang on a bit longer. We had communication of someone that is going to give up. Donít give up. You have a lot invested in time, resources, planning, etc. It is not the time to give up but press forward and to have vision. Realize that we are close. I am positive in terms of our timing and good shape for this to go through. We need to stay patient a little bit longer. Just enjoy the wait a little bit longer.

We had an average of 214 redemption centers per call listening in and I appreciate all of you that are on the other side of the table. Those working hard waiting for us for us to come in to the redemption centers. I am excited about that.

Thank you to my team for tonight, Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven, and Kent behind the scenes. We are blessed and looking forward to the next few days for this to go through for us. Just realize what we are going to do is so humanitarian based in terms of the projects and the work we have intention to do. We have major plans including Rebuild America by adopting a town, city, community starting with infrastructure. IF we negotiate our ZIM rates we can go there just make sure to let the people know you want this rate for not just yourself but all the humanity you will affect. If you donít have your own project you can use Rebuild America. If you mention us, the Big Call, that we are doing this together. We are looking for 100 cities per state. We will start in our areas that need the help. The President talked about doing major things for the inner cities. We will do the same thing. A mentorship program where people can work alongside as interns with professional builders, electricians, plumbers, welders, etc. We are going to try to mentor the people, create jobs, build infrastructure, longevity with our projects. So you will be able to ask for a rate higher than the screen rate of the ZIM. We would like to partner with you. We will do calls as pod cast, online opportunities. I am looking forward to putting out calls with new information as Sue is. I am excited to be part of it.

Thank you all for coming in tonight and all the listeners for staying faithful. Just hang in there a little bit longer. All I heard last few days is all positive for us. Looking forward to getting the 800 numbers that we would put out on a prerecorded call. Looking forward to Thursday call if it doesnít come out before then. Thank you everybody. Stay tune. Good Night Everybody.


from Bruce: Welcome everybody to the call. We know things are really happening out there behind the scenes. Some of it we can see and some of it we canít see. I will just try to paint a picture what I can tell you what is happening in the world of our investment, our blessing is how we refer to it most of the time.

Here President has been inaugurated for a week, since last Friday. His first week has so much going on with that perspective alone. I donít know if you saw his speech he gave today out of Philadelphia. I thought it was quite good. He stated in his agenda the next few months with what he plans on getting done and do, and asking congress to do in that area to get things rolling. Quite a list of things, and getting his positions for his Cabinet together, to get his guys in place. I know he made a comment that he is looking for his

​Commerce Secretary to be installed so he starting doing deals with trades around the world. He said with Theresa May being here he wants to do some trades, some deal situations with United Kingdom. He might have to do it himself. I am sure he went for it what he needs to do with the Prime Minister of United Kingdom while Theresa May being here.

There were a few clues of what we were looking for. I didnít get an actual transcript yet, but you guys might have seen it. It was interesting it was mentioned several times the term Bretton Woods and references to the constitution government and to the people was mentioned. It was a beautiful speech and sort of mirrored what President Trump said in his Inaugural Address. I thought it was very appropriate. It was very well responded by the audience. She is going from here to Iraq to meet with the Prime Minister, Abadi there. I didnít know Great Britain and Iraq have a relationship in Iraq with power plants going in there. I think that is fantastic. Quite a bit going on with that aspect.

It is interesting Prime Minister Abadi planning on heading back by Saturday his time. He is to go back and maybe go back and make an announcement of Iraq and Mosul. That is something we can look forward to, getting wind of. I donít think there be an immediate black out from Iraq. We have had that for months. I think it is different now as far as getting news out of Iraq.

Where are we in terms of other aspects of this? It seemed we were getting a lot of info yesterday. Today it was light. Yesterday we were looking for redemption centers to go from standby status to active status. Once they did that then we would be set to get the toll free number. We didnít get confirmation that we got that last night.

Word was early this morning they are working hard to reconnect everything to the call centers and the redemption centers in North America. Actually we found out through ATTís connection with this the satellites they are using not only the United States and Canada be connected with those sites for the toll free number but also Mexico and Puerto Rico will also be connected so people in those jurisdictions can call in as well and get directed to a redemption center in their particular area. Same thing true for Canada and those in the United States. That understanding was being reactivated and tested early this morning. My thinking is that is moving along nicely now. We may have that active status possibly by lunch time tomorrow. We will see. Hopefully so.

As far as the banks are concerned, we understood the banks were on conference call yesterday afternoon getting synchronized. I think getting them Basil 3 compliance. All the banks have until the end of the month, January 31st to be Basil 3 compliant. I have a feeling that call was about a lot of things because the major banks in Atlanta, Dallas, New York, and San Francisco were on a call together for that purpose. I think they were just getting their Ts cross and Is dotted. That is my impression I was getting.

Activity out west moving quickly and streamlined and flowing beautifully right now with people getting hydrated actually on SKRS and other Tier 3 transactions. The liquidity that they are receiving is right there. Many times people have SKRS and can see their block accounts but have no access. That is starting to go away. Now we are seeing a lot more movement in terms of the funding out west.

The other thing is the Petchili bonds, these gold back Chinese historical bonds being transacted strongly yesterday. A lot of flow in the bond transactions to provide liquidity. These transactions are taking place and moving through in amounts we have not seen before to take place for humanitarian funding source. We know some humanitarian funding source in South Africa have received their money and are ready to go. Hopefully not too much longer it will pop for us here too.

The Treasury was sending out information to all State Treasurers to get in touch with them about the new USN, digital currency being live and them receiving that information about the new dollar and what that entailed. They had until 5pmyesterday to respond back. Our understanding is the States responded. Donít know if 100 percent was confirmed, but I believe it was. That is why we are moving along now with the rest of the process.

I really donít know anything specifically different about rates. I just know the rates are all great. We know everything we had about the Qi cards being international with a rate of $4.84 spendable on those cards all over the world. I donít think that will be the final rate. I think the dinar can support in excess of $16. I think we will be in that type of range when this is final. I am looking for Abadi talking about the take back of Mosul and talk about the Sovereignty of Iraq in the fact they have a tradable currency with world markets and ready for business. He may not talk about the currency per say. He is returning to Iraq some time Saturday his time.

As far as anything else, I just have a feeling that what China wants done is they want this blessing to come through for us before their Chinese New Year starts. It might be close, might be very close. There is a 12 hour difference between Hong Kong and the East coast. Something that would happen at noon time here on the East coast would be midnight on the 28th in China. That is something that gives us a time frame that we might want to look at if that is what we are hoping to happen. Even if it doesnít come through for us tomorrow, we should be in good shape Saturday and Sunday. The ideal days have been Wednesday and Saturday for the RV we understood. Either way whenever it comes, it will be welcome for all of us.

When we are able to get toll free numbers, in some circles we are hours away getting that, we will put that information out to our listeners on our website. The redemption centers are well prepared. They want to pull the ZIM holders in first. I am excited where we are. We are getting very close the end of the ride. We are not calling it. I, having been in it for 12 years, I am ready sort of moving to go forward with our humanitarian projects. With the Intel right now that is really what I got.

What we can do is put a celebration call out in a recorded fashion between now and Tuesday. I am excited about that possibility. In terms of the redemption itself, I have talked about how to respond after getting the toll free number. Getting directed to another number to call based on if you have ZIM or not. Setting your appointment by your zip code in area not too far to you. We believe no one has to drive more than 80 miles. That maybe different out west where the distances are greater. It shouldnít be hard to get to a redemption center.

I have to thank HSBC and Wells Fargo in training their people and working with Abbott Downing with training their people as well. We are partners in a sense with our Canadian banks as well. Thank you to TD bank, Royal Bank of Canada, Scotia Bank. Also thank you to Moca Pocia bank in South America. Thank you to Chase Bank, Bank of America, Citibank, and all the regional banks, Tier two banks such as 5th Third Bank, Bank Trust Bank, US Bank. So many banks will be able to handle this.

Decide how you want to do your initial exchange. My plan is to use the redemption center and negotiate higher rates especially on the ZIM because I have multiple projects with the program to Rebuild America and Veterans Retreat. We will partner in a way with the agenda the president has put out to adopt a city, town, community to help infrastructure. We will do a lot with infrastructure beyond a billion or trillion dollars. I would be surprise if the money comes out of the budget. Not saying it couldnít.

The Vice President talked in terms of private involvement, private sector to back up those funds and to work with the government in those areas. I have an idea how that might work. We are planning to Rebuild America and working with infrastructure, with towns, municipals, housing, new hospitals, clinics, schools, quite a bit we can do. We need higher rates on the ZIM. So donít be scared to ask for higher rates if you plan to work with us in Rebuild America and Veterans Retreat.

We are not asking for money for the projects, but you go forward in your community or town and city to take the template we are putting together for the country to Rebuild America and communicate with us in a portal. We donít have to reinvent the wheel. So when we get the 5000 plus people who want to participate in the projects, we can go forward unilateral with that. We will communicate with our new website. So consider in your heart and mind if you want to be part of such a plan and what part of the country you want to work in. That will be really cool and fun to do that.

Watch this project. This is a long term plan and not done in one or two years. It will be fun to see change before your eyes the next ten or twenty years. Some may go longer some shorter than that. It will be possible if we get the right rates on the ZIM so we can be involved in high tech such as in a high tech railway system that is going to take a lot of money to put together. Or maybe space ships to Mars, and to other planets. Set your sights high, aim high. I am excited where this group will be used...

That is it right now as far as Intel.

I am hearing by way of text very positive things that are pointing to tomorrow and into the weekend. So I am hoping to look into that information in a little bit. I am telling you everything is starting to open up for us. I believe our redemption draws nigh if you will. I am excited where we are. My intention is to do a short celebration type call with toll free numbers when we get them and put them out on the web site as a link on our web page.

​Of course we will have the recording put out on some sites online so you can see it in normal sites as and other places. Let us hope that is the case and that happens. Should that happen before Tuesday, we will probably not do a call Tuesday night call. We will get the website up with the portal so we can communicate with the projects we plan to do together. We might take a little bit of time off, but we will have the call schedule for the Big Call on the website. We will keep these phone numbers until we get away using phone service and start using podcasting on the website.

Thank you Sue, Bob, and Pastor Steven. We have to thank the listeners coming into the Big Call. We appreciate your faithfulness in listening to the call. I appreciate you, I really do. I look forward to looking with you guys, 5,000 listeners to Rebuild America. Thank all of you, the Canadian listeners and all listeners around the world. I am thrilled and excited where we are, guys. Good Night, everybody, and have a beautiful night tonight. I am looking forward to a great weekend starting tomorrow.


From Bruce: Welcome everybody to the Big Call. Thank you for your faithfulness in tuning in to this conference call. Some listen to the replay link, and most listen live. Here is a big welcome to those Internationally, United States, Canada, Mexico, all the listening audience. We had more people in the financial world from international destinations contact us for the call last week in numbers than from the United States and Canada combined. We had 1025 in the financial world request those numbers last week. Maybe have similar situation tonight.

We are at an interesting point in this adventure of this currency ride. For 12 years on this ride in my case and fewer for others. The Intel has been coming in bits and pieces but really good information. Where I thought we would have this by today, we have not yet. Let us go through and piece together what Sue and I do. Letís take this Intel and discern the truth of what we are hearing. Some things I go well that resonates with me and other information I throw out. As you know, I work by memory and I donít write this down. So some information gets left out occasionally.

What has gone on since the election and inauguration of President Trump? First of all, we understood, something I canít prove right now, one of his first execute order was reducing or eliminating taxes for us in our exchange. We have heard for long time this would not be a taxable event at the Federal level but could be at State level. We still are not sure how this is going to work. Letís believe one of the very first executive order has put us in favorable light with little or no tax with a Federal point of view for our exchange. Let us see what happens with that.

Another thing is the appointments of the cabinet. We heard quite a few appointees have gone through. Four or five have gone through. We are looking for the appointment for the Secretary of the Treasury to come in. Jack Lew has been our Secretary of the Treasury, but has had 3 other positions that he was in charge of. He was the Secretary of. My understanding is he resigned from those other 3 positions and still is the Secretary of Treasury until the new Secretary of Treasury is conferred and agreed upon and takes their place and is seated. When he is seated, my understanding is, we will sort of automatically will go to our gold back system. Once he is seated, our new Secretary of the Treasury is seated, that will put us all at one time onto the new gold back system that we will have here in this country.

It is not that all of our currency is gold back, but partially gold back. So we use the term asset back. It is asset back. However, we are moving towards the gold standard. So that is a positive thing. Does he need to be seated in that new position for the RV to go through? We have heard a couple of different ways, but most recent version this afternoon is, NO he does not need to be seated for this RV to go through. So that is a positive piece of news I heard today.

Additionally we know that the bonds that are moving to take care of, letís call it Platform trades and other types of Platform trades part of Tier 2 and Tier 3 are ongoing. Those Heritage bonds have been released today. I donít understand all of it, this is something we were looking for which is the Heritage funds to begin to flow. That is happening today.

Some of the funding is in place and sitting in Paymastersí accounts to be released early this afternoon to pay the platforms going on. The ZIM Platforms are in process now. We understand that is happening today.

Remember we said Iraq has had a new rate in back of their screens in our banks since January 2? Today I understand, they have a debit card, Qi card, for the Iraq people, and globally wherever this card is held, today the rate is $4.64. That is a new rate. What is interesting is it appears to be a rate that might be available today and used around the world today. I think there is a greater rate coming. The first part of that rate, the $4, should increase quite a bit with a change of rate by the CBI.

Concerning Iraq, just when we think everything is done with Iraq, we found there were 4 more laws to be passed this morning. One of those laws was the National banking law. The law the rate would be held in. The rate of the dinar held in that law. Shortly after 3am EST this morning, those laws were passed. At 10am Iraq time this morning, this occurred and that all 4 laws were passed. I assumed at the risk of you know what, those need to show up in the Gazette to make it official. My understanding is the rate is in the law and the budget. Both the budget and the rate will be visible very shortly.

We also understand that Prime Minister Abadi may be making a trip as early as tonight or tomorrow morning. He might bring that new rate with him. We are very close to that possibility. Donít have specifics or details on it. Also I am hearing others internationally from 9 other countries may be coming as early as tonight or tomorrow morning to the United States. On the list are Great Britainís Prime Minister, President of China, and President of Philippians. A big group including from Australia, New Zealand, and others. Also from a country from Africa, maybe Zimbabwe, donít know that yet. Also ones coming from a number of BRIC countries and maybe a few others additionally.

China wants this to go before their Chinese New Year begins which is Saturday, January 28, 2017. My understanding is it not only is to go, but certain aspects be complete. Say for instance if they start this right away, we could have virtually 90 to 95% of the ZIM out there in and exchanged by Saturday, but we need to get started. We need to have the toll free number.

​When we get that number, we will be able to set our appointments and go in the redemption centers and either take the screen rates with no NDA, or negotiate and take the high rates and sign an NDA. That will be up to you and your need for more funding for your humanitarian projects you have in mind to fund. That will be something yet to be seen. We have heard that rates are sort of that we have seen rates in the ZIM extremely high.

Realistically the screen rate will not show anywhere near that high, but since the ZIM is a bond it has great value. Even with the screen rate if it is 1 to 1 with the USD we heard since November 1st if it is at that rate. That is a fantastic rate with the size of the denomination of that currency. Keep that in mind. There still is the ability to negotiate higher. Use your own judgment of high to go in what to ask for. You can always ask for however high you wish and see how they respond with that to you.

We understand that the cabinet picks are going well. We heard today the Dodd-Frank law was repealed. I did not see that on the news. This is from another source. If that did occur, we understood that the banks stock reflected upward movement on the stock exchange in result of that. We did hear the Keystone pipeline was approved to move forward in that area. The other pipeline of the Dakota access pipeline has been approved to move forward.

Some things that have been held up are in motion now. That is very good for this country in terms of jobs. I know with both pipelines the President wants to use US manufacture steel for those pipes. He mentioned that today. I did catch that today. That is going to give steel workers work here in the United States to furnish and manufacture steel piping for the pipelines.

The gold standard we talked about. Exchange centers are still on standby. We need for them to go to an active status. When they do go to an active status, that is really go time for us. We know the redemption centers will be ready to go fully staffed and active as soon as we get this. We are hearing activation of rates going down to the Forex desk or Forex screens. I donít know if that is inside banks or where it is. I have heard when new rates come in and populate on the screens, when we get the new rates, it is go time. Everything is done. I am hearing everything is done now, but realistically not all done until we get the toll free number to set our appointment to go to the redemption centers. That to me means done.

Donít quit your day job. Keep Plan A running until such time you are walking out of the redemption center with your account information having exchanged. You will walk out with multiples of $2500 bills. $10,000 is the limit to walk out with. If you are not use to working with cash, donít even take it. You donít need to if you are uncomfortable with cash. You will be able to leave with a temporary debit/credit card with a decent line of credit on it if you decide to take that. You will be able to send a wire or two. I am not doing more than one or two wires to my existing bank.

If you do wire have your information legible so when they enter that information, they wonít mess up. I remember way back when I was buying currency, I had a bank wire all typed out very legible but the bank made an error putting up the wire. They had to redo it again. It is possible to have human error. Make sure you write your AB routing number clearly and the actual account number you want it to go in with the bank name and any further information they will need like the name of the account. This is if you want to hydrate your own account to pay off bills and debt with a bank wire at the time of your exchange. You could have a bank certified or cashier check. I wouldnít get more than one or two of them. You can go later when you go back to work with your management team. You want to just get in and get out. You will have about an hour and ten minutes for your exchange. Then you are out of there. Then you will go back a week or two weeks later with your CPA, attorney, your management team.

​Wells Fargo and HSBC will provide a lot of services. Look into the services they will provide for you, and how you will follow up with that with your trust. Most of us will have a skeleton trust initially on the day of our exchange. Then you will want to bring in the exact style trust and foundation you want to use. Also LLC if you wish to utilize so forth discussing with your attorneys and CPA with your follow up visit. You will have plenty time to come back to make changes. You will have to come up with a name of your trust. I have 7 to 8 names. Then think of who you want to be your trustees and beneficiaries.

One other thing I want to talk about is that we talked a long time ago with the difference of tithing. Something people understand to be 10 percent to the church, storehouse. Our purpose, remember we talked about the use of a God fund. I thought use 20% of the mother lode. Then we realized the value of the ZIM recent times that it is a bond and how much value it is. Then I realized in my case and maybe others, that the entire exchange of the ZIM could become the God fund. With other currency some of us have, that would be enough with just those currencies to take care of anything personal I want. When it comes to the God fund just something to consider as a way to honor God and handle your ministries and humanitarian projects. You have to look at your own situation if that is something you want to consider.

In the way of true Intel right now as it stands, we are at a precipice of this going any day. China wants it done before Saturday. AIIB, Bank of China and other financial partners out there are ready to go. With everything I am hearing today with the Platforms, bonds being hydrated, Tier 3 finishing up and everything happening with liquidity, I got to believe we should have it this week. Maybe sooner than later. I really believe that. Stay in faith for this, positive for it. Letís put your faith to work and see where we go this week. That is my Intel so far.

Thank you Sue, Bob, and Pastor Steven. From an Intel point of view it looks like everything I have heard and more recently in a text, we should be there before Saturday or even Friday. We are in a great position for this week. I look forward to putting out the toll free number. I will let you know. I will put it on our website and other blog sites. Stay in peace and love. Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven and I love you. I will be in touch. We will have a call Thursday night unless this happens before this. If so, we will have a prerecorded link. Beware of that.

Thank you to all of our internally and domestic audiences, and our banking financial partners around the world. We appreciate everybody. Also everybody in the redemption centers who are waiting as we are. We appreciate all of you. Everyone have a beautiful night tonight. We will talk to you Thursday unless there is a prerecorded call before then. Good Night Everybody.


from Bruce: Welcome everybody to the Big Call. Good to have everybody back. 1025 requested the call from the financial world. Wonderful that to happen because we know we are going to be parenting with our banks all over the world. Wells Fargo, HSBC, AIIB, Peoples Bank of China and other banks agricultural and business related also partnering with us down the road. Also banks in Canada and others internationally. January 28 means a new year for China and they are looking forward to that as a new start for them. This is the year of Jubilee, and looking forward to that also.

Where we were from Tuesday night call to now? Tuesday night we talked about is the plan for us to have this blessing prior or after the inauguration of President Trump. On Tuesday I told you I believed the intention was to have it prior. There has been a lot of availability of funds moving and liquid, but seems like the Go switch has not released yet for the church groups, sub groups, humanitarian funding sources still waiting particularly one funding group who has had the funds in there for 3 weeks and the funds are still there waiting for the release. Where we thought we have this before. At the time of this call we still do not have the Go signal meaning the 800 number for the release for us to set our appointments. ​

I am not sure I can say it will happen prior to the Inauguration. Could something happen over night? It could be possible. President Trump needs to say his oath of office then things shortly thereafter happen? I believe that is the time frame we are on now. I canít tell you how quickly this all set to go, but my understanding is one scenario that is the case. Maybe all breaks loose with the release we are looking forth shortly after the swearing in of the new president. That would be wonderful.

We have waited a long time. Some 12 years. This will be worth it. I have had few ups and downs on the roller coaster. I choose not to get on the roller coaster but to watch it from the platform. The information I am getting happening for us, what I am seeing the liquidity going to those who has had their SKRs from groups to have access to those funds I believe is suppose to start tomorrow and Saturday. These are the people who have been in and exchanged already. Maybe have seen their accounts but canít get access to their funds. That type of thing. My understanding this is part of the shot gun start. Maybe release the access to those funds and the start for us to go with the toll free number at the same time or approximately same time could very well be the shot gun start we have talked about for months maybe even years. Even though I couldnít believe it could go to the end of January or even January 20th, apparently that is what is happening.

Some things said on the blogs if it doesnít go by tomorrow or even tonight, we are looking at later dates in the year. That is not what I am getting. I donít believe that. I believe we are at the end of the ride if the possibility something happening after tomorrow.

We are also hearing the possible of an announcement by our new president over the weekend with the new gold standard we recently have gone to with our currency. If that occurs, we may be looking for the public to go early next week. We talked about those dates last couple of calls. Donít have time frame other than the weekend. Stand by and see what happens. See if it occurs. If it happens prior to earlier next week for us, conceivable we can have two to three days head start for them to get some of the ZIM in the system

Redemption centers are still on standby, fully staffed and ready. We need to go from standby to active status. That means they would be ready for us to come in. That needs to show up.

We are hearing also Iraqís Prime Minister Abadi is in Iraq still and is sort of waiting for the announcement to come so that he can release the dinar internationally. It has been revalued in the country. The rates have been on the screens the last19 days. We know where it approximately is now and where approximately is in value. But also know that Iraq has the contingent to Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum. Some folks were there early in preparation. Abadi wants to go there but since not triggered in his country, he has to wait. His envoys went to Davos, Switzerland.

The Chinese Premier did a beautiful job holding court the last couple of days starting Tuesday. Getting things done and organized in an orderly fashion over there. For example all the nations put their funds for the Global Climate Agreement. They have done that. Guess what country was the last country as of midnight last night did not have their funds in to Global currency agreement for the purpose of all for the Paris Agreement. What country was last? Oh, that is right. It was the United States. Everybody surprised of that? Since we insisted everybody sign off to that agreement yet our own participation wasnít until early this morning. Not surprising I guess. That took place finally. Better late than never, right?

I am encouraged that took place. The adjustments were made. We kicked in 400 million dollars for that. Other countries far smaller less populated than the United States were asked to pay 500 million dollars. Does that seem fair? NO. Was that discussed to make it fairer in Davos? Yes it sure was. They adjusted the amounts so that what all the countries had to put in was based on their productivity, factoring, economic ability, etc. Those adjustments were made. They are getting some things done. I am happy about that. There is more equity and playing field being leveled so all can participate more equally. That is going on.

Concerning the Inauguration there is a lot of excited built around that. The budget for the nomination process of the cabinet had a budget of 6 million dollars, I heard 6.4 million dollars. They achieved what they wanted to do with a 20 percent reduction in that budget. Those 1.2 million dollars was returned to the US Treasury by the President elect. Good start. Saving money. He is not taking a salary by the way. Also any foreign countries that books rooms in any of his properties in the US and maybe internationally, I donít know, but any that book rooms those profits from those rentals go payable to the US Treasury. Nice way to get a little funding in the Treasury.

What about our national debt? It is approaching 20 Trillion dollar deficit. What is ironic is that use to sound like a lot of money. Funny it doesnít sound like a whole lot to us that have ZIM, because the Private Negotiable Rate is pretty high on that. I wonder if the infrastructure we talking about a trillion dollar and I know the new Vice President Pence was talking about how that could be paid, and be covered. We know private sector could pony that up on its head not even blink an eye to do that. Really guys in the explanation Pence gave it wouldnít be coming from Congress, but coming from private grants. I was smiling when I heard that we could be part of that group to help the infrastructure. So I am excited about our participation of the Big Call project Rebuild America. Donít be discouraged about the national debt. I believe it will be wittled down. It wouldnít surprise me somehow that debt just goes away somehow. Maybe take a year or so, but it will go away.

I am excited where we are individually and part of the Big Call. The timing is close. It wasnít what we hoped last Tuesday, last week, and even today. I believe everything is ready. The funding is in place. The USN and TRN were alive and will be put back tomorrow. I think we should enjoy the Inauguration. Keep an eye on it. Our time is coming shortly. Also for the public to start. Let us get excited about that.

You know the drill as far as the redemption centers. Appointment to be about 1 hour. A two call process. One number to call center. If you have ZIM, you will get one phone number to call and set you up with redemption center in your zip code. If you donít have ZIM, you have another number to dial to take you to another redemption center that is not a ZIM center. They are ready as we are. They are anxious as we are. They are excited as we are.

Remember to smile and be happy about something so life changing and world changing as well. Big Call project, Rebuild America, one city at a time then the world everywhere. Find the need, meet the need, change the need. A little slogan we heard before. We can utilize that with what we plan to do. Stay positive. Look for a great event starting tomorrow through the weekend. You redeeming your currency, bonds as ZIM draws nigh. I am looking forward telling them about the projects about everything we plan to do with our communities, health, and technology. Our opportunities are vast to make improvements and help our fellowman. Did I think we had to wait for a new administration to start? Certainly not. Indication why it happening that way? I think so. See what happens and see who our friends really are.

I hope all enjoyed it tonight as I did. I look forward to the call. Let us believe together for this blessing to come according to the latest Intel I have. That is what I am going with and have faith for. Thank you all for coming in and listening. If we get the 800 number, we would be honored to put it out on our site. If we are able to do a prerecorded celebration call we would put that out also.

In the meantime, let us look forward to this change and incredible blessing. Look forward to a beautiful day tomorrow. Pray for peace and safety for all involved including us. Thank you everybody. Goodnight everybody and have a great night and wonderful weekend. I look forward to coming out to the other side and have a great time at the redemption center when I can set my appointment. I know you guys are too. Thank you Big Call listeners.

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