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The Big Call Highlights

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Feb 18, 2020 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or Replay

1. Last night Sun. 17 Feb. the US’s gold was repatriated – 422 ½ metric tons – that would back our US dollar.

2. As a result, 209 countries of the world would go on a global gold system.

3. Tomorrow morning Wed. 19 Feb. 2-2:15 EST the new Forex rates should show. The bank front screen rates would reflect the Forex rates. The back screen rates were the Contract Rates.

4. Iraq revalued their currency on Sun. 17 Feb.

5. All Tiers should go at the same time.

Feb 13, 2020 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or Replay

1. Last night overnight Wed. 12 Feb. the CBI Website started to activate.

2. By Sunday 16 Feb. we should have a new published Dinar rate on that CBI website.

3. Due to the President’s Day holiday where banks were closed we would realize the new Dinar Rate by Tues. 18 Feb.

4. Groups out West were to be notified sometime today or tonight Thurs. 13 Feb. They would have access to 1% of their funds that they have already exchanged and that would go through the weekend.

5. Word from Zurich was that the large bond transactions would transact and pay out through the trustees by Friday or Saturday 15 Feb.

6. Zim platforms tabletop meetings have given 1% liquidity of funds to some individuals who had pre-negotiated rates.

7. Our new money would be gold/asset-backed. That gold was being repatriated from other places – which should finish up around 4 pm EST on Sat. 15 Feb.

8. Tier 3 and Tier 4a activity would continue over the weekend.

9. The max on a structured payout was now 25 years.

10. Determine what percentage of your Zim would be used for personal use (usually 10%).

11. Determine how much monies you need in the first 90 days both for personal use and for your project.

12. There was 2% to 9% interest that you could earn on your Zim monies left at the bank.

Feb 11, 2020 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or Replay

1. Yesterday Mon. 10 Feb. Redemption Centers were getting their final briefing.

2. Today Tues. 11 Feb. at 10 am EST Tiers 1, 2, 3, 4 banks got final instructions by email and fax.

3. The first account funds out West, the second Admiral groups and the third funding groups – all were to start in some fashion today Tues. 11 Feb.

4. There was evidence that Tier 3 exchanges were going on today Tues. 11 Feb. for some politicians.

5. Tier4a should get access to 2% of their funds at about the same time we in Tier4b get notified. That was expected to happen tomorrow Wed. 11 Feb. about mid to late morning.

6. Iraq wanted this to go on a Wed. Kuwait went on a Wed. The Forex will update their rates Wed. morning 12 Feb.

7. The Iraqi Dinar will be updated to a new rate – which could affect the rate of the Dong.

8. The Dong would be $.40 cents lower than the Dinar. The Rial would be $.40 cents lower than the Dong.

9. Ten or so days after the exchange you could get called back in to talk about your project. They will be seeing if there is too much duplication of projects.

Feb 6, 2020 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or Replay

[img][/img]1. After Trump was acquitted things started rolling.

2. Different sources said that notifications were to initiate perhaps by Mon. 10 Feb., another said it would go out before noon tomorrow Fri. 7 Feb and yet another said by overnight tonight.

3. Tiers 1, 2, 3 were set. Some have had table top meetings, but no liquidity in their accounts.

4. Paymasters were ready to go with funds in their accounts to pay their groups and just waiting for the go ahead.

5. There were bond platforms that would fund infrastructure projects.

Jan 30, 2020 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or Replay1. As of midnight tonight Thurs. 30 Jan. USA Inc. goes away and completes that transition 24 hours later at midnight Fri. 31 Jan.
2. The Restored Republic would occur by 12:01 am Sat. morning 1 Feb.
3. At 5:30 pm this afternoon Thurs. 30 Jan. we began transitioning from the fiat dollar into the gold-backed dollar. That would also complete by 12:01 am Sat. 1 Feb.
4. Yesterday Wed. 29 Jan. was the USMCA signing, plus President Trump brought out the Israel Peace Plan. BREXIT would take place by Sat. 1 Feb. The US-Chinese Trade Agreement was completed.
5. Yesterday Wed. 29 Jan. the Chinese Stock Market was closed, which allowed the Chinese Yuan to revalue and connect to the GCR system.
6. Tier4b could get the 800#s sometime Mon. 3 Feb, with appointments starting Tues. 4 Feb.

Jan 23, 2020 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or Replay
1. A contact in Europe reported their exchange was done yesterday Wed. 22 Jan. and they had full liquidity with access to funds.
2. Tier 3 liquidity of 2% of funds continued through yesterday Wed. 22 Jan. and finished up today Thurs. 23 Jan.
3. Military SKRs have been made liquid and should have finished up today Thurs. 23 Jan.
4. The groups, farm claims, adjudicated settlements, fines and penalties, etc. were in the process, though not yet completed.
5. Trump came back yesterday Wed. 22 Jan. from Davos and went on the phone with 5 different countries. The new US Treasury signed off on the reset at 4:30 pm yesterday Wed. 22 Jan. and President Trump signed off on the reset at 7 pm last night Wed. 22 Jan.
6. The Chinese Elders wanted this to go by tomorrow Fri. 24 Jan. because they wanted to fly back Sat. for their New Year celebrations.
7. The general public won’t go until mid Feb.
8. The Internet Group Tier4b needed another two weeks to finish up, or have 8-10 days after we began to do exchanges.
9. In Zurich, Hong Kong and likely Reno, a lot of activity was going on right now.
10. Tier 4a and b could start at the same time. Emails could go out tonight to tomorrow morning Fri. 24 Jan. Everyone gets liquidity at the same time.
11. Expect notification in the daytime.
12. Rates were adjusting for us at the Redemption Centers.
13. Redemption Center staff was on call at a 45 min. notice.
14. NESARA and GESARA have begun in some capacity.

Jan 21, 2020 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or Replay
1. Last week the US-China Trade Deal was made, the USMCA (Canada-Mexico-US Trade Deal) was voted through Congress and passed and Russia decentralized their government. This all cleared the way for the reset.
2. A green light has been given for the emails to go out to Group A and 120 Paymasters in the Admiral’s Group with an ability for them to access their accounts tomorrow Wed. 22 Jan.
3. There was a lot of liquidity moving around today for Tier 3, the military and other large groups.
4. Emails for Tier4b (the Internet Group) from Wells Fargo would soon be sent out, with the 800 numbers being placed on certain websites for all to see.
5. There were 96 to 106 pages of perks (the benefits of banking with a particular bank) you could have depending on the bank you choose to deal with.
6. On Non Disclosure agreements (NDAs). There were 4 ¼ pages for the NDA for Zim holders. If you also had currency to exchange with your Zim, your NDA would be 5 ½ pages long.
7. They have created a DVD disc which will be available for us to play at our exchange after we have identified who we were at the exchange center. The DVD would educate us with the process – what was backing our new money – how it would be held at the bank – the Quantum Financial System and upcoming changes to the tax system. It would take 12-15 min. to play.
8. Those DVDs were delivered to the redemption centers on Sat.18 Jan.
9. The new Iraqi PM, Finance Minister and 5 other Iraqi officials were in Davos at the IMF Conference.
10. By tomorrow morning Wed. 22 Jan. the new Iraqi Dinar rate would be published in their Gazette – making their RV of the Dinar official.
11. Trump announced in Davos that we would be returning to a Constitutional form of law (Common Law, or returning to the original Constitution), and implied that the US was returning to gold backed currency.
12. This was looking very strong for us to receive notification for appointments sometime between Wed. 22 Jan. and the end of the week.

Jan 16, 2020 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or Replay
1. Last Tues. 14 Jan. was pointing to an any min. to begin, but three things needed to be done before we could start: (a.) The China trade Deal, which was signed yesterday Wed. 15 Jan. (b) The US MCA Agreement that was voted through the Senate today Thurs. 16 Jan. and (c) Russia to decentralize their government to the outlining areas – they were now moving to a Democratic government.
2. When the second phase of the China Trade Deal was signed off the Chinese communistic government would also go to a Democratic government.
3. As Tier 3 SKRs being made liquid – some people were trying to double dip – that slowed us down about three days.
4. Two rounds of emails went out yesterday evening Wed. 15 Jan. to Tier 3s. Some now have 2% liquidity.
5. The Tier4a could be notified tonight Thurs. 16 Jan. and tomorrow Fri. 17 Jan. to let them know they had funds in their accounts and could have liquidity by Sat. 18 Jan. or Sun. 19 Jan.
6. Iraq was supposed to RV Sat. 18 Jan. (our Fri. night 17 Jan.) and put the new rate in the Gazette. 3:15 - 4:15 EST on Sat. 18 Jan.
7. Rates that we get are negotiable to get significantly higher rates than what was on the front screen. Those rates should come up Sun. 19 Jan.
8. Tier4b (the Internet Group) could be notified for a Tues. 21 Jan. late morning start, with apts. later that day.
9. On Tues. 21 Jan. was the International Monetary Fund meeting in Davos Switzerland where gold/asset backed currency could be announced.

Jan 14, 2020 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or Replay
1. The first phase of the China Trade Deal with the US was to be formally signed off Wed. 15 Jan. around 11:30 am EST.
2. On Tues. 14 Jan. Secretary of the Treasury Manuchin said on Fox News there was a chapter in the Trade Deal that dealt with foreign currency.
3. Shortly after the signing takes place Tier4b (the Internet Group) could start.
4. If we do get notified by email it would be put out on websites.
5. Tier 5 – the General Public – would start sometime in Feb.
6. The Internet Group would have 10-12 days to exchange/redeem.
7. We could get up to $14,000 in cash at our exchange, along with credit and debit cards.
8. Tier4as have been in the process over the weekend and through today Tues. 14 Jan. They should be made liquid overnight tonight and be accessing their funds on Wed. 15 Jan.
9. Rates would update at 3 am in the morning.

Jan 9, 2020 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or Replay

1. The Dept. of Treasury and Dept. of Defense have signed off and authorized certain groups to begin a four step process of payout – notification – delivery of packets – the bank setting up accounts.

2. The CMKX settlement has not been paid as reported last Tues. It was still in the early phase of that process.

3. Funding for Paymasters was authorized late last night Wed. 8 Jan.

4. It was also confirmed on Wed. 8 Jan. and received confirmation last night that those Paymasters would have access to 2% of those accounts and within 48 hours would have access to all funding, or by Sat. 11 Jan.

5. Trustees for the Zim Platforms in NY, Miami, Dallas, Zurich and Hong Kong were being set up to be funded.

6. We have major funds moving into place from the Rodriguez Trust and the St. Germaine Trust for GESARA funding, and those funds may be for Zim holders in Tier4b as well.

7. The IRS and Federal Reserve have been reformatted to be part of the new US Treasury.

8. Paymasters would pay certain groups before we could get started in Tier4b.

9. They want this on it’s way before Wed. Jan. 15, which meant the Internet Group Tier4b could begin around Tues. Jan. 14.

10. The General Public was pushed out to Feb. 4.

11. The QFS was a new system that has completely transitioned over from the SWIFT System.

12. The speed of transfers could now occur in 28 seconds. No longer could a bank hold our monies for something to clear.

13. For security with your Mother Lode account you would have to access your account through using three different systems:

a. A Biometric fingerprint.

b. A Titanium Card that would be entered into the reader.

c. Using your own pass code.

14. No one would have access to your account but yourself. You would go to a specialized office to access your account in order to move money around. There would be 2,000 locations of those specialized offices for each major bank.

Jan 7, 2020 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or Replay

1. A soft start of the reset began yesterday Mon. 6 Jan. at 2:30 in the afternoon EST for Tiers 1,2,3,4a when President Trump made the decision to release .

2. At 10 am EST this morning Tues. 7 Jan. select accounts were paid out.

3. The CMKX packages began paying out this morning Tues. 7 Jan. at around 11:00 am EST. By this afternoon they were completely paid out.

4. Some of the larger groups – Fines and Penalties, Adjudicated Accounts, Farm Claims – were paid out today Tues. 7 Jan.

4. The 500 member core group (with 30 paymasters): some people were notified by email to expect something, while others were advised that there were travel funds to travel out West to take care of loose funds in their accounts. Those groups should settle out tonight Tues. 7 Jan. and get accessibility to their funds.

5. The Internet Group was looking for notifications to come out, but no one knew when that would happen, not even those in the Redemption Centers would know when it would start until two hours before.

6. All of the security audits have been handled.

7. Bruce felt that tomorrow Wed. 8 Jan. was a significant number for the Chinese and that could be a date for the very large Internet group to begin.

Jan 2, 2020 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or Replay
1. Bruce believed that there was an absolute plan to complete the reset in the below time frame.
2. Yesterday New Years day 1 Jan. all rates were off the bank screens until midnight last night.
3. Today Thurs. 2 Jan. the Prosperity Package deliveries began.
4. Tomorrow morning Fri. 3 Jan. around 9:30 am EST they would send notification to and start to pay out Tiers 1, 2, 3 and 4a groups. (Funds have already been allocated to their accounts).
5. Most countries’ new currency rates have been finalized. The Vietnamese Dong would be finalized over the weekend.
6. Payout for Tiers 1, 2, 3, and 4a groups should be completed by Sun. 5 Jan.
7. By 9:30 pm Sun. night 5 Jan. (Iraq’s 9:30 am) the new rates would be repopulated on the bank screens.
8. The Internet Group would have the 800#s and start exchanges by Mon. 6 Jan. or Tues. 7 Jan. in order to have our 8-9 days of redemption prior to 15 of Jan.
9. The General Public would start on 15 Jan.
10. When the US-China Trade Agreement was signed on Wed. 15 Jan. the new UST Note would be gold/asset backed – as would all other world currencies.
11. The Powers That Be wanted this entire reset completed for the Tiers, Internet Group and General Public by the end of Jan.
12. You could take out a maximum of $14,000 cash at your exchange.

Dec 31, 2019 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or Replay
1. Bruce heard this morning 31 Dec. that the goal was to complete this in mid Oct., then 15 Dec, but the clean up process was not yet done.
2. The General Public was set to begin on Jan. 15.
3. The Internet Group should be completed with their exchanges by the end of Jan.
4. They actually want 8-9 days for us to complete our exchanges.
5. The plan and timeline was for the groups, Prosperity Packages, etc, to see funds in their accounts and have access to their funds between Thurs. Jan. 2 to Sun. Jan. 5.
6. If everything goes according to plan we should be there by the end of this week.
7. They were continuing to clean up and we were looking good for the weekend.
8. The Internet Group could have the higher negotiated rates.
9. The Chinese Elders’ contracts have been ratified and put into the Hague as complete.
10. President Trump would sign the trade agreement with China on Jan. 15 and that was why the general public would go around Jan. 15.
11. The 800#s and instructions were going out within the next 24 hours.
12. 80% of the Internet Group would receive notification by email.
13. Bruce and others would get the 800#s out at the same time. >>> has been asked to get out the Alleged 800# for exchanging if so we will post on the iqdcalls Banks page

Dec 26, 2019 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or Replay
1. We haven’t gone in the last 4-5 days because there were at least 64 arrests of bankers as of last Tues. 24 Dec. These individuals were trying to hold up the reset (90% from the US, 10% elsewhere).
2. Those changes have now been made to the bank personnel.
3. On Christmas morning 25 Dec. at 3 am EST they activated the release codes so they could be handed off to the US Treasury.
4. There were a number of procedures that still needed to be activated before getting the 800#s.
5. Certain banks have had conference calls today. Those in the banks now say we may get it tomorrow Fri. 27 Dec, or we may not.
6. There was a possibility of getting the 800#s on Mon. 30 Dec. and starting on Tues. 31 Dec, or getting the 800#s on Tues. 31 Dec. and starting on Wed. Jan. 1.
7. Tier 5 – the general public – would begin on 9 Jan. 2020.

Dec 24, 2019 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or Replay
1. Yesterday Mon. 23 Dec. many banker arrests occurred in four different banks. More banker arrests happened again today Tues. 24 Dec. Those arrests delayed us from doing exchanges before Christmas.
2. CMKX deliveries started at 7:45 pm last night EST Mon. 23 Dec. and groups started later last night.
3. All CMKX deliveries and groups were supposed to be paying out through Christmas Day, perhaps longer.
4. Right now we have front screen rates in the green.
5. The Iraqi Dinar continued to increase in value and should be settled by the time we were able to exchange.
6. Most Redemption Center staff got off work today for the Christmas holiday.
7. If we don’t get notified with the 800#s by Thurs. 26 Dec. and start by Fri. 27 Dec, then we were looking for a start by next Mon, Tues. 30, 31 Dec.
8. We should have the new USTNs in circulation by the second week in Jan. 2020.

Dec 19, 2019 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or Replay
1. President Trump spoke again with the Chinese Elders about having this go down before Christmas. They wanted it to go yesterday.
2. Now the intention was for this to go Fri. 20 Dec.
3. They decided that it would come out after the Forex rates populated at 2:30 am EST.
4. We were in a 24 hour window where groups would be paid out by Paymasters, 800#s would come out and we would begin exchanges.
5. We should have full access to our exchange monies, though Zim could be set up in a structured payout.
6. Dinar rates were going up, up, up.

Dec 17, 2019 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or Replay
1. A huge amount of monies were moving today Tues. 17 Dec. Tier 4A – the groups under Reno leadership had two parts. One round took place when the Dept. of Defense moved money to the Treasury, who were to release it earlier this morning.
2. Tier 4B (the internet group) were next, which should happen over the next couple of days – Wed. 18 Dec. or Thurs. 19 Dec.
3. They had a deadline that they want to stay with this week.

Dec 12, 2019 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or Replay
1. The USMCA Agreement was signed off on Tues. 10 Dec. The China Trade Agreement was signed off by Trump today 12 Dec. – meaning that the GCR has begun.
2. At 3:40 am EST today 12 Dec. the 27 Elders drew on their accounts and were paid out.
3. The groups, CMKX, etc. got started or continued today Thurs. 12 Dec. They could possibly get paid overnight tonight.
4. Banks and Redemption Centers were looking for this to be a very important weekend.
5. We were being told that everything would cut lose after 5 pm EST Fri. 13 Dec. and close by Sun. 15 Dec., though we may not get liquidity until Tues. 17 Dec. We do not know when the 800#s were coming out, but it could be this weekend.
6. Tier 5 (the general public) was supposed to start on Mon. 23 Dec.
7. The new US Treasury Note should be available on that Mon. 23 Dec.
8. You can take home in cash up to $14,000. That would be in USD.
9. There were calls with the banks in the last few days. They were told not to inhibit this in any way or there would be repercussions.
10. There has been clean up since Oct. 11 and was ongoing.

Dec 10, 2019 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or Replay
1. The 27 event triggers that needed to be handled before the GCR could be released were the 27 Chinese Elders who needed to be satisfied. This afternoon Tues. 10 Dec. all 27l agreements were sent out. They were to be satisfied by 4:30 pm EST today 10 Dec.
2. Redemption Centers would be fully staffed for the next eight days.
3. Sources were getting less and less ability to communicate.
4. Yesterday Mon. 9 Dec. with release of the IG Report, the Chinese Elders received the un-redacted version of the report and were happy with it.
5. The Mexican-Canadian-US Trade agreement was signed today Tues. 10 Dec. Now with NESARA in place for them Mexico and Canada were able to do currency exchanges and Zim Bond redemption.
6. Bruce suspected that payouts for the groups, adjudicated settlements and larger groups should be taken care of overnight tonight Tues, Wed. 10-11 Dec.
7. Bruce was told we had a back wall of Sat. 14 Dec. for this to complete.
8. Release of the 800#s would be a day time event.

Dec 5, 2019 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or Replay
1. The 27 event triggers needed for the GCR to be released were now all but complete. The one left was release of the 800#s.
2. Today Thurs. 5 Dec. the Tier 3 SKRs were in the process of being paid out.
3. New rates populated and were solid on the screens tonight Thurs. 4 Dec. for the Tier 4 Internet Group.
4. If it didn’t go tonight it would likely go tomorrow morning Fri. 6 Dec.
5. All Zim holders and possibly big Dinar and Dong holders would be fingerprinted to check to make sure they were not a terrorists.

1. Another Sales call with made up tell. Disclaimer Comedy, Hearsay Rumor, Entertainment > It was supposed to go yesterday, though didn’t because there were 219 cities where security needed to be increased and by yesterday 43 more had to be at a level 5 security. We believed that security issue was handled by now.
2. Tier4a, Tier4b and groups would be released at the same time.
3. Wed, Thurs, Fri. were possibilities for the reset to happen. has been asked to get out the Alleged 800# for exchanging which we will post on the iqdcalls Banks page

Nov 21, 2019 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or Replay
1. Tier 4A core groups were now considered Tier 3s because their rates were pre-negotiated. The Internet Group (us) was considered Tier 4 because we had the opportunity to receive private negotiated rates.
2. Tier 3s started to be paid out yesterday and completed at 3 am EST this morning, receiving 10-20% of their funds. The rest of their funds would be paid out when Tier 4 was paid.
3. Tier 4 could use the toll free number or receive an email from Wells Fargo for information on how to set their appointments.
4. This morning Thurs. 21 Nov. at 3 am to 4 am we were put on high, high alert. The Pentagon was in control of the release.
5. Since this morning Thurs. 21 Nov. at 9 am to tomorrow at 9 am we were in a Group Clarification to make sure there were no crossovers between Tiers 1, 2, 3 and Tier 4.
6. Prosperity Package receivers were vetted, although those who were in that category recently have to be vetted. After that happens, we should be a go.
7. We could get the 800#s anywhere from late tomorrow night Fri. 22 Nov. on.
8. All the new rates were solid on the front bank screens.

1. On Mon. Nov. 18 a group in Reno received half a billion $ and another group received 4 sextillion $.
2. The Zim platforms were getting ready to go out – 12 sextillion $ was moved in Reno for that.
3. There were 11 Zim platforms in the US which would be paid out of Switzerland. That was going on today, tomorrow and Thurs. Nov. 19, 20, 21.
4. One of our international sources in the Far East said, “Hang on, all your dreams will come true tomorrow Wed. Nov. 20.”
5. Many believed that this would come by or be completed by Thanksgiving, Thurs. Nov. 28.
6. They were expecting Zim redemption to be completed within 4-5 days of 800#s release.
7. Bank information has been completely sealed off.
8. The currencies of all 209 countries were live on the bank front screens.
9. The green light has been turned on, while the Pentagon has been given the responsibility to release the 800#s when security was secured.
10. Funds were in place. Redemption Centers were ready to start.

Nov 14, 2019 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or Replays
1. Yesterday Wed. 13 Nov. we heard that they wanted it done tonight by midnight Thurs. 14 Nov.
2. The latest was that release of 800#s was pointing toward mid day tomorrow Fri. 15 Nov.
3. Globally funds that have been on hold have been released and were now circulating.
4. Tiers 1, 2, and 3 have moved forward with liquidity and access to funds, plus some SKRs have been made liquid.
5. We were to get started soon so that the Zim platforms could be used.
6. All currencies have migrated to the front screens and the new rates were solid.

Nov 12, 2019 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or Replays
1. Intel since Thurs. call has been consistent in moving us toward the reset.
2. As of Sun. Nov. 10 all 209 currencies had moved to the front screen.
3. Tomorrow morning Wed. Nov. 13 at 2:30 am EDT updates on bank screens would be made.
4. At 8am EDT today Tues. Nov. 12 the funds were released to the paymasters so they could pay their groups.
5. Bankers planned to go in early tomorrow morning Wed. Nov. 13 around 5:30 am EDT to enter the release codes by 7:30 am EDT.

Nov 7, 2019 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or Replays
1. There were things going on right now that pointed to the reset happening this week, or by Tues. Nov. 12 at the latest.
2. From what the bankers see on their screens there were a number of currencies rates locked in and migrating to the front screens today Thurs. Nov. 7.
3. There were about 65 currencies in the offering.
4. As of this afternoon Thurs. Nov. 7 there were 25 currencies that were locked in solid.
5. All currencies were ascending in value.
6. The front screens should be populated by tomorrow Fri. Nov. 8 (which would mean we had a live event).
7. Late last night Wed. Nov. 6 the Pentagon gave the green light to release once those currencies had migrated to the front screens.
8. If the inner cores get started tomorrow Fri. Nov. 8 or Sat. Nov. 9 the 800#s should be out shortly thereafter.
9. Monday Nov. 11 is Veterans Day when banks would be closed – a good time for the reset.
10. We would have 19 days to exchange. Zim should be redeemed within the first 4-5 days.
11. If the groups get paid tomorrow Fri. Nov. 8 or Sat. Nov. 9 then we should be coasting through Veterans Day.
12. If the groups don’t get started by Fri. Nov. 8 or Sat. Nov. 9 then we are looking at Tues. Nov. 12 for the 800#s.
13. Every country was now hooked up to the new Quantum Financial System.

Nov 5, 2019 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or Replays
1. Bruce was still somewhat under a gag order.
2. Iraq has been celebrating since last Fri. 1 Nov.
3. All countries have come into alignment with treaties signed.
4. President Trump has signed off on everything.
5. The Gold Standard became effective worldwide at 6:55 pm yesterday Mon. 4 Nov.
6. There were a number of situations around the world where arrests needed to happen, and were continuing but that was not slowing the RV process.
7. Tiers 1, 2, 3, 4 should be made liquid by now Tues. 5 Nov.
8. The reset was looking very strong to happen in the next day or so.
9. Dieutsch Bank could go down by Thurs. 7 Nov. unless some monies infusion happened.
10. Everything was moving over to the Gold Standard.
11. Bank Pinging each other was still continuing from East to West.
12. Bankers were staying in late tonight to get ready for the RV.
13. The currencies of at least 33 countries were moving up in value.
14. All currencies were in the first basket and being exchanged at the same time.
15. Iran, Syria, Turkey and North Korea were the last four countries to come in.
16. If you have any foreign currency bring it to your appointment to exchange or be put in a multi currency account to exchange late.

Oct 29, 2019 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or Replays
1. The last three countries Turkey, Syria and Iran needed Basil compliance and became so by noon EDT Mon. Oct. 28.
2. There were 23 currencies rates that would be going up significantly in the GCR. Trump spoke to all finance ministries of those 23 countries yesterday Mon. Oct. 28.
3. Fri. Nov. 1 2019 was the date selected to bring out NESARA/GESARA.
4. The Gold Standard announcement should come out at that same Fri. Nov. 1.
5. Many debt issues would be settled with the announcement of NESARA/GESARA.
6. Several people were given travel vouchers to travel to Zurich for Zim redemption by 9:15pm Zurich time Oct. 30 (3:15 am EDT Wed. Oct. 30).
7. When those transactions take place we should start our exchanges at the same time.
8. The 800#s should come out by noon EDT Wed. Oct. 30.
9. Indictments were being unsealed and arrests made on an ongoing basis.
10. There would be 153 one sextrillion dollar tranches moved between now and Jan. 5 2020.
11. Currency exchange monies would be immediately available at your exchange.
12. There would be 20% of your Zim redemption available within 24 hours of your appointment.
13. The Rial and Afghani could be exchanged, or you could set up and put them into a multi currency account and exchange them into US dollars later.
14. Currency Rates were moving up significantly.
15. If you do a good job on presenting your humanitarian project you could get a higher rate on the Zim.

Oct 24, 2019 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or Replays
1.Yesterday and last night Wed. Oct. 23 they sent out four tranches composed of Sectillion dollars to take care of Tier 4. That action was pointing toward RV release at any time.
2. Out West Paymasters had liquidity and were to receive instructions last night Wed. Oct. 23.
3. We were to receive notification before lunch today Thurs. Oct. 24, but the US Treasury stopped it because they decided to have all baskets of currencies go at once. That change took it out of happening today Thurs. Oct. 24.
4. Redemption Center staffs were going in early tomorrow morning Fri. Oct. 25 and the security staff for the centers has increased.
5. Certain people have been cut off from communication because of the proximity of the reset.
6. Sources close to the Forex said that certain currencies were still going up in value.
7. There was rumor that NESARA, GESARA and the US and World returning to the Gold Standard announcements were to be made Nov. 1.

Oct 17, 2019 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or Replays
1. It was supposed to go yesterday Mon. Oct. 21, though didn’t because there were 219 cities where security needed to be increased and by yesterday 43 more had to be at a level 5 security. We believed that security issue was handled by now.
2. Tier4a, Tier4b and groups would be released at the same time.
3. Wed, Thurs, Fri. Oct. 23, 24, 25 were possibilities for the reset to happen.
4. On Sat. Oct. 19 3:45 pm EDT Iraq revalued their Dinar at $8.22 in-country and international.
5. The Dinar could be a little higher in value right now. Dong should be close to it.

Oct 17, 2019 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or Replays
1. On Tues. Oct. 15 the President signed an Executive Order to make sure we wouldn’t have taxation on our exchanges.
2. There was reason to believe that things were moving throughout the night tonight Thurs. Oct. 17.
3. Bruce was told that they were in the process of finishing audits and email checks for Tier 4 and those audits would be completed tonight or in the morning Fri. Oct. 18.
4. Multiple sources have said we would get notified tonight or tomorrow Fri. Oct. 18 on the reset.
5. This was supposed to be a daytime event.
6. Redemption center staff were told to come in early in the morning at 6 am Fri. Oct. 18, so we could get a morning start for 800#s, or even appointments.
7. That start could be around 10:30 am to noon EDT tomorrow morning Fri. Oct. 18 as they waited for the West Coast to wake up.
8. Many thousands of bank accounts have been being frozen across the globe as they caught the Bad Guys. Those account freezing should be completed by 5:00 or 6:00 pm EDT today Thurs. Oct. 17.
9. A lot of things were happening behind the scenes – a lot of things done to protect our exchanges.
10. The bank bail-ins died with closure of the SWIFT system, so our banks were now safe.
11. The new USTN was gold-backed and equal with the gold in our new US Treasury.
12. Zim was now live and being transacted in Hong Kong, Zurich and Europe.
13. The new Tier 5 public start was Nov. 12.
14. Tier 4s would go together – the cores and groups out West should get notification the same time that the 800#s came out.
15. Banks and the US Treasury would send out emails to Zim holders that contained the 800#s.
16. Rates were very good and could be going up daily.
17. Word out of Singapore was that the 800#s were still coming out this week

Oct 15, 2019 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or Replays
1. Information received since last Thurs. pointed toward something happening today Tues. Oct. 15 – which didn’t occur.
2. Since Fri. things got quiet, but information around 3 pm EDT today Tues. Oct. 15 indicated that the reset had been given the green light.
3. We heard that the US dollar would be on the Gold Standard today Tues. Oct. 15.
4. Today Tues. Oct. 15 the Zim was to be activated and made available for redemption.
5. We know of some transactions that have taken place.
6. Bruce felt the reset could happen during the daytime tomorrow Wed. Oct. 16.
7. The Iranian Rial and Afghani Afgahani could be taken in and placed in a multi currency account, where you could earn interest on it until it’s made available for exchange, which could be in January 2020.

Oct 10, 2019 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or Replays
1. Yesterday afternoon Wed. Oct. 9 Trump was on a call where he was not happy. He had told China he would be releasing it on Tues. Oct. 8, though then the China Trade Agreement had not yet happened and needed to go before the RV. The Agreement was now anticipated to happen Sat. or Sun. Oct 12, 13. That could mean that the 800#s could come out Mon. afternoon Oct. 14 or Tues. morning Oct. 15.
2. That could mean the Zim redemption could go to the end of the month.

Oct 8, 2019 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or Replays
1. A source in the Far East said that the RV was released at 8:08pm EDT on Oct. 8.
2. At midnight last night-this am Oct. 8 was the start of the Global Currency Reset.
3. The military has been dispersed to arrest and “drain the swamp.”
4. Things were going on out West with the core Paymasters that seemed to be interfering with the release. Those individuals were apprehended and removed from the premises.
5. A Trade Deal with China was almost ready and should be finished by the end of this week. That would stabilize the Stock Market.
6. We should get started this week.
7. At 3:31 pm EDT the border of the US was secured.
8. The rates were stronger last night and should be on the screens today Tues. Oct. 8.
9. You do have power to negotiate your rates including your Zim Bonds.
10. Your appointment would be around 45 min. You can negotiate the terms and length of your long term payout with your wealth manager at a later date.
11. Keep what happens at your exchange/redemption appointment quiet and keep the terms of your NDA, or you could lose your monies.

Oct 3, 2019 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or Replays
1. Redemption Center Staff came in fairly early today Thurs. Oct. 3 and were expected to stay late tonight.
2. The Centers would be active, some going 24/7, through Sat. Oct. 12.
3. The military was still working out procedures so nothing happened today Thurs. Oct. 3 as expected. They should wrap up those procedures by midnight tonight.
4. We did not get the start today Thurs. Oct. 3 as expected but tomorrow morning Fri. Oct. 4 was another day.
5. The currency rates were moving up in value and were supposed to be in place today Thurs. Oct. 3.
6. We should get the 800#s shortly. [We have been asked to get out the Alleged 800# for exchanging if so we will post on the iqdcalls Banks page]

Sept 24, 2019 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or Replays (Reminder bruce the big call is Comedy, Hearsay Rumor, Entertainment only)
1. Last night security was taken to the next level when arrests were made on perpetrators trying to steal from the system.
2. A newer bank source on the West Coast said they intended to let this go in the morning Iraq time (late tonight 12 midnight to 1:00 am EDT).
3. That would me we could get the 800#s in the morning Wed. Sept. 25.
4. Iraq has had their new rates for some time.
5. The Iranian Rial was not in the first basket, but you were invited to do an exchange on it with your monies held in a currency account until Iran was relieved of their sanctions or at the time of a second offering.
6. The Afghanistan Afghani would be in the first basket for exchange.
7. We should complete our exchanges and redeem the Zim by the end of the month (Mon. Sept. 30).
8. On Oct. 3 the general public should be able to begin their exchanges (with Screen Rates, not the Contract Rates).

Sept 19, 2019 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or Replays (Reminder bruce the big call is Comedy, Hearsay Rumor, Entertainment only)
1. We were in the final “squeaky clean” window for the RV to happen that ran from 6:30 pm tonight Thurs. Sept. 19 EDT to 4:30 pm tomorrow Fri. Sept. 20 EDT.
2. Tier 2 was made liquid and part of their monies were used to pay off 1.2 Quadrillion derivatives of the Central Banking System. In return they would get 3.14% interest on a 10 year US gold-backed Treasury Bond.
3. Tier 3 had the same deal and their monies were used to pay off the national debt.
4. The Tiers 2 and 3 finished up last night Wed. Sept. 18, and then an audit happened before starting Tier 4.
5. Tier4a should get started tonight or overnight tonight. They have SKRs and will get emails so as to see their accounts.
6. We as Tier4b (the Internet Group) should go pretty closely at the same time as Tier4a. Bruce was guessing by lunchtime EDT tomorrow Fri. Sept. 20.
7. They have reached a trade deal with China and there was very possible that it was connected to the release of the RV. Everything was done by 6:30 pm EDT today Thurs. Sept. 19.
8. We could set our appointments and be in a redemption center within an hour of obtaining the 800#s.
9. Many Redemption Centers would be open 24/7.
10. Yesterday Wed. Sept. 18 the 800#s system was tested on the Redemption Centers. They found that that process could occur within one minute from the time you called the 800# to when your appointment was set.
11. President Trump would be in Australia and sending an Emergency Alert text to all cell phones in the US at 2:18 pm EDT to 2:20 pm EDT tomorrow Fri. Sept. 19.
12. The Internet Group should be able to exchange and redeem through the end of Sept.
13. The public will begin Thurs. Oct. 3.
14. NESARA would go right after.
15. We would soon be looking at a new tax plan.

Sept 17, 2019 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or Replays (Reminder bruce the big call is Comedy, Hearsay Rumor, Entertainment only)
1. We were getting very, very close to the finish line.
2. For several days Iraq has had a global rate of over $6.50 on the bank screen, though the rate was higher now.
3. Trump gave Iraq the go ahead to release their new rate today Tues. Sept. 17.
4. The new Dong rate was on the bank’s back screen.
5. Iraq was ready to go. Everything was done.
6. As of today Tues. Sept. 17 Zimbabwe currency (not the Zim Bond) was live and on par with our USN at a 1:1.
7. Today Tues. Sept. 17 there was a call between HSBC, Chase, Wells Fargo, the Central Banks, the World Bank and US Treasury to determine when to release the RV.
8. Tier 2 and 3 liquidity was done last night Mon. Sept. 16 at 6 pm EDT.
9. Tier4 a and b were supposed to go at the same time, but it has not happened yet.
10. Derivative payments on $1.43 quadrillion dollars were finished this afternoon Tues. Sept. 17 through certain people buying bonds.
11. After settling the Derivatives, a final audit was done, and then an announcement was to be made by the IMF at 9 pm EDT tonight Sept. 17.
12. The 800#s would go out by email and on certain websites including The Big Call. Those numbers were likely to be live tomorrow Wed. Sept. 18 if nothing else came out to interfere with the schedule.

June 20, 2019 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or Replays
1. Right now a Conference Call global meeting was going on with anyone of importance in the major banks, along with some government agencies. It started at 2:30 pm EDT this afternoon Thurs. June 20 and would be going on until about 10:30 EDT tonight.
2. Right now the groups based out West in Reno were in the process of being hydrated up to $100,000 in their accounts. Up to 20% of their total exchange value would be liquid at the time of the shotgun start.
3. We have a good chance of going by noon tomorrow Fri. June 21, with appointments on Sat. June 22.
4. On Humanitarian projects: Job creation was very important – estimate how many new jobs you could create.

June 18, 2019 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or Replays
1. The RV would be triggered after President Trump’s rally Tues. Night June 18.
2. You could have up to $100,000 accessible at the exchange and then access up to 20% of your exchange within 24 hours.

June 13, 2019 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or Replays
1. Nobody would go first. It would be a shotgun shot.
2. Your appointment would be 40 to 45 min. – in and out.
3. They know who you are.
4. The NDA would only be 1 ½ pages.
5. If you were a Zim holder you would take the front screen rate on your other currencies.
6. You have 5-8 min. to do your humanitarian presentation.
7. You will set up one account at the redemption center. Other accounts would be set up later.
8. You could leave your appointment with up to $6,000 in cash.
9. You could load your credit card up to $100,000.
10. You would make another appointment.
11. They can provide you with Proof of Funds letters.
12. You can ask for the funds you need immediately and for the first 90 days before your first payout, so have figures in mind of how much you need.
13. You will have Homeland Security and US Treasury people to talk to you about your monetary and physical security.
14. Have a figure in mind of what rate you want on your Zim for your humanitarian project.
15. Have a typed up letter of how much currency and Zim you have, the different currencies you have and give them a copy.
16. They should give you a receipt for those monies. Check and double check it, for that is proof of your deposit.

June 11, 2019 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or Replays
1. Today July 11 there was an 8 hour meeting with the World Bank, which is linked to AIIB. Now the headquarters were in Laos instead of Washington DC. They have lined up the world currencies with the GCR.
2. They put this in motion for tonight June 11.
3. We expect the Forex to come up from a dual platform to a single platform with locked in rates at 9 EST tonight June 11.
4. Some in Tier4A with SKRs have received letters asking them to come in and activate their debit card and they would receive liquidity a few days later.
5. Tomorrow morning June 12 could be what we were looking for.
6. Bruce has received an actual time to receive the 800#. >> has been asked to get out the Alleged 800# for exchanging which we will post on the iqdcalls Banks page
7. Redemption Center Staff were set to go in early tomorrow morning June 12.
8. Redemption Centers would be open 24/7 for the next ten days.

June 4, 2019 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or Replays
1. The 800#s were expected today Tues. June 4 – didn’t happen – but could come tomorrow Wed. June 5. This was our week.
2. Banks and Redemption Centers have been on Red High Alert for several days.
3. SKRs and packages would likely be liquid after release of the 800#s.
4. Iraq and Iran have both revalued their currencies in-country. The lower denominations were available in ATMs and their currency was gold/asset-backed. Our rates should be double of in-country rates.
5. The Dong should be close to value of the Dinar.
6. They would provide for you a Skeleton Trust at the time of your exchange. You would have 60-90 days to transfer those monies to your own trust account.
7. They know who the Zim customers were and how much you had.
8. There were some large global conference calls today Tues. June 4.
9. This morning Tues. June 4 Bruce received very strong intel that said we would be there within the next couple of days and before the weekend.

May 28, 2019 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or Replays
1. On Sat. May 25 Iraq turned on their ATM machines with the lower denominations. That means an in-country revaluation of the Dinar.
2. Today Tues. May 28 certain groups out West received documents telling them they were about to be paid.
3. Today Tues. May 28 at 4:30 pm EST after the Market closed, the USTN went live in the US. The USTN has been traded internationally for some time.
4. Most of Bruce’s sources said we were very, very close.
5. Today May 28 a Tier 4A person went into a bank, did paperwork and was told he would be liquid tomorrow afternoon Wed. May 29.

4/11/19 The Big Call with Bruce Highlights Below
1. This morning April 11 3:35 am SKRs for Tier 3 began to be paid out. That could complete around 1 am tomorrow morning April 12.
2. Fines and Penalties and others in the mix were occurring today and into tonight April 11.
3. The inner core Paymasters have liquidity in their accounts and could pay out.
4. The internet group Tier 4 B would be notified once these tiers were made liquid.
5. That notification to make our appointments could start around lunchtime tomorrow April 12 EST.
6. If we get numbers by lunchtime tomorrow we should be able to start our exchanges tomorrow afternoon.
7. That would give us two weeks to redeem our Zim.

April 9, 2019 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or Replays
1. The 800 numbers could come out Wed. April 10 around noon EST.  [ has been asked to get out the Alleged 800# for exchanging which we will post on the iqdcalls Banks page]
2. Money was moving overnight tonight - ledger to ledger transfers were being made.

April 4, 2019 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or Replays
1. The 800#s should be out sometime between Fri. April 5 and noon EST Sat. April 6.
2.We don’t have to wait on Iraq, Brexit or the Southern Border to be closed to do the RV.
3. A start date for Tier 5, the general public, was set at Mon. April 15.
4. The new Dinar was international and on the Forex, but would not be tradable until tonight April 4 at 9 pm EST

4/2/19 The Big Call with Bruce RATES & INTEL Highlights Below
1. The new USTN became tradable Fri. night March 29.
2. Judy Note: Bruce made some remarks about the Zimbabwe dollar. It was my understanding that the new Zim currency introduced April 1 was digital and different from the Zim Bonds that we owned. As such the Zim currency was not tradable. The Zim Bond has come out at a 1:1 with the US dollar, though you could ask for the rate you needed for your humanitarian project.
3. The Iranian Rial came out at $4.60 on the front screen.
4. The new rate of the Iraqi Dinar should be published on Wed. April 3 at 11am Iraqi time (3am EST).
5. All of the banks had to declare Basil 3 or Basil 4 compliance by last night April 1. They reached that. That meant that all the banks were now sovereign and owned by the countries they represented.
6. Last night April 1 there was a halt on international bank wires (24 moritorium on bank transfers) at 7:35 EST. It resumed at 7:35 EST tonight April 2. That meant the Cabal system was defunct and the QFS system would now be doing bank wires in less than a min.
7. The Iraqi Dinar rate should hit the screens at 3am tomorrow April 3 morning.
8. The new Dinar rate should be $7-$8-$9 and the Rial should be within a dollar of that.
9. There was a brand new template for the Forex. The currencies that we hold were now fully tradable with other world currencies.
10. Out West Paymasters for the cores and groups were liquid.
11. They made liquid the funds for the Tier 3 SKRs yesterday April 1.
12. It was said that “Tomorrow April 3 morning we should all be in bright sunshine.”
13. The US, Canada and Mexico would all be under one toll free number. Some would get another number to call.

March 28, 2019 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or Replays
1. On Fri. March 29 the global Gold Standard will be announced from Basil Switzerland.
2. On Sat. March 30 Iraq would publish the new rate (around $7) on the Dinar in their Gazette. By Sun. March 31 the Dinar would be tradable and expected to go up in value.
3. In order for the Dinar and other currencies to begin trading, the Zim would have to be redeemed so it could back them up - which could happen after the Gold Standard was announced on Fri. March 29.
4. Therefore, notification for Zim appointments could happen Fri. March 29 and 800#s for currency appointments could come out by Sat. March 30, or they could come out together in a shotgun start on Fri. March 29

March 26, 2019 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or Replays
1. A number of SKRs from exchanges out West years ago have been given liquidity just recently – in the last few days.
2. TMKX has finished and been paid out.
3. The President had a call Sun. March 24 with Tier 1 banks and told them that now that the Mueller investigation was over that the RV could be let go.
4. European sources said the RV was released last night – this morning March 26. We were expecting some movement very shortly.
5. The toll free number was close to being released.
6. Rates today on the bank screen were gone. They could be up on the screens in the morning around 9 am EST in the new rates.
7. There were 14 currencies that were revaluing and going up in value.
8. Dong and Dinar exchanges have occurred this week but were done in lower teaser rates.

March 21, 2019 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or Replays
1. A lot of sources have been shut off, under gag order or can’t share information.
2. We were expecting the toll free numbers some time tonight March 21.
3. The Dong and Rial were on par with each other and both were expected to be within $1 of the Dinar, which should be around $8 by morning March 22.
4. The Zim has to complete redemption by April 12.
5. A majority of CMKX have gone out. The Farm claims and F&Ps are complete. The Cores would finish paying out tonight.
6. Your Zim rate would depend on how well you convey your project – how you create jobs.

March 19, 2019 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or Replays
1. Today the Dinar and all currencies were fluctuating on bank screens – every 30 min. or so were changing in value.
2. Thirteen currencies were expected to go up in value including the Iranian Rial.
3. There was a 3-21-2019 date stamp on those rates today.
4. Fines and Penalties, Farm Claims, CMKX and Cores were all moving.
5. Things were happening tomorrow March 20 and Thursday March 21.
6. One toll free number would be available for the US and Canada.
7. The general public will go April 2 or it may have been pushed to April 10.
8. The Zim bonds were ready to start tomorrow March 20, but they have to get paperwork approved and back to Zim platform holders.
9. Some banks were doing mock appointment setting today.
10. Watch for breaking news on the FISA memos and Mueller investigation that would provide a smoke screen for the RV.
11. Today the Rial and Dong were around $7. The Dinar would be higher. Zim was over $.50 on the front screen. Back screen would be higher.

March 14, 2019 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or Replays
1. We still were looking for the RV this weekend.
2. Native American claims in 18 states have been paid out.
3. The CFKX would be completed in a couple of days and documents were being served on recipients.
4. Funds started coming last night March 13 out of HSBC China and were getting funds to four of our Treasury Reserve Banks. Chicago, Atlanta, Reno.
5. These funds would fund our exchanges every three hours.
6. That should allow us to set appointments for Sat. March 16.
7. 800#s should be out on or before Sat. March 16.
8. Zim, Dinar, Dong, Real currencies were trading upward as of March 14.
9. A new tax plan should be out April 1.
10. The general public should start about 12 days after we begin redeeming/ exchanging.

March 12, 2019 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or Replays
1. Iraqi Dinar was supposed to be pre-traded by Sun. March 10 at a $6.73 start.
2. Dong started pre-trading Mon. morning March 11. Supposed to be within 5% of the Dinar.
3. Iranian Rial should come in close to the Dinar.
4. Dinar would be available at the new rate Thurs. morning March 14.
5. Native American claims have been settled. Farm claims have been notified. CMX settle out tonight. The core groups may go overnight tonight March 12.
6. The 800#s may go right after the core groups go.
7. Prosperity Packages have been paid out to those trustees so they can pay them to the recipients.
8. Paymasters were liquid, have release codes.
9. We should be there by the end of the week.

March 7 2019 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or Replays
1. Iraq has not had their rate on the bank screen for the last 5 days. It should come back up on the screen sometime after 11 pm EST tonight March 7.
2. Tomorrow March 8 Iraq time (4 am EST) Iraq would release their ATM machines and new Q cards with the new Dinar rate on them.
3. China has wanted the Dong rate to be within 5% of the Dinar value ($7-$8 range).
4. Banks were on high alert status.
5. Lst night March 6 at 8:15 pm EST some Big Boys were paid out.
6. Front and back screen rates were high.
7. We have the ability to negotiate rates if we have humanitarian projects.

March 6 2019 The Big Call Highlights
1. The true RV started on Fri. March 1.
2. The Iraqi ATMs were loaded with the lower denominations.
3. The Gazette release in the morning March 6 would have the new Dinar rate.
4. The new rate on the Iraqi Dinar would start at $6-$7 and trade upward.
5. Everything would flow starting at midnight tonight – the 8-9 different funds would start paying out.
6. Things would be signed off by morning.
7. The 800s would be out some time between tonight March 5 and before noon on Thurs. March 7. We should be at our exchanges within 48 hours.
8. Banks in the US would be Basil 4 compliant before the end of the month.
9. We should have 8-10 days to redeem Zim before the general public could exchange.

Feb. 28 2019 The Big Call
1. Everything’s done, everyone who needed to have signed off on the RV, PPs and platforms have been paid out, Redemption Centers were ready.
2. We could get the notice for appointments tonight, by late tomorrow March 1, or by this weekend.
3. The rates were great and solid on the bank screens.
4. Yesterday Feb. 27 the banks had a 3 ½ hour training conference call

Feb. 26 2019 The Big Call Replay Bruce: Highlights
1. RV started with activity on new rates in Hong Kong. Forex came up on Sat. Feb. 23.
2. Fri. Feb. 22 afternoon new rates were signed off on.
3. Dinar $6.73 in country rate.
4. Zim up to $.38.
5. The IMF was being merged into the World Bank and relocated to Laos.
6. SKRs were finished up and made liquid in Reno last night Feb. 25 around 11 pm.
7. Additional group and private exchanges taking place today Feb. 26.
8. Toll free numbers should be in Q tonight-tomorrow, or real soon.
9. We are down to the final couple of days to get started. We could start from tonight on.
10. They have one number that will work for US, Canada. Your call will get forwarded to the correct zip code that refers to you. They did tests on Sat. Feb. 23 on the number.

2/21/19 The Big Call with Bruce (Dinar Intel starts at 52min mark) also Highlights
1. Iraq began paying their citizens with the new Dinar rate last Sat. Feb. 16.
2. This has been slowly rolling out since last Mon. Feb. 18.
3. Tier 3 SKRs were paid out last Tues. Feb. 19.
4. Tier 4 Group B (us) were next.
5. The Zimbabwe dollar (not the Zim bond) was on par with the USTN at a 1:1 and has been trading since 5:37 pm last night Feb. 20.
6. Today Feb. 21 there were a major numbers of flights that were coming into Reno with members of the core groups on board who had SKRs that were becoming liquid. We would only start after they were liquid.
7.The definition of RTGS (Real Time Growth Settlement) was that the banks were able to settle between banks. Today Wells Fargo, Bank of America and Citibank were not compliant with the RTGS and Syntex. It took until 3:15 pm this afternoon Feb. 21 until they became compliant. That’s why we couldn’t go today. We could go tomorrow.

2/19/19 The Big Call with Bruce Replay Link (Dinar Intel starts at 1 hr 6min mark) also Highlights
1. Movement was on the front screens today for the Dinar ($6.00) and Dong ($5.00) Zim ($24.-$.28).
2. Zim was trading live on the Forex as of this evening Feb. 19.
3. Zim platforms were paying out today Feb. 19.
4. Group settlements would be paid out this week.
5. The amount of cash we could take from our exchange was up to $150,000.
6. There was no limit as to how much money you could put on your Debit card.
7. You could have up to 20% access to your Mother Lode Account within the first 30 days.
8. The QFS was connected to all banks globally.
9. Transactions would take up to 45 seconds.
10. All Zim was on a long term payout. Your rate on your long term payout was negotiable. You could get as high as 7%-8% per year depending on how long you agreed for your payout and how much money you had in the payout.

2/14/19 The Big Call with Bruce Replay Link (Dinar Intel starts at 54min mark) also Highlights
1. Iraq to activate their ATM machines on Sat. Feb. 16, which would convert USD to Dinar at the new rate.
2. Sun Feb. 17 or Mon Feb. 18 Iraq would implement their new financial laws.
3. The new screen rates should be effective Feb. 15 and started populating on IMF rate page Feb. 14.
4. GESARA was supposed to kick in globally Feb. 15.
5. Out West paymasters were liquid and have their release codes.
6. 800#s could be released at any time now. A bank intel person said we may get them on Feb. 15.
7. They want GCR start procedures done by Mon. Feb. 18.
8. Rates were moving up on the screens. We could negotiate higher rates if we had a humanitarian program.

2/12/19 The Big Call with Bruce Replay Link (Dinar Intel starts at 55min mark) also Highlights
1. The GCR could be as early as two days away (Feb. 15).
2. Front screen rates for the Zim Bond would be between 14 cents and 26 cents.
3. If you had a humanitarian project you could negotiate a higher back screen rate for your Zim Bond redemption.
4. Currencies were being traded and rates were going up.
5. Iraq printed the Dinar international rate (close to $7.00) in their Gazette yesterday Mon. Feb. 11 and they have completed everything they have to do.
6. The Dong rate could get within 8% - 10% of the Iraqi Dinar rate (around $6).
7. The Paymasters have received their release codes.
8. There was a set time when the Global Currency Reset would take place, which could be as soon as tomorrow Feb. 13, Feb. 14, or the last of this week.

2/5/19 The Big Call with Bruce Replay Link (Dinar Intel starts at 55min mark) also Highlights
1. Last Tues. Jan. 29 US Treasury Secretary Munuchin made the announcement that military personnel could exchange all currencies.
2. We know that the USTN was live because last Thurs. Jan. 31 thousands of military personnel exchanged on military bases.
3. A few private exchanges have occurred in various banks this week.
4. Most intel sources were under gag orders.
5. We should be redeeming/exchanging soon and would be for the next twelve days.
6. Bank exchanges were based on the rate of the currency on the front screen at the time of your exchange. If you wanted front screen rates (not negotiated rates) and were exchanging at a bank, be aware that rates on all currencies would likely be going up in the next few days, and then go down again, so it may pay you to wait until the rate reached the level you wanted before exchanging.
7. HSBC was the lead bank which would be over all of the over 7,000 exchange centers across the nation.
8. If you were a Zim redeemer and called the 800 number you would be steered to a redemption center in your area, or you would be given another number to call to obtain your redemption appointment.
9. Start times would be the same time in each time zone of the country. That is, if the time to start on the East Coast was 2 pm EST, the time to start on the West Coast would be 2 pm PST.

1/31/19 The Big Call with Bruce Replay Link (Dinar Intel starts at 1hr 02min mark) also Highlights
1. There was confirmation that Tier 3 completed mid morning today Jan. 31 and should have access to their money tomorrow Feb. 1.
2. Tier 4 Group A started today Jan. 31 and should have access to their funds tomorrow Feb. 1.
3. There were 800#s in the West Groups were different from the three 800#s numbers Bruce would receive for the Internet Group Tier 4 B. The 800#s Bruce would receive were coming from HSBC out of Atlanta.
4. The 800#s would be put out on websites, and should go viral in minutes.
5. The asset-backed USTN was traded and live today Jan. 31. Zimbabwe will be trading their gold backed currency by 4:30 am EST tomorrow Feb. 1.
6. The President could announce the USTN possibly tonight or wait until his State of the Union Speech on Tues. Feb. 5 – the start of the Chinese New Year.
7. NESARA will go into effect by Feb. 5.
8. The Chinese Trade Deal with the US should be done by Feb. 5.
9. We could have some form of lift off tonight after midnight Jan. 31 - Feb. 1.

1/29/19 The Big Call with Bruce Replay Link (Dinar Intel starts at 1hr 08min mark) also Highlights > ( has been asked to get out the Alleged 800# for exchanging which we will post on the iqdcalls Banks page)
1. A lot of Tier 3 have been paid out, and all would be complete by tomorrow evening Wed. Jan. 30.
2. There would be a 12-18 hour stagnation period after the payout which would complete late morning Thurs. Jan. 31.
3. There was a possibility the Internet group could start late morning Thurs. Jan. 31.
4. Nine days ago Trump and the Chinese decided to combine Tier 4 A (groups) and B (Internet Group) so everyone would have access to funds at the same time.
5. Out West certain people have been called to come in – flying in now
6. Groups would be notified by email.
7. There would be 800#s for North America, Canada, Mexico to set appointments
8. HSBC was over other Tier 1 banks – Wells Fargo, America First, Chase
9. On Feb. 1 USTN would be live and the fiat dollar retired. It would take about a year to bring in all the Federal Reserve dollars.
10. The Zim would be live at 12:30 pm on Feb. 1 which was 4:30 am EST.
11. The front screen rate for Zim Bonds was $ .12 to $ .24 cents. The back screen rate was negotiable, depending on your project.
12. Zim platforms would pay out in 3-4 days after we begin our exchanges.
13. Tomorrow Wed. Jan. 30 Tier 4 group A funds would be in their accounts.
14. You could leave your exchange with $100,000 on your debit card, $14,000 cash and in 24 hours you would have access to the rest of your money.
15. Come prepared to your exchange with 6-7 trust names to apply for a EIN number. Also have the names of your beneficiaries.
16. You would have 3-6 months to make changes to your trusts.
17. On Feb. 4 they planned to roll Federal Reserve and IRS monies into the new US Treasury in Reno.

1/24/19 The Big Call with Bruce Replay Link (Dinar Intel starts at 1hr 07min mark) also Highlights
1. Yesterday Jan. 23 in Iraq the budget was passed and the amounts showed a relevance to a revalued Dinar.
2. The revalued international Dinar would be announced at Davos – which would be tomorrow Jan. 25. That could trigger our start.
3. Tier 4B would be notified the same time Tier 4A had liquidity.
4. Tier 1 banks have new rates on their screens.
5. Redemption center staff schedules have been put out for the next 18 days.
6. If it doesn’t go by tomorrow Jan. 25, we might skip until Tues. Jan. 29.
7. Two sources said the GCR began yesterday Jan. 23 in Asia.
8. China wants it done 8 days before their New Year Jan. 5, which would make it before Jan. 29

1/22/19 The Big Call with Bruce Replay Link (Dinar Intel starts at 1hr 07min mark) also Highlights
1. Sources have been silenced – on gag order, NDA.
2. US, Great Britain, Italy, Brazil, China, Russia were not going to the World Economic Conference in Davos Switzerland.
3. Today Jan. 22 at 2-3:30 am EST at Davos the USTN gold-backed currency was announced. We should get the announcement here in the US sometime tomorrow Jan. 23.
4. Last Friday afternoon Jan. 18 confirmation came from the Tier 1 banks that the USTN was being delivered to the banks.
5. The Iraqi Dinar, Vietnam Dong, Russian Ruble, Chinese Yaun and USTN now were all gold-asset-backed.
6. Today or tomorrow Jan. 23 the ATM machines in the US were being upgraded so the new USTN could be deposited and withdrawn.
7. Iraq will announce their new rate at the World Economic Conference at Davos.
8. RV could happen Tues, Wed or Thurs. Jan. 22, 23, 24.
9. GESARA would likely be announced tomorrow Jan. 22.
10. Things should happen within the next 24 hours.
11. Things rolled out after midnight last night Jan. 21.

1/17/19 The Big Call with Bruce Replay Link (Dinar Intel starts at 58min mark) also Highlights
1. The Chinese Yaun and Zimbabwe Zim were gold-asset-backed. Brazil would be asset backed tomorrow Jan. 18. The USN was not yet trading on the screens, but was gold-asset backed.
2. Tier 4s have been given release codes so Paymasters could pay out, but that has not yet been executed. Tier 4 Groups A and B would be paid out at the same time.
3. The last count of numbers in the Internet Group was around 6,000,000.
4. The codes have been entered on bank screens and the rates could solidify at any moment.
5. Certain bonds were paid out yesterday Jan. 16.
6. This could happen within days, and they want it done before Davos on Tues. Jan. 22. That points toward it starting tomorrow Jan. 18 or Sat. Jan. 19.
7. There would be announcements about NESARA/GESARA during meetings at Davos.

Bruce says he is "hearing it is going down Before the 21st or 22nd".     [via PinkRoses] is kind of coming down to the wire now. We are getting some really positive input...We heard some activity started last night. ...We believe that we are at the point very little is required now before we get notified to go. ...there has been a number of meetings and conference calls in the recent days... Calls that took place with the large banks in conjunction with the Secretary of the Treasury...we think part of the plan was to talk about where we are in terms of the release and...can this thing happen immediately meaning in the next day or two. ...What I am telling you is you are very close. Everything we can say about Iraq appears to have been completed...We hope that we are at the end of the ride because the evidence is showing things are moving. I can just can tell you the rates that will be on the front screens for the Dinar and Dong will be much closer together than we thought.

1/15/19 The Big Call with Bruce Replay Link (Dinar Intel starts at 1hr 1min mark) also Highlights
1. This has been divided into 5 tiers. Tiers 1, 2, 3 have been paid out.There were a number of arrests in Tier 3 because of illegal activity.
2. Tier 4 Group A was centered out West – the core group, which were Native American, veteran groups, etc. They were being told that they were about to be paid – have received letters and phone calls within the last couple of days. Their paymasters have been made liquid.
3. With Tier 4 Group B – the internet group – some activity occurred last night and tonight. We should get notified to go very soon.
4. Bruce expected 800#s within next day or so.

1/10/19 The Big Call with Bruce Replay Link (Dinar Intel starts at 59min mark) also Highlights
1.There were no zeros coming off the Zim Bond. It was worth a lot because of the value of Zimbabwe’s resources.
2. The rates on the Zim were flashing on the bank screens, though would solidify within the next three days.
3. Paymaster for the Tier 3 was paid 11 days ago. Six days ago they paid the Tier 3 group members.
4. They have moved into Tier 4 Group A and as of last night were notifying core groups.
5. We are Tier 4 Group B who were waiting for the go ahead from President Trump.
6. The toll free numbers for the US, Mexico and Canada would be released soon.
7. It should go within the next few days.
8. The Dinar rate was expected to go up high on the Forex.
9. We should have a very strong weekend.
10. Tier 5 the general public has a start date of Jan. 22.

1/8/19 The Big Call with Bruce Replay Link (Dinar Intel starts at 56min mark) also Highlights
1. Iraq was done and has three announcements coming out. One was made today Jan. 8, another would be on Thurs. Jan. 10 and a third on Friday Jan. 11.
2. One of those announcements would be the revaluation of the Dinar for it to go international.
3. The value of the Dinar was already above the $3.00 plus mark.
4. This past weekend Iran dropped 4 zeros off their Rial to come on par with the Iraqi Dinar.
5. On Fri. Jan. 11 there would be large tranches of monies which would hydrate the banks for our exchanges.
6. We may not get started until next Mon. Jan. 14 or Tues. Jan.15.
7. Groups were starting to go in and possibly could be liquid starting tomorrow Jan. 9.

1/3/19 The Big Call with Bruce Replay Link (Dinar Intel starts at 1 hr 1min mark) also Highlight
1. It has been quiet for the last two days. People have been told not to talk or are under an NDA not to say anything.
2. Out West Groups and settlements were being paid out. Fines and penalties were paid out yesterday Jan. 2.
3. It’s moving forward for the weekend – HSBC said tomorrow Jan. 4 or Sat. Jan. 5.
4. Iraq would end it’s Parliament procedures and have them ratified tomorrow Jan. 4. Tues. closed doors meetings were held here at the White House with Abadi.
6. The IRS and Fed were being lessened in personnel, with roles integrated into the new US Treasury.
7. Late morning tomorrow Jan. 4 Trump was having a meeting with Congress and a major meeting with the banks afterwards.
8. An important call to Iraq got pushed back from tomorrow to Sat. Jan. 5.
9. Tier 5 Joe Public would now start in late Jan.
10. We should have 7-8 days to redeem the Zim.

1/1/19 The Big Call with Bruce Replay Link (Dinar Intel starts at 50min mark) also Highlight
1. The International Markets would start trading within a few min.
2. The groups out West have completed, were paid out yesterday Dec. 31 and be available tomorrow Jan. 2.
3.The rates have been fluctuating on the bank screens. Rates today have not changed and would be better tomorrow. Today they showed:
Dinar $6.50  /  Dong $5.00  /  Zim $1.00
4. The Chinese Yaun, Iraqi Dinar, Afghani, Ruphia and perhaps the USTN were said to be gold backed tomorrow Jan. 2.
5. Iraq has been in meetings in Washington yesterday and today Jan. 1.
6. Every indication Bruce has had over the last few days was that this would be going tomorrow Jan. 2 or so.

12/27/18 The Big Call with Bruce Replay Link (Dinar Intel starts at 57min mark) also Highlight
1. We would receive the toll free numbers before end of the year.
2. Christmas Day Trump visited Iraq in order to congratulate Abadi and other officials for putting their new government together. In a Dec. 25 Christmas video that aired to troops in Iraq and elsewhere, Trump said that we were having a monetary reform this week.
3. The Stock Market had to crash in order to move the fiat US dollar so the new USTN could be put into the system.
4. On Dec. 26 Trump made a BOTD (a term in the financial market) tweet that could have helped stimulate the market.
5. One of the major banks announced that between now and the end of the week there would be a monetary and financial reset.
6. The RV would be anywhere from tonight Dec. 27 to Sat. Dec. 29.
7. The new rates were on the bank screens with pending notifications on the Dinar and Zim.
8. Platforms and Prosperity Packages would be distributed on Jan. 3 or 4. That would be done after we received our toll free numbers.
9. Tier 5 or the general public could start exchanging around Wed. Jan. 2.
10. There were 6 zones in the US. Give them the zip code for where you want to do your exchange. They would connect you to that region in order to set up your appointment.
11. Apts. should be 1½ hours. Bring a sheet with about 8 Trust names. Have your Trustee names and your beneficiaries.
12. For your safety they will track you to and from your appointment through your cell phones.

12/20/18 The Big Call with Bruce Replay Link (Dinar Intel starts at 53min mark) also Highlight
1. Yesterday Dec. 19 the withdrawal of troops out of Syria was an indicator of the rollout to go for us.
2. Between 3-4 am EST this morning Dec. 20 Iraq did what they needed to do.
3. The new rates for the currencies should be updated and set by this afternoon Dec. 20.
4. Core groups and Tier 4 Group A have either been paid, or were being paid today Dec. 20. They would see liquidity when we get the 800#s.
5. The announcement we were looking for could have been made today Dec. 20 behind closed doors.
6. A year ago QAnon brought out that Winter Solstice (Dec. 21 at 5:23 pm EST) we would go from darkness into light. The Chinese and Iraqis believe in this type of timing. President Trump wanted this to go before Christmas Dec. 25. Bruce believed that this was intended to go before Sat. Dec. 22 and the Internet Group was sure to go in before Christmas Dec. 25.
7. Redemption centers would be open until 1:00 pm EST Christmas Eve Dec. 24.
8. Zim could be redeemed until Jan. 7.
9. Public exchanges would start Jan. 7. Every time we were pushed back, the public was pushed back.
10.The Zim was a gold-backed Bond and had great value. No zeros were coming off.
11. The front screen rate would not require a NDA.
12. 90% of Redemption Centers would be open 24/7.
13. The Dong has been going up in value. Today Dec. 20 it was just over $5. The Dinar was just over $4.
14. You could leave your exchange with $14,200 in cash.

12/13/18 The Big Call with Bruce Replay Link (Dinar Intel starts at 45min mark) also Highlights
1. Bruce told we would have the 800#s tonight Dec. 13, but does not have them yet.
3. Things were quiet. People at the banks were on gag order. Intel was on blackout.
4. Banks received notifications today Dec. 13 that this was a go.
5. The GCR/RV should start Fri. Dec. 14 or Sat. Dec. 15 so the Zim could be redeemed by Dec. 22.
6. In the Far East the lead bank information indicated a certain time frame to get started.
7. Rates on the bank screen today were on and off today. They need to stabilize before we could start. That could happen tomorrow afternoon Fri. Dec. 14. It should happen by Sat. Dec. 15.
8. The Canadian rates should be the same as the US rates.
9. Paymasters were liquid. Humanitarian sources were almost completely liquid.
10. Iraq has completed everything. The Gazette has published. The CBI website would not print the new rate until after the RV/GCR.
11. The USTN and the TRN were asset-backed and live on the bank screens last night Dec. 12.
12. The GCR/RV could happen at any moment.

12/6/18 The Big Call with Bruce Replay Link (Dinar Intel starts at 55min mark) also Highlights
1. Today Bruce had indication that we would go today Dec. 6 and we were on high alert.
2. Trump talked of 3 days of celebration, which began today Dec. 6. Individuals in Group 3 – the Global Humanitarian Projects - were paid today Dec. 6, would receive the major part of their monies on Mon. Dec. 10 and were going on blackout tonight at midnight Dec. 6-7.
3. Iraq put everything in their Gazette yesterday Dec. 5.
4. Iraqi Dinar rate today was $6.78 and could be traded up or down.
5. Tomorrow morning Dec. 7 at 3am EST Iraq would put their Dinar rates on their CBI website.
6. Tonight at midnight and tomorrow early Dec. 6 it would be considered an any day, any hour situation.
7. Tier 4 Group A were paid out today Dec. 6.
8. Tier 4 Group B (the Internet Group) were next and at any time, but we were not expecting it during the night.
9. It could come in the next day or so.
10. Some of the platforms and Prosperity Packages could go out.
11. The USTN currency was out and pared with the Iraqi Dinar.
12. Last Tues. Dec. 4 the new system was integrated and operational.
13. Redemption Centers remained on high alert and on call.
14. Exchange Centers could go within an hour of us receiving the 800#s.

11/29/18 The Big Call with Bruce Replay Link (Dinar Intel starts at 50min mark) also Highlights
1. On Wed. Nov. 27 Iraq published their new government officials, which made the Dinar international.
2. China wants the RV/GCR well ahead of the G20 meeting on Sat. Dec. 1.
3. Funds have moved dramatically. Reno was hot with activity yesterday and today.
4. Redemption Center staff were sent home early today Nov. 29, though now are on high alert.
5. Tomorrow Nov. 30 is scheduled to be very busy day at redemption centers.
6. We should receive the 800#s tonight Nov. 29, tomorrow Nov. 30 or by Sat. Dec. 1.
7. There were four payouts: 3-5-10 or 15 year on (Zim) structured settlements.
8. The NDA is a couple of pages and no big deal.
9. Front screen rates do not need an NDA.
10. All Zim redemptions will sign an NDA.
11. An announcement from the G20 was expected (debt forgiveness, asset backed currency or GESARA/NESARA).
12. Our tax structure will change in Jan. (a value added tax of around 17% on new consumer items, not on food or medicine). The tax form will be simple and could be written on a large postcard.

11/20/18 The Big Call with Bruce Replay Link (Dinar Intel starts at 52min mark also Highlights
1. The groups were promised to be paid this week. It is believed they would be paid the same day that the Internet Group went.
2. Funds were in Trustee and Paymaster accounts and ready to be placed in individual accounts.
3. We were in Tier 4 Group B – the informed Internet Group
4. On Monday Nov. 19 funds were made available for our exchanges.
5. In Iraq Tues. morning Nov. 20 8am Iraqi time (midnight EST) the citizen Q Cards were made liquid and were being used today Nov. 20.
6. Events in Iraq indicated that the Dinar started to revalue on Sun. Nov. 18 and was increasing in value throughout the week. As of Tues. Nov. 20 the in-country Dinar rate was $6.78 and expected to be international before Nov. 22. Our rate would be higher than that.
7. The 800#s would be made available after Thanksgiving, with exchanges starting that same day Friday Nov. 23.
8. Manuchin taped his announcement yesterday Nov. 19 and it would air tomorrow Nov. 21 after 12 noon EST.
9. We have upgraded up to the new Quantum Financial System.
10. There were a number of countries which were already asset backed.
11. We would be started by the weekend (Friday Nov. 23).

11/15/18 The Big Call with Bruce Replay Link (Dinar Intel starts at 54min mark) also Highlights
1. On Nov. 13 at 3 am EST the Yuan was asset-backed, while the UST notes were asset backed Tues. Nov. 13 at 3:15 pm EST.
2. The UST note was supposedly officially announced on Wed. Nov. 14 and has been activated globally.
3. Bruce received information that made it look like we were a go for today Nov. 15 and today was not yet over.
4. Rates were solid and blacked out on the screens until today Nov. 15 when all new rates came back except for the Dinar and Dong (because those rates were still fluctuating).
5. The major banks received the new UST dollars today Nov. 15.
6. Redemption Centers have been put on call (high alert) as of the afternoon of Nov. 16.
7. By Nov. 17 Sat. afternoon-evening the Dinar and Dong were supposed to show their rates.
8. We would exchange and be fully funded before Thanksgiving Nov. 22.

11/13/18 The Big Call with Bruce Replay Link (Dinar Intel starts at 51min mark) also Highlights
Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. Let’s talk a little bit about where we are and what is going on. We usually start with China or with Iraq. Let’s start with Iraq tonight. Just when you think it is safe to just forget about what is going over there in Iraq, we find out tomorrow afternoon Iraq time which there is an 8 hour time difference between Baghdad and the East Coast. They are 8 hours ahead. Tomorrow at 4:30pm to 4:45pm Baghdad time that is 8:30 am to 8:45am Eastern Time things are supposed to be released as far as Iraq is concerned. They may put it out in the Gazette. They may do the Gazette thing which is great, but we are looking for them to release the ATMS with the lower Denoms and also put out a rate on the CBI. There are things that they have held back until we are ready to go. That is pretty much what the time has always been. Just when you think they are going to put something out, they don’t do it because we are not quite ready to go here. That is something that is supposed to happen tomorrow.

Bruce: Speaking of China, yesterday at 3:21am EST the Chinese Yuan or Renminbi was officially gold back or asset back. It came into that fullness and we heard this from a major bank yes it is asset back as of 3:21am yesterday morning which would have been Monday morning. I know the banks were not opened yesterday, but certain bankers still are able to see it and certain screens so on. I say this much, what is interesting about that is that our USTN is in the process now of being asset back. We are saying asset back because our currency and even like China and Russia and others are partially backed by gold but they are also backed by other assets like precious metals like silver and others and oil and other things that give it value. We are using the term asset back as oppose to gold back. That is even the case for China even though there is plenty of gold in the world. There is plenty more underground in Zimbabwe for example, hugs caches of gold underground. I don’t mean in tunnels, but need to be mined.

Bruce: What is happening is tomorrow around noon EST we expect a total of 17 countries to be asset back by about noon tomorrow, a little before then. That is interesting. Including our own USTN, our own dollar. Will that be made public? Will that be announced? What I am told is it may show up on sort of a secondary media of some kind. For example, it could show up on Qanon. It could show up on maybe some other almost underground type media. It probably will not make main stream news channels or financial networks tomorrow. It could happen later obviously. It has got make to it to main stream at some point. It could make it on It could be there. I do not know that it is. It could be. You could look for it a few places, but it probably in those areas as opposed to the main networks. That is a major move to get 17 currencies asset back at approximately the same time tomorrow. That is pretty big.

Bruce: When we think in terms of rates we think what is on the screens. For the last 4 to 5 days the bank screens have shown rates that have not been on hold and they are just there but they are obscured. It is like where the rate would be there is a black something over it, obscuring from you seeing the rate. That has been occurring the last 4 to 4.5 days. They are not pending. They are not on hold. They are just not visible. I believe that came off overnight last night. Sometime by this morning the rates became visible again. That is a very positive thing for us moving forward because we need live rates before we begin our exchanges and our Zim redemptions. I do know in about 5 different states today there were isolated exchanges going on. I couldn’t tell you who they were or what banks. I do not know, but I heard that from some of our sources. I also know that there were numerous exchanges going on globally outside the United States today. So things are moving. Things are moving this way.

Bruce: Finally things are moving out west. The people we thought have been paid apparently are about to be paid tonight or overnight tonight. That portends well for the rest of us in Tier 4 Group B. Also I have heard the so call public whom we called Uninformed Tier 5, they may start about the same time that those of us in Tier 4 Group B, the Internet Group, get started. There may not be this lag time from the time we get started and the so called Public start. Be prepared for that possibility. I am excited because I think finally we are at the point where it is just about our turn. We have had some false starts even the last few days. I know that the word we have had from several banks or different sources that we have, are pointing this to coming here very shortly.

Bruce: The other thing is there was a call tonight at 7pm. It was designed for just special people that needed to be in the know. It was not for everybody, but it was primarily some of the major Tier 1 banks and different places around the country including the Treasury, the Texas Bullion Depository, that type of thing. I am sure they are going over last minute things that need to be discussed. I have no idea how long was the call or even if it is over yet, but I think it portends well for us to have this thing started shortly. Like I said very shortly. I am going to encourage everybody to stay very focused and try to be as prepared as you can to get started because I have been told tonight I will get a two hour heads up notice when the toll free number comes out to me. Hopefully I will get that and not let everyone know until I am allowed to, of course. It just lets you know I am on the alert to receive all what we have been waiting for.

Bruce: Now let’s take a quick turn and see what happens after the blessing. You guys know that we have major projects scheduled and planned. We have been in preparation mode for years especially on the Veterans Retreat Network and most recently on Rebuild America. What I plan to do is let you know by email what our plans are as far as how you might be able to participate. In fact in the very near future we will have some initial get-togethers to discuss how we are going to proceed with those projects, and we will let you know probably by a pod cast link by email how you can see who we are doing. All the technical stuff with that is not finalized, but I know we will get that information out to you so if you are interested in being part of that you can enjoy listening and finding out how you will be able to participate down the road.

Bruce: Now realize we are in the design phase of this and will be probably 60 to 90 days if not longer, but at least to the point you can be caught up with what it is we will be doing and how we are going to do it. There is nothing to do right now until you receive information about that. I would say get your finances all in order. Pay off all your debt. Pay off your home if you have one or if you want to get a new one. Whatever you want to do enjoy life and be looking around like for Rebuild America look around in the cities or towns or communities that where you want to do some work in or where you want to have some work done in. Just look around and see what their needs are. Most of them are universal, but there will be some that will be specific. We will be helping inner city situations, rural communities we will be helping a little differently. If you are in small town, they may need some things done completely different. We will have sort of a template out so you can follow the template and say oh I see Step 1 this, Step two, Step three, and see where you want to participate in the city, town, community that you want to in Rebuild America. I am excited about it.

Bruce: As far as the Veterans it is a little bit of different animal, but we will have some cross over between the Rebuild and the VRN. There will be crossover between those two programs. A lot of the Vets that we will help we will hire or me may hire them to help rebuild certain things on our VRN sites. That also include the town or community that they are near to the actual Veteran land site that we pick up. Just to give you an idea. I am not going to go into any more detail about it now. That is just to give you a slight idea to look forward to if you are interested in participating. I hope thousands of you want to do something. I asked originally for 5,000 people so we could make a difference in 100 cities, towns, or communities in all 50 states. That is an average, not an exact number that we are trying to hit, but that is just an average of what we like to do. I feel if we are able to do that in every state making a difference in 100 locations that would make a difference. That would be huge to be part of the rebuild. I asked for 5,000 people to be part of that effort, and we will let you know how you can be part of that, how you can fit into that.

Bruce: I think we are at the precipice of this. Like I said we had couple of false starts the last few days. I believe we are ready now to move forward. I am excited about that. Bit we believe we are ready now to move forward. I am excited about that.

Bruce: Thank you very much Pastor Steven. Thank you Big Call community all over the globe because we know you are out there everywhere as in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Argentina, Brazil, Europe , Ukraine, the Middle East, everything. We are in really good shape and I am excited for all of us. Everyone have a beautiful night, and be prepared in your mind for new beginnings. Everything is going to become new. Everything is going to be past, and all things will become new. Let’s go with that until the next time if there is a next time, God Bless you and have a great night. Good Night Everybody. God Bless you all.


11/8/18 The Big Call with Bruce Replay Link (Dinar Intel starts at 49min mark) also Highlights
1. The new US Treasury note has been traded internationally for the last couple of weeks. On Sun. Nov.11 we should see China’s gold backed Yuan come out and it’s rate should be close to the new US note.
2. On Tues. Nov. 6 we had rates flashing on the bank screens. On Wed. Nov. 7 we had solid rates on the screens, but were on hold. As of Thurs. evening Nov. 8 we had rates on the bank screens with no hold. Today the Iraq Dinar rate was solid on the screen.
3. It appeared we were in a window which should take us into completion by sometime this weekend. Be prepared to have the RV by, or over the weekend.

11/6/18 The Big Call with Bruce Replay Link (Dinar Intel starts at 51min mark) or Highlights
1. Today Nov. 5 President Trump and Secretary of the US Treasury Manuchin had a call with China about the timing to release.
2. Tomorrow Wed. Nov. 7 to Thurs. Nov. 8 may be the day for release.
3. Prosperity Packages would go out right after Tier 4 goes.
4. There were solid rates on both front and back bank screens. The Dinar rate matches what is shown on the CBI site.
5. Make sure you get a copy of all paperwork from your exchange. Sign in blue ink so you can tell if it’s original or not.
6. This would be the last hour before redemption.

11/1/18 The Big Call with Bruce Replay Link (Dinar Intel starts at 50min mark) or Highlights1. On Oct. 31 2018 9:00 pm EST China began exchanges and paying out.
2. We were in a process of roll out right now.
3. Today the rates were on the screens for a period of time, and then came back off because they were making adjustments.
4. Today Nov. 1 the UN operational rates screens and the IMF rate screens were fluctuating. The Iraqi Dinar was going up at 8% each time.
5. At 8:30 pm EST tonight Nov. 1 we were put on Alert Status.
6. We should be settled in on the rates by late morning tomorrow Nov. 2.
7. The Redemption Centers would take the Zim all the way through Nov.
8. We should be acknowledging the gold backed Yaun on Nov. 11.
9. We should be well underway or completed by Nov. 11.
10. Tier 5 will start Nov. 12.

10/30/18 The Big Call with Bruce Replay Link (Dinar Intel starts at 41min mark) or Highlights
1.All of the six new currency rates were to be on bank screens by midnight EST Oct. 30.
2. Those new rates included the Iranian Rial – which was expected to have an in-country rate within 8-10% of the Iraqi Dinar rate.
3. The Iraqi Dinar in-country rate was well over $4. Our rate for the Dinar would likely be twice that.
4. Iraq was planning to have everything go around 1:30 am EST Oct. 31.
5. Some groups have been liquid since last night Oct. 29.
6. The general public Tier 5 would start their exchanges on Nov. 12.
7. Redemption Center staff was scheduled for the next 26 days.
8. We would have 21 days to redeem our Zim.
9. Receiving the 800# would likely be a daytime event.

10/25/18 The Big Call with Bruce Replay Link (Dinar Intel starts at 49min mark?) or Highlights
1. The new Iraqi Prime Minister was congratulated today Oct. 25 by the presidents of US, Russia, China and Zimbabwe.
2. Iraq could now put their new rate out. In-country Iraqi Dinar was reported as $3.71. Ours would be higher.
3. Today Oct. 25 some initial exchanges were done in the US using the new USTN.
4. At Noon EST today Oct. 25 all the rates came off the IMF screens, except for those with Central Drawing Rights: British Pound, Euro, Yuan, Swiss Frank and the USTN. The others should come back up 2:30 am. tomorrow morning Oct. 26. The last time that happened was when the Kuwait Dinar changed rates.
5. With the Chinese markets opened, the Chinese could pull down in the new UST Notes. They opened their markets around 9:30 pm EST Oct. 25, which allowed core groups to be paid out tonight Oct. 25 and funds accessible tomorrow Oct. 26.
6. The Chinese Elder let his process go today Oct. 25.
7. The new rates were supposed to appear this morning on bank screens.
8. We were presently in the window for things to begin to roll out with the 800#s.
9. Bruce believes that will be a daytime event.
10. Iraq has their new lower denominations in their ATM machines.
11. We would have 1 ½ hour apts.
12. It was recommended that you arrive at your appointment by and no more than 15 min. before.

10/23/18 The Big Call with Bruce Replay Link (Dinar Intel starts at 49min mark) or Highlights
1. Oct. 22 was World Freedom Day for China and may be the RV start date.
2. This could go any time within the next two days.
3. Tomorrow Iraq time between 6 and 8 pm will determine the Dinar rate, election of cabinet and Parliament. Afterward between 8:30 and 9 they will bring out their new rate. Converted to US time that means between 10 am to noon EST Oct. 24.
4. This could go around 1pm EST Oct. 24.
5. They have scheduled in apt. times for Zim holders for the next 21 days.
6. Banks and redemption centers were on lockdown today. Personnel were isolated.
7. There were meetings today at the banks to get instructions.
8. They have printers that will print up to 50 Cashiers Checks for you.
9. Maximum cash you can walk out with is $14,200.
10. They don’t want you to arrive more than 25 min. before your apt. time.
11. They will roll you through in about 1 ½ hours. Apts. are 2 hours 15 min. apart.
12. They will have a greeter for you at your appointment who will go through your ID and answer a few questions for you.
13. When you first sit down with your currency: tell them each currency and amount you have. It was advised that you have this typed out.
14. During that time that they are verifying your currency, talk to them about your rates. Tell them you are interested in a privately negotiated rate.
15. You will get a temporary debit/credit card.
16. Your Black Card is the card you use at the bank to access your Mother Lode Account.
17. On Oct. 23-24 close to midnight EST, the new rates should solidify on the bank screens.
18. Prosperity Packages are going out to the point of distribution Oct. 23, while on Oct. 24 after 2:30 pm they may go out to recipients. Prosperity Packages would not go before us.
19. Core groups were to paid out by Oct. 24.

10/18/2018 The Big Call with Bruce Replay Link (Dinar Intel starts at 55min mark) or Highlights
1. On Tues. Oct. 16 Trump gave Iraq a 48 hour window to get things done. They met that deadline by Thurs. Oct. 18.
2. A super rich person in Jordan was using his office in Iraq to funnel money to terrorists. They handled this by freezing accounts in order to meet the deadline and be RV ready.
3. Today Oct. 18 the new Rates went back up on the bank screens, and then went to flashing as they adjusted to the QFS system.
4. Bruce was told this would be a morning daytime event. They may wait until all banks across the nation were open before releasing.
5. You could negotiate your rates, although the screen rates were so good that you may not want to.
6. It was suggested that you do not tie a debit card to your mother lode account.
7. Have bank wire and cashier check information typed out.
8. Have letters on bank letterhead that states your funds were Free and Clear and of non criminal origin. Have Proof of Funds letters for real estate purchases.
9. Find out if the bank perks offered were taxable.
10. There was a ½% exchange fee that would be paid to the bank by the Chinese Elders.
11. You are going to be tracked to and from your appointment to assure a safe transaction.

10/16/18 The Big Call with Bruce Replay Link (Dinar Intel starts at 55min mark) or Highlights
1. Iraq in-country Dinar rates have been going up in value for months.
2. There have been quite a few arrests of the bad guys over in Iraq.
3. This week there have been Table Top meetings regarding the Zim.
4. Last Sun. Oct. 14 the banks had mandatory meetings/training with their personnel from 9:45 am to 4 pm.
5. On Sunday Oct. 14 at 5 pm EST our new US Treasury digital dollars were sent to all five Tier 1 banks at the rate of $250 quadrillion every hour and would continue to do so for the next eight days.
6. Tier 2 banks started receiving their money as of midnight last night Oct. 15.
7. Also as of midnight last night Oct. 15 there was complete connectivity of all cell phones affected by the hurricane – a requirement for the RV to happen.
8. As of today Oct. 16 the new Iraqi PM set his Parliament Cabinet. They would be voted on Sun. Oct. 21 and then publish their new Dinar rate within 48 hours after.
9. Out West here some accounts were made liquid as of market close today Oct. 16.
10. Iraq has plans to celebrate Wed. Oct. 17, Thurs. Oct. 18 and Sat. Oct. 20.
11. Group members were told they would be notified tomorrow Oct. 17.
12. Bruce felt that the 800#s would come out within the next 2 ½ days, or Wed., Thurs. or Friday Oct. 17, 18, 19.

10/11/18 The Big Call with Bruce Replay Link (Dinar Intel starts at 49min mark) or Highlights
1.There were 2200 redemption centers in Georgia, Florida, South Carolina affected by the hurricane. Some were back online, but it has created a slight pause.
2. The pause has let the rates trade up on the Dinar, Zim and Dong.
3. Out West people were being called in and working on various platforms. Liquidity was taking place.
4. We may or may not get completion over the weekend.
5. There was a deadline set between the US and China for this to go.
6. There were some new indictments going out.
7. Iraq has done everything they needed to do and was complete last night midnight EST. The Iraq announcement took place this morning during their morning prayers.
8. The Zim was being treated as a historical bond. The Dinar and Dong were being treated in the same way as far as the platforms going out.
9. The Rial and South Korean Yuan would be in the second offering, not the first.
10. Today Oct. 11 the dollar dropped .06%. The Canadian dollar was coming up to be almost on par to the US dollar. The Mexican peso was coming in at 96% to the US dollar.
11. We were in a 49 hour watch, which would be over at 10:00 pm EST tomorrow night Oct. 12.

10/9/18 The Big Call with Bruce Replay Link (Dinar Intel starts at 1hr 10min mark) or Highlights
1. Bruce was put on alert to receive the 800#s today Oct. 9.
2. On Oct. 8 the Chinese Yaun was placed by the IMF into the SDR drawing basket.
3. This morning Oct. 9 the Iraqi Dinar was traded on NASDAX, Forex and CBOE Exchanges.
4. The Dinar Back Screen rate was very high today Oct. 9.
5. The Zim was going up in value every eight hours.
6. Your project has to show a need for the higher Zim rate.
7. This may go no matter what the storm was doing.
8. The platforms in different parts of the world were treating the Dinar, Dong and Zim as Historical Bonds.
9. They may start paying out after midnight tonight Oct. 9 EST.
10. We should be paid at the same time the groups were made liquid.

10/2/18 The Big Call with Bruce Replay Link (Dinar Intel starts at 58min mark) or Highlights
1.Today Oct. 2 Iraq elected a new president. Abadi would be the Prime Minister for two more years, and then would be an ambassador to the US for Iraq.
2. As of 4:30 this afternoon Oct. 2 EST the Iraqi CBI had the new Dinar rate.
3. All of the 2008 AB series Zim Bond denominations were good and could be redeemed. No zeros would come off the Zim. They were bonds.
4. There has been serious cleanup during the last 48 hours and into today.
5. The redemption centers have received the new gold-backed $50 and $100 bills. We could get up to $15,000 cash at our redemption.
6. We could negotiate the rate of interest we received on the long term payouts (2% to 4%).
7. Out West they were ready tonight or tomorrow to pay out advances toward group members.
8. The Emergency Broadcast System would be out on all cell phones and 250 forms of broadcast media tomorrow Oct. 3 2:18 pm EST.
9. Security has been lined up with Homeland Security for our exchanges.
10. Everything has pointed toward a 800#s release this week.
11. The new gold/asset-backed US Treasury notes have been live for the last few days.

9/27/18 The Big Call with Bruce Replay Link (Dinar Intel starts at 54min mark) or Highlights
1.Iraqi PM Abadi would have more responsibilities like in arrests, corruption, putting trade relationships together, infrastructure building. All having to do with the RV would be done by Mon. Oct. 1 Iraqi time.
2. We could go sooner than Oct. 1.
3. Banks were gearing up for a Oct. 1-2, Mon-Tues. start.
4. There was also a need to get this started before Mon Oct. 1 as they want to get the Zim in within this fiscal year or by Sun. Sept. 30. We could be started by the weekend.
5. The public, Tier 5, could start next week.
6. Everything was done and ready to go. They were making sure our security was in place. They would be tracking us to and from our appointments through our phones.
7. If you have Zim the first thing you need to say when setting your appointment is that you have Zim Bonds. You have the ability to ask for more security, or could ask for escort services.
8. If you put at least 75% of your Zim redemption into Humanitarian needs they would give you a better interest rate.
9. We were at the point where all systems were ready. They had a test of the system today and it took 34 seconds to go around the world.
10. President Trump would give the green light to go.

9/25/18 The Big Call with Bruce Replay Link (Dinar Intel starts at 103min mark) or Highlights
1. Iraq has agreed everything they need to do. They were supposed to make their new Dinar rate known tomorrow Sept. 26 and internationally known by Thurs. Sept. 27.
2. The Zim gold-backed currency, known as the Zimbabwe Dollar, was at $1.00 on par with US and Canadian dollars as of 11am EST today Sept. 25.
3. The Zim Bond was different from the Zim Dollar, was also gold-backed and worth a lot.
4. The Zimbabwe president would talk at the UN at 10 am EST tomorrow Sept. 26. It was not known if that speech would coincide with the RV.
5. This should come through for us in the next day or two.
6. Most of the banks have gone quiet.
7. Tier 3 if not done, were about done by now. They have not yet received liquidity.
8. The Zim platforms have not yet paid out, but would in very short order and would coincide with the RV release.
9. There is a large amount of cleanup going on, but they have reached a point where all systems were ready to go in the next 26-43 hours.

9/20/18 The Big Call with Bruce Replay Link (Dinar Intel starts at 44min mark) or Highlights
1. Today Sept. 20 Iraq was given an ultimatum to have their new Dinar rate out by Mon. Sept. 24. It was expected to be published in the Iraqi Gazette on Sat. Sept. 22.
2. Tier 4 Group B (Internet Group) would have 21 days to redeem their Zim after the 800#s came out.
3. There was still a variety of people to get out of the way in order for the RV to go smoothly.
4. President Trump would make the decision to go when he feels it was safe for us.
5. Today Sept. 20 there was a very important call with the US Treasury and President Trump that went out to the banks 7200 redemption centers and exchange locations throughout the country.
6. There was a set date that this was to go (that was within days).
7. The Chinese Elders have been paid and there were 21 traunches of money going out tonight Sept. 20.
8. The Zim platforms would be paid out tomorrow night Sept. 21.
9. There were a number of announcements that would come out tomorrow Sept. 21.
10. You would have up to $10 million dollars in liquidity available within 32 hours of your exchange. 

9/18/18 The Big Call with Bruce Replay Link (Dinar Intel starts at 52min mark) or Highlights
1. There was a delay on the RV release because of the Hurricane. They wanted it to go today, but has been held up for another 24-48 hours.
2. In Iraq there was confirmation that the HCL was complete.
3. Abadi would be the Iraqi Prime Minister for the next two years, until a new election.
4. Out West has been completed and they were awaiting a green light.
5. Paymasters received their final instructions last night, or this morning Sept. 18.
6. At 3pm yesterday Sept. 17 there was a nationwide conference call for the banks which was a settlement of protocols.
7. Some banks in the flooded sections of the Carolinas were not able to participate in that call. They were trying to rectify the situation by some time tomorrow Sept. 19.
8. They were still trying to bring up the Dinar rate.
9. Arrests were going on today Sept. 18.
10. They were still wanting it to go this week, perhaps within 24-48 hours.

9/13/18 The Big Call with Bruce Replay Link (Dinar Intel starts at 52min mark) or Highlights
1. Iraqi PM Abadi flew in yesterday. Last night and this morning Sept. 13 he had 7 hour meetings with various people, including President Trump.
2. At 7 am this morning Sept. 13 the UN released Iraq from it’s sanctions
3. Global currencies to RV were said to be in the Q by 2 am tomorrow Sept. 14, which meant we might go tomorrow.
4. The RV may be tomorrow afternoon Sept. 14, or may be Sat. afternoon Sept. 15.
5. However, there may be a 24 hour delay because of Hurricane Florence.
6. We soon may be getting soft announcements about returning to the gold standard.

9/11/18 The Big Call with Bruce Replay Link (Dinar Intel starts at 1hr 01min mark) or Highlights
1. Last week all of the banks went from the old SWIFT System to the new CIPS System.
2. The new QFS (Quantum Financial System) has been up and running for months.
3. Those without Zim would go to an Exchange Center. Those with Zim would go to a Redemption Center, which would both exchange your currency and redeem your Zim.
4. Now you could leave your exchange/redemption with $15,000 in cash.
5. Yesterday Sept. 10 a major bank indicated that you would have immediate access to 10% of your total exchange.
6. The new US bills from the new US Treasury were already printed (sitting in the banks) and would be available in the amounts of $10, $20, $50, $100.
7. By tomorrow Sept. 12 afternoon in Iraq:
a. Prime Minister Abadi should be officially appointed.
b. The HCL should be activated, meaning the Iraqi citizenry would be paid their oil credits at the new Dinar rate.
c. In order to do that, the Dinar RI and RV would have happened.
8. Tomorrow Sept. 12 the new gold/asset-backed Zim Note should be out.
9. Abadi would be meeting with Trump in the White House on Sept. 13.
10. Today Sept. 11 Trump signed an order naming Sept. 11 as Patriots Day.
11. There would be one toll free number for the US; Canada would have three 800#s, (one each for each of their three major banks), while Mexico would have one 800#.
12. Last Sat. Sept. 8 at noon there was a timer set that would trigger a specific time and day that this would go. We were very close to that process (That is, it would happen within the next couple of days).

9/6/18 The Big Call with Bruce Replay Link (Dinar Intel starts at 54min mark) or Highlights
1.Iraq would release the HCL Law (oil and gas law) on Sat. Sept. 8. To do that the new rate on the Dinar needs to be out 24 hours prior (or by Fri. morning Sept. 7 EST).
2. Tier Three completed midnight last night Sept. 5-6.
3. Tier Four Group A likely has started, while Tier Four Group B (us, the Internet Group) could begin at over 4,000 redemption centers overnight tonight, tomorrow or dragged out over the weekend.
4. Let the 800 number operator know if you have Zim so you can be routed to the right redemption center.
5. The Zim rate should be 1:1 with the US dollar.
6. Tier 5 (public) should have very different rates than those who use the 800#s.
7. Yesterday Sept. 5 the Tier 1 banks connected from the SWIFT system to the new CIPS system to do transfers.
8. You will have a limit to the immediate liquidity you have at your redemption, but more within 30 days.

8/30/18 The Big Call with Bruce Replay Link (Dinar Intel starts at 101min mark) or Highlights
1. We were hearing that we would wrap this up by the end of the month which was tomorrow Fri. Aug. 31.
2. There was a super freighter from China that was 8 miles off the port from Iraq. It was full of goods from China that were waiting to be delivered tomorrow Aug. 31 at midnight Iraqi time. They were waiting for the bill of ladling that would come from the new Iraqi Dinar rate.
3. There were Iraqi tankers with thousands of barrels of oil on their way to China to be delivered on Sun. Sept. 2 in China. The form of payment was to be made in gold-backed Chinese Petro Yuan.
4. The new Iraqi Q cards have been delivered throughout Iraq and would be activated on Tues. Sept. 4. The oil credits to Iraqi citizens would be paid on Wed. Sept. 5.
5. Canada has until tomorrow Aug. 31 to make their trade agreement with the US and Mexico.
6. Tier 3s were not paid yesterday. Some Elders were not yet liquid.
7. Our US Treasury sources reported that there was a new and final agreement in place that included an RV schedule.

8/28/18 The Big Call with Bruce Replay Link (Dinar Intel starts at 57min mark) or Highlights
1. Sources say that Tier 3 (who have already exchanged with monies pending in their accounts) would be liquid tonight – between 11:30 pm and midnight EST.
2. Tier 4 Group A should follow next – likely within 1 ½ to 2 hours.
3. Tier 4 Group B (us) should follow around the same time. In other words, we should see the 800#s by tomorrow some time Wed. Aug. 29.
4. Yesterday in Iraq they passed regulations to release the Dinar – it should be published in their Gazette tomorrow, Wed. Aug. 29.
5. Zimbabwe should announce their Zim gold-backed currency tomorrow, Wed. Aug. 29.
6. The Trade Agreement with Mexico was announced Mon. Aug. 28 and sources say that the Canadian Trade Agreement that goes with the Mexico Agreement has been agreed upon and should be announced tomorrow Wed. Aug. 29, or Thurs. Aug. 30.
7. Iran has interfered with the Iraqi Dinar release, and that problem has been taken care of as of yesterday Aug. 27.
8. Sources say that the banks have ordered food in for their staff beginning today and would go through this week.
9. Your bank appointment should be made within 7 days of the 800#s release, but you can set the appointment for up to 31 days.
10. You can negotiate the rates on your currency to fit your humanitarian project needs.
11. Tier 5 – the general public – would start around Sept. 4, or 7-8 days after our Tier 4 starts.

8/23/18 The Big Call with Bruce Replay Link (Dinar Intel starts at 1hr 7min mark) or Highlights
1. The Zim would exchange at so large of an amount that your monies would be held in US Treasury account where they would be fully insured (and backed by the gold backed dollar).
2. Now the US Dollar would be referred to US Treasury Note, not a Federal Reserve Dollar.
3. Tier 4 Group A (private groups) were being funded with liquidity to happen very soon.
4. The Tier 4 Group B (internet group) liquidity would come with the 800#s also very soon.
5. We were very close to US trade agreements with Mexico and China, with possible announcements tomorrow morning Fri. Aug. 23.
6. The three days of meetings on our monetary system in Jackson Hole Wyoming would be wrapping up tomorrow Fri. Aug. 23.
7. You need to decide about a list of names for your Trustees and Beneficiaries. Take those names with you for your exchange/redemption appointment.
8. You also need a name for your Trust – so take in several in case the name you have picked has already been taken.
9. Also at your appointment you would need two forms of photo ID, a utility bill, your currency, any gifting letter(s) you have and possibly receipts of your currency purchase.
10. From your appointment you could take home up to $14,250.00 in cash. You would be given debit cards to access the rest of your monies.
11. Iraq should have their rate out by Mon. Aug. 27.

8/9/18 The Big Call with Bruce Replay Link (Dinar Intel starts at 56min mark) or Highlights
1.The Zim was effective as of yesterday Aug. 8.
2. Iraq made their official announcement on Mon. Aug. 6.
3. Lower denominations of the Dinar would be available in the US tomorrow Aug. 10.
4. Last Mon. Aug. 6 there were mini transfers of billions of dollars going to Tier 3.
5. Since Mon. Aug. 6 Tiers 3 & 4 were being paid out on the new Quantum System.

8/7/18 The Big Call with Bruce Replay Link (Dinar Intel starts at 1hr 1min mark) or Transcript Highlights
1. Tomorrow’s date of 8-8-2018 was an important number for the Chinese, Iraq and us.
2. Bruce was told by someone very high up in this not to give any intel tonight because everything was done.
3. The new ISX was opened on Mon. Aug. 4 and people were trading on it on international platforms.

8/2/18 The Big Call with Bruce Transcript Highlights
1. Yesterday Aug. 1 in Hong Kong some Bankers did exchanges.
2. On Mon. July 30 Zimbabwe had elections, results of which were made public today Aug. 2.
3. The USN was back on the gold standard as of yesterday Aug. 1.
4. HSBC was about to begin pay out some of their clients about now.
5. Tier 3s were wrapped up and paid out.
6. At our exchange we would have over $14,000 in cash and access to $100,000 in our accounts.
7. There was one master 800 number for the US.

7/19/18 The Big Call with Bruce Replay Link (Dinar Intel starts at 55min mark) or Transcript Highlights
1.We are on the precipice of this going.
2. President Trump and his administration were working together to get this done.
3. Tier 3s were exchanged today and are near finished (did not exchange Zim).
4. The other Tiers which have exchanged are to be made liquid Sun-Mon-Tues July 22, 23, 24. The 800#s would be out before they are made liquid.
5. They know who purchased Zim and their cell number.
6. For your own safety you will be tracked through your cell to, from and during your exchange.
7. Right now Bank screens were repopulating with the new Tier 4 rates.
8. You can set up to six accounts up at your redemption.
9. Apts. will be set according to your Zip code. You can chose a Zip code for the area in which you want to exchange. (It doesn’t need to be where you live).

7/17/18 The Big Call with Bruce Transcript Highlights
1. Iraq has completed everything except announce their new rate on the Dinar and put it out publically. That announcement could occur tonight, July 17-18.
2. Later on tonight or overnight July 17-18, we were also expecting an announcement out of China.
3. We have 53 countries which have announced their gold backed currencies.
4. There has been a major blackout in Iraq for the last several days. They were celebrating in Iraq, but were trying to keep this all under wraps.
5. There was a lot of activity happening out West. Tier 2 people did finish. The Tier 3s were far enough along that it would not affect our start.
6. As late as today there have been more large tranches of money come in the 900 quadrillion dollar range.
7. Signing a Non Disclosure Agreement would be an option, but it might be wise to sign one for safety’s sake.
8. Tomorrow would be a significant date (July 18, 2018).
9. There would soon be a gold standard announcement for the US currency.

7/10/18 The Big Call with Bruce Replay Link (Dinar intel starts at 57min mark) or Transcript Highlights
1. In Iraq the ATM machines with the lower denominations were being used with a Dinar to US Dollar rate of $6 to $7.
2. Dr. Shabbi has said that the Dinar could support a rate of up to $16.00.
3. Abadi has officially been welcomed as the PM of Iraq.
4. More than 142 and 164Traunches of $900 Quadrillion each have moved around the world, been confirmed and all but a few have been distributed. The last eight sets of two were distributed this morning to various paymasters. All Traunches should be complete by 2 am EST tomorrow morning July 11.
5. There was a possibility of getting started this afternoon July 10, but there were security concerns. They addressed over 80% of those concerns by this afternoon and 100% should be completed tonight sometime, July 10.
6. For our own security the NSA would be tracking us back and forth from our redemption center appointments via our cellphones.
7. The rates on the screens were blinking until 2 pm EST today July 10, when the rates became solid.

7/5/18 The Big Call with Bruce Replay Link (Dinar intel starts at 52min mark) or Transcript Highlights
1. Tiers 1, 2 and 3 have been processed, but not all liquidity has been given.
2. Huge tranches of money finished depositing last week and moved money around the globe.
3. Redemption center and bank information shows that we are next.
4. The people to give out the 800#s now have those numbers.
5. The USN has to be traded within the US for the RV to go. It has been traded internationally for the last week.
6. Some of the Tier 4 releases (VIPs who do not need the 800#s) have been processed.
7. This may go before Sat. July 7.
8. HSBC would be redeeming the Zim. Other banks may redeem it, but all Zim redemptions are eventually sent to HSBC.
9. We could take up to $14,000 in cash from our exchange.
10. We will be given temporary debit and credit cards tied to our accounts (up to $20 million each account).
11. Permanent debit and credit cards could be available within a few days.
12. The mother lode account would likely be with HSBC (for Zim holders).
13. You need to give them an amount of money you need for the first 90 days. (The rest would be earning interest paid out quarterly).
14. Your interest rate could vary from 2% to 7%.

6/19/18 The Big Call with Bruce Replay Links or Highlights
1. In Iraq the ISX has been down during their EID holiday and will be coming back up 11:30 pm EST tonight June 19, presumably with the new rate on dinar.
2. New Rates started populating with pending rates today.
3. 18 currencies will be changing rates including the South Korean Wan.
4. Banks were very busy today changing documents, etc.
5. Bank Testing on the new system for the call centers was to conclude 7:30 EST tonight June 19.
6. Tier 3 has wrapped up their exchanges.

6/15/2018 The Big Call with Bruce Highlights
1. Iraqi Qi cards have been issued to all Iraqi citizens. They were being paid in Dinar at it’s revalued rate.
2. Today June 14 11am EST Iraq was to make an announcement that they were international in their Dinar rates.
3. On June 20 7:46 am EST at the end of their holiday, the Iraqi Stock Exchange would begin trading again, expected to be at their revalued rate. That could be when the public begins their exchanges.
4. Some, perhaps all, of the Tier 3 finished their exchanges today June 14.
5. Last night June 13 HSBC updated their employees on the actual start date.
6. Tomorrow June 15 the new IMF operational rates were scheduled to be posted.
7. In Exchanges today they could take out $11,000 in cash.
8. Over 92 metric tons of gold was being repatriated to the US.

6/7/2018 The Big Call with Bruce Replay Links 20min or Highlights

1. Many of our 15-20 sources were under blackout and quiet.
2. In the last day or so we had activity starting in the Far East.
3. A lot of Tier 3s were already handled – 150,000 people were now liquid.
4. We do not have to wait for all of the Tier 3s to finish before we go.
5. All codes have been released. Banks have entered their codes. Money has been flowing around the globe.
6. Redemption Centers (for Zim) have been tested, adjusted, were ready and on gag orders. They would be open 24/7 for the first week or so.
7. There was indication we would go in the next couple of days. Early this afternoon June 7 we heard we were within 36 hours of going (or by Sat. morning June 9).
8. The G-7 meeting starts tomorrow June 8 in Quebec and we could go before it started.
9. Other start dates going around were Mon. June 11 and Wed. June 13.
10. HSBC has a recording to let their customers know they were doing major computer upgrades starting tomorrow Fri. June 8 through to Mon. June 11.
11. Iraqi citizens now have access to their Qi cards with the higher Dinar rates.

5/24/2018 The Big Call with Bruce Replay Links 12min or Highlight

1. Iraq had a new in-country rate. It was not yet known if the Dinar was international. We were expecting them to announce it by Sat. May 26. The Iraqi ATMs with the lower denominations in them were active.
2. On Sat. May 26 Trump may make an announcement about the US note going to the gold standard and/or he may announce the New Republic.
3. Tier 1 has been paid out. Tier 2 has been paid out. The VIPs in Tier 3 have been paid out, but were not liquid.
4. Last night it was said that Tier 3 would be made liquid on Sat. May 26.
5. We were supposed to get the 800#s when Tier 3 was completely paid out, which should be by Sat. May 26.
6. We may have a go date to begin exchanges by Tues. May 29, or even by Sat. May 26.
7. Today the bank screens were blank, but the bank back screens showed the new rates.

5/22/2018 The Big Call with Bruce Replay Links 9min or Highlights

1.In Iraq the ATMs were on, lower denoms were out and they had a new rate, but they had not yet put out their international rate.
2. As of 2:30 pm EST today May 22 our US Treasury had not yet ok’d Iraq to put out their new rate.
3. Tier 3 has paid out, but do not yet have liquidity, except for over 11,000 VIPs in Tier 3 who were liquid as of today May 22.
4. When the rest of Tier 3 was made liquid we would have our 800#s.
5. A contact at HSBC London said we were in a 24 hour waiting period.

5/15/2018 The Big Call with Bruce Replay Links 17min

1.On Sun. May 13 the new Dinar rate was on the Iraqi Qi cards and live on the bank screens Mon. morning May 14.
2. Yesterday May 14 Trump’s speech about the new US Embassy opening in Jerusalem was actually the start of when the GCR began around the world.
3. Paymaster accounts were made fully liquid around the world.
4. Tier 4 was lined up to go shortly – within a few hours or the next couple of days.
5. Over the weekend, Sat. and Sun, there were big meetings between the Tier 1 banks which went over protocols for the RV. Monday May 14 the meeting lasted over 12 hours.

5/10/2018 The Big Call with Bruce Replay Links 12min

1.Iraq Program for Economic Development announced last Mon. May 7.
2. Iraq would make a major announcement on Sun. May 13.
3. All rates were live and solid, and then disappeared off screens yesterday afternoon May 9.
4. Look forward to Dinar rate change this weekend.
5. Tiers 1, 2 were done. Tier 3 started last night May 9, and then found that a cleanup needed when they entered codes. It finally went late last night, was going well today and should complete by late tonight.
6. Tier 4 (the Internet group) was in line to go after Tier 3 completed and should go any time from tomorrow May 11 through the weekend.
7. Tier 3 was told they would have access to their funds after 1 pm EST tomorrow May 11.


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