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2/20/2018 TNT Conference Dinar Call w/Tony & Rayren98 Replay Link also Highlights

1. On Sun. Feb. 17 a representative of the Central Bank of Iraq said that the RV would happen somewhere within the next 5 days.

2. On Sun. Feb. 17 in the US a bank representative told Tony that the RV should happen this week and to be prepared on all levels.

2/15/2018 TNT Conference Dinar Call w/Tony & Rayren98 Replay Link also Highlights

1. In Iraq there would be things signed and implemented tomorrow Feb. 16.
2. Tony was supposed to get the 800 numbers.
3. Rates came back on the screens last night Feb. 14 and people are looking at the weekend for something to happen.
4. People on both sides of the pond are very excited. Tony was looking forward to tomorrow Feb. 16.

2/11/2018 TNT Conference Dinar Call w/Tony & Rayren98 Replay Link also Highlights
1.Tony gets some of his intel from bank employees at the branch and regional levels Ė those who were involved with exchanges. His intel people get their info from bank memos and meetings.
2. The banks were saying that the RV would go this week - that there was a 48 hour window that started sometime between now and Feb. 15.
3. The new currency rates were live on the bank screens and had been for two weeks. The banks just didnít have the go ahead yet to begin exchanges.
4. The (in-country?) Dinar rate: $3.28m Zim $.02, Indonesian Rupiah $1.08 -$1.25, Kuwait Dinar $4.43.
5. The NDA was to cover the contract rate for period of 90 days. Expected to be a four page document.
6. The Iraqi Budget with new Dinar rate has been published in their Gazette Ė making the RV of the Dinar official.

2/6/2018 TNT Conference Dinar Call w/Tony & Rayren98 Replay Link also Highlights
1. Iraqi budget signed, going to be printed in the Gazette today Feb. 6.
2. The banks remain on alert and say we should be there by tomorrow, Feb. 7.

2/4/2018 TNT Conference Dinar Call w/Tony & Rayren98 Replay Link also Highlights (Bullet pts by AZhombre)
Opening Comments: I have not been told that yet. Iím sure
The banks are holding steady, ready to go. Now what the rate is, gave you that info. Sitting there waiting to go. Alright Ray.
Board questions: Q&A (37).
How long will the PTB wait for the full public release? T/in 2008 they started paying people, about 5 or 6k people. Know of some government people who said I wouldnít have taken if I had known they werenít going to take all people. The plan to do it in March changed last weekend with high alert. Were planning on doing 60/day. Delegation from Iraq here. Heís had 15 days to sign it, heís already signed it. Donít know how many days. Should be this week.
Do you know if exchange will be non-taxable event? T/should be following same guidelines.
How do we know weíre getting the best rate compared to those they prefer? T/Only if they come out with guidelines. Ask ďif thatís the highest rate you can getĒ. Wonít work with the teller. Weíll put on our board the rates and contract rates.
Any intel for favorable outcome with Iran? T/The Rial is not going, on the sanction list. Nobody else can trade it as long as the sanction is there. Thatís why the delegation of Iraq is in DC. Not going to happen.
Any info on contractorís rates? T/no, was supposed to go into effect Feb 2nd. Havenít talked. Committee guy said it was moved to March 1st.
Does the budget have to be in the Gazette before we can go to the bank and exchange? Yes, should be for Wed. Pres signed it.
Was missing Dinar returned? Tony/no. Nobody has ever been charged for the Billions coming off the plane and were stolen.
IMF projects. How will we know about the taxes? R/introduced to us it would be tax free investments. T/Want to know how much to hold. R/set aside 50% and invest the rest. Can get on the IRS pmt plan and pay the taxes from what you earn. Not going to IMF projects at time of exchanges. Find out the way to make sure weíre doing it right.
Ratio between buy and sell, 25%. What are your banking contacts saying exchange fees? Tony/fees should be about the same. Less than 1% isnít worth arguing about. Negotiate if necessary.
Are all banks informed about the contract rates? T/We wonít know what to do until weíre there. Ask to speak to the next level up. Keep track and post info on the boards. I would think most of you want the contract rate. Have some people nationally who are watching it. Weíll see the numbers. Individually youíll have to sense for yourself. Maybe go do it with somebody else who will work with you.
Did the banks give point of no return? T/weíre giving the chance to do that.
Do we need the 800#? R/no, itís a convenience.
Disposable phones, PO Boxes, still advisable? T/phone seems extreme to me to go out and buy a phone for an appt. Anything else, your banker can help you. Complete the transaction then disappear after the transaction! Mail forwarded to PO Box, new #.
R/If you have 4ea 25k notes, call and make an appointment to see if you can get contract rate.
Political stability, etc. w/Iran before this happens? T/yes. I donít think they will wait until June 30th. People know the money is there. Will see it before everything is stabilized.
Any idea which Canadian Banks exchange? R/call your top banks! Wonít have problem.
ďThe packageĒ referred to by DC & Tony in the past? T/RV or Prosperity packages? Havenít heard about them in years. The govít was going to send out $1m to citizens in the country. They would be notified in advance. At the same time they would pay-off some peopleís mortgages. Know if 2 people whoís mortgages were paid-off. There will probably be more when this goes. When told about contract rates, and what I would do, the present Admin said they werenít doing that. They even wanted to do away with the 800#ís. Makes more sense to me for better protection. I donít see an RV package.
Does the committee share with other groups? R/only us, thatís what they tell us!
If we can pay for law-a wayís, howís that not ďdouble dippingĒ? T/didnít say it wasnít. They canít tell me I canít borrow $ to do it.
Live Callers:
865/Knoxville, TN. Disappointed that ďby TuesĒ has been changed to ďby ThursĒ.T/banks didnít say that. I said it because the banks put out schedules. Donít think it will happen until it goes into the Gazette. They havenít said ďby tomorrowĒ. C/hope the Gazette comes out with a special edition. Who are members of that delegation? T/in an article, go find it. Iranian delegation in Bagdad trying to convince them not to go with the USA.
317/Indianapolis City, Indiana. What happened to people who were being paid and nobody else getting pd? T/They were pd. The plan changed from 60 people a day.Budget was already approved. All of that could have happened by Sat. Didnít it go into the Gazette last Sat, but can see it going by this coming Sat. They had people in the bank ready to go. C/concern they wonít let us get our money. T/When I told you last Wed, I had bankers looking at screens saying I have #ís on my screen. Also, people in DC saying they were ready to go. We know itís done, so weíre going to start calling in people on our lists and started paying those people. C/wanted to be pro-active and concerned, so has gone to several banks. Nobody knows what Iím talking about. T/in the state of NC are two cities where banks are showing the rates and getting people through. More and more bankers are finding out about it. Know Chase has told their tellers about it. We know they have paid people. C/what Iím hearing isnít fair!
ē 951/So CalGuy/ Did you get ahold of your guy that exchanged at 7am in the morning? T/no, heís not answering the phone. C/update on Zim rate. T/live rate is the RV rate. 2 cents, so 100t less 6 zeros = $2m if theyíre going to use that rate. Min: $2m. Live on screen now.

ē 281/Houston, TX. Expecting rate in Gazzette? R/they put the rate out at 199m, then back to trillions. We know everything is right where we want it to be. They put it out to start with. C/if they donít let us go after this is done, do you think they drag it out to March? T/they did say until Parliament done. People arenít going stand idly by. Sat the LDís were supposed to be released. C/are we going to get any instructions before we go to the bank? T/no! I might get some. Weíve been given instructions the last 10 years. All info came from the bank but didnít write it down. Donít get upset if it takes longer than you expected. Only thing different they arenít using 800#ís.

ē 209/Stockton, CA. Was planning on giving daughter $14k. But may be getting a divorce. Now she and her husband want to each give her $14k to avoid taxes. R/Give her 500k Dinar & Dong. Current rates arenít posted yet! Questions on rates at exchange. T/Only have 30-45 min. Depends on who youíre negating with. Only thing negotiating exchange fees, rates. If w/ wealth mgr, ask for contract rates!

ē XXX Rate didnít go international. Any idea when? T/when I say Fri after 3:45pm makes sense, because they have said that for over 7 years. Go live and banks use that money throughout the weekend. Now could go any moment any time because the markets are using the new rates on the back screens. They could push it to us any moment. C/waiting for confirmation of being pushed to March 1st. Whey did they change it? T/because of Parliament and have the govít in place. Banks wanted to ďslow payĒ. Everything doesnít make sense and canít be exact so public will be surprised and fear of bad actors out there. C/any contracts for the Dong? T/didnít talk to them over the weekend. Same thing about the dinar: No Contracts now! T/that wasnít my agreement. These are the rates, and this is the number of people they were going to give it to. No word back yet! C/confirmed people exchanged over the weekend. T/no, told by the banks, 60 people a day and done throughout the month of Feb. C/2 cities in NC, and other states. Can you share? Tony/ NC, Reno NV, IL (where a guy got paid). C/think it could be on placing the budget in the Gazette, or are they going to slow-walk it thru? T/the Gazette. Iraq wants to start their construction on the 1st of March. Do the RV, get lower denoms out there, then start construction.

ē 360/Vancouver, WA. Asked the banker questions, including how large of a deposit. No limit! T/banks arenít limited. The limit is to the person authorized to do the transaction. Has to be done before 4pm. Canít bring in too much. Some banks limit is $20k/day. ďCanít let you take half of my bank!Ē Contract rate? T/they were saying theyíve already used it. The guy above Tonyís guy said weíre honoring the agreement for the rate and need to do this know.

ē 954/Fort Lauderdale, FL. (nope!)

ē 770/Roswell, GA. (nope!)

ē 718/New York, NY. Do we get a straight up answer on the 800#ís? Propper instructions on how to do this. T/They think this new way will work. As long as Iím in line itís o.k. C/we donít mind being in line as long as we know weíre included.

ē 707/Santa Rosa, CA. This leaves us wondering where the line starts and how we get in it. Other guruís talk about HSBC will be doing the Zim. Any info? Tony/HSBC/WF will be doing the Zim.

ē Final comments: There werenít a whole lot of changes. I feel confident theyíre saying itís done. First time with ďlive ratesĒ that have held. Remember the earlier days? Rate is matching in other countries. Letís see if Tue goes, if not it should go in the Gazette and we should be ready to go. Donít be disappointed. Take the time and make sure youíre ready. Somebody bought another 1 million Dong while doing this call. Ray/weíll either have a pre-RV call or Post-RV call Wed.

2/1/2018 TNT Conference Dinar Call w/Tony & Rayren98 Replay Link also Highlights
1. Tonyís contacts at the banks said this morning Feb. 1 that we should be in the banks exchanging by Tues. Feb. 5. (It was assumed he was talking about the general public).
2. There were contract rates available for the Dinar ($28.50) and possibly for the Dong.
3. The international rate for the Dinar has been reported in different countries as $4.40 and $4.44. The international rate for the Dong was $1.37.

1/28/2018 TNT Conference Dinar Call w/Tony & Rayren98 Replay Link also Highlights
1. Iraq wanted their Dinar to RV before the end of the month by Thurs. Jan. 31, or it could wait until Sun. Feb. 2.
2. In-country Rate was $4.40 or $4.44.
3. This week bank personnel have been assigned their new positions for the exchanges, expecting it to go.

1/25/2018 TNT Conference Dinar Call w/Tony & Rayren98 Replay Link also Highlights

Tony: Goooooooooood Morning, TNT! Everything we wanted to happen has happened. They did do a budget of 299 in the Billions. Article came out afterwards said 133 Trillions. Saw an article that said 299 billion and another said 133 trillion. They are saying one is the revalued rate. I divided ??? by ??? and got the rate at $4.44 cents.

They are excited. Nothing in the news today. Nothing in the news article about the ministers at all. Going to make some changes to the budget. We have not seen it in the Gazette today. I do know from my sources at the CBI it is supposed to be a super spectacular weekend. Sometimes when we get information they are 2 days or 2 weeks off.

Banks told us they were expecting it this week. It hasnít happened yet. Iraqís first day of the week is Saturday.

CURRENT WINDOW: Tony: Looking for something this weekend. Our contractor was told two weeks ago to prepare to pay his people at the new rates BY February 2nd. They have always said they want this done by the end of the month. . . An hour before the banks open over there they are to announce the rate change.

Here we are. We know last Friday they released the codes. We know Monday morning they went through it all again. Everything was live and ready to go. THAT HAS NOT CHANGED! . . . Thatís why we are going to enjoy this day. . .The moment it happens Iím going to be shocked that they actually did it.

LATE IN THE CALL: Tony: According to my information we will be doing a call before Monday. That is what Iím being told.

Committee Member Report: Tony: Itís done! Itís live! They could flip the switch at any moment. . . For years we have talked about it happening on Friday. Itís Friday or before the market opens on Sunday. . . Our committee guy says whatís going on in Zimbabwe is absolutely crazy.

IRAQ: Iraq is in Davos, Switzerland for the Economic Forum.

Parliament Ė Budget Passed: Initial reporting said in the billions, then articles came out in the trillions. Tony said the billions reflects the RV of the currency and calculated the rate for the 2019 budget is $4.44. Parliament ends on Saturday. Mahdi is now scheduled to appear in Parliament on Saturday.

Ministers: Tony: Mahdi was supposed to have gone to Parliament on Thursday. Celebrations. Mahdi is now scheduled for Saturday. SATURDAY! That date keeps coming up for a reason. Hopefully on Saturday they will make an announcement. Mahdi is supposed to be Defense of the Interior. He now has till June 30th to fill positions.

Gazette: Budget Published? Tony: It could be we just havenít see it. I think we will see it in the Saturday edition after announcements are made. It could be in the Wednesday edition and they will not let us see it until after Saturday.

Media: Nothing in the news articles about the Ministers.

Maliki has not been given a Parliament position. Itís expected it may be sometime before he is held accountable for past actions.


Davos, Switzerland: The economic forum being held there ends Saturday.

Saudi Arabiaís currency is expected to devalue over this weekend.

Currencies: Iran and Lebanon have said they will revalue their currency this month. Arabia is expected to devalue this weekend. . .Banks still showing Dong with a rate on their screens of $.47 to $2.37. Tony: That is what gives me confidence it is going through.


Banks: Said we would go this week. Banks are not on alert like they used to define an alert as a lock down or limited proximity to the bank. Tony: We know last Friday they released the codes. We know Monday morning they went through it all again. Everything was live and ready to go. THAT HAS NOT CHANGED!

Investing: Tony: There will be community projects in your community you can invest in.

Taxes: No change in the previous information that it will be a non-taxable event.

800 #ís: Call the 800# for an appointment if your seeking the contract rate regardless of how much currency you have to exchange. When you call you can ask if you can exchange multiple times. Tony: I donít know if weíre getting one 800# or five.

NDA is supposed to be four pages for a 90 day term and will apply only to the contract rate. Tony: Just donít talk about your particular rate. I donít fear it. I donít think you should either. . .Somebody is going to post it. Ray: If this NDA is only 90 days people having nothing to worry about.

Wells Fargo is still the main bank for exchanging as they have to exchange anyone who goes to them. The other banks are at choice if they exchange your currency. Tony: I am going to check with Chase. They (the bank personnel) are being told not to let us walk out the door. Ray: We know of 78 banks right now who are willing to exchange it (the dinar)

EXCHANGING: Tony: I know they will be tracking (exchanges). Tony did not know if you can exchange at two different times or at different locations. He said to ask that when you call for your appointment. Ray said he wondered why you would want to do that. Suggested if you need money urgently, a few thousand, just go get a loan. (you can probably use your newly revalued currency as collateral without exchanging it Ė Sunny.)

Tony: I would absolutely try to get the contract rate and if that did not happen I would be watching the rate. . .You as an individual have to decide when thatís enough. . . the day it starts falling off it will move fast. If you wait till then you will lose money. When it falls it will fall fast!

They (the bank) has to give you at least what the dayís rate for the currency is.

MILITARY: Only the military can exchange on a military base. Tony: The base is not for you. Itís for the people in the military.

ZIM Information: Tony had no opinion on how Russia making agreements with Zimbabwe might affect their currency.

Q & A: TNT Forum

Ė Are you suggesting a dealership would accept raw currency other than USD. Ray: When you book an airplane . . . or hotel they will ask you what currency you will use. I meant you donít have to convert your currency in order to spend it. Tony: Million dollar homes on line will ask you what currency to make your purchase. I know an auto dealer who did accept Dinar for payment of a car.

Q & A: Callers

Ė I donít have the funds to do a Trust right now. Ray:You donít need a Trust to do your exchange. You can use the exchange funds to get a trust. You walk into a bank and ask for a Trust and they are going to give you one. You donít even know the words to use. Do you want a statutory trust or non-statutory trust? Revocable or irrevocable?

Ė An article says Zimbabwe has said they would come out with a new currency next month. Tony: Weíll see what happens. The UST told me about the currency. I am not going to throw my (Zimbabwe) notes away.

ĖSeen an article that Iraq is not going to RV their currency. Tony: Not seen anything. (Iím sure Tony said more but I am at the library for the call and they are remodeling here. Last time I use this library for a loooooong time. Sunny) CLOSING STATEMENTS:

Tony . . . All right guys, Somebody just sent me a text about someone who bought Dong for people who didnít invest. You can do that. . .

This weekend looks really great! Really great! They are telling the Iraq people to look forward to this weekend. It was supposed to happen last Saturday . .. scheduled for last Saturday. I got that from the CBI. They wanted to do it last Saturday.

Today is a great day! A great day to go to the bank, currency exchange places and spend $50. $50 on a million dong and divide it among your friend who woulda, coulda, shoulda. Iím going to tell all my good friends, associates, etc. and say this is a good day to take $50 and . . . buy you some Dong. Today is that day. . .$50 at this point in time to change peoples lives today.

We are the closest weíve been. Chase, Wells Fargo does it. Nothing like $50 to change peoples lives. . . Ií m looking for a superfantastic weekend. Everything I can see is (I will relisten to get this)

I know they are going to do it between now and the end of this month. We are looking for some things over the weekend. If I was going on a cruise tomorrow morning . . . or a vacation I would still go. You can take some currency with you. Enjoy your day. Iím going to enjoy mine. I look forward to talking to you this weekend.

Ray . . .Tony is looking forward to talking to you this weekend. Itís your turn. Itís your time. I hope you are ready for your season.

1/23/2018 TNT Conference Dinar Call w/Tony & Rayren98 Replay Link also Highlights w/Rates
1. A week ago last Wed. Jan. 16 in Iraq the RV codes were entered on bank screens. By Fri. night Jan. 18 the World Bank of International Settlements had given the go ahead and the RV was supposed to go through. Iraqi Banks were now saying that it would be this week.
2. The new Iraqi Parliament took a vote and approved the budget that would be signed at 7 pm tonight and put in the Gazette to be announced tomorrow Jan. 24. Everything was live right now and just waiting for the announcement. The Iraqi Parliament should be congratulating themselves tomorrow Jan. 24 that the RV has taken place.
3. Tony felt that the Dinar RV would be in effect internationally tonight, tomorrow or maybe wait until Sat. Jan. 26, but more likely the announcement would happen within the next 24 hours.
4. The Iraqi Media were saying that everything was done and the new Iraqi budget would be official tonight Jan. 23 or tomorrow Jan. 24.
5. Rates on bank screens:
Dinar: $2.41 to $6.00
Dong: $.47 to $2.37
Zim: $1.17 to $1.20

1/18/2018 TNT Conference Dinar Call w/Tony & Rayren98 Replay Link also Highlights
Over the weekend good news was expected out of Iraq and the Central Bank of Iraq was scheduled to make an announcement.

1/16/2018 TNT Conference Dinar Call w/Tony & Rayren98 Replay Link also Highlights
1. Iraqi Contractors were told that they would be paid no later than Feb. 2.
2. As of yesterday Jan. 15, the codes were released for the RV.

1/14/2018 TNT Conference Dinar Call w/Tony & Rayren98 Replay Link also Highlights

Tony said ďlast weekend word on the street was that it would happen today Jan. 14, but because it hasnít happened, I am not looking for it until tomorrow Jan. 15, or maybe by Wed. Jan. 16 after the Bretix vote.Ē

 by RayRen98 - Iraqi TV is reporting that Thursday's Parliament session will be totally dedicated to the 2019 Budget. The cabinet voting will "supposedly" happen on Saturday's session. #wearethepeople

Reportedly, Fox news posted an alert that Mike Pompeo made a surprise visit to the Iraqi Parliament announcing to them to grow up and become the sovereign nation they're expected to be. [Time Will Tell]

1/2/2018 TNT Conference Dinar Call w/Tony & Rayren98 Replay Link also Highlights

Opening Comments: 

  • Tony: Itís Jan again. Have between the 1st and 15th with Iraq trying to push it thru. Not going to say RV is done like everyone else. RV has not started in China. Youíre going to get paid the same time the ďgroupsĒ are going to be. Weíre still waiting on the RV. Banks still waiting. Votes going to be on the 8th if new names submitted. Waiting for that vote. Banks 5,6,7 new window. Bank rates still on the screen. Recommend buy Dong. Between the 1st thru the 15th like all the past years! Govít shut down shouldnít have any effect on it. Only negative effect is price of oil. Iraq need oil at $56+ 
  • Board Posted Q&A: Ray/effective today, anybody will be a ďcandidateĒ to be banned if not using Q&A for Q&Aís only. 
  • Top 3 roadblocks: T/price of oil #1(fallen below what they wanted, hard to overcome). OPEC will try to drive the price back up to where Iraq need it. #2 ministers, #3 Iran lost economic battle in Iraq and pulled out all advisors. 
  • Are auctions still going? Tony/extra exchangers on street corners, died. 
  • Any news on the Zim, screen rates? Tony/not on rates, or whether itís going or not. No changes at all of today. 
  • Are the banks going to limit the contract rates to those with $10m or less? T/no. 
  • Any new training? Ray/nothing weíve already addressed. Any CBI news? T/ nothing as far as the RV, quiet holidays. Govíts starting to meet again. Corruption committee moved everybody out of Parliament government housing. 
  • Any early exchanges occurring? T/not one single exchange over the holiday. Not one in Reno (have plenty of people there). They did not get any money! 
  • Any downside for Iraq not to revalue? T/yes, their people are dependent on them to rebuild their country. Instead of a surplus they have to borrow from 15 different countries. Investors arenít going to lend them money until they get an RV. All the education showing them (citizens) how this process (with pending lower denoms, etc) is going to work wonít work if they donít do it. 
  • New Confessions of An Economic Hit Man. Get the book and read it! 
  • Live Callers: 
  • 312/Chicago, IL..Prime Minister Madi still coming to DC? R/yes. Iran articles criticized US (wouldnít leave the base and disrespected the PM), trying to get the US out. Heís coming to the US because of the sanctions. 80% is imported from Iran. Even if they have $ they canít buy fuel, etc. Coming to negotiate to make it work. Caller wanted to know why the meeting. T/need to see each other to better understand one another! 
  • 404/Atlanta, GA.PMís visitor at time of RV? T/yrs. ago they took pictures in what looked like he was overseas (often do that). Whether in country or not, donít know if itís required or not. This time itís just supposed to happen! CBIís job. Heís to be here on the 4th. Trump did the same thing visiting Iraq for only 3 hrs. He could do the same thing! 5-7th is before the 8th. 
  • 951/S.Cal Guy.Intel supporting 1-15th? T/historically tried it thru those dates in the past. C/banks donít want to give you any rates? T/Dong and Zim still on the screen. Will try and get rates from banks again. Just worried about it happening. C/who has the final say ďflip the switchĒ? T/UST are last one to give OK. Waiting for price of oil to go back up. Matter of ďdominos fallingĒ. Weíre the ones holding it up. C/banks saying 4,5,6,7thexciting! 
  • 610/Gman from PA. Brand new bills to pay! Please donate  Cashap: $tntsuperfantastic (make donation electronically). 
  • 360/Vancouver, WA. Do you think Maliki is involved w his ability to create a civil war? T/has the ability to, but why? He can try and get a position in the govít to avoid prosecution. With Iran backing him Iran has influence in the govít. If not him, they want ďintegrityĒ position. If heís wanted, and they can prove it, thatís a different thing. Supposedly his passport taken, etc. They had 300 other politicians leave the country. Would fight with his options before leaving the country. He wonít get one of the ranking positions but will push for others to get in. Theyíll eventually find out his corruption and change their culture once they get this thing started! 
  • 503/ Portland, OR. T/you scared them! 
  • 509/ Spokane, WA. Questions on filling positions. T/ed minister resigned today because they found out she had connections with ISIS. Only justifiable not doing it if the rates are wrong. C/? on price of oil. T/thought it was going to be around $100. C/do they have new candidates for the important positions? T/no new names, nor ďhintsĒ of it. Have to wait and see what happens over the next 6 days. 
  • 708/ Cicero, IL. RV is about to take place, and Iím going to tell you why. Today is the day I finally got on the line and now itís going to RV! If we want the ďcontract rateĒ, both husband & wife, how concrete is that? T/not to get the contract rate, but the NDA you must sign. Youíre married. If itís your $, create another entity (trust) and you give the money to them to take charge of it! 
  • 586/ Warren, MI. Thinks itís going to be stopped again, because of Iran playing a bigger picture. ďTheyĒ wanted it done by the end of the year. Whoís they? T/US. C/I think Iraq is being asked to play a bigger role between them and the USA. Somethings we wonít fudge on. Theyíre goal is to work this issue out with Iran and bring them back to the table.T/I understand, now hear me. I agree Iraq is playing a bigger roll. This isnít the first time this has happened. (Secrets of an Economic Hit Man). USA needs Iraq to stop doing business with Iran. We could get it over with quicker. But donít want to starve their own people with them. Get our country back but starve our people, etc. We canít cut them off. Need more time to work with other countries. When we were at war, Iran was the only one to help them. Thatís Iraqís dilemma now. We need them to survive! We do want Iran to come back to the table. Weíre trying to force them to go another direction. The carrot and the stick is the RV. 
  • 214/ Dallas, TX. C/? about Lebanon. Once the ministers are in place, theyíll have purchasing power also. Looking forward to seat their cabinet also. T/send me the articles so we can put those pieces of the puzzle together. T/Iíll send you my e-mail so you can forward the articles to me to look at. C/also had info on Zim. 
  • 501/ Little Rock, AR.Who set up the 800#? T/UST. We donít know, then banks will make a profit. The numbers have been completed for years. 
  • 918/ Tulsa, OK. 
  • 864/ Greenville, SC. Sanctions against Zimbabwe? Tony/where did you see that? C/Dinar Chronicle. Fines, jail time, etc. T/youíre going to go to the bank and the bank is going to give you money to complete the transaction then come back and arrest you? What bank is boing to be involved with an illegal action? Thereís not a bank in the country that will do that and go to prison also. They would take it off the list if there was a problem with it. 
  • 240/Germanton, MD.Is it just this issue or a summation of things around the world? T/going to move so many 3rd world countries up. Other issues effecting Iraq. The Dinar is the foundation and thatís what theyíre waiting on. 
  • 413/ Springfield, MA. Busy talking to someone else! 
  • 503/ Portland, OR. Thanks for teaching us about the non-operational vrs. operational foundations. Feels like you need professional management running it. Over 1k foundations in OR were closed and many fined. Not functions of violations! Ray/these people werenít doing it, not difficult, very easy. Different types of operating and types. It isnít for a non-operating foundation. 
  • 615/ Nashville, TN. Should my grown childrenís funds be placed in my trust? Ray/absolutely not! ďComingleĒ isnít a good idea. As adults, they should have their personal trust.Set it up for those coming behind us. 
  • 561/ West Palm Beach. Long time fan, RV taken place and countries trading, Iraqi citizens being paid, street level currency not being paid yet. US and Iraqi citizens only ones who benefit. Why would they want to make a bunch of US citizens rich?T/3-4 countries started trading Dinar. Obviously have an exchange rate. Cars, appliances, selling at different rates. How are they doing it at the program rate? Definitely some things going on. 13303 gave us the same right as Iraqi citizens, along with other countries that participated in the liberation of Iraq (England, etc). The average citizen doesnít know how wealthy US citizens will become. Originally only 5k people knew about it. Officers in the military were told not to tell the enlisted people to know about it. Because of the time-line, itís like a small snowball growing to a giant avalanche. 99% of Iraqiís have no idea whatís happening. C/Bank story: 

C/Bank story: I talked to a personal banker in West Palm Beach and asked her what she knew. She listened to me over a long time. She once told me to come over and see her when I was done with personal banking. I went to her office, and she closed the door (never done that before). Said she had a customer with a large yacht. Used with VIPís all around the world. Captain of the yacht said he had a very powerful politician on the yacht. Was given an envelope with a lot of Dinar and told to hold on to it. Caller, maybe this will give some hope to others who are thinking nothing will happen! 

  • Tony/people have told us for years this will never happen. Itís 2019, we canít change the past. All we can do is look for the future. The banks tell me 5,6,7 is their window. Weíll see what happens after the sanctions. Between today 2ndand 15th looking for it to go through. 
  • Ray/in Jan 10 will be in SLC, UT, have some fun in the cold weather!If something exciting comes out, weíll post it in the forum.

12/19/2018 TNT Conference Dinar Call w/Tony & Rayren98 Replay Link also Highlights

1. The Iraqi Parliament would meet again tomorrow Dec. 20 and make the final vote on new Parliament members. All controversial names have been removed.
2. The Parliament would be resolved one way or the other by the end of the year.
3. The Parliament vote was the only issue holding up release of the Dinar internationally.
4. A few days ago the Kurds were paid $5.58 as the new Dinar in-country rate.

TNT Showtime CC w/ Ray, Tony Cliff Notes by Sunny 12-17-18

12/17/2018 TNT Conference Dinar Call w/Tony & Rayren98 Replay Link also Highlights
Ray: . . .No updates . . .

Tony: Goooooooooood Afternoon, TNT! Here we are, better late than never. We are only scheduled for an hour. So, we were trying to wait to see if anything happenned. Any really, really good updates to give you guys.

Absolutely nothing (happened) at the banks (over the weekend). Are they till waiting? Yes! Are we still anticipating people doing what they say they are going to do? Yes! Is all of Iraq still looking for them to vote on the Ministers tomorrow and finally get this over with? Yeah, thatís what they are looking for, hoping for. Itís the only thing CBI and anybody else is waiting for is for them to finally get these eight (8) out of the way. Now everybody thought it was going to happen last week. Itís why we got our 95%, our 100%, because again they are counting on them doing it when they say theyíre going to do it. Didnít happen!

What did happen is Article 140 went through. Article 140 had nothing to do with CBI! It had everything to do with Kurdís, Iraq and the country itself. The Kurdís did get paid on Saturday. Itís on TV in Iraq today. . . It said exactly on TV about the Kurdís, ďThe Kurdís were paid huge amounts of back pay and remaining will be on payment plan.Ē I can tell you from someone who got paid on his card was paid over three million USD on his card. I changed the numbers. He got paid more than that. The minimum they are getting paid in the Kurdistan region is one million USD on their cards. The rest will be paid out in payments. He said, that pays for the last couple of years that they were owed and the rest will be paid in payments. Everybody should know it. Itís in their news, on their TV and they are saying they got paid a ďhugeĒ amount. A million dollars is a huge amount! He got more than three times that. The same guy that keeps telling us, ďItís done, Itís over your going to see it.Ē The only thing he said, ďYou know we do everything before Baghdad, so in a couple of days your going to see what happens in Baghdad!Ē And thatís what weíre waiting Ė to see what happens in Baghdad.

Again, their part went through. Do the Presidents meet tonight? They said they are going to meet tonight. That would be the three Presidents and Mahdi. They said they were going to resolve the issue of Defense and Interior. The others are already resolved. If they do, they are going to vote tomorrow. The Kurdís have said they are going to boycott the vote tomorrow if it does include the same names it did yesterday. Itís not going to go through unless the names are changed. The only one really fighting for change Ė Sadr wants to make sure Maliki does not get a position and they do not like the name that was submitted for Defense or Interior Minister.

Were waiting for things to progress a little further as far as the Kurdís were concerned. Thinking this thing should pop out any time.

CURRENT WINDOW: Tony: Over their they thought it would happen by this weekend, but they didnít do what they were supposed to. . . With the Kurdís getting paid, $1 to $4 to 5 million USD. . . Ministers to meet tonight. If they vote all done, money flowing. . . Hearing they are not going to take the vote. If they donít, nothing changes and drags it out another week. . .(Kurdís) Paid on their Qe cards in the equivalent of USD.

Tony: I got two verificationís of the Kurdís getting the money. I think weíre going to see it here real quick.

IRAQ: Article 140 went through this weekend. Kurdís were paid back funds for the last couple of years.

Kurdís got paid on their cards on Saturday and reported receiving $1 to 5 million USD. One million is the minimum to be paid to a citizen. Itís in the news, on TV they said, ďThe Kurdís were paid huge amounts of back pay . . .Ē Balance they are owed is to be paid in payments. Tony: Paid on their Qe cards in the equivalent of USD.

Parliament: Presidents to meet tonight with Mahdi to settle the issue of the Defense and Interior Ministers. Kurdís saying if their is a different name presented to Parliament they will boycott. Tony: Hearing they are not going to take the vote. If they donít, nothing changes and drags it out another week.

Media: reporting the Kurdís were paid ďhuge amountsĒ for the last couple years.

Tonyís Contact: Tony: Telling us itís done, itís over and your going to see it . . .in a couple of days in Baghdad!


Currencies: No rates given on the call.


Banks: Banks still have the funds (monies) they brought in over a month ago, so they could pay out large cash sums to those who want it when they exchange. The banks are on alert but not on restricted movement alert.

Taxes: No change in the previous information that it will be a non-taxable event.

800 #ís: No release of the numbers or information regarding their release.

EXCHANGING: Only dinar is being exchanged at this time and that is the currency where they are finding counterfeit bills.

Bank Story: Tony said, he knew of one person they wanted to charge 2% to exchange and he refused and did his exchange for no fee.

Contract rate: No minimum required to get the contract rate.

ZIM Information: Q. Do we have to exchange the ZIM by Dec. 22nd deadline? Tony: No, I have not heard that. Not from bank or committee. Where did that date come from?
Is it an indicator the Zimbabwe is about to go because China will print their new currency? Tony: Yes, China, Russia and the US are all vying to control Zimbabwe and Africa as a whole. China wants to use the Juan as a global currency. Zimbabwe saying this morning they will have a full recovery. . .Could be months, years down the road before China does that.

Q & A: TNT Forum
Ė Do you have anything to confirm the fight for the minister of Interior is over? That the vote has already taken place? Tony: I donít know. I want to say it is. I gave you the latest that Kurdistan said if his name is still in there they are not going to do it. Maliki, Fayad and Amiri are saying itís up to Mahdi whose name he puts up. But they are saying thatís the name Mahdi wants to put up. Probably not the name he wants to put up but heís being pressured. No, I donít know until they actually do it as weíve seen that before. The article today say the Presidents going to meet tonight. Trying to make it into smaller groups so they can make some agreements with not so many people in the room and then go and vote. Again the Kurdís say if his name (Fayad) is on the list they are going to boycott the vote.

Q & A: Callers
Ė What address should I use for a DBA? Ray: Home address


Tony . . . On Twitter, go and look for yourselves, we have 138,000 followers. . .

All right guys, it is what it is. Itís a good day. All we know is the Kurdís got paid. The Kurdís got paid a lot of money. It was more than at the 1190 rate. We said there was no way he was owed that much money at that rate. The equivalent of $4 or 5 million US Dollars. There was no way, that everybody there, get at least a million dollars, based on what they got, so itís going to be a good day

And if Kurdistan is spending that kind of money, it is not going to be long before the rest of the country wants to spend that same kind of money. They will see that on their card too.

So, Iím looking to see what happens at the meeting tonight and if itís good or what at the meeting last night cause itís already over. See if there is a vote tomorrow so we can go about our own business and celebrate our own Christmas.

If we get the information later today Iíll send it out. If the vote goes through we will send it out. If not weíll do it as soon as we find out tomorrow. Anything else Ray will put in a blast. Right Ray?

Ray . . . Thatís right. That will take us out of Monday. Enjoy your Tuesday. Weíll be back Wednesday if nothing to share exciting before the. (played ďI Believe.Ē

Tony: Did I tell you guys I loved this call? I loved this call!


12/15/2018 TNT Conference Dinar Call w/Tony & Rayren98 Replay Link also Highlights
1. The new Dinar rate could be up to $28.50, with $2.00 for the Dong.
2. From what Tonyís intel sources have been saying, he was still looking for something to happen on the GCR/RV this weekend.

12/12/2018 TNT Conference Dinar Call w/Tony & Rayren98 Replay Link also HighlightsS
ources were still saying the RV/GCR would go this week, or by Sat. Dec. 15. One bank source said we would be in the banks by Fri. Dec. 14.

12/10/2018 TNT Conference Dinar Call w/Tony & Rayren98 Replay Link also Highlights
1. Tonyís Iraqi contacts maintained that there was a 100% chance that the GCR/RV would occur this week.
2. In Iraq exchangers were being set up on every block and they continued to exchange even today Dec. 10.
3. Iraq has found around 10% of their currency to be counterfeit. Your currency can be checked at the banks or there were websites online that show you the seven points to watch for.
4. Exchanges that were closed before were reopened yesterday Dec. 9 in anticipation of things happening this week.
5. The RV would not be today, but it could get started tomorrow, Tues. Dec. 11, or any time thereafter.
6. The Iraqi Dinar was international and they have a date that it would go somewhere between Dec. 12 and Dec. 15

12/7/2018 TNT Conference Dinar Call w/Tony & Rayren98 Replay Link also Highlights
1. Banks were on alert and have been since Mon. Dec. 3.
2. Private exchanges have taken place in the banks since Mon. Dec. 3, they took a break on Tues. and started in again on Wed. Dec. 5.
3. Tony was told that whatever was going on in Iraq didnít matter because the RV was going.
4. There was a 95% chance that the RV would happen this weekend and a 100% chance it would happen next week.

11/26/2018 TNT Conference Dinar Call w/Tony & Rayren98 Replay Link also Highlights
1. Some were exchanging in Iraq but they were not making exchanges public until Tues. or Wed. Nov. 27, 28.
2. They have taken the vote on their new Parliament but wonít announce it until Tues. or Wed. Nov. 27, 28.

11/21/2018 TNT Conference Dinar Call w/Tony & Rayren98 Replay Link also Highlights
1. The Banks were saying we should see this on Fri. Nov. 22 or Sat. Nov. 23.
2. The Banks were preparing to start making appointments on Friday or Saturday and had a rate for the Zim.
3. Currency Rates: Dinar $3.47, contract rate $28; Dong $.47, contract rate $2.47; Rupiah $1.08 Ė $1.38; ZIM $.22 Ė $.27.
4. The 2nd Basket of currencies to RV was predicted to do so in six months.

11/19/2018 TNT Conference Dinar Call w/Tony & Rayren98 Replay Link also Highlights
1. Today Nov. 19 an Iraqi banker told Tony this would go Mon.- Tues. Nov. 19, 20.
2. As of Sun. Nov. 18 in Iraq the Dinar rate was changed to make 120 Dinars worth one US dollar. (This Iraq in-country street rate represented around $.0083 to $1 US).
3. Iraqi banks expect this in-country Dinar rate to increase to over $4 by Nov. 22 Thanksgiving.
4. With this in-country Dinar rate change on Sun. Nov. 18, the Dinar should be international within 24, 48, or 72 hours.
5. Tony ended the call not expecting to do another and saying ďWe are there.Ē

11/16/2018 TNT Conference Dinar Call w/Tony & Rayren98 Replay Link also Highlights
1. There were unverified reports from Iraq that said the new Dinar notes were on the street.
2. As of Fri. Nov. 16 the Banks were on alert with solid rates on their screens - that were on hold.
3. Bank Front Screen Rates were reported as:
Dong $.47
Dinar $4.13
Rial $3.85
Afghani $3.37
Rupiah $1.08

11/9/2018 TNT Conference Dinar Call w/Tony & Rayren98 Replay Link also Highlights
1. The CBI has said that everything was done in Iraq and now paperwork wise they were operating as if the RV had already happened.
2. An Iraqi article printed that the Iraqi budget showed one Dinar equaled $.83 as an in-country rate. In Iraqi paperwork the Dinar in-country rate showed 1:1 to the US dollar.
3. The banks went on alert yesterday Nov. 8.
4. China has made a public announcement that they were going to revalue their currency on Mon. Nov. 12.
5. The RV window ended on Sun. Nov. 11, though it could have been extended to Mon. Nov. 12.
6. The RV could go any moment, any time, because they wanted to get it done.

11/7/2018 TNT Conference Dinar Call w/Tony & Rayren98 Replay Link and Highlights
1. In Iraq all final eight ministers have been selected and they will be voted on Sun. Nov. 11.
2. Today Nov. 7 the banks reported that they had new solid rates live on the screens with a hold on them.
3. This could go between now and Sun. Nov. 11.

11/5/2018 TNT Conference Dinar Call w/Tony & Rayren98 Replay Link and Highlights
1. Iraq will officially put in their new Parliament on Nov. 11.
2. In the US all banks were quiet.
3. Tony doesnít expect anything to happen until after Midterm Elections on Nov. 6.

(Cliff notes by Sunny)

Ray: . . .No updates so I guess weíll start where we left off . . .

TNT UPDATE, Sunday, Nov 4, 2018

Iraq has requested permission to ignore some of the US imposed sanctions against Iran in order to continue their import trade relations. US dollars will not be involved in the transactions, only Iraqi Dinars.

PM Madhi only has four candidates for Tuesdayís Parliament session. He has postponed selecting the other four to complete a seated cabinet.

Leaders in Baghdad are holding a meeting today (Sunday) demanding that PM Mahdi announce all eight of his cabinet selecteeís.

Kurdistan regional Parliament will hold itís first official meeting on Tuesday.

2nd TNT UPDATE, Sunday, Nov 4, 2018

The CBI site was down for awhile today, but itís back to normal now.Apparently, todayís leaders meeting in Baghdad garnered two more names to be considered for Madhiís cabinet on Tuesdayís voting session.

With six names now reported, only two remain to have the government fully seated even though the general thought that it is not necessary for a currency revalue. Time Will Tell!

Tony: Goooooooooood Morning, TNT!

Here is what is going on today. Mahdi has removed the ??? from the Green Zone. Wanted everyone to know they were included and wanted the government to know they were part of the people. Good idea but 4 bombs went off in Baghdad.

Weíve been saying for months, get it done before disruption. Bombing starts and now the vote has been moved to Sunday.

Not thirty minutes ago, said the vote will take place on Sunday, they have all the names and they are going to vote and have every member of Parliament re-do their oath of office all at the same time. All 8 names will be submitted and voted on.

Some people still think we need to have those 8 names for the CBI to be comfortable or the CBI is requiring that. I doubt that. Constitutionally they already have a GOI.

Issue with Iraq today. Already took over one bank this morning for being out of compliance. Fill all the holes before they do the RV. Iraq has been excluded from some sanctions. Can still trade for oil, feed, things they need but have to do it in Dinar. They are going to pay Iran with Dinar.

Iran has been talking to the EU nations to make sure they will support them. A couple of countries have asked for waivers from sanctions to continue doing business with Iran. Every article out there will tell you our governments aim is to cripple their economy, so their people will rise up. That is the goal!

Iran has already said they would come back to the table and talk. They just donít like the way they are being talked to. Demanding things and saying, Ďquit being a bully.í I understand that. Nobody wants to be bullied. That is the issue with Iran.

US put out statements this morning on Iraq and GOI is upset about it. Saying they are trying to work things out.

Whose bombing? Nobody knows, nobody took credit for it. Over the weekend Maliki had meetings . . . to convince them he needs to be VP. We know what happened last time Maliki was about to be removed . . . a whole invasion called ISIS. . .for him to be a dictator. Didnít work. today is exactly what we expected to see from Iran, Maliki, Amin, because this is their last chance to be in power.

Everything Iím hearing is Iraq really wants to revalue their currency. Itís going to take them more than months, even a year to eradicate the corruption in their GOI and life style. Thatís where itís really at, in their lifestyle, but they are willing to fight for it.

No vote tomorrow. . . now we have to wait till Sunday and hope it goes through. We do know they have 8 names. Why they put it off till Sunday? I donít know. Maybe because 21 people died this morning.

Banks: Nothing as far as updates. Really quiet. Everybody is quiet. I thought a good thing. They have never been this quiet. We know itís not happening today. Never thought it would happen tomorrow. (voting). I donít even look for it till Wed. Ė Thurs Ė Friday and hopefully by that time we will have an update.

People send me a lot of junk: about our government doesnít want us to have this money; Trump stopped it; the cabal is holding him down. Itís all BS! Or itís started in Hong Kong and waiting for the election to start it here; not going to happen till 2019 cause they donít want Trump to be successful -Itís nonsense! Itís the US thatís been vetoing it.

The same family owns 70% of all the central banks around the world. Itís only going to make them richer. Why donít they want it to happen? It doesnít make sense. Now saying our government is the cabal. . .

CURRENT WINDOW: Tony: Banks quiet . . .We know itís not happening today. Never thought it would happen tomorrow. (voting). I donít even look for it till Wed Ė Thurs Ė Friday. (Tony received a text during the call that the cash went back this morning) Tony: That branch sent it back. Iíve told you before banks can only have so much money on hand. That does not mean the rest of them did.

Tony: They have already educated the people God knows how many times? The real question is how long will they have the people walk around with bags full of money just to buy groceries.

As long as they have a plan Iím going with them. The only thing we have to worry about now is whatís going on between Iraq and Iran. Right now Iím hearing it is still a ďGO!Ē

IRAQ: Bombing in Baghdad this morning Ė 21 people killed. Tony: Whose bombing? Nobody knows, nobody took credit for it. Over the weekend Maliki had meetings . . . to convince them he needs to be VP. We know what happened last time Maliki was about to be removed . . . a whole invasion called ISIS.

CBI: took over United Investment Bank for non-compliance issues. Tony: Everything Iím hearing Iraq really wants to revalue their currency.

CBI Investigation: Tony:

Article just came out and letting everybody know the CBI will be exposed to a scandal caused by daily auction; something going on within the CBI and some of the banks that have used it. $232 million nearly 3íx what it was. Actually exposing it for what it is before the world and everything else. . . Weíll have to see what affect that actually as on it. . .

Tony: Right now Iím hearing it is still a ďGO!Ē

11/2/2018 TNT Conference Dinar Call w/Tony & Rayren98 Replay Link and Highlights

(Cliff notes by Sunny)
Ray: . . .No updates . . .

Tony: Goooooooooood Morning, TNT! Everybody I have contact with says weíre going now!

First let me mention this. Somebody sent me a text asking me to call them. Wanted to ask me some questions. Invited him to a group for ZIM saying they could get him a higher rate. Asked them for their Driverís License, SSI, bank account and trust information. Send copy of Drivers License and proof of life pictures and to send them their ZIM. Told them they would take it overseas to do the exchange. Now no one can get a hold of this person. Like he walked off the face of the earth. I feel sorry for this group of people. How these people are operating you need to be aware of.

Hereís the worst part, they have put their entire financial history in someone elseís hands.

People ask us why we do this. We have 172,000 followers on Twitter and not even 100 people send us donations every month. Itís not about that. Sharing this email (below) because this is why we do it.

ďMy mom asked me to write you . . . she loves both of you so much . . .your both like this comedy team. . . she keeps saying the two of you are the only ones out there that are honest . . . sheís a cancer survivor . . . 3.5 years of chemo, partial lung removal . . .sheís worried about her two children . . .stage 3 kidney disease . . . she now needs oxygen for COPD. Sheís 87. . . mom sends her love from the hospital. She wants to meet both of you so badly.Ē

Tony: This is why we do this guys. She still has hope for the RV for her children. Still listens to these calls. They bring a smile to her face three times a week. Itís about hope. . .keeping people involved until the time comes.

The numbers coming from Washington are 73% of the people exchanging will be broke in 5 years. Years ago it was 90% so if weíve been responsible for dropping those numbers Iím ecstatic. Weíre trying to educate people and remind them Ė thatís why we do this. . . the number has dropped that much. Thatís what we have accomplished here so far without the RV happening.

I have her (ph) number. Iím going to call you when this call is over.

Call Info: Tony: Said they would vote on Tuesday for the rest of the ministers. Today articles out saying it may not be all eight, because legally there is no legal timetable for the other ministers. Having meetings about them and Yes, Maliki is trying to negotiate for a VP position. Weíll have to wait till Tuesday to see who gets voted on.

Our contractors over there still think CBI wants to see all eight of them seated in order to move on the ER. I donít see that yet. Supposedly if all 8 ministers go on Tuesday we will see the RV within 30 days of that happening. I think itís going to go within 30 days of that anyway. Could be one day, five days, 10 days or the whole 30 days.

Bank screens are lighting up once again. . . rates once again. Latest on the ZIM is fluctuating between .17 and .37 cents on the screen. Dinar, $4.48; Rial, $3.98. Again they are going up and down, grayed. They think the best time for us to see this is Tues Ė Thursday next week is what one bank is now saying.

Other banks said a lot of money was moved this week on Wed, Thursday and today. Large amounts moved specifically for the RV and because of the amounts of money saying it could happen as soon as today as they usually do not have that amount of money sitting in banks. This is unusual. Going on as we speak.

Only one we cannot get a rate for the Dong. It is not showing up in any bank yet. No rates. Zero rates for the Dong and itís a live currency. (later in the call Ray reported the rate for the Dong of $1.87 derived from a quote at a bank although they would not allow the person to exchange.)

Banks are gearing up again to do something. Right here this week and moving money all over the place.

Whatís the most exciting thing weíve heard in the news? In his speech yesterday, Trump told the whole world, in the second part of his term he was going to wipe out the $20 Trillion debt of America. He said it! It was during his speech! Did he slip something in there he knew would happen? That this is what it would be used for when it happens?

CURRENT WINDOW: Tony: Banks are gearing up again . . . Right here this week and moving money all over the place. . . Believe sometime between now and next Friday this should be over with. What they are being told and gearing up for.

One bank is saying . . . the best time for us to see this is Tues Ė Thursday next week. . .

Other banks said money was moved this week on Wed, Thursday and today. Large amounts moved specifically for the RV and because of the amounts of money saying it could happen as soon as today as they usually do not have that amount of money sitting in banks. This is unusual. Going on as we speak.

IRAQ: Not a legal requirement that the last eight ministers be voted on in any time frame.

CBI: Tony: People in the CBI are telling me they are trying to make this happen before something else happens (something else political or disruptive to the process is how I felt Tony meant his statement) They still have to go through the UST and get approval from the US (to release the RV). Itís the clearest if not the closest weíve ever gotten to the actual time. Some people think that is today. Money moving right now. Itís in position. If it went today it would be after midnight over there. Others think it has to be after the vote on Tuesday. Now saying on four going through. This is the clearest itís been if not the closest. . . As I said to start the call everybody I have contact with sayís weíre going now! Q. Ė Next year? Tony: I donít see that happening!

Parliament: Schedule is for the next eight ministers to be voted on this coming Tuesday.

Gazette: Have not seen the mention of the Qi and Visa cards being announced International in the Gazette yet. Tony: I think weíll see it before the RV goes live.

Maliki is actively seeking a Vice-President position.

Mosques are no longer a source of information or intel.


Iran Sanctions take effect on Monday, Nov 4th. Iran Rial in the First Basket: Tony: Doesnít make sense to me because the sanctions goes into effect Nov 4th. Why would we RV their currency when the purpose of the sanctions is to destroy their economy? Why would we make them stronger?

Currencies: Bank screens have lit up again and rates are fluctuating and still being grayed out. Latest rates Tony reported are: Dong, $1.87; Dinar, $4.48; Rial, $3.98; ZIM between .17 Ė .37 cents. Dinar contract rate is $28.50 and with an NDA. Tony: The FOREX market rate will never surpass the contract rate!

IMF Projects to invest in are are global projects. Tony got the information from his congressional committee member and has hopes he will get details at a later date.

UNITED STATES: Tony: In his speech yesterday, Trump told the whole world, in the second part of his term he was going to wipe out the $20 Trillion debt of America. He said it! It was during his speech!

Banks: Banks are gearing up again . . . Right here this week and moving money all over the place. One bank says exchanges next week and other banks saying it could happen today!

Taxes: No new information.

NDA: The publicís NDA is either 12 or 4 pages. Most of that is signatures. Tonyís NDA is 32 pages and has a whole lot in it that yours doesnít because of what he knows. Tony: The person who wrote it (the public NDAís) said he would not sign it.

800 #ís: No release or information on their release yet.

EXCHANGING: Rates change every day and sometimes the banks update their rates twice daily.

Security: move your funds into another account after exchanging so no one has the original information of the exchange.

ZIM Information: There is both currency and a bond. Tony: The bond is a 11.5 X 8 piece of paper. None of you have bonds that Iím aware of. The currency we were told years ago you need to have are the 100 Trillion and 50 Trillion notes, of 2008 AA series. Banks say they will take them all. Nothing beats a failure but a try. . . Remember Zimbabweís agreement is with the US Treasury.

Q & A: TNT Forum
Ė Is it still viable to invest in 3-D printing. Tony: Yes, itís viable. Thatís the future. We see 3-D printing everywhere now. Automotive using it. Health is printing 3-D heart valves. Everyone will have a desk top 3-D printer. Remember what happened with the gold mine and picks and shovels. If you donít know the story thatís where the real gold mine was. Between the picks and shovels.

CAUTION Ė Beware of Scammers! Both individually and as a group. Their method of operation is to say they can exchange you and/or for a better rate than you will get on your own. See the first paragraph of Tonyís comments for how they work and a real life groupís experience with a scammer.


Tony . . . All right guys, good news again on the banking side is they are all getting geared up. See rates again. Believe sometime between now and next Friday this should be over with. What they are being told and gearing up for. All of them by next Friday.

Looking at Tuesday as a possible decision date. News coming out now they will only do four ministers. News this morning is they donít have to do them. No restriction to do them in a certain time frame. Mahdi has assumed responsibility for three of them anyway. Donít see that holding us up at all. Weíll know after Tuesday.

Enjoy your weekend. Iím going to enjoy mine. If anything happens weíll Tweet it out and post it.

Ray . . .Anything exciting happens youíll hear from us. Keep believeing, we sure do. (Played ďI Believe.Ē)

10/31/2018 TNT Conference Dinar Call w/Tony & Rayren98 Replay Link and/or Highlights
1. Some banks, again, were expecting the RV this week. Some banks say mid Nov.
2. As of Oct. 29 all restrictions had been removed from the Iraqi Dinar. It is now national and would be international in the coming days.
3. Rates: Dinar $3.47, Rial $3.98, Zim $1.38 (take 6 zeros off).

10/29/2018 TNT Conference Dinar Call w/Tony & Rayren98 Replay Link and/or Highlights

Tony: The banks were expecting the RV this week. As of Mon. Oct. 29 all restrictions had been removed from the Iraqi Dinar. Thousands in Iraq were enjoying a holiday Mon. Oct. 29 and Tues. Oct. 30.

Sat 10/27/2018 TNT Conference Dinar Call w/Tony & Rayren98 Replay Link (Info starts at 5min 20sec) Highlights

Tony: Iraq was planning their RV within the month of Oct. Iraq has signed everything and was ready to go with the new Prime Minister sworn in on Oct. 25, afterwhich Historical Bonds pay outs were made. Iraq scheduled a holiday Mon. Oct. 29 and Tues. Oct. 30.

10/22/2018 TNT Conference Dinar Call w/Tony & Rayren98 Replay Link or Highlights
1. A man was on the call who tried to exchange his Dinar at a Washington DC bank on Friday Oct. 19. He has a printout that showed his Dinar would have exchanged at $1.25 on Friday. Since he didnít have his Dinar with him and the bank was closed he was told to come back, which he did on Sat. Oct. 20. On Sat. he went back twice, but was told they had computer issues. The bank told him they could authorize the Dinar exchange at a higher rate than the $1.25 on Mon. Oct. 22. He called this morning Oct. 22 and was told the bank manager was at a meeting with other banks in Washington DC, but would get back to him today.
2. Over the weekend other banks were down with computer problems.
3. The Iraqi Parliament would be meeting today Oct. 22 for a vote to make their new government elections official, a requirement for the RV. Sources say that they would RV directly after the vote.
4. Tony felt this RV would at the very least go through this month of Oct.
5. Tony does not think the 800#s would be released during the day. Banks are prepared to exchange within 2 hours after the 800#s are released and would remain open until 11 pm.

10/19/2018 TNT Conference Dinar Call w/Tony & Rayren98 Replay Link or Highlights
Tony: Iraq still planned to complete their RV within Oct.

10/15/2018 TNT Conference Dinar Call w/Tony & Rayren98 Replay Link or Highlights
1. For unknown reasons people in Washington DC stopped the transfer of RV monies to the banks on Sat. Oct. 13.
2. One bank said they were still expecting to exchange later this week, while another bank said it had been put off.
3. Iraq has done all it needed to do, saying that the Sat. delay was caused by the US.
4. Meanwhile the different currency rates continued to rise in value.

10/12/2018 TNT Conference Dinar Call w/Tony & Rayren98 Replay Link or Highlights
1. Tony: No one knows when this would happen. I only know it would be sometime this month, and they were pushing for this weekend.
2. As of Wed. Oct. 10 when we got off the call, the banks have been excited about the next 72 hours (to Sat. Oct. 13).
3. On Mon. Oct. 8 the Chinese Yuan was placed in the SDR. It's now a global reserve currency and can be used globally like the USD. It is not on par value with the USD.
4. The Iraq Dinar was expected to float on the (Forex) currency market once it revalues. I think it will go to $12. I don't know. My committee person says they will cap it at $8.00.
5. The latest ZIM rate was $.77 on the screen before it grayed out. There was an article out today "guaranteeing their people" the ZIM note will be equal to the USD at a 1 to 1.

10/8/2018 TNT Conference Dinar Call w/Tony & Rayren98 Replay Link or Highlights
1. The Arab countries have been trading the new Iraqi Dinar for some time now.
2. Since last Sat. Oct. 6 Iraq has put out huge amounts of their new Dinar notes.
3. It appeared that the RV could go anywhere from Tues. Oct. 9 and through the weekend.
4. The banks were ready to go this week.
5. The Iraqi Parliament would vote on their new government Tues. Oct. 9 or Thurs. Oct. 11, with expected RV release within 72 hours after their new President was sworn in, or by next weekend.
6. The date on the Iraqi new Dinar notes was Friday Oct. 12 2018.
7. Iraq had a three day holiday scheduled for Sat. through Mon. Oct. 13, 14 and 15.

10/5/2018 TNT Superfantastic Dinar Call w/Tony & Rayren98 Replays or Highlights below
1. The Iraqi Parliament met and decided that Abadi would be their Prime Minister. They would vote on their new government next Tues. Oct. 9 or Thurs. Oct. 11 and have the new government in place within 30 days.
2. Iraq would release lower denoms on Tues. Oct. 9.
3. They said that afterward the RV release would take place somewhere within 72 hours.
4. Over here the banks were saying the RV would be this weekend. In Iraq they were saying that the RV would wait until after the vote and be next weekend.

10/3/2018 TNT Superfantastic Dinar Call w/Tony & Rayren98 Replays or Highlights below
The Iraqi Parliament voted in their President and now qualified for the RV. Our window for the RV was this week. Banks were gearing up and expect something between now and next week, or in the next 10 days. There were 300 legitimate groups. I know a paymaster who said he didnít care how much currency he was given. They had signed it over and he would give them $4 or 5 million regardless of what they gave him. Some people were going to be mad. There would be lawsuits. A lot of people were going after the Cheats.

9/26/2018 TNT Superfantastic Dinar Call w/Tony & Rayren98 Replays or Highlights below
1. We would not get out of this month without this happening.
2. The ZIM Humanitarian screen rate was at $2.00 (and climbing).
3. Zim structured payout would be based on the bank where you exchange. A larger bank may be able to give you the most favorable terms.
4. The minimum amount of Dinar/Dong you would need in order to qualify for contract rates would be 500,000.

9/24/2018 TNT Superfantastic Dinar Call w/Tony & Rayren98 Replays or Highlights below
Iraqi TV reported that all parties agreed on Saleh as the next Iraqi president, that Abadi was the best candidate for Prime Minister and they would vote for them on Tues. Sept. 25. The rest of the intel went quiet. Everyone was waiting to see what happened tomorrow, Tues. Sept. 25.

9/22/2018 TNT Superfantastic Dinar Call w/Tony & Rayren98 Replays or Highlights below1
. The banks say it would go between now and next Mon. Sept. 24.
2. The banks say the new rates would be locked in by Sat. Sept. 22.
3. Rates: Dinar $3.71, Dong $2.00, Zim $.22 would be changed by tomorrow Sept. 22

9/19/2018 TNT Superfantastic Dinar Call w/Tony & Rayren98 Replays or Highlights below
1. Last week Tony said banks were looking at between Sept 15-22.
2. Our guys looking at Iraq putting out lower category notes, 500, 200, 100. Supposed to start on Monday, Tuesday and then next month.
3. They were telling people to be in Reno on Monday and over the weekend some people were called to Reno. Told to be there Monday, Tuesday and tomorrow. Told they were ready to start.
4. Banks were ready to go. Everything was being finalized and it's coming. They were saying that was still the plan. The banks still think something was going to happen this month. Yesterday they were told to prepare to go today, then Iraq didn't vote today like they were supposed to. The banks here have a window and time frame but it's based on what Iraq does.
5. 800 #'s will be posted here, on other Dinar sites and probably on banking web sites. Any valid 800# you can use.
6. The Military will exchange at the Finance officer department on the base.
7. We just have short window to wait and see.

9/14/2018 TNT Superfantastic Dinar Call w/Tony & Rayren98 Replays or Highlights below
1. A lot of things happened in Iraq overnight that we werenít privy to.
2. In their meeting on Wed. Sept. 12 the Banks were saying that the final documents were being prepared.
3. In Iraq today Sept. 14 their Q cards were active, they were able to use Paypal for theirmcurrency and how could that happen without using the new Dinar rate
4. In Iraq tomorrow Sept. 15 they were set to formally decide on and announce their new PrimenMinister. Abadi was out. He didnít want the position.
5. In Iraq their window was set for Sept. 15th through the 22nd that this should be all over.
6. In Iraq the RV was starting on Sun. Sept. 16 and going through the end of the month.
7. On Sun. Sept. 16 or Mon. Sept. 17 the new lower denoms of the Dinar were scheduled to come out.
8. In Reno the groups were told that this was set to begin next week. (We go at the same time the groups go. We get paid at our appointment, while the groups have to wait until their paymaster pays them).
9. The Zim was still on the bank screens as $.22.
10. The 50 and 100 years structured payouts are gone. We think the structured payout will be based on the bank location and size of the bank and with a three year minimum.
11. The plan was for the internet group to go the first 10 days. There will be no announcement for the general public.

9/10/2018 TNT Superfantastic Dinar Call w/Tony & Rayren98 Replays or Highlights below
1. Banks show international rates on screens Dinar $3.71, Dong $2.00, Rupiah $1.00, but cannot yet exchange.
2. Everyone saying that in 72 hours, by Sat. Sept. 15, this must be over.

9/5/2018 TNT Superfantastic Dinar Call w/Tony & Rayren98 Replays or Highlights below
1. On Friday Aug. 31 the CBI made an announcement that they were ready, but it has not yet happened.
2. On Mon. Sept. 3 the Banks held a meeting and set a timeline for the RV as between now and next week.
3. We were told at every level that this was a non taxable event.
4. Chase, Citibank and Travelex still have the Dong for purchase.
5. Tony heard that the Zim rate went up over the weekend, but they would not reveal the new rate to him.
6. The structured payout would be up to each bank and based on whether it was a small, or big bank doing the exchange.

8/27/2018 TNT Superfantastic Dinar Call w/Tony & Rayren98 Replays or Highlights below
1.You could exchange/redeem your currencies/Zim at any bank and they would move the monies to the proper place.
2. In Iraq their next meeting to begin the new government was Tues. Sept. 4.
3. The banks were expecting the RV this week, had no date or time set for it to go, yet every day they were testing and confirming the new system, while the new rates remained frozen on the screen.

8/27/2018 TNT Superfantastic Dinar Call w/Tony & Rayren98 Replays or Highlights below
1.Tomorrow Aug. 28 Iraq would be meeting to organize the new Iraqi Parliament, which would then begin on Sept. 3.
2. There was supposed to be a major announcement coming out of the Iraqi financial sector by tomorrow Aug. 28.

8/20/2018 TNT Superfantastic Dinar Call w/Tony & Rayren98 Replays or Highlights below
1. Iraq voting was over and certified. They have published a date of Tues. Aug. 28 to have their Parliament organized.
2. We should be in the banks before the beginning of September.
3. The banks did have some meetings, and they are running the system every day. They are prepared every day from today.
4. We are seeing movement, the banks are ready, the currencies are on the bank screens, Parliament is about to meet, and the CBI can release the RV.
5. The Zim: 16 cents. That means 0.00000016, or 16 million to 100 T Zim, or take off 6 zeros and times the number of Zim you had by $.16.

8/1/2018 TNT Superfantastic Dinar Call w/Tony & Rayren98 Replays or Highlights below
1. The Banks were still saying that the RV would happen this week.
2. Everything in Iraq was done and they were dragging it out and waiting for a particular day this month to officially RV. The process could take 7-10 days, or before Aug. 24, though it could be done sooner, but would happen this month.
3. New currency rates were on bank screens, but the final rates would be higher.
4. Tony advised to buy Dong. It would RV between $.47 to $2, was reported to be over $1 and tradable today.
5. Tony has always advised to diversify and buy Dinar, Dong and Zim. With the present political atmosphere the 7 currencies to RV could be reduced to two.

8/13/2018 TNT Superfantastic Dinar Call w/Tony & Rayren98 Replays or Highlights below
1. Last Friday Aug. 10 Iraq ratified their election vote.
2. Iraq should have their new official government in place by next week Aug. 20 Ė 21, which was also the end of their EID holiday.
3. Banks were looking for the new Dinar rates to go active Tues, Wed, or Thurs of this week.
4. The Dinar was international. Right now internationally the banks were exchanging Dinar, but not at the higher rates.
5. Tony knows of some Tier 4 people who have exchanged.
6. On the government humanitarian projects: The advantage of investing your Zim monies in government approved humanitarian projects was that you would sign a contract to have the money in there for so many years, and then gain tax free interest off that money while it was there. At the end of the project you would get your money back and could reinvest it into another humanitarian project. Your Wealth Manager could help you with those investments. (In other words, this was an investment that you would gain monies from and was different than investing in local bonds, and very different than giving your money to your own, or someone elseís non profit, or humanitarian projects).
7. We are expecting it this week, or within 10 days, and to be over with by Aug. 20 with the very end date the first week in Sept.

1. The RI, RV and entire GCR starting with the seven countries, was supposed to occur between Aug. 10 and August 21.
2. Ray: It has been reported to me that ďrelease for all currencies has been authorized.Ē
3. Tony: On Wed. Aug. 8 authorization was given at the top levels for the RV to be released. That comes directly from the UST, Iraqi government sources, our committee member and from our banking sources. This information is live and meant to be shared.
4. We got the exact time and date from our US Treasury guy, and the exact time it should be public for us. The banks have heard this and are getting prepared. We got that same date from the bank last night, the same date as we got from the UST this morning.
5. They are that ready to go, everyone has been notified, and money has been moved in the system for every level to be paid out.
6. They want to give more contract rates to those with the least amount of currency.
7. New Rates:
Dinar = $3.71; Contract $28.50
Dong = $.47 cents to $1.47; Contract up to $5
Zim = 0.00000016 (equivalent of $.16 with 6 zeros taken off); Contract up to $2.

8/10/2018 TNT Conference Dinar Call w/Tony & Rayren98 Highlights
1.The Iraqi election re-count showed the same winners. They dragged out the results until Wed. Aug. 8. They have not yet made an official announcement.
2. The banks have heard that the GCR would be completed and become public by Aug. 21.
3. Money has moved through the system for every level to be paid out.
4. There were no limitations on how much currency you could exchange.
5. Structured payout on the Zim could be as little as 3 years (the longer your structured payout, the higher interest you would likely earn on your monies).
6. There were 724 humanitarian (government) projects that have numbers attached to them that you can be involved in. You would be paid anywhere from .005% to (2 1/2% for investing a billion $ or more) interest with daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly payouts on your money that you invest in those projects.
7. You could work out the humanitarian project with which you wanted to be involved with your Wealth Manager.
8. Any interest you get off your humanitarian project money would be tax free.
9. Exchanges were taking place yesterday Aug. 9, but those people were not made liquid.
10. They are going to limit how much you get off your Zim for the first three years. Again, that limit could be worked out with your Wealth Manager.
11. Contract rates were available, but you had to ask for them.
12. The Zim was anywhere from $.16 to $2.

8/7/2018 TNT Conference Dinar Call w/Tony & Rayren98 Highlights
1. Tomorrowís date of 8-8-2018 was an important number for the Chinese, Iraq and us.
2. Bruce was told by someone very high up in this not to give any intel tonight because everything was done.
3. The new ISX was opened on Mon. Aug. 4 and people were trading on it on international platforms.

7/30/2018 TNT Conference Dinar Call w/Tony & Rayren98 Highlights1
. This morning July 30 protestors in Iraq gave the government 10 days, or by Aug. 8 to implement changes (including the Dinar RV) before major riots would happen. Legally the government cannot implement changes until the new parliament was installed. The new parliament cannot be installed until the election vote was ratified.
2. US Banks were still giving their employees training on exchanges and anticipating this to happen by the end of the month, tomorrow July 31.
3. Right now the higher Dinar in-country rate cannot be used on exchanges in Iraq because they are not using US dollars in Iraq and therefore cannot exchange Dinar for US Dollars within Iraq.
4. It was expected that everyone receiving a rate above the bank screen or international rate would have to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement. The sole purpose of the NDA would be to insure that you do not reveal the rate of your exchange.

7/27/2018 TNT Conference Dinar Call w/Tony & Rayren98 Highlights
1. On the Iraqi side, most people are waiting for the recounting of votes to be over before there are any announcements about the new government. That would be next Tuesday.
2. The CBI has now asked the IMF to release all restrictions on their currency. The IMF has already given them permission to release the RV.
3. It could happen before the end of the month.
4. There was a family gathering and I cannot be too specific, but they are looking for things to occur by/at the end of the moth.
5. The numbers havenít changed on the Bank screens: dinar = $3.71, dong = 47 cents to a dollar, Zim = 0.00000016 (100 Trillion = 16 million dollars), rupiah = $1.08, Afghani = $2.39, Iranian rials = $3.22.
6. In the US they are excited and ready; on the Iraqi side, they could release this as soon as the votes are recounted. Everyone is trying to get this done; Abaid is releasing money and responding to the people.

TNT Conference Dinar Call w/Tony & Rayren98 Replay Links

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