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Philip Tilton's Outlaws Call / Disclaimer

Another "Feel Good" Call - Guest Okie, Tank & Others

Weekly Call... Usually Wed 7pm ET

Conference Call updating GCR/RV Outlawz

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9/20/2017 Philip Tilton's Outlaws Call Replay Link 2hr 16min
Ginger: TDA update / Pam: Prayer and, Co-Host / Tank: Information/Intel and, Co-host / Susan: Support Message and Family Office / Kent Dunn Revealing Revelation / Smarty: NDA update and / Carlos: Pre-RV Overview and Host  / Philip was there in Spirit ..since PR is without electricity / But we Earth Angels will insure all countries are taken care off

9/17/17 Tank Call Notes from 9/17/17
P Tilton says: Call last night ..Tank was saying any second for release. Phillip said Sunday or Monday.
ACH went live Wednesday. Had to have it to go for instant transfers
Philippines have said their sovereign bank is open to exchange fiat money for gold back currency
Iraq $3.72 - included in SDR.
Phil said they have 72 hours
Just talking about TDAs
Same day ACH... At 2:00 in the morning thats when approval was given to Ginger
Check out closed hours as the ones during the day had been reversed.
Q: What are rates on precious metals?
B: Told gold will go down to about $450. So purchase assets like properties and homes as those are assets in the future
Lady speaking about the OID incident that caused people to go to jail several years ago.
G: These are the Global Lateral Accounts... These belong to you... I choose not to leave my money at the Federal reserve bank. If you don't want to access your account because of the currency exchange then that is your choice.
G: Apparently the IRS has closed the way we know it... They were giving out employees letters of termination giving 2 weeks notice
Tank just came into call and loved the conversation that these 2 ladies were discussing
T: Agrees that everybody should wait, and it is all clear to us. (TDA processes). We are the one's keeping the pressure on them.. We are going to keep talking about this.
The Federal Reserve will not function like we know it. There has been a changeover. The Republic has taken the cabal out of power and replaced everything. Ginger is on top of these changes.
Tank tells this lady how well she has spoken.
Becky: We are in the final 2 weeks before NESARA/GESARA takes place
Your legacy accounts have been moved from the Federal Reserve accounts.
Tank: She is correct. Until I see the Republic stand up and tell me they have control..Once we see those changes then I will come back and give that out. . Go to the IRS site and see some changes.
Ginger: I am researching and doing this.
The IRS is hugely downsizing... As soon as I get more info I will put it out.
G: They are downsizing because the devil taxation will be eliminated. There will be taxes on new houses and cars. A smaller tax.
Oct 1 is 2 weeks away... All debt is supposed to be eliminated. (I assume that's when they said NESARA/GESARA comes into effect??)
Question about what will happen to the derivatives.
T: If the rates we are hearing are correct then a couple of notes will cover that.
B: the USN is here but we haven't had an official announcement
T: Sept 15th was the date that changed everything.
Oct 1 is the beginning of the physical year... The $$$$ is changing over as we speak.
T: We are in a planned demolition just as 911 was. They are exposing things because they want us to have change... It is a higher state of existence. The money is the means to make us being free.

9/13/2017 Philip Tilton's Outlaws Call w/Guest Kent, Philip, Pam, Ginger, Lesa, Holly, Mike F and Carlos: Replay Link 1hr 18min

9/11/2017 Philip Tilton's Outlaws Call w/Guest Tank, Mike, Smarty, Pamela, Mike T: Replay Link 1hr 15min

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8/30/2017 Philip Tilton's Outlaws Call w/Guest Okie, Tank, Art, Ginger, Philip, Oooatah, Mike T and Carlos Replay Link 2hr 29min

8/23/2017 Philip Tilton's Outlaws Call w/Carlos, Guest Okie, Art, Tank (Mike) & Show me (Tod) Replay Link 2hr 53min

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REPLAY LINK 2hrs 48min

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THE COMING GREAT DECEPTION Rise of the Fallen Angels the Nephilim & the Return of the Days of Noah Video

7/19/2017 Philip Tilton's Outlaws Call Replay Link 123min
Guests: Phillip Tilton: RV Update, commentary and relevant articles / Kent Dunn: Intel Carlos: Moderator, RV Info. Exchange info, inspiration and commentary, Lightworker's Decree

7/14/2017 Outlaws Conference Call Philip Tilton updating GCR/RV Replay Link 1hr 54min 

7/12/2017 Outlaws Conference Call Philip Tilton John (Smarty) Mendi, Mike Timpi and others Replay Link 1hr 56min

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