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As we near our blessing coming to pass, hopefully by now, you have been seeking ways to protect, invest, help others in action with your coming financial blessing. If not, take the time NOW to serious contemplate this.

There are MANY organizations that go abroad and will continue to do so to care for the lost, hurting, needy and dying. Some we know and have supported in our giving.

I want to strongly encourage everyone to consider keeping money within the borders of the United States of America.

Prayerfully consider USA missions and organizations that promote growth, education, healing, and rescue.
I'm not saying overseas missions are not an option but there is such a tremendous need here on our own soil in which we can spread God's financing for those in extreme need and for causes that build this country and it's people up.

Our country in the area of �helps� is in desperate need. Will you consider some of your giving be targeted for needs here in our homeland? Wouldn�t it be so rewarding to actually SEE how your money will be used when you give it to needs that you can actually participate in yourself?

If you've been doing some research, you'll find that there are many organizations and solid ministries and agencies in which to be a part of that have a great track record.

When tornados, earthquakes, weather related trauma�s hit towns and cities, our hearts ache to be able to assist in a greater way. Upon deeper research, you'll find a great number of smaller ministries and agencies that serve in towns and cities across this nation that serve the poor, homeless, children and adolescents, those who've been rescued from trafficking, poverty, hungry, fire or weather-related trauma, struggling single moms, our military families, widows, and orphans...right America!

You may also know of some great start-up agencies and start-up ministries that have great plans to help boost our economy, one person at a time. Don't forget those in our own circle who will be forming ministries and help agencies with their new wealth.

There are, right now, credible organizations in this country that are working hard to end poverty by way of donations, work resources, counseling, rehabilitation, and education.

I for one will be setting up a fund so we can assist in restoring these towns and the individual lives, so keep me in mind after our exchange when you hear of a natural disaster and the great need of restoration. AND you can do this on your own too!

Most of the downtrodden in our country just need guidance and education on how to break the cycle of poverty. Many just need direction, a boost, a hand up not a temporary hand out. There are so many in the USA that just need someone to assist them in their destiny.

We can truly assist those in need! Our country is in desperate need. Our neighbors are desperate for help...the RIGHT help.

We can help educate those who will leave a life of poverty by proper education and guidance. We can help create jobs and industry that will help boost economy on a real live scale. Not phony statistics that the news is putting out.

The controlled media is reporting that everything is picking up economically in this country. It's not! That's false reporting on trumped up statistics. It's a smoke screen. Many of you know and see clearly that there are forces that want to take our country down economically. Just a daily glance at reputable news agencies' reports will spell the truth out for you. If you look around, you can see the warning signs.

We will have the means to assist in creating jobs and industry, so our economy will grow as a town, city, state and nation. Our country is screaming for help in so many areas and I believe if you seek God wholeheartedly, He will steer you in the direction you can best assist.

America has always been in the past a blessed country because we have come to the aide of so many other countries. I am not asking you to not give to agencies and ministries that are located overseas at all. I personally know of two right now I will bless.

What I am trying to be an advocate for is, now it is us, those in the USA who need help. Now, the forces that are coming against our future have gained a stronghold and we have the blessed and favored opportunity to change the winds of destruction fora better America, for us and for our children and grandchildren!

In the days of the great depression, reportedly, it was many goodhearted individuals with VISION that helped steer this country back on track. People like you and I who believe in this country and what we stand for.

We can emulate that same mindset again! So I ask, please consider researching how you can use your funds to aid our country reverse the disaster ridden towns and cities, the jobless and homeless statistics back to a booming and prosperous results.

From my heart to yours!


Good Day everyone - this is a LOVELY Spring Day! So many of you are calling and saying, Deb it's another Monday, why are we still waiting to go to the bank?

Email and text messages are coming to me that you guys are loosing your hope and joy in this RV/GCR endeavor. First I have shared its not wise to put your life choices that are for now based on a future event.

As with any investment, you take daily thought of what you have now and then prepare for what will be and until that day, you don't make unwise decisions from a projected but changeable outcome.

We KNOW IN OUR KNOWER this RV/GCR will SUDDENLY come to pass. We KNOW that when the facilitators have their GLOBAL tasks in place we will see this.

In the mean time. take out my past emails and muster up some JOY and HOPE in what we have walked through in past encouragement words I sent to you, muster up some of that FAITH that you have read and KNOW IN YOUR KNOWER that a promise given by the Father will come to pass.

Let Joy, Hope and Faith be the fuel that you remind yourself that no matter the length of the wait, the outcome is promises and until then I will concentrate on TODAY, prepare for tomorrow, remove my emotions, set my sites on the positive, take some breaks from the never ending never coming to pass "guru prognostication" and operate in true JOY, HOPE and FAITH.

Now that's a report with a prescription that will bring results - AMEN??? AMEN!!!

All my best to you,


Be Encouraged - Stay the Course! from DebTarHeelGirl / Audio

We live in a fast food society and mentality. Go to the counter or drive through at any fast food restaurant, order your meal and voila�your meal, in most situations, is in your hands in five minutes or so.

We have become accustomed to �have it your way and have it now�.

Even fast food restaurants fall short. When that meal does not come in the expected fast food time frame, we become upset, angry, or drive off in a huff. Even worse is to be told by the cashier at the drive through window to pull forward or off to the side to allow other customers to pick up their meals while ours is still being processed.

Frustrating! Because we want that meal now, darn it! Waiting is a tedious thing for many of us. Frustration and discouragement sets in when we are told we are getting something and that something does not come. So it is with our Blessing.

Often times we are told it is here or it�s tonight, tomorrow, only to have our hopes dashed to smithereens when the here and now has come and gone with no fanfare.

We must stay the course!

As I have written in the past, KNOW IN YOUR KNOWER that your time is at hand and BELIEVE that God has this in His mighty hands.

Oh, I�m sure that there are those who may disagree with my faith and mindset. That�s okay. The fact is whether you�re a person of faith or not, getting upset and discouraged about what you�ve been told will come to pass on this date or that date and it does not come to pass will get you no closer to receiving your blessing. It won�t! It will come when it is time.

What will sustain you is KNOWING IN YOUR KNOWER that you entered this venture with complete assurance that you did the right thing, whether on your own accord or by divine intervention.

NO ONE in dinarland knows the date of this blessing and maybe that�s a good thing. We know we are getting that special Christmas gift, right? Because there it is�sitting under the tree� but we can�t open that gift until the appropriate time and even though in that illustration we know the time, still�we have to wait.

In our situation, we know that we are getting our blessing. We can sense it. We can feel it. We can read about it. We hear and read signs/clues about it in the banking world. We just don�t have the date. It hasn't been called.

It shouldn't be called! Because that would ONLY be an assumption based on what they've been told by someone else and maybe still, by some else even.

Surely by now we all have somewhat of an understanding of the tremendous undertaking, the detailed internal intricacies necessary for making this event come to pass. It�s a monumental task for those making this never-before-seen in the history of the world event come to fruition.

Those involved in this ARE making it happen for the good of all. Positive things are in motion for the good so that NOTHING will derail this process.

Folks, do not put your faith in anyone calling a date. It will only continue to bring you down. It is not emotionally healthy. You have been chosen for such a time as this and as I have said before, our SUDDENLY will surely appear at the right time.

Maintain your stance, envision your future, and know exactly what you are to do with your SUDDEN INCREASED finances once your blessing arrives.

Learn, understand and KNOW how to make your blessing GROW! Stay the course and believe in your heart that everything is being worked out.

Read and research things for yourself instead of hanging your hat on the rack of someone else�s good intentions or personal �knowledge� of the situation . It will do you no good. Has it ever in the past?

We are a courageous group of individuals! Your steadfastness and patience will surely pay off.

As others may have scoffed at your investing in this, YOU have stood firm in believing your faith in yourself and/or your faith in God directing your steps.

I want to encourage each and every one of you today reading this message. Your time is coming and the incredible wait you've all endured will certainly be worth the incredible BLESSING!!!!!

Stand firm! Stay the course! You will be doing great things once our SUDDENLY has come to fruition.

All my best to you, Debbie

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