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Dinar Investor (Jeff)

(8/18) Iraq News

(8/17) Comments & Article-140

(8/15) Additional Q&A Comments

(8/14) Quick Review

(8/12) View News, Witness Stage Set Completion

(8/10) Best Damn Review

(8/9) Best Damn Video!!!

(8/7) What's Next?

(8/6) Post RI Laws

(8/6) Reconstruction Money Dinar Investor

(8/4) Trusts & Corporations
Contact Info Trust Unlimited:

(8/4) Quick Review

(8/3) 2019 Increase Exchange Rate

(8/3) Quick Review

(8/2) The Big Video!

(8/1) UN / Iraq Reconstruction

(7/31) RED FLAG: Rate Cuts Lower The Dow

(7/30) Article 140

A few weeks ago weeks ago an article came out that said Iraq's 2019 budget had Article 140 monies inside of it. That's their way of telling you they had plans of changing the rate during the year of 2019 because those monies are within the 2019 budget. This article is important because they are telling you they are strongly ready to implement this. I have been putting emphasis on Q4...10/1 ...walking into Q4 with a new rate in hand.

7/29) Update

(7/27) IMF: Reconstruction in liberated cities is slow

(7/26) The Big Video!

(7/21) URGENT: 2020 Budget

(7/20) “September”

(7/18) Hilfi: the completion of the government of Abdul Mahdi does not exceed 47%

(7/16) Tuesday Morning Update

(7/14) Sunday Morning Update

(7/12) New Member Update

(7/10) All Targets Interlocked



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