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Currency Reset? Iraq Dinar & VND / Rollout Oversight? Greed... Common since - Good points Audio / Video 9min

James Gilliland on GCR/RV Audio / Video 4min

2/2/18 Around Dinarland - BGG, Enorrste, Ray & more Audio / Video 7min

Jordan Maxwell's Final Interview Audio / Video

1/26/18 Get Ready for Global Currency Reset in 2018 Audio / Video

1/21/2017 KJ The “Come, Let Us Reason Together” FBI Cover up Clinton Corruption / Iran & more Audio / Video

12/2/2017 Dinarland Highlights - recently Audio / Video 6min

11/18/2017 Jared Rand on RV/GCR Healing Tech Encouraging Interesting Call Audio / Video or TRANSCRIPT

Bitcoin/Crypto-Currency & Artificial Intelligence Audio / Video

Call Replay w/Tank Audio / Video

10/25/2017 Iraq Dinar RV Great News Message! "Benedict" A well connected wealthy person from Germany Audio / Video 8min

10/17/2017 Dinarland Highlights from Zap, Jester’s Place, KTFA, RayRen98, Chat Room and others 11min update Audio / Video

10/17/2017 Dinarland Highlights from Zap, Jester’s Place, KTFA, RayRen98, Chat Room and others 11min update Audio / Video

10/3/2017 Dinarland Highlights 8min update Audio / Video

9/30/2017 Dinar - Iraqland Chat highlights Chattels & more Audio / Video 5min

9/25/2017 Dinar - Iraq Chat Copy Chattels & BobS Audio / Video 9min

9/24/2017 Relaxing Fall Colors Video 3min

9/24/2017 Dinar - Iraq happenings Audio / Video 12min

9/22/2017 The History of Great Zimbabwe Audio / Video 18min

9/21/2017 Fisher & Smarty on a Dinar call Audio / Video 2hr 20min

9/19/2017 Dinarlands Latest Audio / Video 17min

Iraq News 9/12/2017 Audio / Video 4min
From Chattels in the Chat Room

Hopes are high as KDP, Gorran, PUK meet, hash out parliament issues:

Iraqi Kurdistan parliament speaker prevented from entering Erbil:

9/7/2017 Dinarlands Latest Audio / Video 9min

9/5/2017 Gary Larrabee, Bert & Penny Crevier Conference Call REPLAY Audio / Video 1hr 31min




An unorganized push for peace on Earth


9/5/2017 Benjamin Fulford & others Dinarland & Beyond Audio / Video 12min

8/29/2017 Tank - RV & TDA thoughts Audio / Video 79min

8/27/2017 Dinarland w/Stryker, Zap, Delta & others Audio / Video 4min

8/24/2017 Fisher Update Dinar IRAQ GCR/RV Audio / Video 12min

8/22/2017 Dinarland talk from Breitling, MilitiaMan, KTFA, RayRen98 & more Audio / Video 14min

8/15/2017 Dinarland -Chattles NEWS Report Audio / Video 5min

8/15/2017 Dinarland Highlights Short Update From Enorrste, Adam Montana, RayRen98, Bluedog Audio / Video 3min

8/11/2017 Dinarland Talk From Kaperoni & Others Audio / Video 10min

8/6/2017 Dinarland Talk Audio / Video 13min

8/5/2017 Dinarland Highlights from Chat room Audio / Video 10min

7/22/2017 Dinarland Highlights from Chat room Audio / Video 7min

7/20/2017 Dinarland Highlights from Chat room Audio / Video 11min

7/18/2017 Dinarland Highlights Audio / Video 7min

THE COMING GREAT DECEPTION Rise of the Fallen Angels the Nephilim & the Return of the Days of Noah Video

7/13/2017 Dinarland Audio / Video 5min

7/8/2017 Around Dinarland Audio / Video 8min

7/7/2017 Benny On The RV & Intel Last Call Audio / Video

7/2/2017 One Who Knows on RV Exchange.. hmmm? “The No Fear Exchange & Truth” – One Who Knows Update Audio / Video 11min

6/29/2017 Dinarland From Chattels, Tman23, Kaperoni, Adam Montana & others Audio / Video 7min

6/28/2017 Dinarland From Chattels, Tman23, Kaperoni & Frank26 Audio / Video 8min

6/25/2017 Dinarland Poppy3, Bluedog, & more Audio / Video 5min

6/25/2017 SIGNS of the GLOBAL CURRENCY RESET Video 37min

6/24/2017 Dinarland Audio / Video 11min

6/19/2017 Dinarland Audio / Video 10min

6/18/2017 Dinarland Audio / Video 16min

6/16/2017 Dinarland Highlights Video 6min

6/12/2017 late pm Dinarland Talk Video 10min

6/10/2017 Dinarlands Latest Video 15min

6/8/2017 Dinarland Bank stories & much more Video 9min

6/4/2017 Dinarland Video 15min

6/3/2017 Dinarland Video 7min

Dinarland June 2nd 2017 from MadDScout, RayRen98, ADMINBILL, Phillyman, Kaperoni, Mike, Backdoc & One Who Serves Video / Audio 29min

6/1/17 Dinarland Highlights from BGG, Adam Montana, Rayren98, Kaperoni & more Video 6min

5/29/2017 Dinarland Video 10min

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