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1/12/20 Irrefutable Truth & Proof of Weather Wars On The Animals and People of Australia

More proof of weather modification:



Playing God is not a good idea!

Cloud seeding in Colorado

Today California, Idaho, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming have winter cloud seeding programs, and Texas and North Dakota have summer programs, which aim to increase rain and decrease hail. Cloud seeding machines are nothing like the �snow guns� used to blast water over ski slopes.

Silver iodide is indeed toxic and dangerous.

Which countries use cloud seeding?
Asia. China. India. Indonesia. Israel. Kuwait. Southeast Asia. United Arab Emirates. North America. United States. Canada. Europe. Bulgaria. France and Spain. Russia. Germany. Slovenia. United Kingdom. Australia. Africa.

Disadvantages of Cloud Seeding:
It uses chemicals which can harm the environment especially plants and animals. ...
The technique is mostly used on clouds that already show early signs of rainfall, so it is not known if it actually causes rain.
Since it modifies the weather it might change climatic pattern.

Cloud Seeding � An Artificial Rainfall




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