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28 Sep 18, 08:03 AM xyz  Abadi Sets out Condition to Abandon Ambition for Second Term

ERBIL Incumbent Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has set out a condition to not run for premiership again.

According to media reports, Abadi has agreed to withdraw from the race and support Adil Abdulmahdi as the next Iraqi PM provided that the Shiite religious leadership ask him to do so.

Abdulmahdi, a Shiite politician, is said to have the highest chance now to replace Abadi in the next government.

Since the last parliamentary election in May 2018, the Iraqi Shiite factions have failed to form the largest alliance who should all agree on one candidate for premiership.

According to a political agreement after 2003, Iraqs premiership is reserved for the Shiites, presidency for the Kurds, and the position of parliament speaker goes to the Sunnis.
xyz  Massoud Barzani reveals the size of his wealth: I am the richest man in the world Link

xyz  The leadership of the Dawa Party issued a statement of 6 points on negotiations to form a government and unify the rule of law and victory link

xyz  Dawa Party issues a statement confirming "peaceful exchange of power"
Friday, September 28, 
Alsumaria News / Baghdad
The Islamic Dawa Party issued Friday a statement containing six points concerning the formation of the new government and the ongoing negotiations on it. He also stressed his "continued efforts" to unify the coalition "victory and the rule of law".

The party said in a statement received, Alsumaria News, a copy of it, "The leadership of the Islamic Dawa Party met in full members and discussed the political developments in Iraq and the region and the ongoing negotiations between the political blocs to form a new government, and the meeting several decisions, including the need to accelerate the formation of the new government and adherence to contexts Constitutional in terms of the tasks of the largest bloc and its role specified by the Constitution, which requires that the government is effective to promote the required service projects and the completion of infrastructure projects.

The party continued to maintain security and stability, combat the remnants of terrorism and complete the construction and development of security institutions to preserve the security of Iraq and the Iraqi people, in addition to its tasks in promoting the promising economic project and combating poverty, unemployment and other necessities of a free and dignified life. Financial and administrative and political, and serious follow-up files corruption within legal frameworks, and the development of the necessary legislative and executive mechanisms to accomplish this task quickly. "

He continued, "The obligation to adhere to the constitutional formulas and timing in the election of senior positions and the formation of the government, as confirmed by the supreme religious authority," pointing out that "he believes that the new government open to all political blocs and components wishing to participate in the formation of a gove


9/27/2018 AM xyz  US official threatened: We will cut military and financial support for Iraq to be the head of government in support of Iran
A senior US official said Thursday (September 27, 2018) that his country could cut its military and financial support for Iraq if the new government was formed by a pro-Iranian prime minister and ministers who hold sensitive positions.
27 Sep 18, 06:57 AMchattelsReform is considering six candidates for prime minister, including "Tariq Najim and Adel Abdul-Mahdi" - 26/09/2018

chattels  confirmed the alliance of reform and ages, on Wednesday, he taught at present six candidates for the post of prime minister, among the most prominent figures for discussion independent candidate Adel Abdul Mahdi , leader of the Islamic Dawa Party , Tarek Najm.
Powerful Shiite trio agrees on Iraqi prime minister candidate
Makram Najmuddine September 26, 2018 - Read more:
chattels" .............. and ultimately did agree on Mahdi as a candidate for prime minister." - Read more:

xyz  Powerful Shiite trio agrees on Iraqi prime minister candidate
The most recent name to surface as a likely candidate for Iraq's premiership is Adel Abdul Mahdi, a former head of the Ministry of Oil and Ministry of Finance and a one-time vice president of the country. Following negotiations said to have involved Hezbollah, Mahdi now appears to have the support of two on-again, off-again rival parliamentary coalitions: the Sairoon Alliance of Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr and the Fatah Alliance of Hadi al-Amiri.

mod  Dinar Perspective Roundtable A NO BULL Conference call

xyz  Halabousi announced the nomination of 31 people for the presidency
Al-Halboussi said in a statement, received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of today, that "the number of complying with the criteria according to the evaluation of the concerned parties reached 7 candidates, as well as 14 candidates did not provide evidence of political experience, in addition to the exclusion of 9 candidates and the withdrawal of one candidate."
The Speaker of the House of Representatives that "the door appeals to the objectors will be opened from the date of Thursday until next Sunday."

spankie  Kuwait has a very strong dollar and their dependency on oil is very high too --

25 Sep 18, 06:49 AM chattels  From the shadows to presidency: Meet Fuad Hussein By Rudaw

Najaf / Nina / Speaker of Parliament Mohammed Halbusi after meeting with the leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr: "The presidency of parliament is committed to the timing of the nomination for the presidency of the Republic."

Halabousi told a news conference shortly after the meeting that he had discussed with Sadr the formation of the next national government.

He added: "30 candidates submitted to the post of President of the Republic and we await the resolution of their files."

As for the post of prime minister, Halbusi said, "The prime minister of the tasks of the largest bloc."

xyz  Parliament to Elect New Iraqi President Next Week: Speaker
He said during Tuesdays session that the vote would be held on October 2nd.

futuremoney  xyz not bad...only took them 8 months to get this far...ughg

Baxter  then after that mess.. we get to wait on the prime minister... which could take another 2 months


24 Sep 18, 08:08 AM chattels  President Barzani throws full force of KDP behind Fuad Hussein's presidential bid By Rudaw

Sunday was the deadline for nominations. Parliament will reconvene on October 3 to vote in a president.

Abadi, Sadr warn theyll nominate own candidate for presidency if Kurds dont By Rudaw
chattels  The CRD consists of Sayirun, Nasr, Hikma, Wataniya, some Sunnis and the Turkmen Front.

CRD encouraged Kurdish partners to unify and present one candidate for president; otherwise, they will support a competing candidate.
chattels  The KDP nominated Fuad Hussein for president on Sunday, following the PUKs nomination of Barham Salih. Six other Kurdistani nominees are also in the running, although they lack party backing.

Hussein was the chief of staff to the Kurdistan Regions presidency. Salih is a former prime minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and was named PUKs choice on Wednesday. Both are experienced politicians who have worked in Baghdad
The lack of unity with all groups is a problem in Iraq. Sometimes the Kurds are their own worst enemy occurs to me.

HoLeeRV  Just like to say that since 9-21 at 16:59:45, seeing the market being "closed" on those two trading platforms.... they are now showing to be back open. The platforms were and
They are currently giving "live" rates for IQD again but still sittng around 1190-1194 mark

But I know I've seen where they say a lot of the news sources are owned by Maliki so who knows what's true anymore...

And now to throw a curve ball. According to the Baghdad news, there is now a female candidate for presidency who wants to do a live televised debate lol


21 Sep 18, 01:34 AM chattels  IRAQ NEEDS A GENUINE OPPOSITION
Posted by Iraqi Thoughts | Sep 11, 2018
chattels  Iraq has been a parliamentary democracy since 2005, a democracy whose age is only 13 years is still nascent. Our democracy has a lot of catching up to do before it can become well established and fully functional.
One of the most important issues that made successive Iraqi parliaments ineffective and incompetent is the absence of an active parliamentary opposition. Opposition MPs (when given the opportunity to reach their full potential) are capable of playing a crucial role in monitoring the performance of the government and providing a system of checks and balances. Their job is essentially to keep the government on its toes at all times. When the government knows that the opposition will closely monitor every step it takes, the chances of it taking the wrong step will decrease significantly over time.
chattels  Unfortunately, in Iraq the culture of parliamentary opposition is not a concept to which the vast majority of Iraqi politicians can relate. Everyone wants to form the government, everyone wants to become the boss, and more importantly no one likes their performance to be monitored or judged.
the way our MPs have chosen to conduct themselves over the past 13 years is indefensible. A major shakeup is needed and radical changes must be implemented, and in order for that to happen Iraqi MPs have to make their peace with the reality that in a healthy democracy not everyone gets to form the government.
chattels  an interesting phenomenon has emerged during this election season, which I find to be quite encouraging: Identity politics has taken a backseat, and cross-sectarianism in politics has increasingly become more and more mainstream. This phenomenon is evident even in blocs, who were born post-election, MPs from different backgrounds are forming alliances and making a choice to work together side by side. It is too early to declare the death of the quota system, but what we are seeing recently is definitely a step in the right direction.
Self-enrichment opportunities are not as abundant when you are an opposition MP, power and privileges are significantly less too. Corruption in Iraqi politics (and in politics generally) is simply a fact of life; pure politicians do not exist anywhere in the world. But we can hope as more new faces enter Parliament (This election only 92 MPs from the previous term retained their seats, while 236 new MPs won) we can see a reduction in the level of corruption.
lsIraqi society is an inherently patriarchal society that does not tolerate dissent or difference of opinions. Besides, there is a certain degree of reverence and infallibility attached to authority figures, which can often be unhealthy and destructive. MPs and government officials are not authority figures, they are servants of the public and they should embrace opposition and criticism with open hearts and minds. Reaching consensus and achieving uniformity of opinions on pressing issues should never come at the expense of silencing those with different points of view. Only in cults and in dictatorships people agree on everything, because they have no other choice. Iraqis who lived under Saddams rule will know exactly what I am talking about here.
Iraqis on social media mourning the passing of the Golden brigade commander ( notorious for combating terrorism in Iraq for many years) Fadhel Al Barwari, a well liked and respected figure by many Iraqis. He was only 52 years old.
David M. Witty @DavidMWitty1

Iraqis give their final respects to Maj. Gen. Fadhil al-Barwari, commander of the 1st ISOF Brigade of the Iraqi CTService. Bawari was a Kurd, a former member of the Peshmerga, & the most prominent CTS leader in bridging ethno-sectarian boundaries in Iraq.
Fazil Barwari, Kurdish commander of Iraq's elite Golden Division died after heart attack
chattels  High level Iraqi security source says US & Iraqi forces are conducting a combined operation to end ISIS presence in west Anbar Province desert. This comes after ISIS claims to have killed 3 US soldiers during failed air assault landing ambushed by ISIS.
David M. Witty @DavidMWitty1

In Iraqi election news, Building Coalition says PM Abadi's chance for a 2nd term are zero. Only a small part of Abadi's own coalition, Nasr, wants a 2nd term for Abadi. Most of Nasr wants Falih Fayyad for PM.
Mustafa Habib @Mustafa_Habib33

RIP, MG .Fazil Barwari, one of Iraqi army heroes, first time I met him in 2010 in press mission when Al-Qaeda was terrifying #Baghdad, he was brave & humble treat his soldiers as his brothers & sons. still keep this coin Keepsake from him.

21 Sep 18, 07:29 AM chattels  David M. Witty@DavidMWitty1
Saudi newspaper says US has delivered a strongly worded letter to Iraqi government that US will hold it responsible for any attack on US forces in Iraq carried out by Iraqi forces supported by Iran. Specifically mentions Fatah political coalition.


20 Sep 18, 07:00 AM xyz  The central bank plans to restructure banking companies and merge some banks
The Central Bank of Iraq announced its intention to restructure banking companies and merge some banks.

"There are 70 banks operating in the country, 20 of which are branches of foreign banks, did not reach the level of ambition because most of them are newly formed, and worked in exceptional circumstances passed by the country," said the governor of the Central Bank Ali al-Alaq in a press statement.

He added: "The number of private banks and transfer and exchange companies was greater than the need of the market, and did not give any new license to open a commercial bank or leave to a banking company, and we have canceled the transfer companies financial, in the presence of an intention to restructure banking companies leading to greater control And there is a plan to merge some banks. "

But he added: "We have been given licenses to open a number of Islamic banks, based on the facilities provided by its law, as the House of Representatives put a paragraph to help establish the reduction of capital required at the establishment."

xyz  Al-Amiri Withdraws Candidacy for PM
Leader of Iraqs Badr Organization Hadi al-Amiri withdrew his candidacy for prime minister on Tuesday, putting the country one step closer to forming a government after months of political stagnation.

Amiri heads the Fath (Conquest) Alliance, an electoral bloc which came in second in Mays national election. His coalition has been vying to build the largest bloc which would form the government, with him as prime minister.

I would like to announce to the dear Iraqi people the withdrawal of my candidacy for prime minister, to open the way for serious dialogue to elect a prime minister and his government according to the vision of the Supreme religious authority, he said in a news conference, Reuters reported.

Amiris Alliance has been in advanced talks with cleric Moqtada al-Sadr to form a new alliance in recent days.20 Sep 18, 07:40 AM chattels  Sulaymaniyah / Nina / The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan announced the nomination of Barham Saleh for the post of President of the Republic of Iraq.

Saadi Ahmed Perah, a spokesman for the National Union said in statements to the media of his party, that the National Union resolve the issue of nominating the presidency, adding that the leadership council of the National Union during its meeting on Wednesday had nominated Barham Saleh for the presidency.


19 Sep 18, 06:44 AM chattels  IRAQ PULSE
Iran 1, US 0: Iraq chooses a parliament speaker
Ali Mamouri September 17, 2018

Read more:
chattels  Iraqs parliament elected Mohammed al-Halbousi as its new speaker on Sept. 15, opening the door for the formation of a new government following months of political uncertainty. Efforts to establish a government stalled following the May 12 parliamentary elections, as the major winning parties have been unable to agree on a coalition to form the new government.

Lawmakers also elected Hassan Karim al-Kaabi as Halbousis first deputy on the same day, followed by the election of Bashir al-Haddad as second deputy on Sept. 16.

Read more:
19 Sep 18, 06:45 AM chattels  Halbousi maintains a good relationship with US forces, as a large number of them are located at the Ain al-Asad military base in Anbar province.

He was the candidate of the largest Sunni bloc, the National Axis Coalition. This Sunni coalition is part of the Bina Alliance, which includes the Fatah Alliance (consisting of the political wings of the Popular Mobilization Units), pro-Iranian militias and former Prime Minister Nouri al-Malikis State of Law Coalition, both known to be allies of Iran.

Read more:
19 Sep 18, 06:47 AM chattels  ...... upon becoming speaker of the parliament, Halbousis first two statements were supportive of Iran. He denounced the sanctions against Iran and invited his Iranian counterpart, parliamentary speaker Ali Larijani, to visit Baghdad. In this complicated scene, it seems the United States has lost the game to Iran.

Now parliament is due to select the president on Sept. 25, followed by the prime minister, which will eventually lead to a new government.

Read more:
19 Sep 18, 06:48 AM chattels  The two main Kurdish parties, the KDP and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), are competing over the post of president. While no formal nominations have been made, several potential candidates have been mentioned. From the KDP, former Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, party leader Fazil Mirani and even the KRG prime minister Nechirvan Barzani have all been mentioned as potential candidates. Rumored candidates from the PUK include President Fuad Masoum; PUK leaders Molla Bakhtiar and Mohammed Sabir; former Iraqi Minister of Water Resources Latif Rashid; and Barham Salih, a former KRG prime minister and deputy prime minister of Iraq.

Read more:
19 Sep 18, 06:48 AM chattels  Electing the prime minister is the hardest task facing lawmakers. Prime minister is the most important and influential position in the government and requires a broad agreement among multiple political parties. Until last week Haider al-Abadi was the leading candidate. However, Shiite cleric Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani said he will not support a nominee who has previously served in a high-level government position, since senior Iraqi politicians are corrupt and have failed to provide basic services to the people. This, combined with the protests in Basra and with parties maneuvering to block US influence, greatly diminishes Abadis chances of serving another term as prime minister.

Political parties have discussed several other nominees. Former Finance Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi is the most prominent name and there are rumors that Sadr supports him. However, it remains to be seen how Najaf will react to a candidate who has a history of serving in the government.

Read more:
chattels  The foregoing appears to be a very good synopsis of the status of government formation in Iraq from the news that I have read.
19 Sep 18, 06:50 AM  Doug_W  they surely have a strange way of going about this "C

chattels  I would note only that the filing deadline for the Office of President of Iraq is Septenber 23, so the election of someone on September 25 seems ambitious to me. The Constitutional deadline is October 3 as I recall from other news that I have read.
Parliamentary government is alien to all of us given that our Presidential system is so very different.
Parliamentary government vests power more with the legislative branch as opposed to the executive. At it's best it is intended to hedge against authoritarian executives and potential dictatorship while being more inclusive/representative in a society of many minorities.

chattels  Given Iraq's history of dictatorship and diverse societal makeup it should be the most effective / inclusive form of government.
chattels  Yet the first three governments arguably were dysfunctional at best and failed at worst.
Doug_W  we were not "perfect" when we started our either
chattels  Doug_W Excellent observation. Iraq is a very young, arguably infantile or juvenile democracy compared to us.

chattels  Although we seem to be regressing of late, eh ?
Doug_W  Sadly/ yes
chattels  Doug_W I try to stay away from politics and religion in this forum, but the current state of our Union can be very concerning.
Doug_W  4 sure

Sept 17 18 AM foxmulder  The central bank has a future plan to restructure the Iraqi currency, including the deletion of zeros, but this plan needs to take deliberate steps, and a stable situation fully so as not to This is exploited in fraud and other acts. "

17 Sep 18, 08:10 AM  chattels  Iraq has all the makings of a country that is susceptible to conflict relapse, and rather than turn a new chapter it could find itself in another civil war, warned an article in Foreign Affairs magazine this month.
The article logically anticipates that a new civil war will not be a repeat of the Sunni-Shiite conflicts of the late 2000s. Rather, this will become an intra-Shiite conflict over which direction the national ship is sailing and could potentially prove even more destructive than the Iraq War and the ISIS campaign, since the different Shiite factions are so strong and therefore unlikely to compromise or give ground to avert conflict. This may well become Abadis legacy even though he was a leader many hoped could save Iraq from another generation of conflict through shrewd and conciliatory governance.
chattels  Abadi ended up winning the war against the Islamic State, but stumbled with almost everything else, wrote Iraq analyst Joel Wing in a recent blog. On two occasions, Wing went on to note, Abadi launched anti-corruption campaigns to try and quell the widespread grievances among Iraqs poor. The first time he was actually making budget cuts. The second time he did nothing substantive.

His final legacy will be of a prime minister that had every chance to carry out real changes in Iraq, yet failed to take advantage of his situation.
chattels  House of Representatives elects Bashir Haddad as second vice president
Editorial Date: 2018/9/16 14:45
The Presidency of Parliament receives its functions and ends the role of the President of the Age
Date of release: 2018/9/16 15:01

received the presidency of the new parliament, its functions after the end of the role of the head of the age.
The President of the Age invited members of the Presidency of the Council to take up the place allocated to them.
Today, MP from the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) Bashir Haddad was elected as the second deputy speaker of parliament to complete the presidency of Haddad and the first deputy Hassan Karim al-Kaabi and the Speaker Mohammed Halbusi. 

The President of the Council of Representatives to form a committee chaired by two Vice-President of the Council to begin the process of the distribution of deputies to the parliamentary committees.
The meeting was then adjourned until Tuesday 25/9/2018.
" ............. the presence of 282 deputies, on Sunday, ..........."
chattels  Good attendance.

Abdul Mahdi sets a condition for the acceptance of prime minister
Release date: 2018/9/16 19:47
The source, a Shiite leader, said that "the competition was between Abdul Mahdi and other personalities, but there is a Kurdish-Sunni consensus on him," noting that "Abdul Mahdi is waiting for approval of the reference Ali al-Sistani to give his consent to the political blocs to take over the post."
chattels  "Abdul Mahdi is waiting for approval of the reference Ali al-Sistani to give his consent to the political blocs to take over the post."

Maliki to Halbusi: The next phase requires the formation of a strong government capable
Date of release: 2018/9/17 14:13
Vice President Nuri al-Maliki discussed in his official office today with the Speaker of the House of Representatives Mohamed Halboussi, the latest developments in the political situation and the ongoing dialogues to form a government.
"The next phase requires more solidarity and solidarity among the national forces in order to promote the service and economic reality and to form a strong government capable of meeting the aspirations of the Iraqi people," a statement from his office said.
For his part, Halbusi hailed Maliki's efforts in supporting the political process.

Tamimi reveals scandals in the vote on Halbusi and confirms the purchase of deputies
Editorial Date: 2018/9/16 23:28

Tamimi said in a press statement that "the process of voting in parliament was marred by doubts and question marks and misconduct, especially after the transformation of the Council into a bazaar for sale and purchase."
Al-Tamimi said that the vote for the presidency of the Council was as follows: "When they call on the name of MP, the latter tends to take the ballot paper and then go directly to the governor of Salahaddin and the current MP Ahmed al-Jubouri [Abu Mazen] to see the choice of MP and then take a picture of the paper to prove his choice and then go MP To the Fund and put the ballot paper. "


Sept 16 2018 chattels  Mohammed al-Habousi voted Iraq's new parliament speaker By Rudaw
Mohamed Halboussi wins the presidency of parliament
Apparently some say al - Habousi and some say Halbousi.

House of Representatives elects the President of the Council and his first deputy
The House of Representatives was elected after the resumption of the first session of the first legislative term of its first legislative year in its fourth legislative session under the chairmanship of MP Mohammad Ali Zinni, the head of the age and with the presence of 298 deputies, on Saturday, Mohamed Halboussi as Speaker of the House of Representatives and his deputy Hassan Karim al-Kaabi.
chattelsthe election of MP Mohammed Halbusi President of the Council after receiving 169 votes out of 298 votes and get MP Khalid Obeidi 89 votes, while Osama Nujaifi 19 votes and MP Mohammed Khaldi 4 votes and one vote for both Attorneys Talal Zobaie and Raad Dahlaki, as well as Record 12 blank cards and 3 invalid cards.
MP Hassan Karim won the vote of 210 votes out of 281 deputies to become the first deputy speaker of the House of Representatives, compared to 33 votes for MP Attia Faleh, as well as 35 blank cards and 5 invalid.
chattelsthe names of deputies Ahmad Hama Rashid and Muthanna Amin and Bashir Khalil Tawfiq to run for the second deputy speaker of the House of Representatives.
The President of the Age decided to hold the second round of the election of the Vice-President of the Council between the two candidates the highest votes after the MP Muthana Amin 21 votes and MP Ahmad Hama Rashid 45 votes and the deputy Bashir Khalil Haddad 152 votes while 29 were recorded blank papers and 22 invalid papers out of 268 votes .
The meeting will be held on Sunday 16/9/2018 at 1:00 pm.
chattelsHistorically the second deputy speaker is a Kurd.
The State Department called on Saturday, the leaders of Baghdad to speed up the formation of the government according to specific constitutional times.
"We congratulate Mohammed Al Halbusi on his election as Speaker of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, and we congratulate Hasan Karim Al Kaabi on his election as First Vice President of Parliament and look forward to the election of the second deputy," the US Embassy in Baghdad said in a statement. This is a very important step for the constitutional timetable to form a new government. "
"The United States worked closely with Halabousi in his previous post as governor of Anbar, where he served his governorate effectively and stabilized after a humiliating defeat," she said. "We look forward to working closely with the speaker of the Halabous parliament."
"We also support the Iraqi people's call for reform within an effective and transparent government," she said, calling on elected Iraqi leaders to "

Baghdad / Nina / Kurdish leader Mahmoud Osman denied the agreement of the Kurdish parties on the personality of the candidate for the presidency of the Republic or on the body that provides.

Osman said in a statement to the Iraqi National News Agency (NINA) that the ongoing reports about the submission of 4 candidates from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan for the post of President of the Republic, is incorrect, as the Kurdish parties have not agreed on this matter until now, there are even claims from the Kurdistan Democratic Party to be The position of the party's share "

He explained that" the Kurdish blocs will go to Baghdad without agreement on the formation of a unified bloc, but the position, but the members of the Kurdish blocs will be unified in the fateful decisions that concern the Kurds. "

He pointed out that the Kurdish position towards the alliance with the largest bloc will be announced in Baghdad during the next period. "
BAGHDAD (Reuters) - The dollar exchange rate on Saturday rose slightly against the dinar on the Iraqi bourse.

The price of selling the dollar in the Kifah Exchange today was 120 thousand and 500 dinars and the purchase price 121 thousand and 500 dinars compared to 100 dollars.
chattelsSistani calls for nominating new faces for next prime minister
Ali Mamouri September 13, 2018

Read more:
chattels  Sistanis statement, however, was directed at the Fatah Alliance as well as the Abadi-led Al-Nasr Alliance. Fatah had previously nominated Amiri, the head of the Badr Organization, for the position of prime minister, which Sistani opposed by saying that he "will not support any new prime minister chosen from the politicians who have been in power in the past years." Amiri is also included among the politicians who were in power in the past years, when he was minister of transportation and deputy commander of the PMU.

Read more:
chattels  The existing blocs are expected to collapse, as all conflicting parties are seeking to forge new alliances that would allow them to nominate new names that would be acceptable by the Shiite segment.

Read more:
chattels  Iraq's Abadi under fire from pro-Iran political factions
Mustafa Saadoun September 15, 2018

Read more:
chattelsDavid M. Witty @DavidMWitty1
2h2 hours ago

In Iraqi election news, Sairoon & Building coalitions agree on Adil Abdul-Mahdi as next PM.
BAGHDAD / Al-Ghad Press:

revealed a political source familiar, on Sunday, that the only candidate for prime minister by the allies and others are building, is Adel Abdul-Mahdi, noting that the existence of pressure on the Shiite blocs to limit the nomination Abdul Mahdi. Link
chattels  Mahdi was Abadi's oil minister.
chattels  For several various articles about Mahdi see
See also Adil Abdul-Mahdi
He is a trained economist who left Iraq in 1969 for exile in France.
He attended high school at Baghdad College, an elite American Jesuit secondary school.
chattels  In 2006, Abdul-Mahdi, outgoing Vice President in the transitional government, unsuccessfully ran for the United Iraqi Alliance's nomination for Prime Minister against incumbent Ibrahim al-Jaafari. He lost by one vote. He was reportedly considered to be a possibility for Prime Minister once again until Nouri al-Maliki became the UIA nominee. Subsequently, Abdul-Mahdi was re-elected as Vice President of Iraq. He exerted his limited authority in that role by delaying the first meeting of the National Assembly in March. He resigned from his position as vice-president on 31 May 2011.[5]

In December 2006, the Associated Press reported that Abdul-Mahdi could be the next Prime Minister of Iraq if a new multi-sectarian coalition succeeded in toppling the government of Nouri al-Maliki.[6]
On 26 February 2007, he survived an assassination attempt that killed ten people. He had been targeted two times prior to this latest attack.
Finance Minister of Iraq
Vice President of Iraq
Served alongside Ghazi al-Yawer, Tariq al-Hashimi and Khodair al-Khozaei
Energy Minister of Iraq
chattels  Adel Abdul-Mahdi comment on the news of his candidacy for prime minister
September 15, 2018
xyz  EU and World Bank sign agreement with Iraq Alsumaria News / Baghdad
The World Bank and the European Union on Sunday signed an agreement with Iraq worth 15.6 million euros aimed at strengthening oversight institutions and increasing public resource management activities in Iraq.

A joint statement issued by the World Bank and the European Union, which was read by Alsumaria News, said today that they signed a "technical assistance program agreement of 15.6 million euros aimed at strengthening the institutions of supervision and accounting of public finance management in Iraq and increasing the effectiveness of public resources management and service delivery."

"This initiative, which will be implemented jointly by the World Bank and the European Union, comes to complement the 41.5 million fiscal management reform program launched by the World Bank in 2017. It also targets the key weaknesses of the PFM system and supports special commitments and objectives To reform this system, which is under implementation. "
chattels  The next step, according to the #Iraqi Constitution the Parliament must elect new President of the Republic before 3 October, then the President must appoint the candidate of the largest bloc to form a new Iraqi government within two weeks (18 October)

larrykn  Udpate: KDP's Bashir Haddad is 2nd deputy speaker in Iraqi parliament

Bashir Haddad, a KDP MP from Erbil, was voted in as the Iraqi parliament's second deputy speaker on September 16, 2018. Photo: Haddad FB
BAGHDAD, Iraq The Iraqi parliament reconvened on Sunday and elected Bashir Haddad of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) as the second deputy to the speaker on Sunday.

Haddad, a former MP in the Kurdistan Region Parliament, beat out Ahmad Rashid from the Kurdistan Islamic Group (Komal).

He earned 185 votes. Of the 282 votes cast. Rashid received 53 votes.

The Kurdistani opposition parties have voiced support for Rashid, while the two largest, KDP and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) are said to be backing Haddad.

On Saturday, former Anbar Governor Mohammed al-Halbousi was chosen as the speaker of parliament after obtaining 169 votes in the 329-seat chamber.

Born in 1981, Halbousi is a Sunni Arab, to which the post of speaker has traditionally belonged.

Hassan Karim al-Kaabi was elected as first deputy. The Shiite Arab politician secured 210 votes.

With parliamentary leadership election posts completed, there is a 15-day deadline to select Iraq's next president.
larrykn  Iran hails Iraq parliament selections

Lawmakers appointed as speaker former Anbar governor Mohammed al-Halbusi, a Sunni politician backed by a pro-Iran bloc led by Hadi al-Ameri's Conquest Alliance -- a coalition of anti-jihadist veterans close to Tehran. Photo: Iraqi parliament
TEHRAN, Iran-- Iran on Sunday hailed the selections made by Iraq's parliament a day after the body elected candidates backed by a pro-Tehran bloc as speaker and first deputy.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran supports decisions made by the (Iraqi) people's elected representatives," foreign ministry spokesman Bahram Ghasemi said.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran has always supported Iraq's democracy, territorial integrity and national sovereignty," he added.

Iran is a key power broker in neighbouring Iraq and many of the militias that played a central role in ousting the Islamic State group are known to be close to Tehran.

Iraq's national politics has been in paralysis since the May 12 national elections, but Saturday's appointments were expected to solidify new alliances and pave the way towards forming a government.

"We hope we soon witness the election of the president and prime minister to form a new Iraqi government," said Ghasemi.

Lawmakers appointed as speaker former Anbar governor Mohammed al-Halbusi, a Sunni politician backed by a pro-Iran bloc led by Hadi al-Ameri's Conquest Alliance -- a coalition of anti-jihadist veterans close to Tehran.

The post of first deputy speaker was given to Hassan Karim, put forward by populist Shiite cleric Moqtada Sadr whose list won the largest share of seats in the election.

Baghdad and Tehran, which fought a brutal war from 1980 to 1988, came closer after the fall of Saddam Hussein in 2003 and the rise of Iraq's Shiite majority on the political landscape.


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