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15 Sep 18, 08:22 AM chattels  Who is the new parliament speaker Mohamed Halabousi?
Saturday 15 September
Alsumaria News / Baghdad
The agency of Alsumaria News publishes the autobiography of the new parliament speaker Mohamed Halboussi link

txbrandThe Iraqi parliament elected the candidate of a pro-Iran list as speaker on Saturday, paving the way for the formation of a government more than four months after legislative polls.

The country has been in political paralysis since the May 12 ballot, but the election of a speaker is expected to solidify new parliamentary alliances.

15 Sep 18, 02:16 PM txbrand  The Iraqi parliament elected the candidate of a pro-Iran list as speaker on Saturday, paving the way for the formation of a government more than four months after legislative polls.

The country has been in political paralysis since the May 12 ballot, but the election of a speaker is expected to solidify new parliamentary alliances.

chattels Hassan al-Kaabi wins the post of First Deputy Speaker of Parliament
Editorial date: 2018/9/15 18:21 •

Abdul Mahdi announced a decision with the news of his candidacy for prime minister
Release date: 2018/9/15 20:20 •

Baxter  so... is that good or bad ?
chattels  The first deputy speaker is historically a Shia and it appears that he is from the Sadrist Bloc.
chattels  Baxter I have always liked Abdul Mahdi. He has been a " candidate " before. The Kurds get along with him according to reports that I have read. He was the OIl Minister in Abadi's Cabinet as I recall. He resigned some time ago.


13 Sep 18, 05:12 PM chattels  Pollution and corruption are choking the life out of Basra
Diaa Jubaili
The Iraqi city is caught in a trap between the growing influence of Iran and government neglect
futuremoney  chattels don't worry..the Chinese Elders will take care of that
chattels  Not an explicit withdrawal, but Abadi appears to preparing the way for a face-saving end to his reelection campaign, framing it as responding to clerical authorities.
In Iraqi election news, main election winner Sadr hints he will form opposition party in Parliament after talks to form large coalition collapse. Sadr wants technocratic leadership & other alliances reject this.


12 Sep 18, 06:45 AM chattels  Basra demonstrates Iraqis no longer want Iranian intervention By Wzhar Fahri
Iraqi politicians have to prevent demonstrations by providing people with their daily needs. The new government faces a big task when formed, because people expect a technocrat government and they want their sovereignty without intervention by neighboring countries. If the new government doesn’t address people’s demands, Iraq’s situation will worsen into further instability.
chattels  Of Iraqi revenues, 89 percent comes from oil and 80 percent of oil comes from Basra.  Basra could be another Kuwait but for the rest of Iraq.
chattels  The calm before the storm. Going golfing. Laterz all.

futuremoney  this is from Tonys site...good entertainment...
A bank story contributed from a member.....
I met with my banker this week, we discussed and agreed on dual banking systems. Upon acknowledging the Rupiah and the Dong, it was stated that the Dinar was not yet traded at that bank. I was allowed to see the bank screen rates that were going to be used....Dinar was $3.71, Dong was $2.00 and Rupiah was $1.00.
We tried to process the Dong currency but could not complete the transaction due to needing a specific code. The banker checked with their upper management, but was denied any code or any further explanation to give to me. I presume that I will have to return another day when a Wealth Manager is present.
futuremoney  freakin liars


10 Sep 2018 pm chattels  ElmerFudd The following was a decent summary until the Abadi meltdown in Parliament on Saturday. " Power struggle delays formation of new Iraqi government
In this highly charged atmosphere, the exclusion of powerful actors from the government could cause more instability."
chattels  Lots of commentary today which I have not been able to read / digest.
chattels  Kirk H. Sowell
So here is the full video of the circus-like Iraqi parliament session on Saturday. It is hard to see Abadi having any credibility at all after this. His entire government is shot. I've never seen an executive branch in public shambles quite like this.
chattels  So here's the direct source on Muqtada al-Sadr's decision to turn against Abadi amid Basra's continued crisis. The Sairun bloc demands the Abadi govt resign & "apologize" to the Iraqi people.
chattels  PM Abadi and Governor Idani get into a yelling match up on the podium. Yes, the head of government starts YELLING at the Basra governor about his failures, & Idani YELLS back. This is on national TV out in front of everyone
chattels  This not only not normal in other countries, it is not normal in Iraq either. I've watched many Iraqi parliamentary sessions, never before have officials appeared before parliament and then started yelling at one another. MPs, yes, executive officials, no.
chattels  Reports about the evolving political situation should bear this in mind. This is such an embarrassment for Abadi to have an ally show up & attack him, then Abadi loses his cool and starts yelling at the governor on national TV.
chattels  It was amusing to watch. Abadi appeared so weak, no leadership, no vision, no gravitas and mostly petty.
ElmerFudd  Sounds like Abadi isn't going to be getting a second term.
ElmerFudd  He was too soft on corruption.
chattels  1) To begin with, the Basra protesters are both anti-Abadi and anti-Badr/Maliki/AAH. The violence there has been directed at every major symbol of establishment power; the provincial govt (controlled by Abadi allies), party buildings, roads used by oil companies.
ElmerFudd  They need to revalue the currency to shut them up.
chattels  Iraqi TV channels have been running footage of Abadi's meltdown in parliament as part of their core news cycle. This is just an example, it isn't just this one.
dinard  chattels i dont blame them lol sad that people with actual input get shunned away by weather and meal announcers
ElmerFudd  The government won't listen to them.
chattels  It is all confusing, complicated and corrupt. It is Iraq. Anything can happen.
ElmerFudd  Any guess on how it will resolve?
chattels  ElmerFudd Compromise is the essence of a successful democracy.
ElmerFudd  Muslims don't like to compromise.
chattels  ElmerFudd And that may be why democracy fails in Iraq and the Middle East.
chattels  " Islam is more dangerous in a man than rabies in a dog. " - Winston Churchill
chattels In Iraqi election news, main religious authority Sistani issues statement on next PM. Says he does not support any politicians who have been in power in previous years as people will not have hope they can improve situation in Iraq.  …
chattels  In Iraq, Maliki's State of Law party demands US forces leave Iraq. Says US is violating scope of strategic agreement. Says new Iraqi government must act decisively as it did in 2011 when it made US leave.
chattels  Iraqi elites are a largely thankless lot.
chattels  In Iraqi election news, sources say Sadr will not support 2nd term for PM Abadi & will follow Iranian recommendation of forming 5 + 2 governing coalition: 5 Shia parties plus Kurds & Sunnis.
chattels  Iraq is a train wreck.
BKTLA  chattels Sure is!
chattels  Wisdom reveals the near declaration of the two Kurdish parties joining the alliance of the nucleus
chattels  BAGHDAD / The deputy of the wisdom movement, Ali al-Badiri, on Monday, close to the completion of understandings and rapprochement with the two Kurdish parties, pointing out that the next few hours will see the announcement of the accession of the two Kurdish parties to our alliance.
"The alliance of the core of the largest bloc agreed with the two Kurdish parties, both the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, this has nearly reached completion and convergence and understanding with them is more mature than before."
chattels  He said, "In the next few hours we will announce the accession of the two Kurdish parties to the alliance nucleus of the largest bloc, and we try to be a complete bloc in the parliament session on Saturday."
Wheresmyrv?  chattels I agree with you 100%, looking like we are years away from this ever happening.
chattels  It is noteworthy that the alliance of the nucleus, which includes others led by Moqtada al-Sadr and wisdom led by Ammar al-Hakim and the national leadership of Allawi and the coalition of the decision led by Osama Najafi had announced on Sunday that there are understandings up to the announcement of the alliance with the Fatah alliance led by Hadi al-Ameri, head of the Badr Organization.
Wheresmyrv?  Iran owns that country
chattels  The big unanswered question in the foregoing is what about Mr. Maliki ?
chattels  Wheresmyrv? Long time no see / talk.
Wheresmyrv?  chattels Hi Chattels, yeah I have been mostly lurking
Wheresmyrv?  chattels Just been so upset with Iraq as of late
Wheresmyrv?  chattels Thanks for posting the news chattels, muchly appreciated :TY:
chattels  Wheresmyrv? We may have hitched our financial wagon to a " dead star ".
chattels  Wheresmyrv? My pleasure most of the time. :)
Wheresmyrv?  chattels Hoping you stay safe with that storm moving in
chattels  Wheresmyrv? If it looks too close / bad I am leaving for higher ground. I did Hugo at home, Never again


10 Sep 18, 01:00 AM  chattels  Iraq: a political coup against al-Abadi and a possible alliance between al-Sadr and al-Amiri Iranian support link

The Kurds refuse to support a government formed by al - Abadi ........"
chattels" ...... the events of Basra as "precipitated the elimination of the last chances Abadi to obtain second term. "
............ "candidate will be a compromise candidate for all the blocks is also certain that it will not be the Dawa Party,..........."
".............. there is no adherence to the rule of law bloc , led by Nuri al - Maliki ........"
" .............. and will certainly be a government of quotas, .......


chattels  9/09/2018 : On Sunday, local news agencies reported on an upcoming visit by outgoing Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to Washington, DC.

The sources said they were close to Haider Abadi that the latter will travel to Washington on the thirteenth of this month to meet US President Donald Trump in order to persuade him to form an emergency government in Iraq.

chattels  " ............... to meet US President Donald Trump in order to persuade him to form an emergency government in Iraq." ..................... ?????????

Looks bad.


7 Sep 18, 09:28 PM chattels  "Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery." - Winston Churchill

Iraqi Fatah political coalition calls on PM Abadi to resign immediately given the events in Basra.

Iraqi Parliament to convene tomorrow to discuss Basra. PM to attend.

David M. Witty @DavidMWitty1
Protesters tried to break into the US consulate in Basra
chattels  Here comes the crackdown Interior Ministry sends large police force to Basra city to enforce law and order


9/7/18 am chattels  Sadr confirms the governor of Basra need to meet the demands of the demonstrators
[Ayna-Baghdad] The leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr and Basra Governor As'ad al-Eidani, Thursday evening, to develop quick solutions to the province.


6 Sept Early AM chattels  Iraq’s Political Parties No Closer To Forming Govt
(Al Alam)
Iraq’s new parliament held its first session on September 3. Its new members were sworn in, and then parties began leaving because they were no closer to forming a government than a week ago when the meeting was called.
The two lists are now heading for the courts to try to have the judiciary decide what the definition of the largest bloc means, whether that is made up of the lists or individual lawmakers.

This is very reminiscent of 2010, but with differences. Then like now, parliament met but remained open for weeks while the leading parties hashed out a new government. The winners also went to court to determine what the largest bloc meant, which gives it the right to form a government. Then the courts ruled that whatever coalition was formed after the vote, not the winner, which was Iyad Allawi’s Iraqiya, could try to put together a ruling alliance. Now the issue will be what does a coalition consist of, the parties or the individual parliamentarians. That could take weeks to resolve.

chattels  In the end, both sides need to work out a deal. Neither is willing to be left out of government and becoming an opposition. Too much is at stake with ministries and the money, patronage and ability to steal from them that comes along with running them. Both sides are also well armed, and excluding one could lead to violence. The court’s decision then, may just be another step in this dragged out process.

Shiite split heats up as Iraqi lawmakers fail to elect speaker
Hamdi Malik
Newly elected Iraqi legislators, unable to even determine which alliance of parties holds the most seats, on Sept. 4 postponed their vote on a new speaker until Sept. 15. The constitution calls for electing a speaker before a new government can be formed.
As the numbers remained in question, only 85 of 329 parliament members attended the Sept. 4 meeting, so the discussion about choosing a speaker was postponed.
The main Shiite forces in the country are fighting over the post of prime minister, indicating a potential row between the pro-Iran side and the one supported by the United States.
Read more:
Deadly protests rage in Iraq over lack of services as political transition deadlocks link

Long-term stability and improved economic performance go hand-in-hand, and tackling these challenges rests with the political leaders uniting and working together in the national interest,”
David M. Witty @DavidMWitty1

Reporter: Today's protests in Basra Province, Iraq, were the biggest since protests started in July.
David M. Witty @DavidMWitty1

London newspaper reports that some Iraqi PMF (Hashd) units close to Fatah & State of Law political coalitions refuse to take orders from PM Abadi after he assumed position as president of PMF Council. Abadi has given Army control of PMF movements.
Much of the recent news highlights the question of whether the rule of law or the rule of men, and which men will it be, is or will be in control in Iraq. These are dangerous times in Iraq. Iraq seems continually to jump from the frying pan into the fire and back again, IMO.
chattels  It appears that my sense of optimism about the avoidance of quotas and the announcement of a government sooner rather than later in this election cycle was misplaced. The Machiavellian Maliki is very resourceful politically and we should never underestimate him or the capacity of Iraq for self destruction.


4 Sept am chattels  Iraqi parliament session postponed until September 17 By Rudaw
BAGHDAD, Iraq – Iraq’s Fourth Council of Representatives reconvened at 11 a.m. on Tuesday. However, with progress slow on the formation of blocs capable of forming a government, further parliamentary business has been postponed until September 17.

chattels  As of Tuesday, no bloc has presented itself to the parliament stating its readiness to form a government.

Two main blocs have emerged. One is led by Abadi and his Nasr (Victory) alliance with Muqtada al-Sadr’s Sayirun, the other by his predecessor incumbent Vice President Nouri al-Maliki and his State of Law coalition with Hadi al-Amiri’s Fatih (Conquest) alliance.

Both claim to have established the largest parliamentary bloc, although they both are likely to continue currying favor with Sunni and Kurdistani parties, which remain uncommitted to either side.
Deputy law: the dispute over the largest bloc debate sterile
MP confirmed the coalition of state law high Nassif that the building block will begin to form the government as the largest bloc, "noting that" the controversy about being the largest or other is a sterile argument, given the opinion of the Federal Court in previous cases similar to the issue of formation The Iraqi Bloc bloc and give the court the right to form blocks and record them in the first session of the House of Representatives.

chattels  "The blocs that are formed within the parliament are legal blocks and official and each of its members represents the opinion of 100 thousand citizens, and therefore can not make the deputy hostage to the head of the block, this is illegal "

Note : It appears that part of the controversy centers upon the defection of members of Abadi's Victory Party. One argument is whether the individual MP / party member is bound is free to part from the party designee / leader in " clustering " to determine the largest bloc.
4 Sep 18, 07:41 AM  chattels  Nassif is saying that the Iraqi High Court has already decided that there is such freedom for the member / deputy / MP.

chattels  The Central Bank sells more than $ 216 million in the currency auction link

David M. Witty @DavidMWitty1

In Iraqi election news, 2 main Kurdish parties have still not joined any coalition to form new Iraqi government. They await to see if their conditions for joining will me met.

In Iraqi election news, temporary President of Parliament: Parliament continues to meet but I am unable to force enough MPs into meeting hall to have sufficient MPs present to formally convene.

Iraqi Parliament continues to meet today to conduct deliberations but unable to officially convene since only 85 MPs present out of 329. Unable to elect new President of Parliament.
New Iraqi Parliament delays its next meeting until 17 September.

Kirk H. Sowell @UticaRisk

So this says that over 320 MPs did complete the swearing in, which is enough. I had thought they'd not finished this, but looks like they did swear in, & them more or less immediately quorum was broken. …
4 Sep 18, 08:28 AMchattelsWith MPs now sworn in (the bulk of them, minus a few), they can now receive salaries & benefits of being an MP. This could drag on months more and at least they'll get paid. Don't think there is any pressure for them to really do anything.
4 Sep 18, 08:28 AMchattelsThe pretext used for breaking quorum is the legal appeal over which bloc is the largest bloc. In legal terms, that question does not need to be determined now. The real immediate problem is that there is no agreement on the (Sunni Arab) speaker.

There are several Sunni candidates for speaker, no Kurdish or Shia candidates. Nujayfi & Anbar Gov Muhammad al-Halbusi are the two most prominent, but the Shia majority can join with a Sunni minority to elect an alternative.

Shwan Fatah @sh_1

This is Wajih Abbas one of several new Iraqi MP's. He has played a key role in inciting hatred within Iraqi society as a TV host. Also played a part in death threats towards western journos who worked in Iraq. The members of parliament & government r becoming worse every 4 years.
chattels  Difficult to imagine them being worse than their predecessors, eh ?

Reidar Visser @reidarvisser

#Iraq: Hikma MP says he was wrongly listed as part of the new Maliki-Ameri bloc yesterday in "biggest bloc" struggle. Parliament session scheduled to continue today
#Iraq's inaugural parliament session continues today. So far no quorum and only consultative talks, with estimates of MPs present in 80-120 range
chattels  Duty and the priviledge of service to my fellow man are calling. Laterz all.

One last post in an effort to resolve clarify the date(s) of September 15 or 17 for the reconvening of Parliament, ................... " ........... the determination of Saturday, September 15, a date for the election of the Speaker of the House of Representatives and his deputies."


3 Sep 18 pm chattels  ........... the candidates are the governor of Anbar province Mohamed al-Halbusi, former speaker and current vice president Osama al-Nujaifi, Mohammed Tamim, Rasheed al-Azawi, Ahmed Jabouri, and Talal al-Zubaie."

[P]arprosdokian is a sentence which consists of two parts. The first is a figure of speech and the second an intriguing variation of the first. One definition that works is the following:

Paraprosdokian is a figure of speech, which little known by the general public, but is well understood by satirsts. The key feature is that the final words make the listener reinterpret the first part of the sentence.


2 Sep 18, 06:09 AM  xyz  The new parliament may extend the first session for 15 days link

chattels  " ...... some members of Abadi’s Nasr alliance released a statement, naming Alfayyadh as their nominee for Iraqi prime minister. They claimed to have the support of 30 MP-elects from the alliance’s 42 MP-elects — leaving Abadi with only 12."
chattels  Legal expert: The new parliament may extend the first session for 15 days
Release date: 2018/9/2 9:18 • " ............. the extension of the meeting for the period decided by the Constitution, which is 15 days if more than half of the attendees agreed to the extension of this period, Session to the end of the period of 15 days where the resumption of the first meeting in accordance with the provisions of Articles {54 and 55} of the Constitution." link

chattels  "The new parliament has the power to extend the first session for 15 days after the swearing in of the constitutional oath," said Tarek Harb, a legal expert.
chattels  Apparently Masum cannot unilaterally extend it.

chattels  Iran responds to reports of Iraqi missiles being supplied to Iraqi groups
Iran's deputy chief of staff Lieutenant General Kadeer Nizami denied on Saturday that Tehran had supplied any group with missiles in Iraq, stressing that what is rumored in this regard is only a US and Western promotion.
"Tehran has not supplied any group in Iraq with rockets and rumors about this matter, rumors that aim to undermine the Islamic Republic and the fact that America and the West direct the distribution of weapons and launch these propaganda," Nizami said in a press statement.
"America can not start a war on Iran and it knows that if the war on Iran begins, it will not end with its hand," Nizami said.

chattels  BAGHDAD / NINA / The leader of the coalition of state law, Saad al-Muttalibi, the registration of his coalition, the largest bloc in the Independent High Electoral Commission, which is 117 deputies.

Al-Mutlaibi said in a press statement that "these members are members of the Fath Alliance and the coalition of the rule of law, adding that" the numbers may increase in the coming hours before the first meeting of the parliament.

"He added that" in the absence of radical changes in other alliances will be the mass formed by Conquest and the rule of law is the largest inside the dome of parliament. "
chattels  It is difficult to know how much of the political rhetoric regarding the " largest bloc " is posturing and propaganda.
chattels  Neither of the two main coalitions have a majority at this time.

chattels  Both the Sunni and Kurds appear to be trying to leverage their support for various concessions from both coalitions.
It may be weeks or months before the outcome is determined.
chattels  The ultimate question / concern is whether either coalition will enable our liquidity event.

chattels  We wait, watch and wonder which or whether either " winning " bloc will make a wit of difference in what we wish for.

la chocolatiere  Good morning ... 9-1-2018 Newshound Guru Kaperoni [Is it true the meeting that was set for this weekend may be delayed till the 15th now?] Constitution requires the first session to be held within 10 days of Supreme Court ratification of election results. That day is Sept 4.

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