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13 Aug 18 PM chattels The stability of the exchange rates of the dollar and gold in the markets of Iraq on Monday 13/08/2018
The exchange rate of the dollar, on Monday, the stability of the dinar in the local currency market.
According to the figures, "the trend of selling the dollar in Baghdad today 120 thousand dinars and the purchase price 121 thousand dinars compared to $ 100."
On the Basra Stock Exchange, the sale price today was 121 thousand and 700 dinars, and the purchase price 122 thousand and 750 dinars for one hundred dollars.
While the price of selling the dollar on the Arbil Exchange today 125 thousand and 250 dinars, the purchase price 125 thousand and 200 dinars compared to $ 100, while yesterday was 125 thousand 450 dinars, and the purchase price 125 thousand and 400 dinars compared to $ 100.

chattels The numbers are not as good as they were.
Arguably the Baghdad bourse in " compliant ", but not Basra and Erbil.

chattels  "Revealed the current national wisdom headed by Ammar al - Hakim, on Monday, ................ the next three days will see the introduction of new names for prime minister."  link

chattels  Ali Mohammad Al-Hussein Ali Al-Adeeb has been mentioned recently, but he is arguably a Maliki proxy. For more on Ali Al-Adeeb see

Baxter  If Abadi wasnt going to be PM... why would he have been in the U S at the UN?

chattelsIn May there was the following article with poccible PM's ;

chattels  possible

chattels  And, The man who may become Iraqs next Prime Minister
Jaafar al-Sadr is a strong candidate to take the top job, but there are plenty of obstacles in his way

chattels  Baxter Abadi heads the Iraqi Caretaker Government as PM until replaced and he is the choice of the U.S.

Baxter  yes.. I know.... thx

chattels  Iran-Iraq tensions rise as Tehran demands war compensation
Ali Mamouri August 13, 2018

Read more:

chattels  The controversy over Iraqi acceptance of the US sanctions and then Irans demands for war compensation has divided the Iraqi street into two opposing camps.

Pro-Iranian Shiite parties and militias slammed the prime minister for turning his back on Iran and supporting the hostile US position against Iraq's neighbor.

The Iraqi Shiite militia Asa'ib Ahl al-Haq said in a statement Aug. 8, "We regret the issuance of such a position by the Iraqi prime minister, and we believe he did not need to commit himself and oblige the Iraqi state to such a commitment, especially as his government is working outside its electoral period and without parliamentary cover." The militia said, "This position is not binding to the next government, which we hope to be based on Iraqi interests and will take into account the sovereignty of Iraq and not be part of the Trump administration in its reckless policies regarding the region and the world."

Read more:


8/1318 futuremoney  heres some decent news...The Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) has been awarded the ISO 9001: 2015 certification in the Quality Management System ( LMS Certification ) by the British LMS Certification. This certificate is awarded to organizations that implement international standards and standards for TQM and institutional development, Years, as well as the Central Bank of Iraq is the first official institution in Iraq to receive this certificate, and the international standard ISO 9001 is the most prevalent in the world for quality management systems and also helps the standard institutions to meet the demands of customers and observers Quality management and operations management in the organization and the development of the mechanism of business performance in various fields. This is the most recognized certificate in the world for quality accreditation, adopted by more than one million institutions in 170 countries around the world to establish special standards in quality management.


13 Aug 18, 07:41 AM chattels
The Judiciary issues decisions on appeals against election results
Editorial Date: 2018/8/12 11:25

chattels  Central Bank denies issuing lists to monitor Iraqi banks
Release date: 2018/8/13 14:16

The central bank sells more than 200 million dollars in currency auction | 12/08/2018 link

" ............ An attempt to create confusion in the market and the exchange rate ........"

chattels  A large volume auction sale. The import of which of late has arguably been to attain / maintain the " spread " at 2%

Legal expert: The delay in the ratification of some of the winners of the elections will not affect the convening of the parliament session and subsequent steps
| 12/08/2018

Quote - " It is noteworthy that the Board of Commissioners of the assigned judges announced last Thursday, corresponding to 9/8/2018 the final results of the counting and manual counting of the centers and stations received complaints and appeals to the provinces of Iraq and the elections abroad.

He said he would receive appeals for the results of the elections, starting on Sunday according to laws and procedures."

chattels  and, "the Constitution did not specify the duration of the Federal Court to announce the results, which lasted 5 days to announce the results of the 2014 elections."

futuremoney  wow...another possible appeal??

chattels  My belief is that the following timeline is operative. We await the announcement of the ratification of the election results by the Judiciary, which has no timeline constitutionally, and then:

*President Fouad Masoum will call the newly-elected parliament into session within 15 days of the announcement.
*Lawmakers will elect a parliamentary Speaker and two deputies by an absolute majority within their first session.
*Parliament will elect a new president by a two-thirds majority within 30 days of its first session.
*The new president will within 15 days formally task the largest parliamentary blocs nominee with forming a government.
*The prime minister-designate has 30 days to put together a cabinet and present it to parliament for approval.
*Parliament must approve the government programme and each individual minister in separate absolute majority votes.

If the prime minister-designate fails to put together a governing coalition after 30 days, or if parliament rejects the prime minister-designates proposed cabinet, the president must nominate another candidate within 15 days.


12 Aug 18, 10:15 PM tman23  Albayrak, a figure seen as his father-in-law Erdogans right hand on the countrys nominally independent Central Bank, unveiled on Friday what he a called the New Economic Approach.
A speech that was postponed twice and made Albayrak sweat led to more distrust in the financial markets with the Turkish Lira losing value against the US Dollar as he spoke in front of a PowerPoint presentation.
At the very same moment, Trump tweeted about his administrations sanctions on two Turkish ministers for their role in the continued detention of American Pastor Andrew Brunson and new tariff rules on Ankara.
I have just authorized a doubling of Tariffs on Steel and Aluminum with respect to Turkey as their currency, the Turkish Lira, slides rapidly downward against our very strong Dollar! Aluminum will now be 20% and Steel 50%. Our relations with Turkey are not good at this time, Trump posted on Twitter.
Erdogan has called the downward spiral of the Lira economic warfare, summoned God for help, and urged citizens to exchange Dollars, Euros, and Gold they have for the national currency.

LeLe  tman23 thank you.

tman23  Iraqi PM Haider al-Abadi said on Sunday that his country's stance on the Washington sanctions against Iran will serve no one but Iraqis.
"The Iraqi stance towards the US sanctions against Iran was not taken incidentally or hastily, but it was taken to maintain the interests of Iraq and the Iraqis, " Shafaq News quoted the spokesperson for Abadis media office Saad al-Hadithi, as cited by Iraqi News


2018 Early AM Aug 11 chattels  David M. Witty @DavidMWitty1
Iraqi Agricultural Ministry: the amount of agricultural land in Iraq has been reduced by 50% from last year due to water shortage.

chattels  Sadr bloc: Kurds can't be ignored in negotiations, forming government By Rudaw
chattels  Sheikh Salah al-Obeidi, Muqtada al-Sadr's spokesman in an exclusive interview with Rudaw says no government could be formed without "regard to the influential role" of the Kurds.
chattels  ERBIL, Kurdistan Region Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has a better record and performance and could be part of a bigger coalition, but his predecessor Nouri al-Maliki stands no chance, says Sheikh Salah al-Obeidi, Muqtada al-Sadr's spokesman, adding that no government could be formed in Baghdad without taking into account the important position of the Kurds.
chattels  "Maliki stands no chance at all to be chosen as prime minister by us."

"There is also one thing," Sadr's spokesman continued. "The Kurds themselves haven't yet made up their minds as to whether they will come to Baghdad as one bloc or two in order to present their demands to the new government.
chattels  PM Abadi's list claims conditional agreement with Hakim, Allawi lists By Rudaw

chattels  Haider al-Abadi's list met with two other major Iraqi lists on Friday claiming they have reached an agreement for a road map to partner with Ammar al-Hakim's Hikma list and Ayad Allawi's Wataniya alliance.
chattels  According to results from the independent electoral body, Nasr won 42 seats, Wataniya 21, and Hikma 19 totaling 101 seats. To form a coalition government 165 seats are needed.

Muqtada al-Sadr's Sayirun alliance won 54 seats. The Kurdistan Democratic Party, which won six seats in Nineveh, won 25 seats in total.

Obeidi claimed they have great consensus with Sayirun, Hikma, Wataniya and the KDP. Collectively their seats would total 161.

chattels  The parties, however, have to wait for the Federal Court to approve election results in a bid to be able to convene the parliament and then have government formation talks officially.
chattels  There has been much talk of alliances that were short lived heretofore; however, my sense is that the foregoing alliance may prevail although i believe at some point that other factions may join in rather than be left out or to become the opposition.
chattels  If so, and it can be done relatively quickly, then I think it is a good thing for us and our investment hopes.

The results announced by the Board of Commissioners in the Electoral Commission, on Friday, that the leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr retained through the alliance, which supports the top of the parliamentary elections that took place on May 12 after the manual counting of votes.
On Friday, the Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) issued the results of the manual counting ordered by parliament in June after widespread allegations of irregularities cast a shadow over the integrity of the electoral process.
The Commission said that the results of counting and manual counting in 13 of Iraq's 18 governorates are identical with the preliminary results.
Three months after the elections, winning parties are still negotiating the formation of the next ruling coalition, with no sign of an impending outcome.
chattels  The recount did not change the initial results significantly. Sadr kept the same 54 seats.
The Fatah alliance led by Hadi al-Amiri remained in second place after Sadr's bloc but won an additional seat to become 48 seats, with the victory coalition headed by Prime Minister Haider al-Abbadi in the third place with 42 seats.

The Federal Supreme Court set the date for the commencement of constitutional terms to form the three presidencies.
"The constitutional terms for the formation of the three presidencies [the presidency of the parliament, the Majlis and the Council of Ministers] begin after the announcement of the preliminary results," a spokesman for the Federal Court, Ayas al-Samuk, said in a statement on Friday evening.
He explained that "the stage of appeals takes up to two weeks starting from the date of publication of the results in the newspapers, not from the date of the official statement as happened yesterday, where these appeals are submitted to the Board of Commissioners and referred to the Electoral Judicial Commission and the period is distributed [3] To announce the objections to be resolved by the judiciary within ten days, in accordance with Article 8 of the law of the Independent High Electoral Commission No. 11 of 2007, and the Declaration will be in three local newspapers in Arabic and Kurdish.

"The Commission is sending the final lists to the Federal Supreme Court to ratify them, noting that the process of ratification of the previous elections lasted only four days, including two days of public holiday, there is no time limit for the specific procedure."

"The President of the Republic [Fuad Masoum] calls for the new Council to convene within fifteen days of ratification and the first session is held under the chairmanship of the oldest members and includes three procedures: 1 - to repeat the section, 2 - the registration of entities to know the most mass, Chairman and Vice-Chairmen of the Council. "

chattels  "the President of the Republic assigns the candidate of the parliamentary bloc the most numerous recorded in the first meeting of the Council of Representatives, the formation of the government within 15 days of his election, and the taxpayer to finish the selection of cabinet cabinet and prepare his government program and presented to the House of Representatives within 30 days of the mandate and no objection Of the non-submission of some candidates and assigning bags by proxy. "

chattels  I believe that the foregoing confirms my recent statement, " I rather expect that if there is an announcement of the recount results this week ( * announced today ) that it will be next month before there is judicial ratification and a first meeting of Parliament." Assuming the two weeks for the ratification by the court, as the article states, then Parliament has 15 days in which to convene which puts us in about the middle of September to accomplish the first stage of government formation.
chattels  Will Iraq comply with US-imposed Iran sanctions?
Omar al-Jaffal August 10, 2018
Read more:

chattels  In reality, Iraq is facing an impossible dilemma. Even if a new, Iran-friendly government comes to power, siding with Iran against implementing the sanctions might still be the grimmer option, an outcome Iraq certainly cant afford in light of a complicated domestic landscape and a popular unrest that stem from the lack of services and overwhelming corruption.

Read more:

sandyf  Only dinarland would make an issue out of the word "SPECIMEN", wouldn't cross their mind that it may have something to do with standards on the reproduction of banknote images.

The Central Bank announced that it has received a quality management certificate in the field of cash management.

"After two years of intensive work to achieve compliance with ISO 9001: 2015 , the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) has
obtained a Quality Management System (QMS) certificate in the field of quality management, Cash management ",
and thanked all those who contributed to this achievement.

The ISO 9001 standard is the world's most widely used standard for quality management systems. This standard
helps organizations meet customer demand and expectations ,monitor quality and manage operations, improve the
company's services, and develop business performance in various areas.

sandyf  Every country has legal restrictions on the reproduction of banknote images. The counterfeiting of currency is a
crime, and while restrictions vary from country to country, in some countries, any reproduction of banknote images
even for artistic or advertising uses is strictly forbidden. Even in countries that allow some limited use of
banknote images, there are specific rules and requirements. This website will provide you with information about
reproducing banknote images and links to country-specific websites for further guidance.

Reproduction in electronic media
Reproductions shall be depicted proportionally and the image shall be larger or smaller than a genuine banknote.
Reproductions shall contain the word "SPECIMEN" in bold lettering diagonally across the image.

sandyf  Here is how the new government will be formed, according to the Iraqi constitution, which specifies a 90-day process:

*The Independent High Election Commission will announce the election results on Monday.(Now subject to recount)
*President Fouad Masoum will call the newly-elected parliament into session within 15 days of the announcement.
*Lawmakers will elect a parliamentary Speaker and two deputies by an absolute majority within their first session.
*Parliament will elect a new president by a two-thirds majority within 30 days of its first session.
*The new president will within 15 days formally task the largest parliamentary blocs nominee with forming a government.
*The prime minister-designate has 30 days to put together a cabinet and present it to parliament for approval.
*Parliament must approve the government programme and each individual minister in separate absolute majority votes.

If the prime minister-designate fails to put together a governing coalition after 30 days, or if parliament rejects the prime minister-designates proposed cabinet, the president must nominate another candidate within 15 days.

10 Aug 18, 02:40 PM Hennessy  Aug 10, 2018 Nationalist Cleric Sadr Wins Iraq Vote Recount - Nationalist Shiite cleric Moqtada Sadrs alliance won Iraqs May parliamentary election according to a manual recount, the electoral commission said Friday, paving the way for a government to be formed nearly three months after the vote.

Allegations of fraud prompted the supreme court to order a partial manual recount, but Sadrs joint list with communists will retain all 54 seats it won to become the biggest bloc in Iraqs 329-seat parliament.

The only substantive change resulting from the recount will be an extra seat for the Conquest Alliance of pro-Iranian former paramilitary fighters at the expense of a local Baghdad list.

The Conquest Alliance remains in second place but will have 48 seats instead of 47, Iraqs nine-member electoral commission said.

Other changes were confined to a handful of alterations to the standings of candidates within party lists.

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadis bloc remains in third with just 42 seats.
Hennessy  After the supreme court officially announces the final results, the outgoing president has 15 days to convene parliament, which must then elect a new head of state and begin the process of forming a coalition government and settling on a new prime minister.

10 Aug 18, 06:29 PM Baxter  AS LAUGH-IN USED TO SAY.......... VEEEEERRRY INTERESTING: MYSTERY DEEPENS as DOJ & FBI 757 Jet Makes SECOND FLIGHT to Clintons Hometown Little Rock;
TWO Round TRIPS in 48 Hours Loaded With Boxes & Docs

Posted on August 10, 2018
This is getting very interesting. A stealth DOJ flight into Little Rock and then back to Virginia has gone down TWICE this week, according to flight intel and
sources or would have been stealth if it were up to the mainstream media.

The DOJ/FBI 757 made an additional flights on Thursday as well as a previous flights this week detailed below. The plane left Virginia at 11:56 am and arrived in Little Rock at 1:31 p.m., according to FAA records. The flight
returned to Virginia on Thursday as well at approximately 5 p.m.

Jumbo jet too.

It was reported its first flight this week was Apparently loaded with evidence.

Yesterday 8/8/18 The @TheJusticeDept had a Boeing 757-223 tail number N119NA in Little Rock, AR. A local radio station reported #DOJ employees were loading boxes of documents into the plane. Important to note @ClintonFdn located there

This is very interesting. A stealth DOJ flight into Little Rock and then back to Virginia or would have been stealth if it were up to the mainstream media.

Jumbo jet too.

Apparently loaded with evidence.

Spectra  Baxter That is interesting

Baxter  yep.... trump IS at work..
Baxter  they must have something... it aint cheap to fly a 757 around for sightseeing
Baxter  Dont see that news on the Clinton News Network... LOL

Spectra  absolutly not .
Spectra  somethings brewing

Baxter  yep...
Baxteryou can bet on it
Baxter  he is getting rid of the pollution in this country...

Spectra  some one has too take out the GARBAGE....AND TRUMPS DOING IT .....

Baxter  yep..and Clinton is the first bag of trash to go

Spectra  lol i will be so happy too see her actually investigated for the many things she has done...including suspicious murders..

Baxter  bout as good as an RV to me

Spectra  that have surrounded her and bill till this day
Spectra  Baxter well it will go good with a RV

Baxter  spectacular

chattels  " ...... steps to form a new government after the announcement of election results showed that "the Supreme Court must now ratify the results, then invite the President of the Republic within fifteen days to convene the new parliament , which elects a new presidency of him."


10 Aug 18, 10:34 AM chattels  David M. Witty @DavidMWitty1

Iraqi High Election Commission announces results of hand recount of 12 May Parliamentary elections. Changes from initial results appear minor.
Iraqi High Election Commission: the hand recount of 12 May Parliamentary elections demonstrates the soundness of the electronic system used in original vote count.
In Iraqi election news, after hand recount of 12 May Parliamentary elections, Sadr's Sairoon maintains 54 seats, PMF's Fatah now at 48 seats, & PM Abadi's Nasr with 42 seats.

chattels  Foreign exchange rates today in Baghdad
10/08/2018  Baghdad / follow-up
Foreign exchange markets in Baghdad, on Friday morning, slightly increased the dollar exchange rate against the Iraqi dinar.
The market price in the Kifah Stock Exchange in Baghdad was 1240 dinars per dollar, ie 120 thousand and 400 dinars per hundred dollars.
The prices of selling and buying dollars in banking companies were:
The selling price of the dollar is 1210 dinars, ie 120 thousand and 100 dinars, for one hundred dollars.
The purchase price of the dollar is 1200 dinars, or 120 thousand dinars, for one hundred dollars.

chattels FRIDAY AUGUST 10, 2018
Insurgency continues targeting energy infrastructure link

Musings On Iraq Security In Iraq Aug 1-7, 2018
Violence has remained relatively constant in Iraq since April link

chattels  Musings On Iraq Security In Iraq Aug 1-7, 2018
Violence has remained relatively constant in Iraq since April link

10 Aug 18, 11:25 AM chattels  FRIDAY AUGUST 10, 2018
No break in south Iraq protests

Demonstrations continued for a fifth week as protesters say demands remain unanswered. BASRA - Demonstrations continued in Basra, Missan, and Dhi Qar provinces this week as protesters criticized security force tactics and a slow government response to complaints of unemployment and poor services.

The most volatile protests took place outside the gates of West Qurna 1 and West Qurna 2 oil fields, operated by Exxon Mobil and Lukoil respectively, where protesters sporadically blocked roads and prevented employees from accessing the facility. Protesters at both fields, however, continue to keep the lines of communications open with government officials. link

chattels  David M. Witty @DavidMWitty1
Security expert says number of ISIS in Iraq & Syria is 4000 to 6000.


9 Aug 18, 06:16 AM  chattelsUnpassed Laws: Ramifications and Mechanisms to Expediate Their Passage in the Next Parliamentary Round

Spectra  (((KURDISTAN PARLIAMENT TO ADOPT 2019 BUDGET PROJECT AFTER FIVE YEARS)))) SULAIMANI The Financial Committee has begun to debate the legislation that will lay out the Kurdistan Regions 2019 budget.

In their first meeting, the committee members adopted several measures related to government expenditures, monthly oil revenues, and employment for university graduates.

If adopted by parliament, the budget legislation would be first of its kind in five years and would represent a collaboration with the Financial Ministry to draft the legislative language.

The Kurdistan Regions Financial Minister, Rebaz Hamlan, said on August 7 that his office had transferred its report to the Council of Ministers for review..

Instead of budgets, the KRG merely sent the parliament the final expenditure figures for 2014, 2015 and 2016, after the fact.

A member for the Financial Committee, Sherko Jawdat, accused the KRG of concealing corruption and extra expenditures by not submitting annual budgets.

It is corruption and against law, everything must be explained in a budget law including the debts, expenditures, revenues, oil, natural resources, and all of the KRG revenues, said Jawdat.

Attempts by the Financial Ministry to prepare the budget for 2019 comes as the extended term of the current parliament round is about to expire. A number of MPs have said that there is not enough time for the current parliament to pass the budget, even if it is approved by the KRG.

Whitelions  Main functions of the Investment Department

The Department of Investment aims to contribute to the implementation of the policies of the Central Bank of Iraq through the management of the official reserve of foreign exchange of the state in accordance with international best practices and monetary policy objectives by investing assets in secure financial instruments and achieving acceptable returns with the acquisition of gold (in the coffers of the bank and outside Iraq) and support and stability of the Iraqi currency In front of foreign currencies and through the following tasks: -

Monitor and follow-up the assets of the Central Bank of Iraq and its assets outside Iraq and coordination with the central banks and financial institutions.
Trading (securities and deposits).
Execution of payment orders.
Make adjustments.
Interest expense.
Mitigating the risks to which reserves may be exposed.
Reports preparation .
Preparation of statistical statements
Management and follow-up of credits for oil.

Main functions of the Banking Control Department
The Banking Control Department is one of the main and important departments in the Central Bank of Iraq. It is an old establishment. The Central Bank is the supervisory authority for banks and non-bank financial institutions. Below is a brief summary of the functions of each department and divisions of this department:

Commercial Banking Control Section : - Registration and licensing of banks, conducting office and field audits, developing a set of international standards for monitoring banks, how to comply with them, developing a mechanism for preparing instructions,
Islamic Banking Control Department : - Registration, licensing of banks, conducting office and field audits, and establishing a set of international standards for monitoring banks. How to comply with them, compliance with Shari'a supervision requirements, development of a mechanism to prepare instructions and formulate regulations governing the functioning of Islamic banks, and strengthen monitoring by analyzing and evaluating periodic performance.
Credit Information and Public Protection Section : - Credit registry operations, customer affairs and beneficiaries include banking awareness and outreach to civil society organizations.
Non-bank financial institutions monitoring : - Registration and licensing of companies, carrying out desk and field audits, developing a set of international standards for monitoring these companies, how to comply with them, developing a mechanism to prepare instructions and formulate controls on the work of companies and strengthen monitoring by analyzing and evaluating periodic performance.
Department of Banking Performance Analysis and Risk Control : This section analyzes the performance of banks through the audit of financial statements and the assessment of risks to which they are exposed.
Division of Review of Foreign Currency Buying and Selling Operations :

9 Aug 18, 08:19 AM Whitelions  Operations : This Division is responsible for monitoring banks in terms of their compliance with and compliance with the provisions of the sale of foreign currency whether through the window of sale and purchase of foreign currency remittances and credits.
Information Technology Audit Division in Banks and Companies : - Follow up and audit of electronic systems for banks and financial companies of this department, study the reports submitted by the international audit companies (external auditor) contracting with banks and the control and audit of information and communications technology and risk management.

Whitelions  Finance For "Conscious": The Budget Of 2019 Focuses On Job Creation And Service Development

Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance Dr. Maher Hammad Johan said Wednesday that the draft general budget for the year 2019 focused on providing job opportunities and developing services to citizens.

"The draft budget for 2019 will be different from its predecessors. It focused on the services portfolio for all provinces according to the necessary allocations and on the provision of large-scale employment opportunities," Johann told the Iraqi News Agency.

He added that "the volume of spending in this budget is greater than revenues, has reached the budget to the latest formula, which will be reviewed by the financial Thursday for the last time to be distributed after the draft to the presidencies, and relevant bodies such as oil ministries and education, the World Bank and others.

The Undersecretary of the Minister of Finance, "The harnessing of legal texts facilitates the application of paragraphs on private sector projects, as it will accelerate the progress in Iraq, especially as most countries expressed their desire to enter the Iraqi market and the establishment of projects and investment in exchange for facilitating its work," adding that the security situation will help a lot Successfully apply budget paragraphs.


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