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7/7/19 pm  Whitelions  Distribution of the instruments of Article 140 on Kurdish families

Twilight News / started in Kirkuk, on Sunday, the distribution of compensation packages to the Kurdish families stage covered by Article 140 constitutional, after a pause of several years.

Kaka Rush, a friend of the official office of Article 140 in Kirkuk, said during a televised statement that these instruments are disposed of the allocations of Article 140 in the general budget for the year 2019, amounting to 50 billion Iraqi dinars.

He added that the office of Article 140 in Kirkuk received 230 instruments, which are the right of the families of the phase of Kirkuk, and daily distributed 80 instruments to the compensated, noting that the priority in the distribution of instruments are for the families of martyrs and Monophils and widows.

wooo hoooo > good news

The Association of Banks holds a graduation ceremony for two courses of customer service and the development of the skills of Taler employees.......The Association of Iraqi Private Banks, in cooperation with the Joint Efforts Group and the International Card Company (Key Card), held Sunday the graduation ceremony of "Customer Service" and "Taler Skills Development" session in the station hall in central Baghdad.

And ended before the days of 120 trainees from the Rafidain Bank these two sessions at the training center of the Association of Iraqi private banks at its headquarters in Baghdad.

The course was divided into four axes: the first dealing with dealing with cash and the second in the field of forgery, forgery and bank fraud, and the third in excellence in customer service, quality of service and the latest in the technical aspects of the function of teler in banks.

The Teller staff is the one who deals with cash, receiving cash from depositors at banks and conducting cash deposit procedures. READ MORE .....

Matt  Whitelions Thumbs-up Thank You

Whitelions  Matt your welcome I see Tigger is right on top of the good news too


6 Jul 19, AM chattels  Iraqi MP from Defense Committee: now that PMF (Hashd) is part of official Armed Forces, it will increase in size, not get smaller. PMF Chairman Falah Fayyadh shall command it independently & will be in a position like the Defense & Interior Ministers.

Little is what it seems in Iraq. Many corrupt bargains between the elite.

Good piece by @Mikeknightsiraq on whether Iraqi govt can get control of Hashd using Ninewa as test case …

Iraqi govt incapable of meeting protest demands but always promises that it will Govt major employer Private sector small so cant provide more jobs Electricity takes long term investment & not close to meeting demand …
Iraq is actually much less Iran dominated than suggested here. The pro-Iran bloc recently broke up & the Iranian side loses as many political fights in Iraq as it wins. The govt can't rein in militias for the same reason it can't stop tribal vengence attacks; it is weak.

Improving Erbil-Baghdad relations great for US investors: trade official By Salim Ibrahim

" The improvement in relations between the KRG and the federal government in Baghdad has created good conditions for foreign companies to invest ", Lutes said.

“We know that Iraq and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq are at a pivotal moment. We think it is an opportune time for American companies to be looking to come in to invest and do business,” the trade official said.

chattels  I used to say that as Kurdistan goes, so goes our investment. What I meant and mean is that Baghdad - Erbil relations are key to socio-economic stability and a functional government, IMO. Does the foregoing article mean that we have arrived at such a point ? No. but hope springs eternal.


June 24 am Whitelions  I hate to see the people like mark pizz still around and all the people he and his connies will steal the peoples money with these so called redemption centers , Banks in the USA and around the world DO NOT work that way this is a revalue plane and simple ONLY banks that deal in International currency AT the banks can exchange or airports exchangers and they are regulated by the same laws the banks are. so if you go to a redemption center be prepared to walk away broke because they are going to give you a b* story about it will take a few days to hit your account ,and by then you will have lost all your dinar and there is nothing you will be able to do.

spankie  Whitelions thx for the heads up on these robbers-- they just wanna steal and don't care who they hurt-

Whitelions  spankie keep spreading the word there are a lot of people in this that only have a little dinar just enough to help change their lives but if they go there and lose it all it will kill their them. too many people are counting on this to pull them out and boost them into a better life . I'm not Talking there day to day money but I can start a Bis. or go to school for a better job instead money.


23 Jun 19, 06:05 AM chattels  President of Iraqi Kurdish Region says he has no problem with delivering oil to Baghdad, but first there must be discussions & conditions.

"I was in Baghdad and I talked with the prime minister about this, and I have to discuss this issue. It's not just about handing over 250,000 barrels. There are legal issues, because cutting the Kurdistan region's share of the budget since 2014 has led to Accumulation of loans in the region ". Adding: "We must talk about all these things to reach a solution that satisfies the parties."

Barzani stressed the readiness of the region to cooperate in the export of Kirkuk oil or any other region to the outside through the pipeline of the Kurdistan region of oil, adding: "I was in Baghdad and spoke with the Prime Minister on the matter, and must be discussed the subject, it is not only about handing over oil quota, but there Legal issues ".

BAGHDAD / NINA / The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) announced that the Kurdish parties have agreed to choose the candidate for the Ministry of Justice portfolio in the government formation. "There is a consensus between the Kurdish parties on the choice of a candidate of the Ministry of Justice to complete the ministerial cabin,"

The incompatibility of the political scene with regard to the cabinet cabins with new or current names
Sunday 23 June

BAGHDAD / NINA / The Central Bank of Iraq announced the start of the establishment of the insurance company Takaful Islamic banks in cooperation with the Board of Insurance with a capital of (15) billion dinars with the participation of all Islamic banks.

The Central Bank issued the company's Takaful controls according to the standards of the Islamic Financial Services Board (IFSB) and the Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI). The Takaful Insurance Company represents the second strategic objective of the comprehensive strategic plan of this bank in developing the Islamic banking industry and transactions. (2016-2020).

chattels Unclear to me whether the foregoing is insurance protection for depositors ?

BAGHDAD / NINA / The official in the economic affairs of Dhargham Muhammad Ali said that delaying the investment of gas associated with the oil industry and the continuing burning of it is a major economic crime against Iraq.
" respects the wealth of their people will ask about the cause of burning each cubic foot of gas ", ............................ not to mention the enviromental impact.


22 Jun 19, 06:36 AM chattels  raqi MP from Sairoon Alliance survives assassination attempt in south Baghdad. He was returning from Karbala in his convoy when 3 vehicles opened fire.

chattelsI  The land of assassins.

Iraqi MP says plans to discuss completing PM's cabinet in today's meeting of Parliament have been postponed since the government has not sent the list of nominees.
chattels  A land of delay and dysfunction.

Disclosure of the names of candidates of the four ministries and exclude the provision of two
[Baghdad - where]
revealed an informed source, the names of candidates for the four ministries vacant in the government cab [Interior, defense, justice and education].
The source said in a press statement that "differences are still ongoing between the political blocs on the candidates of the interior and defense is unlikely to pass them in parliament session on Saturday."
"Saturday's session may witness changes and does not discuss the Ministries of Interior and Defense because the alliance of Sawson adhere to the candidate [Abdul Ghani al-Asadi] [commander of the former anti-terrorism forces] and rejected by the Fatah alliance that he has indications of it."
The source pointed out that "the candidates of defense are [Salah Hariri and Najah al-Shammari] and the first position is better, but it is unlikely to vote on the ministries."
He pointed out that "the House of Representatives may discuss the nomination of [Safana al-Tai] Ministry of Education [Rizkar Mohammed] to the Ministry of Justice."
The House of Representatives, has been included completion of the cabinet cab and the termination of the proxy positions at the top of its agenda in its meeting scheduled for Saturday.

Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, gave Tuesday the political blocs a week to resolve their differences in the names of candidates for the cabinet.

chattels  I wonder what consequences or conduct there will be in response to Parliament's failure to comply ?

Doug_W  the same as always~~~~ nothing

chattels  Oil expert Hamza al-Jawahiri said that the bombing of oil sites gives a negative message about the security situation in Iraq

chattels  This guy is a genius. He could be a dinar guru, except despite such news of security and stabiliy shortcomings in Iraq, the dinar gurus persist with the any day / everyday positive prognostications as to a significant upward movement in the value of the dinar.
chattels  Are we to understand that an outside investor may be deterred by the strong possibility that an infrastructure investment in the millions of dollars could be blown up ?
chattels  Go figure, eh ?


15 Jun 19, 01:13 AM chattels  ERBIL, Kurdistan Region - Iraqi authorities' decision to punish the families of those people who had allegedly joined the Islamic State (ISIS) is preventing internally displaced persons (IDPs) from returning to their homes, forcing them to accept “dire conditions” of camps, a human rights monitor said in a report, released on Friday.

HRW said that “an estimated 1.8 million people still remain displaced” as a result of the five-year conflict between Iraqi forces and ISIS. According KRG figures, last updated in April, the Kurdistan Region hosts 1.12 million IDPs.
Is Abadi looking to return to prime minister's post?
Adnan Abu Zeed June 13, 2019

Read more:
Former Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced May 31 his resignation from all his positions in the Islamic Dawa Party, whose politburo he headed.

Abadi’s withdrawal from the party heralded his possible return to the prime minister's post,
Abadi announced May 5 his readiness to reassume the premiership if Abdul Mahdi’s government does not last, and he underlined what he called his successful experience in leading the country.

Sadr said April 25 that the six months given to Abdul Mahdi have passed and threatened public protests,

While Abdul Mahdi’s government does not normally respond to the news and related speculation, reports that the prime minister might resign proved the exception. A source close to Abdul Mahdi said June 6 that the prime minister has no intention of stepping down. But the truth of the matter is that Abdul Mahdi does not belong to any strong political bloc supporting him. Therefore, he remains at the mercy of the blocs that nominated him; this may be a key weakness of his government and could even lead to his dismissal from the premiership.




Iran-backed militias struggle to resist US pressure
Ali Mamouri June 14, 2019 Read more:

Iran supports the PMU as an independent force separate from the army, similar to the Iranian Basij forces. On several occasions, Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has called upon Iraqi government to not dissolve the PMU or merge it with the Iraqi army. This way, Iran can preserve its influence in Iraq and use the PMU as a proxy for its regional schemes.

Read more:

Iraqi forces launch large operation to clear Jazira Desert area in Anbar & Ninawa Provinces.

I have continually stated my concerns for the lack of security in these areas. You may recall my observations about the size of these areas being comparable to the size of the State of North Carolina.

Iraqi PM Abdel-Mahdi rejects any restrictions on a free & open press. Journalism is an important part of reform & fighting corruption.

The enemies of a democratic government are the same everywhere.
Joel Wing @JoelWing2

Sadr and Hakim have slowly moved away from PM Mahdi Today Abadi's Nasr list also criticized the premier for not filling the cabinet and giving int political pressure from the major parties
Monday, June 23, 2014
Moqtada al-Sadr And Iraq's Militia Mobilization

As security continues to deteriorate in Iraq all of the major Shiite parties have said that they are mobilizing their militias. This process started with the Iranian backed groups such as the League of the Righteous, the Hezbollah Brigades, and the Badr Organization back in January 2014. After the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant’s (ISIS) charge through Mosul and into Salahaddin in June the mainstream Shiite parties made the call for men as well. Moqtada al-Sadr said that he was creating a new organization called the Peace Brigades that would defend Iraq’s shrines. Recently they marched through several cities, and were engaged in fighting before that. The rise of militias shows the failure of the state to protect the country.

History has a funny way of repeating itself in Iraq. The attacks upon Mosul, Salahaddin, Kirkuk and Diyala are very similar to the 2004 uprising. The militias now mobilizing in response is like 2005. If the country were to descend into sectarian fighting once again it would be a repeat of the civil war from 2005-2008. That would be a tragic turn of events.

For the third day .. The price of the dollar stabilizes against the dinar on the local stock market
Wednesday 12 June 11:17 2019

Parliament finishes reading six bills

The Council concluded the second reading of the draft law on the ratification of the Convention on the avoidance of double taxation and prevention of financial evasion in respect of income tax and capital between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the Government of the United Arab Emirates and the first reading of the draft law of accession of the Republic of Iraq to the Minamata Convention on mercury.
The first reading of the draft law on the accession of the Republic of Iraq to the UNESCO Convention on the Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage and the first reading of the draft law on accession of the Republic of Iraq to the Paris Convention to the 1992 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.
The first reading of the draft law on the accession of the Republic of Iraq to the 1995 Grain Trade Agreement also ended the first reading of the draft law on the ratification of the Agreement on the Exemption of Holders of Diplomatic Passports and Official Service from the entry visa between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the Government of the Republic of Serbia.

Hard pressed to identify any law of great importance to the Iraqi people in the foregoing report of legislative activity.

Al-Nasr attacks Abdul-Mahdi and describes him as weak: his government is overloaded with achievements and the people will say his word
[Baghdad - where]
Criticism of the coalition of victory, headed by Haider Abadi, the performance of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi.
"The quota is now worse, and unfortunately Abdul Mahdi has come under the pressure of the blocs and said to victory, go to the building and stay," said Al-Sunaid spokesman Ali al-Sunaid in a televised press statement. "Abdul Mahdi lacks courage and courage to make a decision."
He added that "Abadi took over the prime minister at a very difficult stage and worked on many files of corruption and there are funds and wanted to be recovered during the previous government and today there is a negligence in the achievement," according to his words.
"The current government has embarrassed itself after committing itself to a government program before completing the cab," he said, stressing that "real reform is to build state institutions and not to change sites, which prevents slippage on the basis of quotas."
"We have many observations on the budget paragraphs and cabinet cabins subject to the wills of blocs and parties," he said, expressing "fear of the exploitation of grades by the political blocs and the people will say his speech to anyone who tries to mock him."
"Why does not Abdul Mahdi have the courage and courage to stand firm and his statement is surprised that the departments acting is not a loophole?"
"Before Abdul Mahdi was appointed to form a government, the oil and health ministries were operating with clear independence and the rest were run by invisible hands," he concluded.

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