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11 Jun 19, 07:30 AM larrykn  Fact-finding committee reveals new information on Mosul downfall

Allawi calls for comprehensive investigation on Mosul downfall

PM to introduce two defense ministry candidates to parliament: Revealed

Halbousi urges unifying political decision as Barzani sworn in as president

Commerce Announces end of wheat crop marketing campaign in nine provinces

Business & money

Economy news _ Baghdad
Trade Minister Mohamed ANI, Monday, wheat crop marketing campaign finishes in nine provinces, thanks and gratitude to the Prime Minister to support the success of the campaign.
ANI said, in a statement, a copy of "News:" further to our (10 April 2019) to begin marketing season for the year 2019 for local wheat crop farmers received, since the quantities marketed to our wheat crop receipts off decides Local farmers (marketing) in 2019.
He added, "that includes all branches and marketing centres of the following provinces as of the end of office hours on Wednesday (12 June 2019), (Basra, Missan (except u.s. Airport received Qar site (except Al dehaimi Muthanna Airport received Diwaniyah site Najaf, Karbala, Wasit and Babel (except new Hila need complex El mouradia). "
He said that "If there are loads of local wheat farmers have not been marketed yet, her lap and these quantities will be checked by ministerial committees to support its being within agricultural areas as forms prepared for this purpose," pointing out that "will reject any quantity (bootleg or Rounded and non-fundamentalist) and will be subjected to sanctions by ".
And lastly: "on this occasion to thank and gratitude and appreciation to Prime Minister Adil Abd al-Mahdi and all chock that helped support and success of this year's marketing campaign, which is typical of where the received quantities and qualities and processing speed Receipts and disbursements which exceed 72 hours, sometimes less, adding to accommodate all quantities within and outside the agricultural plan. "

Iraqi Airways announces the number of passengers onboard during Eid
Business & money

Economy news _ Baghdad
Iraqi Airways, announced Tuesday, the number of passengers transported onboard during the Eid days.
The statement said the company had received a copy of "news," the number of passengers onboard who moved during the Eid days from 1/6/2019 until 8/6/2019 reached 38,195 traveling with 502 flight by national carrier to various destinations.
The statement added that "season record increase in numbers compared with previous years, this comes through the vastness of services provided by Iraqi Airways to its customers and continuously supervised by the Minister of transport Abd Allah for my fault as well as opening the company to several fronts. With the importance of continuing to launch deals and competitive price compared with other companies.


6 Jun 19, 05:15 AM chattels  Iraqi 7th Division foils large ISIS attack planned for Eid Holiday in Baghdadi subdistrict of Anbar Province. 7 suicide bombers killed.

Doug_W  amazing there disregard for Human life

chattels  Iraqi MP from Fatah Coalition denies there is an agreement to fill vacant cabinet positions after Eid. The problem is because of Kurdish & Sunni disagreements.

Islamic States Revenge Of The Levant Campaign In Full Swing

In April the Islamic State announced its latest spring-summer campaign the Revenge of the Levant after the loss of its last territory in Syria. Things started slowly that month, but they were in full swing by May with the highest number of attacks since October 2018.

In Iraq, photo of magnifying glass found in field near Mosul. Magnifying glass placed on small pole to magnify the sun's rays to start fire with perpetrator long gone.

Major Shia political leaders have either already turned on Abd al-Mahdi (Sadr, Abadi) or have positioned themselves carefully to say they "support" his govt while also creating distance (Maliki, Hakim). Shia leader distancing is a sign of rough times ahead.

Ammar al-Hakim's recent comments are what I call "distancing" or "positioning" without yet being in definitive opposition.

Kirk H. Sowell @UticaRisk
And with Abd al-Mahdi having empowered himself by reconstituting the "Supreme Council for Combatting Corruption" with himself as the head of it, he has taken everything on his shoulders.
lsKirk H. Sowell @UticaRisk

So it is the first week of June & Iraqi electricity protests are getting going. If Karbala is getting 6-12 hours of electricity right now, it is going to be a long, hot summer.

lsIraq electricity minister: US will continue exemptions for Iranian electricity imports

Mustafa Saadoun June 6, 2019

Read more:

Sadr leads prayers for Eid al-Fitr and renews his call for reform
_NEWS_DATE: 2019/6/5

' renewed Mr. Moqtada al-Sadr, on Wednesday, his call for reform, describing the failure of some of the corrupt response to call arrogance and misguidance."

And that's the way that way that it is from the news that I read out of Iraq on this Thursday, June 6, 2019.

75th Anniversary of D-Day.

In the military, D-Day is the day on which a combat attack or operation is to be initiated.

chattels  Have a fine day all.


26 May 19, 01:49 AM Portmagaland  This chatroom is the only legit dinar discussion. Sometimes we go off topic into the deep end because theres only so dinar info, which I cant believe it's been going on for like 16 years

Sparky  @Portmagaland it is what it is...stay, leave, or buy more like one gives a crap

Portmagaland  Yep

Sparky  @Portmagaland that's why I like it here

Portmagaland  Me too

Iraqi oil exports reached all time high in April. 104 million barrels valued at $7.02 billion.

chattels  In April the Islamic State announced a new spring-summer offensive Revenge of the Levant named after the groups recent loss of its last territory in Syria. Things started off slowly that month, but the campaign is now fully underway in May.

Friday, May 24, 2019, Security In Iraq May 15-21, 2019,

The Central Bank approves the rehabilitation of five bridges in Baghdad
_NEWS_DATE: 2019/5/24

Fires, explosions at Kirkuks farms blamed on ISIS kill 4, wound 7 By Rudaw 1 hour ago

Wednesday 20 March 2019

Baghdad / Omar Abdul Latif
The Parliamentary Finance Committee is moving in the current legislative session to develop mechanisms to change the monetary and monetary policies in the country, in coordination with the Central Bank of Iraq, aimed at raising the dinar exchange rate and maintaining the stability of inflation.
The committee will move during the current legislative term towards changing the fiscal and monetary policy in the country in general, said member of the committee Abdul Hadi al-Saadawi,
Coming .
He added that the Committee is keen to enact the law of financial administration as it gives a complete road map of the financial policy in the country in terms of management of money and cash in the state, pointing out that the change will raise the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar against foreign currencies while maintaining the stability of inflation
In the country.
The Commission is determined to make these changes during the next phase and not to follow the traditional methods are not appropriate at the moment.

Sparky  @chattels oil rich land and displaced


25 May 19, 04:53 AM chattels  US continuing waiver for Iraq from Iran energy sanctions until June By Rudaw
Iraq braces for summer season, announces progress in electricity supply By Rudaw

Query, Are working electrical grids, like " trains running on time ", a measure of functionality in government ?

"Electricity is a national security issue, al-Khateeb said at the ministry's headquarters in Baghdad, earlier this month.
At the end of April, Iraq signed a deal with Siemens to upgrade its outdated electricity grid.

The first phase of the agreement consists of three contracts valued at 700 million euros ($785 million), according to Siemens. The three contracts include the construction of a 500 megawatt gas-fired plant in al-Zubaidiya in Wasit province, upgrading 40 gas turbines, and installing 13 substations and 34 transformers across the country.

It is part of a $14 billion road map aimed at upgrading Iraq's electricity.

The electricity supply in Iraq varies greatly, depending on the location within in the country, and the season. Most people in the country rely on private generators to fill the gap.

Turkey suspended import of Iranian oil to 'respect' US sanctions - report By Rudaw

A good read, .................... " Mike Pompeo explains the Trump Doctrine ", By Sohrab Ahmari May 23, 2019,

Ninevah governor's election stirs Sunni split in Baghdad

Omar Sattar May 25, 2019

Read more:

The current Sunni division will lead to new parliamentary alliances or understandings between Nujaifis blocs (the Reform Alliance) and Halbusi and Karboli (the Construction Alliance). These will affect the final form of the still-incomplete federal government and might cause a power imbalance in favor of Sadrs Reconstruction and Reform Alliance. Sadr has repeatedly implied that he intends to change the government. The division will turn Mosul into a field for settling accounts until the local elections are held. However, federal authorities won't be able to organize the elections amid the current security threats and finger-pointing.

Read more:

" .................... the final form of the still-incomplete federal government ................"
chattels  And that's the way that it is in Iraq from the news that I read on this Saturday morning, May 25, 2019.


23 May 19, 06:38 AM larrykn  National Alliance head Hakim says Iraq seeks to ease US-Iran tensions

60 US Hummers enter Iraq from Tarbil border crossing: source

US officials: Plan may send up to 10,000 troops to Mideast

Chart: low inflation for the month of April and annual height

Business & money

Economy news _ Baghdad
The planning Ministry announced Thursday, about low inflation for the month of April with annual inflation rose last month.
Central Bureau of statistics said in a statement "the economy news received a copy of it, the" General index for the month of April in the year 2019 in Iraq reached 104.4% dropped by 0.8% in comparison with the month aazer 2019 ", attributing it to" lower food and non-alcoholic beverages increased by 1.4%, as well as The Housing Department by 1.1% and 0.1% rate connection section.
Hindawi said that "the annual inflation rate rose during the month of April 2019 to 0.7% compared to the month of April 2018 with timely index 103.7%, with inflation index fell at a rate of 0.3% from the previous month and rose by 0.4 percent compared with the month of April 2018."
Machine said the Center for statistics and information technology through January 2012, he started using mechanization in different price collection and specified times rather than paper form previously in force, adding that it will contribute to the speed and accuracy of price collection, correction calculated in case of Errors.

Hisham Suhail: parliamentary integrity Commission Presidency has resolved today. Several candidates running for Presidency year

Baghdad/Nina/provisional parliamentary integrity Committee Chairman predicted Hisham Suhail made up picking Committee Chairman integrity today.

Said the Agency/Nina/that "several candidates from the Sunni component compete to fill the position of President of them on alsagri and Laith al-dulaimi and Ahmed Al-Mashhadani, indicating that candidates haven't arrived yet for agreement on nominating one candidate for the job."

He was nominated for the post: he Suhail Vice Chairman in addition to Deputy DG and others said he hoped that the Committee would conclude today by naming its President and Vice President, the rapporteur and that it takes too long for another time period.

"The Committee has a big job in detecting corrupt files and we do not want that this concern about the Commission's task, which is all that will show him the files.


20 May 19, 01:46 PM Young SC  The Joint Operations Command confirmed on Monday that the security situation in Baghdad is stable and nothing to worry about, especially after the rocket attack on the US embassy in the Green Zone in central Baghdad.

"The security situation in the capital Baghdad is stable and our forces in the Baghdad Operations Command continue the night by day to preserve the security of our citizens, diplomatic missions and foreign and domestic companies," said Yahya Rasool,

"There is nothing to worry about, and the media has to go back to official sources before publishing the news, which may be incorrect," he said.

Dave  Launch of the disbursement of 400 billion dinars for the implementation of infrastructure in the port project of Faw

The Ministry of Planning announced on Monday the launch of the disbursement of 400 billion dinars for the implementation of infrastructure in the port project of Faw.
The amount of (400) billion dinars has been approved within the tables of the investment budget of the Ministry of Transport for the year 2019, with the aim of improving the economic reality in the province of Basra, especially in Iraq in general, except for the amounts owed to the contractors, Minister Nuri al-Dulaimi said in a statement.
The Minister of Planning authorized the concerned authorities in the Ministry of Transport with the powers of implementation and drainage, taking into account compliance with the instructions and powers of implementation of the investment budget for the year 2019. link

chattels  Some have argued that this is Trumps tactic to play brinkmanship on an issue and if things dont work out to back off at the last moment. However, rather than provoking a game of chicken the president often delegates issues to his staff and is not actually involved in decisions. Iran is a perfect example. Bolton has talked about regime change in Iran since at least the Bush administration and has been pushing for a stronger stance against Tehran. Because the president is removed that has allowed Bolton to push the issue to the current crisis. Trump however, while wanting a tougher stance versus Iran has repeatedly said that he does not want to be involved in Middle East wars. That meant when the issue reached a crisis point on May 15, the president finally became engaged and told his staff to back off because he didnt agree with the way things were going in all likelihood because he didnt know what his staff had been doing until then. Iraq unfortunately is caught in the middle between these two countries as it often has been since 2003 and has little say in matters.

A very scary dynamic at work if Trump is delegating these matters, IMO.

Iraq may be a pawn in a larger game between other players.

Our anticipation of a liquidity event out of Iraq may be as exaggerated as Iraq's sense of self importance in the greater scheme of things.

Portmagal  @Doug_W Thanks for the laugh, "I never heard if a Dem Liberal Hawk". For some reason chicken hawk, popped into my head. GD

Dave  CONFIRMED: Dear Family Mall visitors and Beloved People of Erbil Today we are announcing the launching of the Worlds second Largest Burger Brand (BURGER KING) to Family Mall. Stay tuned for the updates on the construction and the opening date. BURGER KING HOME OF THE WHOPPER.

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