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21 Apr 19, 07:58 AM larrykn  Baghdad needs to be clever in talks with Iran, Saudi Arabia: Analyst

Iraq plays pivotal role in the region, MP says

Saudi Arabia praises Iraq for restoring international role

Iraq forms committee to establish national peace between components in Tuz Khurmatu

Iraq succeeding externally, interior scene a 'mess': Turkmen Front Deputy Head

Populist cleric Sadr condemns tribal conflicts


April 15 2019 Iraq Dinar NEWS Highlights & Articles from Chat / Audio / Video 8min

larrykn  US forces in Iraq 'safety valve': MP

Iraqi politician says time to dissolve IMIS

Clashes in Mosul as Iran-backed militias battle security forces
Abadi, Maliki to run in local elections on one list: source

426 inserts and company announces planning an entrepreneur in the blacklist

Economy news-Baghdad
The planning Ministry announced Monday, include an Iraqi contractor company, 426 in the "black list", indicating that there are more than 36 thousand contractor and construction company in Iraq classified Ministry.

He said the Ministry's spokesman Abdul Zahra Hindawi seen by "economy" news "Ministry included 426 Iraqi contractors company blacklist", attributing it to "the failure of those companies to tender with beneficiaries."

Hindawi said that "black-listing comes at the request of the Contracting Parties with the company or the contractor and shall be accompanied by documents and evidence which confirms the company or contractor not fulfilling contractual obligations", pointing out that he "has been lifted 305 firms from blacklist after The legal term for inclusion. "

He continued, "there are more than 36 thousand contractor and construction company in Iraq, classified the Ministry and distributed among ratings from 1 to 10," pointing out that the number of companies classified excellent class with 28 companies, enterprises were first rate 4000 and 690 company, registered companies classified in the Upper fifth largest number after a total of 9 thousand and 863 contractor company, while the companies classified in seventh grade is the lowest among grades, with 336 company and a contractor.

larrykn  Abdul-Mahdi: Iraq seeks to take advantage of the Korean experience in developing the health and agriculture sector

Alaktsadnioz _ Baghdad
Prime just Iraq, Latifa Rashed Mohamed Aljalahma, seeks to take advantage of South Korea's experience in developing the sectors of health, agriculture and provide modern irrigation systems and plants for agricultural production and development for roads and building schools, in addition to opening assembly plants and production The Korean car industry.
This came in a meeting with South Korean President Han Byung-Doo and his entourage, which includes Vice President of Hyundai construction company and President of Kai air industries, Foreign Ministry officials and Korean Ambassador in Baghdad.
The Premier said, according to the media library economy "received news", that "the Iraqi citizens trusts the Korean industries we cooperate for the mutual benefit of the two countries and run as many graduates and engineers manpower Iraqis in Korean companies The diverse expertise transfer and southern Iraq, thanked the DPRK delegation for responding to children's heart hospital, specialized health centres needed by Iraq.
And the President and members of the Korean delegation their desire to develop relationships and transfer of expertise and technology necessary to Iraq and open the Korean auto makers plants in Iraq and using spare parts from the Iraqi market, achieving e-government system that is South Korea Leading country, citing Korean teams went specializes in coordination with Iraq Iraqi authorities to locate the heart hospital for children, in addition to the website to collect cars, ready to respond to the demands of the Prime Minister to develop the sectors of health, agriculture, roads, housing, schools Fast method, the Korean delegation also referred to accommodate drained Karbala for five thousand Iraqi agent.

coffee time cya later :)

chattels  BAGHDAD / NINA / Foreign currency markets in Baghdad recorded on Sunday a rise in the exchange rate of the US dollar against the Iraqi dinar.

The price of the market in the Stock Exchange in Baghdad 120 thousand dinars for one hundred dollars.

ISIS militants execute Iraqi mukhtars, militiamen in new video By Rudaw

ISIS remnants continue to operate in several mountainous and desert regions of Iraq despite their territorial defeat in 2017.

ISIS militants are exploiting security gaps opened up between Kurdish Peshmerga lines and areas controlled by the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF).

Whitelions  Do not deal in the US dollar with the companies (Albara and the clock) and (Horizons Dubai and Reiden)

Iraq assures the International Monetary Fund (IMF) that it is adopting a new policy to diversify its sources of income.


April 7 2019 Iraq Dinar NEWS Highlights & Articles from Chat / Audio / Video 13min

7 Apr 2019, 07:43 AM larrykn  --Remove US forces from Iraq, Iran’s Khamenei urges Abdul-Mahdi

Salih says Iraq is not battlefield for rival players

Rapprochement with KSA to serve Iraqi economy: MP

To resolve water issues, Turkey appoints new special envoy to Iraq: FM

IMIS smuggles oil from Kirkuk to Iran: Former MP

ISIS leader killed in Anbar

Trade show kicks off to members of the Organization of Islamic cooperation with Baghdad.

Baghdad international exhibition

Economy news _ Baghdad
Set off, Sunday, the 16th trade fair events for Islamic Member States Baghdad international fair ground.
A reporter for "news", "economy Ministry of Commerce opened today, 16th trade fair events to Member States of the Organization of Islamic cooperation Baghdad international fair ground."
He added, "the 12 countries and dozens of local and international companies operating in the sectors of construction and infrastructure, energy, mineral and other sectors involved in this gallery.

Iraq: we hope to double bilateral trade between Islamic countries for more than 481 billion

Business & money

Economy news _ Baghdad
Trade Ministry expressed Sunday, hopes to double bilateral trade between Islamic countries from previous years to more than 481 billion dollars.
Senior Undersecretary, said Walid al-Mosawi, speaking on behalf of the Minister Mohamed ANI during the opening ceremony of the exhibition, "the economy has received a copy of" news "is a pleasure to participate today on behalf of Minister ANI at the opening of the 16th trade fair events to Member States Islamic cooperation organization under the slogan (towards economic integration between Member States of the organisation of Islamic cooperation), organized by the Commerce Department, represented by the General company for fairs and commercial services in cooperation with Iraqi Islamic Centre for development of trade and the patronage of the President of the State Ministers. "
He added: "I am pleased and honoured to welcome you today in this economic event that brings the countries of the Islamic world under one umbrella with the aim of developing and strengthening economic relations among them by providing opportunities for sectors operating in these countries for collaboration and leveraging Possibilities and opportunities ".
Musawi expressed the hope that "the outcome of this landmark exhibition and launch a new quality in work fairs", addressing the audience by saying: "as you are aware that economic integration between Member States the aim pursued by the organizations and economic blocs in the world including Organization of Islamic cooperation through enhanced economic and commercial cooperation among OIC Member States. "
He said Undersecretary: acquires brings us together today is of particular importance in light of world events and developments and successive crises, regional and global levels, which reflected the direct and indirect impacts on the economic conditions especially with regard to improving the investment climate Edit and enhance opportunities for integration into the global economy, and that we must move together in earnest and rapid progress towards regional action because we are in a world with no room for moving solo and that we should make more efforts and continuous work to translate the vocabulary of our visions into concrete realities. On the ground, and for that we will have to overcome many challenges and many difficulties until we reach our goals and achieve our hopes and our ambition. "
Musawi recalled, that "Iraq today after his victories achieved by the gangs (ISIS) thanks to security forces and terrorist crowd and the consequent return of security and stability in the country is striving to return to the Arab and Islamic course and surroundings, and hence Iraq to host this exhibition which is a multi-sectoral forum for organizations and bodies, companies and business people in the Islamic world is also suitable for investment promotion and publicity for products and industries and services of Member States and the exchange of business ideas between businessmen and traders in the Member States In the OECD.
For his part, said Director General of exhibitions and commercial services, Iraqi speaking Hashem during the exhibition, the Gallery represents prominent economic forum, involving a large number of companies involved in construction.
He added, "the creation of this exhibition reflects the interest of the Iraqi Government and the private sector in this big event, reflecting the policies of the State to create a solid trade and investment relations with the Islamic countries based on mutual benefit and cooperation and achieving comprehensive development in Various areas and strengthen the bonds of brotherhood and now Jimbo through partnership and building strong economic relations contribute to maintain equal cooperation at the Arab and Muslim world, Allah has bestowed on Muslim countries with promising investment fundamentals and hard work with a clear vision will take advantage of this Ingredients for the homeland's prosperity and welfare for all. "
The Sudanese said that "the show is a new departure for concerted actions and compatible with each other in a clear and sound trading method and scientific approach and careful, so we'll be compatible in all work good and useful process.
He stressed, "it is hoped role to show the level of trade and promote bilateral investment opportunities between Member States and the definition of investment opportunities, trade and economy in the organizing countries with Member States, businessmen and investors and opening new markets for products Participating States industries. "
And: "today, we are happy with the participation of Islamic countries at the fair especially in light of the arrival of bilateral trade between Islamic countries (481 billion dollars) through the year 2017, we hope to multiply over the next few years to reflect the depth of Islamic relations, and look forward to a great gears In the economics of all Islamic States to promote trade among them.
He noted that "active participation in the exhibition allows to meet the largest gathering of decision makers and business and professional associations and trade bodies in the Islamic world, where this event constitutes a platform for the economic operators in the Member States and important economic pillar Expand your business network and promote your products and services and support marketing plans. "

And across Sudan hoped "to contribute to the development of exhibition and deepen trade and investment cooperation between Islamic countries, opening up new channels for the exchange of views and ideas on how to move these relationships to better standards."
And, it comes through linear acceleration towards revitalizing the role of the Islamic financial institutions, joint business councils and supporting and encouraging business, business executive institutions in Islamic countries, developing practical mechanisms to implement and follow up the outcome of conferences Forums and meetings business and continue exploring ways to develop exchanges of information, review the rules and conventions governing trade relations between Islamic countries and examine investment opportunities in various fields and discuss constraints and mechanisms that address ways to facilitate, And encourage the establishment of more exhibitions to publicize the export potential of each State, taking advantage of meetings provided by these exhibitions in trade and investment deals that give strong impetus to move towards the development and strengthening of economic partnerships between Islamic States. "

Start of Iraqi economic forum _ Iran in Tehran Chamber of Commerce

Business & money
Economy news _ Baghdad
Starting Sunday, the Iraqi economic forum _ Iran in Tehran's Chamber of Commerce.
He said Prime Minister Adil Abd al-Mahdi said in a statement sent to news "economy" version of it, "the Iraqi economic forum _ Iran in Tehran Chamber of Commerce began, in the presence of Prime Minister Adel Latifa Rashed Mohamed Aljalahma and first Vice President eshaq jahangiri, Ministers and officials from the Iraqi and Iranian official delegates, large collection of businessmen and investors, industrialists and business leaders of the two countries. "

larrykn  I like that they are getting all these trade deals together, this is a great start to the private sector we are all looking for.
I like to see how far Iraq will allow Iran to influence their govenment .

larrykn  «Sigim» Italian wins contract for LNG pipelines of Basra gas

By signing the Convention

Economy news Baghdad
Company "sigim" Italian (SICIM ) an investment contract makes it an entrepreneur as President to build pipelines for the Basra facility for liquefied natural gas.
He says the General Manager of the Basra gas company, fritz dogs, new morning newspaper quoted, that "pleased with our progress on start creating new Basra gas processing plant and this is an important milestone for the Basra gas company will help the growth and increasing current production capacity by 40%.
And indicates that "this project will play a crucial role in reducing flaring associated gas in three fields of Iraq's first licensing round and increase the supply of dry gas and export capabilities.
The General Manager explains that "the Basra facility for new LNG consist of two gas processing to produce additional mkomk 400 day amenable to adding more units in the future Treaty will be inaugurated at the site alartaui.
In turn, says General Manager «sigim Italiano, Orazio giavarili, "we are happy because we were chosen as prime contractor by the Basra gas company to be part of this important project."
"Winning this contract adds important new recognition in our fixed and our goal is to ensure integrated implementation of the project and take the opportunity to solidify our commitment to community development," saying it "will save more than 180 jobs to Iraqis training to hone their skills and providing opportunities Multiple local contractors. "
He concluded, "we look forward to working with the team in Basra gas company to implement the project efficiently.
The Basra gas company
A joint venture for 25 years between Iraqi South gas company that owns 51% of shares, shell 44% and Mitsubishi 5%. I managed to reach the highest output reached 1025 mkomk a day, enough to produce about 3.5 GB output of electricity to homes and industries in Iraq.

larrykn  «Aramco» want to invest in Iraq in cooperation with «shell»

An oil worker in Saudi Aramco. "Reuters"

Economy news Baghdad
The oil Ministry confirmed that the Saudi oil company Aramco «» willingness to invest in Iraq on a number of projects including petrochemical project in cooperation with the company «Shell».
Ministry spokesman, Asim Jihad told the newspaper "," giant projects which it worked the oil Ministry in cooperation with the Ministry of industry and the shell so it will share in this project, "Aramco, pointing out that" there are subcommittees will study this Projects before they are implemented. "
"The big Saudi company will enter into the burnt gas plus oil explorations and process development and training as well as coordination in international conferences, especially the OPEC," pointing out that "company SABIC, which is the world's most prestigious companies have shown Also ready to enter the field of metals and develop iron and steel project in Basra and phosphate in Anbar. "
And confirms that the number of fields that the Saudi Aramco company subject to study before its conclusion in the form of agreements and memoranda of understanding to mention names of projects and the volume of investment in the oil sector, stressing that "there is a desire to accelerate to resolve and implement these projects by both parties."

As for the side of the electric power, oil Ministry spokesman confirms that "there is a desire to improve Saudi electricity reality through investment and make use of alternative energies such as solar.
Shows the oil Ministry spokesman "subcommittees began studying this topic in order to finish it before the Premier's visit to Saudi Arabia, which will be on the 17th of this month to sign it," pointing out that "this study will determine the distance and energy through subcommittees".
"Jihad revealed there was agreement to promote investment in this framework by building power stations inside Iraqi territory in order to increase energy," stressing that "these agreements involving energy is preliminary note still under study".


March 28 2019 Iraq Dinar NEWS Chat Audio / Video 10min


larrykn Kurdistan leans on private sector to emerge from economic downturn

Iraq hosts tourism forum with hopes of attracting Kurdish visitors

Iraq PM courts Egyptian investment at Cairo summit

Parliament rejects draft amendments to nationality law

Acting ministers won't manage ministries starting June: Abd al-Mahdi

Halbousi to meet with US House speaker, defense secretary: source

State obliged to give all Iraqis lands for housing: MP

Tunisia Summit to discuss Iraq debt 75 percent of firefighting

Business & money

Economy news _ Baghdad
Preparatory meetings for the Summit included Arabic 30 in Tunisia, adding an agenda item includes firefighter 75 percent of Iraq's debt within the funds provided for the Arabic States, and take a unified Arab stance towards the Turkish forces violation of Iraqi sovereignty.
Summit spokesman Arabic Ambassador Mahmoud khemiri morning newspaper quoted "official" informed "economy, meeting delegates discussed 23 items to add to any business, foremost Saudi Arabic Summit Presidency report preceding twenty-ninth report The Secretary-General on joint Arab action. "
He added that "Khmer topped the agenda to follow political developments of the case remained the Arab-Israeli conflict stinet and the Arabic peace initiative, Israeli violations in occupied Jerusalem, settlements and developments support the budget of the State of Palestine and the people Palestine, the occupied Syrian Arab Golan ".
He said the agenda also included the crisis in Syria and the situation in Libya and Yemen and an item about a unified Arab stance towards the Turkish forces violation of Iraqi sovereignty, and items about promoting peace and development in the Republic of the Sudan, and support for the Republic of Somalia, support of Comoros as looking Meet the Iranian interference in the internal affairs of States "Arabic.
He drew the Khmer "Add item on internally displaced people in Arabic countries and displaced Iraqis in particular and ensure table draft resolutions submitted by the economic and Social Council, the agenda included an item about 75 percent of Iraq's debt extinguished under support funds provided to Arabic countries under Arabic League. "

Secretary of Commerce to establish regulatory mechanisms for the next agricultural season

Business & money

Economy news _ Baghdad
Trade Minister Mohamed ANI, Thursday, a meeting of the committees overseeing the marketing campaign for the wheat crop for the next planting season.
The Commerce Department said, in a statement received "news" economy "Minister, ANI terrace, today, a meeting of the committees overseeing the marketing campaign for the wheat crop for the next planting season, in the presence of the Prime Minister's Advisor and administrative Undersecretary Walid sweet grain trade officials In all the provinces. "
The Minister said during the meeting, ANI, "required to initialize and prepare regulatory mechanisms to accommodate the marketed quantities of peasants and farmers, in coordination with the Ministry of agriculture and agricultural people scattered across the provinces marketed."
He noted that "the campaign should be the organizational situation, there will be a calculating and control of all the sponsors of the campaign."
He continued, "the campaign requires diligence and make every effort to make it successful, and we will not allow the failure this time because we have all the details and give us the broad powers that could originate any responsible campaign."
The Minister drew attention to the need "to create the receiving and storage areas to receive quantities of peasants and farmers in all provinces of the country, as well as address the disruptions that occurred in previous years and develop the mechanisms needed to decipher the bottlenecks and facilitate actions for farmers without hindrance And difficulties. "
And, it "must be coordinated with Governors and local governments and create examiners access to staff of the Ministry of agriculture.
The Ministry said in a statement that "during the meeting to hear reviews of subcommittees and the problems they face and have been processed.

The campaign kicks off in the middle of next month for the Central and southern provinces amid expectations of a significant increase in quantities cultivated and marketed to Commerce Department stores.

Iraq opens its doors to Turkish businessmen

Business & money

Economy news _ Baghdad
Iraq's Ambassador to Ankara, invited Hussein Mahmoud Al-Khatib, Turkish businessmen to look for business opportunities and investment in Iraq.
This came in a speech during the effectiveness of introducing Iraq organized by the Izmir Chamber of Commerce, Western Turkey.
Khatib pointed to mutual trust between Iraqis and Turkish investors, adding, "we want to look for jobs and investment in Iraq, offer all guarantees for investors."
Links to other cultural and religious brothers, and approximately between Iraq and Turkey, besides having common interests.
"The trust relationship between the two sides have deepened particularly over the last year, and increased the frequency of visits, and Turkey support the territorial integrity of Iraq played a role in the development of those relations."
He expressed his expectations of a meeting between the two heads of State gather in Baghdad after the Turkish local elections scheduled for the end of the week.

Iraqi-Saudi Coordination Council held a preparatory meeting for the forthcoming joint meeting beginning next April

Side of the Iraqi-Saudi Coordination Council meeting

Business & money

Economy news _ Baghdad
The coordination group held for Iraqi-Saudi Coordination Council, Thursday, a preparatory meeting for the joint meeting with the Saudi Council scheduled in Baghdad early next month.
The Deputy Prime Minister for energy and oil Minister thamir during the meeting, chaired by "economy" statement, that "much of the work was not carried out by the Coordinating Council, and the Council will prepare memoranda of understanding and cooperation with ministries of Saudi Arabia To sign in the upcoming meeting, which will be held in Baghdad between the two sides in April, noting that "project deliverables are an investment benefiting from the Samawah desert groundwater, creating the pitch gave the Saudi King to Iraq."
Reviewed his Cabinet Secretary Dr Mahdi relations, Saudi Coordination Council delegation meeting summary who visited Iraq headed by Undersecretary of industry, and the signing of memorandums of understanding between the Iraqi ministries.
Attendees agreed to complete incomplete procedures, conventions for signed with initials until delivery of the final form.
larrykn thatssss all folks lol :)

From chattels  Iraqi Speaker of Parliament in Washington at meeting with acting US Defense Secretary says US forces must remain in Iraq & should provide increased training, intelligence & logistical support to Iraqi forces.
chattels  Halbousi is a Sunni, so it is not really a surprise that he supports the US remaining in Iraq.

Islamic State Leader Goes Low-Tech to Evade Capture
Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has pinned his survival on shunning computers and mobile phones in favor of human messengers

BAGHDAD—Despite the fall of Islamic State’s self-proclaimed caliphate, the group’s leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, remains at large, having for years evaded a massive manhunt by America’s military and intelligence agencies.

The 47-year-old jihadist, whose call to arms drew thousands of Muslims from around the world to battlefields in Syria and Iraq, is believed to be hiding in a remote stretch of desert that straddles the border between the two countries, according to Iraqi security officials.

From Young SC  Finance invites all ministries to coordinate with the planning to complete the inclusion of investment Projects

From Woke AFRIYADH, Iraq -

The head of the Iraqi Trade Bank, Faisal Al-Hims, said Tuesday that the Iraqi Trade Bank is preparing to take part in the Iraqi-German Business Forum, which opened on Monday in the German capital of Berlin in the presence of several government figures, businessmen and investors. To launch the project "investment portfolio" bonds Republic of Iraq.

"The Iraqi Trade Bank has received five awards for various services in 2018, one of which was honored by the Central Bank of Iraq as the best bank to provide localization services to state employees," said Homs, in a statement to a reporter for the Rudowo Media Network in Germany. (Global Financials) and (Emma Finals) was the result of the Bank to provide international trade services between Iraq and various countries of the world, in addition to the award of the best commercial bank and investment.

He added, "We are scheduled to launch during this year the investment portfolio project, which is the dinars, which enhance investment opportunities with bonds of the Republic of Iraq and have a good return and was coordinated with one of the investment banks."

Noting that "this project will be more open to companies because the minimum investment volume will be 150 thousand dollars and the citizen wishing to invest to prove his ability to bear the entry of this investment."

"The bank is committed to all local and international compliance regulations and requirements, and on the basis of which we make sure that our transactions are among the exceptions that Iraq has received," he said.

Pointing out that "the bank is open to finance all projects that will be useful to the country, and has already funded cement factories, hospitals and others and we continue on this approach."

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