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22 Jan 19, 07:21 AM larrykn  Disagreement over KRG share prevents Iraq from voting on budget
larrykn  Researcher: US troops aim at limiting Iran's dominance in Iraq

chattels  Iraq has announced plans to hold a census in 2020; however, the KRG is unlikely to agree as Baghdad currently administrates nearly all the disputed or Kurdistani areas.
chattels  larrykn May it be a good and prosperous year for us all


18 Jan am Woke AF

Doug_W  GOOD job Mr. President


15 Jan 19, 07:22 AM larrykn  Abdul Mahdi agrees with Halbousi to delay gov't completion: MP

France lends Iraq 430m to reconstruct liberated cities

Zarif meets leaders of Iranian militias in Baghdad

Jordan, Iraq tackle regional situations, bilateral cooperation in Baghdad

The Government decided to restructure the State-owned public companies
Oil: stop granting approvals to create asphalt plants and elites and blending and bottling the oils


14 Jan 19, 07:00 AM larrykn  Iraq, World Bank mull founding International Credit Fund

MP says state draft budget will not suffice gov't program

larryknHakim urges Kurds to raise public interests over partisan goals

US seeks to conclude more oil deals with Iraq: The Economist

Salih receives Jordans king in Baghdad
Jordans king to tackle housing problem in Iraq: MP

larrykn  I heard this morning on Fox that the new governor of Calif wants to tax water lol why not they tax everything else


12 Jan 19, 07:09 AM larrykn  Experts urge gov't to separate Iraqi health, environment ministries

Iranian militias recruit civilians in Mosul to attack US troops in Iraq:

No timeline set for ending dispute on security ministers: Parl deputy speaker

larrykn  I read yesterday that Iraq Is going to have the Defence and Interior ministers will be by proxy till they get the vote done, doesn't sound like the vote will be anytime soon

Doug_W  tune in tomorrow for "As Iraq stagnates" Same time same channel

larrykn Oil barrel set at 56US$ in state budget: MP


6 Jan 19, 06:56 AM Woke AF  The CBI seeks to slice four zeroes off [Iran] currency: Hemmati link

xyz  The central bank offers coins and coins to the amateurs 
Alsumaria News / Baghdad
The Central Bank of Iraq (CBE) on Sunday offered cash and coins to be canceled for previous years for sale to amateurs and related associations.

Below are the canceled and traded banknotes and metal coins of the coin issued by different years and sold to amateurs at prices ranging from $ 100 to $ 250 depending on the cash category for each.

xyz  @Doug_W hey speculator, here you go haha
Iran's central bank plans to delete 4 zeroes from the currency link 

Woke AF  $19,271,780 for wall~


5 Jan 19, 10:59 AM chattels  Quote .................. Using the dinar in trade with Iran will lead to an increase in the value of the Iraqi dinar due to higher demand, especially considering that the trade exchange between the two countries reached $8 billion in the past eight months, freelance researcher and writer Ahmed Hathal told Al-Monitor.

He said, Iraqs foreign reserves will increase and the Central Bank will be in a better position to defend the dinar in the event of a high demand of the dollar in the future, especially considering that cash reserves cover the country's needs for more than nine months, thus exceeding the standards set by international financial institutions.

Conflict over Iraqi federal government moves to provincial councils

Omar Sattar January 4, 2019

Read more:
Iraqi MP from Fatah Coalition: the US wants to turn Iraq into a military base to attack neighboring nations. Parliament will soon vote on a law to expel foreign forces.

Iraqi MP from Building Coalition: Parliament will be ready to vote on a law requiring the removal of foreign forces soon.
Musings On Iraq Why Did Trump Ask Iraq For Its Oil?


26 Dec am larrykn  Parliament violates rules and democratic mechanisms: MP link

Alliance for Reform and Reconstruction calls PM to meet Basra demands link

ISIS claims deadly bombing in Iraq

Woke AF  @larrykn any good news outta Iraq?

larrykn  @Woke AF as long as it hasn't dried out your good

larrykn  well we are waiting till the 8th of Jan for a vote on the MP's an budget

Woke AF  Didnt they approve the 2nd reading of budget?

larrykn  the last two to get voted on will be the battle , if Iraq wins we win , if Iran wins we lose period

larrykn  no

Woke AF  Welp, I'm not tired of winning yet- let's do this~


22 Dec 18, 08:09 AM chattels  Parliament votes on judges nominated for the Federal Court of Cassation
_NEWS_DATE: 2018/12/22 14:32
AGHDAD / Al-Ghad Press:
announced the Kurdish blocs, on Saturday, rejected candidates of the Federal Court of Cassation, indicating that two of them did not exceed the legal age.

MP Bahar Mahmoud said in a joint press conference with members of the Kurdish blocs attended by "Al-Ghad Press", "Kurdish blocs reject the vote of the House of Representatives on the candidates of judges of the Federal Court of Cassation." link

forest54  Kurdistan International honors the Association of Iraqi private banks
December 22, 2018

Nusseiri receives honor shield


Economy News Arbil

The International Islamic Bank of Kurdistan for Investment and Development honored Saturday the Association of Iraqi Private Banks.

The honorary shield was received by the economic adviser at the Association of Iraqi Private Banks, Samir al-Nusairi.

Al-Nusairi said in an interview with Economy News that the Islamic Bank of Kurdistan honored the Association of Iraqi private banks in his special ceremony on the occasion of receiving two quality witnesses.

Al-Nusairi pointed out that the honoring of the honor came to the efforts of the Association of Iraqi Private Banks and its relentless efforts to support private banks in Iraq and rehabilitate their human resources and assist them in implementing the directives of the Central Bank of Iraq in complying with international standards.

He praised the developmental steps taken by the Bank of Kurdistan to achieve the plans of the Central Bank and the Association of Private Banks to contribute to activate the initiative to finance small and medium enterprises and thus contribute to community initiatives and development to serve our national economy.


16 Dec 18, 08:10 AM chattels  ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) Iraqi Parliamentary Speaker Mohammed al-Halbousi recently visited the semi-autonomous Kurdistan Region and met with senior Kurdish leaders to discuss key issues related to the disputed province of Kirkuk, Kurdistans national budget share, and Erbil-Baghdad relations.
16 Dec 18, 08:09 AMchattels, Masrour Barzani owns Kurdistan 24 News.
16 Dec 18, 08:10 AMchattelsThe Iraqi Speaker added that he would like to say that this year, we will reach a permanent agreement with the Kurdistan Region regarding its share of the budget, to avoid revisiting the subject every year.

chattels  ?????????
How will they reach a permanent agreement without a census ?

Spectra  So by applying the value they gave us and dropping 3 zeros off they exchange rate we get a 6/1 ratio on loans and the value of them. There are two separate issues there. Good and bad loans and the value of the bad loans which when broken down tells us a relationship to the USD per Alaks words not mine..

Just as they do with the AMF / AAD by the value of their loans. The AMF doesn't actively publish imo a rate, but, they show us the loan amounts and approximate value of them in articles based on relationships with the USD.

There is a recent one in regard to Tunisia and the AAD through the AMF.. We have to find the loans and use them to do the math to get an idea of what the AAD exchange rate is. We have learned that the AAD will have a relationship with the IQD.

So Alak, imo is telling those that need to know (Regional Trading Partners) that would need warning as to what he is doing and where they stand in an indirect way. That imo is forward guidance used by Central Bankers..

So the recent data imo fits this model and may be spot on what we can expect into the future. imo.. So from the Interview he again noted 37 Billion Dinars good and 6 Billion Dinars Bad. He noted the value of the bad were valued at $5,000,000 USD

Spectra  it's ----AAD........
Spectra  what the AAD exchange rate is.
Spectra  LIKE I TOLD YOU ALL....

Spectra Now take that your donut's and coffee!

Spectra  when broken down tells us a relationship to the USD per Alaks words not mine.. Just as they do with the AMF / AAD by the value of their loans. The AMF doesn't actively publish imo a rate, but, they show us the loan amounts and approximate value of them in articles based on relationships with the USD. There is a recent one in regard to Tunisia and the AAD through the AMF.. We have to find the loans and use them to do the math to get an idea of what the AAD exchange rate is. We have learned that the AAD will have a relationship with the IQD. So Alak, imo is telling those that need to know (Regional Trading Partners) that would need warning as to what he is doing and where they stand in an indirect way. That imo is forward guidance used by Central Bankers..



15 Dec 18, 08:28 AM larrykn  Turkey FM vows to continue strikes in Iraq if PKK isn't removed

Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hami Aksoy delivers remarks during a press conference. File photo: AA
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region Turkey's Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded on Saturday that it will continue to do what is required to combat the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) presence in Iraq, if Baghdad continues to allow the group to remain.

In a statement regarding the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs decision to summon Turkish Ambassador to Iraq Fatih Yildiz on Thursday, Ankara argued that Iraq is constitutionally obligated to prevent the use of its land as a base for attacks on neighboring countries.

"Activities of PKK terror group on Iraqi and Syrian soils have been a national security issue for Turkey," said Turkish FM spokesperson Hami Aksoy, according to Anadolu Agency.

Turkish jets bombed alleged PKK positions in Makhmour and Mount Shingal (also known as Sinjar) on Thursday night. Funerals were held on Friday.

More than 20 warplanes, accompanied by drones and refueling aircraft, went 165 kilometres into Iraqi territory, hitting the Mount Qarachogh area in Makhmour for the first time, the ministry announced on Friday.

Three women and a 14-year-old girl were killed in the airstrike on Makhmour, where more than 12,000 Kurdish political refugees from Turkey are sheltering.

These counter-terror operations will continue as long as Turkeys security needs require and terror organizations exist in Iraqi soils," the Turkish spokesman added.

Yildiz was summoned, Baghdad argued, because the attacks were a violation of Iraqi sovereignty and the security of its citizens were at risk.

The PKK is headquartered in the mountains of Qandil which straddle the border of Iraq, Turkey, and Iran.

Turkey has previously called the political refugee camp in Makhmour a "breeding ground for terrorists." PKK-linked elements reportedly remain active in Shingal. Earlier this year, then PM Haider al-Abadi called on all foreign fighters to leave Shingal.

Every kind of support is being given to Iraq in its fight against terror organizations. Same understanding and concrete cooperation are expected from Iraq," Aksoy added.

Despite Baghdads objections, they have little ability to stop Turkey, which carries out forays into Iraqi territory on a near daily basis.

The International Crisis Group has tracked casualties since a ceasefire stalled between PKK and the Turkish state in July 2015.

According to their statistics last updated on December 10, 4,226 people in Turkey have been killed in clashes that includes: 2,400 PKK fighters, 1,138 state security forces, 465 civilians, and 223 youth of unknown affiliation.

The PKK has fought a nearly four-decade, sometimes-armed struggle against the Turkish state seeking greater political, minority, and cultural rights.

The Turkish FM further argued that they are justified to the right of self-defense per Article 51 of the UN Charter.

The Iraqi FM has not released a statement since the announcement to summon the ambassador.

larrykn  Turkey will keep attacking PKK in Iraq: FM

Salih warns of Basra "alarming" protests escalation
15 Dec 18, 08:37 AMlarryknIraq Needs Self Reliance and Political Will


13 Dec 18, 08:19 AM Woke AF  Settlement of hundreds of billions of billions between Kurdistan and Baghdad

He said that "the above arrangements show the seriousness of the administration in the Kurdistan Region and the Central Bank of Iraq to settle this issue to facilitate banking work in the region and enhance reliability in the banking system."

chattels  In Iraq, sources say PM Abdel-Mahdi is considering alternatives to Falih Fayyadh as nominee for Interior Minister after political blocs reject him. Mostly likely candidate is LTG Moafaq Abdel-Hadi, currently deputy of Police Affairs in Interior Ministry. 
OR ........................... Alfayyadh 'still' nominated for Interior Minister post: Victory Alliance

Falih Alfayyadh
MP for Al-Nasr Alliance (Victory) Faisal al-Issawi revealed Thursday that Falih Alfayyadh is still nominated for the Interior Ministry, denying the nomination of other candidates.

Issawi told the Baghdad Post that news about withdrawing Fayyadhs nomination or nominating other candidates are fake.


10 Dec 18, 07:47 AM larrykn  Iraq govenment really needs to get it together or we will be setting here for a long time, seems the cbi is ready but waiting on the govenment . I'm praying this new PM will grow a pair soon

xyz  The cost of the building of the Central Bank and the auction of currency and sinking of billions .. under the parliamentary investigation 
A parliamentary source reported on Monday the formation of three sub-committees to investigate files related to the work of the Central Bank, including the issue of seven billion.

The source said in an interview for the orbit, that 'the First Committee was formed from the members of the House of Representatives to view the window selling the currency of the Central Bank, composed of (Naji Saidi, Hoshyar Fateh, Ahmed Safar, Muthana Samurai, Anam Nazil, and Mohammed Tamim) .

He added that 'another committee, was formed to see the contract for the building of the Central Bank and the approvals issued and the stages of implementation, composed of deputies (Haneen al-Qaddu, Ahmed Rashid, Faisal al-Issawi, Shirwan Qadir)'.

The source, who preferred not to be named, that 'the Third Committee was formed to investigate the damage of the financial amounts of Rafidain Bank and the Central Bank, amounting to 7.5 billion Iraqi dinars, and consisted of deputies (Faleh Abdashi, Haitham Jubouri, Majid al-Waeli, Jubouri, Muthanna al-Samarrai, Jamal Sidu) '.

xyz  Documents .. Parliament is forming 3 committees to investigate sensitive files in the Central Bank, including the issue of 7 billion

chattelsAl-Ghad Press, on Monday, received documents sent by Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi in the names of ministers nominated to complete his cabinet, while stressing that he would not submit his resignation.

chattels  According to the documents, said Abdul-Mahdi, that "did not submit his resignation," saying that "resigning escape from the battlefield."

He pointed out that "the House of Representatives and the reference and the people give him confidence so will not leave the field square."

Political circles have circulated a list of candidates for the vacant portfolios in the government of Adel Abdul Mahdi.

The new Cabinet Cab will be presented by Adel Abdel Mahdi on tomorrow to the House of Representatives: -
Faleh Fayyad / Ministry of Interior
Faisal Al-Jarba / Ministry of Defense
Nuri Al-Dulaimi / Minister of Planning
Qusay Al-Suhail / Ministry of Higher Education
Saba Al-Tai. Ministry of Education
Dara Noureddine / Ministry of Justice
Hala Korkis / Ministry of Immigration
Abdel-Amir Al-Hamdani / Ministry of Culture

chattels  Can anyone intelligibly explain to me the date on the foregoing article ?
23:18 - 03 December 18 Last updated 23:47 - 03 December 18 4967 ???????????

xyz  The Central Bank maintains a high level of foreign reserves
The governor of the Central Bank Ali Al-Alak said Monday that the bank maintains a high level of foreign reserves, pointing out that the bank continues its efforts to stabilize the local currency.

Al-Alak said in a speech during the opening of the fourth annual conference of the Central Bank in Baghdad and attended by "Economy News", that " coinciding with the first anniversary of the victories of the security forces on the organization is calling, this annual conference is looking forward to the sustainable development of the Iraqi economy," noting that " Continue his efforts in stabilizing the local currency. "

"The central bank maintains a high level of foreign reserves," he said.

And began on Monday, the activities of the fourth annual conference of the Central Bank of Iraq, in conjunction with the anniversary of the Iraqi victory day on "Daash."

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