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9 Dec 18, 07:35 AM xyz  A parliamentary source told (Baghdad Today) that "the presidency of parliament decided to postpone the session of parliament to Tuesday of next week," noting that "the lifting of the meeting came by consensus political blocs for the purpose of presenting the cabinet cab in the next session."

US Embassy in Baghdad: We are working to make Iraq a regional economic leader

"Iraq is back to be a regional economic leader once again."

Woke AF
Dec 10th Iraq ceremonies, with announcements~
Events include at 09:00 speech by PM @AdilAbdAlMahdi to the Iraqi people, and at 13:00 a nationwide minute silence to honour our martyrs and injured fighters, with firework displays taking place in the evening. #VictoryDay #UnitedinVictory #WeRemember

xyz  REALLY?
Iraqi Airways ranks first as the safest air carrier in the world


6 Dec 18, 07:45 AM chattels  The House of Representatives raises its meeting to next Saturday
Release date: 2018/12/6 15:29

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region Top officials in Muqtada al-Sadrs Sayirun alliance is tempering support for new Iraqi PM Adil Abdul-Mahdi and his new government, arguing they did not support him so he could only run the country "the way he wants."

Sadr, himself, has already expressed dissatisfaction with Abdul-Mahdis new government. Shiite-Shiite and Sunni-Sunni rivalries are preventing the cabinet from being filled.

Abdul-Mahdi, who has been described as politically flexible, offered eight nominees to parliament before the walkout.

The primary dispute is between the nominations of Falih al-Fayadh to the Ministry of Interior and Faysal al-Jarba to the Ministry of Defence.

BAGHDAD / NINA / The Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed the continuation of the discussions of the draft federal budget bill 2019.

"The joint meetings with the government committee have nothing to do with the completion of the ministerial cabin and the selection of candidates for vacant portfolios," said the deputies in the committee, Muthana al-Samarrai and Majed al-Waeli told NINA news agency.

They added that "all the amendments and proposals made by representatives of the provinces and blocs are still under discussion with members of the State Committee."

Spectra  ktfa-post-SAMSON----------Video: Is the budget of 2019 is the most explosive in Iraq ?

Image result for images budget economic6th December, 2018 DELTA could be of interest

After a series of push and pull on the project two thousand and nineteen financial amount of the budget law amendments and remarks that raised them, here is today's political blocs are dialogues in a very description as positive, making it out contemplating the law he said it hurt the interests of everyone.

The block of the Kurdistan Democratic Party and on the tongue of the deputy by Deyaar Berwari, expected to be the first reading of the budget two weeks, as it despite the problems and observations on all its doors, but the distinctive and good thing in this budget, providing a suitable ground to pass in the form that serves Iraq and fulfills the demands is an interaction The government with the amendments positively, as described by Berwari.

The budget, which went earlier member of the National Union bloc Piston Zangana, to describe the second largest budget of Iraq, where it reached a hundred and thirty-two trillion dinars, Berwari reveals the existence of a joint working group between the government and the House of Representatives, working to discuss all tabulations and put the comments presented in it and opinions Representatives of governorates or governors and other specialists.

Perhaps the most important sensitive issues included in the budget, are the allocations of liberated areas of Daqash, which was devastated very large in addition to the issue of appointments and solving the problem of contracts and the demands of the people of Basra and the rest of the southern provinces, Zangana stresses the need to resolve all these issues in addition to the issue of the Kurdistan region and its allocations and the oil quota, Pointing at the same time to the existence of consensus and agreements will accelerate the introduction of the budget for the first reading.

With this mechanism, observers see no need to delay the House of Representatives passing the budget, especially as it was amended and re-drafted in the Council of Ministers on the basis of observations made by representatives of parties and provinces.


4 Dec 18, 08:09 AM chattels  Sadr warns Abdul Mahdi of this step
[Ayna - Baghdad]
The leader of the Sadrist movement, Moqtada al-Sadr, on Monday, a letter to Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, said that "there are some hands have come together again to bring Iraq back to its past.
In a statement issued by his office on December 3, 2018, al-Sadr called on the prime minister to form a government of technocrats in Iraq, especially with regard to the internal and defense portfolios, stressing that he would be opposed to his government because there was a personal failure before him.
"You know that proving your chance of success has been determined by six months to a year, and success will not be your ally if your government and your ministers are partisan and in accordance with abhorrent sectarian expectations," Sadr told Abdulmahdi.

Parliament postponed its meeting for half an hour
The parliament decided to postpone its meeting for half an hour for lack of quorum ..

The end of the meeting of the parliamentary blocs with Abdul Mahdi without reaching an agreement link

Source: Representative of Sadr to direct the leaders of reform and reconstruction not to enter the parliament chamber link

Doug_W  it looks like Sadr wants to shake up the "Status quo"

chattels  No quorum, no nothing.

Doug_W  the nepotism has hurt Iraq a lot


2 Dec 18, 07:37 AM chattels  For the third day ... The dollar stabilizes against the dinar in the Iraqi stock market

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Foreign exchange markets in Baghdad recorded a stable exchange rate against the Iraqi dinar on Saturday morning.

The price of the market in the Stock Exchange in Baghdad 1195 dinars per dollar, or 119 thousand and 500 dinars per hundred dollars, the same price yesterday, and remains at the lowest price recorded by the currency on the Baghdad Stock Exchange during this year 2018.

The prices of selling and buying dollars in banking companies was :

Selling price of one dollar 1200 dinars, or 120 thousand dinars for one hundred dollars.

The purchase price of the dollar is 1190 dinars, or 119 thousand dinars for one hundred dollars

Dangerous development: the demonstrations in #Basra are back again, but this time planned by "Fatah" alliance & Shiite factions, Now protesters are trying to storm the West Qurna oil field. #Iraq

Cleric Ali #Sistani rejects meeting with #Iraqi politicians, but he open his door to Jan Kubis the Head of United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq (UNAMI). Deep significance. 


1 Dec 18, 04:51 PM Zig  The point is that many people have researched this and have come to different conclusions.....people like Kap, Dave, Sam, and who knows.....each thinks their scenario will be right.....
Zig  All I know is that it will be 2019 in less than a

1 Dec 18, 05:17 PM chattels  The dollar falls against the dinar on the Baghdad Stock Exchange today ( yesterday * )

BAGHDAD / NINA / Foreign currency markets in Baghdad recorded a slight decline in the exchange rate of the US dollar against the Iraqi dinar on Friday morning.

The price of the market in the stock market in Baghdad, 1195 dinars per dollar, or 119 thousand dinars for one hundred dollars after yesterday, 119.500 thousand dinars, and remains at the lowest price recorded by the currency on the Baghdad Stock Exchange during this year 2018.

The prices of selling and buying dollars in companies Banking was:

the sale price of one dollar 1200 dinars, or 120 thousand dinars for one hundred dollars.

The purchase price of the dollar is 1190 dinars, or 119 thousand dinars for one hundred dollars
" ................. the lowest price recorded by the currency on the Baghdad Stock Exchange during this year 2018. " Link


27 Nov 18, 12:44 AM  chattels  Iraqi MP says Washington pressured PM Abdel-Mahdi not to open Baghdad's Green Zone. Abdel-Mahdi refused. Green Zone to be opened in 2 stages. 1st major roads & then complete opening.

chattels  We are all living in the same hope, that some how, some way and some day, that the currency we hold will realize a significant increase in value.

27 Nov 18, 08:11 AM larrykn  Allawi urges intel. community to support Iraq's fight against terrorism

Head of the Iraqi National Accord Ayad Allawi has warned against the seriousness of the second generation of ISIS terrorist group, calling on the international community to extend political and military assistance to Baghdad in its fight against terrorism, al-Sumariya TV reported on Tuesday.

He said Iraq has achieved a victory over ISIS in the military battles, but the organization is still present inside the Iraqi community due to the policies of polarization and marginalization.

Allawi also called for investing the Iraqi victory in the battle fields and achieving unity among the Iraqi people


26 Nov 18, 06:35 AM chattels  " I live in the hope that steps will be taken to remove the currency outside Iraq from circulation which would then pave the way to redenomination.", suggests to me ideation that that there may be a " private " market for the dinar internationally without a " public " RV ?

Block wisdom stream: Abdul Mahdi will put some candidates vacant portfolios and then provide the security ministries in one basket later

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi will present some candidates for vacant portfolios to vote in parliament, Abdel-Mahdi said, adding that Abdul-Mahdi is likely to present security ministers and others in one basket later.

"The political differences on the portfolios of defense and interior still exist as the date of completion of Abdul-Mahdi to his Cabinet," said the MP for the wisdom stream Hassan Khalati, told NINA news agency that "the differences are concentrated between the political blocs and the prime minister to choose candidates for ministries Security. "

He added that "Abdul-Mahdi will submit candidates 4-6 vacant portfolios to vote before the House of Representatives with the postponement of the submission of candidates for the interior and defense as a result of continuing negotiations on the political blocs," noting that "

The speaker of parliament, Mohamed Halabousi, announced that the next session would be to complete the cabinet cabin, and decided to lift the meeting until then, where the House of Representatives voted last month, to give confidence to Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi and 14 candidates from his cabinet.

Completed Cabinet this week or not, that is the question

Woke AFI saw the word Basket in that article and got a little bit excited~


24 Nov 18, 01:39 AM chattels  Abdul Mahdi gives the political blocs 24 hours to agree on the selection of candidates vacant portfolios| 22/11/2018

BAGHDAD / NINA / Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, the political blocs deadline to end on Friday, to resolve their differences and agree on the selection of candidates vacant portfolios in the cabinet cabins.

"The political blocs told their representatives in the House of Representatives that" Abdul Mahdi will submit candidates to parliament in the next week's sessions and ask to vote on them without prior agreement to adopt the principle of majority to complete the cabinet cabins, in the event of continuing differences of blocs not to agree to nominate candidates for vacant bags by tomorrow evening Friday. "

" Abdul Mahdi will submit candidates to parliament in the next week's sessions and ask to vote on them without prior agreement to adopt the principle of majority to complete the cabinet cabins, ........"

The low exchange rate of the dollar on the stock exchange and its stability in the local markets
Saturday 24 November link

Alsumaria News / Baghdad The
exchange rate of the dollar fell on the stock market struggle, while stabilized prices in local markets on Saturday (24 November 2018).

The prices of the Kifah Stock Exchange - Baghdad 120,000, while the prices for Thursday 120.100.

Selling and buying prices in the banking shops:

Selling price of the dollar = 120,500 dinars.

The purchase price of the dollar = 119.500 dinars.

24 Nov 18, 07:14 AM larrykn  Al-Fayadh to take over interior ministry post: MP
MP for the National Alliance Haider al-Fawadi stated on Saturday that Faleh al-Fayadh will take over the post of interior minister in the new cabinet.

The Ministry of Interior Affairs will be assigned to al-Fayad and the House of Representatives will most likely pass it, because of his accumulated experience in the field of security, al-Fawadi added.

He affirmed that Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi will announce the names of the remaining eight ministers in the latest government lineup within two days.

On Nov. 21, Mahdi said he will present nominees to fill out his cabinet to parliament for approval next week.

Mahdi and 14 ministers were sworn in on Oct. 25, the parliament did not confirm the remaining eight nominees, including the interior and defense posts that are under dispute.

He promised that the cabinet members would be subject to periodic review and could be dismissed if necessary.


11/20/18 am chattels  BAGHDAD / NINA / The Central Bank of Iraq has committed all commercial banks to the minimum capital adequacy criterion.

"In order to keep abreast of developments in the global banking system and in order to achieve the Basel Committee's recommendations, your banks will have to adhere to the minimum capital adequacy criteria," the bank said in a statement. Link

Iranian Oil Ministry refuses to sale gas to Iraq if Iraq pays with dinars. Wants Iraq to buy Iranian gas using euros.

Doug_W  they need a viable currency
chattels  Apparently Iran is not " collecting " dinars expecting the " RV " anytime soon, eh ?

wdave1  If yous would like some more stories type in Forbes dinar where you will find a half dozen stories about this.
Doug_W  chattels agreed

chattels  Iraqi Parliament's schedule for next meeting on Wednesday does not mention vote on unfilled cabinet positions.

In Iraq on Twitter, Sadr tells Ameri that members of Ameri's Fatah & Building coalitions are selling cabinet positions to Sunni politicians. Says that is not how they agreed to govern Iraq.


11/18/2018 sandyf  @Sam I Am Iraq maintains the peg by manipulating the money supply. That's what a managed float does.
@Sam I Am "peg" and "managed float" aren't mutually exclusive terms

The IMF recognises the following currency arrangements and they list Iraq as a conventional peg, not a managed arrangement or a floating arrangement. The only managed arrangements to the USD are Cambodia and Liberia.
There are no floating arrangements against the USD, majority of floating arrangements are listed as 'inflation targeting framework'.

Soft pegs
0 Conventional pegs
0 Stabilized arrangements
0 Crawl-like arrangements
0 Pegged exchange rates within horizontal bands
Other managed arrangements
Hard pegs (no separate legal tender and currency boards)
Floating arrangement
Free floating

BTW I agree with your comment on how the value will change, it will be a revaluation of the monetary unit and not the currency.

chattelss  andyf Say more about " I agree with your comment on how the value will change, it will be a revaluation of the monetary unit and not the currency." for the less informed / educated of us please.
currency not issued / denominated in monetary units ?

xyz  Deputy: commissions of inquiry awaiting the Governor of the Central Bank 
MP for the alliance of Gamal Obeid, said on Sunday that the governor of the Central Bank will be subject to investigation and accountability within the House of Representatives for the money that is caused by negligence, noting that the investigative committees will be formed within the parliament for this purpose.

Obaid said in a statement to the "Information" / that "the Prime Minister bears responsibility for the abolition of positions by proxy, which was assigned at one time to personalities, does not fit the positions entrusted to it," noting "Parliament has not yet finished the case of the Governor of the Central Bank Agency on the links, There will be an investigation and accountability for the money that is caused by negligence and the entry of water to it. "

He added that "commissions of inquiry will be formed in order to question the links on the money and neglect, which was done against them, and will discuss these committees on various topics and the legacy left by previous governments."

He stressed that "the new central bank governor will be scrutinized by parliament, in order to know his experience and integrity and independence before approval, and will be rejected in the event of granting the post agency." Ending

18 Nov 18, 02:16 AM xyz  UNAMI Welcomes Repatriation of Kuwaiti Property
The United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) warmly welcomes the repatriation of a consignment of located Kuwaiti property to the Kuwaiti authorities in a handover that took place in Kuwait City today and was observed by the United Nations.

This is an encouraging positive step taken by the Iraqi authorities in compliance with UN Security Council resolution 2107 (2013). It shows the determination of both countries to forge ahead with strengthening bilateral ties, putting behind them the bitter legacy of invasion and violence, and demonstrates the best of good neighbourly relations, said Ms. Alice Walpole, Deputy Special Representative for Iraq of the United Nations Secretary-General.

Preparations for the transfer of the Kuwaiti textbooks and other items have taken over a year. H.E. Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iraq Mohammed Al-Hakim has made exceptional efforts to ensure swift action on this important and complex file of outstanding issues with Kuwait since taking office a few weeks ago.

UNAMI has been actively involved with Iraq and Kuwait as an observer in facilitating the efforts for a resolution of the outstanding issues. While UNAMI commends the Iraqi movement on the missing property file and their commitment to resolve all remaining outstanding issues with Kuwait the UN Mission recognises that the search must continue for the invaluable National Archives of Kuwait.

Despite strong support demonstrated by Kuwait, and commitment to their international and humanitarian obligation shown by Iraq, full normalization of relations will only take place once all outstanding issues have been resolved, the Deputy Special Representative said.

larrykn  Abdul Mahdi waives by resignation to ease political blocks pressure

Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi
Senior political analyst Nadim al Jabri considered on Sunday that Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi may be threatening to resign to ease the pressure imposed on him by the political blocs.

He stressed that any attempts by the Fatah Alliance or Alliance towards Reforms to break the will of each other will lead to serious consequences.

The Iraqi prime minister has been threatening to resign from his position due to political confrontations among the parties over ministerial posts in his government.

Currently, the turmoil within the political scene is directly affecting the governments formation process. While in the past, there was one large political bloc that used to enforce its vision in one form or another.

Currently, there are two large blocs, namely the Fatah Alliance and the Alliance Towards Reforms, and none of them want to break the others will as all parties know that this will lead to serious consequences, al Jabri said.

Mahdi has settled on 70 percent of the remaining ministries, Spokesman for the coalition of State of Law, Abbas al-Musawi said, suggesting that he would submit the cabinet to the Parliament next week.

18 Nov 18, 08:10 AM larrykn  Musawi said that submitting the names of the remaining minister might take place during the next parliament session.

Abdul Mahdi has to go to parliament to submit all the names he has or at least submit those who have been agreed on so far, adding that "staying halfway without giving names or to demanding the political blocs to change them will negatively reflect on the status of the political process and the government.

Abdul-Mahdi has not asked political blocs so far to replace disputed candidates, Musawi said, adding that there is almost consensus on the importance of submitting names to the Parliament and then to let the Parliament take the final decision.

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