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Eye Pet Goat Two. Truth Tells Break Down. Very Telling for people Awake or Waking up.

Guess What, I Pet My Goat Too - Lavette Followup

From Matt: When I watched Lavette's video at Celestial Voyages I saw many thing much differently than I did in 2013/14 when I was just a dumb 9/11 "truther." Not that I'll ever have all the answers, but at one point, I was dumb enough to vote, so I was blind to the big stuff like most people. This is not "chasing the screen" because it's looking for the positive message and it's actually there. Those who just spout off the same "anti-crist" stuff regarding this video are stuck in the same grade they were in, in 2013.


Eye Pet Goat Two / The Ritual For End Of The Age

this is a topic that i have gotten more requests for than any other , it is time to begin looking at the symbolism they are presenting to the masses , it is a ritual in it's self put out too bring about the manifestation of it's content ...
a very important thing i forgot to put in the video is the fact that " i " equals 9 and the two at the end can be seen as 11 so it is telling you the 9/11 pet goat rituals purpose is to bring about the end of the age.


I, Pet Goat II





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