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The Original Mark Z

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context. Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions. does not necessarily agree, disagree or endorse the contents of the calls and videos posted on our site.  WARNING! Take it all with a "Grain of Salt" and only buy what you can afford to LOSE. assumes no responsibility for information on the calls and videos and disclaims all liability in respect of such information.  We are only a guide for the Dinar scheduled and recorded calls.


Oct 15, 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ

1. Out of Europe: they were supposed to start giving 20% down on a Zim Swap this week and the rest later in the week.

2. Iraq was expecting new Dinar rate this Wed. Oct. 16.

3. On Package delivery: they believed we were in a 48 hour window to release.

4. A Paymaster was moved from the UK to Zurich for tomorrow Wed. Oct. 16.

5. McConnell said the reset would be completed by Nov. 10, which meant they would have to get it out the door immediately.

6. Nflemingjr: More and more Paymasters were going under NDAs so news was hard to get. The more Paymasters and people who get under NDAs, they feel confident that no one would talk. That was what’s happening.

7. In Iraq it was well known that the reset was happening. They have been training their people in the use of the lower denominations.

8. When the 800#s came out Mark would post a golden egg on his site with the 800#s beneath it, as well as write them on the board behind him. He would also tweet out the numbers.

9. The 800#s are good for Canada. (It is my opinion that 800#s are good worldwide. Judy).

10. When the reset happened they may take down Social Media like Facebook and Twitter so the word won’t get out.

11. Mark personally felt we would get word tomorrow Wed. Oct. 16.

12. Still hearing this is our week. I do not see any can kicking. Everything points to we are in the middle of the Global Currency Reset.

13. CMKX contacts say it should start in the next 48 hours, which started early this morning (meaning by early morning Thurs. Oct. 17).

14. Nflemingjr: There were advances being made. When we go the rest of the funds would be released. This was at a point where it could not be stopped.

Oct 14, 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ
1. Some dollars started moving in South Africa and Zurich today Mon. Oct. 14.
2. Several contacts in Zurich were seeing their funds and expecting full access to their accounts tomorrow Tues. Oct. 15.
3. As of this morning Mon. Oct. 14 Iraq has not seen a new Dinar rate, though expected it by Wed. Oct. 16.
4. Some contacts expected accessed to their funds later on this week.
5. A Group Leader in Reno could see the dollars in their account and hoped to be able to distribute them soon.
7. Snake: (Financial Advisor)

I was in Dallas for the Cotton Bowl this weekend and I asked the banker I am exchanging with there if I should just go ahead and stay. He said he expected everyone to be exchanging within a week or 10 days, but it would be better to just come back versus getting a hotel room. His exchangers at the Redemption Centers did not work this weekend but they were back at work today Mon. Oct. 14.

Bankers have personal greed. Their yearly bonuses were determined on how much money they brought into the bank. If you could convince a banker he would have control over your funds, your chances would increase on being able to obtain a higher rate.

Oct 11, 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ
1. Mark did not believe that the US-China Trade Agreement was holding us back.
2. Contacts in Zurich were told they would be processed over the weekend.
3. Iraq was still looking for the lower denominations to appear on Mon. Oct. 14.
4. Mark’s Paymaster felt he would be done and home by Mon. Oct. 14 or Tues. Oct. 15 at the latest.
5. Mark heard that the reset had been held back because Tier4a was more of a nightmare than the US Treasury originally thought.
6. Mark expected 800#s release some time over this upcoming Columbus Day weekend.
7. Trump signed off on the Chinese Trade Agreement around 12-12:30 pm EDT today Fri. Oct. 11, which allowed us to move forward. Member: Trump made a comment in the Oval Office Press Conference with the Chinese, saying that, "Foreign Currency is Complete!"
8. Iraq said it was definitely a go for this weekend or by Mon, Tues. Oct. 14, 15.
9. Bank people were expecting to work over the weekend.
10. Iraq was still expecting the lower denominations on Mon. Oct. 14.
11. Mark would have a stream tomorrow morning Sat. Oct. 12 11am EDT.

Oct 10, 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ
1. Contacts in Europe, China and Europe said they were waiting on the US.
2. Iraq was looking at Mon. Oct. 14.
3. Hong Kong and South Africa expected funding this evening Thurs. Oct. 10, which would be between 6 and 12 pm EDT.
4. Mass Arrests were expected to begin this weekend.
5. Member: President Trump just signed an Executive Order to facilitate the Mass Arrests.
6. Mike Cottrell:
In 1989 Cottrell developed a program approved by the Dept. of Housing Development.
Accounts were set up in major banks in NY and world banks in Switzerland.
From 1995-1998 he worked with Scotia Bank to implement.
Involved in sale of precious metals in Tiawan and involved with Chinese Gold Dragon Families.
A 500 T Trust was set up from a metals mine that became under CIA control and couldn’t be accessed
In 2005 he was retained as a lawyer to obtain the funds back and introduced to Leo Wanta
Bush Sr. was Director of the CIA
2006-2010 wrote inter-workings of banking process on how their monies were stolen by the Bush Cabal
2008 – 2009 submitted affidavits to Queen to repay funds. They were never delivered.
2011 affidavits were sent to World Court by the Queen because she was being charged for Crimes Against Humanity as a part of the activities of Bush Sr.
Interpol found account containg 300T that was in Mike Cottrell’s name but Bush directed the monies away from him.
March 2013 he was advised by Interpol that he was involved in Gold Treaty.
Gold Treaty signed by Chinese families representing China, Russian Federation and 200 other countries, plus a representative of the US.
Pope Ratzinger was one of the bad guys and held 5,000 accounts at Vatican Bank that couldn’t be moved.
The Federal Reserve account inside the Vatican Bank has accounts for a majority of US politicians that amounts to over 500 billion dollars.
Only Trump as US President has the power to crush the US Corp. and that is why the Dems are trying to impeach him. When this reset occurs they are going to disappear – killed, be at GITMO or the World Court – and they are terrified.
Trump is methodically taking the corruption down. He started by moving the US Treasury.
For the most part old debt, medical bills and student loans will be handled by the debt jubilee.

Oct 9 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ
1. Word from Hong Kong, S. Africa, Zurich and Europe was that they were trying to push this out the door today Wed. Oct. 9.
2. HSBC has begun setting up new appointments for exchanges this week and this weekend, believing they will have completed all the initial apts. by then.
3. There was a number of folks there expecting Zim Swaps and Historic Bond redemptions at those new appointments. Sounds like those will be the first things moving money on
3. Don’t know the exact time but we were extremely close.
4. Walkingstick (a bank owner) said the Iraqi Dinar lower denominations were expected Oct. 14 – which was close to what Mark received from a number of sources in Iraq.
5. A military contact said this would be wrapped up between Nov. 4-15.
6. After 800#s were released we would have about ten days to set Zim appointments and around 30 days to complete our appointments.
7. It was Mark’s opinion that the debt relief with NESARA implementation would include Student Loans.
8. Nothing new out of Reno. Church groups were still processing.
9. Member: My contact in Tier A (who was in Reno) keeps hearing between now and Oct. 12.
10. There were a number of confirmations from Iraq. They were expecting the LD’s and fils on Mon. Oct. 14. It looked like a five day rollout was planned.
11. Member:Intel Guru Frank26 said four days ago the CBI told [guru] Walkingstick's firm that on Mon. Oct. 14 “The Acceptance of new currency was to be followed by the fils.”
12. Member: The new Iraqi Budget was due in by Tues. Oct. 15, and many believe that the RV has to go into that budget
13. Nflemingjr: We are at the door and do not have to wait much longer. The stress that you are under would be a different type when this happened.
14. Member: From eyes in Iraq – most people over there were using in-country rates, about $3.50+ already. As we have been told, our rate will be higher than theirs.
15. Mod: The IG Report would be released Fri. Oct. 18.

Oct 8 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ
1. Rumor was that they were going to start redemption in Iraq immediately, with the elderly going in first.
2. Europe was awaiting contact soon with spendable funds to come out tomorrow Wed. Oct. 9.
3. South Africa was also expecting spendable funds tomorrow Wed. Oct. 9.
4. A number of church groups were expecting their funds with one group said to be already releasing.
5. Iraq announced their lower denominations would be out Mon. Oct. 14.
6. Some CMKX and Prosperity Package deliveries have taken place.

7. Member: I'm hearing a lot of stuff is going to go down between the 17th and 29th. A lot of stuff, a lot of preparations for a long time was going to come to fruition. Remember Red October.

Oct 7 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ
1. The unrest in Iraq was pushing toward the RV. Member: A big announcement was set for tomorrow Tues. Oct. 8 which was expected to quell the riots.
2. Rumors were from we were from the reset being underway right now, to church groups were receiving notification, to more Paymasters had funds.
3. Military Contact: We would wrap up the exchanges sometime between Mon. Nov. 4 to Fri. Nov. 15, which meant we should have to have the reset right away.
4. Contacts in Europe were still expecting money movement at any time…some expecting funds today Mon. Oct. 7 and some on Wed. Oct. 9.
5. CMKX, Prosperity Package deliveries were scheduled between Mon. Oct. 7 and Thurs. Oct. 10.
6. Military chatter: Trump was mobilizing the Marines for deport (on Sat. Oct. 19).
7. The Chinese were bringing in people left and right to get the Tier4a Group done.
8. First Basket: Iraqi Dinar, Vietnamese Dong, India Ruphia, Brazil, Russia, South Africa.
9. Dinar Street Rate $3.91-$3.98. Contract rate $28.50 on 1st $10 mil, then Street Rate.
Dong $.48 Street Rate, low $2.00 for Screen Rate, plus there would be a Contract Rate
Zim: higher rates if you had a Humanitarian Project.
dawg4664: Rupiah $ 1.08

10. Mark can feel things coming together in the next day or so.

11. Funding from today Mon. Oct. 7 to Wed. Oct. 9.

12. Members: Marines were activated for domestic use. Big things to happen on Oct. 14. Watch for Oct. 19.

Oct 4 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ
1. There were people who have received their Prosperity Packages, though they were unable to talk about it due to having signed an NDA.
2. We won’t know the tax until we go in.
3. Tier 4a was rolling out, but the line was slowly moving. The Chinese have been sending in extra people to get it done.
4. They're talking about starting Tier4b before Tier4a ended.
5. Timing for receipt of the 800#s was soon – today, tomorrow, or next week – we don’t really know.
6. My contacts in Zurich were also waiting in this line.
7. I spoke with Isaac (in Zurich) His funds were under Escrow Thurs. Oct. 3 and he was supposed to be liquid on Fri. Oct. 4.
8. My paymaster really thought I would be under an NDA by now and still thinking it will happen today Fri. Oct. 4.
9. Member: Bruce was putting out that as of Thurs. Oct. 3 the banking systems are all off of SWIFT and now under CHIPS.
10. Snake Pliskin:

I know two folks in Waco Texas who have received their packets (from the Farmers Lawsuit - CMKX), but were under NDAs and unable to talk about it.

You should interview several financial advisors and decide which one you feel most comfortable with to manage your money. You should remain in control of all of your funds. Your financial advisor would only have control of making a profit for you.

I know of a Wells Fargo Banker who is in charge of several Exchange Centers. He said you would need to go through the 800#s to receive an appointment that could offer you the best perks, including the Contract Rates.

If you go into a bank without going through an 800# you would only be offered the (lower) rate on the bank screen at the time of your exchange.

The 800 numbers could come out on any day and at any time.

Different currencies will revalue at different times. The US being the strongest economy is in the first basket. Six or so months later another basket of currencies will be revalued.

Bankers are the most greedy people you will ever run into. They want your money. If they think they will lose you as a customer they will offer you all kinds of things.

Dinar Rate: Contract Rate $28.50 on the first $10 million, then it drops to the Street Rate.

Zim redemption: You should have a humanitarian project. Rate would be whatever you could negotiate. I do not think anyone would receive it at a 1:1. There was not enough gold in the world to get it at a 1:1. (When they talk about Zim at a 1:1 to the US Dollar they are talking Zim Currency, not Zim Bonds. Zim Currency was not yet available for exchange).

Dong Rate: There was an incredible amount of oil and wealth in Vietnam, so the rate should be very good. The International Rate should be a little above $2.

Oct 3 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ
1. A couple of more people have been put under NDAs since yesterday Wed. Oct. 2.
2. MarkZ’s Paymaster in Reno maintained he expected the reset today Thurs. Oct. 3.
3. Contacts in Zurich said they were still waiting on the US for a go.
4. Rumored Iraqi Dinar International Rate: $3.89 and Iraqi Dinar Contract Rate $28.50 on the first $10 million, with a Street Rate on the rest.
5. The Iranian Rial has been taken out of the first basket.
6. MarkZ has been told he could be put under an NDA today Thurs. Oct. 3.
7. MarkZ’s paymaster said only one word, “today.” He doesn’t know what that means, but the paymaster said to hang in there.
8. MarkZ was under an NDA that meant he had received some funds. He had CMKX shares with Tier4a and currency with Tier 4. More people that he knew of had signed NDAs. This meant that money must be moving somewhere.
9. MarkZ understand that if he was under an NDA he would still be able to release 800 numbers if he received them.
10. Europe and Zurich were still expecting fund liquidity today Thurs. Oct. 3, but say they were still waiting on the US.
11. MarkZ heard from Issac in Zurich yesterday Wed. Oct. 2. His funds were supposed to go into Escrow today Thurs. Oct. 3.
12. MarkZ was upbeat because he said he knew who was now under NDAs and that was exciting, even though he couldn’t share who.
13. Member: Oootah said as of today Thurs. Oct. 3, the Federal Reserve was dead and also said that a window of this going was between now and next Mon. Oct. 7.
14. Member: Yes, the IRS will be history. Trump has already signed the paperwork on doing away with the Fed and the IRS

Oct 2, 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ
1. In Reno they had a problem with the paperwork for the Tier4a group. Under Common Law they could have started as of midnight Oct. 1. Now that has been cleaned up.
2. In Reno there were expectations for 800#s release by close of West Coast banks tonight Wed. Oct. 2 to sometime tomorrow Thurs. Oct. 3.
3. Hong Kong has shut down. No info at all was coming out.
4. Zurich was still expecting release today Wed. Oct. 2.
5. There was a rumor that package deliveries started up again today Wed. Oct. 2.
6. There were great expectations for release this week.
7. Mark may be under an NDA by midday tomorrow Thurs. Oct. 3. “For people in the public like myself, Frank, etc, the NDA may be stronger. They may force me to be quiet.”
8. The NDA will be for three months or 90 days.
9. KCMX Package deliveries were expected to begin again today Wed. Oct. 2.
10. nflemingjr: I am being told that I will be under an NDA within the next couple of days.
11. Trump was tweeting that the Fed is keeping our currency artificially high. As we move to Basel 3 or 4 all currency needs to be on parity. The Fed is pumping digitally fake currency to banks to keep the system alive until the reset goes.

Oct 1, 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ
1. MarkZ was hearing from Reno that we should hear on things today, Tues. Oct. 1.
2. Zim Swaps were occurring in Hong Kong.
3. Positive things were coming out of Zurich on Zim Swaps and possible currency exchanges. They were expecting liquidity today Tues. Oct. 1.
4. There was a very hopeful week ahead of us.
5. Member: (in Iraq) the lower denoms and coins are revealed / given to the citizens that we would see a rate change and they would have purchasing power?? It's my understanding this has been accomplished and we are to be in a "red alert."
6. Isaac Niego Mon, Sep 30, 2:10 PM (19 hours ago): Hello Mark, finally the bank said tomorrow (Tues. Oct. 1) I will be able to move the money.
7. Member: This week in China is called Golden Week, with seven days of celebration!
8. Member: Field said last Sat. Sept. 28 at 8 pm EDT started the Zim redemption and that yesterday Mon. Sept. 30 we were in Day Three. (We would have until Fri. Oct. 4 to make our Zim appointments.)
9. Bob Lock: We are incredibly close.
Call the 800# immediately and set your appointment (which could be 30 days out).
You are a target so be very closed-lipped about your exchange/redemption.
Don’t bring anyone to the appointment who doesn’t understand what is going on – you don’t want them wasting your valuable appointment time asking questions.
Anyone attending your appointment will have to sign an NDA.
Your NDA will say you can’t tell anyone about your appointment but your spouse, lawyer and CPA, who would be required to sign NDAs themselves.
If you violate the NDA and release any information about your exchange they will freeze your accounts.
The NDA will be in effect for 90 days.
Get to your appointment early enough to collect yourself to go in with a clear head.
They are not going to tolerate anyone demanding things and will ask them to leave.
Take a pad, paper, black and blue pens.
Bring Drivers License, 2nd picture ID, recent utility bill, Birth Certificate, SS card, etc.
Have your currencies separated in envelops.
Each of your currencies will get a separate account.
You will have a Front Screen Rate, Back Screen Rate and Contract Rate.
You do not have to have an elaborate Business Plan for Zim redemption, but should be flushed out enough so it can be understood.
Know how much monies you need to do your Humanitarian Plan.
Your explanation of your Humanitarian Plan and how well you have thought it out will make a difference in what rate you get on your Zim.
You don’t need a Humanitarian Project to redeem your Zim. Having a project would give you a higher rate on the Zim redemption and higher interest rate on monies left at the bank during your long term payout.
Your Humanitarian Project could be to support the national and international projects that will be explained during your appointment.
When setting up accounts, think about how they can be transferred in case of your death.
Know how much you need leaving your exchange. Don’t take over $9,500 in cash.
Know how much you need for immediate payment of debt.
You can designate accounts as Non Trained Accounts.
You need to retain control over your monies – don’t designate anyone else.
Open up an Escrow Account and put into it your estimated taxes until the tax law is changed.
They will have financial education courses on how to deal, handle and invest a large amount of monies.
You can ask for a Clean and Clear Letter saying you are a client of a bank and the funds you have are Clean and Clear, with a phone number the creditor can call to verify funds.
You can exchange in any zip code you wish.
If you are giving your kids monies, for their sake and for your own, you should consider putting them under NDAs.
Don’t make yourself a target by immediately buying something flashy. Large transactions will make you a target. Kidnapping happens. Be very careful about what you say and do.
We don’t know the tax consequences, so be prepared to pay until the tax law changes.
After the 800#s were released it was advised to exchange/redeem where you are. Do not travel with your currencies, especially internationally. There was too much danger of losing your currencies.

Sept 30, 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ
1. An Omega package delivery occurred on Sat. Sept. 28.
2. Spoke to a number of Zurich contacts who expect liquidity first thing in the morning Tues. Oct. 1. They are convinced this is it. They hear funds are waiting for midnight and the new fiscal year to start Oct. 1. They feel Oct 1st was always the plan. Other dates were given to keep everyone guessing. It would be a shotgun start with everything and everybody going at once.
3. MarkZ’s Paymaster in Reno was under an NDA. “It would happen very soon” was all he could say.
4. In Iraq the lower denominations were out and they were waiting on the RV in the US.
5. Packages were settlements of bills owed by the US government to various individuals.
6. Nflemingjr: The new Back Wall to make our Zim appointments was this Fri. Oct. 4.
7. Mr. Cottrell believed that we would see mortgage debt forgiveness with NESARA.
8. There was a lot of expectations for receipt of 800#s by tonight-tomorrow Mon. Sept. 30 - Tues. Oct. 1.

Sept. 27, 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ
1. They nearly hit the button last night Thurs. Sept. 26. Look for the reset today Fri. Sept. 27, tomorrow or over the weekend.
2. Contacts, Whales, everyone, was being hit with an NDA, so things were quiet. Mark’s three contacts in Zurich were under an NDA.
3. Bruce said the Cabal messed up the server, but they now have it up and running.
4. Mike Cottrell interview:
At present the old SWIFT system is out of date, while the CHIPS system has taken over.
CHIPS has instant receipt and use of funds, although the banks often give it 24 hours.
We will revert back to the original Constitution of 1871.
The banks cannot survive in the next 2-3 weeks.
When codes are put in for the Global Currency Reset to happen and in order to reset the system, debt and derivatives are zeroed out.
With the GCR all world currencies are on parity with each other.
There are judges named in the sealed indictments who will be arrested in the changeover from present law to Common Law.
The corporations have been given until the end of Sept. to shut down. Some say it could be extended to Jan. 1 2020.
The IRS has been basically shut down for the last year, but would not officially die until the corporations were dissolved.
Around 1,000 banks would be shut down because of the GCR, most of which were in Europe.
The debt forgiveness would be worldwide.

1Sept. 25, 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ
Hearing from the Reno side about 2300 paymaster and sub-paymasters were supposed to have access to their funds overnight or this morning Thurs. Sept. 26. My paymaster is among them.
2. Zurich and one UK contact are expecting fireworks at anytime today Thurs. Sept. 26.
3. Member: HUGE Overnight Bank Bailout as 14 Day Repos Aren't Enough!! Feds bailing out bank 75 billion night till Oct. 2.
4. Bix Weir
5. Eagleone2025: There has been a lot of trouble in bringing this together. Been on the phone with several sources. We know that we are very close. The release is very near. It has been a long journey.
6. Member: The word I got last night from a reliable source is Trump and the Chinese want this done by Sept 30th. The problem they are having is new security measures are being installed because of the Cabal which is slowing things down.
7. Member: (Rumor) I just received this at 8 am EDT Thurs. Sept. 26: An hour ago (7 am EDT) the Global release of funds just happened everywhere, signaling the start of the global redemption program. This means that sellers can start getting paid on tens of thousands of transactions globally.
8. Member: (Rumor) I’ve just heard from someone in Zurich that Zurich went over an hour ago. Message read: Frank, Thurs. Sept. 26 6:40 am EDT The global release of funds just happened everywhere, signaling the start of the global redemption.

Sept. 25, 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ
1. We were at an any moment for this to happen – nothing negative.
2. The rates would be the same no matter which Bank Redemption Center you went to exchange/redeem.
Iraqi Dinar: $3.91 Street Rate, $8.00 Contract Rate.
Dong: $.47 Street Rate, $2.00 Contract Rate.
Rial would be about half the Iraqi Dinar Rate.
No one knew the Zim Rate.
3. Europe expected reset and 800#s release this afternoon Wed. Sept. 25.
4. This morning Wed. Sept. 25 an audit in the US was said to be holding this up.
5. The Rial Rate would come in at about half of the Dinar Rate.
6. We would have 45 days to do our exchanges after the 800#s were released.
7. Glenn Beck said we would be going to the Gold Standard in Oct. 2019.

Sept. 24, 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ
1. HSBC told Mark’s source in Zurich to come back on Wed. Sept. 25.
2. Some in Reno also expected action on Wed. Sept. 25.
3. Package deliveries were still expected at any time.
4. Those with CMKX packages would redeem other currencies at the same time of their appointment at a Redemption Center.
5. Some in Tier4a became liquid on Thurs. and Fri. Sept. 19 and 20 and then things appeared to go on hold.
6. Mark thought we would be over the finish line tomorrow Wed. Sept. 25.
7. Nflemingjr: We were told that if everything went as planned last night Mon. Sept. 23, then we should be receiving some very good news sometime today Tues. Sept. 24.
8. MarkZ’s Paymaster was now under a strict NDA and would not tell him when he expected to go home from Reno.
9. Nflemingjr: There was no new money being printed to bail out the banks. The deals were being made with Tier2 to get it done. They were also counting on anything over a dollar on the Zim to take care of the debt, etc.
10. MarkZ heard the conversion to USD was on a 1:1 for the first month, and then it would be allowed to float.
11. MarkZ was told that we were getting Contract Rates so planned to exchange all of his currencies at once rather than wait for them to float on the Forex.
12. On Rates:
Dinar: Street Rate $3.90 to $4 range, Contract Rate was a couple of dollars higher.
Dong: $ .47 to $2.25.
13. Fox News: "Trump to tout nationalism, sovereignty in address at the 74th Session of the UN General Assembly on Sept. 24 2019:
Trump mentioned the humanitarian projects planned to help other countries.
"Liberty is only preserved by the devotion of Patriots.
If you want Freedom, take pride in your country.
If you want Democracy, hold on to your sovereignty.
If you want peace, love your nation.”

Sept. 23, 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ
1. We were getting more and more reports of Tier 4a going. If they were, they were getting fiat money and not asset backed yet. Fiat would convert to the Asset/gold standard once the Gold Treaty was executed.
2. Hearing lots of rumors of package deliveries starting after the closing bell Mon. Sept. 23. We should see package deliveries Mon, Tues. and Wed. Sept. 23, 24, 25.
3. Nflemingjr: There would not be news until after 2:30 pm Reno time Mon. Sept. 23.
4. There was a rumor that new 800 numbers went to key people over the weekend, but Mark did not get one.
5. Mark would expect an RV/reset first, and then an announcement on the Gold Standard/asset backed currency a couple of days later.
6. Rumors were that the reset would happen sometime after the Markets closed Mon. Sept. 23.

Sept.20, 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ
1. More people have reported that they were allowed to swap their Zim and allowed access to their monies. One in the UK.
2. Zurich was supposed to start exchanging today Fri. Sept. 20.
3. Reno sources felt that they were close to releasing 800#s today Fri. Sept. 20 or tomorrow Sat. Sept. 21.
4. Mike Cottrell: History of the Global Currency Reset
The gold for the reset has been amassed over centuries.
The Gold Treaty of 2013 resulted from a decade of lies from the Fed and private bankers such as the Rothchilds and Rockerfellers since they set up the US monetary system.
In 1871, perhaps dating back to 1861, the Chinese had loaned the private bankers gold and that loan, nor interest on the loan, had not been paid back.
The Basil Agreement of 1978 was done to repay the Chinese funds loaned that were never repaid.
By 2004 the bankers were continuing to lie to the Chinese.
(In 2008 the BRICS Alliance formed to do the Global Currency Reset.)
In 2013 a new Gold Treaty was signed (by BRICS nations) in order for a Global Currency Reset could repay the gold to the Chinese.
When Mr. Cottrell puts the codes into play it would unlock the gold and allow people to take back their monetary system.
At that time all fiat currencies would have no value except the US Dollar which would redeem at a 1:1 for a certain period of time.
Also at that time the world would go into a Debt Jubilee.
Since the 1930's and onward US gold has been counterfeit.
The GCR would refinance a new currency system that was gold backed and where all world currencies would be on parity with each other.
Swaps were fiat currency for fiat currency and not an exchange.
The exchanges could only occur when gold was released by releasing the codes.
Basically the banks are not liquid and they were anticipating this revaluation. They have committed to all this outlay of cash and they are cash strapped. So they have gone to the FMOC – the repos. The Fed has the security and they hit them up to pay us. It’s an exchange of one form of value for another and gives the banks cash on their balance sheets to take care of their needs. They have been hitting the Fed for the last 3 days and I feel they will hit them up for more so they can pay out all the SKR’s and contract needs. It’s another way to force the issue.
Derivatives would not be paid off, they would be zeroed out and eliminate all debt so we could start brand new.
In 1944-45 Interpol was formed by the World Court as a global policing agency.
Interpol was tasked with bringing in criminals who had performed Crimes against Humanity such as the Bushes who were involved in drug and gun running and human trafficking.
When the codes were released you would be given the names of legitimate banks to go to that were qualified to exchange by the Treasuries of the different countries.
The Bank of International Settlements served a function and would be maintained.
The IRS would be defunct and all monies paid into it would be repaid to the people.
Timing: Release the codes, martial law in place, Mass Arrests, 180 days to NESARA.

Sept. 19, 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ
1. Mark’s Paymaster expected to be finished distributing funds to his Tier4a group and be able to fly home tonight Thurs. Sept. 19, meaning that RV funds for us, the Internet Group, would be liquid and Mark would be under some kind of NDA by tomorrow morning Fri. Sept. 20.
2. The Iraqi PM was in China signing the final RV paperwork, trade issues and treasury rates. The Dinar would go international when he returned home, which should be sometime overnight tonight Thurs. Sept. 19 to Sat. Morning Sept. 21.
3. Three of Mark’s European contacts had exchange appointments on Fri. Sept. 20.
4. Rates would be the same across the board no matter what bank you used.
5. nflemingjr: There was a bank in Texas that on Tues. Sept. 17 exchanged the Dinar at $3.91. There were some things that could be said, but I am not free to say anything because they want to keep it quiet. We are very close. It cannot be stopped at this time.
6. Packages should be distributed within the next three days.
7. A contact in the UK said she received access to her Zim swap today Sept. 19.

Sept. 18, 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ
1. A couple of Contacts in Europe were expected funding today Wed. Sept. 18 or early tomorrow morning Thurs. Sept. 19 when they woke up, which would be late evening Wed. Sept. 18 EDT.
2. Other contact expectations were for tomorrow morning Thurs. Sept. 19.
3. Package deliveries would happen at some point this week.
4. Paymasters were in Reno expecting to finish up distributing funds (like an Escrow Agent) and go home Wed. evening Sept. 18 or Thurs. Sept. 19.
5. Wells Fargo people were told to look for emails and 800#s on their website. They would give the 800#s to a few intel people to put it out.
6. People at the US Treasury were under NDAs and told to keep quiet.
7. The Federal Reserve was injecting fiat currency into the Market to keep it from imploding. There was no liquidity in the Banking system.
8. Member: According to Bruce, the billions needed to prop up the market was provided by a portion of tier 2 and tier 3 groups and in return were to get a high 10 yr bond with a % of return and they did have to agree and did.
9. Member: DECLASS: (1) pages 10-12 & 17-34 of June 2017 PAGE FISA application; (2) all FBI reports of interviews with Bruce G. Ohr for Russia investigation & (3) all FBI info re Carter, all text messages Russia of Comey, McCabe, Strzok, LisaPage, &Bruce Ohr
10. Nflemingjr: The new rates were locked in.
11. Dinar
Street Rate: $3.91
International: around $8.00
Contract: a bonus above that which may be $28.50
12. Dong
Street Rate: $2.00
International: $4.98
Contract: $6.00 to $8.00

Sept. 17, 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ
1. The oil field destruction in Saudi Arabia Sept. 17, 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZmade oil prices go up significantly (immediate 20% jump in oil prices), which was good for the RV.
2. Iraqi Contacts expected that a new value on the Iraqi Dinar would go out tomorrow Wed. Sept. 18.
3. Mark’s Paymaster hoped to be finished up with duties and fly home mid-week.
4. Today Tues. Sept. 17 there was lots of movement in Tier 3 (groups).
5. Reno contacts were quiet and have been for some time. All they would say was to sit tight, that it was rolling out.
6. We were done, waiting for the rollout and it could go at any moment.
7. There was a lot of traffic in Reno right now.
8. The Iranian Rial was still in the first basket and expected to be worth about half of the rate of the Iraqi Dinar.
9. The Vietnamese Dong was still in the first basket with an expected rate of $.47 on up, and contract rate of around $2.00.
10. The India Ruphia was still in the first basket and was probably worth around $1.80.
11. suziq456: As per Bix Weir, this Friday Sept. 20 was the Quadruple Witching Day for all derivatives.
12. In Mark’s opinion the second basket would contain currencies of Venezuela, Afghanistan, Mongolia, plus the Central African currencies of Maule and the Congo.

Sept. 16, 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ
1. A lot of people were flying into Reno last night and this morning.
2. Mark’s military sources said the military were not exchanging as yet.
3. We are hearing that Iraq was pulling the trigger this week and so we (the US?) were scrambling to be 100% out the door.
4. Mark would have another stream around 7-8 pm EDT today Sept. 16.

Sept. 13, 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ
1. Bruce announced that at your exchange you would be required to sign an agreement not to participate in the second basket of currency exchanges next March 2020. MarkZ felt it would be impossible to enforce people not being able to participate in that second basket.
2. Everything was positioned for the reset. We were not waiting for anything but the button to be pushed for an 800#s release.
3. Right now Group leaders were in training on how to handle the 800#s release.
4. Package deliveries should happen over the weekend Sat. and Sunday Sept. 14, 15.
5. MarkZ’s Paymaster expected to finish up and go home from Reno this weekend.

Sept. 12, 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ
1. Rumor was that Reno started payouts for Tier 4a in middle of night last night Wed. Sept. 11.
2. Nflemingjr: That was what we were being told: everything started last night late Wed. Sept. 11.
3. MarkZ’s Paymaster was expecting to go home later today Thurs. Sept. 12.
4. We were in a 72 hour window that started late last night (ending early Sun. morning Sept. 15).
5. Yesterday Wed. Sept. 11 former Iraqi PM Maliki, his plane and three Iraqi executives got nabbed in London trying to run away with $450 billion in US dollars. (The Lebanese journalist Maria Maalouf published a video saying, “The security authorities at Dubai Airport seized a shipment of funds full of dollars stolen from the Iraqi Treasury, estimated at hundreds of billions of dollars on a private Iraqi plane belonging to Nuri al-Maliki, which was intended to be smuggled to a European country. This money is equivalent to the budget of 10 Arab countries for five years.”)

Sept. 11, 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ
1. European contacts still expected release of their funds today Wed. Sept. 11.
2. Package deliveries were expected to begin this afternoon Wed. Sept. 11.
3. At the same time they released the 800#s, Wells Fargo would release a separate number for their CMKX Shareholders.
4. astaryia: This was HUGE yesterday: Treasury Targets Wide Range of Terrorists and Their Supporters Using Enhanced Counterterrorism Sanctions Authorities
5. nflemingjr: We were waiting to hear what happened in Hong Kong last night. If everything went as planned we should see the 800#s sometime today Wed. Sept. 11.
6. Much of Reno has gone quiet. They have clamped down on any leaks.
7. Mark’s Paymaster was expecting to finish up and go home tomorrow Thurs. Sept. 12.
8. There were unconfirmed reports that Farm deliveries started Mon-Tues. Sept. 9-10.

Sept. 10, 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ
1. Mark was very confident that we would see it this week.
2. The second basket of revaluing currencies won’t be out until March 2020.
3. Europe was expecting release of funds for the RV late Tues. Sept. 10 – early morning Wed. Sept. 11, with full access to monies on Wed. Sept. 11.
4. Package deliveries (Prosperity Packages, Indian Nation payouts, etc.) were expected to begin early morning tomorrow Wed. Sept. 11.
5. Package deliveries were a precursor to the 800 number release – within hours it was said.
6. Iraqi Contacts believed new Dinar rates would start rolling out Tues. Sept. 10 and continue for a couple of weeks.
7. Member: Frank26 believed Iraq would announce their international rate on Wed. Sept. 11.
8. Mark received encouraging news from Europe that all the funds on hold would be released over night Tues. Sept. 10 to Wed. Sept. 11. Exchanges have already occurred, the holds would be removed and they would be able to spend the monies.
9. Member: I talked to my buddy who just come back from Iraq. He told me that when he landed in Texas for debriefing, he was told not to talk about anything over there from what he was there for, what he did, and to the exchange rate when he left !!!!!! Things that make u go hmmmmmmm
10. Walkingstick was one of Franks contacts in Iraq. He was very well connected in banking over there. He was defiantly one to listen to. Nflemingjr: Walkingstick was a person who owns several banks that were connected to the CBI in Iraq.
11. Mark’s Paymaster expected to complete his duties Tues. Sept. 10 and go home from Reno late Wed. Sept. 11.
12. Dinar street rates were thought to be anywhere from $3.91 to $4.91.
13. theoriginalmarkz: NESARA NESARA- GESARA Law Link!AotFcnnMxuz9hie4yQmkKdYPpoYo
14. The world currencies would revalue in four different baskets. The first basket was in Sept. 2019, while the second basket would be in March 2020.
15. Zim appointments would need to be made by Sept. 15 and Zim redemption and/or currency exchanges for Contract Rates during the month of Sept.
16. saltyswabbie: Mad Dog said on Field yesterday that there would be a great Humanitarian announcement by Trump sometime between 10-15 Sept

Sept. 9, 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ
1. Tomorrow Sept. 10 Iraq planned to begin a two week rollout change of their new Dinar rate.
2. Mark’s Paymaster thought he would have things done and be able to go home by Tues. night Sept. 10 or Wed. morning Sept. 11.
3. There was extreme pressure in Reno not to release any intel.
4. After the Global Currency Reset and within a period of 18 months, the Forex would no longer be used for trading, but just a platform to report the status of currencies.
5. theoriginalmarkz: Isaac niego 11:35 AM (2 hours ago in Zurich) to Mark: Hello Mark. All good here. Holiday today. Still waiting for liquidity, but HSBC said by Wed. Sept. 11 should be available. Not much to say but wait with faith. Still positive I will try to be with you later today.
6. They expect 800#s release, SKRs live by tomorrow evening Tues. Sept. 10.
7. Nflemingjr: There is no back wall on the Zim at this time. What makes Zim a Bond is that it says Pay to the Bearer. The 100T, 50T, 10T are bonds, even if they don’t come out and say they are a bond. There is verbage that clearly lets you know they are a bond. Read your history on the Zim.

Sept. 5, 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ
1. Reno contacts say that they have been making great progress today Thurs. Sept. 5, everything was done and they were just waiting for the go ahead.
2. They expected 800#s release anywhere from this evening Thurs. Sept. 5 to Mon. Sept. 9.
3. Contacts in Iraq expected a new Dinar rate to come out at any moment and before Mon. Sept. 9.
4. Dinar Street Rate was around $4.40 and the Dinar International Rate was around $7.00

1. As of last night Iraq did not have a new rate yet. Iraq would go first, and then the rest of the globe.
2. Mark felt that the delay for last two days has been around paymasters restructuring of their contracts.
3. nflemingjr: Months ago the Paymasters were told to lower their percentages because it caused a delay. Then HSBC, the Elders and Treasury put a stop to it and told them that no more than 1%. Some of them changed and some did not. The ones that changed got taken care of yesterday. Those that did not are going to have to change their contracts.
4. Mark heard that it would happen between Tues. Sept. 3 and Thurs. Sept. 5, so he was still hoping for today.
5. A truckload of Zim Bonds were found to be fake – Mark believed they came out of China.
6. Mark’s paymaster was still in Reno, but hoped to finish up and go home tomorrow Fri. Aug. 6.
7. TNT reported that the banks put out a memo to expect the 800#s this weekend.
8. There would be three options to the Zim redemption rates:
Lower Rate: no Humanitarian Project, receive a certain rate
Middle Rate: they offer you investment in set international Humanitarian Projects.
Third Rate: you receive a rate depending on your Humanitarian Project, hand in an outline of it, you would be assigned a Quality Specialist, hand in reports on an ongoing basis and all draws on your monies would be scrutinized.
9. Member: Mark, here is a video on authenticating Zim Bonds:
10. nlucky7: I have heard that Zurich will start next week the final go should be tomorrow Fri. Sept. 6! Stay away from projects unless you have done them before. Banks will issue you a QS or Quality Specialist and all draw downs will be scrutinized.
10. Member: There was a rumor that a manager at a Tier 2 bank said that 800#s would be released over weekend and all tiers would be completed by Sept. 10.
11. Mark would have a short update at 8pm EDT tonight Thurs. Sept. 5.

Sept. 4, 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ
1. MarkZ felt that this would go this week.
2. Two people in Zurich expected their payouts today Wed. Sept. 4 late afternoon EDT.
3. Everything was very positive for the next 1 ½ days.
4. nflemingjr: We are being told that the information coming out today will be very good, we have just not received it yet. It is a little early. We have to wait for the West Coast to wake up.
5. nflemingjr: On the Zim busts that took place yesterday: that should make everyone very happy. It will give you better rates because they are going to need your Zim.
6. MarkZ’s Paymaster expected to be going home by the weekend and not have to return.
7. Mod: There were high expectations for this week. Personally I’m looking at Sept. 5, 11 and 21-22.
8. Hong Kong was going gold backed.
9. There were two ex-Japanese diplomats who were arrested and were now at GITMO.
10. strawbrrywne: If you have questions or comments to Intel folks here, please DM them directly: fleming@nflemingjr and eagleone@eagleone2025.
11. The first announcement of gold standard:
12. Executive Order establishing the national Quantum Initiative Advisory Committee:
13. History of the Iraqi Dinar:
14. lazyazgal: GOP Judiciary members are predicting the Horowitz FISA report will lead to indictments.
15. MarkZ would hold another stream this afternoon only if new intel justified it.

Sept. 3, 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ
1. This should be our week.
2. With NESARA, GESARA your Social Security payments should about triple.
3. Iraq was expecting a new director of the CBI and a new Dinar rate by Thurs. Sept. 5.
4. MarkZ’s Paymaster was expected to go home by Fri. Sept. 6.
5. A lot of groups have been told to be prepared for this week.
6. Package deliveries should go out some time on Wed. Sept. 4.
7. The Dinar street rate was around $3.91 and we should be about $2 above that.
8. Isaac (MarkZ’s contact in Zurich Switzerland) said to relax, that all was good and we would be liquid this week.

Sept. 2, 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ
1. Rumor was liquidity would be Tues. Sept. 3.
2. Tier 4a would start Tues. Sept. 3 and finish by Thurs. Sept. 5.
3. Packages pay out rumored to be between 3pm to 5pm Tues. Sept. 3.
4. Deliveries were expected early Tues. Sept. 3.
5. Paymaster distributions were expected early in the day Tues. Sept. 3.
6. Iraqi contacts said there was a new rate right now, but that has not been confirmed.
7. Zim contact in Zurich not expecting until Friday, but that was because he was late to join the Zim exchange. Other Zim redeemers should go before then.
8. nflemingjr: The Zim rates were 11 million to 35 million per 100 trillion (if you don’t have a humanitarian project).
9. nflemingjr: Everywhere else in the world the Zim is dollar for dollar. Only in America do you have to have a project to get dollar for dollar.
10. Eagleone2025: As I said in April, there would be three windows. Sept-Oct is the third window. As I said, “See you in Sept.” We are here. Not many wanted to hear that, but that is the truth. All White House and Military government contracts said it would be Sept.-Oct. Mid Sept. is a closer time frame.
11. Eagleone2015: President Trump is using the GCR for his political gain. The mid Sept. to mid Oct. time frame would open new doors to this GCR. There were a lot of distractions and misinformation out there. There was other intel I could not release at this time. Just look for mid Sept to mid Oct. This was what I am being told.
12. When you call the 800 number give them the zip code of where you would like to exchange. Especially if you are displaced because of the hurricane you do not necessarily have to exchange in the area where you live.
13. MarkZ’s guess on the 800#s release was before noon Tues. Sept. 3.
14. There would be a stream after noon Tues. Sept. 3 5pm EDT unless significant news came in, then MarkZ would tweet it out.

Aug. 30, 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ
1. Member: POTUS cancelled trip overseas – now going to Camp David for the weekend.
2. Military chatter said POTUS would pull the trigger on our reset at Camp David.
3. European contacts now say liquidity and release of all holds on accounts will occur over the weekend.
4. Iraq has always been pushing for reset on Sept. 1.
5. In Reno a number of Zim Swaps were processed yesterday Thurs. Aug. 29.
6. nflemingjr: We are just waiting to see if what we have heard about liquidity on Sat. Aug. 31 was true or not.
7. The Iraqi Dinar was said to be between $3.91 to $4.25.
8. Redemption Centers were on call this weekend.
9. The Dong Rate was $2.25. The Dong Contract Rate could be up to $6.00. The $.47 Street Rate would float upward.
10. The Cross-border Interbank Payment System (CIPS) was launched in Oct. 2015. CIPS was a worldwide, interbank payment system backed by the People’s Bank of China (PBOC), China’s central bank. Its main purpose was to facilitate the use of the Renminbi globally by cutting costs and process times.
11. I think we are at the tail end of this and will see something happen Sunday and Monday.
12. For awhile now Mnuchin, the Inspector General and team are auditing the US Treasury. The first report has gone to Congress. This has led to 33 arrests, 35 indictments, 21 convictions. They have been auditing the Federal Reserve and the Gold Reserves. A lot is not reported on, but here is a link showing things really are moving forward to get us out of this mess:
14. Mike Cottrell: It was only common sense that the Chinese were part of the Gold Treaty and the IMF had not yet announced the world was on the Gold Standard.
A Currency swap is exchanging fiat currency for fiat currency. That is currently going on. Our exchange will be from fiat currency to asset/gold backed currency on a 1:1.
When I put the codes in the new currency will be released and you will have a short time, maybe 30 days, to exchange your fiat for new currency. At this point there will be no Forex buys and sells.

Aug. 29, 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ
1. As of an hour ago they were still expecting release of funds in Europe today Thurs. Aug. 29. Isaac was still waiting.
2. Nflemingjr: We were being told that Iraq was ready to go and we were within a 24 hour window, but we don’t know when the 24 hours started.
3. My gut feeling was that we would see it on Sat. Aug. 31. It’s the last day of the month, first day of the new month and Sunday was Iraq’s first day of the week.
4. People in London reported they were promised to go liquid today Thurs. Aug. 29.
5. Each new basket of currencies would take 6-9 months to RV in order to balance out trade issues.
6. People who redeemed Zim yesterday reported they were promised to see release of their funds today Thurs. Aug. 29.
7. Iraq was expecting the RV this week. Another article came out about their new coins. There would be no need for coins if they had not RV’d.
8. Member: Here is the newly released OIG report on James Comey:

Aug. 28, 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ
1. No news on the 800#s, or what to expect.
2. You would get nothing more than a street rate if you went to a bank instead of a Redemption Center to exchange.
3. Dong rate was said to be $2.25, street rate $.47 and going up, contract rate of $6.
4. Iraq was expecting the RV on or before Sun. Sept. 1.
5. Dinar rate was said to be $3.91 to $4.25.
6. Today Wed. Aug. 28 was the expectation for the reset.
7. People were reporting Zim swaps today Wed. Aug. 28 and would start in 2 hours (12 noon EDT).
8. They were reporting promises of SKR releases in Europe tomorrow morning Thurs. Aug. 29, (Wed. night EDT).
9. Isaac in Zurich Switzerland expected access to his funds Thurs. morning (Wed. night EDT).
10. Mark feels it would go any time within the next two days, could be sooner.

Aug. 27, 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ
1. Isaac could see money in his account and expected it to be released Thurs. morning Aug. 29, which would be Wed. night Aug. 28 EDT.
2. Some expected it to go for the three day Labor Day weekend Fri. Aug. 30 to Mon. Sept. 2.
3. A number of Zim redemptions were set up for Wed. Aug. 28, with liquidity on Thurs. Aug. 29.
4. The chatter was that things have popped in Iraq, though that was not yet confirmed.
5. Eagleone2025: My sources said that we were looking strong in Sept. White House and DC sources said the window was Sept. They said they wanted it done by Oct.
6. Nflemingjr: Tier4b individuals were being held hostage because they held Zim Bonds. Once we go everyone was paid, but the big problem was they have already paid out more money that it has reached past the point of no return. It amounted to politics and nothing more. Both countries really don’t care about the people.
7. Nflemingjr: No one knows when the 800#s were coming out. It was very quiet at the moment and that was on purpose.
8. Before Trump left France he said he had a big announcement to make when he got back.
9. CMKX page deliveries were scheduled for Wed. Aug. 28.
10. Mark heard that many of our Congressmen were already paid and maybe some high ranking military and some big contractors have been paid, but not many.

Aug. 26, 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ
1. nflemingjr: The real reason as to why Tier4b has not gone was because the US was trying to undercut the Chinese on contracts that the Chinese have with Zimbabwe. Tier4b were the ones who had Zim, so the US was using Tier4b as hostage.
2. nflemingjr: Some concessions were taken away and then the US was given until midnight tonight Hong Kong time (12 noon EDT today Mon. Aug. 26). See World Clock:
3. Mark thought it was highly possible to see the RV this week. His paymaster expected to be done and home by next weekend.
4. Redemption Center people were in meetings Mon. Aug. 26 and had been on call over the weekend, but didn’t work.
5. Mark heard the Whales would be swimming by Wed. Aug. 28.
6. Historic Bonds would be funded on Wed. Aug. 28.
7. Several have reported having Zim Swap redemption appointments set for Wed. Aug. 28.
8. Mark’s contact Issac in Switzerland was being told he would have funding on his Historic Bonds by Thurs. morning Zurich time Aug. 29 (Wed. night Aug. 28 EDT).
9. Super Pachelli Bonds would be funded on Thurs. morning Zurich time Aug. 29 (Wed. night Aug. 28 EDT).
10. The new Back Wall for Zim redemption was set for Sept. 10.\

Aug. 22, 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ
1. There were unconfirmed rumors that Tier 4a has started.
2. Mark would give an update this evening Wed. Aug. 22.

Aug. 19, 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ1.
According to Reno, Paymasters expected to convert overnight tonight Mon. – Tues. Aug. 19, 20.
Mark’s Paymaster expected funding overnight tonight Mon. Aug. 19, with instant access in the morning Tues. Aug. 20.
Mark still believed that Tues. Aug. 20 was the date.
4. The Elders have reached out to obtain Mr. Cottrell’s contact info.
5. Nflemingjr: Wells Fargo was the problem with why we did not have the 800#s this last weekend. They refused to do what they were told to do by HSBC.
6. China was fast getting rid of the US dollar that it has used since 1986 and putting their currency trade into the British Pound.
7. In Italy the Vice Prime Minister was calling for closure of their Central Bank.

Aug. 15, 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ:
1. MarkZ’s Issac contact in Zurich and two other European contacts expected currency funds tomorrow Fri. Aug. 16.
2. The Quantum Financial System went live at 2:30 am EDT Thurs. Aug. 15.
MarkZ’s Paymaster expected him to be paid Fri. Aug. 16.

Aug. 14, 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ:
1. Mark heard that Tier 4A went over the hump last night and were processing today Wed. Aug. 14.
2. Package delivery should begin before tomorrow afternoon Thurs. Aug. 15.
3. The Iraqi Dinar street rate was $3.91.
4. Mark was expecting an announcement of the Gold Standard on Thurs. Aug. 15.

Aug. 13, 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ:
1. Mr. Cottrell and Paymasters were expecting it to go last night Mon. Aug. 12. It didn’t and they were all very frustrated.
2. Military personnel were still expecting it to go today Tues. Aug. 13.
3. rockafri: This info was from someone’s Paymaster: Funds won’t be released in Reno until Thurs. Aug. 15. The QFS didn’t come in until today Tues. Aug. 13 and they needed two days to activate worldwide. So it would be released on Thurs. Aug. 15.
4. Nflemingjr: We have been getting emails from Paymasters that were told they would have 800 numbers last night Mon. Aug. 12. It did not happen as promised and they are a little angry.
5. Iraq contacts are very excited expecting the new rate late tonight…they expect the rate to be $3.91
6. We were told CMKX packages deliveries Tues-Thurs. Aug. 13-15. So, we will be watching that starting today Tues. Aug. 13.
7. Mod: IMO I’m watching Thurs. – Sat. Aug. 15-17 for world events, etc.

Aug. 7 2019 Morning Coffee with Mark
Z:1. A confirmed source said it would be a go today Wed. Aug. 7, perhaps around 3pm EST this afternoon.
2. Other sources confirmed it would go today Wed. Aug. 7.
3. Paymaster said SKRs would be activated any time between now and by tomorrow Thurs. Wed. 8.
4. Prosperity Package delivery was expected this afternoon Wed. Aug. 7.

Aug. 5 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ:
Everyone says I am crazy and being scammed]
Warren Buffet bought a lot of Dinar and he doesn’t fall for scams. Reserves may have been a scam...we all fell for that...but the Dinar investment is definitely not a scam.
We are just sitting on the edge of our seats waiting for this to go... Its been a miserable week of “Any minute now”.
...The new edition of the Gazette #4550...Lots of information about the impending revaluation of the dinar. Iraqi contacts are at the edge of their seats saying it could be any moment…no change of rate as of yesterday...Military contacts say it is absolutely “any moment”. I was told that the Treasury gave the go ahead and that they gave the” GO” for this week.
[When are we expecting 800 numbers?]
I expected them last guess is anytime before Thursday.
[...have you heard anything from your redemption center contacts?]
They are still at work waiting for us to exchange this week...They are being told to be “on call” this weekend... IMO no hold up…we are moving forward as we speak. It’s crunch time to get this thing out the door.
Do you see the RV by Thursday?]

Well I am putting myself out on a limb- but
yes I do.

Aug. 5 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ:
1. The Chinese Yuan has been revalued again to prepare for return to the gold standard.
2. On Fri. Aug. 2 we were told to wait to Mon. Aug. 5 so the whole world could go all at once
3. Over the weekend we were told that the US Treasury was not yet ready.
4. We were told that the US Treasury was now ready today Mon. Aug. 5. As of last night my Paymaster was expecting activity about 1PM EST today Mon. Aug. 5. This would be about 10AM Reno time. My military sources were still saying any time before Aug. 15th and banking contacts are saying it should be right now. Member: I have heard from my sources that Aug. 15 was a drop dead deadline for the US.
5. nflemingjr: We were told that the 800 numbers would be out after 9am EST today Mon. Aug. 5.
6. Eagleone2025: In May I said there would be three major windows and there would be a chance in some of the other small windows. I said some serious events would take place early in the year. I talked about see you in Sept.-Oct. and over the 60 days there would be serious events. I hope I am wrong about this time frame. I hope we are in the banks soon.
7. MarkZ would be coming back today Mon. Aug. 5 at 2 pm EST for brief update.



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