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Coffee with MarkZ

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The Original Mark Z

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context. Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions.


Aug. 16, 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ:

1. Mark’s European contact were hopeful for reset today Fri. Aug. 16 and to redeem Bonds on Mon. Aug. 19.

2. Other European contacts expected currency exchanges to start today Fri. Aug. 16.

3. Brussels SKRs on Tues. Aug. 20th

4. Expect to be banking on Mon. Aug. 19.

5. Paymasters still waiting for go ahead.

6. Extended Zim redemption deadline to Sat. Aug. 31.

7. Mark believed the drop dead deadline was Tues. Aug. 20.

8. nflemingjr: What we know today was that Trump was given until Sat. Aug. 17 to release the 800#s and get us into Redemption Centers or China was going to pull concessions that had been agreed to.

Mike Cottrell:

9. The new Quantum Financial System (QFS) has been running parallel to the old financial system for some time. Mike Cottrell has been designated to put in the codes that would implement the QFS gold-backed funds. At that time all derivatives would be zeroed out.

10. Power and Greed were holding this back. Goldman Sacs and other banks were making money every day this didn’t go.

11. When the codes were released in the QFS each bank would be their own treasury. There would be no more derivatives, no more fiat dollars and no more debt.

12. On July 15 the Dragon family took over the reset and recut the Gold Certificate. It was believed that they gave Trump a concrete date to complete the reset.

13. The QFS worked under authority of the World Court. Interpol was the legal authority to enforce the treaties.

Aug. 15, 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ:

1. MarkZ’s Issac contact in Zurich and two other European contacts expected currency funds tomorrow Fri. Aug. 16.
2. The Quantum Financial System went live at 2:30 am EDT Thurs. Aug. 15.
3. MarkZ’s Paymaster expected him to be paid Fri. Aug. 16.

Aug. 14, 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ:
1. Mark heard that Tier 4A went over the hump last night and were processing today Wed. Aug. 14.
2. Package delivery should begin before tomorrow afternoon Thurs. Aug. 15.
3. The Iraqi Dinar street rate was $3.91.
4. Mark was expecting an announcement of the Gold Standard on Thurs. Aug. 15.

Aug. 13, 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ:
1. Mr. Cottrell and Paymasters were expecting it to go last night Mon. Aug. 12. It didn’t and they were all very frustrated.
2. Military personnel were still expecting it to go today Tues. Aug. 13.
3. rockafri: This info was from someone’s Paymaster: Funds won’t be released in Reno until Thurs. Aug. 15. The QFS didn’t come in until today Tues. Aug. 13 and they needed two days to activate worldwide. So it would be released on Thurs. Aug. 15.
4. Nflemingjr: We have been getting emails from Paymasters that were told they would have 800 numbers last night Mon. Aug. 12. It did not happen as promised and they are a little angry.
5. Iraq contacts are very excited expecting the new rate late tonight…they expect the rate to be $3.91
6. We were told CMKX packages deliveries Tues-Thurs. Aug. 13-15. So, we will be watching that starting today Tues. Aug. 13.
7. Mod: IMO I’m watching Thurs. – Sat. Aug. 15-17 for world events, etc.

Aug. 12, 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ:
1. As they had for weeks, Military sources were still saying the release would be Mon. or Tues. Aug. 12-13.
2. There was a large Ministry group which was expecting their release on Tues. Aug. 13, with funding on Fri. Aug. 16.
3. Reno was looking at a hard start late today Mon. Aug. 12.
4. Mark was expecting payout from his SKR today Mon. Aug. 12.
5. This week Iraqi cards were being loaded with a $3.91 street rate.
6. CMKX packages were expected to go out somewhere between Mon. through Thurs. Aug. 12 – Aug. 15.
7. bowleraddict: A text intel via Rich Sheldon said the USNS were live under the Gold Standard on Friday Aug. 9. So it's already a done deal, but maybe it will just come out today. Maybe they're going to make a statement of some sort about it. I don't know any way I think we definitely are going to get the 800 numbers sometime before or by night.
8. Mark would do a second stream at 5 pm EDT today Aug. 12.

Aug. 9 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ:
1. Europe expecting it to happen Mon. morning Aug. 12.
2. Iraq was expecting it to go Sat. Aug. 10.
3. The Military was still expecting it to go Mon. Aug. 12.
4. Europe started yesterday, it was paused and now they were expecting it to go again Mon. Aug. 12.
5. Mike Cottrell:
Mike Cottrell wrote a thesis based on a Farmers Lawsuit approved by the Supreme Court that found the US monetary system functioned on private bankers taking our tax monies through US Inc., sending it to the Queen’s Bank of London, on to the Vatican Bank, out to Central Banks across the globe, and then back to a NY Bank, where they made us pay interest to use our own monies. The thesis caught the attention of President Reagan and was the basis for the return to the gold-backed dollar. Mr. Cottrell has been given the responsibility of putting in the reset codes and would be the first to be paid.

Debt forgiveness will be across the board.

Every debt will be wiped away including credit cards.

The IRS will not be around.

There will be a revaluation of the Stock Market once this takes place.

Chinese Elders will decide when it will happen.

It is close.

The White Dragons were the grandchildren of generals who were holders of the world’s gold being held in tunnels under the Taiwanese Airport.

There were 5 different colored Dragon Family Bankers who have run the system since it’s inception centuries ago.

On July 12 in Cleveland someone posed as Mike Cottrell and were in the process of taking the reset monies for the Cabal, but were caught. At that point the White Dragons made a deal with the Dragon Families to take over and do this right.

It was speculated that the White Dragons made a deal with Trump as to when this would happen.

Zim Bonds have recourse and whatever deadline was set for redemption, they could still be redeemed even after the deadline. Zimbabwe has a deal with China that their currency was gold backed, so the Zim Bonds were good no matter what.

6. eagleone2025: The Bear will meet the Eagle and all kinds of deals will be made. Next week when we get to Aug. 17 the clear season of Sept. – Oct. will be seen by all on a worldwide view. Keep the faith. The RV is near. Eagle One out. Eyes on. Q loves to tune into this group.

7. eagleone2025: Trump will use the RV for his agenda this late Fall.

Aug. 8 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ:
1. Rumors were that exchanges were taking place today Thurs. Aug. 8 in Italy and Portugal and confirmation that exchanges took place in Spain and India today Thurs. Aug. 8.
2. Mark’s Paymaster was still expecting it to happen today Thurs. Aug. 8, though has not been given permission to release yet.
3. Military contacts were still saying it would go on Monday Aug. 12.
4. They have only a few short days to do Zim redemption (believed to have to happen by Sat. Aug. 17).
5. At noon EDT today Thurs. Aug. 8 it was like someone hit a pause button and no more news came out.
6. Issac was expecting to start tomorrow Fri. Aug. 9 or Mon. Aug. 12.
7. There was a lot of confirmation that they have gone to a street rate in Iraq and Iran ($3.91).
8. Nflemingjr: There is going to be a meeting in a little while between the two heads of the US and China as to why Wells Fargo did not release the 800 numbers. The US is the only country not letting anyone do exchanges and redemptions. The US has stopped it from coming this way. That has made the Chinese very angry.

Aug. 7 2019 Morning Coffee with Mark
Z:1. A confirmed source said it would be a go today Wed. Aug. 7, perhaps around 3pm EST this afternoon.
2. Other sources confirmed it would go today Wed. Aug. 7.
3. Paymaster said SKRs would be activated any time between now and by tomorrow Thurs. Wed. 8.
4. Prosperity Package delivery was expected this afternoon Wed. Aug. 7.

Aug. 5 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ:
Everyone says I am crazy and being scammed]
Warren Buffet bought a lot of Dinar and he doesn’t fall for scams. Reserves may have been a scam...we all fell for that...but the Dinar investment is definitely not a scam.
We are just sitting on the edge of our seats waiting for this to go... Its been a miserable week of “Any minute now”.
...The new edition of the Gazette #4550...Lots of information about the impending revaluation of the dinar. Iraqi contacts are at the edge of their seats saying it could be any moment…no change of rate as of yesterday...Military contacts say it is absolutely “any moment”. I was told that the Treasury gave the go ahead and that they gave the” GO” for this week.
[When are we expecting 800 numbers?]
I expected them last guess is anytime before Thursday.
[...have you heard anything from your redemption center contacts?]
They are still at work waiting for us to exchange this week...They are being told to be “on call” this weekend... IMO no hold up…we are moving forward as we speak. It’s crunch time to get this thing out the door.
[Do you see the RV by Thursday?]

Well I am putting myself out on a limb- but yes I do.

Aug. 5 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ:
1. The Chinese Yuan has been revalued again to prepare for return to the gold standard.
2. On Fri. Aug. 2 we were told to wait to Mon. Aug. 5 so the whole world could go all at once
3. Over the weekend we were told that the US Treasury was not yet ready.
4. We were told that the US Treasury was now ready today Mon. Aug. 5. As of last night my Paymaster was expecting activity about 1PM EST today Mon. Aug. 5. This would be about 10AM Reno time. My military sources were still saying any time before Aug. 15th and banking contacts are saying it should be right now. Member: I have heard from my sources that Aug. 15 was a drop dead deadline for the US.
5. nflemingjr: We were told that the 800 numbers would be out after 9am EST today Mon. Aug. 5.
6. Eagleone2025: In May I said there would be three major windows and there would be a chance in some of the other small windows. I said some serious events would take place early in the year. I talked about see you in Sept.-Oct. and over the 60 days there would be serious events. I hope I am wrong about this time frame. I hope we are in the banks soon.
7. MarkZ would be coming back today Mon. Aug. 5 at 2 pm EST for brief update.

Aug. 2 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ:
1. Paymasters were not expecting liquidity until Mon. morning Aug. 5.
2. They decided everyone would be liquid at once and Europe was not going until Mon. Aug. 5.
3. The Prosperity Packages were due out over the weekend.
4. It appeared that they would be taking appointments over the weekend with liquidity starting Mon. Aug. 5.
5. saltytoes1: There will be a National Emergency Alert Test on all communications Aug. 7 and if the Internet went down due to an emergency, MarkZ’s new Emergency number was: (712) 770-5028 Code: 648989, Playback number (712) 770-5066.

July 31st Coffee with MarkZ

MarkZ Wednesday Night Update- Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context. Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

MZ: I don't have my SKR yet but is has been a great day. Lots of good news.

MZ: My paymaster has been in logistics meetings all day. He does expect us to go overnight tonight. He firmly believes we will wake up with dollars tomorrow in 4a.

MZ: I have an SKR within a large ministry group and I also hold currency …So I am in both groups 4a and 4b.

MZ: If for some reason I cannot do a stream tomorrow I will find a way to let you all know.

Member: Iran dropped zeros, guess who next?

MZ: Yes that news article out of Iran today …dropping 4 zeros.

MZ: We are also getting reports out of Iran and Iraq in the last few hours that they both posted new rates…..we are trying to get verification on that from those countries…..consider this rumor for now.

MZ: we are getting mixed reports on 4a, 4b, skrs….and what to expect. I am being told to expect some kind of disclosure with 4a overnight. I am still hearing packages delivering tomorrow. And hearing 4b in the US.

MZ: Getting cryptic messages from Switzerland and the UK that they may not have their 4b's in the bank until Monday morning. I don’t know how or why that would work. Hopefully I will have clarity by tomorrow morning,

MZ: It really does appear that everything is ripping loose right now guys…..It should be an action packed next 24 hours.

Member: Sure looks like the plan is coming together NOW I saw several military sleek attack helicopters passing over my house headed to LA never seen that kind before, stay safe out there good things are coming for us all. so excited! Black Moon is rising!

Eagleone2025: There has been a lot of things happening with a lot of military guys and intel from DC and the Whitehouse. I understand that this appears real close. I really hope we are in the banks this week, but at the same time I posted about Sept and Oct yesterday. Right before the 4th of July I had said if we didn’t make that window for the announcement from Trump on the “New Republic” that we were looking down the road at September or so.

Eagleone2025: I did talk with the contacts who had told me to look at Sept and Oct and now it seems that Trump is having meeting the first part of August with both foreign and local reps about the RV. Trump likes to make deals and I know there is a lot happening right now….and we may be there but on the other hand if it takes a little longer- don’t get discouraged. It will happen

Eagleone2025: I really hope the guys who told me that to watch Sept and Oct. are wrong and that we are all in the banks this week.

Member: Thank you so much for sharing your intel. eagleone2025!! we really appreciate you sir!!!

MZ: Isaac any news on your SKR?

MZ: Isaac just told me from Zurich that his money is prepared…and he will have access Monday morning..Isaac had flown from S. America to Zurich to handle his exchange….So that’s solid news that fits with what others told me from Europe tonight. They told me that 4b in Europe would have access on Monday morning.

MZ: Could The US 4b group go a few days earlier…..I do not know. I just see the reset going everywhere at the same time.

Member: Hey mark I heard from some source of the Treasury department that after tomorrow great things happening. Have you heard anything?

MZ: I have heard the same thing so I reached out to a good friend of mine at the treasury , and was told that they had to make provisions for that much money coming into the US at one time. A couple other treasury sources told me that tomorrow was going to be exciting.

1. Expecting Tier 4 to start funding SKR holders today Wed. July 31.

2. Prosperity Packages would go out in-between end of Tier 4a funding and start of Tier4b funding and were told would go tomorrow Aug. 1.

3. Dinar Contract Rate $28.50 (first 10 million), $6 International Rate, Street rate $3.91.

4. Told public exchanges would start Thurs. Aug. 1.

5. US government had $49 billion Dinar.

6. You need to go to a Redemption Center, not a bank, to get Contract Rates.

7. Paymaster expecting payout today July 31 for Tier 4a.

9. They were expecting Tier4b to start tomorrow Thurs. Aug. 1.

10. Mark would be on again today Wed. July 31 at 8 pm EST.

11. Mod: A lot of money has been positioned for this and is with the Paymasters.

12. Nflemingjr: The Bank of China has sent a memo to HSBC to make sure that all branches are ready for RV release now.

13. Nflemingjr: The Paymasters for Tier 4a are making appointments for SKR Holders to be made liquid.

14. Nflemingjr: Tier 4b is ready. They are waiting for the 800#s to be put out.

15. Nflemingjr: For those who were saying that Tier 4a has not been paid out: as of Mon. July 29 Tier 4a was completed and yesterday Tues. July 30 audits were conducted on Tiers 4a and b to make sure that everything was where it was supposed to be.



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