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Coffee with MarkZ

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The Original Mark Z

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context. Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions. does not necessarily agree, disagree or endorse the contents of the calls and videos posted on our site.  WARNING! Take it all with a "Grain of Salt" and only buy what you can afford to LOSE. assumes no responsibility for information on the calls and videos and disclaims all liability in respect of such information.  We are only a guide for the Dinar scheduled and recorded calls.


Jan 17, 2020 Coffee with MarkZ

1. MarkZ’s gut was telling him we were close; they were positive for it happening next week on the banking side from Zurich to Hong Kong, though through the years the banks have intentionally been mislead, while Redemption Centers remained on call.

2. Mike Cottrell:

The US Corp. goes back to the 1930s where they have been controlling the country. For instance, through their corporations they control the cost of electricity in California and the cost of electric cars.

The Gold Certificate was in Mike Cottrell’s name because of his thesis that exposed the fiat financial system.

In 1990 we were told that there were eight DVDs made public that showed a multitude of Congress people in compromising positions. That was the core of the Epstein scandal. He was paid by monies that came through Massaud.

From June-Dec. 2006 the 4.5 trillion the White House was trying to pay back Leo Wanta was in Mike Cottrell’s name, while the payment was stopped by Bush Sr.

In 2007 Interpol (working under the World Court) told Cottrell that the codes he put into the system would release the gold bullion.

In 2010 the Trustees of the Chinese families told Cottrell that Leo Wanta would never be paid because he had been working with Bush Sr.

In 2013 the Gold Treaty was ratified.

The value of the RV codes was determined in 2016; that value has not changed and would be put in the system by Mr. Cottrell.

The Chinese Families’ Gold bullion would be placed into the system to back the Global Currency Reset.

No one knew the timing of when the Chinese Elders would allow Cottrell to put the codes into the system to make RV accounts liquid.

Trump took himself out of the timing for release when he turned everything over to the Military last Oct. 2019.

The protocols have not changed in the release of the Gold Treaty. World Court authority has been changed to the Military for the arrests – which changed how the Admiral changed his protocol to paying the Military first. The Chinese would be paid out of Reno (where US gold bullion was held for the GCR). That the President had to be out of the country for the reset was because other presidents were complicit with the Cabal and needed to be arrested in-country. That was not the case with Trump.

Jan 16, 2020 Coffee with MarkZ

1. I am still hearing things will be rolling out the next couple days.

2. There was great expectation that the 800#s would be released last night Wed. 15 Jan, but it didn’t happen.

3. Iraqi contacts still hope to RV by Sat. morning 18 Jan.

4. There were 30% of CMKX packages that had to be delivered before we could start our redemptions and I do not think that many have been delivered yet.

5. BowlerAddict: The signing of the US-China Trade Deal was a historical moment. In the Trade Deal was Nesara, currency manipulation, the Gold Standard and so much more. The kick off begins with the packages delivery. They started a test group last week and that needed to complete. Things were going slower than expected since the codes were input, as they found many sleeper cells. Arrests were still ongoing.

6. Zim swap offers from banks across the US have lite up the phones asking Zim holders to come in within the next few days.

7. A Zim swap was where you sell your Zim for fiat money. In a Zim redemption the money you received would be gold/asset backed.

8. My Paymaster was still in Reno waiting and they were calling in more paymasters.

9. Redemption Centers were still fully staffed today Thurs. 16 Jan. My contacts were getting toward the end of week number 2 of seeing the RC’s fully staffed every day.

10. Member: Arrests have started – over 1800 in last 2 weeks I heard.

11. Member: The Central Bank of Iraq (four major ones) had many of their employees (and one who owned a bank) arrested last night Wed. 15 Jan.

12. I just saw that. I was told awhile ago that part of the reason this has drug out so long was the Iranian influence in Iraq and corruption in the CBI, just like we have corruption in the Federal Reserve that also needed to be cleaned up. I was told that part of the flare up in Iraq was removing the Iranian influence before the reset. Arrests were occurring all over the world to make this reset as smooth as possible.

13. History of Iraqi Dinar Exchange Rate:
1. Iraqi dinar was introduced in 1931, the Iraqi dinar has replaced by British pounds into being pegged to the US dollar. The Iraqi dinar was equaled to US $4.86 between 1932 and 1949 and equaled to US $2.80 between 1949 and 1971, after being devalued in 1949. As a gesture of independence in 1959, Iraq uncoupled the Iraqi Dinar officially from the Pound. But Iraqi dinar remained at equality with the pound till the currency unit of Britain was devalued in 1967 for second time. Until December 1971, 1 Iraqi Dinar equated to the value of US $2.80.Soon after the inflation of the United States dollar in 1973, the Iraqi Dinar valued to US $3.39. The value of Dinar remained same till the war of Iran - Iraq. Iraq in1982 devalued the Dinar by 5%, equating it to US $3.22. In the earlier of 1988,the standard exchange rates Iraqi Dinar – Dollar continued to equate the Iraqi dinar (ID )1 to US $3.22. But, with levels of the nation´s cost of living rate varying from 25 % to 50 % a year in 1985 and 1986, the real exchange rate Dinar value, was much lower-only relating to half the 1986 official rate. After the Gulf War in 1991, because of UN sanctions, the formerly used Swiss printing was no more offered. A fresh, lower quality notes issue was created. Because of the issues such as sanctions against Iraq by the United States and the extreme government publishing of the new notes matters, the dinar devalued rapidly, and in late 1995, 3,000 dinars equated US $1=.
2. In October 2003, the official Dinar value was 1 ID = US$ 0.00027. 2004. In 2005 august, the official value of dinar - dollar exchange rates became 1 ID to US $0.00068. On January 1st, the rates fluctuated to the value of 1 ID = US $0.00068. The values further changed and become 1ID = US $0.00067 on January 1st 2006.Under the rule of Saddam Hussein, Iraq experienced big political and economical changes. The new government however encourages foreign investments and aims to build its new monetary system. Thus, the value of exchange rate Dinar is expected to get increased rapidly. Prepared with many safety features making the currency incredibly hard to counterfeit, each new note was created in the U.S. Empire by De La Rue, the biggest professional protection and anti-forgery papermaker on the globe. The new currency was released in volumes of 50, 250, 500, 1,000, 5,000, 10,000 and 25,000 dinars and is portrayed with pictures of Iraqs lifestyle and pre-Saddam record. Many economists say that the Iraqi Dinar has the potential to increase its value in the future.

Jan 15, 2020 Coffee with MarkZ
There were great expectations for things to break loose after signing of the US-China Trade Deal today Wed. 15 Jan. No movement was expected until this afternoon Wed. 15 Jan.

Jan 14, 2020 Coffee with MarkZ
1. Everything has been signed off and the reset goes liquid tomorrow Wed. 15 Jan. with the signing of the US-China Trade Agreement.
2. bowleraddict: Rumor on Mon. 13 Jan. from an international broker and head of the US Currency Exchange Program. The funds were finally liquid in Reno. It would start today Mon. 13 Jan. It can't stop now. We wait for our turn. The currency would start first. The China Trade Deal was rumored to have been signed on Mon. 13 Jan, with only a protocol acknowledgment due on Wed. 15 Jan.
3. Iraq would have a published rate by Sat. 18 Jan.
4. Church groups may start today Tues. 14 Jan, but more likely tomorrow Wed. 15 Jan.
5. CMKX deliveries were rumored to start today Tues. 14 Jan.

Jan 13, 2020 Coffee with MarkZ
Banks were positive for this week. The Paymasters were back in place and expecting the RV funding at any time. The US-China Trade agreement would be signed on Wed. 15 Jan.

Jan 10, 2020 Coffee with MarkZ
1. A hacker went into Travelex and slowed down the system, but things were still lining up for this weekend.
2. Today Fri. Jan. 10 Isaac in Zurich has a call with HSBC and the attorney handling his redemption.
3. Contacts in Zurich were expecting movement over the next three days, or by Tues. 14 Jan.
4. The US-China Trade agreement to be signed Sun. 12 Jan. or Mon. 13 Jan. could have influence on the reset.
5. Some Redemption Centers were staffed for the weekend.
6. MarkZ’s Paymaster was very positive it was going, likely around Sun. 12 Jan.
7. Iraq was looking at posting the new Dinar Rate in their Gazette next Wed. 15 Jan.
8. Mike Cottrell:

The funds may have been released, but being paid doesn’t mean you have access to your funds. No one will have access to their funds until the codes have been released through execution of the Gold Treaty. Those codes would be put in by Cottrell.

When the reset event occurs, the Central Bank system would essentially go out of existence. The Federal Reserve would have rolled into the US Treasury and basically dissolved. It would become a group inside the Treasury.

By Trump signing this off to the Chinese and/or Military I think he did a smart thing. We hear Trump has Dinar. It could be an impeachable event to profit from actions taken by the president. He took himself out of the “hot box” by giving this authority to the Military and the Chinese.

After the successful court case on CMKX there was a deal made between Hodges, the legal team and US government. CMKX debt would be paid back in gold. That became a reality with signing of the Gold Treaty.

The gold in the basement tower that collapsed during 9/11 was already gone – taken away by the Bushes. This gold that the Bushes stole has now been confiscated. Interpol holds it and will until after the GCR. The US gold reserves have long been spent and no new gold has been minted and stamped for a long time.

Iraq cannot RV until the Gold Treaty was executed. Everyone would go at once.

When Cottrell puts in the codes all currencies of the world go to 0. At that time all derivatives will be zeroed out, though you could exchange your currencies. Several times over the years and because they held the world’s debt, the Catholic Church has declared a Debt Jubilee where all debt was zeroed out. They were able to start over again from ground zero.

We are going through the same thing. The GCR results in all debts going away because all the derivatives go away. That’s why we were going to individual gold/asset-backed currencies for each country. The gold to back this reset was coming in from the Chinese families. That debt will take about 100 years to pay them back. That’s when GESARA would kick in.

Judy Note to Mr. Cottrell: I greatly appreciate your sacrifices, dedication to and fighting for the Global Currency Reset, including your sharing of experiences and history. Your knowledge has been a great help to me and many others to understand what was going on. Though, you and I have a problem that stemmed from your MarkZ Call today. Just because I summarize information from Gurus that you don’t particularly agree with doesn’t mean that you have the right to encourage people to sue me. It’s called the right to have Freedom of the Press and Free Speech.

Jan 9, 2020 Coffee with MarkZ

1. Mark’s Paymaster went back to Reno today Thurs. 9 Jan.

2. Redemption Center personnel were at work and ready today Thurs. 9 Jan.

3. The Banking side has heated up.

Jan 8, 2020 Coffee with MarkZ
1. MarkZ could find no CMKX deliveries that have occurred.
2. Redemption Center personnel were in a heightened state.
3. We would receive a secured link that would produce our own 800#.
4. A Paymaster in Hong Kong was looking for liquidity on 16 Jan.
5. President Trump was talking at 11 am EST today Wed. 8 Jan.
6. Zurich sources were in place and expecting everything to happen this week.

Jan 7, 2020 Coffee with MarkZ

1. There was a group of only 57 people who knew the exact timing of the reset. The Gurus were not a part of that group and basing their opinions on their contacts in the military, banks, Iraq, Zurich, Redemption Centers, etc.

2. Bowleraddict: “Source” has confirmed that the redemption started Mon. morning 6 Jan. “Source” is an attorney, federal agent, Director of North American Treasury redemption and representative of the 27 Royal Chinese families. He is the one who pays redemption to all, the American Indians, Royalty, purchase foundations platforms, beneficiaries and the rest of the world. He is the person after publication who gives the Use Order of the funds. Have a wonderful week. Keep your phones charged up and close at hand.

3. Redemption Centers were fully staffed today Tues. 7 Jan.

4. There were rumors that the 800 numbers could come out tomorrow Wed. 8 Jan.

5. Most Redemption Centers were within a 50 mile radius of your home.

6. They were expecting $4 on the Bolivar.

7. Dong: released around $.46 and then float upward; Contract around $2.00.

8. Brent Johnson: CMKX Packages were 3% liquid last week and supposed to be 100% liquid today Tues. 7 Jan. with delivery imminent.

Jan 6, 2020 Coffee with MarkZ
1. Over the weekend there was a couple of mtgs. on how to handle the rollout because of the unrest in Iran.
2. The Banking side was very positive.
3. Iraq was expecting something to happen today Mon. 6 Jan. or Tues. 7 Jan.
4. There were no package deliveries over the weekend.
5. Snake: Different bankers flew into Reno and other destinations believing it would go on New Years – which has not yet happened.
6. MarkZ was believing the reset would occur between now and Wed. 15 Jan.

Jan 2, 2020 Coffee with MarkZ
1. According to contacts in Reno it’s going to happen today Thurs. 2 Jan.
2. In Iraq they were looking at Sun. 5 Jan.
3. Military and Government sources say anywhere from Sun. 5 Jan. to Wed. 15 of Jan.
4. Mr. C has not yet gone.
5. Package deliveries have had a lot of logistic issues.
6. Redemption Centers remained on call.
7. Either by going to a Guru website, calling an 800 number, or through email, you would receive a web link. By your going to that web link on your own computer or phone, it would create your own unique signature to receive your exchange/redemption appointment.

Jan 1, 2020 Coffee with MarkZ
1. People at the US Banking Centers had high expectation for the release to happen today 1 Jan.
2. Contacts in Reno indicated there was a huge push to get this out the door today 1 Jan.
3. Folks in Zurich were not working today.
4. Heard that all Tier 3, 4 funds were in position.
5. We were within hours or days of the 800#s release.
6. The Admiral was in charge of Tier 4 and Tier 4a. He was the first person we expected to go

Dec 31, 2019 Coffee with MarkZ
1. There was a concerted push to get the reset out the door today 31 Dec.
2. Iraqi Banks have done everything they needed to do and were determined to reval the Dinar this week even if the GCR didn’t happen worldwide. If Iraq went alone without the global reset we would be able to exchange our Dinars.
3. Mike Cottrell has not yet been paid.
4. Currency dealers would sell their inventory until the reset happened, or the 800#s released.
5. Yesterday Mon. 30 Dec. around 3 pm EST there was a lot of positioning regarding CMKX package deliveries. CMKX deliveries were supposed to begin today Tues. 31 Dec.
6. The important players in Reno were in position for the reset.
7. Redemption Center personnel were on alert and had a three hour time frame to report to work.
8. Two US bankers were expecting the reset today Tues. 31 Dec.
9. Tomorrow 1 Jan. 2020 Mark’s stream would be held at noon EST

Dec 30, 2019 Coffee with MarkZ
1. Paymasters and bankers started moving back into their positions last night and this morning Mon. 30 Dec.
2. Mark believed that there was a possibility that we could start at some point today Mon. 30 Dec.
3. Wells Fargo would no longer be processing Prosperity Packages.
4. As of yesterday Sun. 29 Dec. Iraq went digital and were calling in their old Iraqi Dinar.
5. Mike Cottrell: The Chinese have attempted to do the reset on Dec. 30, 31 every year for several years.

The reset has always been based on the US Corporation being bankrupt. Trump signing off on the reset indicated that had happened.

Cottrell had been involved in the reset for 30 years. President Trump read Cottrell’s documents (summarized from 60 boxes of files), got rid of those who needed to go and signed off on the reset in the Gold Treaty.

Within hours of them giving Cottrell the codes, they had to begin the Mass Arrests.

The Cabal has been unrelenting in trying to stop this. Their tactics have not worked, including trying to impeach President Trump. The reset was rolling out and nothing could stop it.

The White Hats were part of those trying to keep the Federal Reserve in control.

The Federal Reserve System would be changed to a Treasury System with each individual country having it’s own Treasury and the Quantum Financial System doing the oversight.

They have taken away assets of those found guilty of crimes and being part of the Cabal and Federal Reserve fiat dollar System.

When the transition occurred the IRS would be dissolved.

Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation were the most important people to be under arrest when the Mass Arrests began.

For crimes committed there would be a reckoning for the Catholic Church, Vatican and Pope.

Dec 27, 2019 Coffee with MarkZ
Mark was not looking for anything to happen on the reset until Sun-Mon 29-30 Dec.

Dec 26, 2019 Coffee with MarkZ
1. Most Paymasters won’t go into work until this weekend Sat. Dec. 28.
2. Iraqi banks were doing an inventory on their cash and they announced there would be no cash withdrawals between Dec. 29 and Jan. 5 2020, (which could be a window for the reset), after which they would release their new asset-backed Dinar on the streets.
3. Tier 3 has their money in accounts, but it has not been released.
4. No CMKX deliveries have been reported.

Dec 24, 2019 Coffee with MarkZ
Although yesterday Mon. 23 Dec. Redemption Center personnel and package delivery people were put on notice for any time after 2 pm, nothing came of it. Redemption Center personnel were working this morning and then going home for Christmas, to be back on Thurs. 26 Dec.

Dec 23, 2019 Coffee with MarkZ
1. Only a couple of people in the world knew the timing of the reset, so everyone was guessing.
2. A lot of logistics were said to be covered over the weekend.
3. Mark was hearing that there was a mad dash to get CMKX, Omega packages out today Mon. 23 Dec. so that some could exchange before Christmas.
4. Mark was absolutely certain that this was rolling out right now.

Dec 20, 2019 Coffee with MarkZ
1. Bank, Paymasters were expecting the reset at any moment and said it would go this weekend.
2. Banking contacts have been told to cancel their Christmas vacations as they would be working next week and have a short day on Christmas.
3. Iraqi contacts said it would go early next week.
4. The Global Currency Reset was said to begin in China and then go West to East: China to the US to Europe to Asia.
5. The Chatter was that we would have it before Christmas.
6. Issac in Zurich was expecting liquidity in his account today Fri. 20 Dec, or Mon. 23 Dec.
7. Rumored rates: Dong $.45-$.50 with a Contract Rate of $2.00; Iran $7, Venezuela $4

Dec 19, 2019 Coffee with MarkZ
1. Bank rumors were that they were pushing to have the reset by this afternoon Thurs. 19 Dec. in order to have it out before declass started tomorrow Fri. 20 Dec.
2. This afternoon update meetings were scheduled in Zurich. Issac in Zurich had a meeting in a few hours to get an update.
3. Iraq could announce a reval of their Dinar before the reset went international.
4. Mike Cottrell:

Yesterday’s vote for impeachment of President Trump uncovered the treasonous acts by the Democrats and would be a demolition of the Democratic Party and Rino Republicans.

President Trump has signed off on the Gold Treaty protocols.

President Trump would resign when Cottrell entered the reset codes.

The Elders have not been paid. Some were paid off by the Bushes, Clintons not to have this reset. The Golden Dragon was not dumb. He knew that there were bad guys in the group.

The Bad Guys have attempted to stop this reset since 2008 (when BRICS was formed).

We have been doing the reset for 30 years.

With FISA disintegration and destruction of the radicals we were seeing an end to this and would come to a complete halt by the end of the year.

Dec 18, 2019 Coffee with MarkZ
1. Mark’s contacts in Iraq were very excited. They would see a new Prime Minister Thurs. 19 Dec.
2. Today Wed. 18 Dec. the Paymasters were getting staged to receive the monies.
3. Yesterday Tues. 17 Dec. Reno was ramping up
4. Contacts in Hong Kong and Zurich were very excited. Issac in Zurich had an appointment today 18 Dec. with promised liquidity by tomorrow Thurs. 19 Dec.
5. Contacts in Reno said that we could be looking at tomorrow Thurs. 19 Dec.
6. The Chatter was saying that they would have it out before the weekend.
7. Bankers said they would have it out within the next two days – or by Fri. 20 Dec.
8. With the old fiat financial system imploding, a reboot of our global financial system was mandatory in the near future.

Dec 17, 2019 Coffee with MarkZ
1. Rumor was that Trump took himself off the reset so the Chinese could take over.
2. The Fed. Reserve was in freefall and imploding.
3. Issac in Zurich was supposed to have gone last night Mon. 16 Dec.
4. They hope to process bond redeemers and currency exchanges within the first ten days, though you would have up to 30 days to obtain the Contract Rates.
5. The Global Currency Reset was not a question of if it would happen, but when it would happen. It’s all over the news that the world was going to an asset-backed monetary system.
6. Unconfirmed Rumor was that the GCR should go this week, money was being distributed around to make it happen and the window was by Thurs.

Dec 16, 2019 Coffee with MarkZ
1. Contacts in Iraq were extremely positive and still looking for the reset on Tues. 17 Dec.
2. Reno has been extremely quiet since Sat. 14 Dec.
3. Issac was expecting an apt. in Zurich on Mon. 16 Dec, though Mark has not heard from him yet today.
4. Member: At 8:53 am today Mon. 16 Dec. Trump announced the codes and gave instructions through security sources to close operations in Reno, Zurich, London, Hong Kong, Bogota and Miami. The Chinese Elders have given the last communication of Dec. and will directly pay the workers and intermediaries in Reno due to the commercial war between China and the US.

Dec 12, 2019 Coffee with MarkZ
1. After four days of deafening silence, now Redemption Center personnel were in place, Zurich was on call at the drop of a hat and Mark’s contacts in Iraq felt that we should see something before next Tues. 17 Dec.
2. Bank personnel were concerned that we were entering into deflation

Dec 11 2019 Coffee with MarkZ
1. There was a high level bank mtg. late last night Tues. 10 Dec. They were told it would be a little longer, but we were very, very close.
2. Mark’s contact in Iraq guessed it could happen any time between now and early next week.

Dec 10, 2019 Coffee with MarkZ
1. This week Redemption Center personnel were showing up to work at a high level of expectation.
2. Contacts in Iraq, Zurich and Hong Kong were frustrated and quiet.
3. The Chinese Elders were now composed of a skeleton crew based in California – close by the US Treasury.
4. As of Mon. 9 Dec. bank runs were happening in several different countries including Italy. The Central Banking System was coming down.
5. Rumored Rates:
Zim: $11 million to $37 million per 100T
Dong: $.47 to $2
Dinar: $3.91 to $8 Contract: $28.50

Dec 5, 2019 Coffee with MarkZ
1. Paymasters who had gotten frustrated went home. They said call them when it was 100% on and they would come back. Last night Wed. 4 Dec. in Zurich and Hong Kong they were called to come back, saying “Hey, it’s time – get back here.”
2. The ones I speak to directly were still sitting there expecting to be done by Thursday evening 5 Dec.
3. My paymaster has gone back and forth but, he’s back in Reno today Thurs. 5 Dec. and would stay until it’s done.
4. Mod: BREAKING: Justice IG Horowitz has 104 criminal or administrative investigations of alleged misconduct related to FBI employees open as of Sept. 30, according to new OIG report.
5. My understanding is that the reset was still perculating. The date was still set and none of us were privy to that release information. Because last night they started calling paymasters back in was very reassuring to me.

Dec 3, 2019 Coffee with MarkZ
1. A number of states have put together legislation to use gold backed currency.
2. When the released happened emails would be sent out to currency and bond holders that contained the 800#s, plus instructions on exchanges and redemptions.
3. Expectations were for 800#s release today Tues. 3 Dec., and should appear before Wed. morning 4 Dec. Iraq time. MarkZ’s guess was mid-week. It would be a day time event.
4. You could share 800#s emails with others.
5. The 800#s would be used internationally to set currency and redemption appointments.

Nov 29, 2019 Coffee with MarkZ
1. Overnight last night the Military were ramped up for a daytime release of 800#s on Fri. 29 2019.
2. Redemption Center personnel were prepared for a long weekend.
3. You would have 30 days to transfer your money out of your skeleton account.
4. Yesterday Thurs. 28 Nov. Zurich was still expecting 800#s release on Fri. 29 Nov., or over the weekend.
5. Rumors were that they were releasing 800#s today Fri. 29 Nov. plus setting appointments for today.
6. They have a set time to release the 800#s has been asked to get out the Alleged 800# for exchanging if so we will post on the iqdcalls Banks page

Nov 22, 2019 Coffee with MarkZ
1. Zurich and Hong Kong were still expecting liquidity in their accounts by Tues. 26 Nov.
2. MarkZ was told by an Iraqi contact to watch the CBI starting on Sun. 24 Nov.
3. Rumors on Rates:
Dong: $2.00
Dinar: Street Rate $3.91, International Rate $8.20, Contract Rate for first 10 million $28.50
Zim Rate for a 100 T Note: $37-$38 million
Indonesian Ruphia Rate was close to the Dong Rate.
4. Mike Cottrell:
Donald Trump was on Fox and Friends this morning Fri. 22 Nov. saying, “In the next few weeks would be the IG Report, John Hughs Report and from the World Court, those who may have committed Crimes Against Humanity, Treason and Sedition.
Years ago the original format was that China would be the first to announce they were on the gold backed system. They had to wean themselves off the Petro Dollar and fiat system. Now they have thrown down the gauntlet (they were now gold-backed in their currency). The rest of the world would follow.
In my opinion now the fiat US Dollar would not be able to compete with their gold backed currency. We would have to do it now, or fall behind.
The Global Currency Reset was funded through a Gold Treaty signed by 209 nations using gold owned by the Chinese Elders.
The GCR would assure that there would never be a One World Currency.
The reset gave back to different countries, their own currencies.
Interpol was the legal entity that investigated the stealing of gold from the Chinese Elders as well as made arrests of international criminals and rescued children on an international level.
The Central Banks were part of funneling money in the Ukrainian Deal.
The international money platforms have been shut down until after the GCR in order to cut off money making by the Deep State. Federal Reserve monies were no longer being funneled to the Vatican Bank, or to the Ukraine.

Nov 21, 2019 Coffee with MarkZ
1. Most sources believed they would have liquidity in their accounts on Tues. 26 Nov., so the 800#s would likely be out on Mon. 25 Nov.
2. Iraqi sources were hearing that the reset would be on Sun. 24 Nov.
1. My news out of Zurich was that now they were expecting their funds the first of next week, and it’s supposed to be an absolute set time.
2. Contacts out of Iraq claim the reset would happen on Sun. 24 Nov. (which would be Mon. morning 25 Nov. EST).
3. I am not expecting to see anything now until Mon/Tues next week Nov. 25, 26.
4. A military contact said that they were now in charge of the roll-out for the US. Trump turned it over to the military now and its out of his hands.
5. The Central banks of Iraq, China, Japan and Russia have become some of the largest holders of Gold bullion.We have the new Quantum Financial Banking System and the computer power to handle the GCR now.
6. Iraq, Zimbabwe, Hungary, Japan and others have already announced they have an asset/gold backed digital currency and China announced they were going to asset-backed digital currency within days.

Nov 19, 2019 Coffee with MarkZ
1. On Mon. 18 Nov. a number of people were flown into Reno for currency exchange appointments scheduled for late Tues. 19 Nov. through Thurs. 21 Nov.
2. MarkZ believed the 800#s would be released sometime between Tues. 19 Nov. and Thurs. 21 Nov.
3. In Zurich Issac had an appointment with his buyers on Tues. 19 Nov.
4. Rumor was that over the weekend another murder attempt was made on President Trump through poisoning his food and that was the reason he went to a hospital for tests.

Nov 15, 2019 Coffee with MarkZ
1. A number of Paymasters have apts. Based on those appointments MarkZ felt we would see the 800#s tomorrow Sat. 16 Nov.
2. All holds were off accounts.
3. MarkZ was looking for a very busy weekend.
4. Redemption Centers have been told they were working this weekend.
5. CMKX package deliveries were expected Fri. 15 Nov. evening.

Nov 13, 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ
1. They were ramped up at Redemption Centers and expecting a long weekend of exchanging.
2. Redemption Centers were expecting Settlement, PP’s, F&Ps and CMKX Package delivery to start today Tues. 13 Nov.
3. The 800#s should soon follow within the next couple of days, perhaps by Fri. 15 Nov.
4. I think we were going to see it in the next few days at our level. No one knew the exact date. All we could do was guess based on sources, intel and world news.
5. MarkZ was told that the holdup yesterday Tues. 12 Nov. was for security reasons around a threat against some paymasters that they took seriously and delayed things for a day.
6. Isaac was still waiting in Zurich. I have another source that was expecting it today Wed. 13 Nov. and another was moved from Lucerne to Zurich to do his exchange today Wed. 13 Nov.
7. If you picked up Zim before Feb. of 2018 you could be eligible for a higher redemption rate.
8. MarkZ would go back to holding daily streams at 10 am EDT.

Nov 11, 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ
1. It was reported that at present Tier 3 Ministry Groups were finishing up and the software was in the process of transitioning to Tier 4.
2. The 800#s were expected early this week, either Mon. 11 Nov., or Tues. 12 Nov.
3. Paymasters in Zurich, Hong Kong and Reno were sitting at edge of their seats.
4. Rumor: Zim was from $34 to $36 million per 100T note; Dong Contract Rate was a little above $2; Dinar Contract Rate was from $8 to $8.20.
5. MarkZ’s new stream schedule: 5pm EDT Tues, Thurs and 10am EDT on Mon, Wed and Fri.

Nov 7, 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ
1. Today Thurs. 7 Nov. Issac as well as others in Zurich, were waiting for a call in to exchange.
2. Paymasters have received their funding and were waiting to release it.
3. MarkZ believed we were in the last day before the release.
4. MarkZ said it looked like the release was moving forward for everyone but in the US, especially in China where they were reported to have asset-backed currency, while advertising that the US dollar was fiat.
5. MarkZ believed that the Deutche Bank had already imploded and some banks were having a liquidity problem.
6. In Iraq older citizens have had their Q Cards adjusted to around a $8 In-Country Rate on the Dinar.
7. Redemption Centers were manned.
8. MarkZ said no one knew the exact timing of the release, but he felt it was on a moment to moment basis. His contacts were reporting that the release was anywhere from already done, to they were waiting for Sun. 10 Nov. when the Iraqi Parliament voted on the HCL.

Oct 30, 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ
1. Banks were told yesterday Tues. Oct. 29 that they would see this within 4-5 days, or by Sun. Nov. 3.
2. According to the US Treasury, everything was done and everyone was waiting to go.
3. The banks were told they would have ten days to complete this once it was released.
4. No demonstrations would have any effect on when this would happen because it had gone too far.
5. It would be highly advisable not to take your currency out of the country because it would be highly valuable after the reset and could easily be held by customs somewhere.

Oct 28, 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ
1. Issac in Zurich had an exchange appointment four hours ago, another person had an appointment two hours ago. MarkZ has not heard the outcome.
2. Most Paymasters have appointments anywhere from Tues. to Thurs. of this week Oct. 29 through Oct. 31.
3. Member: Flemming thought we would have the 800#s today Mon. Oct. 28.
4. Rumor was that the Dinar street rate was $3.91, Contract rate was $28.50 (on first 10 million, and then the street rate thereafter).
5. MarkZ was hearing that the Dong Street Rate was $.47, Contract Rate in the low $2 range.
6. MarkZ believed we would have the reset by Fri. Nov. 1.

Oct 17, 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ
1. There was a large scale Tier4a audit underway that should be finished in a couple of days.
2. Many have been pointing to Sat. Oct. 19th as the reset date.
3. Iraq was set to go next week without the US if so needed.
4. There was a lot of progress going on behind the scenes that Mark couldn’t talk about it.
5. It was Mark’s opinion that we would go this weekend.
6. If you don’t have a humanitarian project for Zim redemption they would have a list you can pick from, though you would be given a lower rate than if you had your own.
7. Redemption Center Staff was confident that they would be working this weekend.
8. A Contact in South Africa was expecting the reset on Sat. Oct. 19.

15. Member: G20 meeting of finance ministers 17th & 18th.

Oct 14, 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ
1. Some dollars started moving in South Africa and Zurich today Mon. Oct. 14.
2. Several contacts in Zurich were seeing their funds and expecting full access to their accounts tomorrow Tues. Oct. 15.
3. As of this morning Mon. Oct. 14 Iraq has not seen a new Dinar rate, though expected it by Wed. Oct. 16.
4. Some contacts expected accessed to their funds later on this week.
5. A Group Leader in Reno could see the dollars in their account and hoped to be able to distribute them soon.
7. Snake: (Financial Advisor)

I was in Dallas for the Cotton Bowl this weekend and I asked the banker I am exchanging with there if I should just go ahead and stay. He said he expected everyone to be exchanging within a week or 10 days, but it would be better to just come back versus getting a hotel room. His exchangers at the Redemption Centers did not work this weekend but they were back at work today Mon. Oct. 14.

Bankers have personal greed. Their yearly bonuses were determined on how much money they brought into the bank. If you could convince a banker he would have control over your funds, your chances would increase on being able to obtain a higher rate.

Oct 4 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ
1. There were people who have received their Prosperity Packages, though they were unable to talk about it due to having signed an NDA.
2. We won’t know the tax until we go in.
3. Tier 4a was rolling out, but the line was slowly moving. The Chinese have been sending in extra people to get it done.
4. They're talking about starting Tier4b before Tier4a ended.
5. Timing for receipt of the 800#s was soon – today, tomorrow, or next week – we don’t really know.
6. My contacts in Zurich were also waiting in this line.
7. I spoke with Isaac (in Zurich) His funds were under Escrow Thurs. Oct. 3 and he was supposed to be liquid on Fri. Oct. 4.
8. My paymaster really thought I would be under an NDA by now and still thinking it will happen today Fri. Oct. 4.
9. Member: Bruce was putting out that as of Thurs. Oct. 3 the banking systems are all off of SWIFT and now under CHIPS.
10. Snake Pliskin:

I know two folks in Waco Texas who have received their packets (from the Farmers Lawsuit - CMKX), but were under NDAs and unable to talk about it.

You should interview several financial advisors and decide which one you feel most comfortable with to manage your money. You should remain in control of all of your funds. Your financial advisor would only have control of making a profit for you.

I know of a Wells Fargo Banker who is in charge of several Exchange Centers. He said you would need to go through the 800#s to receive an appointment that could offer you the best perks, including the Contract Rates.

If you go into a bank without going through an 800# you would only be offered the (lower) rate on the bank screen at the time of your exchange.

The 800 numbers could come out on any day and at any time.

Different currencies will revalue at different times. The US being the strongest economy is in the first basket. Six or so months later another basket of currencies will be revalued.

Bankers are the most greedy people you will ever run into. They want your money. If they think they will lose you as a customer they will offer you all kinds of things.

Dinar Rate: Contract Rate $28.50 on the first $10 million, then it drops to the Street Rate.

Zim redemption: You should have a humanitarian project. Rate would be whatever you could negotiate. I do not think anyone would receive it at a 1:1. There was not enough gold in the world to get it at a 1:1. (When they talk about Zim at a 1:1 to the US Dollar they are talking Zim Currency, not Zim Bonds. Zim Currency was not yet available for exchange).

Dong Rate: There was an incredible amount of oil and wealth in Vietnam, so the rate should be very good. The International Rate should be a little above $2.

Oct 2, 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ
1. In Reno they had a problem with the paperwork for the Tier4a group. Under Common Law they could have started as of midnight Oct. 1. Now that has been cleaned up.
2. In Reno there were expectations for 800#s release by close of West Coast banks tonight Wed. Oct. 2 to sometime tomorrow Thurs. Oct. 3.
3. Hong Kong has shut down. No info at all was coming out.
4. Zurich was still expecting release today Wed. Oct. 2.
5. There was a rumor that package deliveries started up again today Wed. Oct. 2.
6. There were great expectations for release this week.
7. Mark may be under an NDA by midday tomorrow Thurs. Oct. 3. “For people in the public like myself, Frank, etc, the NDA may be stronger. They may force me to be quiet.”
8. The NDA will be for three months or 90 days.
9. KCMX Package deliveries were expected to begin again today Wed. Oct. 2.
10. nflemingjr: I am being told that I will be under an NDA within the next couple of days.
11. Trump was tweeting that the Fed is keeping our currency artificially high. As we move to Basel 3 or 4 all currency needs to be on parity. The Fed is pumping digitally fake currency to banks to keep the system alive until the reset goes.

Sept. 25, 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ
1. We were at an any moment for this to happen – nothing negative.
2. The rates would be the same no matter which Bank Redemption Center you went to exchange/redeem.
Iraqi Dinar: $3.91 Street Rate, $8.00 Contract Rate.
Dong: $.47 Street Rate, $2.00 Contract Rate.
Rial would be about half the Iraqi Dinar Rate.
No one knew the Zim Rate.
3. Europe expected reset and 800#s release this afternoon Wed. Sept. 25.
4. This morning Wed. Sept. 25 an audit in the US was said to be holding this up.
5. The Rial Rate would come in at about half of the Dinar Rate.
6. We would have 45 days to do our exchanges after the 800#s were released.
7. Glenn Beck said we would be going to the Gold Standard in Oct. 2019.

Sept. 24, 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ
1. HSBC told Mark’s source in Zurich to come back on Wed. Sept. 25.
2. Some in Reno also expected action on Wed. Sept. 25.
3. Package deliveries were still expected at any time.
4. Those with CMKX packages would redeem other currencies at the same time of their appointment at a Redemption Center.
5. Some in Tier4a became liquid on Thurs. and Fri. Sept. 19 and 20 and then things appeared to go on hold.
6. Mark thought we would be over the finish line tomorrow Wed. Sept. 25.
7. Nflemingjr: We were told that if everything went as planned last night Mon. Sept. 23, then we should be receiving some very good news sometime today Tues. Sept. 24.
8. MarkZ’s Paymaster was now under a strict NDA and would not tell him when he expected to go home from Reno.
9. Nflemingjr: There was no new money being printed to bail out the banks. The deals were being made with Tier2 to get it done. They were also counting on anything over a dollar on the Zim to take care of the debt, etc.
10. MarkZ heard the conversion to USD was on a 1:1 for the first month, and then it would be allowed to float.
11. MarkZ was told that we were getting Contract Rates so planned to exchange all of his currencies at once rather than wait for them to float on the Forex.
12. On Rates:
Dinar: Street Rate $3.90 to $4 range, Contract Rate was a couple of dollars higher.
Dong: $ .47 to $2.25.
13. Fox News: "Trump to tout nationalism, sovereignty in address at the 74th Session of the UN General Assembly on Sept. 24 2019:
Trump mentioned the humanitarian projects planned to help other countries.
"Liberty is only preserved by the devotion of Patriots.
If you want Freedom, take pride in your country.
If you want Democracy, hold on to your sovereignty.
If you want peace, love your nation.”

Sept. 23, 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ
1. We were getting more and more reports of Tier 4a going. If they were, they were getting fiat money and not asset backed yet. Fiat would convert to the Asset/gold standard once the Gold Treaty was executed.
2. Hearing lots of rumors of package deliveries starting after the closing bell Mon. Sept. 23. We should see package deliveries Mon, Tues. and Wed. Sept. 23, 24, 25.
3. Nflemingjr: There would not be news until after 2:30 pm Reno time Mon. Sept. 23.
4. There was a rumor that new 800 numbers went to key people over the weekend, but Mark did not get one.
5. Mark would expect an RV/reset first, and then an announcement on the Gold Standard/asset backed currency a couple of days later.
6. Rumors were that the reset would happen sometime after the Markets closed Mon. Sept. 23.

Sept. 13, 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ
1. Bruce announced that at your exchange you would be required to sign an agreement not to participate in the second basket of currency exchanges next March 2020. MarkZ felt it would be impossible to enforce people not being able to participate in that second basket.
2. Everything was positioned for the reset. We were not waiting for anything but the button to be pushed for an 800#s release.
3. Right now Group leaders were in training on how to handle the 800#s release.
4. Package deliveries should happen over the weekend Sat. and Sunday Sept. 14, 15.
5. MarkZ’s Paymaster expected to finish up and go home from Reno this weekend.

Aug. 5 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ:
1. The Chinese Yuan has been revalued again to prepare for return to the gold standard.
2. On Fri. Aug. 2 we were told to wait to Mon. Aug. 5 so the whole world could go all at once
3. Over the weekend we were told that the US Treasury was not yet ready.
4. We were told that the US Treasury was now ready today Mon. Aug. 5. As of last night my Paymaster was expecting activity about 1PM EST today Mon. Aug. 5. This would be about 10AM Reno time. My military sources were still saying any time before Aug. 15th and banking contacts are saying it should be right now. Member: I have heard from my sources that Aug. 15 was a drop dead deadline for the US.
5. nflemingjr: We were told that the 800 numbers would be out after 9am EST today Mon. Aug. 5.
6. Eagleone2025: In May I said there would be three major windows and there would be a chance in some of the other small windows. I said some serious events would take place early in the year. I talked about see you in Sept.-Oct. and over the 60 days there would be serious events. I hope I am wrong about this time frame. I hope we are in the banks soon.
7. MarkZ would be coming back today Mon. Aug. 5 at 2 pm EST for brief update.



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