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5/27/2017 100% Proof News is LYING Video 2.5min

5/27/2017 Dinar Talk Video 9min

5/25/2017 KTFA Dinarland Video 6min

5/24/2017 Around Dinarland Video 12min

5/23/2017 Dinarland from Breitling & Dinar Updates Video 8min

Saturday May 20 2017 "Major Shortage of IQD" Video 1min / More

Dinarland From Adam Montana, Frosty The Snowman, KTFA, & others May 19 2017 Video 11min

May 18 2017 Dinarland from Frank 26, Kaperoni, Frank26, Yosef, Fisher, Tank & more Video 7min

May 17 2017 Dinarland Video 9min

5 Things to Give Up If You Want to Be Successful (Animated)  Video 6min

5/12/2017 Dinarland from Delta, Frank26, Adam Montana, Daz, Kaperoni & more Video 6min

5/10/2017 The Reset (Global Financial Overhaul) has Officially Begun? It's Finally Here! 16mn Video

5/9/2017 Promised to Luisito M. YOYONGCO, All Accounts and DEBT world wide back to Zero. Video 15min

5/6/2017 Dinarland Talk Video 7min

5/3/207 Dinarland From Adam Montana, Bruce, Backdoc & others Video 5min

How to know if you're ready for the GCR (worldwide economic reset) Video 9min

"Something doesn't add up", by One Who Serves ...A dose of reality. Video 7min

Late pm 5/1/2017 Around Dinarland Video 18min

5/1/2017 Dinarland from Frank26, Backdoc & others Video 5min

4/28/2017 Around Dinarland from Doc CLARKE, Phillyman, Ray, Backdoc & others Video 12min

4/27/2017 Dinarland from Dinar Updates Chat Room & a bit from Frank26 Video

4/26/2017 Dinarland from ADMINBILL, Bruce, Zap, Jerry Maguire, One Who Knows & Yosef Video

4/25/2016 Dinarland Currency Rates & more from KTFA, Kaperoni, TNT & others Video

Fedcoin: The U.S. May Issue E-Currency That you may have to use Video

SDR Replaces Dollar As the Currency For Global Trade? Inflation or Hyperinflation On The Way? Video

Global Currency Reset - Central Banks & Pegging - Stocks Crash 2007-2009 Q&A Video




4/20/2017 Kuwaiti Dinar RV/RI Exchange experience Video

4/20/2017 Restored Republic via a GCR (RUMORS) Video

4/19/2017 RV/GCR Deep state desperate, BRICS nations winning! Rise together Video

4/19/2017 Restored Republic via a GCR by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, "Twenty Two Faces," Video

Around Dinarland From BGG, Frank26 & Delta on Tues 4/18/2017 Video

4/16/2017 Restored Republic via a GCR Video

4/15/2017 Restored Republic via a GCR Video

Time Travel & Teleportation w/Andrew Basiago Video

4/6/2017 ZAP from "The Office of Poofness"

4/3/2017 Dinar info found on IQDCalls Chat - Article on Iraqi-Russian economic relations, & opinions from Whitelions (IQD Team), Schooner, Meatball, & Zig (Chat Room Mod Master).

4/1/2017 Dinarland mixed opinions From Daz, Rayren98, Mike, Jew & Greek Video / Audio Link

3/31/2017 Dinarland Balance from TNT, Bruce, KTFA,1Bobby, other & NEW in the interest of balance comments from the Peanut Gallery lol Video / Audio Link

3/28/2017 Dinarland from Kaperoni, Loop, KTFA & Backdoc Video / Audio Link

3/21/2017 Rockefeller dead at 101 & other news

3/13/2017 Around Dinarland 4 min update Video / Audio Link

3/5/2017 Around Dinarland Video / Audio Link

President Trump: Replace The Dollar With Gold As The Global Currency To Make America Great Again

3/2/2017 Restored Republic via a GCR & Dinarland talk from Adam Montana, Backdoc, KTFA, Bluwolf & Judy Byington Video / Audio Link

2/27/2017 Dinarland from Kaperoni , Dinar Updates, KTFA, TNT & others

2/25/2017 Around Dinarland recently... From TNT, KTFA, Aggiedad77 & others Replay

2/24/2017 "Goodbye Yosef" - RV Thought

2/23/2017 Pinkroses personal thoughts on journey in Dinarland

2/21/2017 Dinarland from Dinar Updates, KTFA & others Video / Audio Link

Notes From The Field By Simon Black
The Biggest Transformation Story In The World
Video / Audio Link

2/18/2017 Thoughts From Backdoc "Game Time" Video / Audio Link

Dinarland mix of talk recently 2/17/2017 Video / Audio Link

2/16/17 Dinar Updates Call w/ BGG, ABNewsFlash Video / Audio Link


2/17/2017 RV Update you may want to hear! Replay

2/11/2017 Around Dinarland from One Who Knows, Breitling, forum & ADMINBILL Replay

2/10/17 TNT Dinar Conference Call w/ Rayren98 Video / Audio Link

2/10/2016 Wingit call Replay Link or YouTube

Mountain Goat News Brief Feb 9, 2017

Dinarland Talk from Zap, RayRen98, ADMINBILL & others 1/9/2017 Video / Audio Link

2/7/17 Dinar Updates Call w/ BGG, Loop & Mr White Video / Audio Link

2/7/2016 Wingit call w/ Gerry Maguire Video / Audio Link

2/6/2017 KTFA Frank26 Conference Call

2/6/2017 TNT Dinar with Rayren98 Conference Call Replay Video / Audio Link

2/5/2017 Truth Matrix Call with Midwest

Feb 4, 2017 Mnt. Goat News Brief Video / Audio Link

Dinarland from RayRen98, Dr. Clarke, BGG, Kaperoni, WSOMN & others 2/3/2017 Video / Audio Link

2/2/17 Dinar Updates Call w/ BGG Facebook Crew Video / Audio Link

Video / Audio Link

2/1/2017 All over Dinarland: Rayren98, Mnt. Goat, Adam Montana, KTFA, Frank26 & Others Video / Audio Link

1/31/17 Dinar Updates Roundtable Call w/ BGG & Crew  Video / Audio Link

Geopolitical GCR RV Overview Tue - Jan 31, 2017 "Dress Rehearsal" Video / Audio Link

Donald Trump Never had a Flu shot & Never had the Flu

Jan 29, 2017 The Truth Matrix call w/ Midwest & Others Video / Audio Link

Dinarland WSOMN, Mnt. Goat, AdminBill, MadDScout & others Video / Audio Link

The Big Call Intel with Bruce Intel only 1/26/2017 Video / Audio Link

1/26/2016 Wingit call tidbit only Video / Audio Link

Dinarland - Landa Global, Adam Montana, RayRen98 & MadDScout quick highlights

Dinarland From ADMINBILL, One Who Knows, Kaperoni, Mnt. Goat & others 1/25/2017 Video / Audio Link

The Big Call Intel with Bruce Intel only 1/24/2017 Video / Audio Link

1/23/17 Dinar Updates Call w/ Loopster & BGG Video / Audio Link

1/23/2017 TNT Dinar with Rayren98 Conference Call Replay Video / Audio Link

Jan 21, 2017 Dinarland recently From Frank26, BGG, Mnt. Goat, Breitling, ADMINBILL & RayRen98 Video / Audio Link

1/22/2016 Wang Dang with Miss Kitty Video / Audio Link

1/22/2017 Dinar talk from Mnt. Goat, & others Video / Audio Link

Inauguration day Jan 20 2017 - Give Peace a Chance

The Big Call Intel with Bruce Intel only 1/19/2017 Video / Audio Link

"Come & Let Us Reason Together" Conference call with Mr. KJ, Ms. JW & Friends

1/18/2017 From all over Dinarland Frank26, TNT, Mtn. Goat, Breitling, IQDCalls, One Who Knows and more... Video / Audio Link

1/17/17 The Gatekeepers Team (Joey & Vic) Video / Audio Link

Mnt. Goat News Brief for Tue Jan 17th Video / Audio Link

Around Dinarland from ZAP, My Ladies, & RCookie 1/17/2017 Video / Audio Link

1/16/2017 Dinarland From IQDCalls Chat, My Ladies, WSOMN, TNT & Others Video / Audio Link

Jan 15, 2017 The Truth Matrix call w/ Midwest Video / Audio Link

Jan 15 2017 Dinarland talk from ADMINBILL, WSOMN, Frank 26 & IQDCalls Chat Video / Audio Link

1/13/17 Dinar Updates Call w/ Hutch, RCookie, Mr White & More Video / Audio Link

1/12/17 Dinar Updates Call with facebook Crew Video / Audio Link

The Big Call Intel with Bruce Intel only 1/12/2017 Video / Audio Link

Dinarland From Adam Montana, Arthur, Daz at TNT, Delta, Stryker Mike & Kap 1/12/2017 Video / Audio Link

Mountain Goat.. much News today 1/11/2017 Video / Audio Link

The new tallest building in the world is set to rise in Iraq Link

The Big Call with Bruce Intel highlights 1/10/2017 Video / Audio Link

1/10/2017 Dinar Updates Call Top 10 Article List Video / Audio Link

Iraq Dinar short update From Mailman17, BlueDog, WSOMN, Shredd & others Video / Audio Link

RV instructions call - Carlos & Shelton a Banker talking about RV/GCR from July 2016 Video / Audio Link

Jan 8, 2017 Zap & others Video / Audio Link

Jan 7, 2017 Zorra, One Who Believes & others on the RV, GCR, Trump & more Video / Audio Link

1/6/2017 Dinarland talk, opinions & speculation From: Dr. CLARKE, Enorrste, RayRen98, Frank26 & iqdcalls Video / Audio Link

Dinar Updates Call with Facebook Crew, MadScout, 1Bobby & more 1/6/217 Video / Audio Link

The Big Call with Bruce Intel highlights 1/5/2017 Video / Audio Link

1/5/2017 Foot Forward Call Replay

1/4/2017 TNT Dinar with Rayran98 Conference Call Replay Video / Audio Link

1/3/2017 Dinar Updates Call with BGG, Rcookie, Hutch & Daytrader Video / Audio Link

St Germain, One Who Serves: 2017 The Year Of Fulfillment (emailed to us)

The Big Call with Bruce Intel highlights 1/3/2017 Video / Audio Link

Mountain Goat Dinar information 1/2/2017 Video / Audio Link

1/2/2017 TNT Dinar with Rayren98 Conference Call Replay Video / Audio Link

1/1/2017 Wang Dang Conference Call YouTube Replay 20min

Dinarland and more Jan 1 2017 a few tidbits from WSOMN, TNT RayRan98, KTFA & IQDCalls Video / Audio Link

Last TNT Dinar Conference Call with Ray of the year 12/30/16 Video / Audio Link

THE BIG CALL WITH BRUCE, DEC 29, 2016, INTEL ONLY Video / Audio Link

Dinar Updates Call with BGG, Rcookie, Mr White & Hutch Video / Audio Link

From Mountain Goat December 29, 2016 Video / Audio Link

Landa China Global Humanus Update Call Video / Audio Link

TNT Dinar Conference with Ray 12/28/16 Video / Audio Link


12/27/2016 Wingit Last call Video / Audio Link

Al Hodges Christmas Intel Message for December 25, 2016 Video / Audio Link

Dinarland from BGG, Kaperoni & others Sat. Dec. 24. 2016 Video / Audio Link

Dec. 23, 2016 Dinarland from Dr. Clark, KTFA and others Video / Audio Link

THE BIG CALL WITH BRUCE THUR, DEC 22, 2016, INTEL ONLY no sales non-since Video / Audio Link

Dinarland mixed Talk Dec 22, 2016 From Backdoc, Zap, WSOMN, TNT, ADMINBILL & Aggiedad 77 Video / Audio Link

What's being said in Dinarland Dec 21, 2016 from Adam Montana, Ray Ren 98, Delta & KTFA Frank26 Video / Audio Link

THE BIG CALL WITH BRUCE TUE Night, DEC 20, 2016 Video / Audio Link

From Mountain Goat News Brief for Tuesday Dec. 20th Video / Audio Link

Dinar News, Intel and Opinions on Dec 19, 2016 PM From: Iraq Daily Journal, ADMINBILL, Kaperoni, and Jim Sinclair Video / Audio Link

Chat Room Dec 18, 2016 pm From: The Crisco Kid, Spectra, Glorified, and Noname Video / Audio Link / A Dinar Chat

IQD News Dec. 17, 2016 PM From Dr. CLARKE, Mike, WSOMN, KTFA & TNT Video / Audio Link

Currency revalue opinions and news on a cold Saturday morning for many Dec. 17, 2016 Stay warm everyone Video / Audio Link

Iraq & Dinarland Stuff Dec 16, 2016 From ADMINBILL, Delta, Frank 26 MadDScout & Iraqi News Video / Audio Link


Dinarland Dec 15, 2016 PM From Adam Montana, IMF, TNT, KTFA and Others Video / Audio Link

Dinarland Highlights Dec 15 2016 / From Bruce, ADMINBILL, Mountain Goat and My Ladies Video / Audio Link

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