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Frank26 Transcripts of Conference Call w/Delta (KTFA)

Frank26 Conference Call w/Delta  -  KTFA (Keep the faith always)

9/3/2017 From Frank26: "The RI is the reinstatement from the basement back up to the top shelf. The RI is the reinstatement of the Iraqi currency into the international community. That RI, In My Opinion, based on all of these things that they’re saying from the CBI articles, is well within sight; and, I know their history. I know their pattern. So, the RI externally, when it leaves the borders, you know 1-to-1 with the American dollar, well then, that’s when…that’s when the market is going to take our currency and the RV, the revaluation of our currency, is going to start…with the buying and the selling and the trading of our currency by many countries."

9/2/17 KTFA Frank26 on Iraq Dinar Replay Link 17min

6/12/2017 KTFA Frank26 Dinar Call w/o infomercials Replay Link 61min / Frank26 Transcripts

FrostytheSnowman » June 12th, 2017
Here’s tonight’s HIGHLIGHTS …

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

Frank26: Greetings family … welcome to another one of your conference calls here at KTF Always

Today is Monday, June 12, 2017

AggieDad, if you don’t want to do CC notes tonight – please take the night off and rest my friend.

Before we begin, I have a problem I’d like to address. Some of our members are getting an email (spam) that explains how to help them get out of financial dilemmas … I AM VERY FRUSTRATED AND DISCUSSED WITH THIS … please ignore and do not open this email!

KTFA members … it’s possible that you’re spoiled. We’re having some bandwidth issues. Could you please be a little bit sensitive to the font size, image size and video links that post on KTFA. I’m ok with people posting things, just please help me in reposting the same images, etc. – as the added bandwidth costs me hundreds of dollars each month.

Please listen … things posted on KTFA are often copied and pasted elsewhere on the internet. Get used to it. Likewise, things discussed in TeamChat … I’m ok with it being posted on our thread.

I am VERY pleased with the LAVA-FLOW of the IQD.

Our goal is NOT to leave anyone behind!

I believe that when some are negative – I and admins will remove these posts. We don’t have time to babysit those who refuse to study with us.

Tonight I’d like to give you bits-and-pieces of information that we studied over the last few days.

I made another recording … which I believe that you like … that is kind of like a front-row seat of our Teams study.

Delta and I were with our other Team members, and I’d like for your to hear that conversation.

AnimatedRock (KTFA forum member) has made some detailed study notes of our study here at KTFA, and he had some questions. Tonight we will try to address some of these questions with our Teams thoughts.

Frank26: Here is the recording:

DELTA – it was a requirement from the IMF and the World Bank. They know exactly what is going on. This is very important. I believe that the corruption issues are more important than the Mosul issues at the current time. All of this leads to the dropping of the 3 zeros. Waiting for Mosul to be announced – that should happen very soon.

We all know that the Middle East moves slow. This all should have been done six months ago. All indications were telling everyone that Abadi should have announced it this past weekend. As soon as Abadi gives them the green light – he will do it. Only certain areas in Iraq are not yet done. Very small areas. Not much left to do. The timing … Abadi could have announced it yesterday.

The end of Ramadan and the liberation of Mosul could happen at the same time. My back-wall … 1st week to middle of July. We should be getting more information from the CBI.

FRANK: No one is talking about 2018. Allaq is not talking about 2018. It’s obvious to see what they are doing. Allaq wants to keep everyone informed, but he is NOT talking about 2018. That is VERY encouraging.

DELTA: Yes. If Abadi announced Mosul (that’s what I’m waiting for because it shows SECURITY and STABILITY) – there is one big statement – the implementation of the IMF… (audio temporarily stopped).

DELTA: We have a target from now until July. The IMF – they want to see compliance. There is a group of people that don’t want this to happen – but this time … IT’S NOT GOING TO WORK!!!!! The CBI is doing a tremendous job. This is what I am waiting for.

July at the latest – but I am expecting it sooner. Abadi wants to go international – so maybe … 12-14 days (2 weeks). If they have 99% of the city – they have control! Abadi could announce it today … and so whatever he did in Fallujah. Today is the 12th … he (Abadi) said within 2 months. Something is holding the announcement up. I don’t believe that it’s Mosul. No way it’s Mosul.

Daddy (USA) is done giving them money and any more leeway. The time has come – this is the end. Trump knows exactly what he is talking about!

FRANK: (stopped the tape) – The Pentagon did not say anything about Baghdadi being dead. We believe that now he is a myth. Perhaps he’s had a facelift. They have his DNA right now.

FRANK: That is the end of that conversation with Delta and our Teams.

Now I’d like to address the questions that AnimatedRock had. We did this with Delta and myself on tape. Here is that information:

FRANK: Let me ask you these questions.

1 – the budget appeal for the 13th of June. Why was it appealed? Why was it not released? Why not show it?

DELTA: That is a good question. We did talk about that. Parliament added some things to the budget – which they cannot do! When they passed the budget, they added some things to it … and the budget went to the President … and it sat there for a very long time. Abadi was NOT pleased and did not allow it to go through.

FRANK: Parliament has allowed so much corruption. That kind of garbage has to come to an end.

2nd question … why would other counties want to do business with Iraq and only be paid in IQD. Why would other countries want it. They can’t buy oil in dinars. I told the family that they are rewriting contracts and paying them in their currency – and I may have jumped the gun – these contracts maybe being paid in USD. I was talking about the contracts coming from companies that wanted to come in and do business in Iraq at the invitation from Abadi.

DELTA: When Iraq goes international … we all know they have potential. Iraq knows they have potential and they are getting there. Companies are not looking to participate from a currency revalue standpoint … they are looking at the revenue for 20-30 years. They are looking at capital. They want to help with the rebuilding of Iraq.

FRANK: Companies have spent millions … waiting in the Long-Line … and they await the day to make billions. Why are trade deals being cancelled and renegotiated at the end of the month? They are restructuring contracts – ADDING to them.

Why is the Internet being shut down for just 1 hour for a few weeks in June? Iraq press says it’s for the students – so they can’t cheat.

DELTA: This has happened before. Unfortunately, cheating occurs a lot in Iraq.
Remember, the banks and CBI has generators – they have access to 24/7 electricity.

FRANK: As far as the internet shutting down – my goodness, with the Middle East mind-set of wanting to argue about everything … students may try to negotiate whether or not they cheated.

Why is the CBI training new personnel in July (July 2 to 20th)?

DELTA: When do you expect business to increase? They will need more employees. IMO -- They are ramping up. Business inside of Iraq will increase. Article 8 will help with everything increasing. They are expecting more and more business coming to Iraq.

FRANK: Perhaps they are replacing the corrupt employees.

DELTA: Good point Frankie.

What are they doing with the auctions?

Frank26: We believe they are piggy-backing them for the end of the month – when we expect them to stop.

DELTA: Extra auctions … just in case! It looks like now that these systems in automated … buying and selling is easier/faster. The results of the auctions are coming way-before they used too. The CBI has done a tremendous job on their system and they are ready at a moments notice.

FRANK: We believe that the MR will travel at the speed of light – and now that their equipment can travel at the speed of light … this is obvious what they are preparing to do. IMO – their system is the latest available … perhaps faster than what we have in the USA. This “program rate” is limping on this “high-tech” system. They are preparing for a revaluation – again in my opinion.

DELTA: The CBI and Allaq … he stated that the auctions are transitional.

FRANK: That’s like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly.

Why is Abadi leaving Iraq to go to SA?

DELTA: Remember the relationship used to be very bad between Iraq and SA. The relationship now is very, very important. For security purposes, we may not know exactly when Abadi travels to SA.

FRANK: I hope he gets to go … deals with the terrorism issue … all positive if he does go. IMO – Daesh is now mainly underground, hiding – they know we are not taking any prisoners.

What is the new purpose of auctions … (piggyback). IMO – it’s because they are about to go international.

Delta, what do you think about Allaq talking about their buy/sell exchange rules? I wonder if they are Article 8 compliant?

DELTA: If you read the FINAL ARTICLES sections … there are about 5 benchmarks they must comply with (with the IMF) to go International.

This should make you more and more happy! The World Bank, IMF, US Treasury … they are very strict! Iraq is just waiting to go international.

Remember, when Allaq said that preparations are underway? They could pull the trigger any day. All indications show that they are Article 8 compliant – we just need to see the true-rate.

FRANK: Most people are just looking for a date, because they don’t know what they are doing with this investment. You don’t buy a stock, and question everyday whether or not it went up in value. You sit and hold it … and watch it grow.

They are ready. They have advanced in technology. The lava-flow will always continue to go.

DELTA: What is going on, is preparatory for the monetary reform. This is VERY ENCOURAGING information.

FRANK: How can someone complain about the monetary reform? This is going much faster now. This is epic history!

What do you think about the Federal Police going into Mosul? Did you see that article?

DELTA: 99% of Mosul is normal … even Abadi talked about it. Life is returning to normal. Schools, banking open.

FRANK: You talked about the Real Estate Bank … and then 24 hours later the article came out … said they were not going to loan until Abadi gave them the OK to do so.

DELTA: Abadi needs to announce Mosul … and you’ll see this happen.

FRANK: The citizens and CBI … they all are in agreement. We are the ones that are confused.

Yes … the generals / leaders in Iraq predicted June … no one can predict the conditions of WAR!

If these Daesh fighters want to fight … well … the last bullet is coming!

DELTA: We are just waiting for the right timing. Expect the unexpected!

FRANK: God bless you Delta for being with us on this tape!

DELTA: You’re welcome. Love you all!

FRANK: I’d like to talk to you from the heart.

John (BlueStar) posted “we’re close”

What you got tonight was a better understanding of what we’ve been studying.

Allaq told us about the allocations/categories that they have accepted and applied when it comes to exchanging foreign currency. I AM GOING TO LEAVE THAT ONE ALONE … THAT IS NUCLEAR!!! This is extremely powerful! We will be adding this to our FINAL ARTICLES.

I believe that we have Mosul … don’t you family?

Today … Abadi came out and said in an amazing report about Mosul. It wasn’t a BIG type of announcement – but it’s everything we wanted to hear.

What do you want to hear?

For some Guru to tell you that it’s going to happen tonight? Or do you want for me to tell you the truth?

When Allaq postponed this back in January … now you are seeing the evidence that things are coming to an end.

Yes, they are moving into other areas to clean them up (areas closer to Syria). Some people throw their hands up in the air … “oh no, now we’re going to have to wait until next year.” DON’T DO THAT!!!!!

I don’t believe in coincidences … Allaq stated all of the issues … and said they have accomplished it. That was announced today! At the same time, we see a report from the US Treasury … announcing they are adding 96 more banks to the Black-List in Iraq. Allaq has been a good soldier! Stability and security was the goal – it’s now wrapped up with a ribbon!

The Federal Police says they are going into Mosul now. They will guard everything now that the troops are gone. Sounds good to me.

Parliament (legal committed – technocrats) requests for the Attorney General to deal with Maliki + 35 of his officials. The stinkin’ politicians will be dealt with. That’s a lot of banks! 780 + another 35 … WOW! They are not playing around anymore.

IMO … Abadi made a statement about Mosul. What the IMF wanted … there it is.

Maliki … IMO … he got immunity when he wasn’t able to steal the election the last time.

IMO … and this whole CC is in my opinion. Nothing can be done with Maliki because he has immunity. The PTB call the shots – made arrangements. Maliki … you are lucky that you have immunity. You gave up the Prime Ministership without a fight.

He will fade away like a bad soldier.

No announcement was made on the 10th.

No dignitaries visited on the 12th … BUT WE HAVE SECURITY AND STABILITY!!!

KTFA forum members are educated differently than anywhere else on the internet.
Now … from my heart.

I hope that you found tonight CC informative and gave you hope.

Before the beginning of this CC … I played 3 songs … while those songs were playing … we got a phone call about the monetary reform and it was VERY ENCOURAGING!!!

We have shared with you that they are paying at a different payscale.

You saw the articles about FLOATING … changed in purchasing power.

IMO … the Iraqi citizens … advisors in Iraq … they are much more advanced in knowing what is going on then you and I.

The phone call told us that another step of the MR.

I am not going to share that with you – because I was told not too. Instead, we brought Delta in … and what I heard was a shock!

I know you want this currency to revalue, so that you can see a capital gain so you can improve your life and the lives of others.

I don’t know WHEN it’s going to happen … but I sincerely believe it will happen in the year 2017 … end of story!!! What we learned today as a team … it happened!!! The lava-flow is moving forward.

So … we got Delta on the phone and we talked … we had an assignment for him. Delta will now look for it on the CBI website … and if he does find it … then we will show it to you.

They explained it back in January … the MR is a gradual process to get to 1-to-1.

IMO … they have turned the dial … flipped the switch on another amazing HUGE step of the monetary reform!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IMO … whatever the RATE or DATE is … this is coming to an end!!!!!

Let’s wait a week … maybe 10 days … maybe 2 weeks … when the EVIDENCE is there … a 2nd GIANT STEP OF THE MR HAS OCCURRED!!!!

What number do I like?

Do I like things in one’s … in two’s … how do I like my cookies? Do I eat one, do I eat two. That’s right! I always like things in THREE’S!!!

It’s all in-country … and the 2nd STEP has occurred. Perhaps in a few days/weeks we can prove that to you.

Need a lift?!!!

I hope you enjoyed your conference call.

Oh … I also put out a call to our 3 Musketeers. In their opinion, they said something about July 8th. I’d like to talk to them about that. Again, we are NOT giving you a rate or date … but I’d like to know more about what you were referring too.

If you decide to go back on LiveStream … you may not see what we are talking about. We have had weather issues all night long – and we may not even have a recording of this call.
CC ended in prayer/shofar

5/15/2017 KTFA Monday Night CC (Highlights by FrostyTheSnowman) FrostyTheSnowman:

5/15/2017 KTFA Frank26 Dinar Call w/o infomercials Replay Link 1hr 47min & Frank26 Transcripts

Here’s tonight’s 5/15/2017 HIGHLIGHTS … *** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this site Disclaimer

Frank26: Greetings family … welcome to another one of your conference calls here at KTF Always Today is Monday, May 15, 2017 I’d like to take you back to Monday the 8th of May. Here’s what has happened since. Iraq agreed to compensate Kuwait for the rest of the debt that they owed them. Kuwait basically told them not to pay them in currency, but in investment opportunities. So much reconciliation has been growing in the Middle East. An investment window was created for Kuwait. Now we are seeing articles about that. When the WB launched (see final articles) the monetary reforms, that was the 1st stage of a rocket that launched them into orbit. The 2nd stage is the CBI to lift the zeros. More education has continued to the citizens regarding an increase in power of purchase. The USD has continued to go down – (another example). IMO … the MR did not stop or postpone when Allak said in January to delay things. The MR is a lava flow … and CAN NOT stop! We’ve been waiting for Mosul to be liberated. We are very close for the IQD to go up in value. I believe 4 other currencies could go up in value too. In some of my videos I said that Moody just increase Vietnam’s credit rating. Please consider … maybe dozens of other currencies will be going down. Do you have Mosul? You might have it by the end of this CC. The Egyptian currency went down. The Muslin Brotherhood was removed … and will possibly allow it to increase in value … (just like Kuwait and Iraq). It’s also possible that the Iranian Rial may pop its head out too. We didn’t drop (MOAB) just to impress North Korea … did we Iran? Many articles are very impressive … and yet confusing. How is it possible for so much to be going on in Iraq with a program rate? The Army Chief said that they believe they can return the remains before Ramadan. The count of the dead … this is important to our Team for various reasons. THIS ENTIRE CC IS IN MY OPINION. ARTICLE: An economist was confused as to why for accounting purposes they use coins/fils … as in the stock market, etc. While I was gone, I talked many times to my Teams. We are just waiting for Iraq to ACTIVATE the rate. They’ve already LAUNCHED it. They’ve already IMPLEMENTED IT within the budget. But nothing will be worthwhile until they ACTIVATE it. IMO – we are close … and maybe other currencies are as well. I’d like to suggest … IMO … in the still of the night … the exchange rate of the IQD will change … IMO … on a Sunday. If it is a RAINBOW of currencies (not a GCR) … where the IQD leads a few … then a Sunday is when all banks align at once. An ideal time to do it. In my video I said that the ISIS caliphate has ended. Two hours later … the article surfaces. That article said that thousands of civilians were returning home to the center of Mosul. Many things need to be done before TRUMP goes to the Middle East and BEFORE Ramadan. Before Ramadan … during Ramadan? No policy can stop the MR! They are so READY family – it is very impressive. Example about Ramadan. Ramadan is NOT a holiday. It is a 30 day time period where they work less and eat less. About 2-3 years ago … remember when the new 25k was introduced with the new security features? That happened during Ramadan. IMO … they want to be INTERNATIONAL during the 1st half of 2017. It is possible … June 22nd Chapter VII will be long gone. Again, NO policies can stop the MR of Iraq. When Allak said he was going to postpose things back in January … due to Mosul / ISIS … the lava flow kept going. They were READY to lift the value in January … QUICKLY. They just needed Abadi to give a thumbs-up to do it. Abadi found a reason why not to do it. He needed Mosul to be free. The reconciliation is part of their currency. How can the World Bank DEMAND for Iraq to implement their monetary reform. How can they do that IF it hasn’t already been implemented? Allak and the CBI are like quarter-horses at the gate … they are ready. They only need to lift the value (3 zeros). Since Abadi left Washington, they have been moving at the speed of light. The power that be have given them the month of May to wrap things up. You might … be privy to the info about the liberation of Mosul. In March, Abadi said … “within 2 months they will be out of Chapter VII” What does Abadi need? Announce Mosul, and lift the zeros … and all before Ramadan the President Trump arrives. Trump is NOT going to Baghdad. The CBI has told you … they are ready. President Trump will go to SA … to meet all the Middle East leaders. Abadi told the citizens they he will give them a surprise … (last year) … during Ramadan. Humm. But he didn’t accomplish it then … BUT … IMO … he has a very good chance of doing it this year. If he does, vendors will be very pleased with the increase of purchase of power … as the citizens purchase for the poor during EID. Rashied Bank said they were going to have 10 locations that will sell the USD. While I was gone … they said they had to postpone that … because they had no liquidity. LOL! That action alone … that’s like saying “God Bless You!” – before someone sneezes. On Sunday night … on Iraqi TV … Abadi came out and talked to the citizens … said he would announce the liberation of Mosul within days. That just might happen within the next few days to 24 hours. Abadi has to make this announcement … because he has a lot of work to do. By Tuesday, or Wednesday – we should hear of the liberation of Mosul. LIBERATION will launch this country. President Trump wants them to raise the value of their currency! He wants them to emerge as victors and to compete. Next week … next week … next week … it will be a whole new ball game. ISIS is probably down to one square mile – military going door to door. The extinction of Daesh is coming! It is very different now. The caliphate is OVER! IMO … Abadi is ready to announce Mosul. It’s coming! ARE YOU READY? Abadi … has no choice. We have taken over. If the ACTIVATION should be on a Sunday … that would be good as the world banks align together. Abadi is trying to finalize everything in the month of May. Last year … Iraq said they would be INTERNATIONAL by the 1st half of 2017. This and next week will be BIG! I pray that they will IMPLEMENT! We are about to see ALL of the evidence that has hidden behind a FAT LADY. Purchase power … will be their NATIONAL PRIDE … IMO … before Ramadan. Give me Mosul … maybe tonight. Would you agree with me that the citizens of Iraq are safe/free now? When Mosul is announced by Abadi … get the FRONT-DOOR out of the way! On June 17th of 2014 … that was the 1st day that ISIS occupied Mosul. Three years … almost to the day … they are about to die! The committee to remove Daesh was sent by President Trump to the Middle East. McGurk. Everyone is on the same page. Abadi comes on Iraqi TV … told nations of the world that Iraq is open for business. What? A long-line of people have been waiting. So, what’s been going on behind closed doors? This morning … FoxNews reported … Teams said that a lot of activity was happening in Washington DC … a lot of people from the Middle East are here. The Saudi embassy … the King is here. Where is McGurk? He’s in SA. Where is the King of SA? He’s in Washington, DC. LOL!!! That’s a plan! IMO … President Trump is a God-send! I tip my hat to BlueStar … who told me that Donald Trump would be the next President. Trade across the world … you’re children will be looking at a different horizon than what they have been over the last 8 years. Frank26: China did a deal with President Trump (silk road). Imagine … during the days of Obama … our ships would take loads of timber to China … and China would make furniture out of it – then sell it back to the USA. What? I’m not an economist, but that is stupid. Obama allowed many to take advantage of us. O didn’t want you to have the RV – and that is my STRONG OPINION!!!!!!!!! Iraq is a cornerstone … thanks to President Trump! President Trump wanted this … not Obama! We the USA protect this planet … to be safer. We are the babysitters of all nations. Iran, China, and Russia are finding out again. YOU DON’T MESS WITH US! I know that sounds prideful – but do you wish to argue it? Delta posts an article this morning … “Declaration of Victory” said by Abadi. Then this article … THIS IS HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It talks about the monetary reform, the budget, etc. “Medium term” means right now! They are going to manage the FLOAT of the IQD … (yup, they learned from Kuwait). “Easy” decisions … (solves the liquidity crisis) This was by the same economist that hangs out with Allak and Saleh – very sharp guy. They told you … their goal is to get to 1 to 1 All of this information is coming at the speed of light … just like we said once we have Mosul. Just like a child that has to go #1 … that “urge” cannot wait any longer. The CBI has been ready since JANUARY of this year! They are ready to go! A managed float? That’s back to the GLORY DAYS family! 72-78 days … it will peak. What were the glory days? $3.40ish For Abadi to come out and say that they are OPEN for INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS … to me … that means that the MR is no longer an issue! How’s that for a statement? Mosul is not even an issue? Stability is not an issue. Security is not even an issue. The first ½ of 2017 is coming to an end. Abadi can NOT make this invitation WITHOUT an RV! These companies have been NOT been able to come in … YET. I called it a crossroads. 1) Mosul 100% announced 2) McGurk/Trump 3) International Companies 4) RV President Trump will leave for the Middle East on the 19th … arrives on the 20th. If you see this Tues-Thurs – then Mosul is liberated and IMO … it also stops the influence of Iran. This is the 1st time in history that a President Trump will meet with so many leaders of the Middle East. The MOAB bomb sent a message to Iran (and other countries that fear Iran) – that we are there! Did you notice the article about the SURPLUS? Echos of Kuwait and Pres. Clinton. Oh, Iran … Iraq is NO longer your puppet! We are about to deal with Maliki too. The USA troops are doing a clean-up of Mosul … (faster pace) … just like the World Bank basically said … “move over Iraq – you’re moving too slow.” Iranian influence is not melting … IMO … it’s gone! And that happened within the first few months of President Trump. In the history of the WB and the IMF … they have NEVER asked a country to do their MR. But they sure DEMANDED it of Iraq. The tapestry is weaving a beautiful picture. May the 17th … sticks in my soul. Maybe an announcement. A Sunday … any given Sunday … is also deep in my soul. Mosul … soon. Trumps arrival … very historic. I believe that McGurk is in SA right now, getting ready for the announcement. Let’s see what happens before Trump arrives and Ramadan. We as a Team … we are looking for 2 things. #1 – Mosul 100% liberated. #2 – A rate change within the CBI (which Delta watches for). All of this BEFORE Ramadan and Trump arrives would be VERY WISE for Abadi to do. The end of May … is the end of the two months that Abadi told the UN about. Last thing to leave with you … I started with a requirement … “GIVE ME MOSUL” – and I’ve painted the picture that Mosul is within days – said directly by Abadi … who has his finger (as well as the CBI) on the trigger to do this! You’ve seen it … they are going to FLOAT! This is plastered all over Iraqi TV … which started just before our CC tonight. “URGENT – “To our people in the remaining areas under the occupation of the terrorists, the hour of decisiveness has come close at the hands of your armed forces, and in order for the victory to be achieved and the joy to be achieved with the least losses, we ask you to stop using the wheels and motorbikes,” Yaniri’s chief of operations Abdulamir Yarallah said in a statement to twilight news. All kinds immediately. “ “The enemy uses them – wheels and bicycles – in attacks on our forces under the pretext of transporting families,” he said. “The army will hit any wheel moving in the streets of this neighborhood from the evening of this May 15th until the completion of its liberation, and we will provide the necessary wheels for transport and evacuation on the side of any contact with any family.” If this CC didn’t take you from A-Z and fill you with hope of what we seek … then I don’t know what else to do. We offer no date … no rate … we offer a study with dignity. IMO … very, very soon you will have Mosul as LIBERATED by Abadi. President has sent his envoy to prepare for this announcement. Ramadan awaits a promise from Abadi. While I try to drop off to sleep each night … I think and pray about each of you. Soon we will be “ONWARD CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS!” Cc ended with prayer/shofar PLAYBACK LINK

Highlights From KTFA Monday Night CC 2-6-17

FrostyTheSnowman: Here’s tonight’s HIGHLIGHTS …

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

Frank26: Greetings family … welcome to another one of your conference calls here at KTF Always!

If you are a member of our forum, you saw me post earlier today … I said that I only want to open one file tonight … and due to the sensitivity, we decided not to bring Delta on the call tonight.

One of these 2 files I am going to share with you tonight.

It’s not that I’m trying to take my toys away and go home …

Please take what I have for you tonight to God in prayer.

Our TeamChat on Friday … we are not going to cover anything that was discussed in TeamChat.

Two Friday’s ago we mentioned the words “yellow cake” … and the thread before today … it talked about “YELLOW CAKE.”

You also saw this in TeamChat … please understand … I may say something that doesn’t make sense at the time … but given time … it does.

I’ve compiled a lot of articles … it’s about 1.5 pages … from a few threads ago … these are the articles that support what we talked about last week.

I mentioned that the “ball is in Trump’s courts”.

Someone just posted in Chat … Yellow Cake = Uranium.

Uh … no … not in this context. Yellow cake … means GOLD.

How is it that RESERVES have nearly DOUBLED?

Private sector … private contracts … and GOLD!!!

In this file that I’m not going to get into tonight … it mentions 30 days … remember, Delta brought us the component that says that Iraq can only keep the rate of their currency off of the CBI’s website for 30 days.

BUT … when did the 30 days start?

On the 1st?

One the 4th when the indicative rate disappeared?

Maybe on the 11th going into the 12th ……. Why? Because they had a meeting that you didn’t know about – BUT YOU DO NOW!

Or … maybe on the 17th, 18th and 19th ……. Why? Because, once again, they had meetings that you didn’t know about until now. And you’ve seen the articles.

You really shouldn’t worry about those 30 days … or try to measure them …….. Why?
This is a special case.

If you haven’t figured it out yet … Iraq is being treated like the prettiest girl at the dance.
Who is helping Iraq out with the monetary reform? The USA, UN, IMF, World Bank … but the USA is deeply involved in the MR of the IQD. The things that are going on … are NOT to fail!!!

No point in swimming ½ way across the English channel … and then stop to come back. That’s kinda dumb isn’t it? Same distance, isn’t it.

We don’t know the date.

The 30 days may be ignored … and now that we’re into February … (there is a lot of stuff in this file).

So we’re making special arrangements with Iraq? Breaking rules and breaking laws?
This whole CC is in my opinion.

None of this CC should be taken to the proverbial bank … it should be taken to God in prayers.

The spreadsheet of the CBI website … IMO … has been given special variances.

I want to talk to you about something … but before I do … would you help me? I’d like to recruit many of you tonight … I’d like to ask you a question.

If you could talk to the powers that be … to the person who “pushes the button” to launch the monetary reform … if you could ask them ONE QUESTION … what would it be? What would you ask them right now?

Post your question in Chat.

Tink has the answer that I want to teach you tonight.

There are many moving parts of monetary reform.

Around summer time I said “give me Fallujah and you’ll get the ECONOMIC REFORMS.”

The economic reforms are in full-bloom. You’ve seen the pictures … the hotels, museums, the businesses that are opening up … shelves filled with merchandise … that’s pretty good huh?

So … when did you have Fallujah?

Around August … I think. Look what’s happened since then in Nov and Dec.

The ECONOMIC REFORM … exploded exactly when we told you it would.

So DoodleBug … you got the answer we were looking for. J

DoodleBug is quite a student … she researches the articles to understand.


Before we walk into this file … (now watch the Internet follow what we say … and I’m not trying to be a champion of intel) … because the rest of the net is not talking about this … and that concerns me. I would love for them to take what we say, which they normally do … and REPEAT it … and go ahead … tear it apart … understand the value of what we are trying to teach tonight.

We have the ECONOMIC REFORM … doubling … and they are exploding.

Now … give me MOSUL … (stability/security) … and what will you have? … The Monetary Reform.

So in the last 10 days … how many articles have you seen that elude to the fact that once we have Mosul … they’ll be able to do a lot of things
Allak basically said that once they had eliminated Daesh … you’d have the MR … “back to the glory days.”

IMO … things are going well in Mosul.

IMO – very well.

But … no one needs to talk about Mosul in depth.

Yesterday … I was interested in what President Trump did about an hour before the Super Bowl.

He was interviewed, and he was asked how things were in Iraq … specifically about Mosul. Trump pointed his finger … and he said that Obama always told the media what we (military) was going to do BEFORE they did it. I salute Trump for that! HOORAH!!!

For the last 8 years … it’s like we were trying to help the enemy. Don’t give me that look that I’m being critical of Obama … its HISTORY!!!!

Mosul is a moving target … because it was freakin’ designed that way.

Look … I love you … and IMO after the 12th of February … you will learn a lot more about the MR … about Mosul … about Baghdadi.

This is my study … my opinion … and now your study … if you’re a student. Do you understand that?

The fact that you should be very much aware of … and grateful for is that this is a moving target … and the fact that the MR is moving.

They say so much about the budget … yet we don’t see any numbers. That says a lot to us as Teams.

It’s a moving target … we continue to move in the direction of each one of these targets that leads to the Monetary Reform.

The economic reform exploded … and the private sector in the last few weeks has exploded … money … huge amounts … by businesses and banks … moving into Iraq. Many researched … found evidence … and were amazed.

IMO – this explosion is a direct part of the MR.

In order for the MR to take place … the private sector did what it needed to do … while you were asleep.

It’s all done … economic reforms … all done.

The MR … all of the procedures … all procedures … all backing … all done.

So when are we going to get it?

Right now … the economic reform coordinates itself right now.

In the last few days … articles have been coming out about the NATIONAL RECONCILIATION.

I’d like for you to study what that means.

How does it work with the alliance?

What is it doing in Iraq right now?

I will give you a lot up help … to push you … up to the 12th.

Inside of Iraq … I’m telling you … if they are talking to you NOW about the NATIONAL RECONCILIATION … that is because it is VERY IMPORTANT. Drop the mic!!!

I consider it to be …

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you !!!!!!!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you !!!!!!!!!!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear Iraq !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IMO … KTFA family … that I love so much … the NATIONAL RECONCILIATION LAW is the end of everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now do you see why I believe that is the right question to ask about the person who pushes the button?

IMO – the NATIONAL RECONCILIATION is everything that we are involved with … Economic Reform, Budget, QiCards, HCL, Security/Stability that comes from Mosul..

This is the candle that you put on a birthday cake … already lit … asking you to blow it out.
Do you mind if I call it the … “NRL”? So I don’t have to keep saying that over and over?
The NRL encompasses everything.

When we see the NRL … we are going to be so close to the MR being announced.

Are you having fun?!!!

One of the 3 Musketeers posted that are going to post something tonight … can you guys wait until tomorrow … so that our Teams can study the NRL.

Everyone … SKULL CRUSHERS, NEWSHOUNDS … find EVERYTHING YOU CAN about the NATIONAL RECONCILIATION (NRL) that you can … post it … teach each other … teach the family
This is the conclusion of our studies.

The NRL … is equivalent to our natural rights.

Inside of the Middle East … this is a REQUIREMENT! A HUGE REQUIREMENT inside of Iraq.

During 1964-1966 I lived in Chicago during the time of the Civil Rights movement. The Black Panthers scared me … at 10 years old … I didn’t understand. Humanity had been abusing each other for a long time for a lot of things. All men are created equal … so says our Constitution.

Once the 70’s moved in … and we united behind the goal of landing on the moon … we sure made a quantum leap. That is what the NRL will bring to Iraq.

I believe the NRL in Iraq is moving forward at the speed of light.

I believe that it is tied together with Mosul.

This NRL is becoming a HOT topic in Iraq.

Like I said … President Trump scared the daylights out of Iraq in saying that he would take their OIL, their GOVERNMENT … and low and behold … they started moving at the speed of light.

The SHOT that we taught you about … those 3 threats (in your CC notes) … the SHOT that was heard across the POND … for the NRL … well … that’s the end.

As a businessman … Donald Trump understands MULTI-TASKING … Iraq does not.

I believe that Trump wants several things to GO OFF simultaneously.

I believe that the request by Trump to Abadi … to get the NRL done … (time to fish, or cut bait) … and if you cut-bait … well it sucks to be you … cause we’re just going to take over everything.

The USA isn’t the only one country that is doing a travel ban. OH SNAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are about 5 countries now.

Thank you Jordan, Kuwait, the UK … you know … all of those countries that are joining us in this travel ban. Sense of “brotherhood” --- or national alliance.

Because of the security and stability that DOUBLED … IMO … this allowed many of the assets in Iraq … in roughly the last 10 days … to also DOUBLE.

The NRL … you know what it’s going to do? Stability / security / end corruption / etc. and brings forth the MR.

For the CITIZENS and the MINISTERS … it will introduce a “perfect frame of mind” … vs … the “PERFECT MISTAKES” -- that they’ve tried to use to confuse you family.

There is very little confusion from this point forward.

Frank26: The MR and MOSUL … come together … you watch that … it’s very close.
That’s why the NRL that represents the same thing is being BRAGGED about over the last few days.

This is the LAW that never existed before … it will bring CIVIL RIGHTS to Iraq.

They are hinting to you about this in articles … almost DAILY.

THE NRL … is the RIGHT OF THE IRAQI CITIZENS … not the Sunni’s, not the Shiites, not the Shia’s, not the Kurds, not the Christians, etc. --- it brings them together AS ONE!!!

I want Mosul … but I don’t want to talk about it.

An Iranian militiaman … Donald Trump called him out last week.

I told you some things about Baghdadi.
What’s up with Iran firing off missiles?

Donald Trump called out the Iranian fighter. We know what you are doing man.

That also put fear into Iran – they know they can’t mess with Donald Trump.

Donald Trumps speed is way too fast for the Middle East. Obama gave away billion and billions of your tax dollars away to Iran. (Crazy).

Trump is demanding for the NRL. (National Reconciliation Law)

When Trump turned to Hakiem … in less than 24 hours … Hakiem changed his tone of his voice and his opinion … because Trump told them he would take back their oil and their government.

If you’ve been watching … the IMF says that they have been meeting with them. They have some money for them … and the World Bank and the UN said they have some money for Iraq … after Daesh is over.

Banking stocks started to soar in Iraq – must have been a lot of money entering that country.

Baghdadi’s commanders are turning on him.
Not much of an army left.

Many moving parts of the MR … and these are MOVING TARGETS.

Trump sure talks a lot about doing this … or that … which all takes money … because he knows.

The World Bank is offering its financial support to Iraq. Why? They also want Iraq to do their NRL.

Do you understand that is a mirror image … like what Alak said about the IQD?

World Bank … the NRL … important for them to start it NOW!

All they got to do is the NRL … gives them equality …

Are they going to start paying salaries? Yes. Salaries are coming out too.

There is another article … PARLIAMENT … the OIL and going on with Egypt will strengthen the regional balance. What currency did I say would be next? IMO? Somebody agreed to something.

Something happened over the weekend … you’ll see the articles.

Look for the FREEDOM article ... about the NRL that will be coming out soon.

Look for Ministers of Defense with Abadi.

The NATIONAL CARD … on an INTERNATIONAL LEVEL … I pray to God that you understand that!

It is like an ID Card … just like you Driver’s License (which give you a lot of rights).

Look for the World Bank to talk a lot more.

Look for more about the Travel Bans.

The Anti-Money Laundering / Terrorism … look for those.

People all over the place are being wacked all over the place. Lots of ministers being arrested.

The criminals with the GOI/ CBI is coming out.

The NRL also brings out the TRUTH about these bad people.

Iraq is going after criminals … in and outside of Iraq.

A lot of people are paying for it right now.

The NRL is very important … this is the longevity of the security / stability that brings forth the MR. Do you understand that statement? Good! Tattoo that somewhere.

The NRL = INFRASTRUCTURE inside of Iraq.

Blow out those birthday candles … the old infrastructure is history.

They will VOTE on it tomorrow.

They will swear in a bunch of ministers … getting rid of the corrupt ones … that will be heading to jail.

That’s why the NRL is now so popular.

I believe that by the 12th … we (and you) will know a lot more about this.

You will learn more about the new ministers, the NRL.

By the way … all of the new ministers … are ALL pro Abadi!

What’s been stopping the MR? Oh yeah.

As far as Maliki … he is a waste of time to even talk about. He’s not even a figment of his own imagination anymore. He was neutered a long time about – not able to reproduce his evil anymore.

No one … not even Iran is buying what Maliki is saying/selling.

The BS … about Trump not wanting to take Abadi’s phone calls … that was BS from Maliki’s bozo’s who released that info.

You should be extremely happy family!

The NRL is CLARITY … and around the 12th … things will be even MORE clear!

So much evidence of the NRL.

Is the NRL done? IMO … yes!

When are we going to have it?

IMO … After Abadi swears in the new ministers … about the same time they give you Mosul.

Praise God!

That is why the World Bank has moved forward with what they are saying about Iraq.

After the 12th … eyes will be open to the logic of our study.

Our study is in the 1st quarter of 2017 … the MOOKLA – keep that in mind.

The NRL … IMO … is going to give you MOSUL … and you know very well what our studies say after that.

The MOOKLA of 2017!

If it doesn’t turn out that way … well then … you’re welcome NOT to study with me anymore.

Donald Trump has gone ballistic about procedures about Iraq.

Yes, our troops are there with the Golden Division … we are neck-deep in Iraq.

IMO … President Trump is HEAVILY involved in Iraq … because Trump is NOT Obama!
The Middle East knew and knows this!

Kirkuk and Fallujah … went VERY FAST!

MOSUL … let’s just say that it was … “timed.”

As far as the internet being shut down that was for the students … LOL … whatever.

IMO … you leave communication open for the enemy so you can listen to the enemy … then once you have done that … then you start to shut down the internet … taking away their ability to communicate – but only to a CRITICAL POINT <<< that is a keyword right there. We are at a CRITICAL POINT.

When the leaders are breaking rank with Baghdadi … that says a lot.

Where is Baghdadi? [Defected leaders won’t say.]

IMO --- there is now a complete break down within Daesh … and that equals stability / security.

They should have gotten out when they had a chance … like when their leader ran. Oh snap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nobody is being taken alive.

What’s you worried about, huh?

The NRL is ALREADY AGREED UPON … (I hope you listen to this) … it’s just a simple vote … that will bring to forth to the world.

The NRL was WELL COOKED over the weekend!

The NRL is why I ask you … “what are you worried about?”

Let them announce that Baghdadi is done … and that we have Mosul and the MR. Does it have to happen in that order? Not necessarily.

Watch for an article from the World Bank TOMORROW.

Please find me everything you can on the NRL.

Once they (World Bank) has stability / security / Mosul … they want to do business with Iraq.

Remember … like I’ve told you before … when you read something … it’s ALREADY HAPPENED. Keep that in mind … especially in the last few days.

Here’s a hint … Did you see an article from PARLIAMENT TODAY … about an “emergency meeting today” … … ok … go ahead … pretend that you are going to vote on the NRL. Read it twice … vote on it … swear in your ministers … get Baghdadi … then hold emergency meetings … and then put that in the Gazette … ok?

Around the 12th … we will learn more.

Especially IF applicable … something might be put on the 12th … and then 3 days later … it comes out on the 15th. What does? The UNOP’s (United Nations Operational Rates) … (hummmmmm – see why we hit that target now?)

All of this conference call is in MY OPINION.

The FINAL ARTICLES are fascinating right now.

They said they would lift the 3 zeros … so is this why they haven’t put up the rate yet … going on like 40 days now.

Trump is saying a lot about the MR … without saying it. But he IS saying the right things!
Trump says … “Who knows … maybe we’ll get another chance” … you mean like their oil?
May I change that a little … “Who knows … maybe we’ll get another chance at an RV!” -- because Maliki and Obama are now gone!

ARTICLE … keywords (meaning the proxy Governor of CBI) – achieving the task of the MR … wow! That’s not even a leak!

The World Gold Council … they say that Iraq is within their goal. Oh, you mean their “yellow-cake”. LOL

On Wednesday’s CC … the 72 to 78 … the float may have been altered … due to DOUBLING that occurred … watch the price of OIL to jump dramatically … maybe the float won’t even be needed anymore.

But in order for the 72 to 78 to qualify that period of oil … I told you … let’s see … 120.
We need a crisis …

Kurds – are you guys happy? (Yeah!)

One complaint … Sistani needs to mind his own damn business.

This entire CC has been in my opinion.

We do have an request … there are so many of you now … which is good … but Tink and I need help … from our prayer warriors … to become more involved to help those who are asking for prayers. We thank you … and we’re counting on forward with our 1%.

We’ll see what we do on Wednesday CC … we have a lot to talk about … but we may not be able to … as we narrow through our study channel. This is our responsibility.

USA Today’s Money section says … The DOW 20,000 … NOW WHAT?

Good question … the DOW hit 20k again … twice already this year. Let us hope we’ll see it continue to hit 20k and stay there.


Highlights From KTFA Wednesday Night CC 1-11-17


FrostyTheSnowman: Here’s tonight’s HIGHLIGHTS …

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

Greetings family … welcome to another one of your conference calls at
We have 4 files (legal sized notepads) full of notes for tonight conference calls.

Tonight should be our "business" conference call, but we will NOT be doing that tonight because we have 4 very large files to review with you tonight – lots to share.

If I’m not done in about 1.5 hours, I’m just going to stop. I’m fatigued … been on the phone constantly for the last 48 hours with questions and prayer requests. I’m not trying to complain … all glory to our Heavenly Father.

We have some powerful information to share with you tonight.

Some question what I say on our conference calls … and then about 3 days later … they see the evidence.

On Monday’s cc … if you can early … you heard a conversation between Delta and I before we started the live call. And the same thing happened today.

I want to tell you something … the things about Mosul, the Budget, Baghdadi, IBAN, MCP and the Auctions … all these things … this is not a process of events anymore.

This is a progression. It’s a process that is leading us in the direction of the Monetary Reform.

Now … IMO … this is an ENDING of EVENTS!!!

We’ve done our best and you’ve been good students.

Each word I’ve given you … I’ve “word-crafted” … calculated for you family.

IMO … we are on track for many things.

The BUDGET, as you saw … that floored us … on the following day on Tuesday you see President Masum approve it … signs it … sends it to the Gazette to be printed.

Oh my goodness!

This whole conference call is IN MY OPINION.

That move … along with many others … I feel that they have dropped the 3 zeros from their exchange rate ... and that they are just hiding that process.

I believe their goal is lift the 3 zeros in the MOOKLA of this year family … and hide the process.

When do you think you’ll see this?

I asked many to post their opinions on our forum today – proud of you all.

IMO … I think we will see this sometime after the 20th!!!

Oh no … some of you will say … “Frank, you’re moving it away from the MOOKLA” -- (the beginning of January). If that’s how you feel, there are other Guru’s you can listen to, and you can listen to them. I know damn-well what I’m doing.

How will they be able to hide this?

If they lifted the 3 zeros from their exchange rate … did you know that through the IMF … they only have 3 days (legally) … to release it INTERNATIONALLY. Did you know that?

If the rate … if the numbers … if the PERMISSION … (you really better take notes, you’re going to need them).

If the permission did not necessarily come through the IMF … to the CBI to be posted (new rate) … maybe an LOI (Letter of Intent) was sent to the UN first.

That would make sense because they hold a sanctions 7. If it did come through the UN … how long would they have? Is it 3 days? NO! They have 10 days.

Look … my Teams found themselves in an “ENVIRONMENT” where they were asking questions … there is more than one environment where we were asking question.

One environment had us very nervous in the first week of November. When we asked certain questions … they said … “well, we don’t know.”

No one in the Middle East likes Obama … nor Hillary. Probably not. Is this why they were nervous? The answer to those questions were very volatile … very, very dynamic … very, very acute. In other words, if I answered the question … I could give you a completely different answer.

My Teams found themselves in an environment … that on the night of the election … (November 8th) … our Teams / sources were all nervous. But the moment they all knew that Trump would become the President … EVERYTHING SHIFTED.

I’m not trying to be political. I’ve already swallowed 8 years of bile. No room left for me to be political. Just facts.

Then we saw the budget … the day after your Monday conference call … a call that was loaded to the rim. Yes .. it shifted dramatically … it was just like flipping on a light switch … the attitude changed that quickly.

Now the budget is NOT waiting for Trump. I believe they will lift the numbers BEFORE the 20th … but they will keep it quiet.

If it comes from the UN – legally they have 10 days. If it comes from the IMF … they have 3 days.

For those who say … “well I thought it was coming from the CBI, Frank!” -- Oh ye of little knowledge.

There are many moving parts to the monetary reform of Iraq. The IMF and the UN has certain responsibilities. They are NOT going to do it for Donald Trump or Obama … if anybody gets the credit … it’s for EO 13303. They are doing it for their people … their nation … for them to return to their former days of glory.

If you want to give credit to someone … give it to Alak and Abadi.

I already told you on Monday’s conference call … legally the country … through the IMF cannot change their rate in the middle of a fiscal year … only at the beginning of the year. That’s why the MOOKLA (first of the year) is so important.

On the CBI website front-page (spreadsheet) … where do you think the CBI get those numbers?

They come from the IMF.

When they went through the legal process of sending a LOI … by the GOI … straight to the IMF … why did they do that? The letter tells them (the IMF) that they (GOI and CBI) have met the requirements and THEY ARE READY. [Refer to the “Final Articles”]. Legally … they have to let them know.

Yes … they have about 30 something laws to pass ... they are ready to change the rate of their currency.

LETTER OF INTENT (LOI) … legally they have to let the IMF know they are ready to make the change.

Iraq has accounts at the UN … also the IMF … also at the US Treasury.

After the GOI sent the LOI to the “agencies” where they have accounts … that is part of the legality.

Then the Governor of the CBI … makes it effective … and changes the rate.

The GOI they already sent the notification … sent the math (budget) … and LOI went to the IMF.

They are ready to give the NEW RATE at the beginning of 2017.

So … is Iraq ready to start paying their dues?

The IMF knows what they are going to do in 2017 … the IMF supplies the numbers for the spreadsheet … BUT … since the 4th of January … there has NOT been any “1182” on that spreadsheet.

IMO … they have lifted the 3 zeros … or they are about too in the month of January … they’re just keeping it quiet until they are ready.

All of this was from a report from the CBI to the GOI … to the IMF … and the IMF sent them all over (US Treasury) … Kuwait … everyone got involved.

No numbers on the CBI website (spreadsheet) … we haven’t seen anything new since the 4th of January. Only the IMF can send the new numbers to the CBI so that the CBI can post it “officially” on their website.

This process of the monetary reform … everyone has agreed with the numbers.

The budget has been approved and will be in the Gazette very soon.

Who else got the LOI?

Who is the mother of all Central Banks?

The BIS (Bank of International Settlements) … they also know that Iraq is ready.

So when the CBI updates their new numbers … the international world will be able to see the new rate.

How long is it going to take before we see the numbers change?

I have no problem waiting until the 20th.

Stop and think about it … think back to December when we told you about IBAN … it was set up on the 2nd … and today is the 11th … they’ve been doing INTERNATIONAL transactions since the 2nd?

Maybe yes … maybe no. It’s set up to do it … as long as sanctions 7 has been removed. This is why I believe there is no rate on the CBI’s website.

*** If they have lifted the 3 zeros … then sanctions should have been lifted by now? ***

CAN I GET YOUR ATTENTION FAMILY???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t you think so family? Make a star around that last point family … because we’re coming back to that last statement like a Level 5 Hurricane.

IMO … they are about ready to make the change.

Inside of Iraq (for the last few months) … they’ve done pretty good. I just can’t talk about it right now.

Outside of Iraq … well … they’ve set it up.

They know they have to be Article VIII compliant. Freedom of money must move in/out of Iraq – without a program rate! Iraq cannot maintain a program rate on an international level.
IMO … right now … what they are doing … whether or not they keep it hidden … or don’t keep it hidden … Mosul hidden … Budget hidden … new rate still hidden … well ok. Many things are NOT hidden. I believe that this investment of ours is in a stage of “legality.”

Some legal issues have to be dealt with by the IMF, etc. for them to lift the value of their currency.

I believe that those are done … and being applied now.

The CBI is NOT lying to us … they are IMPLEMENTING what they told us … at the beginning of 2017 to trade INTERNATIONALLY … and I see all of the equipment, the necessities to do just that.

No … this is not for Trump or Obama.

The lifting of the 3 zeros is for the citizens of Iraq … for their country.

So .. they hurry … they scurry … BEFORE the 20th. That’s in interesting thought!

As soon as Trump becomes President … a lot of things are going to happen.

IMO … If Iraq is not ready to go international before we have a new President … Iraq may have a lot of the door close in front of them … because the new president, is a no-nonsense president. No more free money Iraq … and they know it!

They know and understand they must be international … NO MORE FREE MONEY … and that is why they are trying to get everything done before …uh … uh … whatever.

WS showed us an article … about the fact that the CBI has a new way of doing auctions now.

The CBI is now in REVERSE. Oh my goodness! They used to take the USD to buy dinars. No more auctions like they used to be done. They are now e-Dinars … everything will be electronic. The MCP is gone. IBAN is ready to go … BUT … NOT at a program rate!!!!!!!!!
Yes they will still have auctions … BUT not like the ole’ days.

These steps will keep them from counterfeiting and smuggling – which is exactly what needed to be done.

The CBI used to make their money through these auctions … but now it will all be done in reverse.

It will be due to the LOWER DENOMS that are coming out ... IMO.

With the new system … it’s completely different … you have to go into the CBI and use foreign currency (like the American Dollar) to buy the currency that you now need. What is that new currency you are going to need? Lower denoms!!! Because the 3 zeros will not be of interest to them anymore!

They are tired to carrying around all of that odd currency. They will have fils, coins, edinars, etc. The citizens will have to BUY them, open an account. No more freebies. New mathematical policy. New notes, new rate.

Iraqi banks will use all foreign currency … but this will not be done free.

While I can’t say that the old auctions are gone … I can say that the old way of doing the auctions is extinct.*** As the international money comes into Iraq through IBAN … well … it will flood the country with currency. ***

So now that INTERNATIONAL money will start to pour inside Iraq … from the outside due … due to IBAN … the CBI now … will start making a killing … because when people make this exchange in reverse … the CBI is going to make some good money with the spread when the new IQD is transferred through their banks. The spread will give the CBI profit due to the new math.

The IMF … they said they only needed to collect about 75% of the 3 zeros from the street … I’m here to tell you … they’ve got over 90+% collected from the streets /markets / citizens hands. Please understand … (newbies) … lifting the 3 zeros is NOT a LOP!
What we have seen about e-Dinar has been very encouraging … but we don’t have time for that tonight.

This rate … (that they might be hiding) … is NOT a negative rate … NOT a program rate … do you understand … this is an increase in value.

The 3 zeros notes (10%) -- that is out there … WILL NOT work with the new math that is coming.

Because of the e-Dinars … IMO … we do not need to see all of the LD’s at the very beginning.

I think the 50, 100 and 200 would suffice. If the citizens get into the banks … get accounts … get credit cards … the e-Dinars will take care of everything else with the QiCards. This is a part of their plan.

All of this is contingent … on security and stability.

Frank26: Is MOSUL a part of the MR? No.

Mosul has Baghdadi in it.

Does the NEW BUDGET … that they are about ready to release to you … does it have the NEW rate inside of it? Don’t worry if it doesn’t. Abadi can change that with a snap of the fingers by Executive Order.

*** I am also of the school of thought that it would be very embarrassing to come out with a program rate … especially if you lifted the 3 zeros … which means you’re in Article VIII … but can only be defined IF Chapter VII was lifted – ONLY!!!! ***

IMO … the budget has been ready for over a month and the CBI a little longer than that.
Everything is in a “READY MOOD” in my opinion.

I’d like to bring your attention to an article that WalkingStick posted … POST #300

The Rasheed Bank got a huge shipment of currency. We know they don’t have any “liquidity.” Why? Do you know what that’s for? It’s for a few cities that have been recaptured … mopping and cleaning them up … cleaning up the banks … and loading up the banks with currency for the citizens.

Do you think it’s the currency with 3 zeros … or the LD’s?

Do you think that the 3 zeros would END the crisis of 2 YEARS of NO CURRENCY?????

Or do you think the lower denoms would?

This money … HUGE amount … came to their banks by security escort … REALLY? For a program rate, toilet paper currency? They could have had the Boy Scouts deliver it.

They have been very busy family since they’ve been back … working on over 30 laws … that’s the HCL that is inside of that budget … protected with a rider … waiting for the new rate … the new mathematics … top determine exactly how much every citizen in Iraq will receiving – their fair share of the oil production of that country
So what do you think? Will Abadi show up at Donald Trump inauguration on the 20th … or will he be in Davos, Switzerland … (bragging his country and a 1186 program rate)??? That would be a waste of time … wouldn’t it?

This budget that surprised and shocked everyone … it’s about 100 Trillion Dinars (about 85 Billion USD).

Two days ago … Delta told you … the BUDGET is the next step.

Then 24 hours later … TA-DA!!!!!

Because of this announcement … we feel they are on track … somewhere after the 20th.
Their goal is to HIDE … not that they’re hiding it FROM us … but hiding is FOR us.

The new math will belong to the INTERNATIONAL world.

IMO … sometime in January … maybe sometime after the 20th

This is well orchestrated. They are embedded in the monetary reform.

Iraq knows that their gestation period is due.

No more free money for Iraq!

The IBAN and the BUDGET are … IMO … because of the security & stability from Mosul.
We are seeing more of Mosul at a very quicker pace.

Therefore … more of the monetary reform evidence is coming out.

The budget at 1182 … (if it comes out that way) … is easily changed ... and retroactive to January 1st.

The battle of Mosul has a completely new landscape to it.

The UN Operational rates typically come out on the 1st and the 30th … but did you know that they can come out on the 15th … IF IT IS APPLICABLE! Do you think that the change of a program rate is a good reason for something being APPLICABLE in the middle of the month … from the UN? Especially if the UN were to say something – like I’m going to at the end of this conference call.

Write this down …

*** Abadi is going to be in Davos, Switzerland on the 17th, 18th and the 19th. On the 20th the event in Davos ends. Could Abadi go to Davos on the 17th & 18th and leave on the 19th … and be at the inauguration on the 20th? Humm! ***

*** Remember … there is no announcement or RV or Green Light if the Prime Minister is not in the country. *** That’s a fact Jack!

Did you know that Trump has already talked to Abadi twice already?

Did you know that in one of those talks that Trump told Abadi told come see him AFTER the inauguration?

Trump knows what they’re doing. Abadi and Trump … they both remember Clinton and Kuwait.

*** You see … Trump is NOT President YET … not until after the 20th. That is a powerful thing I just told you! ***

So maybe Abadi will meet with Trump on the 21st? Private meetings? With who? None of your business.

*** The Budget in the Gazette? Don’t worry about it … the MOOKLA … the BEGINNING of 2017 … Budget retroactive to the 1st of January. ***

There has been a very, very, very strict plan of the MR with Iraq with the IMF. Followed very, very, very carefully.

IMO … the MOOKLA is in the hours of the 20th and beyond … again, IMO.

*** For our Teams to say something … it means IOO (in our opinion) … something has been seen!!!!!!!!!!! ***

Highlight this in your notes … after the 20th …


Look … as a Team … we walk over nothing right now due to Iraq’s historical pattern.
We cannot give you any misinformation. Calculated words. Calculated words.

*** After the 20th … a LOT is going to be seen in the INTERNATIONAL world that the citizens have already seen. ***

The monetary reform is not blind … we are.

But on and after the 20th … IMO … many blanks will be filled-in on 1 to 3 different websites.

Delta lives on the CBI website family.

We are hunting for the new rate.

You know … MILK does a body (Abadi) good! LOL … and milk will do Abadi and the CBI good.

Please look at POST #295 by Don961 … “We do not care about the liberation of Mosul.”

Interesting. Neither do we … we just want the security / stability from it.

It’s not blind … and many things will be seen … from the 20th and beyond … from Trump in DC to an airfield in Kuwait.

Abadi … go to Donald Trump’s inauguration please. Go do your thing in Davos … but why not spend a week in DC? Heck, he could have Dr. S attend for him in Switzerland.

POST 282 By the way … if you want to see the article where Trump told Abadi told him to come see him … read POST 282

It is expected that Abadi will head the delegation from Iraq … to lead the economies … the liberated Mosul … beyond the center of Mosul.

The international world knows that Abadi has planted more flags than an 18 hole golf course.

POST #332 … a lot of information about the meeting in Davos.

IMO … Abadi does not want to miss out on the “pay-back” – (on what he received from Obama).

This time, when Abadi shows up in DC … he will be received with open arms … a warm welcome at the White House. Trump knows what Abadi represents … a déjà vu of Kuwait.

The economy of 2017 for the USA will be EXPLOSIVE … this is going to be amazing … SO EXPLOSIVE … a completely opposite of the last 8 years!

Obama’s haunting agenda for 8 years that gripped all Americans … will be no longer.

Laws were created under Obama to embarrass our motto of … “In God We Trust.”

Obama … you lost. We, the Americana won!

Are you ready family?

Here is something wonderful.

*** It is of my belief … my understand … my opinion … that right now as I’m talking to you … the UN is preparing to make a vote to release Iraq from Chapter VII. ***

Chapter VII … for economics in Iraq was lifted years ago … but what Kuwait did just last week … we told you … what Kuwait has done is equivalent of lifting Chapter VII.

IMO … a vote is being done … for “formality.”

If this is true … you probably will see this NEXT WEEK (maybe Friday) … this is a VERY POWERFUL indicator!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A very powerful indicator!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you go back through your notes where I told you to put asterisks … “mark here, mark here” – NONE OF THOSE THINGS CAN WORK UNLESS CHAPTER 7 IS LIFTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I believe you’re about to see this from the UN. They won’t be able to hold it back.

The evidence will be with you … God willing …next week.

The act of lifting Chapter VII … says A LOT in many ways.

Here is ONE EXAMPLE of what that means.

Many have been concerned about the reserves of Iraq.

Some say they don’t have enough to support their currency. LOL! They are filthy-rich!

Whatever their reserves are right now … Abadi said he wasn’t concerned … Alak said the same thing.

If they have lifted Chapter VII … this WILL TRIGGER something with their reserves.

#1 the DFI money will come back.

#2 the USA will release about 60 million that was being held due to sanctions.

Once Iraq lifts the reserves … Iraqi reserves will grow about 3 times what they are now … about 120 Million Dollars.


That’s why the articles from the CBI concern us … because they say they are NOT concerned about their reserves – (where we think they should be).

We told you 2 weeks ago … Chapter 7 is lifted now.

We told you that when Kuwait went over to Iraq … that was like a parent telling a kid to eat (and finish-up) their serving of Liver & Onions.

The moment Kuwait forgives Iraq … they could trigger Chapter 7.

Yes family … many things don’t make sense … because they don’t have to explain anything to us.

Wait for the UN to tell you … IMO … is so self-evident.

They will tell you that they will vote to remove Iraq Chapter VII in the next few weeks.

Let the UN show you.

*** BTW … the USA cannot stop the lifting of Chapter VII … because the UN made a deal with the Paris Club. ***

OH SNAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UN … can you wait until maybe Friday … over the weekend … to do what you want to do?

These are among the last steps.

The moment Chapter VII is lifted the reserves will BALLOON!

BTW … part of their job … is to throw you off. Expect the unexpected … a budget of 1182 is unexpected, isn’t it?

Delta sends his love.

He finds it very encouraging to see that the CBI has not changed the rate on their website since early this month. 8 days without a rate is NOT NORMAL at all! The indicative rate is still empty.

Again … the IMF gives the CBI the numbers to put up. When will we see them?

The IMF knows all of the other countries numbers.

We believe the data on the CBI’s website … we trust their voices … we trust their articles …

Alak has been very specific … said over and over … the beginning of 2017 … the beginning … the beginning.

CitiBank is not stupid. They have been going through a lot of meetings behind closed doors.

IMO … if you are a student … I want you to look for large movements of capital … because the IBAN will allow large amounts of money to move into Iraq.

If you “follow the money” … money leaving one country … into Iraq … know that is because of IBAN … and apart of the monetary reform process.

Will you be able to follow this money? Don’t worry about it if you can’t.

Their reserves are about to swell up.

Money will move into Iraq.

Do you know where the reserves are for the CBI?

They are in Switzerland.

Bankers with access … you’re smiling right now … aren’t you?

The release of Chapter VII … which increases their reserves … will support ANY RATE for their currency!!!!!!!!!!!!



Highlights From Monday Night KTFA CC 1-9-2017

FrostyTheSnowman: (please forgive the typo's -- family emergency to attend too)

Here’s tonight’s HIGHLIGHTS …

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

Frank26: Greetings family … welcome to another one of your conference calls at

Before I go into any form of lecture … this will be POWER-PACKED … for those who were here early … you were able to hear what we talked about. You can hear it on LiveStream.

Tonight, I’m not going to reach for straws … I’m telling you that it’s possible … that when Abadi came over 2 years ago to see Obama … and Obama turned his back on Abadi and talked to Christine LeGarde instead. So disrespectful. You could feel the embarrassment for Abadi. Abadi shook his head … his assistant shook his head in disgust and walked away.
I want you to know that what Obama did that day … Abadi hasn’t forgotten.

Abadi has a lot of camels in Iraq … but somewhere me must have a elephant with a BIG memory … and we’re going to talk about that tonight.

I want you to know that on GateWay Pundits … (USA Today’s political section) … Obama decided to hold a commander in chief meeting … all of his staff invited … in Arlington, VA. Why was he holding this ceremony? Obama was given a medal … and he was the only one there at that presentation. Our military sent a clear message to O … with a bunch of empty seats.

Our military will NOT miss Obama – and they told him what they thought about him. They left him an EMPTY room of seats. He has had the worst foreign policy of any President of the United States. Obama plays by a different set of rules. So, who was giving the medal? Obama himself.

We have a dear brother that we love and trust … (BluStar) … and about 5 years ago he was there at a meeting with Dr. Shabibi … and BluStar asked him a question.

Family … I believe that we have stability and security building within the next few hours in Iraq.

BlueStar went over to witness the process of Donald Trump being officially recognized by the electoral college in DC. What did you see this weekend?

JOHN (BlueStar) – a number of people have tried to obstruct the process of Trump to get in. This past Friday, I attended the House Certification Vote for the Presidency. That was a special day.

<John recounted the process of what happened between FBI Director Comey and Hillary Clinton>

JOHN -- We witnessed a hearing far worse than Watergate. When I saw this … I was spellbound – I couldn’t believe what I was watching. Please watch the 6-7 minute YouTube segment … it was a very chilling … this is why I was so passionate about getting Trump elected. Trump will defend America – and that is what we need right now.

Nancy Pelosi (and other uber Leftists) tried to disrupt the event. After all of the certification took place, another 5 folks got up to protest the proceedings.

Frank, I will tell you, it was a remarkable day … I’ve been here 35 years now. I will be witnessing history on Inauguration Day.

What we saw in 1976 … when Carter left office and Reagan taking office … the situation with Iran … that made history.

FRANK: As you know, Jimmy Carter endorsed Barak Obama.

What we saw for 8 years was lawlessness.

The disregard for Prime Minster Abadi … I believe that we may have a timeline situation for the RV.

FRANK: Do you think they are really going to wait until the 20th? Does Abadi have the memory of an elephant?

JOHN: I do Frank. Do you allow this to push past the 20th? You have to look at the big picture. What does Abadi have to gain from Donald Trump? I believe that the relationship between Abadi and Trump could be unbelievable!

FRANK: We are considering this in our thoughts. The whole Middle East has no respect for Obama. He really messed up our foreign policy. Thank you for coming on John.

Family … John expressed to you his feelings, emotions, opinion … there was a good purpose for this.

There seems to be an EXCITEMENT for the new President coming in … and the old one leaving.

It’s time to move forward.

Please try to understand HOW Abadi feels.

I am about to build a house on this.

We are in the MOOKLA of 2017.

Our FINAL ARTICLES are very powerful.

I wish MilitiaMan’s post were copied and spread around the internet. Link to Militiaman

We feel in our hearts that there is a plan … and if it goes past the 20th … well tonight you’ve heard some interesting points.

We’ve certainly had our days of delays with Obama and Maliki.

I know that you’re excited … but please listen.

BTW – the USA does not believe in giving any country (that is working on their MR) a billion dollar loan if they are not interested in increasing the value of their currency … or doing a LOP.

By the 31st we wanted to see the budget … but we didn’t.

By the 1st we wanted to see it … but because of a legality … we didn’t.

We’ve been looking for the security of Mosul.

The stability/security of Mosul is most importance.

Do we need to see security in the center of Mosul.

The center is where Baghdadi is at – it is a search and kill mission (by the Pentagon).

Kill mission (Baghdadi) the whole world knows they are going after him to kill him.

We are way past the CENTER.

Very intense fighting.

Daesh is outgunned, outnumbered.

I posted 3 times yesterday … they are close enough to issue KILL ORDERS … then I said … we are meters away from Baghdadi … and then Baghdadi is releasing prisoners to fight. I believe they are about ready to surrender.

72, 72, 72 … I don’t care how many more Abadi wants … let him have them. It’s that simple.

The CBI needs to feel confident to release the rate.

The Golden Division and our Troops need to be respected right now.

4,500 civilians on the east side of Mosul … they were protected and moved. (72 clicks – just get it done).

Do you have to have Mosul to have the MR? No.

Do you have to have Baghdadi to have the MR? Yes.

My friends that are in that theatre … are coming home on the 1st of February. If they have to go back, it will be after the 14th of February. They are tired. Please pray for all of my friends. THAT IS HUGE! You just have to figure it out.

72, 72, 72 … I don’t care … give them 100 72’s

IMO – Mosul security/stability and the MR are tied together … but not necessarily the KEY to the MR. IMO – Baghdadi is.

Nothing is going to stop us now.

They (we) are not interested in capturing Baghdadi. No need to talk to him.

Saddam was not a kill mission.

The intensity of these two capture vs. kill … there is no difference.

If an enemy raises a gun towards us … there is no thought … it is a kill mission.

For those in the military … you understand/agree … don’t you?

In the MOOKLA (January 2017) is right on target.

IMO – it is to be applied (security/stability) of January 2017.

This is NOT a forum where you can ask for a DATE.

This is a study of LAVA FLOW.

This “date” has never been seen … but we can see/read the FINAL ARTICLES (23 of them) very precious – this is the concrete evidence of the MR of 2017.

In the Middle East … they always take things down to the last nanosecond.

The Middle East never lets a good crisis go to waste.

We are on course.

Abadi will be in DC around the 20th for Trumps inauguration.

Do you think Trump will say hello to him.

Without the PM of Iraq coming to the USA … you will never see an RV.

Trump loves business opportunities … and Abadi will be on our soil in a few days (around the 20th) – that’s a BIG opportunity. Too bad Obama didn’t think so.

Abadi and Trump have talked twice … and now they will get to talk face-to-face. Do you think the RV will be the topic of conversation? Do you think it’s taboo for them to talk about the MR of Iraq? How they will pay for the war? Just like it was paid for by Kuwait.

I don’t look for a date … the lava flow is tremendous. I don’t care if it goes into February / March. Oh dear … Frank said Feb/Mar … if that worries you … then you are too weak.

Study with us. The RV can happen at any date. There is no date. Iraq is a sovereign country.

Abadi is NOT just coming for the inauguration. I think Abadi will stick around for 3-4 days … media will be shut-out. These meetings will have a lot to do with the fuse being lit. Again, I don’t know the date.

I am looking for the RV … then I’m looking for what? 72

There was an issue that occurred … our team looked at it … which they told us about in December. Accepted … and now implemented on the 2nd of January. The IBAN … they are talking about it again. Why are they talking about it again.

The math has to be PERFECT.

The CBI supports the INTERNATIONAL process … as of January 2, 2017.

IBAN allows a bank to do transactions with another bank in another country. Why would they do that with a program rate? This is why they use IBAN … it’s INTERNATIONAL transactions!

IBAN … Delta told us about it … (no one knew about IBAN because it was on the CBI website in Arabic) – Delta translated the info from the CBI website.

Today … the IBAN subject reappears.

As of January the 2nd … it was ACTIVATED. They are stirring the chocolate … just like stirring chocolate into chocolate milk.

To STIR is part of the plan of the MR.

IBAN – do you understand what it is?

IBAN is the international banking forum of communication.

Currently Iraq is under sanctions … so why would IBAN waste their time with Iraq if they didn’t plan to be INTERNATIONAL?

The CBI who has announced that the ADOPTION of the international mathematical numbers with IBAN – local and foreign remittance. They like the MOOKLA of 2017.

Why are we excited?

IBAN gives international banking account numbers.

IBAN cannot be used with a PROGRAM RATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The software in IBAN is only for INTERNATIONAL TRANSACTIONS … they are telling you something without showing you the rate … YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How is Iraq using IBAN with a program rate?

There is NO RATE on the CBI website

This study that we are doing is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen … yet! Wouldn’t you agree?

The 3 Musketeers … they posted a study … and talked about BlockChain. They explain to you about BlockChain – this is just component of our study.

Tell me … do you remember when I talked about KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER (KYC) ???

This is the basis … Iraq MUST know their customers.

With IBAN … this is more evidence.

Oil prices … more evidence.

BlockChain … KYC … more evidence.

The BlockChain ledger works in real-time … another tool for the MR of the IQD.

The day after Abadi tells his commanders not to say a word about the things going on in Mosul … a legitimate Egyptian newspaper discloses that the Iraq’s dinar value will be 3+

We told you all of the numbers that are involved … with oil … everything we have shared with you has fallen in place.

So Iraq has been hiding the 1 to 1 in-country pretty well. Right?

They stopped using a program rate … but IMO … whatever the number is … it is still in an infant state for the world to see right now. To early for the global market.

What CITI Bank did … those are some of the best examples that we could give to you.

Some Guru is claiming that there are several banks and credit unions … say what? This is why we protect the intel we have.

Iraq is not necessarily covering things up. We are on track with the MR.

Iraq does not have to explain the steps of the MR.

Some of this is not our business.

Hey CBI? How are you doing? Are you ok? You don’t talk that much anymore. (yawn)

Is the CBI bored? (yeah)

Like to say something?

Abadi told his people to shut-up.

CBI says they will record any counterfeiting. Oh boy … yes … they are bored.

Now … at the end of this CC … let us talk about the call that Delta and I had.

Delta found an announcement in Arabic.

He sent it to me.

This is on the CBI website … it’s official … all in Arabic
There is more to it than this one screen-shot.

Delta told us … the CBI has announced in Arabic … to all banks in Iraq to submit their order for currency. The CBI will NOT handle any more auctions – effective January 8, 2017.

So … this 20 minute phone conversation you can listen to on replay on LiveStream.

This announcement was just made today.

The CBI is telling all of the other banks that if they want to buy any currency, they should bother with the CBI anymore.

The CBI will not be involved in supplying that money anymore.

Wait … why would the CBI make such a drastic move that effects their income?

IBAN made an announcement … they will deal with the CBI with an INTERNATIONAL SYSTEM!

They activated that on the 2nd of January --- which means they have already been using it. . This means they can also wire.

This is on the CBI website (Arabic)

No rate on the CBI website … the 1184 is not up there. Humm.

IBAN’s announcement … this sets up a need for a NEW RATE!

One of the FINAL ARTICLES talks about the benefits of deleting the 3 zeros. One of those articles talks about the IBAN.

Delta can’t copy this article … but on POST #28 (today’s thread) on … there it is.

I’d like Delta to come on our call on Wednesday to translate it for you.

It’s in Arabic … because right now … IT’S NON OF YOUR FREAKIN’ BUSINESS!

The CBI is no longer involved with the auction.

Remember … even with the RV … the banks will still have to BUY currency … but the process will now be different … and how much they can buy with IBAN will be needed … in order to move money … you see Article VIII demands the freedom of their currency … without restrictions … no sanctions … the ability to move.

So … CITI Bank … one question.

How do you feel about the USA guaranteeing sovereign banks out of Iraq?

Why would the US Treasury Co-Sign to guarantee things?

No comment from Citi bank … but they DO sell the IQD.

So Citi … do you buy it?

Will you when the rate goes up?

Uh yeah … for a spread.

Did you like your conference call?

I don’t know when they are going to pull the trigger.

Our Teams should be accredited!

We are grateful and give our respects to our Heavenly Father for allowing us to do the things we do.

See you Wednesday conference call and we’ll give you more about this information that Delta found.

BTW – Eagle1 did not call me, and that’s why we did not have him on.

CC ended in prayer/shofar

While Frank was getting ready for tonight’s conference call … DELTA called in at 6:38 PM (EST).

These are the notes I attempted to type while listening to that conversation between Delta and Frank:

FRANK: Hello Delta … we are live on LiveStream right now. Do you have something for us?

DELTA: Yes! … on the 8th (yesterday) the CBI sending message to all money changers … the CBI will no longer be involved with the auctions – effective today (yesterday).

The CBI is handing off the auctions to the banks – (as it should be).

FRANK: Two months ago we talked about IBAN. The internet didn’t know how to teach their groups about it.

DELTA: With the IBAN System … money will be able to move in and outside of country … this is Article VIII right here. This will give the banks the ability to move money.

The exchange rate has NOT changed on the CBI website yet … but the CBI’s website still shows January 4, 2017. (Six days ago) … Humm.

Only one thing left … the dinar has to change … and that announcement has to come from the CBI.

Remember I said that the CBI isn’t lying to us.

IMO, the only thing left is to change the rate.

Why would they make this announcement unless they were waiting to make their final move to go international?

They are ready to go … looks like they ACTIVATED on January 2, 2017.

FRANK: that’s the MOOKLA of the monetary reform.

DELTA: this is a HUGE announcement from the CBI … not to mention the IBAN.

FRANK: Delta, please post what you found on the forum as soon as you can.

DELTA: I can read it, but I can’t copy and paste it … especially in Arabic.

FRANK: It’s ok to release it … right?

DELTA: Yes … absolutely. Get ready for Hawaii! LOL!!!

FRANK: They are constantly showing us examples of why they are going INTERNATIONAL! In country … one to one … everything is progressing … the budget is not being hidden from us … but FOR us! Give me Mosul! The CBI is now ready … with enough confidence to raise the value.

DELTA: They announced this today but showed up yesterday on the Arabic side of the CBI. Looks like they’ve got the GREEN-LIGHT! Again, looks like the only thing left … following the IMF requirements … the only thing left is to raise the value. I believe that Mosul is a done-deal. I’d say 99%. They cannot delay that longer … the budget has to come out. IMO – something really has to happen in the next 24, 48, 72 hours. The CBI has to make their move … release the lower denominations. From now until Thursday is going to be interesting.

FRANK: I can’t thank you enough for this information. I just got knocked out with this information. They are going about the monetary reform bragging about it … just doing their job.

DELTA: Remember, the CBI has been telling us they aren’t going to delay anymore (see Final Articles).

The money laundering, corruption … all of that is going to stop.

They will be digital just like the USA.

Big transactions will be done electronically just like when you want to buy a house, etc.
The IMF said a long time ago (like 5-6 years ago) – the tariffs and the lifting of the value must be done.

With Abadi’s vision … and the CBI governor (who is doing a great job) … they will accomplish this. It’s amazing how they are doing this. I agree with you. We are there. I don’t think it’s Mosul anymore … they are ready to go international.

FRANK: I believe that it’s in Abadi’s hands … don’t you?


FRANK: We’ve been piecing this together for a very long time … growing tired of those who cause me trouble … I don’t care WHEN it happens … I just KNOW that it’s coming!

DELTA: The US Treasury is backing Iraq on the bonds. If you read it carefully … they are not giving them money … just guaranteeing the bonds. That article that got my interest … Iraq finished all of the legalities … the UST … they are NOT going to co-sign unless they know the rate. For the USA to sign the deal with them on Thursday … that says everything. That’s another sign.

FRANK: Look at what CITI bank did a few weeks ago … why would you make those moves unless they knew that Iraq was going to be INTERNATIONAL?

DELTA: Absolutely … look at the reserves … the price of oil … the global market … they all know this … they must do this.

FRANK: Once this thing goes up in value … I’m not going to answer the phone anymore … except for God’s work!

Central banks are planning to launch a new form of digital currency as governments and banks begin phasing physical cash currency out of circulation.

Franks Call recordings

KTFA Wednesday CC (Highlights) January 4, 2017
Disclaimer * The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! *

Frank26: Greetings family … welcome to another one of your conference calls at

Do you remember last Monday … I apologized for sounding a little fragmented.

Do you remember why?

I said that I had many things in front of me that I should be talking about.

It’s not that I don’t want to … or share … eventually … but I didn’t think it was time … at that time.

Tonight … let’s talk.

Our concentration … our focus … our subject … has been about the idea to look at the price of oil.

We started around August/September … and we thought we would see oil … go up to about 60 dollars a barrel in Dec/Jan.

The reason for that was the budget was looking for some numbers.

Then we told you … (some of you on TeamChat) … back in December … we were looking for $56.65 … which would fund the budget. Low and behold … there it was.

This entire conference call … is in MY OPINION!

The price of oil is important … and that is why we take the time to teach about it.

The price of oil … for me and my teams … has accomplished its mission!

We said that it would maintain/hover around a certain number … and it did
We don’t know the DATE or the RATE.

We (Teams) take all of the data … we study … we track … we are pretty good at what we do.

When we tell you something … all of the sudden … you see it … don’t you?

We told you how we calculated the price of oil. It was an equation.

We told you we left out the taxes/port figures/etc. … so we were about spot on.

Oil … whether it be the oil companies in Iraq … or Middle East countries … or OPEC (who also has agreed to help in facilitating of the price of oil to go up) … cutting production.
Put your files about OIL away.

We are opening a new file tonight … which the internet will copy … all honor to our Heavenly Father and our Teams. I am just a servant.

On Tuesday … we (we have 4 teams) … let me take you back to yesterday … around 3am EST … Delta called me … and told me that the President of Iraq … he used an Executive Order to POSTPONE the budget.

I said “WHAT!!!!????”

I was expecting to see it on the 31st.

Delta said that if it came out with a NEW RATE we would be happy … BUT if it came out with a PROGRAM RATE …it would send the wrong message!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IMO … there are contracts right now … at a different rate … that are at 1 to 1.

We’ve tried to keep quiet … watching … verifying … and Delta was right.

If they came out at a program rate … it would not impress the INTERNATIONAL world.

Delta continued to say that the President of Iraq was blessed by Abadi … for the very first time … we as a Team are seeing this executive order to HOLD the budget … he doesn’t want to release it … because there is a new rate in it. This also came from the High Council of Ministers.

Delta said that they are hovering oil around 57-58.

What would 60 and above mean?

That would wipe out their deficit.

OH SNAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So … what else is left?

That’s what the new file is about that we are going to share with you tonight.

So you like the price of oil?

To lift the 3 zeros … it needs to be reflected in the budget … look at the FINAL ARTICLES section … and you will see that.

Do you see them talking about signing / passing the budget?

No … they are old articles.

WalkingStick even called me today … frustrated about all of the old articles.

The budget doesn’t need to be approved or passed …it NEEDS TO BE PROTECTED!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember … he (Abadi) wanted 72 hours.

IMO … on the 17th … that budget was signed and approved to go.

What happens when a budget sits for 15 days?

It is automatically approved.

So what’s the point in the old articles?

Did you notice that the exchange rate of the IQD changed a little at the CBI website today?
OH SNAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now … you will see that the buy is 1182.


Many of you called me … stating they got an email from someone … stating that anytime the rate changes they get an alert … and some of you got one.

Yes, the rate did change … but … as you may have noticed … Delta posted … TESTING … Shhhhhhhh

I saw that … so I called Delta … LOL … he was just PLAYING around.

As you know … TWO DINARS isn’t worth SQUAT! LOL!!!

The front page of the CBI website also changed.

They now are showing that the rate is 1190 … selling at 1200 … making a profit. LOL

Let’s just agree … IOO … they changed it … didn’t they?

We feel that they are TESTING that page.

It doesn’t make any sense for them to tell us that a TWO DINAR movement makes any sense.

I wonder if the IMF demanded this test? We’ll see.

We are not going to move in any direction except to stay where we are at … this is early 2017 … and we have 23 articles … latest one from the Egyptian newspaper … WOW!

Thank you Egypt!!!

BTW Egypt … are you sending any people over to help with the rebuilding? Yes. I would brag about their currency too.

IMO – oil prices may stabilize for a bit … especially IF we don’t see the budget.

Interesting how the Middle East works things.

Hey Iraq?

Would you like the price of oil to go down?

Please FOCUS … the GOI needs oil prices to go up to fund the budget.

We are now stepping on that ground. The CBI … does NOT. They don’t need oil to go up for the MR. We’ve taught you that years ago. Keep watching … I’m not going to give you everything at once.

From the Middle East to the Middle West.

The CBI is more than ready to release the rate … especially when they are testing the rate. Write that down!!!

We don’t see the UN Operational Rates on the 1st of January … so does that mean they have to wait?

No … Iraq is a sovereign country. They can do whatever they want. Don’t worry … they could publish it on the 15th.

Family … what did Dr. Shabibi say … remember what we said on Monday.

Alak who took over for Dr. S … said we were given the GREEN LIGHT … but Maliki wanted to kill Dr. S and arrest everybody.

So what do they need?

Security and stability.

Abadi comes out … says he needs 72 hours … and he wants another 72 hours more.

To keep Mosul quiet?

Hummm … to keep a lot of things quiet.

Frank26: We now ask you to shift-gears … down throttle … and join me and Abadi for another 72 hours.

Why? Mosul … are we going back to Mosul again Frank?

Give me Mosul … you’ll see the MR. That mantra hasn’t changed.

So … we have a HOLD on the budget … and we have a HOLD on the commanders to be quiet.

I don’t care if he needs another 72 hours after this 72 hours – this isn’t a game.

Stability and security are now the main focus.

The CBI doesn’t need oil prices to go up … they need stability/security.

This budget has been HIDDEN away … ready … ready … almost there.

Iraq will always have random terrorist attacks.

Give us Mosul … with a flag planted in the middle.

You saw how Baghdadi’s main commander was killed today.
That makes a total of 5 of this top commanders have been killed.

MOOKLA = Security/ Stability = CBI releasing a rate.

Did you notice Abadi said that in the beginning of 2017 … was to OPEN the economic relations in Iraq to the INTERNATIONAL world?

Abadi knows what his country is doing.

They have a targeted/calculated date for the MR. (monetary reform)

Baghdadi is the mother of all security right now.

BTW … a few of you got a little excited … “they removed the 3 zeros” — NO, NO, NO … that was not a movement of decimal points … but there was a change on the CBI website today.

IMO … they know the date … and they need to accomplish this in the MOOKLA of 2017.

The 31st should have been the date that the budget was released … BUT … I believe it is being held by the President.

They don’t hide the budget FROM us … they hide it FOR us.

To finish the security / stability … to reach the 57-58 for the budget.

It’s not just the military side that is quite … the budget is quiet.

If they released the budget with a program rate … it would send the wrong message to the contractors / investors. We can’t prove that to you … so you’ll just have to accept our “opinion.”

To put the wrong number in the budget would send the wrong message to the international world … to the IMF … and the USA.

The GOI and the military are using the same strategy … because IMO … they have the same leader. (Abadi) … and they have the same goal.

To add value … not just their currency … but their country that is filthy rich!

When I was very young … I climbed on top of a roof … (I knew I wasn’t supposed too) … my parents freaked out … we were visiting some people … and my dad put me in the front-seat of the car (which I never sit in) … and I knew … Oh man! Oh man! I was in trouble. It was about a 15 minute drive home … and you could have heard a snowflake fall. I would have rather he exploded in anger in the car … BUT the SILENCY … it communicated VERY CLEARLY that I was in trouble.

IMO … this is what we are experiencing right now.

Can you hear me? He who has ears … let them hear.

Let them hear the urgency of MOOKLA.

72 hours … are windows … not virgins.

These windows have an EXPECTANCY!

2017 … the MOOKLA … in the beginning …

Has anyone seen Maliki?

Why did he go to Iran?

He wants support to get reelected.


What does Abadi think?

Hey Bozo Maliki … everyone wants you to retire … and you should take it and run.

I told you family … I have milk in my refrigerator with an expiration date longer than M.

M … take the good end of the stick, before you get the wrong end of the stick.

The Bible tell of a story about a man possessed with demons … who made a deal with Jesus to enter pigs bodies … and they eventually died.

Be careful what you ask for M.

The CBI wants the GOI and Abadi … and the military to stop being quiet.

The CBI is tired of waiting … they are sick and tired of being done with the MR.

There is an article … I found very interesting.

POST #295

Well … I’ll be darned … this article sums up our conference call.

Yes … not to see the budget on the 31st was disappointing to me … but now … I understand why … executive orders … it’s ok.

I’m very glad that they didn’t open it up with a program rate – a program rate would have been an insult.

They are INTERNATIONAL … and now they need to act like it with their currency.

Business people in Iraq know that.

The citizens are tired of dealing with the huge load of old currencies to deal with.

They want the new lower denoms.

I believe that once they have stability / security … the citizens will enter the banks.

The official release of sanction … we would like to see those “officially” announced by the UN.

IMO – if you are military … and you are listening … I believe that we are “refitting.”

HOOAH! We are replacing and loading-up … and you know for what reason … don’t you?

You know military tactics! I believe we are refitting.

Listen … someone asked … “when did the 72 hours start?” — DON’T WORRY ABOUT THAT.

IMO … we are past the center of Mosul !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let that be your epiphany tonight. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Baghdadi … say hello to my little friends.

The bridge from the RI to the RV … 1 to 1 … during that float … please consider that 72 to 78.

WS made it clear … there are a lot of OLD articles out there right now.

Hopefully Monday’s CC and tonight’s CC will help you understand better what is going on.

Finally … we have a member … (M****e) … she had a story that I’d like to share with her permission … but it doesn’t appear that M****e is on. It was about ATM machines. Guess we’ll wait until Monday.

I’m happy.

I pray that you are too.

I will see you Friday on TeamChat.

If you’re not a member of our forum … go to … and about 3 inches from the top, you’ll see some tabs … click on the one that says FORUM … click on SIGN-IN … and then create a user name or password … then give us a few days to approve your account.

Delta says hello … and is winking right now.

CC ended in prayer/shofar

M****e appeared on chat and gave permission to share her story.

If I recall correctly … there is a person who loads up the ATM machines (here in the USA) and has an Iraqi family source … and they follow our forum. They said when it came to the procedures for ATM’s … “that Frank26 is exactly right!” Problem is, not everyone can see what we see. That was very nice for that endorsement.

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