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We have been asked to get out the alleged 800#'s for Banks exchanging which we will post on the iqdcalls Banks page

Restored Republic via a GCR (Rumors)    Disclaimer

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of April 16 2018 Audio/Video 14min

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 16 April 2018 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Abuse Recovery

The following is a synopsis of un-vetted information found on the internet. It is up to the individual reader to make their own conclusions about what is actually happening.

A. April 15 2018 2:52 pm EST Intel Report: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for April 15, 2018

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

1. The Syria situation continues to play out. New rumors suggest it was a ploy to humiliate and expose France, the UK, and the US once Russia released evidence proving the chemical attack originated from rebel groups. Trump was aware of this ploy. France and the UK were not.

2. Zimbabwe was preparing to announce the gold-standard for their currency.

3. Stock market corrections were expected to begin tomorrow April 16. Technical Breakdown: The Global Stock Market Crash is Now!

4. If the RV doesn't begin, the stock market would collapse within weeks.

5. Trump would announce the implementation of the HR5404 bill (US dollar was asset/gold backed) after the RV.

6. There was a race against time for the Alliance to release the RV. Optimal timing for the 800# release was every midnight.

7. Tier 4 RV exchange appointments were expected to be given tomorrow April 16 via the 800#'s.

B. April 15 2018 AdminBill Tidbit: ADMINBILL TIDBIT, 15 APRIL

1. Activity has begun. The game is on.

2. As usual, the information is conflicting. Not bad, just conflicting.

3. Download one of these communication apps to privately connect via a secure encrypted text and phone line (The person you are communicating with must be using the same app: Viber or Signal

C. April 15 2018 9:01 pm Intel Update: "Refresher" - GCR/RV Intel Update - Sunday - 4.15.18

(Disclaimer: The following is a report based on rumors relayed to the author which may or may not be truthful or accurate. ~ Dinar Chronicles)

1. The origin of 9/11 actually began in 1944, with the Bretton Woods Conference in New Hampshire. That’s when the entire world gathered after WS2 to devise a new global financial system, which was agreed to by all nations of the world after the defeat of Nazi Germany and the first Axis of evil (Germany, Japan, Italy).

2. This new financial system also spawned the Central Banking System (CBS), World Bank (WB) and International Monetary Fund (IMF), as well as the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) and even the re-instiution of the gold standard for all currencies—which was physically supplied by Asian Elders (primarily from the wealth of the exiled Philippine King and 23rd Spanish Pope Father Antonio Jose Diaz).

3. In the next two years, millions of metric tonnes of gold were placed into Central Banking vaults globally with the assistance of the Philippine military, led by brilliant attorney Ferdinand Marcos, not only support all global currencies with a gold collateral, but also all global trading and post war reconstruction financing. These scattered accounts, but web of united international sovereign trusts, were the physical assets backing the new financial system and were “gifted with love” for all humanity to both prosper and achieve peace.

4. At its core, Bretton Woods was a flawed financing system due to its over use of usury (loans with guaranteed interest repayments) over non recourse capital grants (loans without repayment guarantees).

5. Many believe the truth of a fiat dollar first arrived when then President Franklin Roosevelt had to demand the collection of American citizenry gold and silver back in 1933.

6. A gold war came to America when Nixon was forced to take America off the gold standard in 1971 which ultimately forced his resignation in 1974.

7. The BRICS Alliance (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) had to be created in 2009, just as a logical, moral alternative to the madness of the western financial system’s overt desire to bankrupt the world and induce sovereign submission through military and economic oppression via their now corrupted Central Banking System, World Bank, International Monetary Fund and Bank of International Settlements mafia.

8. All of them have been completely corrupted after 74 years of lawless activity; thus all these institutions either needed to be removed and reset, or at the very least reformed in board of director majority. This included the Vatican Bank in 2012.

9. All needed changes have already been made due to some heroic but anonymous careers of BRICS Alliance leaders (and back of the bank Sovereign Elders); including American White Knights in the military working with deeply Patriotic covert agenda leaders within our own government who understood the grave dangers facing the world, and stepped bravely into the gap to reverse the mechanisms of power.

10. The BRICS Alliance has created a technologically advanced quantum satellite financial system with new impenetrable Blockchain software, and it’s subtly coming on line to replace the old Bretton Woods System, with a gold backing from the massive precious metal reserves of Africa, lead by Zimbabwe and the African Elders, as to return the world currency and international trading markets back to some fiscal sanity before it was too late.

11. It’s all over but the shouting despite what you see nightly on TV in Syria and with Trump. Everything is settled and being implemented now—including a working two state solution between Israel and Palestine.

12. Some very poor countries once thought to have worthless currency values will suddenly become incredibly valuable as they relate to how much precious metals reserves they either stored above ground in Central Bank vaults or have been audited to have below ground as mineable natural asset reserves. Thus, nations ravaged by war or past western banking sanctions like Iraq, Iran, Zimbabwe, Indonesia, Vietnam and Afghanistan will all see tremendous value increases due to their currency values against a gold standard - simply because they posses large quantities of precious metal assets and China is accounting for their wealth through an advanced digital financial system operating out of Beijing.

13. A new American government named the Republic of the United States will be moved forward and restored sanity back to our government (i.e. back to the founding father’s original Constitutional intent), as well as the restoration of US money and sovereign assets back to a gold standard of value.

14. This transition has been on-going in classified silence behind the scenes since honestly the early eighties when Reagan was President. And hidden geopolitical movements are just now completing in full public view, all be it in a confusing fashion and time in American political history.

D. April 15 2018 8:52 Bank Story, TNT, RayRen98: "Waiting" - Bank Story via TNT RayRen98 4-15-18

I went to Wells Fargo on Wed. April 11 after the TNT Call. I asked the manager if he has heard about the GCR- he said yes. I asked about the Afghani rate, he said that the Afghani is on the screen but no rate but he said that the rate will be around $2.50. I asked about the bank fine if they don’t RV. He said that they did get the notification. I asked about Iran Rial, said that it is on the screen with no rate but it says "waiting." He heard that it could come out right under the Iraqi dinar rate. They do sell the Indonesian Rupiah at some branch locations and on their website. He expects the RV to happen within the week or by next Wednesday from what he is hearing from the bank people and his other sources. He told me that the banks are watching them on giving out info and there are consequences if they get caught. He is invested in the GCR and other foreign currency.

E. April 15 2018 8:57 pm EST, ZAP: "Born This Way" - Weekly ZAP - The Office of POOFness - 4.15.18

Poof: Nothing has changed regarding the joint efforts of all who are working toward the betterment of humanity, toward the opening of a spigot for receiving funds.


1.I was told the HR 5404 was signed and gold values have been placed on the U.S. Dollar.

2. President Trump has signed off on the Paris Climate Treaty.

3. A Tariff understanding has been reached between China and the U.S.

4. HSBC top officials have been arrested and charged with obstruction and embezzlement (It seems the money moved there last October has been played with and mishandled].

5. Wells Fargo has been getting charged 1 B per/day in fines for not being compliant.

6. Exchanges started last Wed. April 11 & Thurs. April 12 and were continuing through this weekend.

7. There were payouts in Reno from some certain overseas interest.

8. How distributions will be handled at the public levels and when as well as what can and cannot be done with the funds, will be spelled out in a very clear and simple manor.

9. I have been given a precise protocol on how the funds will be distributed through the project accounts, the civilian accounts and the release of the new technologies. I hope to be speaking of those protocols in the near future when given permission to do so.

10. All things are in place and at the ready for the release of funds.

11. Collateral Accounts allocated to gold wrap the new currencies as needed (Decades in the making) banking systems are being implemented to handle the new financial networks. Security protocols are in place to monitor and control the funds' movement. Political agendas and arguments are solved or at least agreed upon.

12. These actions are just a few of the known mechanisms and strategic planning deployed, upgraded, or in the process of development, for the release of funds that are positioned to repair our global financial dilemma

13. F.A.T.C.A. law implemented (Foreign Account Tax Compensation Act)

14. Overhaul and Updating of the SWIFT payment system (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Tele-communications) and its integration with the C.I.P.S. (Chinese International Payment System) and recently the R.P.S. (Russian Payment System)

15. The implementation Of the Hercules I.T. /A.I. banking software.

16. The creation of the B.R.I.C.S Banking system (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa)

17. Development of the A.I.I.B (Asian Infrastructure and Investment Bank)

18. An allocation format and percentages agreed to on what portion of the Global Collateral Accounts each participating nation will receive to gold cover their particular currency circulations.

19. Almost all global and sovereign financial institutions adherence to The Basel III accords with the main focus on capital reserve compliance.

20. An understanding and compromise has been resolved between the Chinese and the Vatican with regards to the release funds and what portion they will receive. (This has been an unknown road block for several months now)

21. Funds have been allocated and positioned for distribution to destination accounts.

22. A centralized, global intelligence network has been implemented for oversight and the streamline financial activity monitoring with respect to all current global financial compliance laws. (Terrorist Act, Money Laundering Act ETC.) That is also effectuating the arrest and case building for future indictments of the corrupt behavior within the system .

23. Agreements in place for the restitution of damages accrued from the illegal activity of the Global Banking and Financial Systems including The Prosperity Programs, restitution to the Global Debt Facility for improper hedging of the collateral accounts, Sovereign Debt Relief and so on..

24. The removal of U.S. Military bases from strategic location throughout the globe that have caused an unrest or unwarranted defensive posture from surrounding States, changing the perception of the U.S. on the global scale from an offensive irritator to an defensive peace keeper.


25. My intelligence has given a clear picture of many arrests in the US, Russia and China.

26. Funds released will be here shortly.

27. Something very significant happened last Thurs. April 12. I do know the exact time it started. The events expected now will begin.

28. There would be a couple days of lag time until the release finishes.

29. The RV side is very healthy and action will be seen very soon. That is a few min. old and comes from a correct source.

F. April 14 2018 10:23 pm EST: Biggest Stock Market Bubble of all Time is Ready to Burst.
“We had a policy response to the global financial crisis (and) at that point stocks were cheap and they had an enormous tailwind behind them in terms of fiscal support,” said Gambles.

“This is quite a dangerous situation and it is creating a bubble, and that bubble has just got bigger and bigger and bigger. There isn't any doubt now that, in valuation terms, we're in epic bubble proportions, probably the biggest bubble of all time.”

According to Gambles, markets could be experiencing a moment similar to 2007, just before the historic market crash. “We now think that there are conditions out there that are prime for that bubble to actually be pricked,” he said.

These conditions include unsynchronized global growth, tighter monetary policy and “chaos” surrounding US politics with the administration's tougher stance on global trade, the strategist explained. However, Gambles noted that there were a range of outcomes for markets that were “probably wider than there’s ever been at any time in history. We could have a good stock market year, we could have a 20, 30, 40 percent plus correction,” Gambles said.

Continued support from central banks has boosted investor confidence in stock markets over recent years. The benchmark S&P 500 index has risen by around 287 percent from March 2008 until now. In Europe, Stoxx 600 has risen 134 percent in the same period.

The founder of DoubleLine Capital, Jeffrey Gundlach, who is known as a ‘bond king,’ told CNBC that stocks will end the year in negative territory. He cited rising bond yields and a plunge in cryptocurrencies as evidence that equities will move lower.  Source RT


Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of April 14 2018 Audio/Video 12min

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 14 April 2018 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, “Twenty Two Faces,”, Byington’s Before It’s News articles on Cabal/Vatican child abuse:

A. April 13 2018 6:00 pm EST Intel Situation Report: "Primed" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Friday - April 13, 2018 (Disclaimer: The following is a report based on rumors relayed to the author which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

1. The GCR/RV pump was now primed and ready to flow. There would be no more pump fakes at the start of quarters, no more near misses and false starts to draw out the enemy.

2. There would not be a financial crash. The NPTB would keep the total value of 3 US market indexes below 35k before the event.

3. The flash-bang distraction we’ve been waiting on was Trump firing Mueller. His attorney’s “taped conversations” was the equivalent of the Nixon Watergate tapes. The Mueller firing was expected to come Sat. night April 14, to replicate the Saturday Night Massacre of Richard Nixon’s administration. All the chaos in and around this event was just build up to take attention away from the start of the RV.

4. All Zimbabwe Bond Note holders would be included in a structured payout, even at the screen rate.

5. On the Zim, there was an option for immediate liquidity if you accepted a rate that was well below the screen rate.

6. Structured Payouts ranged from 3 years to 25 years, with interest rates ranging from 7% to 10%, depending on length of contract term.

7. Quarterly interest payouts would be standard, but semi-annual and annual payouts were also available.

8. Humanitarian projects were only necessary if you negotiated above screen rates. Anything at the screen rate or below would not require humanitarian projects.

9. Expect 90 days to be allowed access to your first quarterly structured payout. You could take this time to make secondary professional arrangements with accounts, lawyers, family office and estate trust representatives who would guide you through the process.

10. All redemption staff was on call now and waiting for the event to take place over the weekend.

11. In terms of security, the US, Russia, Iran, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey and Israel were all on high alert around Middle Eastern hot spots that would provide anti-WW3 assurance against a Cabal attack on the religious sites in Jerusalem. In essence, they have formed a no fly zone around Israel, in the Mediterranean Sea and a country wide perimeter around the Holy City.

12. Mexican citizens may rush the border when the RV started, as many of their family have currency in the US. No troops were being deployed to the Canadian border because in Canada it was not illegal to hold and redeem foreign currency. In Mexico it was illegal.

13. The below were private sovereign rates on Redemption Center screens:

Iran-Iraq Dinar: $40.00+ USD.
Afghanistan Rial: $10.00+ USD
Vietnam Dong: $25.00+ USD
Zimbabwe Zim: $.18

14. ZWN sovereign screen rates (0.18 ZWN) were nearing the opposite value of the CNY (Chinese Yuan $6.28 USD). However, the playing field would ultimately be 360 degree flipped in the future when the gold standard was announced globally, and all currencies were readjusted based on their nation’s gold reserve holdings.

15. Sovereign rates already accounted for this flip and would not register on the older FOREX, non gold-backed currency value system.

16. Be prepared to have your jaw dropped when what was low suddenly became high, and what was high suddenly low—including the USN, GBN, EUN. This was a mathematical certainty based on how much gold each nation reported per country.

17. Release of 800#s was expected anytime after 9:57 pm EST tonight April 13.

18. Optimal start times for appointments was 3am EST on Sun. morning April 15.

B. April 13 2018 5:21 pm EST Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for April 13, 2018 (Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

1. Trump and Putin were bluffing a war in order to bluff a Stock Market crash. The Alliance would not allow the Stock Market to collapse. There would be no war, only peace despite what the mainstream media portrayed.

2. Trump would officially implement the gold-standard (HR5404 bill) through executive action in order to save the Stock Market crash bluff.

3. The implementation of the gold-standard would trigger the enactment of GESARA.

4. The enactment of GESARA would activate the new financial system, thus initiating the Global Currency Reset.

5. All currencies would be reset based on gold/assets.

6. Levels Tiers 1-2 began exchanging Tues. April 10, Tier 3 began Wed. April 11, and Tier 4 begins Mon. April 16.

7. The 800#s release was imminent.

C. April 13 2018 TNT Call, Ray, Tony: Replay Links

1.A combination of bank stories indicated bankers were claiming that “something big” would happen around April 29.

2. The Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) has completed what they needed to do, while Iraqi citizens were organizing to have sit-ins on April 18 because the RV has not happened as promised.

3. The banks were being threatened with legal action if they give out any further information.

4. The banks had trainings a week ago or two weeks ago, and people were in the bank last Sun. until 2pm. Bank people who were being trained last week, and they are telling people to hold on because this is happening

5. There were coded rates sent out to the banks, with an effective date for this to happen.

6. The lower denominations were sitting in the ATM, the banks were connected internationally.

7. Dinar = $3.67, Dong = $1.08, Rupiah = $1.05, Zim = 16 cents.

8. Currency continued to drop concerning the auctions – more than 20% since yesterday April 12. They were well past where they needed to be to stop the auctions. There was no turning back. They’ll have to do the other side, or they would crash. They were primed for this event to take place. Iraq was ready to go, based on what they were doing rather than what they said.

D. Summary of April 12 Reports:

1. Paymasters worldwide were given the green light on Wed. April 11 at 6 pm EST.

2. Some claimed that on April 11 the RV began for Tier levels 1 & 2, while others said payouts for Tiers 1 & 2 started on April 12.

3. The GCR/RV start time in Reno was 1 pm EST April 12, though funds had already been released globally.

4. On April 12 SKRs and Zim Funds tied to the Table Top meetings became liquid, while that same Thurs. Zim redemption was taking place in Europe.

5. The 800#s were expected over the weekend with appointments starting Mon. April 16.

6. Different Banks reported that they were expecting public exchanges to begin by Fri. April 20, or Mon. April 22.

E. Fulford Report Summary: Chinese Yaun, Khazarian Mafia Petrodollar & Pedogate

It is now clear that the March 26th start of gold-backed Yuan-denominated oil futures trading in Shanghai was a move the Chinese have been carefully preparing for at least a decade. This started back in 2008 when the Khazarian mafia threatened China with a cut-off of Middle Eastern oil and a blockade of its coastline if it tried to usurp the Petrodollar. The Khazarian mafiosi have used their control of the Petrodollar as part of their plan to enslave humanity.

The March 11, 2011 attack on Fukushima, Japan was intended to intimidate the Japanese and prevent them from nationalizing the Bank of Japan, a key linchpin of the Petrodollar system.

In preparation for a big move, the Chinese began to source their oil from Africa, Russia, South America, and elsewhere. The completion of a 600,000 barrel-per-day oil pipeline from Russia in Jan. 2018 was one of the last pieces to be put into place. Russia Tightens Oil Grip With China's Second Pipeline ...This Chinese move against the Petrodollar should not be mistaken as a move against the US, but against 700 or so top Khazarian Mafiosi and their Petrodollar.

The U.S. military ensured that all Khazarian mafia bosses were removed from the board of governors of the Federal Reserve Board. The new president of the New York Federal Reserve Bank, John Williams, stated that U.S. monetary creation should use new targets like median income, instead of just handing over the cash to private banks controlled by Khazarian oligarchs. Targeting “median income” basically means giving the money to the average American instead of to an esoteric elite.

John Williams Named Next New York Fed Chair | Zero Hedge

Also, as a part of this move against the Khazarians and their “create money out of thin air” con job, a bill has been introduced to the U.S. Congress to require that the U.S. currency be backed by gold. (Gold, by the way, that will be supplied by Asian friends of the American people, according to White Dragon Society sources.) On this front, top-secret negotiations are ongoing, but should result in “tens of trillions” of dollars being made available to help rebuild the U.S., say sources involved in the negotiations. Text - H.R.5404 - 115th Congress (2017-2018): To define the dollar as a fixed weight of gold.

To help prepare for the new system, a purge of the Khazarian mafia control grid in the U.S. is continuing. Part of this involved an attack on the network of underground tunnels and hideouts on Jeffrey Epstein’s “Pedophile Island.” This was followed by leaks of photographs of prominent Khazarians like former U.S. President Bill Clinton with under-aged lovers (although these appear to have now been deleted from the Internet at the time this article was published). Also, “the Department of Justice shut down the sex and pedophilia trafficking site,” sources noted.

F. April 13 2018 3:40 pm EST: Pedogate: What Made these New York Detectives Weep?

G. April 13 2018 3:37 pm EST: (Video) Bush Family Secrets Exposed

H. April 13 2018 4:13 pm EST: Exopolitics: QAnon is US Military Intelligence that Recruited Trump for Presidency


Note from IQDCalls: Don't make the RV your only plan, don't quit you job, not get a job, or put your life on hold waiting for an RV, as it could be years, never or any day? Time has told.

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of April 6 2018 Audio/Video 15min

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of April 6 2018

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 7 April 2018 by Judy Byington

Judy Note: I will be away from my computer Sat-Sun so will be unable to send another update until perhaps Sun. night.

Summary of below info:

1.The US Inc. five year sovereign bankruptcy ends on Mon. April 9 2018.

2. Iraq was scheduled to publish their new Dinar rate tonight April 6 10:30 pm EST.

3. Iraqi citizen Qi cards were now international with their new Dinar rate.

4. Currency international rates were showing on bank screens (Dinar $7-$8, Dong $2).

5. All Zim redemptions and currency exchanges over $1 million had to be done by calling the 800 number for an appointment.

6. Among those named in the over 20,000 sealed indictments filed in federal courts across the US this last 15 months were members of the royal family, celebrities, politicians, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Clintons, Podestas, Obamas, George Soros.

7. The sealed indictments have been unsealed and arrests have begun.

8. The Stock Market was tanking.

9. The ACLJ filed a FOIA lawsuit last summer on what was referred to as the Obama unmasking case. They were just now beginning to receive part of 9,000 documents (said to be newsworthy) from the State Department and NSA on the case.

A. April 6 2018 4:38 pm EST Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for April 6, 2018

1. The 1944 Bretton Woods was being inconspicuously replaced with a new gold-standard global monetary system (the new quantum financial system).

2. The announcement of the USN was the straw that would break the camel's back.

3. Several undisclosed groups were currently being called in for meetings to be briefed about exchange/redemption procedures.

4. The RV was expected to begin at any moment, but before the USN announcement.

B. April 6 2018 TNT Call Ray, Tony: Replay Link

1.Iraqi President Abadi and the Central Bank of Iraq have said they are not going to RV their Dinar until after the election on May 15 to make sure the country is stabilized. That reasoning didn’t make sense to Tony, who felt Iraq was going to RV this week because:

a. The Iraqi citizen Qi cards were international with the new Dinar rate on them.

b. There were airport exchange centers in Atlanta, Hawaii, Arizona, Texas, Wisconsin and Illinois that have the new Dinar rates on the screens.

c. The lower denoms of the Dinar were in their ATMs and were activated today April 6.

d. There was no reason to activate the lower denoms if the new rates weren’t in place.

e. Abadi has to give the Iraqi citizens a reason to put him back in for a second term before the election. The only way to do that would be to announce the new Dinar rate, get the money that was set aside for Iraq and put people back to work before the election.

2. To redeem any Zim you have to call the 800 number for an appointment to exchange all of your currency at an Exchange Center, not with a bank teller.

3. A teller at a bank can only exchange up to one million $.

4. As of today April 6 there has been no movement on the GCR in China, or in Reno.

5. The Dong international exchange rate was supposed to be $2, and could move up.

6. The budget with the new Dinar rate should be made public tomorrow April 7.

C. April 6 2018 12:30 am EST: The Big Call w/ Bruce Anonymous Intel Notes 4-5-18

- Budget went out into their Gazette Tuesday. No rate published just total budget number.

- IQD rate expected in Gazette Friday midnight EST.

- 50B USA payment to nation of Iraq.

- IQD in-country rate on key card $7-$8.

- Hearing good things about weekend from 4 sources.

- 800#s is forthcoming, will put them out as soon as he has them.

- Redemption Centers staff for Zim is signed up through Tuesday.

- All prosperity packages and internet public will all go together.

- Sealed indictments. Have been unsealed and bad guys being picked up.

- Reno groups to be notified in next few days.

- 6,000 paymaster SKRs made liquid.

- China discussed gold backed Yuan and Zimbabwe discusses gold backed currency and bonds (what we hold).

- Iran, Russia, Turkey currencies all gold backed.

- Waiting on announcement of USN gold backed currency between now and weekend.

- Start could be any day but Sunday morning feels right through Tuesday.

- VIP exchanges are occurring now.

- Everything is very positive.

D. Bruce: As far as our start personally we can start any day maybe on Sunday with our redemptions and our exchanges. I have a feeling if we get started before that they will continue at the Redemption Centers through Sunday. There are exchanges going on that are sort of like tests or VIP type of exchanges. We got positive information from contacts that spoke with Abbot Downing and Wells Fargo Bankers all looking forward to this weekend. Replay Link

E. April 6 2018 2:57 pm EST GCR Update: "America the Not So Beautiful" - GCR/RV/GESARA Update - Friday - 4.6.18

1. The United States of America, Inc. went bankrupt back in 2012, as the Federal Reserve Bank charter to print US Treasury money supply expired without fanfare; driving the American economic into a deep ditch, forcing sovereign bankruptcy proceedings in Brussels.

2. The 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Change included the American settlement with terms hidden within the larger GESARA compliance (Global Economic Stabilization and Reformation Act). This forced a five year sovereign bankruptcy work through package to take effect April 9, 2018, which included a new gold backed currency (agreed to by African and Asian Elders) as the Fed Board publicly approved a newly designed series of USD bills. This USD also became the sovereign valued TRN.

3. The Congressional omnibus budget signed on March 23, 2018 became the cash and carry currency known as USN—which will go into force on Sept. 23, 2020–conveniently right before the November 2020 presidential elections.

4. Instead of putting the nation through an undignified international embarrassment and ultimately tragic economic depression, Africa, China and Russia agreed to allow America to make all the necessary structural reforms behind the scenes or risk social chaos.

5. Trump is consciously exposing all American weakness per the bankruptcy work through agreement, which was originally triggered by the Oct. 2008 financial collapse, then agreed by Dec. 2012 and now competing in early April 2018.

6. This ten year cycle of American structural reform had scheduled to wrap up over the weekend. Hopefully this will allow the RV to commence in its banking release.

7. All because after WW2 it was decided to elevate United States currency (USD) to the world’s reserve status—the benchmark by which all other currencies are valued. Why the USD was designated as equal to $1.00, by which all other world currencies would be measured above or below this defined and accepted benchmark of monetary value.

8. Fortunately, the new powers that be got way ahead of the American economic collapse as to do their best and not upset world populations with a sudden monetary depression due to the bankruptcy of the USA, Inc.

9. The days of printing an endless money supply (USD & US Treasury Bonds) is over, and no longer a primary obstacle to achieving fiscal parity.

10. There are no more overt military campaigns and covert media propaganda operations to replace governments in emerging markets and countries.

11. Not so subtly, new eastern world powers have banded together (BRICS) to create an asset backed monetary system that effectively replaces the 1944 Bretton Woods which abandoned the gold standard officially in 1971 with then US President Richard Nixon.

12. The new asset backed financial system out of Beijing returns the world to fiscal sanity (end of fiat trading, currency, bond issues) and eliminates the United States as the globe’s de facto benchmark of economic value and military power, which will allow the new USN to flow freely.

13. This includes the release of all gold back currencies including long suffering Vietnamese Dong, Iraq Dinar, Iran Rial, Turkish Lira, Venezuelan Bolivar, Afghanistan Afghani, Zimbabwe Dollars and Indonesian Rupiah.

14. Very soon, we will all bear witness to the return of the international gold monetary standard, which will be announced as collateral backing all global currencies and trades, managed from Beijing and agreed to by the rest of the free and sovereign world, including its worst historic violator... America.

15. The vast mineral reserves of Africa will quietly underpin this new monetary system for all nations remaining in good GESARA compliance standing—which means no war or private treachery.

16. Technologically, this new digital and quantum system has been created to be hack proof, and will now be openly implemented and overseen by the Chinese.

17. All good standing GESARA nation’s will protect by all other nations also of good standing, led of course by Russia, the new global police officer replacing the United States military (see Syria).

18. This means that American (and European) dominance has indeed ended, less any tragic Goliath-like thud. NATO nations will just have to adapt or die, as this how and why the new system of global governance is collectively designed and structured.

F. April 6 2018 11:57 am EST Obama Scandal, Laila: Trump Attorney Receives Significant Documents Related to Obama Scandal Source: The Gateway Pundit Cristina Laila - Video Attorney Jay Sekulow’s federal court appearance on Obama’s unmasking: …

1. An attorney for Trump, Jay Sekulow and his senior counsel Carly Gammill appeared in a Washington D.C. federal court Thursday morning to find out when they will be receiving documents related to the Obama unmasking scandal. The ACLJ filed a FOIA lawsuit last summer and they are just now beginning to receive documents.

2. Sekulow stated on his radio show Jay Live on Thursday, the ACLJ (American Center for Law and Justice) just received some of the unmasking documents and they are “significant” and “newsworthy.” Jay Sekulow said the State Department and NSA have over 9,000 documents related to the Obama unmasking case.

3. The American Center for Law and Justice is expected to receive a portion of the unmasking documents on a monthly basis. Sekulow says he has received some information from the State Department already and will be revealing details Monday.

4. Sekulow said this is going to be quite a battle ahead with the courts and to “prepare for war.” Obama’s National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, former U.S. Ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power and Ben Rhodes are at the center of the unmasking scandal.

5. Hundreds of Americans were unmasked in the last year of the Obama Administration.

6. Sekulow pointed out that many illegal leaks of Trump’s transition were directly tied to the unmasking scandal.

G. April 6 2018 3:24 am EST, DJM: "Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!' by DJM - 4.6.18

1.My father thanks you Abel Danger, Field McConnell, David Hawkins, Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, President Trump, General Joseph Dunford. Abel Danger, my how you have grown.

2. Congratulations Zimbabwe, Iraq. Libya, you are next.

3. Two monarchs/Popes step down/resign in less than five years?

4. Humanity will witness Elizabeth give ISIS back her crown? Another monarch down?

5. Three sitting presidents in the US all in 2016? General Carter Ham, Paul Ryan, General Joseph Dunford. Who would have guessed?

6. Now we are Golden. 3-2-1-1-2-3AD

H. April 6 2018 3:22 am EST, DJM: "Father Knows Best!" by DJM - 4.6.18

1.100% gold/asset-backed, debt free Zim Bonds announced prior to April 6 2018.

2. Father knows best. Gurus? Predictions? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? More predictions coming.

3. Two monarchs falling before we fly.

4. More announcements coming. Stay tuned. I’ll be back. I am DJM 3-2-1-1-2-3FBF

5. PS: In Canada we say eh. In Dinarland we say double A. The month of May will be glorious!

I. April 6 2018 12:33 am EST Indictments Unsealed, Seaman: (Video) David Seaman: Sealed Indictments Now Unsealed -- Take Down Imminent, It's Over

Seaman discusses the takedown of the royal family, celebrities, politicians - Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Clintons, Podesta's, Obamas, George Soros, etc with over 20,000 sealed indictments. Apparently David has seen the indictments. The unsealing of those indictments has already begun.

J. April 6 2018 2:51 pm EST Dow Drops 650: Dow Drops 600 Points After Warning from the White House

K. April 6 2018 2:50 pm EST Market Pain: Trump Warns Investors to Prepare for Market Pain

Note from IQDCalls: Don't make the RV your only plan, don't quit you job, not get a job, or put your life on hold waiting for an RV, as it could be years, never or any day? Time has told.

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of March 30 2018 by Judy Byington

Judy Note: The following Summary (as of March 29 2018) is my opinion only and taken from different intel providers. The rates and rules could and likely would, easily change. When the 800#s come out we would be given more accurate information:

Summary Bank Screen Rates, Contract Rates and Non Disclosure Agreements

Bank Screen Rates:

Bank Screen Rates are the International Rates on the Forex at the time of your exchange.

Dong: $.47
Rupiah: $1.08
Afghani: $2.39
Rial: $3.22
Dinar: $3.77 (Bruce: $7-$8)

The Dinar may go up 5% per day - $8 to $10 - in a controlled float on the Forex.
The Dinar Contract Rate of $28.50 could be available, but you had to ask for it.

Zim Bond: $0.00000010 ($.10 with 6 zeros taken off) or 100 Trillion = $10 Million

The Zim may rise up to $.16 on the Forex.

Tier 1 Banks would be redeeming Zim at the Screen Rate.

If you had a Humanitarian Project call the 800# to get an appointment with a HSBC representative at a Redemption Center for a Contract Rate.

Contract Rates:

Contract Rates were available by calling the 800# & required signing an NDA.

1. If you had Zim and a Humanitarian Project call the 800# to redeem your Zim and exchange your other currencies at a Redemption Center at Contract Rates.

2. You could only exchange up to 100T Zim at your first appointment – the rest at a later date.

3. There would be no limit to redeeming Zim.

4. You should redeem Zim prior to June 30 2018 to avoid paying taxes on the redemption.

5. Contract Rate on the Dinar was $28.50.

6. Contract Rates on the Dinar would be awarded on a first come, first served basis, and then based on how much total currency you had, the private banker would offer you what s/he thought would be a reasonable amount.

7. If a person had a lot of currency, they may get less at the Contract Rate, although the rest could be exchanged at the International Rate.

8. A person with 100K Dinar: call the 800 number to get 100% Contract Rate.

9. Your ability to obtain the Contract Rate would depend on how much total currency you had. The less you had, the more likely you were to get it.

10. You could exchange up to ten million Dinar at the Contract Rate and exchange the rest at the Bank Screen Rate that showed at the time of your exchange.

11. There were no Contract Rates available on the Dong.

Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA):

1.NDAs are required on Contract Rates and most Zim redemption.

2. The NDA is 10 pages on the $28.50 Dinar and 12 pages on the Zim.

3. If you broke your NDA by exposing to anyone what you had, what your rate was, or where you got it, you could have all of your bank accounts frozen and be required by law to return all of your money, including any profits made.


A. March 29 2018 The Big Call, Bruce:

1. Yesterday March 28 in Iraq there was a special printing of the Gazette that showed the new Dinar rate – that wouldn’t be available in Iraq until 5:00 pm EST Sat. March 31.

2. The physical new USN, boxes of gold and silver and other asset-backed currencies have been moving around the world.

3. The gold/silver backed USN should be acknowledged by Pres. Trump in a pre-recorded “soft” announcement that would be aired some time Sat. March 31.

4. Our gold-backed USN could be traded Sat. night March 31 and should be in place for markets to open Mon. morning April 2.

5. Several people have said we could be notified sometime Sat. March 31, but more likely Mon. afternoon April 2 and begin exchanging Tues. April 3.

6. People have done exchanges with partial funds liquid and were told they would have their funds Tues. April 3.

7. Screen Rate on the Dinar was $7-$8.

8. Screen Rate on the Zim was up - anyone should be happy with the Zim front screen rate.


B. March 29 2018 12:02 pm EST Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV

1. The Petrodollar was on it's deathbed as oil was being traded in gold-backed Petroyuan.

2. The H.R. 5404 bill (the gold-standard) was lingering, ready to be introduced and implemented at any given moment.

3. The recent ups and downs in the stock market was only a prelude. According to sources a major Stock Market correction was expected to occur during the first week in April.

4. The introduction of the gold-standard (H.R. 5404) would save the U.S. from collapse during the stock market correction.

5. The RV release was expected to occur sometime during these events.


C. March 29 2018 9:31 am EST TNT Update:

1. Today March 29 an Iraq press conference announced that the 2018 Budget (that contained the new Dinar rate) would be published and in force by Sun. April 1.

2. Iraq's Rashid Bank was on Iraqi TV broadcasting the new citizen Mastercards could now be used worldwide.

3. Iraqi TV showed officials from Iraq and Saudi Arabia cutting the ribbon to a new exchange bank open for trade located in Baghdad.


D. March 29 2018 9:58 pm EST TNT intel, iammaydragon: "Received 800 Numbers" - Intel from TNT iammaydragon 3-29-18

I just got a call from my sister in law. She was flying home to TN and stopped at the exchange booth to see the rates. All the windows were covered with paper. She couldn't see in. They were not open. She then had a call from her dear friend in Chicago who is in a private group. They had received their 800 numbers and were making appointments.


E. March 28 2018 10:16 pm EST: (Video) Destroying the Illusion 3.28 -- Q's Latest | Sex Trafficking Exposure | Julian Assange Internet Cut | Pardon Flynn!

Why so many are 'taking the red pill' (and discovering the truth about the mainstream media) -

FBI Director Christopher Wray Assigns Additional 27 Staff To Expedite Chairman Bob Goodlatte Subpoena -

Gillibrand rival slams her father’s ties to alleged sex-slave cult -

FBI raids NXIVM president's house as Raniere appears in federal court -

Assange’s internet connection cut following ‘agreement breach’ – Ecuador -

F. March 29 2018 12:38 am EST: "Time to Remind China" - Fulford Report - 3.26.18 Benjamin Fulford, White Dragon Society

1.Imagine the U.S. stopping all trade with China, and China dumping all of its U.S. Treasury holdings. Americans would see an immediate plunge in their living standards as they would lose access to cheap Chinese goods, while a plunging dollar would make imports from the rest of the world more expensive. It would take many years for the Americans to build factories to replace the goods it is used to getting from China, and the end result would be far more expensive.

2. In reality, Pentagon sources say the trade war with China “provides a cover for the U.S. military so that they can crash the stock market and confiscate trillions of dollars of stolen assets worldwide.”

3. “March madness began on March 23 as Trump ‘reluctantly’ signed the $1.3 trillion Omnibus spending bill to fund the military so they can drain the swamp with covert and overt operations across the globe,” the Pentagon sources say. The six-month Omnibus bill gives Trump carte blanche so he can “fund any agency or program, or defund bad ones like the CIA or aid for Israel,” the sources explain.

4. “The 2,232-page Omnibus spending bill, which nobody has read, actually provides tons of money for witnesses, GITMO and Diego Garcia, plus empowers and funds the Inspector General across the government to expose crimes of the Cabal,” they say.

5. In addition, the “DOJ Inspector General report of 1.2M pages will reveal massive pedophilia, murder, extortion, corruption, treason, and sedition as Trump seeks the death penalty for drug traffickers like in Singapore,” the sources continue.

6. If anybody still has doubts that a purge has already begun at the highest levels, they should stop and think about the resignation of “pope maledict,” the abdication of a whole series of monarchs including the Emperor of Japan, the retirement of scores of U.S. senators and members of Congress, and the disappearance of people like George Soros and Bill Gates, etc.

7. Now there is a very visible attack taking place against Khazarian mafia control of Internet giants like Facebook and Google. On this front, Pentagon sources say David Rockefeller grandson Mark Zuckerberg (Greenberg) “is going down for spying and insider trading just as Steve Wynn (Weinberg) was forced, finally, to sell all his shares.”

8. It should be noted that Wynn, the former finance chair of the Republican Party, owned the hotels used in the mass murder event and attempted assassination of Donald Trump in Las Vegas last October.

9. The purge in Europe is also continuing, with former French President Nicholas Sarkozy being formally charged last week with receiving illegal campaign financing from Libya. Also, French Rothschild-slave President Emmanuel Macron is facing mass strikes and protests over his attempts to cut the wages of French workers in order to make his oligarch masters richer.

10. In Italy, meanwhile, the anti-establishment Northern League and Five Star Movement parties are close to forming a government that is certain to challenge the fascist EU and its Euro currency.

11. The Khazarian mafia, of course, has still not given up in their fanatical attempt to start World War 3. In the past week they have been caught yet again fabricating poison gas attacks in Syria and the UK in an attempt to start war with Russia.

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of March 29 2018 Audio/Video 7min

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 29 March 2018 by Judy Byington

Judy Note: For the last few days Templeton Collectibles has shown an offline screen. Yesterday Q said “Offline For a Reason.” (Q is an informant who gets intel direct from the White House & may be Trump himself).

Yesterday March 27 the Stock Market began a sharp downward spiral & was still down again at close today March 28. Bruce’s call last night indicated we might get those 800#s very soon and exchange through the Easter weekend, with the general public beginning their exchanges after banks reopen Tues. April 2. See: Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of March 28, 2018

Tony’s Call on Mon. March 26 indicated they would send out the 800#s during the day & when all US banks were open, meaning those 800#s could come in the afternoon sometime within the next couple of days. Today Tony said we should see this by at least Sun. April 1, or sooner

Insert to note has been asked to get out the alleged 800 numbers for Banks exchange & if true they will be posted on the iqdcalls Banks page promptly

A. March 28 2018 6:53 pm EST Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for March 28, 2018

1. Kim Jong-un's recent visit to China to speak with Xi included talks about Korean unification and the Petro-Yuan. Korean unification was a requirement prior to the announcement of GESARA.

2. The H.R. 5404 bill was the gold-standard which was set to be announced shortly to prevent the U.S. from collapsing during the major Stock Market corrections.

3. The UST would step in to guarantee all deposits once banks lose their derivatives.

4. Announcement of the gold-standard in the U.S. would be the trigger for a gold-standard global monetary system (new financial system).

5. All rates would be reset and prices changed dramatically once the new financial system fully replaced the old system.

6. Rumor had it that the U.S. gold-standard was set to be announced sometime during the first week of April 2018.

7. The RV could be expected during or after these events.

B. March 28 2018 TNT Call Ray, Tony: Replay links

1. Iraq announced on TV that the Iraqi Budget with the new Dinar rate in it would be effective on Sun. April 1. The new rate was not yet published in the Iraqi Gazette.

2. Iraq also announced on TV that all government salaries would increase 20%-30% because of an increase in revenues.

3. They said they would ret salaries back to Jan. 1 2018.

4. The previously announced new Dinar in-country rate ($7.71) was not valid. It was said to be a code that bankers & tellers mistook for a rate.

5. There is one group out there saying it won’t happen until the middle of April, but everyone else is expecting the RV this week.

6. Everyone has the opportunity to get the Dinar contract rate ($28.50) IF they ask for it, and sign the ten-year NDA.

7. You would only be able to exchange one 100 Trillion Zim note at the first appointment, and ten 100T overall. However, my bank sources have not been told that, although I don’t know what they are hearing right now in the briefings taking place this morning.

8. We should see this by Sun. April 1, or sooner.

C. March 28 2018 11:37 pm EST, Zap: ZAP's Mid-Week Report -- March 28, 2018

1.We have received a lot of intelligence on the releases that were in progress.

2. The majority would be starting to show in accounts right after Easter.

3. The Jubilee started on March 26 when the gold standard came into play in China.

4. Payments for the RV exchanges were slated after Easter.

5. The TTMs were underway.

6. With any luck we might see some funds before Good Friday March 30.

7. We know about one transfer that would come in right after Easter from the China Foundation.

D. March 28 2018 2:32 am EST: QAnon Intel Drop: "Tidal Wave Incoming, Buckle up" -- March 28, 2018 Q Anon posts:

Q Anon post 964:

Tidal Wave incoming. Buckle Up

Q Anon post 965:

Stay Strong!
Stay Together!
We Stand With You!
Offline For a Reason
Enjoy the Show

Q Anon post 967: 970.

What does the house cleaning represent?
We always knew.
Final stage.
What does NK represent?
Kim to China represents something vital (Key)
Many will be buried before exposed [them/self].

QAnon post 970:

Done in 30.
House cleaning.
WH secured.
Final stage.

E. March 28 2018 10:37 am EST Real Truth Call, Yosef: Real Truth Call w/ Yosef on Zim Bonds and More 3-28-18 Replay

1.The RV began here last Friday Dec. 23 when Trump signed the Tax Bill. They have been making apts. with people since.

2. The actual start of the gold standard began Sun. night March 25 when China came out with their gold-backed Yuan.

3. That was the end of the Petrodollar and the US Treasury.

4. It would take them until the end of March to do the bonds.

5. You would have until the end of June to redeem your Zim without the transaction being taxed.

F. March 28 2018 2:18 am EST Stock Market Crash: Stock Market: Momo Massacred, Tech Wrecked, and Bond Yields Battered

G. March 28 2018 2:22 am EST Gold and the US Dollar: "H.R.5404" - GCR/RV Thought - 3.28.18


I.March 28 2018 8:04 pm EST: Final Wakeup Call: The Change -- Consciousness is Key to World Change The Deep State’s Nazi Connection

The world has long been governed by men connected to secret societies such as the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Trilateral Commission (TC) and Bilderberg Group. All can be traced back to much earlier societies, such as the Knights Templar and Rosicrucians, transpiring into the Bavarian Illuminati and the Freemasons. It was the right-wing German Thule Gesellschaft, or Thule Society - an offshoot of the Teutonic Knights - that formed the nucleus of the fledgling Nazi Party, which adopted the infamous Illuminati credo that lives on in the hearts of the corporate owners of today. These globalists value the blending of state and corporate power, which is the very definition of fascism.

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of March 25 2018 Audio/Video 10min

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 25 March 2018 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Abuse Recovery

A. March 24 2018 1:19 pm EST: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for March 24, 2018

1.Signs of the major correction are showing up with Dow dropping below 1,000 points in two days.

2. All in timing prior to March 26 when the "golden alternative" to the Petrodollar goes live. Another timely event was the passing of the omnibus spending bill (gold-standard?). All recent events are alluding to a "new financial system" which will result in a global currency reset (GCR).

3. The RV release is currently on an any moment basis as of March 17.

4. Some inactive 800#'s have been preemptively given to a selected few.

5. Redemption centers in the U.S. are ready to go.

6. Banks, not so much. Some banks say they aren't ready, other banks are cutting last minute deals. Many bankers have been arrested as the result.

7. The RV exchanges/redemptions must be worldwide. All must go or none go at all.

B. March 24 2017 1:01 pm EST Summary of Events March 18-29: Restored Republic via a GCR Summary of Events for March 18-29, 2018

Summary of Rumored RV Events March 18 to 29:

1. Sun. evening March 18 the RV was rumored to have completed for groups in Reno.

2. Mon. morning March 19 groups waiting in Reno were rumored to have exchanged including the Admiral, who was told his RV funds would be liquid.

3. Tues. March 20 Traders were notified that they could not trade the Chinese Yaun Petrodollar after midnight.

4. Wed. March 21 Farm Claims were paid out.

5. Wed. March 21 in Iraq the Qi cards with the new Dinar rate was rumored to have activated and appeared in the digital Gazette.

6. Thurs night March 22 was rumored to have marked the beginning of a 48 hour window for the RV. Redemption Centers were staffed to begin, on Red Alert and on lockdown.

7. On Sunday March 25 (7:30 pm EST) the Chinese Yuan would become a gold/asset backed world reserve currency as oil started trading in gold-backed Yuan instead of the Petrodollar.

8. Mon. March 26 would mark the end of the Petrodollar and thus end of Cabal rule through control of the global monetary system. Trading contracts with proceeds as high as $3 Trillion and $25,000 Trillion had been used in behalf of a select few bloodline families to subvert the people. Signatories to the trading contracts were Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke, Roger Ferguson, Janet Yellen, Timothy Geithner, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Jack Lew, Paul O’Neill, Neil Wolin.

9. Thurs. March 29 according to Iraqi TV, the Iraqi Parliament would hold its last session where they would pass all remaining laws.

10. Currency Rates

a. Currencies in the first basket: Dinar, Dong, Rupiah, Zim, Afghani, Iranian Rial.

b. If you wanted the Contract Rate, call the 800 number.

a. Contract Rates were awarded on a first come, first served basis, and then based on how much total currency you had, the private banker would offer you what s/he thought would be a reasonable amount. If a person had a lot of currency, they may get less at the Contract Rate, although the rest could be exchanged at the International Rate.

b. The NDA was 12 pages and was required on Contract Rates and Zim. If you broke it by exposing to anyone what you had, what your rate was, or where you got it, you could have all of your bank accounts frozen and be required by law to return all of your money including any profits made.

c. Bank Screen Rates
Dong: $.47
Rupiah: $1.08
Afghani: $2.39
Rial: $3.22
Dinar: $3.77

The Dinar may go up 5% per day - $8 to $10 - in a controlled float on the Forex.

The Dinar Contract Rate of $28.50 could be available, but you had to ask for it.

A person with 100K: call the 800 number to get 100% Contract Rate for your Dinar. Your ability to obtain the Contract Rate would depend on how much total currency you had. The less you had, the more likely you were to get it. You could exchange up to ten million Dinar at the Contract Rate and exchange the rest at the Bank Screen Rate that showed at the time of your exchange.

Zim Bond: $0.00000010 ($.10 with 6 zeros taken off) or 100 Trillion = $10 Million

The Zim may rise up to $.16 on the Forex.

Tier 1 Banks would be redeeming Zim at the Screen Rate.

If you wanted the Contract Rate on the Zim, call the 800 number for an appointment.

If you have Humanitarian Projects call the 800# to exchange at a Redemption Center.

You could only exchange up to 100T Zim at your exchange – the rest at a later date.

There would be no limit to exchanging Zim.

11. Deep State Pedophiles & Pedogate funded by US Taxpayer since the CIA was formed after World War II. Military Tribunals for PedoGate, David Zublick: (Video) David Zublick -- Executive Order: Military Tribunals for PedoGate

1. President Trump signed an Executive Order allowing him to arrest and prosecute ‘Deep State’ pedophiles using the US military court-martial process.

2. Among those soon to be rounded up and sent to Gitmo included the Clintons, Podesta Brothers, Rex Tillerson, and even Vice President Mike Pence.

3. Q revealed that Little St. James, the island owned by convicted pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein, contained levels underground that housed jail cells & a temple used for Satanic Ritual Abuse (involving torture and human sacrifice of children).

4. As part of the investigation of Pedogate (rape and exploitation of children by the political elite) both Clintons and other political elites were found to frequent Little St. James on Epstein’s plane, the Lolita Express.

5. Evidently there was an indictment out on Obama, who recently asked for and was denied asylum in the UK and has now asked for asylum in Japan. The indictment could include Pedogate, the Uranium One Scandal and Election Fraud.

6. There were 500 unelected DOJ lawyers who controlled all taxpayer monies for their Cabal leaders.

7. There was a network of elite pedophiles who controlled the global monetary system using their intelligence services to set up and blackmail politicians to keep them in line.

8. Since the end of World War II an international pedophile ring was said to be organized by the CIA in cooperation with the Deep State’s use of US taxpayer dollars run through the British Monarchy and Vatican.

9. On June 21 1965 Summer Solstice six year-old Jenny Hill was tortured and witnessed another child killed in a Satanic human sacrifice ceremony overseen by a CIA operative Dr. Green brought into the US from Nazi Germany after World War II to head the CIA Mind Control Program, MKULTRA.

10. In early 1965 and prior to Hill’s experience, Congress claimed to have already shut down these MKULTRA human experiments targeting children.

11. Congressional investigations finally led to 1977 & 1995 Hearings – both of which were covered up, with no action taken.

12. Videos of MKULTRA Survivors at the 1995 Congressional Hearings testifying that Green (whom other survivors claimed was Joseph Mengele), headed this CIA’s MKULTRA Mind Control. In these videos the Satanic Abuse Survivors claimed that they were also tortured as children after the CIA program was reportedly shut down in 1965:

Therapist Valerie Wolf:

Survivor Christina Nicola

Survivor Claudia Mullen

Survivors Claudia Mullen, Cammie Lewis, Brice Taylor, Susan Benson, Chuck Davenport, Kathleen Sullivan, Anon:

13. There were multiple CIA Ritual Abuse Survivors who testified that as children they were raped and seen children murdered and eaten by Cabalists. Many years ago Oprah Winfrey interviewed some:

C. March 24 2018 Police Raid multiple Catholic Church Properties in Child Sex Abuse Scandal:

Saginaw County, MI: After a priest was arrested last month on allegations of child sexual assault, police have raided multiple Catholic church properties as they investigated the flood of accusations against multiple clergymen. Dozens of police officers also raided the home of Bishop Joseph Cistone. The raids were carried out as part of an ongoing investigation into apparently rife sexual abuse in the church—and their history of covering it up. According to Saginaw County Assistant Prosecutor Mark Gaertner, the police raids were necessary because the church was refusing to cooperate with the ongoing investigation into a torrent of sexual abuse allegations.

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of March 12 2018 Audio/Video 5min

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 12 March 2018 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, "Twenty Two Faces,"

A. March 11 2018 11:15 pm EST Zap: "Till I Go Down" - Weekly ZAP - The Office of POOFness - 3.11.18

1. Poof: As the struggles continue to free up the humanitarian funds, there is an undertow of duplicity and outright thievery.

2. We wish we could tell you that all is in readiness — and in some ways it is— but in some ways it still gets tied to banks and to organizations that still do not think much money should flow out to a culpable public.

3. Susan: The PP's delivery unit has been on standby for several months now. I am repeatedly assured that deliveries will happen!! The obvious question is WHEN!! My continual answer is watch the progress of the exchanges.

4. DJ: We are waiting for the Stock Market to crash. That date has been thrown out there as March 14-16.

5. We are in store for a lot more “need to happen" events that will be designated as a “need to happen first thing" before the currencies can exchange. We don’t know what we don’t know.

6. There will be NO profiteering allowed. Organizations such as Humanus, The Rodrigues Estate,( Not to be confused with a so called Rodriguez Trust ), the Six Banks of The Nile Project ( 2 million acres of extremely fertile farm land with crops designated for world consumption), free communication and education systems and many more are structured to feed all profits back into more projects. It is those entities we all should be throwing our support behind.

7. Watch Zimbabwe and listen to its finance ministry.” In order for the country to receive its currency back from other nations it must stockpile its foreign currency reserves. To accumulate currency reserves it must export. To export it must increase manufacturing and agriculture commodities. ´The same holds true for Iraq,Vietnam, Indonesia the USA and any other country. Pay attention to the global disputes as they are settled such as fishing rights, border disputes, shipping lanes, and international waters disputes. Those and a few hundred other issues are what is holding up fund release- not any one person or country or event.

8. Zap: Preparations were in place for this event.

9.The third week of March is the target time for the Event to begin.

10. This coming week marks the beginning of all our fundings for the projects and we are preparing for a very busy time ahead.

11. The more public side of the RV was to have started last Sunday, then last Friday and now tomorrow, March 12. We will not know for sure until it begins.

12. The lawyers I am in touch with are performing the TTMs for the exchanges and are all busy with preparations for these financial events that are to start this coming week.

B. March 11 2018 5:24 pm EST Intel Alert:

1. All 18,500+ sealed indictments are rumored to be unsealed today March 11.

2. The emergency broadcast system will be used to override any Cabal interruption and fear-mongering by the mainstream media.

3. The entire country will be shut down and isolated for a nationwide "house cleaning" event.

4. The Stock Market will plummet on the same day.

5. Once it's over, military and Republic personnel will step into office to announce the gold-standard and NESARA.

6. The IMF will be forced to initiate a global gold-standard monetary system. This switches all country's currencies from fiat to gold/asset-backed.(Secretly, it is the new financial system being put into place. The new financial system already contains all revalued currency rates.) All currencies will be reset to their true values based on gold and assets.

7. Poor countries (such as Iraq, Vietnam, Zimbabwe, Philippines, and many more) will benefit through sudden increase in purchasing power.

8. The new revalued exchange rates will allow the RV to begin.

9. All remaining fiat currencies/historic bonds will be exchanged/redeemed.

10. GESARA is the last step. Certain geopolitical issues must be resolved prior to it's global implementation. One issue is North Korea, the other Israel.

11. The scheduled meeting between Trump and Kim Jong-un is geopolitically significant and important for the implementation of GESARA. North Korea must adapt like China or re-unify with the South. It cannot exist in a post-GESARA world in it's current state.

12. The indictment or resignation of Netanyahu is also very important for the implementation of GESARA.

13. Israel and North Korea are the last two remaining stepping stones for the implementation of GESARA.

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of March 4 2018 Audio/Video 6min

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Feb. 20 2018 Audio/Video 12min

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Feb. 17 2018 Audio/Video 13min

Compiled 12:15 am EDT 17 Feb. 2018 by Judy Byington

A. Judy Note: Summary of this week's events:

1. Native American tribes were paid out their due funds last 
Mon. Feb. 12.

2. There was a 72 hour waiting period for us to go that expired 
Feb. 15-16.

3. The SWIFT system had been run in tandem with the CIP system, yet Russia switched over to the new system at midnight 
Feb. 14-15.

4. There were arrangements made to release a huge amount of money to certain groups after the Chinese New Year on 
Feb. 16.

5. The GCAM (Global Collateral Accounts Master) has been informed to prepare to oversee the RV exchanges this month (date classified).

6. As of 
Feb. 16 the US Treasury signed off on the RV/GCR and Banks have been instructed to get the 800#s underway.

7. Last 
Wed. Feb. 14 the Military Reserves were put on alert to assure security of our exchanges.

8. According to TNT the 800#s release window was now sometime between
Feb. 16 and the morning of Tues. Feb. 19.

9. It was reported that 23 bank people were secretly arrested this week.

10. With the global political and economic changes, there was apt to be a 90-day window where things would get tough for the average citizen. Have your food storage ready.

B. Feb. 16 2018 TNT RayRen98: Yes, we received a new window. Yes, it is over the course of this weekend - Friday to Tuesday morning it could go thru. New information coming in during the rush. Five big boys (banks) are increasing their reserves today.

C. Feb. 16 2018 TNT Call, RayRen98, Tony: Replay

1. The US Treasury has signed off on the RV/GCR and Banks have been instructed to get the 800#s underway.

2. The 800#s release window was between tonight 
Feb. 16 and the morning ofTues. Feb. 19.

3. There were 12 Federal Reserve districts that would have an 800#. There was a map of the districts on: You have to call the 800# in your district.

4. Three of the districts recieved their 800 numbers last night.

5. Iraq should be publishing the new Dinar rate tomorrow 
Feb. 17.

6. Homeland Security has a list of people who would not be able to exchange. They were going to add to that list - drug dealers - people who have taken advantage of exchangers, etc. - whom they will add to that list. If you act inappropriately they could put your name on that list where you would not ever be allowed to exchange. The list would be given out globally so you could not exchange anywhere in the world.

7. Act professional. Dress professionally. No bank has to do your exchange. Once a name gets put on the list it isen't coming off.

8. ZIM: This morning Zimbabwe put a cap on the Zim at $500 million. Over $500 million and you have a structured payout over 25 years. 

9. The IMF was now saying they want to cap ZIM notes at $10 million (per 100 trillion ZIM note). 

10. The Zim rate was to be between $.11 and $.22. If you have more than that you have to exchange later.

11. They just made a new deal with the IMF to rebuild their own reserves; rebuild their economy a little at a time with this money. They decided it would be better to do $10 million per person. They are going to stretch it out so the economy can be building. If it comes out at .10 and that’s okay. In 18-24 months the goal for the rate was to be up to $.72 cents. In 60 months they wanted this to be worth $1.00. They have to build up to that. They know how many notes are out there. That is the part they want to stretch out and do a little bit at a time, so they don’t go broke.

12. Under the present law, Banks have a limit on how much money they could give out each day. There was a cap on how much you could exchange on any one day. You would exchange to their limit of $10,000 and then be scheduled for another appointment. That means it may stretch out your exchange over 90 or so days.

13. The banks were having a meeting on this right now and are trying to finalize it. The details would be released later.

14. You have to do all of your exchanges at the same bank. We don't know yet if you could do exchanges at multiple banks in your district.

15. If you were asking for the screen rate, the rate that showed on the Forex (or bank screen) at the time of your exchange would be the rate you received.

16. If you had less than $20 million you could be fully exchanged within ten days.

17. The US dollar was at a 1:1 with the Iraqi Dinar. The present in-country Dinar rate was $3.71. The international rate would be higher.

18. At your exchange you can withdraw $7,000 cash, have 10% of your exchange available to you and the rest would be available to you within 48 hours.

19. They would be scheduling appointments starting in two hours after you called in.

20. Last 
Wed. Feb. 14 the Military Reserves were put on alert to assure security of our exchanges.

D. Feb. 16 2018 3:32 pm EST Intel Alert:

1. The Cabal agents that attempted to open a portal with CERN were identified and taken into custody and this Cabal attempt to regain control over this planet was averted.

2. The quantum hosted new financial system was hack proof. Quantum computer technology cannot be hacked without equal advanced quantum technology, which the Cabal lack. 

3. Most Cabal military and technology assets have been destroyed.

4. Only a few small elements of rogue Cabal remain undercover. The Alliance was actively seeking out these agents on a daily basis.

5. Several corrupted Cabal bankers have been arrested in the past 24 hours.

6. The recent stock market plunge was a successful Alliance operation in seizing essential Cabal stocks. This dealt a crippling blow to certain Cabal individuals whom owned these stocks.

7. The GCAM (Global Collateral Accounts Master) has been informed to prepare to oversee the RV exchanges this month (date classified).

E. Feb. 16 2015 9:22 pm EST Bank Story, TNT BMore: My wife called into the customer service number of our National Bank of America about exchanging Dinar. She was asked if she was trying to exchange today (Thurs) or this weekend. (This was strange since the bank was only open for a few hours on Sat. and closed Sunday). The teller put us on hold, then quoted a rate for the Dinar of $3.79, sounding confused while trying to convert it. She told us to do the conversion on their website, put us on hold again and then the phone mysteriously hung up. When I checked their site didn't list Iraqi Dinar as a currency.

F. Feb. 15 2018, 9:21 pm EST, Riva: Alliance Insider: We're Going to see a New Gold-Backed Currency

An Alliance Insider:

1. "What's going on is a game of intelligence. We have an alliance with China, Russia and a few others, England now being one of them. We haven't got one with Germany. We've got one with some Saudis and maybe some Egyptians. We're putting together a coalition. We're going to see a new gold-backed currency worldwide to get rid of the United States Treasury and Federal Reserve."

2. "Right now, ISIS is wiped out."

3. "There is a list of 6,782 Illuminati members – and this list was given to the black ops, Seal teams, Black Water, snipers, and all paramilitary personnel – so that if anything happened to Trump, we can go hunting and get them all."

4. Back then "the Vatican said, 'Wait a minute, wait a minute, the Knights Templar have more power than we do.' And the French government owed the Knights Templar so much money they could never pay it back. They killed them all on Friday the 13th."

5. One thing we can agree on is that 2018 is going to be very, very interesting.

6. "What you can know is very, very limited. What you need to know is very finite. Start with that."

G. Feb. 16 2018 12:47 pm EST: QAnon Updates -- February 14th to 15th, 2018

The world is not how you view it.

Trust the plan. We are winning. Arrests will come.
Logic should answer why it must follow other unfolding events.
Learn and spread. Build proofs.
We've provided many proofs that cannot be disputed as coincidences.
This was done for a reason. More will be provided.
Direct confirmation will come.
It cannot come now, for it will be lost and the message is not ready.
You are part of the army. We are depending on you, for God and country.
Where we go one, we go all.
Stay safe this week.

H. Feb. 16 2018 12:49 pm EST:  Q has been posting about the treachery of Senator John McCain and Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg who Q has suggested may know something about the murder of Supreme Court Justice Scalia. In this video, a follow up to my video 'Think children, think slaves' we take a deeper look at these to "government servants'" and go deep down the rabbit hole.

I. Feb. 16 2018 12:46 pm EST:  Tarantino gave us the best view of how the Hollywood elite views sex with children, in 2003. Finally, people are listening. And thankfully, there's a President in the White House who cares.

J. Feb. 16 2018 Report Showed UN Enabled Pedophilia (The Cabal Strikes Again: This was a link that was recently taken down for no apparent reason):

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Feb. 13 2018 Audio/Video 8min

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