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If there are any "Special 800#" for any Banks exchanging we will post on the iqdcalls Banks page

Restored Republic via a GCR    Disclaimer

7/21/17 Restored Republic via a GCR: Update YouTube Link 13min


Compiled 12:01 am EDT 21 July 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, "Twenty Two Faces,"

A. July 20 2017 The Big Call Bruce: playback

1. Yesterday July 19 Bruce was told 5 different release times, but it did not go and he doesn't know why.

2. Iraq has completed everything they needed to do. There is a new IMF office in Baghdad and the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) has a new website.

3. The Iraqi Qi cards (for citizens to share in Iraqi oil profits) have been issued, rates have climbed on them, plus they are scheduled to be activated internationally by midnight tonight July 20.

4. The rates are being traded up on the market.

5. We have an all new SWIFT system. There was a glitch in it during the day yesterday and again last night.

6. Redemption centers remain on hot status and won't turn off their hot status until after the RV release.

7. Tiers 1,2,3 and 4 could be paid out at any time, along with the 800 number release. Notification for all will come at the same time.

B. July 20 2017 9:24 am EDT Zap Mid-Week Report: ZAP's Mid-Week Report - The Office of POOFness - 7.20.17

1. I am preparing to head out next week to get the foundation work underway.

2.China is a very active place right now with so much going on.

3. I will be traveling to several destinations to get it all done in time and the window is pretty tight.

4. We have gone dark for the moment until we get everything ready for what is to come.

5. I wish I could say more, but it is sensitive. Destinations, times and who is going to be seen and where details are out of the question.

6. The project side is going to come alive, so the infrastructure and services will be required as quickly as possible. It is going to be a massive effort by many sister organizations that are taking part in this global effort.

C. July 20 2017 6:12 pm EDT Fisher: "The Bureaucracy Reverts to its Normal Level of Incompetence" by Fisher - 7.20.17

1. Yesterday July 19 Amazon, CITIBANK, PAYPAL and others were informed that the TDA's (US Citizen Treasury Debit Accounts) would be available/open, which is why Amazon told all to re-process their prior purchases

2. CITIBANK was told by a Treasury representative/agent that the accounts would be accessible Wed-Thurs July 19, 20, this on a 3 way call between Citi, a Citi customer and the agent.

3. There were many such inquiries and calls with Treasury agents with all callers given the same or similar answers: Wed-Thurs July 19, 20 the TDA accounts will be "open."

4. Two things to remember: HSBC (Hong Kong) said to "expect" something around midnight Wed. July 19 and the Treasury saying the TDA's were NESARA money.

5. HSBC was expecting the US Note announcement, which we would be the new currency for the Republic since they cannot and will not use a fiat currency.

6. No announcement was made. There was no new US Note release.

7. Today July 20, all TDA transactions were blocked, stopped, reversed and many accounts again closed, or put on hold.

D. July 20 Yosef - GCR/RV/Geopolitical Intel 7-19-17  "Seems to be a Confluence of Strange Events" by Fisher - 7.19.17

Yosef: 'I am breaking every NDA I've signed, (but) I'm not going to say anything that can hurt anything. I'm just confirming what Fisher posted, which was:

1. Today July 19 Amazon orders that were via the TDA were reversed, some, not all, then Amazon froze the accounts. Then, Amazon un-froze the accounts and invited everyone to re-do their orders and even provided the customers with a list of the items ordered.

2. Today July 19 people were purchasing Treasury Savings Bonds via the TDA and having the orders confirmed. (1st hand reposts, some in the millions)

3. Today July 19 PAYPAL management was asking the US Treasury what process they could use to transact all the requests they've received.

4. Today July 19 the US Treasury was quietly saying that the funds in the TDA accounts was, get this, NESARA money.

5. Today July 19 other TDA transactions that were "reversed" were "reversed" again and allowed to go through.

6. Today July 19 multiple banks were reporting that systems were down.

7. Today July 19 government sources were laughing at the idea of the Senators going en masse to the White House to discuss "health care."

8. All this while today July 19 HSBC (Hong Kong) was advising everyone to expect "something" around 12 midnight EDT.

E. July 19 2017 Tilton's Outlaws Call, Dunn: Philip Tilton's Outlaws Call Replay w/ Kent Dunn 7-19-17 Call replay link:...8

1. Today July 19 an approval letter has been received by the paymasters, indicating the 800#s were coming soon.

2. We have received confirmation from the US Treasury that TDA accounts are the beginning of NESARA.

3. The 800#s could be shared by any electronic means

4. If you had Zim and you called the 800# you would be transferred to another operator who would set your appointment. You would not have to call another 800#.

5. We have been assured it would happen, that we were in a perfect window on a min. to min. alert and in an expedited mode.

6. Rates:
Dinar International: $3.71 Negotiated: $245.00
Dong International: $.47 to $.87 Negotiated: $128.00
Zim International: 100T is worth $200 million Negotiated: $65.00 to $100.00 plus

7. Negotiated rates required an NDA and structured payout ranging from 5 to 300 years.

8. Interest rates (on the money left at the bank during your structured payout) were being offered ranging from 2% to 10%.

9. Negotiated rates required a humanitarian plan. The bankers were most interested in improving not just your local area, but extending your project throughout the globe.

10. The Landa Global funds "were already on the table."

F. July 20 2017 Geo-political Analysis Fulford Report: "Massive Campaign to Flush Secret Khazarian Government" - Fulford Report - 7.17.17

1. High level meetings between Chinese, Russian and US military types have reached the conclusion that a short sharp war may be necessary in order to flush out the Nazis and their secret world network, Asian secret society and Pentagon sources say. The plan to flush out the secret government will take the form of a joint US, Russian and Chinese military attack on North Korea. “This will force North Korea’s ET backers out into the open,” the Asian secret society sources say.

2. Years of forensic research by this writer have revealed a secret network connecting gold mines in the South Pacific, off the grid Antarctic bases, hidden submarine bases, the world narcotics trade, North Korea and Israel among other things. This network, created by fascist allies who did not surrender at the end of World War II, is believed to be supplying North Korea with its nuclear weapons and missiles.

3. For that reason, the Asian secret society sources say a campaign portraying North Korea as a villain will be intensified over the coming months in preparation for a short but intense war early next year. This war will not involve countries as they exist now but rather would be between hidden forces behind countries, the sources say. So the Russians, Chinese and Americans would attack North Korea, who would be backed by secret Russian, Chinese and American factions - making it a war between secret societies rather than a traditional one between countries, the sources agree. The aim will be to force out secret groups operating behind the scenes into the open, the Asian secret society sources say.

4. Pentagon sources say that North Korea and Israel are intimately linked entities. To put pressure on them, Russian troops entered Southern Syria opposite the Golan Heights last week, they say. At the same time Russia fired an Iskander missile from a Jewish Autonomous Oblast near Korea “to send a blunt message that Israel must return the Golan Heights,” the Pentagon sources say.

5. The Jews are also waking up to the fact that their Khazarian mafia overlords are the same people who engineered the holocaust. Last week Maj. Gen. Yair Golan, the Israeli army’s deputy chief of staff compared Israel’s current government to the Nazis and has refused to back down - a sign the Khazarians are likely to lose control of Israel as well as North Korea.

6. Japan’s government recently passed a conspiracy bill that allows it to arrest people planning to commit a crime because they want to have a legal excuse to detain all the professional war makers who are expected to flee from North Korea to Japan once the fighting breaks out, the Asian sources say.

7. Of course, the ideal solution would be to bring these secret groups out of the closet without actually having to resort to a war, White Dragon Society sources in Asia say.

8. The Asian secret societies, Japanese underworld bosses and US military and intelligence agency white hats have agreed that making Japan an independent country once again would be a game changer for the entire planet. If Japan became independent it would immediately stop the looting of its banks, pension funds, postal savings and other wealth by the Khazarian mafia. This would definitively pull the plug on the United States corporate government in Washington DC as well as Israel.

9. US President Donald Trump is prolonging the inevitable bankruptcy of the US Corporation by selling arms and extorting payments from vassal countries. The wholly owned Puerto Rico subsidiary has already defaulted in May and, although not part of the corporation, states like Illinois are also bankrupt. This year, as has been the case for many years, the US Corporate government and its shareholders will be up to all sorts of tricks to try to kick the bankruptcy can down the road past the September 30th fiscal deadline.

10. In this context, the Asian Secret Society, the largest creditors to the United States Corporation, are seriously examining a WDS proposal to have Canada take over the bankrupt US and restore that country to democracy, the rule of law and sanity. In such a scenario the US military would remain fully funded as long as they promise to work for the greater good. This would immediately put an end to most of the world’s misery and conflict.

11. The French, under Rothschild servant president Emmanuel Macron, are also making a move to get control in the US. Donald Trump, top US general Joseph Dunford, CIA boss Mike Pompeo and National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster were invited to France for Bastille Day celebrations as 200 US troops led the military parade there. Pentagon sources say the French proposed that they, and not the Germans, should be the top US contact in Europe. The French also proposed joint military action in Africa and the Middle East against ISIS as well as against the Chinese, the Pentagon sources say.

12. The French Rothschilds are also trying hard to convince the Trump regime to allow their slave, Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso, to be the next Prime Minister of Japan and thus allow the Rothschilds to continue to be able to loot that country. Somebody should remind the French that the whole point of storming the Bastille was to end bloodline rule by people like the Rothschilds.

13. A clean-up continued in Washington. Former top insiders of the regime of Barack Obama, like his attorney general Loretta Lynch, have been providing in depth testimony about their Khazarian mafia bosses like the Clintons. Now former US President Barack Obama was claiming he was a double agent and that he was willing to fully disclose everything he learned while operating as figurehead president for the US Corporation, according to CIA sources.

14. On a final note, Khazarian mafia agents are trying very hard to shut down this newsletter. All our income from this subscription blog has been taken since March by the Japanese tax authorities in a provable case of double taxation. However, even this bogus tax bill was starting to be paid off so now Paypal is preventing subscribers from paying for this subscription blog. The result has been to reduce this writer’s income by 80%. After our new IT guy set up a system whereby people could pay using crypto-currencies, a bunch of used tampons and a headless, bloody teddy-bear were dumped on his property. That shows what kind of sick, evil people we are writing about. However, we will not be deterred and the IT guy is currently working on upgrading the website and implementing a new credit card based payment system.

G. ACH Payments: Secret Account Unleashed

H. Consumer Scam Alert: Using Federal Reserve Routing Account Numbers

I. The Federal Reserve Bank of NY site with the Fed Bank accounts held in our names and links to the new Treasury accounts:

7/15/17 Restored Republic via a GCR: Update YouTube Link 5min

Restored Republic via a GCR as of July 15 2017

Compiled 12:36 am EDT 15 July 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, "Twenty Two Faces,"

A. July 14 2017 3:45 am EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: "Ellipse" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Friday - July 14, 2017

1. Table top sources report that the RV goes down either late this Sat. night July 15 or next Sat. July 22.

2. They waited until the fourth fiscal quarter started to juice up the 2017 holiday spending season. Its also a book keeping thing to start fresh in 2018, which starts Oct. 1, 2017. So they are in fact going to use the entire fourth fiscal quarter 2017 to clear up all old financial system debts.

3. Trump being out of the country this weekend matters as part of the GESARA compliance mandate. We hear he's headed to HSBC London after the Bastille Day Parade on Fri. July 14 to sign off on his old IQD exchange SKR accounts.

4. Notice too how Paul Ryan and Mike Pence are raising heaps of money. They know the RV is going to throw traditional two party allegiances way out of whack. Votes will be much harder to come by and far more expensive to get come this time next year for the 2018 mid-terms.

5. Ryan was chosen and inserted by Xi, Putin and Obama as the restored Republic legislative President back in Oct. 2015. General Dunford was selected to run the Republic military (and RV) since May 2015.

6. Ryan signs all classified military orders that Dunford recommends. Odd but true. Ask the field generals.

7. Trump's time in the spotlight now ends with the public reveal of the restored Republic government. Trump was compromised back in 2007 and set up to play the Swamp/USA, Inc. scapegoat villain since 2009.

8. In return for Trump's villain role well played, his children will get more hotels and liquidity via his IQD conversions at contract rates that pay for all his existing properties and new real estate holdings.

9. Xi, Putin, Ryan, Macron and May are in full control of all world affairs. Macron in Paris was selected as new de facto leader of Europe replacing Merkel and the EU cabal stooges. Ryan will perform the same roll in North America. These leaders are the five permanent members of UNSC with military action vetoes internationally.

10. China, Russia, United States, France & Great Britain - in that pecking order - are diplomatically under the new system: Raw Assets + Strong Military = Power. One without the other makes your veto vote weaker.

11. The Elders released the RV to the world Jan. 1, 2017. Their ancient global collateral trust holding accounts have all been completely drained and closed out.

12. The process just took extra time to roll out safely. ISIS was more entrenched politically and financially than first anticipated, but once they uprooted the prime root (Israeli Mossad), the militarily clean up went relatively fast.

13. No NDAs. No amount limitations on the private or sovereign redemptions. Welcome to the new world of being a sovereign universal citizen.

14. Structured payout deals will have privacy terms that will serve as normal non-disclosure agreements concerning bank rate, amount and terms.

15. HSBC has the 800#s. Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citibank and Chase and every other participating bank in the world are all waiting for them to be released.

16. Every ZIM Bond Note has infinite earning potential, doesn't matter if you have 1 or 1,000 bond notes. It comes down more to what you're comfortable managing then what rate you can negotiate.

17. The new American Health Care bill is benevolently removing as much public funding across the board because post RV private funding will not only make up the gaps, but provide unprecedented universal coverage for all.

18. Amazing stuff breaking out tonight July 14 as bank redemption staffs worldwide are being briefed and trained on all starting and floating exchange rates, new structured payout programs and final negotiation strategies.

19. We've heard there will be an "infinite annuity" program offered to ZIM Bond Note redeemers if they so choose - meaning a perpetual fixed cash deposit ad infinitum.

B. July 14 2017 TNT RayRen98 Call:

1. Economic reforms are escalating in Iraq and have been submitted to the World Bank.

2. Ray expects this to be his last call.

7/11/17 Restored Republic via a GCR: Update YouTube Link 18min

Restored Republic via a GCR as of July 11 2017

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 11 July 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, "Twenty Two Faces,"

Judy Note: In all your giving, don't forget the sex abused, neglected and exploited children around the globe and right next door, for they are the future of our humanity.

A. July 10 2017 Situation Report Checklist: READ FULL SITREP

1. Everything is scripted on a min. by min. basis.

2. Nothing is a coincidence.

3. There are no intentional delays.

4. The release could come at any given moment due to the min. by min. basis of the procedure.

B. July 10 2017 TNT Call RayRen98: TNT Showtime w/ RayRen98 CC Notes by Sunny 7-10-17

1. Iraqi PM Abadi has formerly announced the liberation of Mosul.

2. All indications was that the RV would happen this week.

3. If you are going for Contract Rates get an appointment as early as possible.

C. July 10 2017 9:47 am EDT Intel Situation Report: "Checklist" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Monday - July 10, 2017

1. Banks: Paid staff were pissed off that their lives have been put on hold for several weeks again. Same thing happened last summer.

2. Military: Soldiers don't care how long it takes. Protecting Americans was what they do. They're indifferent, honestly.

3. Transaction: Front screen rates were solid on all currencies. All infrastructure was ready. Point of exchange front of the house changes were now seen on bank branches.

4. Security: Concerns have diminished since Israel came on board. Mossad managed ISIS. We believe that since ISIS was obviously being eliminated from the entire Middle East, Israel just surrendered. Sad correlation, but true.

5. Trump Administration rule was fast coming to an end. His exit has much deeper meaning with the RV release than anyone knows. We believe his entire family was singing for their post RV supper, with Russia and China controlling every move.

6. Iraq: President Abadi made the defeat of ISIS official announcement in Mosul on Sun. morning, and then made another on top of the first saying more time was needed - confusing. We believe he did this intentionally as requested by the Chinese Elders to catch Western currency traders ready to front run trades on inside information on Middle East markets.

7. It worked. Massive arrested came this morning July 10 in London and Germany making vast counter FX futures bets as gold would spiral downward after the RV started.

8. Everything was scripted. At this stage no event was coincidental, or delayed. Even Trump's tweets. There was a benevolent reason for all that appeared to be chaos.

9. Release can come at any time after 6pm EDT Mon. July 10.

10. Release is structurally more optimal Tues. July 11 since New Zealand (10am NZST) begins the international business week.

D. July 10 2017 RV Intelligence Report News Alerts: READ FULL SITREP

1. This is an invisible global Game of Thrones with all 209 nations on board.

2. Pump fakes are still being used as a method to catch Cabal traders.

3. HSBC is still proceeding with their roll out on a min. by min. basis.

E. July 10 2017 12:33 am EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: "Global" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Monday - July 10, 2017

1. HSBC says they're still proceeding with their roll out in a minute by minute mode.

2. The banks, military and Government leaders don't know what time for sure. But, they all know it's coming in a blink and to be ready.

3. Our military dropped its secrete DEFCON level down to 3 again today July 9 - which initially was thought to be a bad sign that security was standing down, but now believed to be because major threats were removed and all 209 nations were on board.

4. A tres sharp source tonight July 9 said the NPTB used the immanent liberation of Mosul as a pump fake to catch Arab currency traders from jumping the gun on their Sunday positions when markets opened in Dubai. They did the same thing with July 2-3 here in the USA earlier in the week. Caught a bunch of latent cabal traders jumping the RV gun.

5. ZIM Bond Notes = HSBC / Military @ Redemption Compounds and is an unlimited exchange.

6. RV Currencies = All Participating Banks Worldwide @ Off Site Locations / On Site Points of Redemption and will include sovereign rate redemption options.

7. The same 800# will get you to both redemption options. They'll just reroute you internally via the call centers. No secondary 800# is necessary.

8. All bond notes and revaluing currencies will paid for by the Chinese Elders who caretake the majority of the global gold supply via AIIB (their greater good sovereign banking entity in Beijing). You can ask and receive any number your heart desires. But like a hot buffet plate, if your eyes grow bigger than your stomach there's going to be a lot of discomfort later. So be wise in your request. You only have one shot at this and you'll be living with the results across multiple generations of your family.

9. Thankful it's finally ending. Infinite abundance was one hard, painful lesson to learn.

F. July 10 2017 1:27 am EDT TNT Thoughts: "It will be Worth it!" - Sun. PM TNT Thoughts/News

1. The CBI meets July 10 at the G20. Supposed to be ready to sign off on the agreed contracts associated with the value of currency ect.

2. Tony said several years ago that it will come out 1 to 1 and it has. It can take a day or up to a week even to raise in the value. They sign papers July 10 and it might need to wait until after that

3. On Open Mic it was said there are Soveriegn Rates which are highest then Contract Rates (China) and then Street Rate (International).

4. Wait for your appointment at the Exchange Center, it will be worth it! Banks will be lowest international rate with no negotiations

5. Some people say that the Soveriegn Rates are only for countries however there are some groups that are Soveriegn. You can ask for Soveriegn Rates. All they can do is say no.

6. Next is the Contract Rates which are the Chinese Rates, then the Street/Bank Rates.

7. If you want to make a deal for higher it was said you need to go to your appointment for the exchange center. Otherwise you will get the lowest rate

G. July 10 2017 1:31 am EDT ZAP Report: "White Rabbit" - Weekly ZAP - The Office of POOFness - 7.9.17

1. Susan: The information regarding the Prosperity Packages stays pretty consistent to last weeks update. Curiously optimistic for landings this week. Keep your ears open for RV activity.

2. ZAP: Truth is prevalent in the internet, along with lies, misdirection and misinformation. It behooves us to seek the truth amidst the fluff and practice discernment. You will be bombarded with an overload of info. Watch for reference points that say the info has substance. If it is not logical, chances are you are going down the wrong path.

3. The time is here. Changes and redemption funds are in Escrow awaiting release.

4. Some Royals have been paid. Others have received down payments.

5. There are hysterical prices being quoted on Historical Assets, ranging from $30 to $30 Trillion. Currency Rates are different and much more realistic.

6. The Powers that control these things will not allow thousands to have a trillion or ten in their pocket and then watch the destruction of economies because of that.

7. Instead there is a structure with a down payment of some amount, with the balance spread over time and projects. No projects? Do not expect much.

8. Although the blackout is still on, activity tells the story of work being done on behalf of our humanity.

9. My recent talks with the Chinese Foundation have gone very well. They are funding three organizations, not just ours. The amount of funds would buy many countries many times over. They care about the funds being used for the right reasons and in a structured manner to prevent chaos.

H. July 10 2017 7:24 pm EDT NESARA Full Disclosure: NESARA: Full Disclosure Coming Soon - Full Interview The "National Economic Security And Reformation Act" - NESARA - provides major benefits to Americans. The Federal Reserve and IRS go bye, bye and the World Gold Standard, Global Currency Reset, Constitutional Reset and new US Treasury Notes are instigated through use of the Global Settlement Funds and Prosperity Packages.


1. Establishes new Presidential and Congressional elections within 120 days after NESARA's announcement.

2. Monitors elections and prevents illegal election activities of special interest groups.

3. Ceases all aggressive, US government military actions worldwide.

4. Establishes peace throughout the world.

5. Eliminates the Federal Reserve System.

6. Restores financial privacy.

7. Forgives credit card, mortgage, and other bank debt due to illegal banking and government activities.

8. Abolishes income tax and the IRS.

7. Creates flat rate non-essential "new items only" sales tax revenue for the government.

8. Increases benefits to senior citizens.

9. Returns Constitutional Law to all our courts and legal matters.

10. Retrains all judges and attorneys in Constitutional Law.

11. Initiates a new U.S. Treasury Bank System in alignment with Constitutional Law.

12. Creates new US Treasury currency, "rainbow currency," backed by gold, silver, and platinum precious metals.

13. Initiates first phase of worldwide prosperity distribution of vast wealth which has been accumulating for many decades.

14. Releases enormous sums of money for humanitarian purposes.

15. Enables the release of new technologies such as alternative energy devices.

16. And much, much more...

Seven days before his murder President John F. Kenney said: "There is a plot in this country to enslave every man, woman and child. Before I leave this high and Nobel office, I intend to expose this plot."

God Bless the Restored Republic!!!

NESARA Official Site:

NESARA History:

I. July 10 2017 Fulford Report: "19 of G20 Leaders are Bankster Slaves" - Fulford Excerpt - 7.10.17

1. Last weekend’s G20 meeting of so-called world leaders was very revealing because 19 out of 20 of them publicly endorsed the fraud-based global warming scam known as the Paris Accords. This happened despite the fact carbon-based global warming is being proved both legally and scientifically to be a fraud.

2. Michael Mann, the author of the global warming “hockey stick” graph that is used by the UN endorsed IPCC is facing a jail sentence after refusing a judge’s request to show how he got the data to back his claims the world is rapidly warming. Meanwhile, another scientific study showed that almost all the warming recorded in recent years is the result of the temperature data being raised after it was measured.

3. The only leader who has publicly renounced the global warming fraud is US President Donald Trump and that is why Khazarian mafia controlled media portray him as isolated.

4. According to CIA, Pentagon and other sources the military and intelligence apparatuses of Russia, the United States and China are all cooperating despite any hostile posturing by these countries’ respective politicians.

5. This may be why Pope Francis felt the need to call up a journalist last week to issue the following statement: “I am afraid there are very dangerous alliances between powers who have a distorted view of the world: America and Russia, China and North Korea, Russia and Assad in the war in Syria.”

6. The G20 is calling for world governance centered on the IMF. The head of the IMF is not selected by the same Khazarian bloodline group that selects the head of the UN, the World Bank etc. The IMF and its backers have been erecting gates to the temple of Baal otherwise known as Satan, at their meetings.

7. Note that the “very dangerous alliance” the Pope is referring to includes Russia, China, the US, North Korea and Syria. These countries are all moving away from bloodline control even though Russia still has a Rothschild figurehead president. Actual Russian sources this writer has contacted, though, all agree it is the Russian Orthodox Church and not Putin that runs Russia.

8. Pope Francis is deluded if he thinks a P2 Freemason selected person like Marco Di Mauro is going to be anointed the leader of a bloodline controlled world government.

9. Francis is being roiled by yet another Vatican scandal, in this case a drug fueled gay orgy that was busted by the police after neighbours complained about the noise. This could lead to yet another Cardinal being fired, CIA sources say.

10. Yet another former Satanist has come forward with testimony about large scale human sacrifice. This nine minute clip makes for very disturbing listening but it is definitely a call to action.

11. Last week Germany announced that it broke up a pedophile ring that involved 87,000 people. You can be sure many of the people doing child sacrifices were scooped up in that bust.

12. In the US the final clean-up of the Khazarians continues. Former President Barack Obama’s attorney general Loretta Lynch has been giving detailed testimony about the crimes of her former Clinton/Bush bosses, CIA and other sources say.

13. Last week as a result Barack Obama sought political asylum in Indonesia, but was denied it according to White Dragon Society Sources in Indonesia.

14. CIA sources in Europe confirm this and say Obama is going to have to go back to the US in order to be debriefed on who really controlled his presidency. Recall that when Obama was first elected he kept saying “thank you Satan” in reverse speech.

15. The WDS makes it clear that the only people who are being targeted are the ones who have been engaged in mass murder through biological weapons, nuclear terror, human sacrifice, illegal war etc.

J. July 10 2017 11:10 pm EDT TNT Bank Appointment Pastor John: "It was Real" - Mon. PM TNT Thoughts/Bank Story

1. I (Pastor John) am one who had a bank appointment. It was great. Better than we thought it could be.

2. To the doubting Thomas who might be among us, it was real.

3. Make sure you are prepared to talk to your exchange officers politely. Have everything ready. Make sure your i's are dotted and t's are crossed.

4. Be prepared to be treated professionally. The banks are prepared to talk to all of us. This is business to them and they have a caring for their depositors. They know why you are there and will help you in putting your accounts in order. You may be surprised at the integrity of the banks. Wow!!

K. July 10 2017 Iraqi PM Abadi Formal Announcement on the Liberation of Mosul

1. July 10 2017 The White House: President Trump's Statement on the Liberation of Mosul Source: White House

The White House
Office of the Press Secretary
For Immediate Release
July 10, 2017

Statement from President Donald J. Trump on the Liberation of Mosul

Today, Iraqi Security Forces, supported by the United States and the Global Coalition, liberated the city of Mosul from its long nightmare under the rule of ISIS. We congratulate Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, the Iraqi Security Forces, and all Iraqis for their victory over terrorists who are the enemies of all civilized people.

We mourn the thousands of Iraqis brutally killed by ISIS and the millions of Iraqis who suffered at the hands of ISIS. We grieve with the Iraqi people for the loss of the heroic soldiers and Peshmerga who gave their lives to restore life to their country, and we honor their sacrifice. We in the United States and the Global Coalition are proud to stand with the Iraqi Security Forces and all those who made this moment of liberation possible.

We have made tremendous progress against ISIS – more in the past 6 months than in the years since ISIS became a major threat. The victory in Mosul, a city where ISIS once proclaimed its so-called “caliphate,” signals that its days in Iraq and Syria are numbered. We will continue to seek the total destruction of ISIS.

2. July 10 2017 The Baghdad Post: Iraqi PM Abadi Declares Victory from Liberated Mosul The Baghdad Post On Monday July 10 Iraqi prime minister Haider al-Abadi declared the utter fall and collapse of ISIS statelet of terrorism in Mosul.

3. July 10 2017 Bloomberg: Honking Horns Hail the Liberation of Mosul From the Islamic State:

4. July 10 2017 TNT GoodTimes1: PM ABADI Announces FULL Liberation to the World!!

5. July 10 2017 AP News: Iraqi troops push to clear last Mosul ground of IS militants

6. July 9 2017 Iraqi Prime Minister Arrives in Mosul to Declare Victory Over ISIS:​ed.html

7/4/17 Restored Republic via a GCR: Update YouTube Link 5min

Restored Republic via a GCR as of July 4 2017

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 4 July 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, "Twenty Two Faces,"

A. July 3 2017 9:16 pm EDT NESARA Scheduled Events: "Scheduled Events" - A Message from Prime Creator for July 3, 2017 The following events are now scheduled to bring about the long awaited changes for Planet Earth:

1. June 30, 2017: A ‘soft’ version of NESARA was postponed by Republic President Trump.

2. July 2-3, 2017: The final removal of dark beings and Cabal in the deep state. Currently 95% complete.

3. July 4, 2017: NESARA news is scheduled to be broadcast over the Emergency Broadcast System.

4. July 5, 2017: The GCR/RV and 800#’s will commence worldwide.

5. July 6, 2017: NESARA/GESARA is accepted worldwide and new elections will be announced replacing the removed dark ones with the introduction of Common Law in governments and courts everywhere.

B. July 3 2017 4:19 pm EDT GCR Warning: "Bar None" - GCR/RV Warning - Monday - July 3, 2017

1. ZIM commits every redeemer to a lifetime of servitude whether they know it or not.
That is the price all shall pay for redeeming ZIM. Bar none.

2. All ZIM redeemers will feel the weight of the world's sufferings theist upon their shoulders. Dispensing constant resources, grace and mercy will therefore become each ZIM holders daily life. Bar none.

3. Just thought everyone deserved to know this final truth before they set up their appointments tonight July 3 and consciously chose which currency to convert.

C. July 3 2017 10:34 am EDT Intel by One in the Media: "Intel: Aphelion RV Today?" by One in the Media - 7.3.17

1. I got a message from my RV contact that the 800 numbers would be released this afternoon July 3 (EDT US), but I have heard this before.

2. It’s obvious that the intel being released to insiders from the NPTB is highly filtered, with good reason. It’s seems that we are always trying to tie the RV to some holiday or celestial event.

D. July 3 2017 7:57 am EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: "B-ru-tal" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Monday - July 3, 2017

1. My best guess this fine Monday morning is that the NPTB are going to RV on the actual holiday July 4th holiday. It could happen on the start of the international baking week on Tues. July 4. Only American banks are shut down on Tues. The rest of the world has been open for business since 3am EDT Mon. morning.

2. It feels like they activated all accounts back with the master accounts in Asia while all the banks were closed (Sat. July 1 pm), yet want to start the RV while all the banks worldwide are open--except here in the USA (Tues. July 4 am).

3. Maybe the NPTB only need 24 hours to process the entire internet group or private exchangers because they've whittled the daily watchers down to such a small number.

Maybe only half a day is needed to process us all. Not sure how many are left. But it's gotta be super low on a big summer holiday weekend. I bet it's well under 5,000.

4. HSBC staff worldwide has been on lock down / standby all weekend. Military and security forces are all still in full engagement positions. Everyone worldwide is just waiting--unsure about timing but knowing it's coming.

5. We were tipped before midnight last night the 800# were coming out anytime after midnight--full blast, no holding back, no turning around. They would be everywhere through the night and taken down by the morning--allowing the internet community to pass along the digits. Well nothing happened in the night obviously, so I asked why would HSBC put out such a misleading internal memo?

6. Answer: internal pump fake. They're testing loyalty at the very end by holding it back internally now versus all the past external fakes. As only only internal staff can cause problems at this point. That's a good thing.

7. The ZIM is radiology approaching $100 USN.

E. July 3 2017 ZAP Report: ZAP

1. Funding sources were from the royals, large Master Accounts destined for use of Humanity, redemptions of Historic Assets to actual permission to get this money into the economies.

2. Europe is prominent as is China and other Asian countries including others that prefer to be nameless. Africa and the Middle East do not figure in this release.

3. The intel. I received points to a start date of July 6 and onward.

4. The rumor mill seems to be mirroring July 6. After all, it is after the July 4 holiday and work would begin on the 5th with really the 6th by common sense.

F. July 3 2017 8:51 pm EDT "Clean up of the Cabal" Fulford Report: Benjamin Fulford Excerpt: "Clean up of Khazarian Filth Continues" -- July 4, 2017

7/1/17 Restored Republic via a GCR: Update YouTube Link 5min

Restored Republic via a GCR as of July 1 2017

Compiled 12:16 am EDT 1 July 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, "Twenty Two Faces,"

A. June 30 2017 9:54 am EDT: "Dots" - GESARA/GCR/RV Geopolitical Observation - Friday - June 30, 2017 In this Week of June 30, 2017, the following scripted global events are suddenly occurring as GESARA/GCR/RV is openly rolling out.

1. Summer Solstice's first full calendar week.

2. 3 year bloody ISIS caliphate ends in Iraq.

3. 3rd fiscal quarter ends for US Government.

4. UN Operation Rates update.

5. US Treasury Currency Rates post.

6. Iraq Stock Market (ISX) begins trading IQD internationally.

7. 2010 Dodd-Frank banking investment restrictions end.

8. US Republic independence July 4th holiday weekend begins.

9. International option trading ends for the global fiscal 2nd quarter.

10. US Congress starts 10 day holiday recess.

11. Saudi Arabia's 10 Day diplomatic restriction period ends against Qatar.

12. Global markets close for a 34 hour period.

13. It would be wise to be emotionally ready to redeem anytime after midnight (EDT) Sat. morning July 1 through Tues. July 4.

B. June 30 2017 Real Truth Call Yosef: "Yosef on RTC Tonight!" Replay & Transcript

1. A call from Asian sources said: "Be ready. It's a minute to minute situation."

2. HSBC was the only bank handling the ZIM Bond. As the NPTB did not trust American banks/process, they formed a separate system, procedures, 800#s and redemption centers for Zim Bond redemptions.

3. On Tues. June 27 there was a cyber attack on the system to control emails and other dissemination methods of the GCR. It failed. There were no more hurdles to overcome.

4. Dr WC will get the 800 numbers and tweet them out.

5. There were many bad folks still being obliterated/killed in the dark of night by spec-ops, though the Cabal was considered done.

C. The below summarizes intel reports of June 29 as seen in this link: Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of June 30, 2017

1. Tues. June 27: a Cyber attack on the GCR system failed.

2. Wed. June 28: Iraq announced liberation from ISIS, Economic Reform, and their Dinar went international.

3. Wed. June 28: banks underwent stress test, one failed and given two days to comply.

4. Wed. June 28: Shotgun approach RV was triggered at 11:55 pm EDT.

5. Thurs. June 29: In US flight restrictions went into effect, Redemptions began.

6. Thurs. June 29 at 4:30 pm EDT the banks reflected the new rates on their screens:

Zim $65
Dong $128
Dinar $245
Afghan $10.50
Rial - may be sanctioned

7. US 800# Release by market close Fri. June 30.

8. Redeemers given 72 hours after 800# release to call for their appointment.

9. Redemption Centers would be open for exchanges two hours after the 800#s release

10. July 2,3,4 Zim exchanges scheduled to take place.

11. Mon. July 3 all GCR accounts go liquid.

12. Four day Internet Group redemption period: Sat. July 1 to July 4, then goes public

Redemption Suggestions:

1. It would be smart to be at your exchange appointment within 4 days of 800# release, but no later than 8 days.

2. Bankers are looking for your sincerity in wanting to do humanitarian work, your honesty and your ability to handle large sums of money

3. Refer to the Zim as a Bond, not a currency

4. Ask for the higher rates. Ask to see the back screen rates

5. Negotiate your exchange and interest rates

6. Bankers can offer interest rates on money left at the bank of 4% to 8% & 12% to 15%

7. Your money will be put in a Skeleton Trust until you can meet with your Wealth Manager in a week or two

8. To protect your funds do not put them in your name, but into Trusts & Foundations where you will have complete control over your money.

Restored Republic via a GCR as of June 22 2017

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 22 June 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, "Twenty Two Faces,"

A. June 21 2017 8:17 pm EDT GCR Geopolitical Overview Yosef: "Thumbnail" - GCR/RV Geopolitical Overview - Wednesday - June 21, 2017

1. The hammers are about to drop across all arenas of the GCR/RV.

2. Below are a few thumbnail assessments of each discipline of intelligence, less any too specific detail for the sake of not ruining a good thing as it is actually happening.

3. Geopolitics: There's so many final GESARA pieces now snapping into place, in every continent, it's hard to sum it all up. Saudi Arabia changing leaders was shocking. Like shocking shocking. That news came out of nowhere and in the middle of the night. Only a performing GCR/RV could have made that happen.

4. Military: Security focuses are always in process against the super duper bad guys and redeemers from themselves. GESARA's "do no harm" mandate makes the only real protocol for mass destruction weapons and warfare is that they no longer exist. Dunford's day job is reducing military capacity, human forces and over spending.

5. Government: Our restored Republic government is not only active while in wait, but ready to be brought forward publicly as Trump is being cut off at the knees hourly by the entrenched Washington swamp.

6. When is Speaker Ryan going to be announced as Republic President? We anticipate right before or right after the July 4th weekend.

7. If the RV happens before the restored Republic, they gotta go soon, and by soon we mean tonight or tomorrow.

8. Trump has a Friday morning June 23 interview already planned to be aired on Fox.

9. Finance: Rates climb, screens flash, exchange centers militarized, global computers sync, quantum satellites hum, sovereign debt erases.

10. Your digits may be coming in a shotgun start on live TV via the Emergency Broadcast System. Might be smart to pre-program your DVRs tonight-tomorrow morning June 21, 22 between the hours of 12-4am.

11. Diplomacy: North Korea, Venezuela, China, Cuba, Israel, Palestine, Syria, Ukraine, Russia, France, Great Britain... all long-term Republic positions are being handled by Ryan loyal career diplomats.

12. we will skip because it is just more Trump bashing lies. Dividing America just what the cabal wants (divide & conquer). People play right into it.

13. Media: They're freaked out. Most in network news and last scale newspapers know what's going on with the GCR/RV. They can't say a word, or risk being thrown into jail as well as lose their currency exchanging privileges.

14. Early this morning of June 21 as early as 02:59:55am EDT they were ALL preparing to deflect mass consciousness away from the GCR/RV roll out.

B. June 21 2017 TNT Call RayRen98: Replays

1. Iraq will be celebrating liberation from ISIS, along with Economic Reform before the end of Ramadan, which occurs on June 25.

2. They say that the final victory week ends before this weekend.

3. All the intel out there points to the RV going this week sometime.

C. June 21 2017 1:57 am EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: "Seated" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Wednesday - June 21, 2017

1. To protect the RV new country codes were given out right before the RV on Mon. June 19.

2. Each bank had to test wire transfer to each country with said updated codes. No problems from HSBC banks were reported, and they were now in 70 countries.

3. Intercontinental wire testing completed as of midnight Wed. June 20.

4. The ZIM was rising very fast now. The other currencies were rising too, but not nearly as fast percentage wise.

5. The ZIM had much further to climb to reach its final Tier 1 holding value as there were new ZIM bond note credits coming on line to re-sell everyday. The more product on the market equaled more trading.

6. Every central bank was competing for the same pool of limited new ZIM digital credits daily. Basically, it was a currency feeding fest. Due to simple supply and demand world governments couldn't buy the ZIM bond note credits fast enough.

7. That situation was not expected to change post-RV, as the rate was expected to continue to climb higher - we understand ultimately into triple digits.

8. The ZIM was staggeringly valuable in relationship to the old financial system. The ZIM's new rate would be completely balanced in relationship to how the new financial system valued all sovereign currencies against a common benchmark, or spot gold price as determined by the new Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE).

D. June 21 2017 9:10 am EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: "Vanish" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Wednesday - June 21, 2017

1. Wed. morning June 21 right after the Summer Solstice at 12:24am EDT, we witnessed serious alert that they were bringing forward the RV:

2. 00.00 am EDT: An internal memo went out to all HSBC banks worldwide to prepare staff for "historic numbers of foreign currency exchanges today."

3. 01:40am EDT: The Emergency Broadcast System went live for a test across the USA without advanced warning.

4. 02:00am EDT: Western banks and market makers suddenly see RV exchange rates for the first time, at the same time, on local branch teller and senior trading screens.

5. 03:00am EDT: All traces of the RV completely disappeared before European markets opened.

6. So you tell me - was this just another New Powers That Be fake RV test run, or aborted mission? As of 09:00am EDT we don't know.

E. June 21 9:19 pm EDT - The Cabal, CIA, Pedogate, Child Trafficking and MKULTRA are one and the same: Pedogate, Child Trafficking, and MK Ultra

6/20/17 Restored Republic via a GCR: Update YouTube Link 6min

Restored Republic via a GCR as of June 20 2017

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 20 June 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, "Twenty Two Faces,"

A. June 19 2017 11:11 am EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: "Seesaw" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP & Geopolitical Overview - Monday - June 19, 2017

1. Dunford and Ryan choose a patient strategy (on release of the GCR) as to make the Republic strongest internationally, longest.

2. Dunford and Ryan released the RV in the US last night Sun. June 18 6pm EDT.

3. The money should start flowing starting tonight - Monday night/Tuesday morning June 18-19 - and not stop for many generations of our family's lifetime.

4 & 5, we will skip because its more Trump bashing & Lame-stream medias miss information.

6. A new Europe is now run by three sovereign countries who have economically allied: Germany, France and the U.K. They ganged up on both the Cabal in other European countries and Russia for economic dominance. Once again there's a formidable European Union with 28 nations run by three.

7. The Middle East will stop fighting each other long enough to figure out what their economies and societies will look like less having exclusive and massive petrol sales to rely on moving forward. Otherwise the Arab world gets left behind. Peace is truly their only option.

8. How the Cabal used to run things out of Brussels is over.

9. The reconfiguration of European power, along with a renewed partnership of the restored Republic of the United States, provided a long-term geological counter balance necessary for global peace.

10. NATO will survive with American military support in case of attack, less the lopsided economics.

B. June 19 2017 5:05 am EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: "Deadline" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Monday - June 19, 2017

1. The Chinese Elders have given Dunford and Ryan a deadline of 6am EDT today June 19 to release the RV in the United States.

2. The Chinese have replacement American leadership ready in case of non-performance.

3. If Joe and Paul don't pull the trigger, the only explanation would be they have been "gotten to" by the Cabal, and thus compromised in some way and in need of replacing.

4. If they release, it's because they strategically were incredible prudent and waited until the very last second before going.

5. There is a scenario I'm told whereby they could release before the deadline today's destine, yet still have as much as 24 hours to roll out final implemented strategies for later today June 19.

6. Many in the military believe Dunford will schedule such last minute changes that way, key decisions only he knows about.

C. June 19 2017 10:54 am EDT Weekly Report ZAP, POOF, Susan: "Cat's In The Cradle" - Weekly ZAP - The Office of POOFness - 6.18.17


1. There are innumerable issues that could arise but many have been trotted out. Others yet remain but can be overcome.

2. The whole game plan changed numerable times due to changing players and legal loopholes being closed.

3. The crew continues to push for the completion, which is a good sign.

4. Blackouts and shutouts are for a reason.

5. The entire scope of payments to come is under surveillance and a new view is being looked into, which if it is agreed upon, will be a win- win for all.

6. The whole idea of crypto-currencies has brought new input into the attempts of both those in control as well as the white knights trying to get this pulled together.


1. The black out continues, the misinformation continues and the beat goes on.

2. The prosperity programs sit in the background patiently waiting for their number to come up and the whistle blown for the deliveries to begin. I have heard again many times this week that deliveries have begun ...sadly that is not the case.


1. The Cabal is trying their best to stick it to us and prevent funds from flowing.

2. The counter measures have allowed one successful wire to be done.

3. Our wires are yet to come, but based on this important first wire out, I have confidence this will happen.

4. Keep hanging on. It will not be long now and we will get to the work ahead.

5. On the RV, Reset, Gesara, Prosperity Programs and global change, be advised that there is truth here. Do not discount it because it has not happened yet.

6. It is due to happen and many are pushing to get it done. There is not much more I'm allowed to say, but from everything I see, it is all in motion.

D. June 19 2017 7:57 pm EDT Yosef: Yosef Answers to All

The answer to ALL questions is service.

We thought we were investing in foreign currency to make a profit, when in truth, we were all brilliantly enrolled, by our own consent mind you, to become loyal servants for all humanity.

Wherever there is need, we will find it and fill it. Whereever there is lack, we shall bring abundance and keep it coming. Wherever there is suffering, we will bring mercy in historic amounts. Wherever there is poverty, we can deliver non-recourse commerce with patient return expectations. Wherever there is hunger, we shall bring manna that fills their stomachs and faith that fills their hearts.

Today, we evolve into miracle workers working miracles ad infinitum. Today, we reap what others have sown for us and achieve unprecedented levels of wealth meant to assist unprecedented levels of poverty.

6/17/17 Restored Republic via a GCR: Update YouTube Link 8min

Restored Republic via a GCR as of June 17 2017 - Compiled by Judy Byington

A. June 16 2017 TNT Call RayRen98:

1. Authorization was in place for the GCR as of last Wed. June 14.

2. Private exchanges were in progress right now.

3. Of utmost importance was obtaining written verification at the bank for currency before leaving your exchange.

4. In Iraq Mosul was no longer an issue.

5. Iraqi TV was telling their people that Iran has been preventing economic reforms.

6. Iraqi banks were closed yesterday June 15 and would remain so through Sat. June 17.

7. Iraqi Qi Cards have been used at different rates across the country. That will change.

8. In the Mosques they were announcing that when the Iraqi Banks reopened on Sunday June 18 they would open with the set Dinar in-country and international rates.

B. June 16 2017 Bruce:

1. A week ago and to get more income Iraq began shipping an unlimited amount of oil to the US, China and Russia for 90 days through an arrangement with OPEC.

2. The US took three out of eight tankers in last night June 15. We understand that over the next 36-48 hours the US should receive 200 million bbl of oil. How do we do that without knowing the price of the oil?

3. That sets it up to establish a rate for the Dinar, and a higher official rate to be posted on the CBI.

4. When we combine that with what else we are hearing, it appears to be a very good place for currency holders to begin exchanges. We are almost at the end of the ride.

5. My sources are my own. We get info direct from Iraq and other parts of the world.

6. Years ago the Dinar was set up to become an oil for credits trade situation...For the purchase of oil. US Treasury invested heavily in Iraq, in terms of war effort and regaining sovereignty. It has always about the oil as backing the value of the currency.

7. Since then we know that gold and other precious minerals have been abundant in the Middle East. Dinar was $3.22 when the value of oil was $18/bbl. The value of the Dinar has gone up with the value of oil.

8. The Qi cards indicate that the value of the Dinar is 4-5 times the value of the USD. That price has gone up over the last months and days.

C. June 16 2017 1:49 pm EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: "Squeeze" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Friday - June 16, 2017

1. The last remaining dark minions have taken a solemn oath to die with the con, not allowing humanity have their freedom or heavenly blessings under any circumstance. They are self-terminating through the ranks via a series of false public reveals. In order to fulfill their commitment to their dark occult overlord, they step out and show their true colors with sabotage.

2. Not to worry. These last minions and their second rate plots were known and planned for. The final rounds were almost over.

3. This is why there was a need for months of pump fakes. The NPTB had to squeeze out all the deep seeded, latent terrorist juices from the evil cabal lemon.

4. Dunford allowed Wells Fargo to believe they had total control of national redemption operations as a psy-ops to catch hidden Cabal bankers laying low in the weeds. It worked.

5. Over the past two weekends there were two severe electromagnetic pulse attacks.

6. This came when 196 members of the Democratic Congress filed its emoluments lawsuit (midnight Mon. June 12) and with the Virginia baseball field shooting (7:15am Tues. June 13).

7. Then there was another cyber virus attack on Wed. morning June 14.

8. On that same Wed. June 14 military teams with trained financial leaders took over all off site exchange centers--as a precaution.

9. Now physical attacks by the Cabal are less of a concern as to potentially halting the RV once it has begun in earnest at the T4/T5 levels.

10. One strategy was to force Trump's resignation through a constant but intensifying drip of incriminating news stories with Russian ties, forcing the entire Republican party to abandon its GOP leader--and seemingly do so all at once.

11. This would set up the RV release sometime before the end of Ramadan (June 27) as well as before the public restoration of the Republic we understand comes on the July 4th holiday weekend.

12. It's also exactly mid-point through the earth's calendar year, and summer is when the Chinese begin their fiscal year, not the fall. This is why the AIIB's annual meeting was always held this week.

13. Keep your eyes on Trump's quickening fall from grace because he alone represents the public removal of the Cabal Dynasty from global relevance--never to return.

Trust that love will win the day and that all is well, because it is. Sobeit. God is with us.

D. June 16 2017 Iran announced currency revaluation Wed. June 14: RECAP: Iran plans to revalue, rename rial currency, 16 JUNE: Iran plans to revalue its rial tenfold and revert to the currency's old name, the Toman, according to a bill approved on Wed. June 14 by President Hassan Rouhani's cabinet, the official Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) said.

E. June 16 2017 TNT Chat Paula1946: I went to my credit union just 10 min. ago. They do not cash foreign currency but the man looked it up, then said my 10,000 (Dinar) note was worth $32,000. (That's a rate of $3.20 per Dinar).

1. Is it time yet to let all things of the President Trump Administration go?

2. Is it time yet to give up the idea that Wells Fargo is somehow a more benevolent and morally innocent bank than any other Cabal fiat financial scheme?

3. Is it time yet to acknowledge that the RV is a military operation versus a banking organized transaction, and accept that highly trained soldiers with loaded guns are in position right now--in every exchange center across North America--prepared and authorized to act aggressively if there's even a hint of pre-coordinated trouble?

4. Is it time yet to stop talking about sensational diplomatic geopolitical matters--like Russia and China backing out of the Paris Agreement (which they didn't)--and inaccurately mislead the masses for others who have sworn their soul's allegiance to a dark sun on the 33rd Parallel?

5. Is it time yet to give up random and meaningless intel nuggets about Iraq as being in anyway relevant to the global release strategy of the RV?

6. Is it time yet to stop taking pot shots at truly good people who are only trying to help others because you suddenly feel uncomfortable in your own skin?

7. Is it time yet to acknowledge all other currencies, in any amount, are spiritually unequally when compared to the pure volume of exchanging even one ZIM note?

8. Is it time yet to stop feeding Dinarland trivial digital treats just to feel as if you are somehow participating when lurking and study are your most efficient ways to spend time while you wait?

9. Is it time yet to exchange and start your life less all the mind numbing internet chat rooms and temporary blog buddies because you're lonely and desperate for companionship?

10. Is it time yet to get brutal honest and deadly serious with yourself about the endless burdens accompanying the acceptance of the ZIM's endless blessings?

11. Is it time yet to start paying attention to what really matters, and keep surrendering for continued divine guidance as the love of Christ is the only pathway through which such a dangerously narrow spiritual bridge can ever be navigated in form?

12. The answer to all of the above is yes.

6/14/17 Restored Republic via a GCR: Update YouTube Link 11min

We are So disappointed, sorry and very sad to hear about all the Republican politicians that where shot at, in a baseball practice in Virginia. Amazing what poor sports the democrats have proven to be. Come on people please try to find some common ground, for our country’s sake.

Okay now for the Restored Republic via a GCR as of June 14 2017

Compiled by Judy Byington

A. June 14 2017 The Big Call Bruce:

1. Bank intel people have been told to lay low and be quiet.

2. In Iraq they began celebrations because the UN released Iraq from Chapter 7.

3. That happened last Friday June 9, where they were given over to Chapter 8.

4. Because of that release Iraq became a sovereign nation again.

5. Sunday evening June 11 at sunset Iraqi celebrations started, continued today and were expected to go on for some time.

6. Entertainers from several countries were in the country.

7. US Dignataries were in Iraq right now.

8. The Dinar rate has had major increases in the last few days.

9. A number of arrests were made at the Iraqi banks, with people already prepared and coming in to take the place of those arrested.

10. Well over 100 indictments were served.

11. Bruce had confirmation of exchanges taking place in the UK, India and the Phillipines.

12. In the US the 800 number should be coming shortly - perhaps within the next few days.

13. Tier 2 groups have been paid out.

14. A couple of days ago Tier 3 groups were still being paid out and administrative holds were being lifted.

15. Last night June 12 things were put into position to let the GCR go, yet today there has been no verification.

16. Bank redemption personnel were in position yesterday afternoon June 12.

17. Currency rates continued to go up.

18. We know the Global Currency Reset is coming, but it is not here yet.

B. June 12 2017 GCR Intel Situation Report: "Helpless" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Monday - June 12, 2017

1. The RV is somehow imbedded in the last three weeks of June--which we believed would be in the very beginning, but now may be more towards the very end.

2. We know the Fourth of July weekend matters a lot if you're restoring a Republic that celebrates it's birth on that date, with a banking holiday after a long weekend."

June 13 2017 2:27 am EDT: "Torus" - GCR/RV Philosophy - Tuesday - June 13, 2017

"When love and gratitude enter the body from the top down, they nourish the heart, enriching the entire body and emanating infinitely out in all directions and creating unexplainable synergy.

"At the end of day it's not about what currencies we hold, what they are worth or when they convert per se - it's about learning to remain in constant gratitude regardless of a temporary environment with the good/bad news of the day so as to be strengthening and sustaining a life experience, moment by moment - versus weakening it."

June 13 2017 9:12 pm EDT GCR Op-Ed: "Circles" - GCR/RV Op-Ed - Tuesday - June 13, 2017
What's old is new, and new old again.

​The NPTB are really the OPTB when you really stop and think about it.

For what is true power but eternal peace in both the end and beginning.

Everything that is chaos or was rebellion just fades away given a long enough timeline.

We are just blessed to be experiencing the clock running out on the cabal against humanity and God is all.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Alive and awake by the grace and mercy of a loving God.

Honestly, the GCR/RV is but one giant circle in the end, with a few little circles attempting to emerge as relevant.

Some make it, some die young, some die old, but all must die that are not in righteous harmony with the Creator Father's eternal heartbeat.

"Nothing real is threatened, as nothing unreal exists. Therein lies the truth of God." - A Course of Miracles

Your ZIM bond/currency is incredibly valuable, beyond your wildest imaginations.

But no mater how you got a hold of your endless wealth ticket... be it risk taking, guessing right, research or endured sovereign struggle… you now own all of it's blessings and burdens.

Are you ready? Hope so.

Very soon you'll be redeeming for it's true Heavenly value, not on man's rebellious paper financial system, but on God's rebirthed and transparent digital system.

Are you ready? Hope so.

Are you prepared for Paul Ryan to be your new Republic President without even a faint sound of defiance from 135 million Trump and Clinton voters?

Shocking to me that all will suddenly applaud this statement of fact. Bizarre so few considered it when offered, but whatever.

The point was you had the information early to make adjustments and study up.

Are you ready? Hope so.

For as infinite resources suddenly appear at your finger tips, you'll quickly realize that each one of you has "elite powers" to determine who rises and falls, lives or dies, by your own funding decisions.

Which new circles will you bless with fiscal hydration? Which old ones will you unburden with elimination?

Are you ready for depth of philosophical stewardship? Hope so.

Because all reading this have been given the opportunity to be egoless stewards in service of the poor, homeless, sick and diseased; i.e. servants of the Most High, scheduled to restore and reset the human race and planet earth's cellular truth.

Are you ready for that volume of servitude? Hope so.

Have you prepared your mind, body and soul for the task? Hope so.

Do you feel worthy due to constant trials of righteous faith? Hope so.

Will you live up to the grace bestowed upon your chosen soul? Hope so.

Because the alternative ain't so grand, in fact it's physical annhilation.

Life or death. Love or fear. God or not God.

That was all real stuff, folks.

Sure, God is with us… but only those with God can endure such a fierce wave of mercy. With infinite wealth comes infinite responsibility by universal law.

Are you ready to evolve into a human angel? Hope so.

If not, best to surrender now if you haven't done so already, as only the pure of heart can walk across destiny's divine bridge.

Yeah, all are welcome but how many really are willing to walk that walk?

Who in Dinarland is will to sacrifice their existing personalities to achieve that frequency of servitude, that vibration of mercy which requires, demands, only true and sincere souls surrendering daily to God the Father?

Does that even sound like you? Hope so.

Surrendering your will in favor of God's Will is the only pathway forward. That prediction too was real, folks. Never did I lie. Brutally so.

Are you One with God? Hope so.

Just know you were loved enough to be told the truth--and have it repeated, and repeated, and repeated, and repeated--until you loathed the sound of the messenger's voice.

The decisions you make now, within the confines of your own heart, will be known only to God.

And they will forever determine the quality and survival timeline of your own soul in this ever expanding era of unconditional love and light.

Are you ready to ascend? Perpetually? Hope so.

Be advised this prophesied tidal wave of mercy has already hit the shore. And some are already surfing it's massive face right now.

So do give all glory and praise to Yeshua Ben Yosef for delivering upon His promise to us all.

Eternally and joyfully we now acknowledge and receive His gift to us as supernatural, delivered from spirit to form with love.

Oh Lord, please heal us. So we may heal everything we can reach and bless in Christ's perfect name.

God is with us.

June 13 2017 9:40 pm EDT How to Identify the Cabal TANK: "How to Identify the Cabal"
"How to identify the Cabal"

Here are some things that can help you identify the Cabal. I think if you consider these things you won't have to take anyone else's word for it, you'll be able to decide for yourself.

If you want to identify the Cabal in Dinarland I'll give you some clues:

1. They're constantly promoting, defending, and talking about themselves. It's like an insecurity they have to identify self worth through the praise received by others.

2. They're constantly dividing the community on issues and people while touting their helpful contributions and lauding their selflessness. See Willie Lynch, "Let's Make a Slave."

3. They misuse scriptures, Galactic concepts, and various other spiritual ideologies to promote their agenda.

4. They don't take correction or apologize. Rather than just admit they're wrong, they'll defend themselves by attacking someone else as if someone else's wrong-doing somehow makes theirs okay.

5. They're overly sweet and soft spoken, or they mask their real personality with a false image of positivity and love. They act like everything is always okay, and never speak ill of their handlers.

6. The Cabal members are master mind manipulators and it's no different in the community. I was once recruited by a Cabal minion who told me, "I have the only intel you need. You don't need to listen to anyone else." This is another sure sign of the Cabal because they want to separate you from the pack so you'll do their bidding.

7. They speak with an arrogance that temporarily masquerades as confidence until they're wrong so many times that they need to fabricate an elaborate lie as to why it didn't happen the way they said it would.

8. They blame the people for still being slaves because their vibration isn't high enough or they're too focused on money. Then people force a fake smile and pretend they’re so grateful for the experience of remaining in bondage. This is a classic way that abusive relationships develop. A common example is when a man hits a woman for some arbitrary reason, then offers an apology while asking her, "Why do you make do this?"

9. They're constantly promoting fearful concepts disguised as some service they're doing for you. They repeat horrible detailed accounts of a Cabal activity acting disgusted with it but have a strange amount of knowledge on the subject. They complain how the Cabal is messing everything up and is the cause of the delays. They discuss death, murder, and torture, making the good guys sound no different than the Cabal.

The Cabal is abusive and divisive. They appear as your friend just to get close enough to stab you in the back. They want you to trust them above anyone else. You do not need anyone else to tell you what's true. You do not need anyone to follow. You do not need me to tell you this. You just need to listen with discernment. Be a leader. Stand up for yourself.

Support the movement- Kre8change x

6/6/17 Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of June 11, 2017 YouTube Link 7min

Restored Republic via a GCR as of June 11 2017

If there are any "Special 800 numbers" for any Banks exchanging they will be posted on the Banks page

Compiled 12:03 am EDT 11 June 2017 by Judy Byington.

A. June 10 2017 10:49 pm EDT TANK: "Keep Your Head Up" - TANK - 6.10.17

Imagine there's an anchor around your neck. It's damaged the muscles and because the weight is so heavy it's put your gaze in a consistently downward position. For the most part all we see is the tiresome road ahead allowing us to take just one step at a time. Imagine that today, Sat. June 10 you're given enough power to lift your head up despite the weight. This allows the damaged muscles to start to heal and rebuild again. And when the anchor is removed you'll be stronger than ever. The weight is being removed today, Sat. June 10 so you don't have to be strong for much longer. For now, just keep your head up. Support the movement. Kre8change. TANK

B. June 10 2017 11:06 pm EDT GCR Geopolitical Overview: "Hong Kong" - GCR/RV Geopolitical Overview - Saturday - June 10, 1017

1. All HSBC banks worldwide (except London) were transferred back to the Chinese Elders beginning in 1984 as part of the overall negotiations in returning Hong Kong (like all of it) back to the People's Republic of China from the House of Windsor via the Rothschild banking dynasty. A deal that was completed in 1997.

2. Both the land and sovereign authority was returned in exchange for the financial conversion of the Queen's own Chinese Historical Bonds dating back to the mid-to-late eighteen hundreds.

3. Cabal Brits were allowed to keep Standard Charter Bank and continue their participation in sovereign wealth mechanisms / trading platforms per the 1944 Bretton Woods Agreement.

4. Now with the GCR/RV the old private trading system has reformed and reverted to Chinese control exclusively.

5. This financial transition is far greater and much older than Dinarland can contemplate simply because they do not have all the facts.

6. Stay focused on your own situation. You'll need all available brain power very soon.

C. June 10 2017 8:48 am EDT GCR Research: "Fortitude" - GCR/RV Research - Saturday - June 10, 2017

1. "Operation Fortitude" was a massive misinformation campaign pulled off by from the Allies to hide their invasion plans for D-Day on June 6, 1944. The operation of deception was conducted by the Allied Forces to lead the Germans to believe that they would be landing in Pas-de-Calais, where France and England were closest, or in Norway, because Hitler and his cronies thought this most probable.

2. Imagine German surprise, embarrassment and fear when the first wave came at Normandy and they were out of position.

3. So stay alert today D-land, the cabal has no clue what's really coming and truthfully, neither do we. God is with us.

D. June 10 2017 10:05 pm EDT GCR Op-Ed: "Servitude" - GCR/RV Op-Ed - Saturday - June 10, 2017

1. After many grueling months, I hope and pray this is my last post.

2. So much ails our planet and species, it's almost silly to list what the Cabal against humanity has broken, warped or destroyed. Just assume it's everything and anything. Be surprised if you run across something that is still whole.

3. That said, it's our responsibility to fix everything we come across. I literally mean everything you can see, feel, taste, touch and smell. The scope of wealth being gifted warrants that kind of return commitment if you declare yourself "sovereign" of earthly control systems and energetic sequences.

4. If you're reading this it is because the same Lord that created you has deemed it time you now awaken to the truth of your divine covenant. Servitude in form begins in spirit. Always has. Always will. You choose this soul and physical pathway before time and space ever began, agreeing to enter into your body. At this exact time. On this very plane. For this precise day. All done in absolute service to your Father Creator God Almighty.

5. To RV in spirit is simply to remember in form your divine covenant and perform your pre-agreed servitude for God - which is the service of others in His Heavenly name.

6. This event is about how deeply to desire to serve God and what your level of servitude shall be with the remainder of your days. This is why you are now choosing to engage in a final lifetime of servitude with such expansive resources, as only with endless diplomatic sovereign accounts can a soul accomplish Heaven's return mandate - spreading unconditional love in unconditional amounts.

7. Brothers and Sisters, we are alive to heal the soul of this precious but wounded earth, in servitude of a benevolent Creator Father God Almighty (aka Yahweh). Nothing more. Nothing less. God is with us.

Posted By: Mr.Ed
Date: Saturday, 10-Jun-2017 22:12:38

INTEL Update (Real News) via email - "The Event" 6/10/17

Subject: " The Event" 6/10/17

There exists technology that can read the total consciousness of the entire planet and that is what is being done.

The Galactic Council feels that earth's people can become aware and rise out of their stupor and slavery.

As a result...they have begun "The EVENT" a slow pace.

The first act is to establish a 3rd continental congress which will replace what we now have which is corrupt, immoral and composed of artificial entities.

There is so much hidden and stolen wealth that in the future people will not have to pay for housing and more.

Although the new currency will be backed by gold to keep it stable...the real backing of a countries wealth is its citizens and that's why the birth certificate program of FDR in 1935 was pulled on the unsuspecting populace.

Everything is about to change for the better in government, law, medicine, education and more.

Over 5,000 wealthy people left the U.S. last year to escape what is coming.

Their game is ending.

The world has stonewalled them.

Some are dying off.

Others are being exterminated secretly.

Their attempt to take over America and the world has failed.

If it had succeeded...Hillary and her gang were to oversee the arrest and extermination of at least 80% of American Christians, Blacks, Indians, Mexicans, welfare dependents and non productive humans.

If you got sick and were over would be denied medical coverage and die unless you could afford the bills.

America would have turned into a Nazi horror show.

You were saved by the action and sacrifice of many learned and investigative people who studied the past and defined the motive by these creatures. (that many think are real humans)

The history books and even the bible have been altered and misrepresented.

This you will eventually learn.

For now...just sit tight and watch what happens.

Remember this..."The human animal is a very successful 2 strand DNA creature that was put together thousands of years ago as an experiment by 24 different alien species".

This is what has been withheld from you by the kings and monarchs along with religious phonies who want you to think that they are some supreme "Bloodline".

It ain't so folks!

6/6/17 Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of June 6, 2017 with the Ben Fulford Report YouTube Link 16min

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of June 6, 2017

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 6 June 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, "Twenty Two Faces,"

A. June 5 2017 10:08 pm EDT: "6 Days" - RV Thought - 6.5.17

1. The RV is scheduled to release Sat. June 10 2017 any time after 9 pm PDT.

2. I was told we could be informed (about the June 10 release) - just like the remaining Cabal leadership - so we could make our final preparations.

3. The intel has basically stopped. Why? Because it's over, and there's a knowing about it now - worldwide.

B. June 5 2017 TNT RayRen98:

1. Iraqi banks were to release the lower denoms this week.

2. US banks were put on notice of the change in the dinar status this week.

3. Over the weekend, Iraqi television showed their leaders claiming victory this week.

4. TV stations were banned from reporting the news in Mosul.

5. Iraqis have been informed that their payments will be paid directly from 30 June instead of being put in escrow.

6. Iraq was talking about celebrations for the soldiers on Mon. June 12, which should mean that the fighting was over – cleaned up, in past tense.

7. June 10 was the anniversary of ISIL taking over Mosul, so there was a symbolic significance for that being the official date they were finished with Mosul liberation.

8. People in the US reported that groups were getting calls about movement.

9. Iraqi television says this was their week, and we were waiting for PM Abadi to proclaim the liberation of Mosul. They have been saying economic reforms and national reconciliation would follow immediately upon the full liberation of Mosul.

10. I don’t see how they can put it off any longer. I don’t see it going past June 30th.

C. June 5 2017 6:00 am EDT GCR Geopolitical Overview: "Timeout" - GCR/RV Geopolitical Overview - Monday - June 5, 2017

1. Next weekend (the RV is supposed to be released after the Israel-Palestine Peace Agreement is announced on the anniversary of the Six Day War on Sat. June 10).

2. This will be Yosef's last post for a few days. This week he is going to review his post RV plans and pick things up again Thurs. evening June 8 after Comey's testimony.

3. He felt that the van attack in London was a sacrifice for the Middle East Peace treaty signed early Sat. morning June 3 in Tel Aviv and Jordan, as well as it was done to help defeat Theresa May's Conservative party in the upcoming U.K. election. Polling suggested Brits felt because she was a woman she was weak on defense and Brexit negotiations. That's how the Cabal thinks: if something great happens something horrible must also occur.

4. Zimbabwe's President Mugabe was said to be in NYC tonight at the UN for a bogus week long environmental conference, but he's really there to sign a GESARA document that releases the natural asset reserves of the African Union as to collateralize the new Asian based financial system. This liberates Zimbabwe and the entire continent of Africa. That just happened.

5. Exchange centers were said staffed these many months to scare the Cabal into believing the RV was going down everyday and every weekend. They made a lot of mistakes thinking today was the day, but it faked all of us out in the process. Win/Win to the NPTB.

6. The hyper staffing just recently was to keep both Israeli and Palestinian negotiators at the table with a sense of urgency to get a deal done.Worked. If either had pulled away, or failed to reach an agreement, and the RV had gone--their nations would have been left out and the other side may have overcome the other by pure economic default because they walked away from the table. True story. Real tactic. Now if either sovereign state breaches the signed peace treaty, all Middle Eastern nations will boycott them in trade, shut down their boarders and China will freeze them right out of the new financially system. If all else fails, then military action would be taken by the UNSC, and the rest of the world will get involved to keep the peace. Post RV, one aggressive act of war would be a sovereign apocalypse for doing harm to either an Arab or Jewish neighbor--enduring both sides long-term security.

7. Currency holders were always waiting on Middle East Peace to RV. The Golden Rule: those who have the gold make the golden rules. And that's China and Africa (natural resources).

8. This weekend BiBi Netanyahu finally stepped down during a secret meeting of the Israeli Knesset and announced he had accepted/negotiated a two state solution settlement with the entire Arab world for Israel... and that he would be resigning now with his "greatest work" behind him.

9. Was that deal sealed at Bilderberg over the weekend in Virginia? Maybe by Henry Kissinger? Who along with H.R. McMaster laid out the new rules of the road for humanity's ascension post RV? Store that little nugget away for later as it will come full circle. Only time will tell--but time ain't telling--not anyway yet.

10. Look for a surge of new "Trump is the anti-Christ" information leaking onto the scene all week long. His termination has already been negotiated, accepted, submitted and resignation speech taped.

D. June 5 2017 WSOMN AdminBill: There is word coming in from reliable contacts that the actions required to move this along have been completed. Look for momentum to build the first of the week, with the process moving forward through the coming 10-14 days for all currencies.

E. June 5 2017 6:15 pm EDT One Who Knows (Richard): "Questions: Healing Ships/Help/800#s/Lost Currency & More" - One Who Knows - 6.5.17

1. During the early release "Segments Plan" the 800# will be given out by person to person via the phone or in person.

2. The Segments Plan is on-going right now and using the 800#s.

3. While I think they may have a certain official release time in mind, the GCR might be waiting on the Segments to complete. The GCR will be over very soon.

4. As far as I know, the exchange centers are staffed and people are exchanging now, on the Segments Plan.

5. Since the GCR is still a world secret: if that 800 number gets posted on the net, or sent by text, or email, before the GCR is officially released, it will be cancelled. The 800# will be replaced with a different 800#, and the person who posted it or sent it will be in trouble.

6. Clearly, there will be many who don't get contacted by the Segments word of mouth Plan.

7. After the GCR ends, the new rates will be posted on all official government websites,

8. Within hours of the last Segment completion, the 800# can be posted on websites and sent by email.

9. You can't miss out if you are watching the websites. It will be the biggest news ever!

F. June 5 2017 10:21 pm EDT Fulford Report: "Gold Now Available to Help Planet" - Fulford Report - 6.5.17
This Saturday a delegation from the White Dragon Society, including this writer, will be heading to Bougainville in the Solomon Islands to meet with King David Peii II to discuss how to reopen the Panguna mine, which contains about $170 trillion worth of gold and copper. Furthermore, there are six other mine sites under the control of King David and his people on the Island meaning that many hundreds of trillions of dollars’ worth of metal can be made available to benefit the people and living creatures of the planet earth.

The total amount of money the OECD spent on development in 2016 was $142.6 billion, so if even a small fraction of the wealth of just one of the six sites was used, there would be at least 10 times more money available to help the poor and protect the environment than is now being spent.

The Panguna mine was developed by the Rothschild controlled firm Rio Tinto. However locals, angered at the pollution caused by the mine, as was at the lousy treatment they were accorded by the mine’s owners, seized control after a long war of resistance. Representatives of King David also claim the Rothschild owners of the mine were contemplating destroying the entire island in order to extract its mineral wealth. You can be sure, based on their track record, the Rothschilds were not planning to spend the money they hoped to earn from this to help the planet.

Representatives of Rio Tinto did not respond to multiple WDS attempts to contact them. If an agreement is not reached with the Rothschilds, the WDS will, if necessary, use as much weight of the world’s military as needed to help King David make the gold and other metals available, in an environmentally friendly manner, for the benefit of the planet. One idea is to use mine tailings as landfill in order to create new land for living creatures so that the overall impact of the mining on the island will be to create more space for living creatures than existed before. The WDS will report more on the situation after a June 10-14th visit to the Island.

In any case, the Khazarian mafia has been suffering a stunning series of defeats in recent months as their planetary control grid collapses in increasingly visible ways.

Most importantly, but in a manner still hidden from most of the world, the Khazarians are running out of gold and most of the world no longer accepts their paper, which is not backed by anything but a rapidly evaporating group mind control mechanism.

Khazarian attempts to get gold in Indonesia, Japan, the Philippines and elsewhere in Asia are all being stonewalled, multiple sources agree.

Last week representatives from Citibank and US Ambassador to Indonesia Joseph Donovan promised Indonesian President Joko Widodo they would wipe out all of Indonesia’s external debt in exchange for 12,500 tons of gold but they left empty handed, WDS sources in Indonesia say.

The WDS sources add: “The Sultan of Johor, West Malaysia is involved in the attempt to extort the gold from Jakarta. He is claiming that the gold belongs to onlypaid] [his Royal family and this gives him the right to take it back from Indonesia, where is has been stored for the past 70 years or so. This allegation by the Sultan of Johor would mean that this could be part of the collateralized gold accounts, in which the Royal Families of Asia deposited their gold in Indonesia for safekeeping and Soekarno was mandated as M1".

Soekarno, as well as US President John F. Kennedy, were killed by the Khazarians in order to end their efforts to use this gold for the planet (We assume our readers know the history of this). Now the depositors of the gold are getting their revenge.

The Indonesian WDS sources adds that “I have a strong feeling that [Malaysian] PM Najib Razak is somehow involved in this, as he is a member of the Khazarian mafia.”

The Khazarians are still setting off terrorists attacks in London, the Philippines, Indonesia and elsewhere around the world in order to extort gold but, they are being systematically isolated.

The Bilderberg meeting of top Khazarian mafia servants that just ended on June 4th was a meeting of losers in the battle for the planet earth. At this first meeting since top Khazarian honcho David Rockefeller died, Rockefeller bagman Henry Kissinger continued his effort to become the new secret ruler of the planet earth. However, without gold and without Rockefeller behind him, Kissinger is just an old airbag.

The Rothschilds’ attempt to take full control of the planet following Rockefeller’s death was also dealt a huge blow as US President Donald renounced their Paris accords. “Trump exited the Paris accords in order to stop carbon trading and expose the global warming hoax of roth,” Pentagon sources explained.

Also, inside the Trump regime, “the Zionist-globalist-Goldman faction led by former Goldman coo Gary Cohn, and Jared Kushner were sidelined by the Paris exit as Trump cleans house,” they continue.

The Bush faction of the Khazarian mob is also in “full panic mode” as more and more of their crimes are being revealed, the sources add. Last week, the Pentagon sources say, Bush hitmen killed former Panamanian President Manuel Noriega to “prevent him snitching about CIA drug trafficking and corruption.”

There are also moves to arrest top Neo-con Bush operatives like David Petraeus, former NSA boss Mike Hayden and remove and arrest US National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster, the sources say. The charges will be for illegally receiving and leaking classified information, they say.

The Rockefeller/Bush/Clinton US Khazarian mafia clan’s top henchmen are still struggling to keep themselves out of jail but they are clearly losing the power struggle in Washington DC.

There is also a huge power struggle going on now in China, according to Vietnamese sources. The struggle concerns Wang Qishan王歧山 who is de facto number 2 in China’s power structure and is now the top Rothschild agent in China, the sources say.

The mystery man Guo Wengui郭文贵

who was photographed recently with Jacob Rothschild and the Dalai Lama, and who is apparently now staying at Trump’s Mar A Largo resort in Florida put out a video (which was quickly removed from the internet) last week claiming Wang “has huge connections with Skull & Bones and Freemasons,” the sources say.

If Wang becomes Prime Minister and the official number 2 at the 19th Chinese Communist Party Congress this autumn, “then [Chinese President] Xi Jinping will be dead,” the sources say.

Wang’s power derives from huge amounts of money that he has recently mysteriously obtained and has been spreading around, they say.

These same sources, who have access to top level intelligence about China, say Xi Jinping “is in a very dangerous position.” “He can either try to continue communist rule, in which case other interest groups will try to get rid of him before his term ends,” the sources say “or if not, he can end communism like the Soviets did in the 90’s.”

The same sources say that another senior Chinese defector, Ling Jihua, has given the US “way more information on submarines, nuclear codes etc,” because of his opposition to Rothschild controlled Wang.

Even if these sources are wrong, there can be no doubt the Chinese situation will remain turbulent under the surface between now and mid-summer as jockeying for the next politburo, set to be formally announced in the autumn, continues.

There are also changes coming to Europe as top Khazarian mobster and German Chancellor Angela Merkel as well as Rothchild slave and French President Emmanuel Macron realize the consequences of the Trump regime saying they will no longer protect them from Russia. The result, after some initial huffing and puffing by the French and Germans, has been for both countries to suddenly start currying favour with Russia.

There has also been some sort of schism taking place in the Middle East with Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain and the UAE suddenly cutting off relations with Qatar. Qatar is home to the Al Jazeera news network and a huge US airbase. Qatar’s Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani apparently deviated from the official Khazarian line in the Middle East by saying nice things about Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah as well as Israel. The Saudis are now blaming Qatar for Daesh in an outrageous case of the pot calling the kettle black.

In reality, the fight is almost certainly related to the fact the Qatar has reached a pipeline deal with Russia and the Syrians to export its gas while the Saudis have not.

The result is that the Saudis too are now rushing to curry favour with Russia. So far, it seems, the Russians have invited them to spend their money in remote arctic regions.

Restored Republic via a GCR as of June 5, 2017 YouTube Link 5min

Compiled 12:23 am EDT 5 June 2017 by Judy Byington

A. June 4 2017 11:14 am EDT GCR Review:
"Knowing" - GCR/RV Review - Sunday - June 4, 2017

1. The intel basically stopped yesterday evening June 3 because it's over, and there's a knowing about it worldwide.

2. We know Trump was allowed to become US President to corner Israel and force peace in the Middle East. The US had long agreed to a two state solution with Palestine, and did so legally with their non-vote on the Dec. 2017 UNSC resolution.

we will skip 3 through 5 it was bashing Trump non-since miss information
so on to 6. We know which currencies are revaluing and what they are worth (ZIM, VND, IQD, IDR, AFA).

7. We know about the sovereign rate option and the need for humanitarian projects in order to get them.

B. June 4 2017 WSOMN AdminBill: I'm hearing the next 7 days have potential. I hope so for our sanity, or what's left of it.

C. June 4 2017 TNT on Open Mic and Tweets RayRen98:

1. There was an expectation of the rate moving the first part of next week.

2. Iaqi TV was depicting leaders declaring this as victory week in Mosul.

3. Kurdistan TV has been banned from filming their news from Old Mosul city.

4. Abadi was taking over the vacant finance minister job until he could find a replacement.

5. June 30 was the intended date that Iraqis would receive their money monthly versus an escrow account.

D. June 4 2017 4:54 pm EDT Fulford Update on Cabal: Benjamin Fulford Special Update: Cabal Trying to Extort Gold from Indonesia

E. June 4 2017 6:33 pm EDT Crypto Currencies Show GR Underway Clif High: Clif High: Crypto Currencies Show Global Reset Underway

Internet data mining expert Clif High has just finished an in-depth dive on crypto currencies such as Bitcoin. High uses what he calls “predictive linguistics” to spot trends and make predictions for future events. With the latest price spikes in so-called blockchain type crypto currencies, what does Clif High see with his latest Internet mining report? High reveals, “We are not at a period of time where we are valuing one store of wealth, Bitcoin against a store of debt, the dollar. We are, instead, looking at an episode of hyperinflation. It is an episode where a great many people lose faith in the dollar, and they rush into Bitcoin and other crypto currencies. . . . There are people coming in and out of the crypto space based on the degrading levels of confidence in the U.S. dollar. So, we are at a global currency reset at this point. There will be no Bretton Woods conference. There will be no G-7 central bank meeting that will be meaningful because these individuals are behind the curve. The curve is being led by all the people as they lose confidence in all of the fiat currencies. . . . We have demonstrable proof that the managers of the dollar are very bad at it. Lots of people understand this, and they want out of the dollar and into something else.”

On charges things like Bitcoin are nothing more than a Ponzi scheme, High rebuts, “We are at a flux point where one system is dying off and we are just about to head into the other one. As we go into that transition, this point of time we are in right now is where all of this is coming up, all the froth, all of the corruption globally, because we can’t pay for it any more with dying dollars. You can’t bribe people with dying dollars. We have to have good solid money, and we are developing it on our own because the sovereigns failed us. When the sovereigns failed to supply wheat, then the French Revolution happened and off with their heads. We can’t take being starved by a bunch of butt heads at the top. “We the People” can tolerate a great deal, but the body politic is self-correcting. . . . In this case, we have decided the butt heads in charge of the Fed and body politic have to go because those guys are just too corrupt, too criminal, and they are in our way. . . . Both the dollar and the banks are doomed, and I am not messing with those.”

Where does Clif see Bitcoin going in the hyperinflation we are heading into? Clif High says, “I’ve got what you call a strike point, a numeric value our data sets are aiming at that shows Bitcoin should be about $13,800 sometime in early February of 2018. That will basically be a fivefold increase at what we are at now. . . . I always thought cryptos would have to break out first in order to upset . . . the structure of the central banks so silver and gold could break loose. I suspect silver will break loose. The rocket shot on that will be staggering, but bear in mind I am the Internet’s worst silver forecaster. I have had silver at $600 per ounce in our data since 2003. If that occurs, look at how shocking and rapid that rise is going to be.”

High goes on to say, “Gold and silver are the most undervalued assets on the planet.” . . . And he predicts “by early February, gold will be at $4,800 per ounce and silver will be around $600 per ounce.”

High also says, “The Fed can’t kill crypto currencies . . . The elites are fearful because they can’t control crypto currencies, and they can’t suppress them. There will be no more source of free printed money for bribing people. . . . When the dollar dies, the corruption and crime will be revealed.” Bitcoin info

F. Global Humanitarian Programs:

Restored Republic via a GCR as of June 3, 2017 YouTube Link 13min

Restored Republic via a GCR as of June 3 2017

Compiled 12:25 am EDT 3 June 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, "Twenty Two Faces,"

A. June 2 2017 4:50 pm EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: "Close" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Friday - June 2, 2017

1. HSBC will be handing out 800#s after markets close Friday June 2 and before markets reopen on Monday (HSBC-HK) June 5.

2. Everyone is in consensus about a weekend release, though we can't confirm when.

3. Many believe we're still in for a "dark of night" release for safety's sake, but not all.

4. Hydrated paymasters don't know when the final release time. They're waiting like us.

5. Group paymaster paperwork refresh links will be sent out via email.

6. Bankers had until this weekend to train staff. Most bankers have no idea there is an RV coming, let alone it has occurred and is now rolling out.

7. The NPTB were adding more contact numbers in 82 countries in the Eastern Hemisphere to include smaller T4/T5 like banks and non-profit credit union types.

8. No bank but HSBC will have a timing advantage. All US based banks are equally pulsing second fiddle to HSBC. Wells Fargo will have to wait their turn.

9. There is no longer anything fiscally significant or structurally better about any Tier 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 bank anymore. 14. Trump's Paris Agreement stunt was to wake up the entire world and distract them away from the RV.

15. There were 194 countries which signed the Paris Agreement agreement - a part of GESARA.

16. We could be a whole week out after ex-FBI Director James Comey testifies next Thursday June 8 before the Senate. That's because we also understand Israel & Netanyahu are still negotiating an exit strategy that works for both sides.

17. If and when Trump invokes the executive privilege clause this weekend, Comey will not testify. Then you will know those Middle East Peace negotiations completed, meaning we should be allowed to RV quickly thereafter.

18. Notice how Mosul has still not been declared fully liberated by President Abadi. Seems he too is waiting for Palestinian - Israeli negotiations to finish up. This would be out of respect and allegiance to his Arab brothers and sisters in Palestine. So looks like we are still waiting on Middle East Peace. But we're much, much closer. How close is anyone's guess.

B. June 2 2017 1:05 pm EDT GCR Overview: "ReValue" - GCR/RV Overview - Friday - June 2, 2017

1. On the morning of June 2 the (Chinese) CNY was valued at $6.82 to the USD.

2. On the morning of June 2 the Zimbabwe Zim was valued at $361.90 to the USD.

3. If the ZWD is truly valued that high on the new asset backed financial system, it would actually make mathematically sense for the Elders to offer current CNY exchange rates for our currency (or above) because all in-taking banks worldwide could then make a health arbitrage selling it back to HSBC; who could then make a healthy arbitrage selling it back to Bank of China; who could then make a healthy arbitrage selling back to AIIB; who could then make a healthy arbitrage selling back to the global network of central banks at final audited sovereign rates ($125,000 USD).

4. No wonder the NPTB keep adding more and more Tier 4 & 5 banks and nations without national currencies to participate in the RV--there's more than plenty of profit to go around, and around, and around!

5. That would mean the old fiat financial system was completely in opposition to the truth of actual value. Plus the cabal intentionally reversed the very nature of how human beings perceive monetary value in favor of their fiat non-asset backed, western world financial system. Those bastards also rigged all the currencies to appear larger than what their true natural resources reserves could collateralize.

C. GCR Where We Are as of 1:30 pm EDT June 2: GCR: Where We Are as of 1:45 pm EDT on June 2, 2017

1. Yosef said that everything GCR rollout-related was automated and in motion, the 800 numbers would just appear at the designated time and as per agreed strategy, the GCR/RV release would be global and everywhere at once.

2. Sierra reported that the old system was removed on March 15, 2017, and we have been on the new system since March 16, 2017.

3. Sierra reported that all revalued currencies have been listed on the Fiscal Services Report for the for over 6 weeks, or since about mid April.

4. Yosef said that since last Friday May 26 the GCR War Room had been on lockdown.

5. Yosef said that in the US there has been radio silence from sovereign negotiating table(s) since Tues. night May 30 or Wed. morning May 31.

6. Tank reported that Tier 1 finished the night of May 30 and Tiers 2,3 were poised to go next.

7. Zap reported that they sent a test wire on May 30 and they would send a few small wires to the lawyers, others and the big one to the Paymaster right after the weekend.

8. Zap said that they sent a wire to test the system on their June 1 (our May 31). It was good.

9. Yosef said that Exchange packages with 800# instructions were ready the night of May 30 with disbursal operatives awaiting orders to deliver sometime between early Wed. morning May 31 through the Thurs. evening June 1 market close.

10. Yosef said that there was a May 31st deadline where all final pricing offers for sovereign historic assets were to expire @ midnight CDT.

11. On Wed. May 31 Landa Global Humanus reported that funds were on their way and might arrive by this weekend, or next week.

12. Bruce said that as of June 1 there were Prosperity Packages going out for multiple reasons as well as for past programs.

13. Bruce said they were still exchanging Tier 3 redeemers as of June 1 evening.

Bruce said that currencies in the first basket were live in the Phillipines on June 1 morning, we know they have exchanged in other countries such as Africa and there also have been back door exchanges in US banks (likely at the lower starter rates).

Bruce reported that as of June 1 there were over 28,000 redeemers in Tiers 2 and 3 who had been paid and had access to their funds.

Bruce said on June 1 that Tier 4 should be exchanging by the time Tier 3 has access to their funds, though Tier 3 did not have to be complete in order for Tier 4 to go.

Bruce reported that on Sat. June 3 Iraq would begin romote banking from anywhere in the world.

Bruce said that out West in Reno they were receiving multiple wires and looked to be funded in 24 to 48 hours (or by Sat. June 3).

D. June 1 2017 TNT Chat LinnieQ: There are two "Paris Agreements." One has to do with monetary issues and one with climate. The monetary one has never been published to even seen by the public. I read some articles years ago that the monetary revaluation is hidden in the Paris Accord and we will never see it.

E. June 2 2017 7:47 am EDT GCR Op-Ed: "Overdue" - GCR/RV Op-Ed - Friday - June 2, 2017

1. Don't trick yourself into believing the RV will come as predicted because no one knows the final release moment but those giving this historic gift. Intelligence gathering is more about volume than accuracy, sadly. Yours truly included.

2. Pain associated to waiting for the RV is self induced, even though it feels 100% real.

3. If you're grieving today because you know change is here - just not yet - its ok to be sad. To grieve. Just don't stay there long.

4. The best way to go through these final hours pre-RV is to release all expectation of performance and just be irrationally grateful that there is even an RV.

5. It's better to remain appreciative and expectant, thankful yet vigilant, keeping our currency ready by our side at all times for when the release moment finally does arrive - because it will, as it must, by the unconditional grace and mercy of a loving God. Sobeit.

F. Wed. May 31 Landa Global Humanus Call: Humanus Update PT 1 of 2 LANDA GLOBAL Conference Call Replay link

1. The intel black out continues - we only know the GCR is coming and it will be here soon.

2. Funds are on their way. They may arrive this weekend, or by next week.

3. The 2010 Code of Reforms resulting from a liquidity crisis, were not signed until recently. Quantitive easing will go away with no more trading of US gold and assets under a balanced budget.

4. As of 2015 the US dollar (the world's reserve currency for the last 110 years) was only 41% of the world reserve currencies according to the IMF SDR.

G. June 2 2017 No Backing Out of Paris Agreement Sierra: "Trump Backs out of Paris Agreement? Yeah, Right" by Sierra - 5.28.17

1. There is no backing out of the Paris Climate Agreement. PERIOD. This was finalized in Oct. 2015 with 209 countries all signing off on the agreements in the G20 Meeting that year. Everything you see on TV about President Trump considering backing out of the Paris Agreement, he does not even have this option, regardless of what he or the media says.

2. This is all a distraction to make people think this can be stopped. The currency is resetting, for all currencies using the Brics system under CIPS, instead of the Swift system we used to use. Russia, China, and India now have a say in the New Republic of the united States of America as they hold most of our debts and have bailed us out for the third time in history.

3. The old system was removed on March 15, 2017, and we have been on the new system since March 16, 2017.

4. Each countries currencies are asset backed with the Gold Reserves that are stored in Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) in China as per the article attached. "Gold-for-Gold" - GCR/RV Overview - Friday - May 26, 2017

5. Every country that signed this Paris Climate Agreement for the last two years, have been getting their country to be in compliance with Basel III or higher to remove carbon emissions, it also is to reset each countries currency by the populations and their own natural resources and technology. This has been a huge undertaking, and can not be undone or stopped by anyone as the Republic has been using this system (2 1/2 months) and have two different operating systems until the final date it is announced to the public.

6. This show has been carefully planned, and everything we are seeing is all a chapter to get the announcement into the mainstream. Just do not fall into anything that is happening right now, because it is not what is really going on.

7. I will not disrespect the President, but he is using this climate deal as to try and stop the inevitable. It is a 209 country goes or none go.

8. It will not end well for Trump if he does not follow the script that he agreed to, as well as signing his resignation.

9. The end is near there is no way they can continue much longer as many countries of the world are waiting for their country to be international. We were the last country to go as we were the worlds reserve currency. All the countries that were using US Dollars, are waiting for us to reset we are actually holding up international business. Deals are made, but they can not be finalized under the old system, they are just like us waiting for the currencies to reset.

10. It's only a matter of time. All the currencies have been listed on the Fiscal Services Report for the for over 6 weeks. I can not imagine they can keep up the charade much longer.

Restored Republic via a GCR as of May 31, 2017 YouTube Link 9min

Restored Republic via a GCR as of May 31 2017
Compiled by Judy Byington.

A. May 30 2017 Bruce's The Big Call:

1. As of yesterday May 29 and today May 30 some sources went dark and were unable to use phones.

2. Iraq was ready to set off fireworks and disseminate the lower denominations. They have had rate changes. Takeback of Mosul has happened some time ago and some info has come out. ATMs were up and running. Iraqi Banks were ready and connected. Some parades took place a few days ago. There were two bombings in Bagdad yesterday while we awaited an announcement of economic reform.

3. Currencies have been traded to new levels.

4. Rate of the Zim (non NDA) is over 7.

5. There were 7,430 + redemption centers, which were reporting in again as of last night.

6. Wells Fargo has been hiring a lot of wealth advisors.

7. 107 Tier 2 banks with multiple thousand of branches will be exchanging.

8. Everyone at exchange centers were supposed to report this morning May 30.

9. They expected the 800#s this afternoon, but they have not been put out yet.

10. Some were preparing for exchanges to begin June 1.

11. Tiers 1,2,3 were complete.

12. The bulk of the Internet group of about 5 million or more will be involved in humanitarian projects and have the ability to negotiate their rates.

B. May 30 2017 7:11 pm EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: "Va-Va-Voom" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Tuesday - May 30, 2017

1. The last remaining Middle East Gaia energy portal, found in the Old City of Mosul, is again controlled by benevolent forces. This was a requested hold up and it involved the Nation of Iraq, not the IQD per se.

2. Aleppo, Syria had a similar Gaia portal held hostage that had to be recaptured, and was also a very tough ISIS nut to crack.

3. There's a time automated release roll out process that began on Friday evening 8pm EDT of last week.

4. We are told to expect completion sometime tonight May 30 2017 by a trusted source direct to Fighting Joe.

5. 800#s should then activate with package deliveries commencing and va-va-voom... away the world goes like a rocket ship.

6. Ever since the French Presidential elections on Sun, May 14, we've been on 24/7 guard for an any second release knowing the second half of May was the targeted release period.

7. It's May 31, 2017 already in China and why Wed. is such a big performance day we are told.

8. We're praying this is not another slow roll good guys pump faking the bad guys moment, as this past holiday weekend was brutal.

9. We do know the Republic, Russians and Chinese are holding back all nail in the coffin evidence on both Trump and Netanyahu. Their administrations are scheduled to expire together in concert with 800#s going live.

C. May 30 2017 12:00 pm EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: "Clockwork" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Tuesday - May 30, 2017

1. As of 10am EDT today Tues. May 30, 800# packages were being delivered. To whom we're not sure, but couriers have them and they are mobile.

2. It's Wed. May 31 in Asia at noon EDT Tues. That's a big deal for some reason--not sure yet as to why.

3. No word from the Beijing or Panama tables as to QY's final authorization being issued--but things sure seem to be progressing nicely today.

4. HSBC believes we're going today May 30. They are all in the RV war room back in NYC. All hands on deck.

5. Diplomatic contacts believe there's been a military truce struck in the Middle East, which also means there must have been a political agreement made between Europe and US concerning future free trade, taxation, NATO and ease of transport. Still trying to find out what exactly and with whom exactly. Lots of decisions and decision makers still waiting to reveal themselves as final.

6. Being told we'll all "crack up" when we see how easy is the exchange process. Very routine and like clockwork: in and out - thank you very much, now leave.

7. Global media will be blacked out from doing any real reporting during the RV month of June 2017, we are told. NPTB want no drama whatsoever. Low key and undetectable.

D. May 30 TNT RayRen98 Tweet: RayRen98 (Tweet)

1. PM Abadi is in Mosul for an in-person view of the liberated locations.

2. The final battle for Old City (Mosul) will be on Wed. May 31.

3. Iraqi TV (stateside) talks of preparations for celebrations projecting final completion for June 10, 2017.

4. The IMF is expected to meet with the CBI on Wed. May 31.

5. Leaflets are reportedly being being dropped in ISIS inhabited areas encouraging the citizens to evacuate.

6. Full liberation is expected in one week.

7. Bankers in Dubai are also hooked on seven days.

E. May 29 2017 Mosul in 72 hours KTFA: "72 Hours" - Mon. PM KTFA Thoughts/News A spokesman for Iraqi Joint Operations said Monday the battle to recapture Mosul would be resolved within 72 hours(or by Thurs. June 1), according to a video obtained by The Baghdad Post on Monday May 29.

F. May 30 2017 2:03 am EDT US Republic Judge Anna: Judge Anna: Rumors of the USA Republic, What it Means By Judge Anna Von Reitz

1. Regarding the “Republic” and its “return to a gold standard” and other rumors. This is all internal domestic reshuffling of the United States and its corporations. Strictly speaking has nothing to do with us or with our states of the Union.

2. Think of it this way— you hire a lawn care company to take care of your grass and hedges and tree trimming, etc., They incorporate (1868) —- no big deal so far as you are concerned. They spud off some subsidiaries (municipal governments, 1878)—- and again, no big deal in your view. Who cares how the lawn care company decides to organize itself, so long as the work gets done at a price you can afford? Right?

3. The problem has been that we let them run wild and do whatever they wanted for so long, they began to think that they were the beneficial owners of the whole shebang. Some cretins (Clintons, Bushes) made deals and deceived other countries about their status and their ownership interests. They made agreements to sell off assets that actually belong to us, etc. All in our names while pretending to represent us.

4. So now under Trump’s guidance, they are reshuffling again and dusting off their laurels and the old names and their red, white and blue bunting and they are making some really needful changes in the way their corporations have been operating and that is all to the good. Long overdue. A big relief.

5. Unfortunately, some other countries who have also been bamboozled and swindled by earlier administrations going all the way back to the Civil War are angry, cheated, and upset. And I don’t blame them. Amends have to be made, and who is going to make them? Not us. We have been the victims and been bamboozled ourselves. Not the other countries. They shouldn’t have to take losses because of criminals misrepresenting themselves as our agents and representatives. And that is where it stands.

6. We have worked out a means of gradually erasing all world debt. It may take ten years, but we can do it without hurting anyone. At the same time, we can introduce a new mixed global economy based on actual asset-backed currencies and asset-backed credit securities. And people all over the world can enjoy a higher standard of living while we are doing it.

7. So there is a Win-Win Option on the table for everyone concerned. Nobody goes home hungry. Nobody is cheated, including us. Nobody has to die to raise money.

8. We aren't letting Secondary Creditors come in here and claim our assets as abandoned property and no, we aren't assuming the odious debts that these animals have racked up and tried to foist off on us, either. We do have sympathy with other victims and we have ways and means to end the fraud and balance the books in a way that benefits everyone. So let's make nice and do what has to be done in justice for all.

Source: The Event Chronicle, Rumors of the USA Republic What It Means, Actually Prepare for Change, Maine Republic Alert, The Event Chronicle, Prepare for Change.

Restored Republic via a GCR as of May 30, 2017 YouTube Link 16min

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of May 30, 2017

Compiled 12:35 am EDT 30 May 2017 by Judy Byington

A. May 29 2017 9:50 pm EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: "Aligned" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Monday - May 29, 2017

1. From all Intel corners and sovereign client accounts, the NPTB have everything settled with those few remaining massive historic asset deals as final terms were found agreeable earlier today May 29.

2. This means all T1, T2, T3 historic assets have been settled and are now considered on the new financial system books so that T4-T5 can legally begin per treaty.

3. Everything else ever printed or issued, sold or assigned by a government no longer has any monetary value and should be considered worthless.

4. These deals were a separate negotiation versus the Trump hunting that is ongoing by Mossad and a second Cabal military-for-hire faction with US contractor roots.

5. Redemption center staff is still on standby and far away from family without any direct contact.

6. Russia has 9/11 truth prepared and ready to be hard launched on their network (RT) if there's any problem during the roll out once released.

7. Saudi Arabia and Israel want no part of that day. Bush's and Cheney's want no part of that day. Nearly every incumbent member of Congress wants no part of that day.

8. Trump is sweating the Comey memos and Kushner / Flynn / Russia report this week. Netanyahu is sweating the German submarine bribe evidence just calmly awaiting to convict him. Even Hillary and Bill are being held in check with old Clinton Foundation evidence of pay-for-play treason.

9. It's just time. God is with us.

B. May 29 2017 8pm EDT Geopolitical Analysis: "Theoretical" - Geopolitical Analysis - Monday - May 29, 2017

The below are the writer's (Yosef's) assumtions:

1. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were chosen to run well before the 2016 Us Presidential election by China, Russia, Republic, France and U.K. because all permanent members of the UN Security Council needed a little over four months after the final collective election (France) to qualify all five countries within GESARA compliance requirements.

2. Both Clinton and Trump were selected as each could bait and corner Bibi Netanyahu politically, who had deep hooks into both candidates and left a paper trail of corruption with each candidate over several years which would allow the Republic to eventually impeach either on their schedule.

3. Once France's election and inauguration completed on May 14, 2017 the final RV roll out process immediately began the next day and would finalize exactly two weeks later by May 29, 2017.

4. This included the implementation of new rates and exchange locations, resetting of global algorithms for international market trading and the leaking of key evidence to controlled media outlets to force both Trump's and Netanyahu's resignations.

5. In response, BiBi ordered Mossad to start WW3 creating conflict between the US, Iran and Russia by launching terrorist attacks in Paris, London, Moscow and even assassinating Trump in the White House on May 28, 2017.

6. Remaining Asian Mossad operatives were also ordered to provoke China to invade North Korea due to increased missile launches towards Tokyo, Japan in an effort to reverse the effects of a Pearl Harbor style attack which drew the United States into WW2 against Germany, Japan and Italy.

7. Either event would violate GESARA mandates, and potentially ignite WW3 and of course, stop the RV.

8. Nothing the Cabal does at this point would be successful due to a host of reasons discussed in previous posts. They just don't have the influence or muscle to pull off another faux world war.

9. Nor would the RV be delayed any further. Its release was on a timed-release program per the Chinese Elders.

10. All release decisions have been made to begin GESARA's implementation and spring forward humanity across a threshold of tolerance for such rogue political figures who refuse to exit power gracefully.

11. The mission target date was Memorial Day 2017 May 29.

12. The Chinese Elders' desire was to accomplish the private internet group RV by the end of May 2017 and all possible private redemptions in full by June 2017.

13. Doing so would allow for the US Republic to be declared as restored by mid-year on July 4th; after a Ryan/Sasse ticket (per earlier UNSC approval) was voted into power by both Houses of Congress, and viewed internationally as an acceptable Republican executive leadership replacement to Trump.

14. Ryan would be asked to take power by the House of Representatives for the next 7.5 years (and potentially Sade for the next 8 years, totaling a possible 15.5 years of progressive Republicans leadership).

15. These two "brand new candidates" were also chosen by the UN Security Council and Chinese Elders, and placed into position back in the summer of 2015.

16. All financial and legislative successes would be credited to the Ryan Administration, without Ryan having to abandon the conservative GOP base which both he and Sasse would need to win future elections in the coming years--specifically 2018 mid-terms.

17. President Ryan would then pass a series of new legislations, one of which woulf be returning the Republic to the gold standard and replacing our national currency printed by the Republic Treasury and not the Federal Reserve Bank.

18. This would ignite an innocent public RV as citizens will all head into retail bank branches and wealth management offices to swap out their currency.

19. As markets opened on Tues. May 30, 2017 in Asia at (9pm EST Mon. in NYC), the international business week (IBW) would function per normal, but with an entirely new digital financial system including gold backed currencies at updated rates, used by all 209 sovereign nations across all five tiers of global financial customers and without anyone even noticing the transition after a summer holiday weekend in the US.

C. May 29 2017 Dinar Chronicles Update Why no release yet?: Website Update - Why the RV has Not been Released yet

1. Dear Readers, I have seen many mention why the RV has not happened yet despite the suffering going on in the world. I wish to address the reason why the New Powers That Be won't simply release the RV.

2. The NPTB cannot release the RV without the Cabal completely neutered. Otherwise, the Cabal will jump on the RV train at a moments notice, breaking their amnesties and regaining power once again (if not, they will try to cause as much chaos as possible).

3. We all know who the OPTB/Cabal/Elite are -- they are type of people you have to threaten at gunpoint before they surrender. Even then they'll return to their agenda the moment they are set free or see a window. The Cabal/Elite are Luciferians. They are ruthless and simply do not care for anyone, not even their own.

4. The NPTB know there is suffering in the world and the more we wait the more suffer and/or die. If the NPTB push the button for this reason alone, all will be lost and we'll be back to square one. The NPTB must ensure that every single Cabal member is put in the hole with no way out by means of diplomacy.

5. Why not just take them all out by force? Well, the NPTB have been doing this behind the scenes just not for public figures.

6. These public figures are a part of the Cabal and they must be dealt with discretely. Otherwise, using force may cause chaos among the public and the Cabal will take advantage of this. Chaos is their goal. The NPTB must not resort to chaos as it would open opportunities for the Cabal.

D. May 29 2017 1:13 pm EDT Geopolitical Op-Ed: "DMZ" - Geopolitical Op-Ed - Monday - May 29, 2017

1. The Cabal, specifically the existing governments of Israel and Saudi Arabia, are trying to draw the USA into war against the Russians in the Middle East, by assassinating our sitting president and blaming it on Syria, Russia or both.

2. The Cabal is actively trying to end the Trump Presidency before the RV because only then can they legally attack the roll out process and not be exposed to a worldwide military counter assault. If they touch civilians they are forever toast in the eyes of the international community which will eliminate their amnesty agreements.

3. They ran the same play in 2001 when they dropped three buildings in Manhattan (plus the Tomahawk missile shot into the side of the Pentagon)... none of which were struck by airplanes... and blames it on Osama Bin Laden. But they can't do that now per signed international (galactic) treaty because of 9/11 and according to their dwindling remaining stored resources.

4. Ending Trump publicly is the last and best hope for keeping the great lie going because once the money releases to the people, never will the Cabal be able to overcome such a high frequency of joy that will quickly spread throughout the world once begun.

5. All off-site exchange centers are considered demilitarized zones void of armed conflict by international treaty, specifically the 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Change (global gold standard) which is an aspect of GESARA.

6. Folks, we are standing in the DMZ holding our currency, awaiting the authorization to walk across to the other side. That's it. It's a moment by moment situation.

7. If you desire to assist during his intense time, you can pray for a peaceful transition for all involved--including and especially Trump. Prayer does work. God is with us.

E. May 29 2017 11:01 am EDT: "Inches" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Monday - May 29, 2017

1. Consider the below reports unconfirmed, yet from credible sources who have been accurate in the past:

2. There have been two attempts on President Trump's life since leaving Europe. Both while on AF1.

3. One was an electronic magnetic pulse (EMP) released from the bowels of Heathrow Airport in order to down the President's aircraft at take off. Didn't work.

4. The second was a back up Secrete Service walkie/talkie case loaded with plastic explosives with a detonation cell phone. That obviously didn't worked for reasons still unknown. It's been discussed in the past that Trump's personal bodyguard is also his Mossad handler, who would have had access to the Secret Service area of the plane.

What's interesting is he too would have been destroyed with a midair AF1 explosion. That shows us how committed these Cabal cats are to stopping the RV.

5. There was also a weird red strobe light blinking from of the President's private quarters late Sunday night. We believe they were security alert warnings set off to wake the President in case of intrusion, and give visual aid to Secret Service agents escorting him out of the room, not some rave party lights as carelessly reported.

6. We understand Trump's elimination is bountied by the actual governments of Israel, Saudi Arabia and Ukraine--done to stop the RV which we are told will happen while he's still in office--as the RV we believe is Trump's end date of service playing the Chinese/Russian patsy burner president.

7. The Cabal can't coordinate a single, big catastrophic event anymore, so they're going with a lot of little sexy media friendly explosions, scattered globally on soft targets, to make the whole "ISIS organized terror boogieman threat" still appear relevant--when it truth its no where near what it once was and can't mount a serious threat to any country or government anymore.

8. HSBC has full control of the redemption centers, staff and process since last fall, when Wells Fargo failed miserably and morally in this leading bank roll out role dating back to early 2015.

9. Military bases are still in play for ZIM redemptions, and might include increased civilian traffic flow after the events of this week.

10. There are 25,000 exchange in-take points now for foreign currency in the world--that number includes brick and mortar banks and wealth management offices.

11. The blinking screen rates of last week was to induce the Cabal into revealing another attack. It worked. There have been several this past week and many this weekend alone.

12. Most will not make the mass media as they are under struck orders to keep any false flag terror related violence down to a dull roar or risk losing their broadcast licenses.

13. Understand one simple thing, safety is the most important aspect of the RV--not rates, dates and zeros. The entire world wants us to have this money and spend it like crazy--but there are still a few rogue agents of evil following through on their sworn allegiance orders to disrupt and halt said event.

14. Iraq's Old City of Mosul is now considered 99.8% liberated, with only a few neighborhoods left to militarily free.

15. We too are being held hostage in a few situations and our Republic military must clean up these messes before we can be freed ourselves.

16. Hey, at least we're right up on the threshold of freedom. So release performance is both immanent and absolute. That is a miracle in of itself.

17. However you want to look at this unprecedented event is completely up to you, but I choose to look at our 99.8% blessing versus our 0.02% burden any day of the week.

F. May 29 2017 ZAP Report: "Another Day In Paradise" - Weekly ZAP - The Office of POOFness - 5.28.17

1. I'm reminded regularly that all the Prosperity Programs are done and pacing in the wings to start deliveries.

2. I'm also reminded continually to keep your eye on the exchanges. When you truly have heard that people are exchanging, know that the delivery trucks are turning the corner to deliver your invitations to a Brave New World... Namaste, Susan

3. Zap says: we are still in a blackout.

4. We are plodding along getting prepared. The sheer volume of project submissions and resumes is daunting.

5. Those of you who have connections and relationships to local or regional governments will be of great help in getting our services deployed and communities renovated.

6. One of the most intense rollouts will be identification and renovation of suitable buildings for the homeless.

7. You will have resources to help accomplish your business model. Professionals will be at your fingertips.

8. That includes the Fed. There have been many changes to provide this strong support.

9. Once we get the funds we will have 2 weeks to get office infrastructure started and should have office presence in about 30 days.

G. May 29 2017 10:59 am EDT History, Current Events of RV (video): History and Current Events of the GCR/RV

1. History of GCR 1:00 - 52:00 min. Mark Current events 52:00 - 64:00 min. Mark

2. On the current events list #3 is military base closures NOTE DATES:

3. The Daily Caller › 2015/03/12 › pentago...AMP - Mar 12, 2015 - This time around, the Pentagon is arguing that a new Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) round would ...
Pentagon Wants More Base Closures In 2017, Senators Fuss | The Daily Caller

4. Military Times › military › 2016/04/19 Apr 19, 2016 - “The alternative to BRAC is either attempting to close ... in the Defense Department's 2017 budget request unveiled ...
The Pentagon threatened Congress: We'll close bases without you - Military Times

5. Sep 21, 2016 - In its FY 2017 budget proposal, the administration, for the fifth year ... commission and an all-or-nothing list of facilities.
[PDF]Authorizing Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) - Defense360 › uploads › Assessin...

6. Defense News › articles Nov 7, 2016 - Another round of BRAC is legally prohibited and, failing a surprise revision of the2017 National Defense Authorization
Pentagon Could Look to Close Bases Without BRAC Authorization

H. May 29 2017 10:12 am EDT Geopolitical Overview: "Memorial Day" - Geopolitical Overview - Monday - May 29, 2017

1.Since our nation's inception in 1776, 2,852,901 US American soldiers have died in combat and 40,917 are still missing after fighting for our freedoms and liberties.

2. The individuals who served in the American military never set out to serve Cabal interests. Most just needed a pay check due to poverty or youth. Their love for their country goes beyond anything you or I can even imagine, and their commitment to protecting and serving righteously is unparalleled.

3. It's wise this Memorial Day to honor their selfless service pre-RV by pledging your continuous service to humanity post-RV. They died so you can live.

4. Yeshua was the first warrior to die for love, sin and survival. At the end of the day, we all serve the same benevolent and merciful Creator. God is with us. 

Restored Republic via a GCR as of May 28, 2017 YouTube Link 9min

Restored Republic via a GCR as of May 28 2017
Compiled by Judy Byington.

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A, GCR Intel Situation Report: "Bumpy" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP

1. UST raided by Republic forces tonight preparing for RV release (after midnight?).

2. As a result, Trump suddenly threatening to pull out of gold treaty (aka Paris Agreement).

3. Trump offered last chance to publicly resign at G7 and did not.

4. So now the fireworks are set to begin this week on his impeachment--without or without his resignation.

5. Netanyahu the same. International financial sanctions are coming to Israel whether the Knesset throws him out first or not.

6. Congress the same. It's now time for Ryan to abandoned the Trump ship we are told or the US will face harsh worldwide trade sanctions.

7. Negotiations still ongoing in Panama and Beijing for massive historic asset and IQD settlements. The raw numbers of which would shock you all in cardiac arrest.

8. There really was no need for poverty, famine, drought or homelessness pre-RV. It was pure greed that was the common and chosen disease of all human suffering.

9. There are a few sovereigns who on principal just want this to hurt the other side as much as their financial haircut is hurting them. Right up to the very last second.

10. Security mobilization is fully active. Heading US quietly planned in DEFCON 1 status anticipating counter attack while RV is on going.

11. Hang in there, folks - it may be a bumpy landing. And then again, it may not. We shall see. Either way, these final hours are all just absolutely bananas.

B. May 27 2017 10:52 pm EDT "The Plan" One Who Knows: "The Domino Plan!" - One Who Knows - 5.27.17

1. Clearly this plan is so complex that it MUST roll out in a STAGED SEQUENCE of events. EVERYTHING that happens, requires something before it to happen, and then leads to something after it happening.

2. In setting up the GCR, there had to be a new Financial system, there had to be gold that was saved and horded for thousands of years, there had to be laws in place, special software, quantum satellites, taking over of the military by the NPTB, and thousands of hours of special training before the first exchanger steps through the door.

3. The NPTB had to take down the Cabal's upper management and remove them from the planet. Neutralize all nuclear weapons, change out the Governments, take away all their financing, their money supply, take away their control over the money supply, take away their influence over any governments of the World, build cases against them, and finally bring in the Restored Republic which will now prosecute the all under the new Laws of the land.

4. The "cases" against the Cabal have already been made. I am sure that the arrest warrants are already signed and standing ready for execution. Some sort of Disclosure will have to happen at the same time of just before they are taken down, so that people are not freaked out about it when it starts. Of course there will be "Replacements" standing by to take over their jobs and responsibilities and those are already :"Set Up" and in position when this goes down, so to speak.

5. The exchanges are already going as I type this. Frankly I am in the Last segments and I am expecting to be notified at any time.

6. After I and the other intel providers go, the next will be (the GCR) going Live and the new rates being posted on the official government websites.

7. This will be followed by the remaining exchangers getting appointments and exchanging.

8. The GCR, the Republic, NESARA/GESARA and Disclosure, etc, are already set up as well. While I don’t know the exact order, I do think that the GCR will happen first.

9. Some of these main events may go at the same time, but that has not been revealed yet. All is planned and ready to happen in quick succession!

10. All is well and rolling out as I write this! Nothing to do but sit back and watch the fireworks as they happen in real time. You will either get a personal notification about the 800#s, or you will get it by email and/or off the website. Either way, you are going to exchange!!!

C. May 27 2017 10:19 pm EDT Intel Bluwolf: "Be Vigilant" - Bluwolf Intel Update 5-27-17 The only point of focus for all DINARIANS now is to be vigilant for the 800 number. It should be available VERY SOON NOW. Na'maste Bluwolf

D. May 27 2017 10:32 pm EDT Remember the White Hats who sacrificed for us: Memorial Day: Remembering those Who Sacrificed their Lives for us

E. May 27 2017 6:21 pm EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: GCR/RV Intel SITREP - 6:00 PM EDT - Saturday - May 27, 2017

1. Exchange center staff were openly being told that the RV goes tonight May 27 2017. "Kiss your family's goodbye until it's over."

2. Final screen rates on ZIM have been locked in (not flashing) and are equivalent to CNY as predicted - which makes the (CNY rate of the Zim) the temporary reserve currency of the entire African Union.

3. Similar expectations are for the structure of the IQD, which means the entire Middle East has also gone into fiscal partnership with the Chinese.

4. RV currency platform trade tiers have been pre-set and agreed to by all countries, and go as high as $125,000 for the ZIM (permanent reserve currency of the African Union).

5. Any amount negotiated with exchange location staff will be later sold at a higher price on the sovereign market, or it is a Win/Win/Win situation for all.

6. Because the Chinese Elders have created the new digital, quantum global financial system they will actually make money on every redemption, every currency - over the years - regardless of the negotiated terms, including any sovereign rate for the ZIM.

7. The Iraqi Ramadan extensions were all pump fakes to reveal ISIS, Daesh, Mossad final mass destruction operations.

8. The "bad guys" are completely lost and demoralized we are told.

F. May 27 2017 11:07 am EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: GCR/RV Intel SITREP - 10:00 AM EDT - Saturday - May 27, 2017

1. They're closing the investigation noose around Trump's closest people as he returns home tonight May 27 on Ramadan in Iraq.

2. Ramadan was conveniently moved back three days and now will begin around noon EDT today May 27.

3. This sets up the entire world for a Sat. night May 27 to Sun. morning May 28 release when all banks and markets are closed worldwide.

4. America is completely distracted with the first summer holiday, Memorial Day weekend.

5. Global media is hyper focused on Trump's impending impeachment due to his recent chaos world tour.

6. Banks and redemption centers were told be ready anytime today Sat. May 27.

G. May 26 2017 TNT RayRen98 Tweet:

1. Iraqi TV: Mosul was down to two districts. Full scale assault on Old City and remaining districts, neighborhoods and villages. The “public-based” full liberation of Mosul was expected later this evening May 26.

2. The leaders were saying that Mosul would be liberated before Ramadan, and that would start national reconciliation and economic reform.

3. Iraqi TV: Reforms were being discussed yesterday May 25 and today May 26.

4. The Iraqi lower denomination notes were supposed to be distributed this week.

5. US: The banking community was on an all-time high with expectancy. Their train of thought is this will “probably” lead to some type of private exchanges over the weekend and then possibly a full public exposure after May 30. (?)

H, Bluwolf tidbit: Expect Dinar @ $30.00 >Disclaimer

I. WSOMN AdminBill "RV has slowed down": BREAKING~ AdminBill Says RV has SLOWED DOWN! 5/26/17 There appears to be another possible slow down (not confirmed) that will move the event initiation to the middle of next week.

J. "Abandon a group? Yes" One Who Knows: "Question: Abandon Groups? YES!" - One Who Knows 

Restored Republic via a GCR as of May 26, 2017 YouTube Link 14min

Restored Republic via a GCR as of May 26 2017
Compiled by Judy Byington

A. May 25 2017 7:00 pm EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: GCR/RV Intel SITREP - 7:00 PM EDT - Thursday - May 25, 2017

1. Now 25,000 North American intake points for RV currency.

2. ZIM specific redemption location protocol has been changed.

3. Call center appointment setting computer programs have been reset.

4. ZIM expected to be fully compatible with CNY value before T4-T5 release.

5. As of May 25 noon EDT it's May 1, 4715 on Chinese Calendar - First Day of Spring - National Holiday.

6. Announcement of the IQD international currency reinstatement expected in masques on Friday after morning prayers (10:00pm EDT Thurs. May 25).

7. This will kick off Ramadan month in Arab world on the same day as the New Moon begins @ 3:46pm EDT also Thurs. May 25.

8. US Banks closed Mon, May 29, 2017 for Memorial Day.

9. Trump and Netanyahu decided to ignore earlier resignation pleas and fight their impending criminal prosecutions.

B. May 25 2017 Bruce's The Big Call

1. Beyond tonight Bruce is taking a break of a month or so because of the expected RV.

2. Future calls will resume to coordinate the Veterans Retreats, Adopt a Community, Rebuild America and other humanitarian projects.

3. Everything is complete in Iraq. The lower denominations are available. The Iraqi banks are up and functioning. They have a new set rate and are paying their people on their Qi Cards. They are pumping oil without limitations of OPEC. The elite Kurdistan forces are being given credit for Mosul.

4. Announcement could come at midnight tomorrow night May 26 (Iraqi time) before Ramadon starts.

5. The 800#s will be released prior to Ramadon (late tonight or tomorrow).

6. There is a higher base rate for Zim on the bank screens.

7. The Zim and Dinar are still blinking on the screens.

8. The rest of the rates are there for the bankers to see them.

9. The release of the 800#s are on autopilot.

10. There are 7,430 redemption centers (managed by HSBC) that are on Q right now.

11. The redemption centers are up, running and set to go through the weekend.

12. The redemption centers staff will be notified late tonight about the possibility of a tentative start date.

13. Tiers 1 & 2 are complete and have access to their money right now. Tier 3 will complete and have access to the bulk of their money by Tues. May 30.

14. There are 107 Tier two banks which have been audited and are ready to do exchanges of curriencies other than Zim.

15. The non NDA screen rates are extremely good.

16. We are referred to as The Chosen Ones by redemption personnel.

C. May 24 2017 One Who Knows: "Why?" - One Who Knows - 5.24.17

1. The GCR is rolling out now all over the World and at a slow but steady pace by a word of mouth (Segment) system.

2. So many are getting done already and soon MOST of us will be exchanged already.

3. Then and only then, will it "Appear" on the websites and in your email, just in case you had not been contacted yet.

4. If you don't have the number yet, it means that it is not your turn on the segment list yet. That's all.

D. May 24 2017 4:30 pm EDT Understanding the Segmented Roll Out - One Who Knows: "Understanding the Segment, GCR Roll-Out Plan" - One Who Knows - 4.16.17

1. The GCR has started and is rolling out all over the World right now.

2. It started in Europe on Wed. May 17 and is still going by the Segment plan as I write.

3. That means the Far East started by the segment plan before Europe, most likely by at least a week ago.

4. Australia also started before. I have a confirmed story of Zim being redeemed at both a low rate (By contract) and also for very high rates way over face value (No Zeros off).

5. I also have confirmation that we here in the West have started as well. That would naturally include Canada, Mexico and central and South America. While I don't have the exact start date, I think it was this last weekend, although it could have been earlier.

6. I have confirmed that a bunch more "Segments" started yesterday May 23, and obviously, more will start (Have Started) today May 24.

7. How much time before the "Intel Provider's Segments" Go? I was told to start keeping on alert for the Instructions and 800# for my segment. So that gives us a couple marks on the time line.

8. I was told I would get my "Package" to start contacting my people and set my appointments as well.

9. I am to set my appointment and contact my people one call at a time telling them by word of mouth the 800# and the instructions. They then tell whoever they need to tell, especially people they have gifted to. ALL BY WORD OF MOUTH.

10. At the time I get this "Package" to start it will be still secret, with rates not posted publically on the IMF website.

11. I'm told there will be about 2-4 hours after I get my Package before it goes "Live" and the rates change on the IMF website.

12. This is also when the phone number shows up on the IDC website and Patrick sends out the Emails WITH the number INCLUDED. (Remember, at this point in time, it is no longer a secret, after all, the rates are already on the IMF website for anyone to see.)

013. However, even though the GCR has ENDED (New Rates Posted), and the rates are PUBLIC, the sleeping public has no idea what has just happened. We want them to stay asleep just a little while longer at this point.

14. During this time people who did NOT get contacted by the Segments plan, and everyone else in the World who has these currencies, has a chance to see the special 800# to call in a get the super high Humanitarian rates.

15. These numbers will be on the internet for 3 days (72 hours). After that they will not only be taken down, they will be deactivated as well. This means that if you have not made that first call, it is too late to do so. It also means that if that number is in an email, or anywhere else, it will no longer be useable.

16. This is NOT a time to worry. You call whenever you get the number, and you have plenty of time to get the number, and set an appointment. It is OK to set the appointment for later, or even next week if that is better for you. What is important is that you make contact while you can, but when you actually go to the appointment, is based on your schedule.

17. In other words, if you don't call that first number to make your appointment, then it comes down and is deactivated in 3 days.

18. If you did call, you will have been given a second number, and that number will be good until the exchange centers close down.

19. Once you call for your appointment and are "IN" you can take the time you need to get exchanged. Often time is needed for travel, medical reasons or something else.

20. This time period is about 72 hours (3 days) before the first number gets deactivated.

21. After the 3 days the phone numbers will be take down from the internet and deactivated.

22. Once they are taken down and deactivated no new appointments will be taken.

23. From this time on, the exchange centers will only be handling and exchange those who had set up appointments and made contact with them. In other words, the Front door is closed and locked, but whomever is already inside the system can get finished exchanging whenever their appointments were.

24. This time table is about two weeks, although the actual time is unknown.

25. This is the time when the Exchange centers are closed down. I am not sure how long this will be but I am thinking maybe two weeks, more or less.

26. When the exchange centers close, it means that all who have made appoinments for the High Rate exchanges, have been processed and exchanged, and thus the exchange centers are no longer needed.

27. After the Exchange centers close, the high rates will no longer be available, but Banks with currency exchange departments will still be exchanging the First basket currencies at the very low street/international rates. These rates will still be very good, but nothing like the Privately Negotiated Rates would have been.

28. This timetable lasts for about a year or less, although the actual time is unknown.

29. This is the time that the first basket currencies will no longer be exchangeable anywhere in the World. Once these currencies are no longer exchangeable, they become wall paper. They are no good except as conversation pieces. NO MONETARY VALUE AT ALL. If you want an example of this, think of the Confederate Money from the civil war, or the Saddam Hussein currency from Iraq. Neither has any monitary value anymore. But they are interesting as collector's items.

30. In Summary: There is a plan on how this rolls out to the end of the GCR.

31. There is an "Early Part" which is the segments plan, and then there is an "On-Time (to call) Part" which is 3 days after the 800#s are posted on the internet.

32. You need to call ASAP to set your appointment, but when you go in is way more flexible, especially if you have travel issues, work issues, medical issues etc. Just tell them what your situation is and set an appointment that works for you.

33. There will come a time when the Exchange centers close down and only street rates are available.

34. Then later even the street rates will no longer be available either. While I don’t have the exact times these things start and stop, I do have the "Relative" times between these events.

35. Once this starts you will no longer have to worry about what is true and what is not. You can ask questions at your first call, second call, exchange appointment and your Wealth manager appointment.

It will be way easier than you think, and way more fun as well. Just relax and let it come to you.

E. May 24 2017 Intel Update Human Trafficking & the Vatican Mr. Ed: Mr. Ed's Intel Update (Real News): "Keven Annett - ITCCS" -- May 24, 2017 Rumor Mill News

1. Keven Annett from the International Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State who has exposed the ritual killing of children and the drinking of their blood in Cathedrals worldwide spoke to us tonight exposing the killing of children in Canadian schools from 1891 to 1996.

2. Mass graves have been dug up behind these buildings exposing thousands of dead children.

3. Involved are the Anglican and Catholic churches who belong to "The Circle Of Nine" cult which was interrupted on April 30, 2017 by authorities.

4. Survivors recant that on October 10th, 1964, Queen Elizabeth and Phillip took 10 children composed of 7 boys and 3 girls on a so called picnic. Those kids were never seen again.

5. Both Pope Benedict and Francis have arrest warrants against them for pedophilia.
That is why Benedict resigned. Interpol will arrest Benedict if he leaves his quarantine at the Vatican.

6. Francis absolved 2000 priests, however those people are still subject to international laws.

7. Police are trained in statutory law and are directed to protect the state and its property first and the people next, so many officers who know what is taking place are reluctant to intervene.

8. Common law arrest warrants are being filed against these predators along with the other arrests that have been going on for the last 3 months worldwide involving pedophiles and elites who disregard human rights of the young and innocent.

9. You can google Kevin Annett ITCCS and review this information. The elites are scared to death of this exposure and post negative lies against Kevin. Use your discernment.

F. May 21 2017 Leading the Fight Against Tyranny, Satanism and Mass Murder Kevin Annett, Judy Byington (blog radio):

Restored Republic via a GCR as of May 22, 2017 YouTube Link 8min

Restored Republic via a GCR as of May 22 2017

Compiled 12:27 am EDT 22 May 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, "Twenty Two Faces,"

A. May 21 2017 One Who Knows:

1. I have confirmed from my top sources that the UK is exchanging. Tank has reported that he knows about it from first hand sources as well. It was also confirmed by Grandfather that the Zim was exchanged in Australia at a low contract rate on the $100T, and at more than face value on the rest of the denominations. The people who were in that group with $100T notes got screwed by their contract.

2. The plan has always been to start exchanging in the Far East, then the Middle East/Europe, and finally here in the West. It is not all happening on the very same day.

3. Europe started exchanging on Wed. May 17.

4. The Far East must have started possibly Sun. May 21.

5. We are highly expectant to start Sun. May 21, or at least by Monday before markets open at 9am EDT May 22.

6. I wouldn't be surprised that by when the US gets started exchanging, it goes public, the official rates changes at the IMF, and we get 800# by email and on web sites.

7. We may have a few hours or even a day of Segments in the US, but I think the GCR is going to be done and listed on the IMF website very quickly once we start.

8. There will be toll free numbers to call to set up appointments. If you have Zim you will get a special number to call.

9. You might be contacted before the rates change publicly (end of GCR - posting on IMF website), or you will get the numbers on websites and by email when it goes live.

B. May 21 2017 Poof:

1. The bottleneck has been found, the plug in the system that has kept it from happening is real, is huge.

2. There are those sweating blood over how to even survive the investigation. They have been out of ethics for a very long time and can’t produce what is needed.

3. Just sit tight and allow the officials to figure out how to unthread the bound up systems that carry all the wires. There are many. Let the weight of the pressures that they feel do its work, and just sit tight; I know that’s what you have been doing but do it now for a short while. Get the logical and sequential efforts in line and hang with what is.

C. May 21 2017 Susan:

1. The never ending story continues its twists and turns. It has been proven the political climate of this country is behind these stops and starts of all the different expected returns.

2. This includes the Prosperity Programs' deliveries and the currency exchanges.

3. There are citizens of countries which have begun to exchange and some of these receivers have begun to share with relatives in this country.

4. My extremely connected information channels are again" Very Optimistic" that this coming week could be a memorable one.

D. May 21 2017 ZAP:

1. The blackout continues on most levels.

2. The Big Bad Bank got their just deserts. The nice regulartors had their way with those pieces of bottom slime.

3. The account that will distribute is about to be unfrozen.

4. We are on schedule for the first bits to come in to get our infrastructure in place. We will have something to work with by mid week.

E. May 21 2017 8:03 pm EDT Geopolitical Overview: "Swim" - Geopolitical Overview - Sunday - May 21, 2017

1. Intel on the Panama meeting early Sat. morning May 20:

a. Global computer codes were unlocked on Sat. evening May 20 which began the RV.

b. Money worldwide begins flowing freely and infinitely tonight @ 9:00pm EDT May 21 on the new Asian based system.

c. The 800#s can come anytime and were slated for this weekend we are told.

d. Militaries worldwide were deployed. Air. Land. Sea. Cyber. Space.

e. All sovereign families were given a 24 hour last extension to submit historic and currency assets for processing, as the door was officially shut on the old financial system at midnight this Sun. morning May 21.

f. And just like that ... everything changed forever. The Global Christ Reset (GCR). No one noticed but a handful of shocked leaders in the conference room.

2. This is also why Trump is in the Middle East on the 33rd parallel. Reportedly, the Cabal was going to sacrifice the US President and start WW3 to get their master plan back on schedule.

3. Now the RV was not only a reality for release, but had already globally occurred with and T1 through T5 up to the plate with spendable liquidity.

F. May 21 2017 11:11 am EDT GCR Intel Situation Report:
"Love Love Love" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Sunday - May 21, 2017

1. Intel flow was eerily slow on Sat. night May 20 into Sun. morning May 21 after being wildly active all week. That's progress believe it or not. Less intel in my world actually means more is happening.

2. Remain vigilant today, Sunday May 21, as we're still in the weekend window until markets open Monday morning May 22.

3. GESARA requires 120 days to implement and today is the 121st day of the Trump Presidency.

4. The false flag car accident this week in Times Square was predicting the Trump Administration would crash on day 122 of his presidency, as did Alex Jones.

5. Mercury Retrograde comes out of it's post shadow tonight May 21 at 8:58pm EDT right before all Chinese markets open at 9am CDT.

6. Monday May 22 in China begins at noon May 21 in the United States.

7. The sovereign asset submission period was extended one more day until midnight Sat. May 20, as a courtesy to a few slow adapting sovereign families in Latin and South America who own more IQD than you can imagine and authenticators are rushing to verify and count it all.

8. Converting as much IQD to the new digital financial system benefits the Nation of Iraq's economy because it's put onto the CBI ledger as digitally being sold. Once physical IQD is verified and counted, it's credited digitally and burned instantly on the spot.

9. Iraqi Special Forces announced on Sat. May 20 that Mosul was completely liberated. This is happening right before Ramadan is scheduled to begin on Friday, May 26, 2017 when they basically shut the country down for a month.

10. OG means Original Grandmother (aka Quan Yin). God is with us.

G. May 21 2017 TNT Report RayRen98: Weekend Update from TNT RayRen98 5-21-17

1. The CBI has discontinued the release of un-circulated dinar outside of the country, more particularly the 3 zero notes.

2. The official announcement of liberation of Mosul (with pomp and circumstance) was expected by PM Abadi on Sun. May 21 at the summit in Saudi Arabia.

H. May 21 2017: Kevin Annett's weekly blog program "Radio Free Kanata" Sunday 6 pm EDT: Satanic cult therapist and author Judy Byington returns to our show with more hard evidence of the extent of child killing cults in Utah and the western US and their protection by government authorities.

Restored Republic via a GCR as of May 20, 2017 YouTube Link 9min

Restored Republic via a GCR as of May 20 2017 Compiled by Judy Byington,

A. May 19 2017 5:03 pm EDT Geopolitical Overview: "5Y" - Geopolitical Overview - Friday - May 19, 2017

1. You were teased by the New Powers That Be via endless pump fakes to draw out the the hard core enemy, which executed the 9/11 attacks in September 2001. They are very dangerous, beyond desperate and never to be trusted. Ever. Hence the stop and start strategy over an elongated period of time.

2. You were made to wait because the GCR/RV had a five year work out plan starting in May 2012. All the lead up time, while emotionally debilitating and structurally aggravating, was needed to set necessary transition pillars (military, government, geopolitics and finance) so we could redeem atop of bedrock versus sand. And safely. Once.

3. Gurus were leaked good information to counter the bad information leaked by the Cabal. It both informed the awakened general public of what was to come, neutralized the enemy's steady flow of propaganda and separated the true humanitarians from just the profit seekers.

4. You cannot hit what you cannot see, so the NPTB maintained a cloak of classified silence around the GCR/RV's existence as well as its implementation strategy to best protect the overall mission from sabotage, patriots who were tasked with executing said mission on a daily scale and prevent the global population from hurting themselves with undue fiscal excitement and/or unachievable timing expectations.

5. We're in another very real three day window of RV release performance from market close Friday May 19 to market open Monday May 22.

6. The RV did in fact start at midnight Thursday night May 18 with the first T4 conversions in actual exchange centers at the true screen and sovereign rates.

7. Also, the first few group batches were processed May 18. This was done to draw out the enemies post RV attack strategies.

8. Air Force One left the country twice, once early on Thursday and once mid day on Friday. Trump was on board once.

B. May 19 2017 11:11 am EDT GCR/RV Intel Situation Report: "Wonderful Life" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Friday - May 19, 2017

1. It's been a Wonderful Life... for the .0000001% elites of the world. But for us common folk, it's been one hell of a hard, excruciating struggle. That changes forever this weekend as the meek finally inherit the earth. There's no other way to explain it.

2. 800#s were changed out again and re-released to intermediaries Thursday evening May 18 just before midnight.

3. We believe it's setting up a Friday or Saturday midnight release, but can come any time starting today 6pm EST.

4. We were told Trump had left the country Thursday morning very early. That was a pump fake. He leaves today for Saudi Arabia in full public view. That is important as the President must be out of the country for GESARA to implement. Safety reasons.

5. When the Trump traveling circus returns next week, he'll publicly resign (privately he already has) as will Mike Pence--both due to Russian election interference cover up knowledge or obstruction of justice.

6. The Republic will be restored with Paul Ryan as President and Ben Sasse as Vice President on July 4th weekend. Yes, Ryan has been alreisent is the Republic since October 29, 2015 and the entire 2016 election was a psy-op to catch more hidden cabal agents.

7. Biggest emotional bang for the buck will be on a patriotic holiday we are told, and once again America will celebrate their Republic with Chinese fireworks--just like we did in 1776--because the Elders have yet again saved our sovereign bacon.

8. All 209 nations participating in the Paris Agreement Treaty are now under the same compliance requirements as is the US Republic. New military, government, diplomacy and financial guidelines have been set in stone and must be adhered to per each nation's own international treaty signature. Non compliance given the vast wealth coming online is viewed as national suicide. So everyone is on board.

9. New government structures and leaders are now in place in Israel and Palestine, Saudi Arabia and Italy. All the places Trump is visiting and not by coincidence btw--to hold all new leaders, and old, in check during the actual RV week.

10. There has been no delay from the Chinese point of view. They are right on schedule and waited for France to complete its election and inauguration process.

11. From an American point of view, all the "stops and starts" were annoying and misleading, intentionally so, but deemed necessary to root out the last toxic deep state cabal agents buried within our "democracy."

12. Funds worldwide have been cleared for transfer in appropriate and infinite amounts anywhere in the world--with block chain algorithms governing and tracking money flow worldwide--complete transparency now, absolutely nowhere on earth to hide money anymore.

13. T4 & T5 currency holders will get what they are owed now, with new rates on a new safe and secure monetary system. Making NDA's silly unless you go into a private contract for a structured payout program--as most to all will with ZIM.

14. T4 redemptions will now begin sometime over the weekend after the markets close.

15. Last weekend an elaborate dress rehearsal was preformed to big prep staff for this weekend and drain the swamp one last time. The look and feel of the RV was exactly the way it will be this weekend, even had the same urgency and release Intel for the 800#s as they will come out.

16. This includes currency redeemers, as the military and HSBC did a final evaluation of how many currency holders were actually paying attention given a real "go" situation. We're collectively less than 10,000, but just from those early adapters, 10 million are expected to be contacted with 800#s in the first 24 hours. Of those, half are expected to set appointments and redeem in the first 72 hours.

17. The NPTB know exactly what to expect now heading into the RV weekend after the dress rehearsal last weekend--right down to the individual anonymous blog handles that pass out false information.

18. Potential security threats and cabal operatives attempting to interfere or redeem will be re-routed by alternative military call agents based on their cell phone numbers and cell tower locations. The goal is to keep the oil and vinegar separated before the exchange appointment is even made.

19. That's why they "chalked" us all before we call in, as to keep bad apples away from the good to avoid any kind of potential negative public confrontation. Not a good reality if you're a cabal agent trying to restock the money pond for "the family." BTW: They're all going to military jails. All of them.

20. Low rate preachers will not be redeeming at higher sovereign rates because they won't be redeeming at all. Yup, that just happened. The NPTB know who has spread false rumor, created false websites, done false conference calls and also who their cabal handlers are, where they are and whom and where their central cabal command generals are. It's just not that hard to track phone numbers and server / routers these days, then match up from where to whom bad intel begins and ultimately is released. So careful .03 ZIM and. .04 VND prognosticators and six zero lop, no sovereign rate scam artists... pay back is a bitch and judgement long been cast.

21. The NPTB have been very closely watching this community for several years, making detailed notes and recording nefarious activity. They've drilled down who was truly helping or dangerously hurting the redemption process--worldwide..

Restored Republic via a GCR as of May 15, 2017 YouTube Link 11min

Restored Republic via a GCR as of May 15 2017

Important note and disclaimer: does not approve of the opinions here & disappointed in those that insist on bashing President Trump. So as we always advise "Take it all with a grain of salt".

Compiled 12:45 am EDT 15 May 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, "Twenty Two Faces,"

A. May 14 2017 4:42 pm EDT GCR/RV Situation Report: "Treason" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Sunday - May 14, 2017

1. Trump's been caught red handed serving his Mossad master BiBi Netanyahu, again, over the US Constitution by delaying the RV via his sudden reversal to submit his public resignation this last week.

2. Trump had previously agreed to leave power after the new budget was extended a week then signed on Friday May 5th, whereby he secured an addition $3.7B for Israel until Oct. 1, 2017 (in addition to the $38B Bibi has previously secured with Obama).

3. Plan B also includes Comey testifying publicly before the Senate Intelligence committee this week and also releasing UST special division financial records.

4. Trump's lawyers are rushing the renegotiation of his new exit deal we are told. This has been happening in real time all day today.

5. Chris Wallace of Fox News Channel earlier said on-air of Trump's administration that they were “playing a very dangerous game with the currency of the credibility of the President of the United States.” We believe Wallace was speaking indirectly about the RV which was scheduled for midnight Sun. May 14 EDT.

6. That is the latest of 16:00 EDT and hopefully all we are waiting on now that the French nuclear codes were verified and transferred to Macron earlier today.

7. Not sure what the hard release timeline is but before opening bell 9 am EDT Mon. May 15 or even by opening bell in China tonight which would be 9 pm CDT (21:00 EDT Sun); (between May 14 10 pm MDT to Mon May 15 7 am MDT).

B. May 14 2017 1040 am EDT GCR/RV Intel Situation Report: "Perception" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Sunday - May 14, 2017

1. The Cabal has tried various attempts this weekend to stop RV with a massive 20 country cyber attack, fake North Korean nuke launch and even a legal UST sanction not allowing Americans to redeem foreign currency.

2. All of those desperation moves we're anticipated and countered quickly.

3. The threat of hijacking existing sovereign nations nukes however is still a very real threat and considered the biggest potential disruption to human progress.

4. Ukrainian and Israeli nukes have been eliminated, but France is still an option until 6pm EDT or midnight in France today May 14.

5. France's President Hollande is full Cabal and cannot be trusted, and as of 10am EDT had yet to turn over the nuclear codes which legally he doesn't have to do until midnight French time.

6. The NPTB have threatened Trump, Netanyahu and Poroshenko with instant public removal and elimination of amnesty packages (including currency exchanges) so as not to block the RV this weekend. They even have them all in secrete "House Arrest" (that includes Trump, Poroshenko, Netanyahu and Hollande).

7. They have taped conversations (and videos) of Trump in treasonous activity, which means they like the Russians and Israeli's, they have Donna by the short hairs and why this current political situation is so incredibly confusing.

8. The NPTB can end a Presidency at any hour of any day. That said, they are negotiating by holding back the RV--which is the true death blow the Cabal (i.e. infinite liquidity to the masses).

9. Trump is not part of the restored Republic in any way--rather he's being used as a media political patsy to smoke out deep cover Cabal agents posing as white knights--which indirectly serves the Republic's mission. Some of these names would drop your jaw and have you running straight to D.C., Wall Street and Hollywood with loaded automatic weapons.

10. When Trump knee jerked and fired Comey this week it was because he was ordered too by Mossad--as the NPTB were prepping to formally bring charges against both Netanyahu in Israel and Trump in Washington, D.C..

11. The entire financial system (banks and markets) have already been transitioned from malevolent to benevolent (as have the new currency rates on back screens).

12. So what's the hold up? Complete and total annihilation of the Cabal. Safely and invisibly. It's the only explanation.

13. The RV's structural reality deems it done as of today.

14. Our military has been fully deployed again as of Friday afternoon and were told its "jump weekend." They're still in position at this hour on Sunday.

15. Redemption center and call staff are still awaiting the 800# release. Everyone believes we're in the final execution phase, with no one certain of critical event timing.

16. Analyst thinking is that once the French nuke codes are passed on to Macron, and proven authentic, structurally we can begin. The whole Daesh/ISIS conundrum is not the main issue--never was--mass destruction is and remains the top priority to preventing global calamity.

17. Sunday evening is the start of the business / market week in Asia, as well as the safest time to release the RV from a traffic perspective, plus the natural distraction of getting mentally ready for work on Mondaymorning is an organic flash bang.

18. Don't discount an artificial flash bang appearing suddenly around some Trump leak later in the day--specifically one from the NSA's audio recording pool with Trump discussing Russian sanction relief in exchange for real estate purchases above market value. They have a whole library to choose from. That would eat up the news cycle for a few weeks as well as guarantee his exodus from power. Two birds, one stone.

19. Perhaps as soon as later today. Keep the faith. The RV is real and really here and now. God is with us.

C. May 14 2017 11:23 pm EDT TNT Update RayRen98: Sunday Update from TNT RayRen98 5-14-17

1. Abadi announced on TV "After 13 years, Iraq is opening doors to the international world - final hours for the liberation of Mosul - 11 districts remain to be liberated. Nine are partially claimed."

2. ATM's in all areas including the Mosul region.

3. All "citizen protests" have been canceled for the upcoming week.

4. Favorable thoughts and comments regarding the economic reforms have been shared throughout the regions.

5. US Banks are "again" on high expectancy for exchanges the first part of the week.

6. The general public is expected to commence the first week of June.

D. May 14 2017 GCR Points: "10 GCR Points to Remember" - One Who Knows - 4.26.17

#1) First Basket Currencies will All Revalue at the same time. When one revalues, they all revalue as well. There will be no opportunity to exchange one and then buy more of the other.

#2) All Denominations of the first Basket Currencies will be Honored. This means every size bill, will be exchangeable. This is especially important to know for the ZIM. Importantly, no zeros will be loped of any notes. They will be accepted at face value for exchange, at the rate you agree on.

#3) The Zim "Bearer Checks" will be honored and exchanged even though they have expired.

#4) If you have Zim, you will have a DIFFERENT exchange Procedure that includes exchanging at offsite locations, Including military bases, but not limited to them.

#5) Yes, the Zim has a special phone number/ account relationship, but don’t worry, your money is actually in Trusts for added protection and "Trusts" have names and not numbers. The phone number you call to set the appointment, is part of your account info with the bank, but not directly associated with any particular money account. In short it identifies you, like your name identifies you to the bank when you call.

#6) You will not be allowed to bring any electronic items into the exchange such as phone, tablet, computers, calculators, etc. Therefore, have a sheet of paper (Master Sheet) that has all your important information written on it, such as Trust names, address, questions you want to ask, etc., for easy reference.

#7) Bring whatever ID you have, bills, passports, DL, ss card, Birth Certificate, photo IDs etc. Some people will have all the IDs they need, and others may not, but all will be helped anyway. Remember that this is a benevolent plan and they realize that some may not have the IDs they need. The bank will work with you on that.

#8) All countries will have exchanges and will have the "Privately Negotiated Rates" available as well, especially for humanitarian projects.

#9) Banks are NOW the safest place in the World to keep your money. Trust the banks, and trust the plan.

#10) HSBC is the main GCR Bank and will eventually have retail branches everywhere. Just because there is no branch near you now, doesn't mean you can't exchange with them and get an account with them. They will be represented at the Exchange centers, especially for the ZIM.

#11) You should call as soon as possible for your appointment, but once you call, you can set an appointment at a time that works for you. You might have a delay due to travel, work, medical, etc. Set the time to go IN for your appointment. I expect that there will be several days or more to call the first number.

#12) Historical Bonds can be redeemed. Tell the operator what you have (Not amount) when you call the first appointment contact number

Restored Republic via a GCR as of May 14, 2017 YouTube Link 4min

Restored Republic via a GCR as of May 14 2017

Compiled by Judy Byington

A. May 13 2017 GCR/RV Geopolitical Overview: "No Small Thing" - GCR/RV Geopolitical Overview - Saturday - May 13, 2017

1. Major events scheduled this weekend (Saturday or Sunday depending on your time zone) - the last worthless weekend you'll ever have to spend in financial irrelevance and abject poverty.

a. Two State Solution - Middle East
Palestine and Israel accepting to live in peace, acknowledging the others right to exist as a sovereign nation is a miraculous feat without exception.

b. French Presidential Inaugural - Europe
This one moment literally marks the political rescue of the European Union, Euro currency and NATO. Protecting all of Europe from Russia's growing dominance, big economically and military.

c. Trump's Impeachment - North America
His tragic hero ending is our beginning--as it was scripted long ago, so shall it be.

d. New Silk Road Trade Forum - Asia
China has invited every nation and world leader to its New Silk Road trade forum which will literally positively affect every nation and person in the world. On the same day they are releasing their new gold backed financial system.

e. Third Secret of Fatima - Catholic Church
This was the Vatican's spiritual back-wall to release humanity and allowed leaders like Netanyahu (Israel), Trump (US) and Poroshenko (Ukraine) to settle their differences.

f. G7 Finance Meeting - World Economic Community
Earlier this week all major financial titans met in Italy. Today May 13 they released a joint statement that would be honoring all currency manipulation agreements in an effort to level the playing field and stimulate global growth while maintaining macro fiduciary stability. That folks is your long awaited gold standard announcement.

B. May 12 Gerry Maguire Call: gm (@wingit=+}l) | Twitter

A group out of Australia has been paid on their Zim @ $.03- $.06 with 6 zeros taken off.

C. May 13 2017 10:11 pm EDT Geopolitical Overview: "Transition" - Geopolitical Overview - Saturday - May 13, 2017 France's Presidential transition begins Sunday May 14 4 am EDT.

D. May 13 2017 Updates from Iraqi TV since Wed. night RayRen98:

1. On Wed. TV Military leaders said the goal is to have Mosul liberated by Ramadan.

2. The formal announcement for the total liberation of Mosul should be between the 15th and 19th of May.

3. In the Iraqi Mosques they are saying that we "should" see the RV either right before or during Ramadan which starts on 26 May.

4. On Thurs. they said all ATM's are to be activated soon.

5. On Friday they said all deals are done and ATM's are being placed in all post offices in Baghdad and surrounding provinces which will allow access to citizen's MasterCards.

Restored Republic via a GCR as of May 13, 2017 YouTube Link 6min

Restored Republic via a GCR as of May 9, 2017 YouTube Link

Restored Republic via a GCR as of May 7, 2017 YouTube Link YouTube Link 8min

Restored Republic via a GCR as of May 5, 2017 YouTube Link 5min

Restored Republic via a GCR as of April 30 2017 YouTube Link

4/25/2017 Restored Republic via a GCR YouTube Link does not necessarily agree, disagree or endorse the contents of the calls and videos posted on our site.  WARNING! Take it all with a "Grain of Salt" and only purchase what you can afford to LOSE. assumes no responsibility for information on the calls and disclaims all liability in respect of such information.  We are only a guide for the Dinar call scheduled and recorded calls.

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